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The December quartet

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*-Just a few years later we returned to the same place on the beach (where we used to be the last time) on board of our tour bus,and we moved to that house that we were once tenants-
*-Once,in the morning,Sal would have fallen ill and I stayed with him,but I decided to call Murr and Q by cell phone to tell them the bad news-.''
The other two jokers did not take long to answer Joey's call even though they were on the beach,they went in and saw their best friend.
*-I still stayed with Sal while Q and Murr through their caresses wanted the young Cuban to know they were there. We gave each other a group hug around him. Until we heard a yawn and disarmed the round because we heard that yawn and was definitely my best friend-.
-Relax buddy,we found you asleep,but just in case we will call the doctor to rule out that it is serious!-
-Okay...!- Sal simply said,he yawned again,although he noticed the concern of Joe and his two best friends. *The night arrived... Sal did not want to take the medication that the doctor prescribed for him to take it,but Joe wanted to insist on giving it to him. -Okay Sal! Then I'll taste a little bit of this!- When tasting it,Joe spit it out and his lover laughed. During a slight distraction from Sal,Joe took the opportunity to give him the medicine to his mouth and the young Cuban did not like anything! -I DIDN'T LIKE IT! IT'S SO GROSS!- Sal exclaimed with disgust. Anyway,Joe pounced on Sal without asking and kissing him (maybe to get him upset about the antidote). *In the morning... James and Brian slept together in one of the beds,until one of them woke up.

-Look Murr! Joe left us a note!-
-What does it say,bud?-
-It says so:
Dear James and Brian:
We are waiting for you on the beach,and also because I have got for you an important announcement!
Signed Joey
P.S: Sal is a little better because I gave him the medicine almost forcefully.-
The balding man and the man with brown eyes smiled to know about improving from Sal. They got out of bed and dressed for the occasion.
On the beach...
-What's up guys?- Murr asked,curiously before the observation of Q.
-James,Q,I have a surprise for you guys! Come on! Come here,Sally!-
Sal approached at Joe,and showed them something he had in his hand: A gold wedding ring.
-Are you two...?- The other two boys wondered at the same time.
-So it is,guys! We got married in secret,and almost officially we are engaged!- Joe grinned,showing his gold wedding ring too.
Murr and Q shouted and hugged to his two long-time friends. Joe and Sal also hugged both happy and proud,above all to have the support of their friends!
*Before that the nightfall arrived,they both lay down in the sand to see the stars.

Joe leaned on his best friend's shoulder,and Q was next to Murr.
Anyway,the four were alone there on that night full of brightness (respect to the glow of the stars). The jokers did not want to separate,not even for a long time...
-Even if we do not go from here,we will always be aware of the other,right?- Joe asked to his three boys.
Her husband Sal,James and Brian nodded before Joe's question.
And so this happened...

50 years later...
''Back for the first time after so many years,It filled me with a mixture of emotion and fear... To think everything could have been invented''
(Joe was driving towards the beach and next to his seat he had a rectangular brown box and inside it contained something more,that soon you will know that it was...)
''Believe it or not,after from the last time we had on the beach together and we left there,Sal did stand-up actings in different places in the United States,and we have supported it,and specially I supported him and his new vocation!
The boys and I crossed each other and we saw each other instead of when,and also my husband and I in any way,or the two talked to each other through a social media!
I received a letter,a few days before his ashes arrived. And I also received a call of a person,It said that my husband died,possibly due to his advanced age. It was so sad for me,but luckily I went to visit him before of his departure. He told me how much he remembered this place,how happy he was to have shared it with us''
(Joe was contemplating the beach,until he heard a noise,turned around and saw that it were Q and Murr who arrived on the tour bus and got out of there to go to the blue-eyed man. Gatto reunited with his best lifelong friends (the three guys like Sal,they were 83 years old),pointing the rectangular box (there were Sal's ashes) and that his pocket of his light blue shirt,he had kept Sal's wedding ring to keep some of him for some good reason,and without hesitation he was to hug his best friends some excited,meanwhile James and Brian also hugged him or maybe they wanted to give him a hug of consolation because the two found out what have happened with Sal. After of the hug,the old man with blue eyes showed 'em a photo proudly from him and Sal hugged each other.)

''Before to leaving,Sal told me that that if something happened to him,I... (He sighed slightly as if he had broken with sadness) And here he has us to the December quartet...'' The three looked at the horizon between the sharp and wide rocks,Joe looked for a second back,thinking of an old memory of the four together and also this included to Sal. Joe,Murr and Q ran and climbed up a dune to say goodbye to his best friend and brother Sal Vulcano,and so Joe could fulfill the last wish that Sal asked him. *He also wanted to dedicate Sal a few words to say goodbye along to his best friends as witnesses: -Sal,I hope you have been happy with me,and also with Q and Murr,despite the jokes I've made on you. I miss you and I've thought about you...!- Joe sobbed,while he was saying his last words to his beloved friend. The balding man and the man with brown eyes touched him affectfully in Joe's shoulder to comfort him. -Don't worry,Joey! Sal surely knew that you loved him and enjoyed the moments that he was with you!- Murr assured to Joe -Yeah...! What Murray said made sense!- Q said and nodded as agreed with Murr. -Thank you guys!- Joe pronounced,grateful with his best friends and even excited by the speech that he dedicated to Sal. -I hope that Sal is listening to us,wherever he is! And I think I do not regret having kissed him at one of our spin-off shows! Especially when I kissed him in the middle of his neck!- Joe chuckled while he remembered for a memory to his old friend,although James and Brian also chuckled a bit but respectfully a bit of the memories that Joe treasured. Gatto gave to Murray the ashes of his late husband for the final goodbye,and the three jokers put their hands in the center. -ONE,TWO,THREE: DECEMBER QUARTET!!! And this phrase for you Sal: SHUT YOUR FACE,GRANDMA!- The three jokers shouted at the same time,and the few minutes ago,they threw the ashes of Sal while the summer breeze ran and they flew towards the blue sea. Joey with the help of Murr and Q were satisfied because they managed to fulfill the last will of Sal,but the old man with blue eyes tried to be brave,but he could not help but grieve himself for the farewell of his best friend and husband. Without any of the three saying it,especially Joe,they will soon be reunited with their best friend on the hereafter... In the distance,above the high rocks were the four pranksters when they were 43 years old,waving his arms and saying: -HEY!- -HEY!- -HEY!- -HEY!- But then they raised their fists as if they wanted to dance... (maybe it was a memory that Joe had in his mind because he still wanted to remember Sal;or Sally as he apparently used to say to him) ! -------.-------