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Forbidden Love

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While the boys were having a swim in the pool, the girls had arrived in the city. They had decided to stop at this cute little restaurant for a bite to eat before heading for some shopping.

“Table for two?” The waitress asked.

“Yes please, do you have any space on the balcony?” Chloe asked.

“Of course, follow me” the waitress replied.

Chloe desperately wanted to reach for Elly’s hand but knew it was too risky in public for them to act like a couple.

“Is this ok for you both?”

“Perfect thank you” Elly replied.

“I’ll be back to take your order in a few moments”.

“Thanks! You don’t understand how much I wanted to walk over here holding your hand” Chloe quietly said to Elly.

“I did see it move towards me and then you moved it back, we need to be super careful! You never know who you might bump into” Elly explained.

“I know I know I just can’t wait to get my hands on you” Chloe replied.

“You don’t have too long to wait” Elly said smirking at Chloe.

“What do you fancy?” Chloe asked.

“Anything I’m not fussy”.

“You can eat too much...”

“Why’s that?” Elly asked.

“Because you’ll be eating tonight” Chloe joked winking at Elly.

“You did not just say that... please never ever say that again! EVER” Elly replied trying her best not to laugh and encourage Chloe.

“I thought it was good” Chloe said.

“No! No it wasn’t”.

“Well have whatever you want because lunch is on me” Chloe announced.

“Well in that case I’ll eat everything!” Elly joked.

“That’s fine by me, love a girl with an appetite” Chloe replied licking her lips.

“If this is you trying to flirt stop because I like you for you, none of this cheesy stuff” Elly explained.

“Ok, noted” Chloe replied.

While the two of them decided on what they wanted for lunch, Mel had arrived at the restaurant. She needed to pick the perfect location so that she could watch the two of them without being seen.

“Can I help you?” The waitress asked Mel who was acting a little bit shady.

“I was looking for a table please” Mel replied.

“Inside or out?”

“How about inside but with a view of outside?”

“Ok, I can do that for you”.

“Thank you that’s very much appreciated” Mel replied as she walked to her table with her sunglasses on for extra disguise.

Luckily for Mel, the table the waitress had taken her to gave her the perfect view of Elly and Chloe’s table.

“Have you ladies decided?” The waitress asked a very giggly Elly and Chloe.

“Can I have the club sandwich please?” Chloe asked.

“I’ll have the same please” Elly added.

“Two club sandwiches coming up” The waitress said as she took the menus away.

“Copy cat” Chloe joked.

“What? I love them. You do realise it’s probably my favourite sandwich ever” Elly replied.

“Learn something new everyday hey? Speaking of are you nervous about tonight?” Chloe asked.

“A little I won’t lie. I’ve never been with a woman before and I guess I’m worried I’ll do something wrong” Elly replied as her cheeks began to turn red.

“Don’t you dare be worried ok? This is me it doesn’t matter how much or how little we do tonight! I will guide you through it all I promise” Chloe said leaning across the table to gentle stroke Elly’s hand.

“You promise?”

“Elly this is like my dream come true being able to spend the night with you romantically. There is no pressure or anything, even if all we manage is a kiss. That’s fine by me” Chloe explained.

“You’re amazing do you know that?” Elly replied.

“I mean I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but I’ve been told that quite a few times” Chloe said winking at Elly.

“I mean it!”

“Well you are not too bad yourself”.

Mel could tell by just watching their body language that this was more than a friendship, she couldn’t wait to gather up the evidence she needed to be able to play with Chloe. Mel didn’t like rejection and the fact Chloe had rejected her didn’t sit well with Mel at all. She was ready to play some games and have some fun.

“Excuse me just need to powder my nose” Chloe said as she got up from the table to head to the restroom.

Elly watched as she walked away, her heart beating quickly. She couldn’t believe that the two of them really were going to take the plunge.

Mel hid whilst Chloe walked past her, she didn’t want anything to blow her cover. As Chloe walked past she smelt a very familiar smell but couldn’t figure out where she knew it from.

“Wow these look incredible” Chloe said as she returned to the table to find their lunch had arrived.

“They taste incredible too” Elly replied with a mouthful.

“I see you weren’t going to wait for me... rude” Chloe joked as she rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry”.

“I’m only joking, I wouldn’t have waited for you” Chloe replied.

“I know you wouldn’t have that’s why I didn’t bother” Elly joked.

Once the two of them had finished their lunch, they headed to the hotel to drop their bags off. Elly has booked them a suite because the occasion was an extra special one.

“This room is... WOW” Chloe said as she jumped on the bed.

“I thought it would be nice for our first time” Elly replied.

“It’s going to be incredible, come here you...” Chloe said as she patted the bed beside her.

Elly took a deep breath in and walked over to where Chloe was lay.

“Don’t look so nervous, I only want a kiss” Chloe said trying to calm Elly’s nerves.

“Ok, a kiss I can do” Elly replied as she lay down ready for Chloe to kiss her.

“Oh I have to do all the work do I?” Chloe joker as she moved onto her side so that she was facing Elly.

Elly didn’t reply she just turned onto her side and closed her eyes, waiting with anticipation for Chloe’s soft lips to reach hers. As they touched, goosebumps covered Elly’s skin, her heart racing faster and faster by the second.

It wasn’t long before the kiss turned extremely passionate, Chloe began to slowly move so that she was laying on top of Elly.

“I thought we were going shopping...” Elly said quietly as Chloe kissed her neck gently.

“Oh I thought that was just a cover up story” Chloe replied.

“No! I’m not letting you see me in the underwear I have on. No chance” Elly said.

“Why? Is it awful? Let me see...” Chloe joked as she tried to undo Elly’s jeans.

“No you are not seeing them! They have holes in and everything”.

“Now I have to see them. Come on just a little sneak peek” Chloe replied.

“Not happening” Elly said as she wrestled Chloe off her. Elly was now lay on top of Chloe, a position which she never thought she would be in.

“Yes boss” Chloe replied.

“Now we are going shopping...” Elly said as she kissed Chloe on the lips before getting off the bed getting herself ready to leave.

“You are such a tease”.

“Come on...” Elly replied.

“Ughhh if I have to” Chloe said acting like a stroppy teenager.

“Look if you want to see me in my underwear this evening then we need to go shopping”.

“I’d rather see you without it on” Chloe said smirking.

“I know but I want to look nice for you”.

“Elly you could wear a bin bag and you would still be the most beautiful person in the world to me” Chloe replied looking at Elly lovingly.

“You’re just saying that”.

“Trust me I’m not. The moment I saw you my breath was honestly taken away. You are just so naturally beautiful it’s unreal, whether you are wearing make up or not. It’s just effortless! I feel like all my Christmases are coming at once” Chloe explained.

“Stop you’ll make me blush” Elly said shyly.

“But your so pretty when you blush” Chloe replied as she playfully pinched Elly’s cheeks.

“Stop! Let’s go” Elly said opening the door.

As the two of them left the hotel room, Chloe got a whiff of the same smell she had smelt back in the restaurant.

“Have you changed perfume?” Chloe asked as she sniffed the air.

“No... why?” Elly replied.

“Because this perfume is following me. I smelt it at the restaurant and now I smell it again”.

“Maybe it’s attached itself onto your clothing” Elly joked.

“I’m being serious... what if someone’s following us?” Chloe asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous! Only the boys know we are here”.

“You’re right I’m being stupid. Let’s go” Chloe replied as the two of them headed out of the hotel.

But Chloe wasn’t being stupid, she knew deep down that she recognised the smell but just couldn’t work out where from.

“Excuse me, I’ve accidentally locked myself out of my room. I don’t suppose you could let me in? The name is Elly Conway” Mel said to one of the house keepers.

“Sure thing Miss Conway” the housekeeper replied letting Mel into the room.

Mel wasted no time at all in searching through Chloe’s things, trying to work out what the purpose of the trip was. She knew exactly what the two of them were planning when she stumbled upon Chloe’s lingerie.

“Just friends my ass Chloe Brennan” Mel angrily said to herself as her blood began to boil.

Out of her bag she grabbed a spy camera she had previously used in one of her schemes. She wasn’t going to let Chloe get away with this, not when she had chosen Elly over her. Setting the camera up with the perfect view of the bed, Mel was going to catch the two of them at it and use it to her advantage.

Once she had set the camera up, she opened the app on her phone to make sure it was working properly.

“Perfect, you are going to regret not giving me a second chance” Mel said to herself as she let herself out of the hotel room.

While Mel had been tampering with their hotel rooms, the girls were in a lingerie shop trying to find something super sexy for Elly.

“You ready?” Elly said behind the dressing room door.

“I don’t think I am” Chloe replied nervously.

Elly took a deep breath in, opened the door and slowly revealed herself.

Chloe’s eyes immediately bulged out of her head, she couldn’t believe how incredible Elly looked.

“Holy shit” Chloe said looking at Elly.

“Do I look ok?”

“Ok? You look incredible, good enough to eat” Chloe joked.

“Behave you...”

“Sorry I just can’t help it... just WOW”.

“Should I try on some more or just get this one?” Elly asked.

“MORE” Chloe shouted back.

Elly just laughed and headed back into the dressing room. As soon as the door shut, Chloe started cooling herself off, never in her wildest dreams did she ever think this day would happen.

Elly quickly changed into her next outfit, which was more of a jokey one. It even came with its own whip and handcuffs.

“Ready?” Elly teased as she hung the handcuffs over the door frame.

“Yes, yes and YES” Chloe replied.

As Elly revealed herself, Chloe immediately shouted, “thats the one” as she held her arms out ready for Elly to handcuff her.

“You sure?” Elly asked.

“Most definitely” Chloe replied.

Elly got changed, paid for the lingerie and the two of them headed to a bar for a few drinks.