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Forbidden Love

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Chloe was blissfully walking through the square minding her own business on a beautiful sunny day in Erinsborough. Her attention was quickly captured when she spotted Elly sat on her own looking rather down.

“Elly what’s wrong?” Chloe asked as she walked towards Elly who had a very sad look on her face.

“Is it that obvious that somethings up?” Elly replied trying to put a brave face on things.

“It kinda looks like someone’s died” Chloe said.

“Ah no nothing that bad thank god” Elly replied as a smile appeared on her face, she loved how Chloe’s mouth just ran away with her sometimes.

“Good because as soon as I said it I was praying that no one had! Would have been a bit bad on my part! Stay here and I’ll get us both a coffee” Chloe said as she headed into Harold’s to get them both a drink.

“What can I get you chloe?” Dipi asked.

“2 of your finest coffees to go please”.

“Coming right up! You seem in a cheerful mood...”

Chloe’s mood always seemed to perk up whenever she saw Elly, she definitely had developed a soft spot for her.

“I’m just... happy” Chloe replied.

“Well it’s good to see, happiness is infectious we need more of it around here” Dipi explained.

“You’re damn right there”.

“Here we go, have a lovely day”.

“Thanks, you too” Chloe replied as she grabbed the coffees and headed back to Elly.

Chloe got butterflies whenever she saw Elly she just couldn’t help it.

“Chloe...” Elly shouted from the table as Chloe was just stood there staring into space.

“Sorry I was miles away” Chloe replied.

“I could see, anywhere nice?” Elly asked.

Chloe desperately wanted to say yes because was stood there thinking about how amazing her life could be if her and Elly were a couple. How they could meet up on their lunch breaks to have a quick bite to eat or how they could meet after work for a drink. But deep down Chloe knew that would never happen.

“No, I wish” Chloe replied as she sat down opposite Elly.

“Don’t we all” Elly responded.

“So come on then... what’s happened?” Chloe asked giving Elly a soft smile letting her know that everything was going to be ok.

“I’ve been sacked”.

Chloe’s face dropped immediately she knew that Elly’s job meant everything to her.

“What? Why? They can’t do that”.

“Apparently she can...”

Before Elly could finish explaining things to Chloe, Mark interrupted.

“Hey you, why you not at work?” Mark asked before even asking if his girlfriend was ok.

“She’s been given the afternoon off to do some prep isn’t that right?” Chloe said.

“Yeah...” Elly replied not really knowing what to say.

“Oh that’s cool then, do you want to do something?” Mark asked hoping for a romantic afternoon.

“Sorry she can’t, we’re having a girly evening” Chloe immediately replied knowing that Elly needed some time to come to terms with losing her job before telling Mark.

“We are?” Elly said in a confused manner.

“Yes remember we had that film we needed to watch and knew Mark would hate it”.

“Oh yeah, sorry babe”.

“No worries you two ladies have a wonderful afternoon/ evening and I’ll see you tomorrow?” Mark said.

“Sounds good” Elly replied with a forced smile on her face, she was so worried how Mark would react when he heard she had been sacked.

Mark gave Elly a kiss on the cheek before heading over to the garage to get back to work. Elly took a deep breath in before thanking Chloe for thinking on her feet.

“Thank you! I honestly don’t even know what to say to him right now. He’s going to be so disappointed in me for losing my job” Elly explained with an anxious look on her face.

“He’ll understand plus what ground does she even have to sack you? You’ve done nothing wrong...”

“I know that, deep down she knows that but for some reason she hates me”.

“There’s got to be something we can do” Chloe said with enthusiasm.

“Right now a long hot bubble bath is calling my name. I hope you don’t mind but can we rain check the whole girls night?” Elly asked hoping Chloe would be ok with it.

“Sure, you do whatever you need to do” a disappointed Chloe replied.

“Thanks Clo you’re the best” Elly said as she picked up her coffee and made her way to her car.

“I know I am” a dejected Chloe quietly said to herself.

An hour or two had passed and Elly had just poured herself a glass of red wine after an extremely long bubble bath. Susan and Karl were out so it was just her in the house, which she didn’t mind because it gave her time to just think.

Meanwhile Chloe was preparing to make a visit to Elly to try and cheer her up. She knew Elly wasn’t really in the mood for company but she wasn’t going to let someone she cared about be all sad on her own. Armed with girly magazines, ice cream & a trashy chick flick, Chloe made her way over to Susan’s.

“Knock knock” Chloe said as she let herself into the house.

“Why did I know you weren’t going to take no for an answer?” Elly replied with a smile on her face.

“Because I’m an awesome friend and wasn’t going to leave you on your own not when your upset”.

“Thank you, you are an awesome friend. May I ask why you are in your pyjamas?”

“It’s a pyjamas party... duh!” Chloe sarcastically replied as she did a little dance in her silk pyjamas.

“I suppose I need to go and get changed then?” Elly asked.

“Yes you do”.

“I’ll be right back then” Elly said as she made her way to her bedroom to change.

As soon as Elly passed Chloe the biggest smile appeared on her face. She loved the fact that it was going to be her cheering up Elly and not Mark.

Chloe made herself comfortable, pouring herself a glass of wine and making sure she looked ok for Elly’s return.

“How do I look?” Elly joked as she came out in the baggiest pjs ever.

“You look gorgeous as usual” Chloe replied meaning every single word.

“So what film did you bring?” Elly asked as she made herself comfortable.

“I thought we could watch a comedy to cheer you up? I went for a classic... bridesmaids” Chloe said as she held up the DVD cover.

“I love this film” Elly replied with a big smile on her face.

The two settled down to watch the film, you could tell they were both enjoying the film because the laughter was clear to hear. Although Chloe was enjoying the film she couldn’t help but keep looking over to Elly to make sure that she was smiling.

“What? Do I have something on my face?” Elly asked when she noticed that Chloe was looking over at her.

“No, no I was just ummm checking to make sure you were smiling” Chloe replied.

“Of course I’m smiling how can you not watching this film?” Elly said returning her gaze to the film.

As the film came to an end the ladies began to chat about everything other than Elly’s work situation.

“Thank you for this you’ve been such an awesome friend, I know we had a bit of a bumpy start but you really are an amazing friend” Elly began to explain.

“I am aren’t I, especially my excellent travel stories” Chloe replied bragging.

“NO! You do realise that no one likes those”.

“Liar! You do! You’re about the only one who actually pays attention to them and takes an interest” Chloe replied as she moved slightly closer to Elly as they faced each other on the sofa.

“Your just so true to yourself, you decide on something and you just do it. You see something you want and you just take it...”

At that very moment Chloe thought about some of the things she didn’t take because she couldn’t.

“You know exactly who you are and it’s admirable” Elly explained with a real enthusiasm.

“I could say the same for you” Chloe replied in a gentle tone.

“Please... I’m far too worried about what everyone else things about me! How do you do it? Please tell me your secret?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because a small part of me always knew that I was on borrowed time” Chloe replied.

Elly could see that Chloe was struggling, she gave her a very delicate smile, a smile that showed Chloe that she cared about her, that she was there for her.

“How are you coping? Finding out about the Huntington’s can’t have been easy. The secret is out...”

“Well not really is it? Not many people know and well it’s a bit depressing having conversations about a terminal illness” Chloe explained.

“Chloe...” Elly said sympathetically.

“It’s not like we can change anything is it?” Chloe replied as she shrugged her shoulders.

“Well you know if you ever need anything, you know I’m here for you. If you need someone to listen I’m here” Elly explained with a smile on her face, her eyes wide showing real emotion.

“Thank you”.

“Do you know who would understand this the most though? Your brothers”.

Chloe immediately looked away from Elly, she couldn’t even begin to think about telling her brothers about her illness. Especially as they both could carry the gene.

“Id give anything to make sure they don’t have it. It’s bad but there’s a tiny part of me that would be glad not to be the only one. It’s kind of terrible isn’t it?” Chloe explained.

Elly moved closer to Chloe putting her hand on Chloe’s arm in a supportive manner.

“I’m not going to judge you for how you are feeling” Elly said in a calming manner.

“You wouldn’t? Would you? That’s what makes you so awesome” Chloe replied with the biggest smile on her face.

Elly could feel herself beginning to blush, she didn’t know where to look, so decided to stare down at her arm.

“You always know the right things to say” Chloe added.

Elly couldn’t help but nervously laugh.

“If that we’re true, I’d probably still have a job”.

“You lost your job because of office politics, you are funny, kind, clever and dedicated. You’ll land on your feet I just know it”.

“I hope so, I just think I’m still in shock”.

“All you need to remember is I’ve got your back” Chloe explained as her heart rate began to rise. Her feelings for Elly were growing by the second and she didn’t know how much longer she could control them.

“Thank you. You know what you are the best thing to happen to me in ages. Getting to know you is awesome and I promise you, you will never ever be alone. I will always be right here for you no matter what” Elly explained.

Chloe’s heart was racing faster than it had in a very very long time, the connection she felt with Elly was something she had been longing for since she was a little girl. Every inch of her body was wanting to lean forward and kiss Elly but in the back of her mind she was beyond worried about how she might react or how it could affect their friendship. Taking a deep breath in, Chloe just decided to go for it.

Leaning in close she softly kissed Elly, it was a gentle kiss between the two of them, Chloe was surprised that Elly didn’t immediately pull away. But after a few seconds the kiss ended abruptly, Chloe began to panic she couldn’t even look at Elly because she was scared to see the look on her face.

“Ok... hold on a minute” Elly said in complete confusion.

The look on Chloe’s face was one of sheer panic and regret, she wish she could just rewind to 5 minutes ago before any of this happened.

“I am so so sorry” Chloe said as she began to move away from Elly.

“Chloe... it’s fine” Elly replied not really knowing what to say or do. She was in complete shock as to what had just happened.

“I have no idea what just happened... how about we just forget it ever happened” Chloe said as she stood up ready to out her coat on so that she could make a swift exit.

“Sure... but I don’t know if that’s for the best”.

“Yeah! Trust me it’s the best thing” Chloe said gathering up her things.

Elly desperately wanted Chloe just to sit back down so that they could talk but she knew that Chloe was embarrassed and couldn’t wait to get out of here.

“Umm I’ll... I’ll call you tomorrow or something. Or not... bye” Chloe said as she practically ran out of the house bumping into Mark on the way out.

“Steady on Clo” Mark said as he moved out of Chloe’s way.

“Sorry” Chloe replied as she headed straight home. She couldn’t believe what she had just done, had she just ruined the best friendship she had ever had?