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Hello to all of you!

before I start writing this very long fic I wanted to write an intro.


this is a very dark fic (I'm not joking I was surprised by myself) and will include many triggers throughout the story.

the warnings will be written specificaly in the start notes of every chapter  so if you are willing to continue please notice those.

the complete list of triggers:




physical and mental abuse

post trauma

panic attacks

use of drugs


mind breaking & manipulation

heart break

Suicidal thoughts

self harm

if you are triggered by any of these- please don't read it' its not worth it. stay safe loves and i love you all

also, this story is based on an older fanfic i wrote named "revenge" if your'e interested.

lastly, please don't leave any nasty comments like "hoe" etc or about my English cause Its my third language (it happened so asking in advance- if you dont like anything, just leave).

Thank you for taking the time to read- and enjoy!