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T.A Hero: Deku

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Izuku Midoriya stared down the half-eaten katsudon in front of him. It was surprisingly common that he was allowed so many calm periods given his line of work. But that was not much of a shock since there where so many people like him doing his job as well with a much higher status than him. It’s how he could walk into a small ramen shop on the street in full uniform and only get one or two glances. They simply didn’t know who he was.

Realising his brain was going to some harsh places, Izuku put his thoughts to the side and dug into his meal again. He didn’t have time to think about stuff like that. This was his dream after all! This is what he spent the last three years of his life working towards. Every bit of training and studying at U.A was all for working towards this goal.

But who would have guessed that being a hero was such a cutthroat business.

I mean it made sense to him. Nowadays heroes were all over the place, with the very best being treated just short of celebrities. Not to mention the endorsement deals and news articles singing their praises, it quickly became that if you could make it as a hero, you were set for life. but since everyone is aiming for that goal, a lot of new heroes get trampled over to make way for those who can make it to the top.

But that’s not why he became a hero, a hero to him meant saving people with a smile. Because of that it never phased him too much that despite his great performance and caring nature as a hero, he never seemed to get the same notoriety as many other heroes around him did. But he will admit that even the most determined of people can get unfulfilled with this kind of treatment.

“Come on, it’s only been a year since you debuted” Izuku mumbled to himself as he left the store. He called back to his first day, naturally he was as nervous as always back then, so he aimed small. Unfortunately, he aimed way too small and wasted his opportunity for a big showcase on a petty bag snatcher, meaning his debut never made the news and he was swept under the rug.

All you need is one big catch. then you can start working to the top, just one is all you need!

As if the world decided to humour his plea, thunderous stomping began to echo down the street. Izuku couldn’t even turn all the way towards the sound before a giant clad in tattered jeans and a ripped shirt came barrelling down the road, nearly crushing the cars it towered over. His fist was clenched tightly around something no one could see as he was chased relentlessly by a small brown figure.

Izuku gave a small smile to the giant as he continued his deafening sprint to who knows where. There wasn’t any hesitation in what Izuku did next.

"This is a villain, a big one too." he thought, crouching down and feeling the air tighten past his knees and shimmer a glazed emerald green.

“THIS IS MY CHANCE!" he yelled as the force released below his steel boots and hurled himself towards his meal ticket, leaving a tiny crater where he bounded from.

As he soared above the road and towards the villain, he recalled back to his time at U.A. Everyone in his class had such flashy and amazing quirks, just like almost everyone else in the world nowadays. but while they were fun to take notes on and watch them grow, it meant that he and his plain quirk got pushed out of the spotlight most of the time. It wasn’t that his quirk was weak, it’s just that the idea of pulling in objects and firing them back like a slingshot didn’t really compare to something like bone armour or freaking teleporting!

But regardless, Izuku trained hard with what he had and graduated at one of the top five of his class, much to everyone’s surprise. But as it turned out, his plain look and quirk did little to bolster his credentials as he was forced to start from the bottom of his agency, spending a good year and a half stuck pushing papers in the office. Not exactly what he imagined himself doing but he always drove forward with his goal always in mind, eventually moving up the ladder and joining one of the other heroes in the agency as their sidekick, a proper step forward to his ambition even if he did have to put up with all of the credit and attention going straight to the hero for the next two years. finally, after proving his ability in both the field and the workplace, he was given the go-ahead to step out into his own spotlight, five whole years after leaving U.A and at the still ripe age of twenty-three, ready to show the world the hero who never slowed down named-


Izuku’s train of thought was derailed by the same brown figure from before. Upon closer inspection he saw that it was the familiar masked face and wooden limbs of Kamui Woods. The two didn’t work at the same agency but they seemed to keep seeing each other in the neighbourhood by coincidence. Guess that shows how eager heroes were to arrive to the scene.

“Kamui. Good to see you about as always”. Izuku kicked off the building next to him to keep his momentum going in pursuit of the stampeding giant. “Mind if I help out here? I could use the attention”.

“Go ahead, this incarnation of evil has already caused bodily injury to several people and has illegally used his power during rush hour, I won’t let this stand!” Kamui called heroically as he fired off splinters from his arms, attempting to slow the colossus down.

“Works for me then…” Izuku decided to ignore the over the top speech from his wooden peer as always and instead focused of picking up the pace to catch up to the giant, who was too busy being peppered by wooden pieces to notice. He blasted himself from the wall beside him and charged straight towards the humongous man’s face. He twisted himself mid-air with his leg, currently gathering compressed air at the front of his steel boot, aimed for the side of his head.

The boot connected with the giant’s cheek as the charged force released all at once upon contact, finally getting the Giants attention and allowing Izuku to call out his super move for the first time since training at U.A. Don’t mess it up. Don’t mess it up…


Nailed it

The following shockwave rippled across the villain’s face, knocking a single bloodied tooth from his mouth and tripping him forward. That fact didn’t seem to matter as the giant continued spinning through the air, eventually crashing onto the rails of the local station and letting the bag he stole slip past his fingers. Barely moving, Izuku and Kamui landed nearby to look over the damage they, or at least, Izuku caused.

“W-wow…”. Kamui surveyed the Giants state, taken down in one clean shot.

“Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to fight something like this, guess I went a little overboard.” Izuku muttered with a sheepish smile. He never did consider himself to be aggressive when it came to fights, but when he barely got any action as he did, he wasn’t shy of letting out his frustrations all at once.

He looked over to the side to see a crowd of civilians being held at bay by two other heroes. One of which resembled a sentient fire hydrant who kept the public away with a line of water. That was always a great benefit of having so many heroes around. It was never one man against the world, there was always an extra pair of hands right around the corner ready to protect and serve for others even if sometimes heroes joined in just to hog the glory. That fact never ceased to make Izuku smile.

The calm was short lived as the once incapacitated body started shaking and groaning out loud, knocking Izuku back to reality. He guessed that giant form wasn’t just for show.

“Kamui, get ready! This guy isn’t down yet!” Izuku dropped into his fighting stance, already charging his legs with compressed air, ready to move if necessary. Kamui, seemingly startled by the mans resilience readied himself for his own special move. Not wanting to be around without providing some assistance.

The Giant brought himself back to his shaking legs, wiping the blood trail from his mouth. He roared out to the two heroes, voice slurred from the blow before. “Bastards! I’ll kill you for that!”. The villain rushed forward, hand raised ready to slam down on their perch.

Izuku dashed past the attack while Kamui stepped back, both dodging the massive hand that caved in part of the roof. Remembering where that blow came from, the giant kept his eyes locked onto the flying figure of Izuku and lashed his other hand into the air to try and grab the green hero. Kamui, somewhat hurt by the villain’s disinterest in him, moved back to his previous position and began to sprout brambles from his arm.

“Deku! Get ready!”. Izuku knew exactly what that meant and did just that. As soon as he connected with the ground, he dashed feet first into the humongous man’s chest and let out an admittedly weaker shockwave of air into his exposed chest, forcing him to stagger back into Kamui’s range. Izuku wasted no time in dropping down and meeting back with Kamui to deliver his own finishing blow

“It’s over, villain!” Kamui Yelled out above the now riled up crowd who where eager to see the payoff for an impressive looking fight. Izuku would have joined them if it wasn’t for the fact that he was ecstatic at a chance to strike it big.

THIS IS IT, I’M ALMOST THERE! Izuku screamed in his head as he winded back his arm, a small vortex of green-tinted air gathering on his fist.




Before the two could even process the third voice, a massive blur of purple and white rushed past, only to pass in a second taking the villain with it. Every voice screeched to a halt just trying to understand what just happened. None more confused than the two heroes standing frozen in their poses.


“W-what was…”

Izuku slowly turned his head to the crowd to try and find a reason where that third voice came from, only to be greeted by an entirely new figure.

It was a woman…

A giant woman…even bigger than the villain…

Who was currently showing off her ass to the paparazzi in the now silent crowd.

“Today’s my big debut! Pleased to meet you all! You can call me Mt.Lady”

IT’S HER DEBUT TOO?! Izuku couldn’t help but scream in his mind, teeth grating at the dramatic shift in attention. Because a hero’s first impression counts a lot, if a hero makes a big enough splash on their first day, it’s usually followed by a skyrocket in attention. This meant two things. One, if this was going to be an article about this, it would be about her efforts. Meaning two, Izuku and Kamui were going to get next to no credit for them doing all the hard work.

Izuku couldn’t do anything but drop to his hand and knees and stare blankly at the ground, similarly to what the lifeless pile of wood that was once his peer was doing.

Yeah, Definitely a cutthroat business.

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The duo’s mourning thankfully didn’t last long. Eventually they picked themselves back up with some difficulty and met up with the two heroes managing the dispersing crowd. All the while Mt. Lady showed off her ‘well deserved catch’ like a prize in front of the camera. Izuku did his best to direct his attention away from the personal tragedy in front of him to console his broken friend.

It wasn’t like he was in any better of a spot, but it was always a hero’s job to take the brunt and shrug it off with a smile. Something Izuku learned how to deal with well since he was used to this kind of treatment. As long as he could hold a smile for everyone to see, he was doing his job.

Doing just that, he put on his classic happy face and moved to pat the currently trembling Kamui on the back softly.

“Hey, don’t worry Kamui, your fanbase is pretty big, if this story drops, they’ll back you up no problem”. If only Izuku could say the same for himself. He did have one big follower for quite some time until the two of them went through some…issues.

“Thank you, Deku. However, I am more concerned about you. Didn’t you say you did not get many chances to have fights like this?” Kamui fixed himself upright and turned to izuku, unintentionally drawing the attention of the three other heroes much to Izuku great dismay.

Dammit, why does everyone here have to be so selfless?

“H-huh? O-oh yeah, I’ll be fine. just gotta try harder next time, right?” Izuku his best to keep his smile genuine but he would be lying if he said that the last year of his official career wasn’t making it easy.

“Hey kid, we saw that kick from before. That was pretty damn impressive” called out a tall, white haired man with a big chin and even bigger bracers. They may not have ever met but Izuku had already heard of him, a fairly popular strength hero named Death Arms.

“I agree, I haven’t seen you around though. Are you a debuting hero perhaps?” came from the sentient fire hydrant named Backdraft. Also a popular hero, bringing up the most terrifying though that Izuku could have, becoming so obscure that everyone thought he was a newbie. He could feel his smile start to wilt in front of them

“Oh no, this is Deku.” Kamui decided to attempt to throw Izuku’s name into the world for him and get him out of his obvious slump. “he’s been working for the last year at least, but he has definitely earned the title.” He gestured to the green haired hero beside him, surprised at the kind introduction, even if being forced to mention that he had already debuted was starting to grate at him.

“Ah, so I guess you haven’t left your mark yet have you?” Death arms pondered, rubbing his bulky chin. He looked past Izuku towards the now restrained and de-powered villain who resembled a simple man with dreadlocks and ruined clothing. “Damn shame she had to drop in and take your credit then, guess we’ll have to apologise for her now, right Kamui?”

“Huh? What do you me-“

“Kamui-senpai!” called the woman of the hour, bouncing towards the gathering of heroes. Finally finishing her showcase for the paparazzi and reaching her ‘senpai’s’ unoccupied side.

“How was that for a debut? this’ll get me some great attention, I know it!” Mt. Lady boasted, seemingly oblivious about the daylight credit robbery she just committed in front of the two dismayed heroes.

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t rely to stealing the credit from others though!” Kamui wasted no time to voice his anger at the heroine, which just seemed to bounce off her ego like rubber.

I guess they work for the same agency.

“What do you mean, Senpai? I didn’t see you lay a finger on that guy, I thought you were just holding onto that guy for me” Izuku inwardly cringed at this woman’s attitude, and her disregard at unintentionally slaying her ally.

“I-It’s not for my sake! It’s for Deku’s” Kamui retorted quickly to try and recover from the burn, gesturing to the green suited hero again who was knocked from his thoughts.

“Huh? Hold o-“

“Kamui has a point there” Backdraft raised his hand…pipe to get their attention. “Deku did provide more towards the capture while you just came in and stole the show from him and Kamui.”

Izuku tried yet again to voice himself only to get interrupted again with the heroine shifting herself to meet him.

“So, you’re Deku huh?” Mt. Lady left only a short gap between their faces. Naturally getting the opposing hero turning red.

“Y-yeah. T-t-that’s me.” Izuku attempted to avoid her sight Seeing that as an obvious sign, she moved onto step two of her plan and raised her forearms to her chest. Showing her ‘heroic assets’ for the young adult.

“So sorry for taking that from you, but you know how important it is for heroes to make a big splash riiight?” she decided to add the cherry on top and wink at the end of her seduction. It was obvious that she had traded her poise and morals for sex appeal.

And Izuku was absolutely defenceless against it as always.


“HAVE SOME SHAME WOMAN!” Kamui and Death arms seemed already used to Mt. Lady’s actions, already moving to restrain her.

“C’mon, you guys are no fun. I’m sure Deku was enjoying it.” She was being dragged away by the shoulders and prepared herself for another scolding when Izuku finally had the chance to speak.

“Hey, don’t worry. I don’t mind, really.” He put his smile back on and raised his hands up to grab their attention. “Honestly that kick was pretty cool too. You’re definitely going to make a big splash in the news too.”

The four other heroes looked at him like he had grown a second head, even if someone probably had a quirk that could do that. Death arms seemed the most confused by his statement “Kid, you sure? You need exposure like this if you want to get anywhere.”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll happen eventually, just gotta be patient right?” It was obvious to everyone except Mt. Lady that keeping up this charade was getting painful to manage.

“Well, if this is wrapped up, then I’ll see you guys later. Oh, and best of luck to you Mt. Lady.” Izuku gave one last wave before turning to leave. Finally letting his smile down when he faced away.

“Jeez, poor kid.” Death arms exhaled, ruffling his hair as he watched the young hero charge up and hurl himself across the street. “If he keeps this up, he probably won’t last long.”

“Huh? What’cha mean?” Mt. Lady only now started growing a conscious thinking she went a bit far with the boy

“Deku’s been working as a hero for about a year it seems, yet he hasn’t raised much in terms of popularity” Kamui decided to answer, taking the stolen bag from the police, intent to returning it to the victim. “I bet he was hoping this would be a big change for him.”

“Great, now I feel bad putting him through all that.” Mt. Lady did admit she was in the wrong with how he treated the admittedly cute hero.

Only for her to immediately get over it and turned to the three remaining heroes with a wink.

“So which one of you is going to take responsibility for that?”

“YOU ARE!” They responded without hesitation.

After two more hours of uneventful patrolling. Izuku’s shift had finally ended and the young adult was shedding his hero outfit, it seemed even that was plain in comparison to other heroes. While others needed special fibres that could mimic the user’s quirk or some intricate design to suit the users fighting style, all Izuku needed was a couple of bracers for his limbs to curb the recoil of his quirk and some iron soles for his favourite red shoes.

He had finally changed back to his normal outfit, a plain shirt and jacket and a pair of simple jeans when he was approached by two familiar faces. One being a man with grey hair and sharp fangs, his exposed forearms covered by a layer of natural bone, shaping them into sharp claws. The girl to his side had deep purple hair littered with hairpins, making the whole thing resemble stars in the night sky.

“Hey Midoriya-kun, just finishing up?” the approaching man called out. The three of them had become fairly close during their time at U.A. With Izuku helping them with studies and the two of them taking on the near impossible job of raising his self-esteem.

“Oh, Hey Honesutsu-kun, Tenmetsu-san. Yeah I’m just finishing up.” Izuku was forced to put on yet another smile today, but it was worth it to stop his friends from worrying about him. “Did you both want something?”

“Well, we were looking at some news on heroes and we came across this” Honesutsu pulled out his phone and showed Izuku an article. Specifically, about the Villain capture performed ‘solo’ by the debuting hero Mt. Lady. The picture at the top even having Izuku just barely in frame on top of the station.

That’s already online? Seriously?! Izuku could feel veins on his forehead bulging just looking at the phone.

“Judging by that look on your face, we can tell you’re pretty pissed about it. I mean I don’t blame you with how little atte-“

Tenmetsu punched the bone hero in the shoulder harshly with a face of disgust, making him drop his phone. “Point is, we were going to head out for a couple drinks. Honestly I feel like you could use some” she said with honest concern in her voice as Honesutsu grumbled and picked his phone off the floor.

On any other day, Izuku would have taken them up on that offer. But after today’s train wreck, he just wanted to go home and rest, maybe train if he still had some stress to burn off. Not wanting to blow off his friends, he internally prayed to whatever god hasn’t screwed him over yet for a way out.

Izuku’s attention directed to the buzzing phone in his pocket, internally praising the opportunity given to him. He excused himself from the two heroes bickering about a broken phone and prepared himself for a call with…Mitskui?

“A-aunt Mitsuki? How are you? Is something wrong?”

“Izukuuu, how long has it been since we last talked?” Izuku had known Bakugo Mitsuki ever since he was a baby, they had met through his mother where she and her husband quickly became a familiar face for the boy. “Is it wrong to just want to talk to a family member?”

“Heh, sorry about that. I guess I’ve been a bit wrapped up in hero work.” It wasn’t a complete lie, he had definitely kept up with his patrols and rarely fell behind with training, but it’s not like he was getting the chance to make the most of them.

“Jeez, you know it’s kinda lonely here when you don’t have a son who doesn’t hate your guts.” Izuku could hear the irritation in her voice, one of the three emotions she seemed to show outside of rage and rare compassion. I guess having to raise him can do that to someone.

“Speaking of that brat, apparently he’s at it again at school and I’m up to my knees in work. Think you can check up on the little bastard for me?” The woman on the line did a good job of covering up how much of a nightmare that job would be with a cheery tone like this was just their natural business, honestly because it was.

Izuku pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. ‘sure then, something else to add to today’s nightmare I guess.

“Alright then. I just finished for today. But are you sure it’s a good idea for me to-” The beeping noise from the phone forced him out of his conversation. Mitsuki knew that tone meant another one of his rambling sessions, so she hung up on him.

Can I get through ONE talk without being interrupted today?

Izuku slotted his phone back into his pocket and turned back to his two peers, just making up for their scuffle as they turned back to the green haired hero.

“Sorry guys guess I’m going to go check on someone instead. You two go on ahead.”

Honesutsu sighed after hearing that same excuse after who knows how many times. “It’s that Bakugo kid, isn’t it. Did he get in trouble at school again?” It was Tenmetsu’s turn after him to look disgruntled at the all too familiar scenario.

“Honestly, according to you he talks a big game about being a hero, but if he keeps up this attitude, I don’t see him making it that far.” The Purple-haired woman shrugged her shoulders, not knowing too much about the boy in question to make a proper evaluation.

“Yeah, hopefully he realises that himself.” Just thinking about the boy seemed to draw Izuku out of the conversation and into some old memories, Better Memories. “Either way, I better get going. You two have fun now.”

Izuku waved goodbye to the familiar duo and turned to leave the locker room, hoping that today wouldn’t have to end with another headache.

Izuku still remembered the day he met Bakugo Katsuki like it was yesterday. He was 10 years old when he and his mother Inko prepared the house for the regular meetup with Mitsuki and her husband. They had just set out the drinks ready for their guests when his mother got the green haired boy’s attention.

“Now be polite Izuku, you may see a new face today and I want you to give a good impression.” His mother sprang the notion on him like he already knew what was going on, which he didn’t.

“H-huh? What do you mean mom?” If there was one thing Izuku was never good with back then, it was sudden changes. So this revelation unintentionally left the boy dreading the sudden ring of the doorbell.

“Don’t worry, you’ll see.” The similarly green haired mother just smiled and opened to door to her familiar high school friend with ash blonde hair and bright red eyes

“Inko dear! Good to see you again!” Mitsuki exploded with joy as soon as the door opened wide enough to let the through. She wasted no time after startling Inko to crouch down in front the small boy behind her. “you too Izuku! You’ve grown up so much!”

Despite her loud and aggressive nature, the boy knew this was just how Mitsuki was. Izuku had already known her for so long that the two became so friendly to each other, almost like they were family. Even her partner Masaru, with his short brown hair and glasses, quickly became a familiar face. Even if he never seemed to assert himself like his wife did.

But something seemed off about the trio this time.


“Oh! I almost forgot.” The spikey haired woman quickly leapt up and returned to his husband, immediately preparing for some big reveal. Izuku felt some of his unease return from the woman’s behaviour

“Izuku, I want you to meet your new baby brother!” Both Masaru and Mitsuki stepped to the side to reveal their surprise with a shared smile. Izuku had a hard time processing what was going on after that sudden and completely out of place line.

It only started to make sense after he saw the small surprise. Emphasis on small.

Between the two visiting adults. The green haired pair laid their eyes on the new addition to the family. A small boy with an explosion of ash blonde hair and small red eyes fixed on the other child in the room. Almost a spitting image of his mother. With how small he was compared to Izuku, he must have only been about 2 or 3 years old.

So why was he feeling a little bit intimidated by the tiny child?

“Midoryias, meet Katsuki!” Mitsuki bent down again to put her shoulders on her son, who still retained a plain and emotionless face.

“Aww, he’s just as adorable as you said!” Inko was the first to respond, having already heard about how the couple had taken their marriage to the next big step. “Well Izuku, why don’t you introduce yourself while the adults have some tea?”

The Emerald eyed boy felt more of his dread return as he finally fell out of his statue-like state. He quickly turned over to his mother as the three adults moved past the children toward the couch and drinks.

“O-oh! S-sure mom!” Izuku turned back to the boy in question, still standing by the doorframe with the same look as before. He took a few stabilising breaths and approached the tiny child.

Okay, he’s a child. Make a good impression or you’re done for!

“He-hey there. M-my name is M-Midoriya Izuku.” The green haired child extended his shaky hand out to the still silent boy.

“Hey.” Katsuki said back as he simply connected his hand with the older boys. It seemed like he wasn’t interested about anything happening around him. Izuku sweat dropped at how little emotion this 2-year-old was showing.

Okay, this isn’t working, let’s try something else.

“So…do you like All-might?”

Izuku could see the mouth on the child face contort slowly but surely into a smile. ‘Oh great, I’m starting to make some progre-‘

“Of course I do, you frickin’ idiot! What are you stupid?!” the blonde child called back with a new chipper smile on his small face.

Or I’m just going to make it worse…great.

“KATSUKI! WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!” Mitsuki yelled from behind the couch to the surprise of Izuku and Inko, while Masaru just sighed into his cup of tea.

“But it’s still a stupid question!” the red eyed boy retracted his hand to face his mother head on. “Who doesn’t love all might? He’s a great hero who always wins! How can I not think he’s amazing?!”

Izuku stood there bewildered at how this toddler seemed just as passionate about the number 1 hero as he was. He didn’t think on it too much as he saw an opportunity to actually get somewhere with him.

“Really? I bet you have a some of his merchandise then, right?” Izuku smiled with some newfound confidence and squatted down beside him, getting the child’s attention.

“Are you kidding?! I bet I have way more than you!” The boy challenged the older child with an even wider and confident smile from before. Even at 2 years old, Katsuki had a bad habit of challenging almost everything around him, including his parents and a 10-year-old boy he just met apparently.

“Oh I’ll definitely take you up on that” Izuku returned the smile back, knowing there was no way he could lose this battle with his bedroom plastered with memorabilia. “But first, want to get something to drink?”

“Fine, but I’m not going to let you off that easy.” Katsuki huffed, making his way to the lounge area where the parents were ogling at the cute scene.

As the young duo sat down between the adults, Inko figured this was the best to do one of the groups unintentional traditions.

“Izuku dear, I accidentally left the cookies out on the counter, could you get them please?” she gestured to the plate left next to the sink which Izuku could’ve sworn he had already put on the coffee table. Figuring that this was going to happen regardless. The green haired boy sighed and prepared himself to be embarrassed as he held his hand out towards the dish and activated his quirk.

Izuku’s hand erupted in a light green glow as the plate of cookies dragged itself from the counter and floated through the air towards his awaiting grip. Ever since he developed his quirk, he used it almost everywhere around the house, but that didn’t mean that the four faces watching him work made him any less flustered.

Once the snacks met his hand the glow on his hand dispersed as he set the plate down on the table and prepared for the praise that always followed, already a little red in the face.

“Ah, I see you’ve gotten better at using your quirk Izuku. I didn’t even see the plate rattle this time.” Masaru decided to start the commendation this time with his calm and quiet voice, partly to remind the boy that he was still in the room.

“I know, Honestly I’m a little jealous that my son got such a good quirk from mine.” The boy’s mother wasted no time showing her support and bringing Izuku’s face to an even brighter shade of red.

This was how every meetup between the families went, they would find a way for Izuku to show off his quirk and then shower him with admiration to give him the boost not many of his peers were giving him. The only different this time was that there was an all-new face watching.

“Woah! What was that?! That was so cool!” the second youngest turned towards the noise to see Katsuki kneeling on the couch with stars in his eyes. He had already seen so many heroes show off their abilities on the television, but this was the first time he had seen one being used in person.

Taken back by such honest enthusiasm, Izuku was knocked out of his embarrassed state and back to reality. “O-oh, that’s just my quirk. It’s kinda cool but a lot of people just call it a parlour trick.” And just like that, the praise was proven pointless as the green haired boy just put himself down again.

“Seriously?” The wonder in the blonde’s eyes started to physically fade at the boy’s negativity, it pained Izuku to know that he was ruining the moment the group was having. 

“Yeah…Oh! but I can do this though.” In an attempt to lighten to mood, the older boy moved a cookie into the palm of his hand and activated the second portion of his quirk. The front of his hand glowed the same green aura as the snack began to rumble.

Suddenly, the cookie flew from his hand with a burst of air towards the blonde child, who fumbled around with the sugary projectile between his hand before catching it and looking down at it with newfound wonder.

“And you’re calling this a bad quirk?!” Katsuki stared back at the greenette with an even wider smile on his face sparkling with wonder.


“If anyone calls that quirk a parlour trick, they’re even stupider than you!” Izuku’s eyes darted around the room to see everyone else silently agreeing with the rash boy with a smile and nod.

“Y-you really think so?” the blush returned, maybe not as strong as before but it was still prevalent. After all, this was the first time someone outside of his mother and close friends openly praised his simple quirk.

“Of course! I bet you could be a strong hero with that power too!” Izuku was left speechless with the honesty in Katuski’s voice. despite only being 2 years old, the blonde boy spoke in a way that left no room to argue, not like anyone was going to dispute the point he was getting across.

Izuku shifted out of his awestruck look eventually and grinned back at the child next to him. “Thanks for that Katsuki. Hey, I bet your quirk will be strong too when you get it.”

The determination from the young blonde’s face vanished immediately and was replaced with a look of bewilderment. “Y…you…”

“Now you’ve done it.” Mitsuki muttered from her son’s side as her husband put down his tea and covered his ears.

“Huh?” Izuku couldn’t help the rising dread after hearing that ominous phrase. “What do you me-”

“YOU REALLY MEAN IT?!” Katsuki leapt up and blocked out the boy’s entire vision with his face. Unprepared for such close proximity, Izuku jumped out of his seat and onto his back.

“W-woah!” the change in distance meant nothing as the exploding blonde chased him down across the couch, meeting face to face again.

“You think I’ll get a strong quirk too?! Do you think I’ll be a strong hero like All-might?!” Izuku didn’t have a chance to get back up with the frantic child bearing down on him from above.

“Yes! Yes! Just calm down!” The freckled boy put out his hands to try and diffuse the over eager blonde and answer honestly. Surprisingly it seemed to work as the boy stepped back and let Izuku sit back up to face him.

“Do you promise?” Katsuki took on a similar look to when they first met, only with his head hung down to the couch below them.


“Do you promise that you’ll still think that after I get my quirk?” the red eyed child looked back at the older boy in front of him, his look radiating hope for the right answer.

Izuku couldn’t help but smile at him and hold out his pinky to him.

“Sure! After all, it’s a big brother’s job to look after the younger.” The blonde would always deny it from here on out, but Mitsuki could see a little red tint on his cheeks as he extended his own pinky.

It took him a little effort to wrap his finger around Izuku’s, but that was just a testament to his determination. 

“Now you see how much of a handful he’s going to be.” Mitsuki smirked gleefully at the heart-warming sight. “I hope this means you’re going to help out as his big brother.”

“Of course!” Izuku smiled wide in response as he kept his hold on the younger child’s pinky.

The blonde mother’s gaze hardened towards her son on the other side of the couch. “Now Katsuki, I expect you to be nice to your big brother now, okay?”

“Damn Right!”


That was one of the many memories the duo shared. Ever since then the two were inseparable, with Izuku looking out for both of them and Katsuki learning more and more about from his example. The more time they spent together, the more memories they made, the stronger their bond grew. To the point that they might as well had been real brothers.

Izuku was snapped out of his happy memory as he realised where he was. He reached his destination; Orudera Junior High School. The one that he had graduated from, and the same school Katsuki was attending. The now young adult stared down towards the entranced as he noticed the familiar cold look of the teenage boy walking towards him. With an explosion of blonde hair and red eyes.

So how did we end up like this?

Chapter Text

Bakugo Katsuki was only just leaving the school entrance, about half an hour after everyone else. All because some shithead extra decided to bring up his ‘behaviour’ in class with a teacher. They only spent half the time they kept him scolding him and just kept him around longer while everyone else left. What the hell was even the point of doing that?

He got his answer when he looked up and saw the all too familiar mop of green hair by the gates, along with the matching emerald eyes and freckles. His memories of him were almost always of the face being contorted into a bright smile, but this time it was just a look of disappointment.


Katsuki hung his head down again and clutched his bag on his shoulder as he made his way towards to, with any luck, pass the young adult in his way. He only got as far as the gate and brushing against his arm before he interjected.

“Want to explain what happened This time, Kacchan?”

“Why the hell should I? Deku.” The blonde didn’t raise his head at the nickname. They had gone by it for so long it barely phased him, especially when there was something much more aggravating name he could call him. Instead he just picked up the pace and strode past the taller boy.

At least he hoped to, instead he ground to a halt when Izuku turned to face him. Katsuki didn’t need to look back at the green aura in the other boy’s hand to know that he was using his quirk to drag him back to his grip. It was a tried and true method to get the younger blonde’s attention.

“Look, this isn’t the first time me or your parents have been called down because of you. So can you just make it easier for us both?” It seemed that taking a trip down memory lane took a toll on the interrogator as he could barely keep up a scolding mood. Not like he could ever in the past with a lot of Katsuki’s actions.

“You say that like it has something do with you! Now let me go you bastard!” the red eyed boy said, beginning to try and thrash out of the adult’s grip. After knowing Katsuki for 12 years, the dirty mouth wasn’t any surprise either, much to the great dismay to everyone else near him.

Just as the blonde was about to rear his head and the two were about to start their usual charade, they were interrupted by-

“Oi, Bakugo-kun!” another voice from the school path to their side. The two turned to another pair of faces. The two looked fairly ordinary outside of one having long and flat brown hair while other had black hair like Izuku’s, only trimmed at the sides.

“Good thing we stuck around for ya, right?” the brown-haired kid called out with his hand raised and fingers extended beyond normal. Most likely to draw even more attention to himself.

“I’m guessing these are your friends, Kacchan?” Izuku let the grip on his quirk and on Katsuki’s shoulder fade. It makes sense that Kaachan is so popular, he has confidence and an obviously powerful quirk. But the problem is-

“Like hell they are! They’re just a pair of extras that won’t piss off!”

He never seems to care about getting along with other people…

“Hey c’mon Bakugo-kun, and after we waited so long to see you out too.” the black-haired boy mocked a fake injury in his voice like it was some inside joke. Only for the Blonde to keep his scowl aimed at the new arrivals.

“Either way, I guess I could just ask them what happened instead.” Izuku supposed, unintentionally making Katsuki flinch at the thought. The green haired hero turned to meet the approaching students with a calm smile prepared.

“Hey you two! Mind filling me in on what Kacchan did in class that was such a problem?” the nickname caught the two off guard before they realised just who was asking the question.

“Huh? Kacchan? Oh, you’re ‘Deku’ right?” The brown-haired boy snapped his elongated fingers once he realised and replied with his own teasing smirk. “Makes sense he wouldn’t want you to know about it.”

“Really now…” The green-haired adult made a suspecting glance to the blonde to his side who still refused to meet his face. “And why is that?”

“Well he-” the boy would have continued if he didn’t see the piercing, red-eyed glare from Katsuki, knowing that was the calling card for ‘tread very carefully’. As close as they thought they where with Katsuki, they were nowhere near brave enough to try and actually make him made.

Fortunately…and unfortunately, the other student paid it no mind and kept up the story.

“He told that dumbass quirkless kid in our class to take a swan dive off the building if he wanted a quirk!” The black-haired student said out loud, grinding everyone’s thought process to a halt. The kid only realised how bad of an idea this was once Katsuki started gaining momentum towards him with an even harder glare.

“Y-you son of a-” the blonde started charging at his peer with an open hand wound back. Before he had a chance to reach the now terrified boy, he was harshly pulled back through the air back into Izuku’s grip with his hands clamping down on the boy’s shoulders and finally meeting his face.

“YOU SAID WHAT?!” Never mind whatever mood Izuku was in before, he could definitely keep a scolding attitude now. Katsuki said nothing back and just let him continue with his head staring back at the ground in silent anger.

“You realise that if that kid actually went through with that, everyone would know you’re the reason they died, right?!” Izuku wanted to act absolutely disgusted at the boy’s behaviour. But with how much he had changed, Izuku expected that he’d eventually go too far. The worst part about it was that he knew that Katsuki didn't care, he was always stubborn to a fault and would never falter for anybody, even Izuku now.

Even now Katsuki just kept silent, but he felt his teeth grating. He could shake off the scolding from his mother and father like it was nothing, but Izuku always knew how to get to him. Why the hell does he keep on butting into my damn life?!

“Don’t you want to be a hero?!”

That was enough to set off the fuming blonde, and Izuku knew it. The idea was all they ever talked about it when they were kids, so of course that was usually how he got Katsuki to talk.

“I’m still going to be a hero, a stronger hero than you or anyone else here!” the boy’s hands latched onto the emerald-haired boy’s arms. They began to sizzle against the fabric, smoke rising from the contact. Izuku immediately knew he was using his quirk to try and force him back. “So why the fuck do you think I want you constantly bothering me with this shit?!”

“Is it wrong that I want to look after my little br-“

“DON’T FUCKING CALL ME THAT!” Izuku barely had time to process Katsuki’s hands moving before his chest burst with a bright light and sudden heat. The freckled boy was forced to let go of the blonde as he skidded backwards. He wasn’t too surprised by any of this, Katsuki had a bad habit of using his quirk whenever he wanted to emphasise himself.

But that didn’t make having an old friend firing off explosions into his torso any easier to take.

Katsuki shoved his still smoking hands into his pockets and turned away from Izuku, currently cradling his burnt chest. He took a deep breath and glanced back at the taller boy.

“Listen, Deku. In a couple months I’m graduating from this dump and taking the entrance exam for U.A. You graduated from there too, right? So I’ll learn from there too and Surpass you in every way! Maybe then you’ll listen when I tell you I don’t need your help!”

Katsuki strode away, followed by the two students who walked in silence. Until he stopped again to one last time.

“Oh yeah, and tell the old hag I don’t need a goddamn hero to walk me home!”

Izuku looked down at his shirt, singed and tattered. He sighed. How many shirts is that now?

By the time he looked back up, the trio had left the entrance and moved down the street, with Katsuki lighting up even more explosions in front of the black-haired ‘extra’, obviously still pissed about the slip up.

Izuku dusted himself off and turned to leave, it was faster to go the same path as the boys, but he would rather not want to run into them again.

 As he trudged down the road home, he tried to relieve himself with some older memories. After that disaster, all that came up was how he went wrong 10 years ago.


 It all started after Katsuki developed his quirk a little after his 4th birthday. It didn’t help that the expecting blonde wouldn’t stop asking about what it could be after meeting Izuku. Of course the green-haired boy had already started speculating about what kind of quirk he would get since he already had taken notes on his parent’s quirks. whenever the boy visited he would spend all his time playing with the smaller blonde and talking more and more about all the quirks he got to see. 

The green-haired teen and his similarly coloured mother were making their way to the Bakugo household for their weekly meetup. The two awed at how luxurious their home seemed compared to their small apartment, they didn’t get to see it often since it was agreed that Inko would host all of their assemblies. However this time, Mitsuki had aggressively insisted that the mother and son should come visit instead, without any explanation. Needless to say, the two approaching the home definitely felt some dread about what was so important.

Izuku knocked on the front door as his mother looked oddly nervous about entering the household. It seemed that he wasn’t the only one who hated surprises. He turned to her and flashed her a relaxed smile.

“Hey Mom, we’re just visiting our friends. It shouldn’t be any different than usual, right?” That seemed to be enough to convince Inko to regain some confidence as she smiled back to her son.


The green-haired duo snapped back to the door with eyes wide. Inko felt her dread return almost immediately with how many questions she was asking herself. Izuku on other hand was trying to make sense of what that meant.

I-is this why they wanted to hold the meetup at their house? Katsuki’s never done something like that before at ours. Wait, does this mean that he-

The door swung open revealing Mitsuki, still looking exasperated after her usual round of yelling. Once she saw who was at the door, she forced her features into a smile, even if the apparent veins on her forehead gave it away.

“Ah! Izuku, Inko! Come on in!” The two guests moved into the hallway and admired the decorations and fashion littering the inside of the house before the blonde mother suddenly stopped Izuku in his tracks and locked eyes with him, startling him with how forward she was being.

“Now Izuku.” Her gaze had shifted to a serious glare which had the boy’s own dread rising immensely. “I need you to talk some sense into the brat, I know he’ll actually listen if you say it.”

“W-what are you talking about, aunt Mitsuki?”

“You’ll see, just please for the love of god don’t excite him like you usually do.”

Izuku would have asked for more information if she didn’t gesture to the blonde child who just moved into the hallway at the ruckus. The second the two made eye contact, the child bolted towards the teen and latched onto his shorts.


“H-Hey there Kacchan, what’s got you so excited?” Sure Katsuki was always eager and full of energy, but this was on a new level of enthusiasm.

“Look! Look!” the small blonde darted his hands towards Izuku’s face, or at least as close to his face as the child could reach. The teen didn’t know what he was looking for until he looked closer at the palms.

Small bursts of light crackled from his palms like firecrackers. Izuku’s eyes widened at the sight of Katsuki’s quirk manifesting, feeling himself getting swept up in his own excitement.

He wasted no time hoisting Katsuki up, hand glowing a bright green aura as the blonde child floated into the green-haired boy’s grip. He was always too afraid to ever use his quirk on people but after some serious training to prepare for his move to U.A, he started gaining more confidence in his ability, enough to start using it to play games with the younger blonde whenever he visited.

“Katsuki! It finally happened, you have a quirk now!” Izuku raised the ecstatic blonde even higher in his arms as he let off even more explosions, slowly growing stronger with his excitement. Inko cooed at the scene with tiny tears of joy in her eyes while Mitsuki stared at the young pair with Irritation.

“I ask for one thing and you immediately do the opposite…” the blonde mother growled into her hand at the sight in front of her. Even if she was always annoyed at how much Izuku wound up Katsuki, but she was lucky that her close friend’s son was so good with children. Even if he couldn’t punish them for the life of him.

“O-oh! Sorry aunt Mitsuki.” Izuku said sheepishly when he realised how carried away he was getting. He lowered Katsuki to the ground with a red tinted face as he ruffled the child’s blonde hair before turning to the mother again. “By the way, what did you want me to say to Katsuki again?

“The hag won’t let me use my quirk inside like you do!” The son decided to answer instead, snapping everyone’s attention to him with wide eyes. “Tell her how stupid she’s being Izu-nii!”

“WATCH YOUR MOUTH, BRAT!” Mitsuki yelled, taking a step towards the explosion child. He wasted no time darting behind Izuku’s squatting figure and sticking a tongue out towards his mother. As long as the green teen was around, Katsuki knew he would get away with his behaviour.

“Just tell him already, Izuku! I still haven’t gotten the burn marks off of the couch!” That line got a new reaction from the blonde child, mainly betrayal.

“What does she mean Izu-nii? You’re not taking the hag’s side, are you?!” Katsuki started gripping a tugging on Izuku’s shirt to get his attention. The emerald-eyed teen was internally panicking about being forced into today’s family warzone.

Come on, Think! You should know how to defuse situations like this by now!

He wasn’t wrong, a big benefit of being the impromptu big brother of the Bakugo family was that he has the one to pick up the pieces after any fights between the explosive Mitsuki and the now literal exploding Katsuki. With help from the man of the family Masaru, he eventually fit into the role of family therapist.

“W-well…your mother does have a point, Katsuki…” Izuku witnessed the unease creep on the boy’s face. He could feel his own nerves give in under the pressure, before the gears in his heads clicked and he responded with a friendly smile. “I mean, what kind of hero ruins their own house with their quirk?”

“Huh?” The red-eyed child’s grip loosened while the two mothers stared in curiosity, not knowing where he was going with this.

“Yeah, I can already tell how great your quirk is. You’re going to be a strong hero, I know it!”

“Goddammit! Not aga-” Mitsuki knew exactly where Izuku was taking this and how he would react. Instead of trying to get the emerald teen away from the time bomb, she took a step back and left him to his fate.

“REALLY!?” The screaming from the small Katsuki was nothing new. What was new was his hands reputing with smoke right into the teen’s face. Izuku spluttered with shock as he was blinded in an instant.

“S-see?” he paused for a second to cough out the smoke from his mouth and collect the black air in his palm with his attraction quirk, forming misty ball in his hand. “You’re only four and you’re doing stuff like that, you’re a natural!”

Katsuki looked down at his now dirtied hands, he willed them to crackle with small explosions like he did before. A wide smile slowly formed on his face as he watched the popping of lights in his palms. This was his quirk, naturally powerful and praised not by the other kids around him, but by his big brother too.

If Izu-nii thinks I can be a hero, then he must be right! I can be the greatest hero!

“Yeah! I’m gonna be an amazing hero! Just watch me Izu-Nii!” The boy cheered as he raised his fists into the air. “I’ll be just like All Might too! A hero who wins every fight!”

“And doesn’t ruin the furniture?” Izuku asked teasingly as he ruffled the boy’s ash-blonde hair again, not even putting a dent into the child’s determination.

“Hell yeah!”

Inko stopped looked at the adorable bonding scene before her to face her similarly blonde friend. “Are you not going to tell him to watch his language?”

Mitsuki massaged the bridge of her nose at the entire scene that happened while they were still in the fucking hallway. “No, I’ve given up at this point. Can we just go into the lounge please? Just ignore the fuckin’ couch”.


Ever since that day, Kacchan had a powerful quirk which was fawned over by everyone, myself included. I was so happy that I was able to keep my promise to him. We wasted no time giving him the same praise that was given to me.

But that’s not what he needed. He didn’t have the same nervousness as I did, and all that praise went to his head fast.

It didn't take long for his aggressive behaviour to get worse, and over time it started getting out of hand. The praise gave way to a superiority complex, He treated his classmates like extras, he always believed himself to be better than everyone else. I didn’t realise how bad it was until it was too late to fix. Yet even through all that he still called me his big brother, someone he always looked up to. I hoped that it would stay that way, that he would always see me as someone who still cared deeply for him...

“…And yet here we are.” Izuku mumbled to himself as he followed the long path home, the same old apartment he grew up. Inko had always insisted for him to stay with her since his agency was close by, and it wasn’t like Izuku was bringing in the money to support a big lifestyle.

The off-duty hero sighed and rubbed his eyes as he passed under a bridge and into the shadows. Maybe it was because of his exhaustion and his nightmare of a day that he failed to hear the manhole behind him rattle and shudder. A sickly green muck leaked from under the lid before erupting and sending the cover crashing into the bridge above.

That certainly got Izuku’s attention, but as he turned to the sound the sludge lunged from the hole directly at his face, missing his eyes and ears and instead aiming for his mouth. He was taken back at how viscous the liquid was, it was impossible to grip or even take a breath with it covering his mouth and nose. The waste kept piling onto itself and enveloped more and more of Izuku’s body, eventually trapping is entire body in a writhing body of slude which his covered face out.

“Wow, I really got lucky!” a gruff voice came from inside of the liquid. Izuku looked in horror as a set of teeth and large eyes formed from the globule he was trapped in and met his gaze from the side. “I rob a bank, get away from that bastard All Might no problem, and I find this plain looking disguise right after! This is the best day of my life!”

Izuku stopped focusing on the villain’s monologue as he felt the waste on his face force itself against his shut lips and into his nostrils, making him feel lightheaded from not only the lack of oxygen but the pungent smell surrounding him.

“Don’t worry buddy, I’m just going to take your body. This’ll only hurt for about 45 seconds, then it’ll be all over.” The sludge villain whispered in his ear, increasing the pressure against his lips trying to force his way inside.

In a stroke of brilliance, Izuku finally remembered he had a quirk perfect for this situation, deciding to scold himself for taking so long to realise that later. The green haired hero cleared his mind, closed his eyes and threw his head back into his capturer’s body, submerging himself into the centre of the mass and startling the sentient liquid.

“Woah, you’re going ahead with it? Damn, you must be having a really bad day man. Ah well, glad to help!” The blob of waste cackled as he quickly regained his confidence and just accepted what was happening, especially when he had this much of a lucky streak.

Before the villain could apply all his pressure at once, the captive’s entire body started illuminating the body with a glow of emerald green. The walls of sludge began to swirl and compact into the body as the light began to encompass more and more of the attacker’s form. Eventually the light combined with the murky body lit up the underbelly of the bridge with a grassy green tint.

“Wh-what the hell?!” The body of mire tried to pull itself away but kept getting compressed more and more into itself, reduced to only a quarter of its size. The green glow suddenly started to intensify as the liquid trap started to shake under its own pressure.


The body erupted from Izuku and split into globules, splashing against the bridge above and the walls to the side. The freed hero gasped for air as he fell to his knees and massaged his throat. He knew that a move like that would just buy him time to breathe and reposition, apparently not that much time either since the villain was already halfway done reforming with a spiteful glare.

“Alright you bastard, I don’t have to play games! I need to hide before he finds me, now get over here!” The sludge villain lunged at the young adult again, only to freeze in terror when he heard a crash and a massive silhouette appeared outside of the shadow casted by the bridge.

“DO NOT WORRY, YOUNG ONE!” Izuku stopped immediately as well after hearing the familiar booming voice echo down the path.


“Is t-that-?”

the young adult twisted his waist and head to behind himself to find the same view as the villain.


The two were greeted with a towering form of muscle with golden hair combed down apart from the two lengths in the front spelling out a V shape, sporting a tight white shirt and loose cargo pants and clutching a shopping bag in one hand. All of these features paled when compared to his ever-present heroic smile. Izuku immediatley recognised the man as the symbol of peace, the number one hero known as-

“ALL MIGHT?!” The two under the bridge shouted, one in awe and one in pure terror.


Izuku immediately made a leap to the side once he saw the giant take a step forward and pull his fist back. The villain only realised how amazing of an idea that was after the punch started to fly towards him.


All Might threw his fist forward and sent a wave of overwhelming air into the underway and bursting the sludge villain like a balloon full of wet confetti, painting the bridge with sickly green splotches.

Despite dodging the air current and standing to the side of the hero, Izuku still felt his legs give way as he gazed in awe at the number one hero finishing the struggle in seconds.

“A…A-All Might…” The green-haired hero stumbled onto his backside from sheer intimidation. The daunting hero in question shifted from his stance and moved an open hand to help him.

“Good to see you are okay, young one!” All Might’s booming voice didn’t make it any easier for Izuku to regain composure. It’s All Might. The symbol of peace, the number one hero. What is he doing here? I don’t remember hearing about him working around him. Did he know I was in danger and flew all the way here to save me? No, the villain mentioned he was hiding from him before while I was being attacked, but that…

“Uh, excuse me.” Izuku was knocked out of his mumbling by the golden blonde hero standing before him with a more human tone, snapping his fingers to grab his attention. “Is everything ok? That villain didn’t injure you, did he?”

The fallen adult rose to his feet almost immediately, obviously not wanting to ruin first impressions with the symbol of peace.

“O-oh! D-don’t worry about me All Might! I just wasn’t expecting you to show up here.” He put on a nervous smile as his entire body trembled in his presence, but on the inside, he was grimacing about how his tongue slipped yet again. It took two whole years for Izuku to finally supress his urge to mumble his thoughts out loud. But he discovered the hard way that it was too late, and that even the best therapist in the world couldn’t keep it down forever. It only came up rarely now, but it didn’t make it any less embarrassing.

“That is great to hear!” The booming voice returned again, his free hand coming up for a trademark thumbs up before diving into his plastic bag and rummaging for something hidden. “I don’t want to think about what he would have done had I not turned up sooner.”

I mean I think I would have been fine, but I guess it’s nice that the number one hero is looking out for everyone. Wait, do I just look like a civilian to him?

All Might pulled his hand out of the bag along with two bottles of cherry soda caught between his fingers. “You can imagine how slippery this villain is to capture, so I’ll just use these to bring him in!”

Izuku saw his chance to make up for his stumble while the golden blonde was busy emptying the plastic bottles into the open manhole and took action. He turned back towards the globules of living sludge on the ground, now regaining consciousness and beginning to reform.

“Let me help you with that then, All Might!” Izuku stuck his hands out towards the writing mass and activated his quirk.

“Huh? Don’t worry young one, there is no need for you to-” All Might turned his attention back to the young adult to his side to see his palms glowing emerald green and the villainous liquid floating towards them, eventually stopping and forming a writhing, sickly green ball in his hands.

“It’s okay, I just want to pay you back for the save back there.” Without even looking back, he aimed his free hand back to the muscular blonde and pulled the empty bottles from his loose grip.

“Whoa, that is some impressive quirk usage, my boy! What is it?” The adult in question was busy shoving the now resisting villain into the bottles before hearing the praise and blushing somewhat. It’s not every day that the number one hero himself tells you that you have a strong quirk, but with how Izuku’s day was turning out, he was not complaining at all.

“My quirk? It’s just attracting and repelling things, but I’ve been training with it my entire life.” The green haired adult responded with a cheerful smile. I’m having a conversation with freaking ALL MIGHT! And he’s praising my quirk! Maybe my day is starting to look up-

“That’s wonderful young one! I’m sure if you keep that up, you can be an amazing hero!”

Izuku’s heart snapped in two, as if All Might just threw another Texas smash right into his chest. His eyes turned dead as his head slowly tilted downwards like he just shut off.


“Young one? Are you okay?!” All might franticly waved his hand in front of his catatonic emerald eyes to try and knock him out of his state again. I’m not sure what I did wrong. That line is usually enough to get people into high spirits, so why not this time?

“I’m…already a licensed…hero…” Izuku muttered softy, only just recoiling from his sundered spirit. The muscular hero in front of him felt his smile droop only slightly once he realised how much that must have hurt to hear.

“Oh! My goodness! I am so sorry, mister…uh…” Shit! I didn’t even ask for his name!


“Deku! A great hero name indeed!” All Might cheered with his voice booming albeit shaky, trying his best to salvage this train wreck of a conversation. He was able to see the boy’s mouth slowly curve back into a weak smile.

“Thank you, All Might. I guess today just really isn’t my day…or my week.” Izuku responded weakly as he rubbed the back of his neck. “But I’m sure it’ll pass, right?”

“Absolutely!” the muscular blonde bellowed, shoving the villain’s plastic prison loosely into his pockets and giving the green haired hero a thumbs up. “As a hero, you are tasked with the protection of the civilians around you! Don’t let one bad week get you down when so many people are counting on you!”

Izuku felt the fire in his heart light up again after hearing those inspiring words, even if he could have sworn he heard the number one hero say them before on TV.

“Right! Thank you All Might!” Izuku raised a fist high in triumph, ready to get back to work before a lightbulb went off in his head.

Wait, All Might is the most popular hero in the world, THE number one hero. He had to start somewhere, maybe he knows the secret.

“U-um actually…there was something I wanted to ask yo-”

“Well, if this is all taken care of, I shall take my leave!” All Might turned on his heel and walked out from under the bridge’s shadow.

“H-huh?! W-wait, hold on!” Izuku tried to spark up a conversation with the towering hero, but he was already crouching down and preparing to launch off the ground.

“Be sure to do your best Deku!” All Might shot from the ground with a shockwave of air pushing the green haired hero back. It only took two seconds for him to reach the same height as the buildings


All Might was soon soaring above the buildings and skyscrapers, occasionally landing just to pick up his speed. It was oddly therapeutic like this, flying around where not many could reach.

“That was close, I’m not sure how much time I have left.” The flying blonde mumbled to himself, wiping a small drop of blood from his mouth. “It’s a shame I couldn’t answer that boy’s question, but I can’t risk him seeing me like that. At least he won’t be able to follow m-”

“All Might! Wait a second!”

All Might Snapped is head towards the familiar voice, he twisted his body to face behind him before freezing at the mop of green hair struggling to follow him.

“Deku?! You followed me?!” All might quickly readjusted himself forward to land on a building before him to talk to the pursuer. He coughed into his hand to see a small stain of blood in his palm. S-shit.

“I’m sorry!” Izuku took a heavy breath and wiped off the sweat off his head, there was no way he was capable of matching All Might’s top speed, but dammit if he wasn’t going to try. “I just really need to ask you for something!”

The two off duty heroes landed atop one of the building’s below, All Might landing gracefully on his feet while Izuku stumbled upon making contact and fell to his knees, sucking in air to avoid fatigue.

“Now Deku, I appreciate the admiration of my fans, but be careful how you show it.” All Might’s normally loud voice was sterner, but it still had its heroic tone. “I am sorry, but I really must get going.”

“Wait…I…I Just…” Izuku’s vision was blurred as he hurried to pick himself off the ground and speak to the massive figure moving to leap away again.

“I just know you’ll be a super strong hero, Izu-nii!” the green haired hero heard a different blonde’s voice echo in his head, one of many faces that had helped him reach this point.

“what kind of aunt would I be if didn’t believe in you, idiot?!” spoke A similar looking woman who never failed to make him smile.

“I’ll root for you all the way, my baby Izuku!” Came from a memory of his green haired mother, who never stopped believing.

“I just need to know how to be popular!” Izuku yelled at the fleeting figure with his head aimed at the ground. That was enough to stop All Might in his tracks before he could prepare to fly away.

“What? What do yo-” All might turned his head tried to find reason in what he said, only hunch over in a bloody coughing fit, steam starting to emanate from his skin. Shit! No no no no…

“I lied about what I said before.” Izuku still had his head looking down with a fist by his heart. “It isn’t just a bad week, honestly it’s a bad year!”

“I’ve tried my best to keep a smile on my face, but it’s been getting harder and harder. Every time I get close to making it big, my chance gets ruined.” The lamenting hero paid no attention to the ball of steam swirling in front of him as he stared at his feet. “And we both know that without the exposure, heroes get swept under the rug and go bankrupt. So I figured, if anyone would know how to become popular and make people happy, it would be youuuuuuu-.”

Once Izuku finally looked up just as the steam was dispersing and was met with an entirely new figure where All Might was standing. He was skinny with sharper angles on his body and a much thinner neck, like there was barely any muscle or fat on him. The smile and hidden blue eyes were replace with a flat face and sunken eyes. This man had the same golden hair, but it was messy, and the signature V shape had sagged into two long bangs of hair on either side of his face. If you looked at All might and this person, you could see some resemblance. But right now all Izuku could see was-

“AN IMPOSTER?!” Izuku took a few steps back and aimed his open hand forward ready to activate his quirk and retaliate if needed.

“W-wait a second, Deku!” the bony figure waved his hands desperately in his own panic to calm down the off-duty hero in front of him.

Both men lowered their arms as the lanky man exhaled. “It’s still me, Deku. I am All-” he was interrupted by a spout of blood coming from his mouth.

“All Might? But what happened?! Why do you look like this now?!” Izuku had completely forgotten by his exhaustion and his question and focused on just what he had gotten himself into.

“If you’ve already seen me like this, I might as well tell you the whole story.” All might exhaled, wiping the last of the blood on his wrist and facing back to the other hero. Compared to the other All might with his booming and staple heroic voice, this one seemed more dull and tired, almost like he couldn't find a trace of the other form outside of his voice.

“That muscular form you saw before is only temporary, kind of like those people at the pool who suck in their gut to look buff.” The skinny hero muttered sat himself against the guard rails. “I used to be able to keep that form for much longer…until I got this.”

All might gripped the side of his now loose shirt and hoisted it up so Izuku could see underneath. Izuku’s jaw dropped at sight in front of him. A massive scar encompassing the left side of his abdomen. Just looking at it made him feel pain.

“I got this scar five years ago from a villain.” The green-haired hero could tell that bringing up these memories wasn’t easy for the hero. “After that ordeal, I can only keep my transformation up for three hours a day.”

“So that’s why you were in such a hurry to leave.” Izuku’s voice was quiet and sincere, he could never imagine how hard that could be for him to admit. “If this happened five years ago, did you get it from Toxic Chainsaw? I heard about how you did get injured from him, but not this much.”

“No, I asked for the fight to not be made public.” All might let go of his shirt and let it cover the heavy wound again. “The symbol of peace cannot be allowed to be shown as weak in the eyes of the public. You understand as a hero yourself, right Deku?”

Izuku gave a stern nod as the skinny man stood up and made his way over to him, not towering over the other hero as much as before. “But I must say something. You asked me what I did to become popular, is that the only reason you became a hero?”

“O-of course not!” the freckled hero took a step forward to defend himself, but he did understand what it sounded like when he asked. “Honestly, I wanted to be like you.”

“Oh? Why is that?”

“Yeah, I want to be a hero who saves people with a smile. Someone who can tell someone who’s scared that everything will be okay.” As Izuku spoke his mind, he could feel his smile get bigger and bigger. “And a lot of people have helped me get to this point, I don’t want to let them down after everything they have done for me.”

All Might’s flat mouth shifted into a sharp smirk as Izuku went on. It was refreshing to hear a younger soul talking about an honest goal, what with so many heroes seeing the fame and fortune as a big opportunity.

“Well, Deku, I’m glad to hear that, but I’m afraid I can’t exactly help you.” Izuku’s smile drooped down to confusion. “A hero’s popularity is linked to their success, along with how much they stand out in the world. So my advice is to continue with your hero work and do your best. I am sorry that I can’t be more help to you.

 “No it’s alright All Might, I do appreciate the insight.” Izuku put on a weak smile. I guess even the number one hero has no idea how he does it. I guess it’s back to square one.

“Very well then Deku. I trust you won’t bring up my secret with anyone else.” All Might made his way towards the rooftop exit. “And best of luck to you, I hope everything works out.”

Izuku waved him off as the door closed behind the skinny figure. He sighed and dropped his smile. Without his attention drawn to a villain or a shapeshifting hero, he picked up on a horrible scent flooding his nostrils. He moved a part of his burnt shirt to his face and sniffed, almost immediately gagging. I really need to get home…and burn these clothes!

As All Might made his way down the stairway, he reflected on the conversation the two heroes had. A strong quirk and an compassionate mindset, I wonder how capable he could be if he-

He shook his head, it wasn’t time to think about something like that. He barely knew anything about the young adult, he couldn’t afford to act on a whim about that. Besides, what was important right now was getting to the police department and taking care of this villain.

He put a hand to his pocket to remind him what he was on route to do, only to be greeted with fabric and air. His head shot down to his suddenly empty pockets in a panic.

“S-shit, the villain!” All might rummaged through every one of his pockets twice over to check, but the plastic bottles where nowhere to be found. “It must have happened in the air, when I shifted mid-air to look around!” The blonde hero rushed down the steps.

Who knows where he could be now!


Katsuki was making his way down a dirty alleyway, followed by the same black and brown-haired students from before and drinking from a can of soda. They had spent their energy at the arcade and were making their way home through a shortcut.

“Hey Bakugo-kun.” The brown-haired boy finally piped up. After the showcase back at the school, he had stayed almost silent, not wanting to piss off Katsuki any more than he already is. “I was just thinking, what is your deal with that Deku guy anyway?”

Katsuki stood in place and gave the boy a dead eyed glare over his shoulder. “Eh? What was that, extra?”

“W-well, it’s just that whenever you bring him up, you’re defending him. But whenever you actually talk to the guy you act like you hate his guts.”

The red-eyed blonde blew up the can in his hands to shut him up again, deciding he didn’t like where that thought process was leading.

“He’s got a point you know.” The black-haired boy said, being even more of a pain in the ass than usual, looking up from his phone. “Plus, I looked him up online, and he hasn’t got a single article to his name. Why defend a hero when he doesn’t do a damn thing?”

“Shut the fuck up, you shitheads!” Katsuki twisted round and fired off a greater explosion, lighting up the alleyway. “I don’t need some dumbass journalist to tell me that Deku’s a good hero! And I don’t have to kiss his ass every day to know he’s strong!”

 So why the fuck won’t he act like it?!

Katsuki kicked the soda bottle in front of him into the side of a dumpster, watching the bottle burst and the dark green liquid inside leak out. The three students heard a voice muffled like the person was speaking through water.

“Well how about that. Not as plain looking but at least your quirk’s way stronger. I guess my luck hasn’t run out yet!”

The pooling liquid dove at the blonde in front and snared his legs in sludge before quickly shifting up his body. The boy turned his head to look for help but only saw the figures of two boys running for their life.

The living liquid didn’t stop moving, eventually reaching the blonde’s mouth and forcing his way in. Katsuki in his panic to free himself started firing off explosions to try and peel off the villain.

“Don’t bother fighting! There’s no way I’m losing a second catch!” the sludge villain cackled in his ears. “So just breathe deep!”


Izuku trudged his way down the street, feeling his eyes droop slightly as he made his way home yet again. All of twists and turns of today after work were starting to take their toll on him. There’s only so many surprises I can take in one day. What’s next? Another villain attack?

He continued forward before hearing something further up the road.  It sounded like muffled thunder coming from one of the alleyways. Izuku rushed over, a gut feeling of dread starting to take over. He heard that booming noise before many times in the past, so hearing it now could only mean one thing.

Once he reached the alleyway, he was greeted with a crowd of civilians being held back by the familiar face of death arms. The area between the buildings was drenched with smoke and fire. Izuku noticed the other heroes he had met before, Kamui woods was there pulling men and women to safety while Backdraft was trying and failing to contain the blaze.

Izuku shook the shoulder of the man in front. “What the hell is happening here?!”

The man shakenly turned his head to the green haired adult behind. “A man made out of liquid came out of nowhere and attacked that boy there.” He pointed over his shoulder as the smoke started to dissipate for a second.

Izuku stared at the sight in past the crowd and heroes to see two familiar figures surrounded by fire. Katsuki’s red eyes and blonde hair stuck out of the living sludge as his mouth and everything below was submerged into its body. Izuku could see the rage in his eyes just try to rip himself free.

“That kid’s been struggling for about a minute now, and the heroes can’t get close because of the explosions.” The man explained, his voice unsteady. “So all we can do is wait for a hero who is better suited for the situation.”

“But wait, wasn’t that the villain that All Might was chasing.” A woman to the side of the two piped into the talk, her own voice uneasy and filled with fear. “So where is he now?”

The crowd became more enveloped in that question. Where was All might? Why isn’t he saving that boy? Izuku was the only one with the answer. All Might’s already reached his limit, there’s no way he can fix this.

Izuku took a step back from the crowd and looked back over to the villain attack and Katsuki firing off even more explosions to free himself, but with no success. That villain…he’s the one that All Might captured, he must have escaped when I followed him…

He clenched his fists as his form drooped closer to ground. This…Is all my fault…

He put on a shaky smile as his legs and feet glowed emerald green and wrapped themselves in air over and over again. The man and woman before noticed the sudden light source and looked back to the radiating man. “W-what are you-”


Izuku fired off the ground, soaring above the crowd of people and the three heroes managing the situation. Death arms looked up in shock before noticing the similar face and hair.

“Kid! What are you…wait…Deku?!” The strength hero said in disbelief, getting the attention of Kamui and Backdraft. The off-duty hero landed past them into the fiery squall and started sprinting forward.

The name call didn’t go over Katsuki’s head either, turning his head to the side with what little strength to see the oh so familiar freckles and green hair. His eyes flared up when he saw him charging past the fire towards him. What the fuck is he doing here?!

“Not you again, dammit!” The sludge villain screamed, extending a tendril out of its form to knock the sprinter back. The attack contacted his glowing right arm but was burst into puddles with a release of compressed air.

Izuku crouched down and picked up a piece of rubble from the ground with his glowing left hand, pointing it at the villain’s massive eyes. He fired the debris from his palm and hit the target dead on, etching a painful screech from the liquid opponent and forcing him to loosen his grip.

Katsuki ripped his head out of the weakened sludge and gasped for breath, coughing up some of the fluid stuck in his throat. He felt a force pulling him out of the villain’s grip before being torn out and moving quickly into Izuku’s arms.

“Deku?! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” The saved blonde yelled as he pushed himself back onto his feet and stared back at the young adult, being greeted by a much stronger look from before.

“You looked like you needed a hero.” There was no distress in his voice, just a determined smile and courageous tone. Katsuki watched eyes wide at that line as the hero looked back over to the enraged attacker. The hero crouched down again as his legs regained their light green shine.

Izuku charged forward before leaping again, positioning himself above the sludge villain with an open palm wound back and his forearm swirling with shining green. The villain looked on in terror as an light emerald sphere the size of a bowling ball formed in the hero’s hand, swirling with compressed air and drawing closer and closer to his head.

Izuku shoved his forearm and the ball of air into the body of sludge, causing the villain to glow a lighter colour of green before starting to bubble like he did under the bridge. The villains eyes went wide as he knew exactly what was going to follow.


The pile of sludge expanded and burst into pieces almost instantly, spraying its goop across the entire alleyway. The sickly green fragments landed against the ground and snuffing out the fires with a sizzle. Once the blaze had cleared, Izuku willed his hands to glow again and drew the unconscious villain into his open palms. the area lost it's orange light as the attack ended within the minute.

The crowd of civilians and the heroes on duty stared in silence once the smoke had faded. Kamui and Backdraft stared wide-eyed at the familiar face of Deku looking back at the gathering, holding a writhing ball of sludge that used to be a horrifying villain that held a boy hostage. Izuku himself didn't realise what he had just acomplished until he had faced back and was met with open mouths and complete calm.

The silence was broken by deafening cheers echoing through the alleyway, startling the off-duty hero and almost making him drop the captured villain. Izuku was quickly surrounded on all sides by familiar and unfamiliar heroes.

“Great work Deku!” Kamui hailed on. “Thank goodness you were close by to help.”

“I’ll admit kid, that was pretty crazy, but I’m glad you came by when you did.” Death arms crossed his arms with a small smile on his face.

The praise from all sides twisted the green haired hero’s anxious face into a genuine grin. He let himself finally soak in a successful villain capture as he was almost moved to tears. This was his doing, and there wasn’t any giant woman or flashy hero to take the credit away from him.

With all the noise and people surrounding him, he didn’t even notice the skeletal figure further behind the crowd, with a look of distraught on his face. He could have done something, anything there, but he didn’t. But seeing the wide smile on young Deku’s face eased his pain slightly. It felt nice to see the pained hero finally get what he was searching for

If Izuku had even looked down, he would have seen Katsuki in his own crisis. His eyes fixed to the ground and shaking with rage. Even after everything, with his strong quirk and fiery determination, He still needed to help. He felt weakness, hatred, and most of all, frustration.

He’s still fucking mocking me.

Chapter Text

Izuku strode down the road in silence beside the younger Katsuki, his head hung down and staring straight at the ground. The blonde had been like this ever since the commotion died down in the alleyway, even when the heroes surrounded him and praised his endurance and quirk while the green-haired hero was assisting the police with putting away the captured sludge villain into the van, he stayed completely silent.

With the two making their way to the younger boy’s house as the sun was setting with an orange glow, all Izuku could think of was getting home and ending todays rollercoaster on a high note. But he decided to walk Katsuki home first, not just because he wanted to make sure he made it back safe, but because there was something off about the boy that seemed to itch at the young adult.

It only got more suspicious when Katsuki didn’t even bother to fight back at the idea, he just got up and made his way back with the young adult by his side in silence. Izuku wanted to speak up and get to the bottom of this but he knew that would end with even more awkward silence or an explosion to the face.

Izuku spent so much time pondering that he didn’t realise that the two had already made it to the Bakugo residence, the same big and fancy home it had always been compared his own. There were plenty of memories of his younger self inside taking care of a much younger Katsuki.

Izuku stood behind the blonde boy, waiting for him to open the door with his key. But instead he just stared down at the doorstep and refused to move from his spot.

“Aren’t you going to go-”

“I’m not going to thank you.” Katsuki finally said, his head rearing up and looking in front.


“I SAID I’M NOT GOING TO THANK YOU, YOU DUMBASS!” The blonde yelled, his head snapping back at the man and startling him slightly. This was the kind of attitude Izuku was expecting, but why did it take so long for it to come out?

“I DIDN’T ASK FOR YOUR HELP! STOP FUCKING LOOKING DOWN AT ME!” Katsuki’s screaming fit was no different from any other day, hell, even the one earlier today. But that last line struck Izuku as having much more weight than anything else he was saying.

Looking down? when was I-

“I know that tone.” The two boys looked back to the opened door to see another explosion of blonde hair and pair of red eyes, belonging to the boy’s mother Mitsuki. “I figured after being attacked by a villain you would actually calm the fuck down.”

“OH SHUT UP YOU OLD HA-” Katsuki took a step forward only to be greeted with an overhead slap from his mother, forcing him to look down at the ground again.

“Do you think that’s an okay way to speak to your mother?!” Mitsuki yelled back. The blonde boy shot up again to face her, looking no angrier than before.

“STOP FUCKING HITTING ME!” Katsuki shouted again before being slapped down once again by the mother.

Izuku sweatdropped at the scene. Katsuki’s bad attitude with his mother was always there from the start, but after his quirk developed it all went downhill from there. It seemed like the only thing holding the two together were Masaru and Izuku trying their hardest to patch things up. It didn’t help that Katsuki had stopped listening to him a couple years later, allowing the pair to lunge at eachothers throats ever since.

“Now go take a shower! You smell like shit!” Mitsuki latched her hand onto her son’s shoulder and nearly threw him into the hallway. He didn’t lose any momentum as he rushed his way up the stairs and out of the adults’ view.

The mother sighed and turned her head back to Izuku, retaining her irritated expression. “And you…”

“Y-yes, Aunt Mitsuki?” Izuku was sweating bullets at her delivery. He figured she was going to give her hell for what happened back at the alleyway. Even with how much the two of them bickered and shouted at each other, she was still Katsuki’s mother who raised and cared for him. There was no question that he was in for a serious scolding...

“Why the fuck do you look so down?!”


...Or maybe not. Mitsuki latched her arm onto Izuku’s shoulder and pulled him into a side hug with a wide smile on her face. After knowing Izuku since he was a child, she knew that the only way to actually get anything past his thick skull was to stop him from freaking out first.

“You just bagged your first big catch and yet you look like Inko just had a heart attack right in front of you! Liven up a little!” Mitsuki loudly comforted with a wide grin on her face. It may have been an extreme statement but to Mitsuki and Masaru, the Midoriya residence were just as much a part of the family as Katsuki, maybe even more since he’s currently being a pain in the ass.

Izuku relaxed at the blonde woman’s 'supportive' words, a small smile forming as she went on. As loud as Mitsuki was, he knew this was just how she spoke, and while it terrified him at first when he was still a child, it quickly became part of his everyday life from then on.

“Ah, I’m fine. it’s just been a crazy day.” The green haired adult slowly pulled away from the woman’s embrace and face her head on. “I’ve had my ups and downs today and I’m not sure how to feel about it…”


“Plus, even though you asked me to bring him home for you, Kacchan still got attacked by a villain because I couldn’t take control and let him walk on his own…”

“Izuku.” The blonde woman realised too late that he was moving into one of his mumbling sessions. But she paid it no mind and let him continue speaking.

“Seriously, what kind of-”

“IZUKU!” Mitsuki decided it was time to shut him up as he gripped his ear tightly and pulling back towards herself.


“Don’t say that dammit! The second you give up is the second we lose any chance of getting through to that damn brat!” The mother leg go of the green-haired man’s ear as he reeled back to soothe the side of his face.

Mitsuki exhaled loudly. “Look, I know he’s a handful, but I know for a FACT that you’ve always been his inspiration. Hell, I’m pretty sure he looks up to you more than he does to fucking All Might.”

“You really think so?” Izuku couldn’t help but feel a little bit flustered that someone was comparing him to the number one hero, even if it was a loose example in this case.

“I know so. Remember, I’m the one taking care of the brat after all.”

The smile on Izuku’s face returned slowly, becoming stronger than it was before as he felt a lot of his unease from today start to lift off his shoulders. It made sense that after taking care of a child like Katsuki for so long, you start to develop ways to deal with emotional time bombs. 

“Thanks Aunt Mitsuki. I guess I just need to rest and get a good start on tomorrow, I have a feeling things are going to go up from here.”

Seeing that her work was done, Mitsuki gave here farewells to Izuku and turned back to her house to prepare for the other time bomb inside. Izuku meanwhile made his way back home, the day’s exhaustion starting to pick at him more and more.

It made sense with how much happened, an uneventful patrol followed by a bitter introduction to a debuting hero. That wasn’t even including finding out about one of the biggest hidden secrets about the symbol of peace and eventually finding his spotlight in saving his little brother from a villain he already met.

But all of that seemed to fall at the back at his mind as he felt himself become more preoccupied with one phrase, which still didn’t seem to sit well in his brain.


That line that Katsuki said earlier kept ringing in his head, but it never seemed to click into place. The phrase stayed there until Izuku finally made it home and dropping onto his bed like a brick, finally getting the chance to ease himself after such an eventful day.


In all honesty, the next day almost completely separated from yesterday, like the whole thing was swept under the rug. It was still the same ordinary patrol around town with almost no signs of villain activity. It at least made sense since the rumours of All Might being in the city were beginning to spread further. The only big difference was that Izuku was being noticed by the civilians much more than usual, which was almost never to begin with.

Izuku was turning in for the day again, moving out of his hero outfit and into his casual wear. It was the same look but with entirely different clothes after the others had to be trashed because of the horrific smell.

The off-duty hero was hit with a feeling of déjà vu when he saw the same white-haired hero from yesterday, still in his hero outfit comprised of his black pants and his exposed chest showing off his bone plating. He was smiling ear to ear with glee as he approached Izuku with his cracked phone in his hand.

“Honesutsu-kun? What’s made you so excited?” Izuku got his answer as the bone hero shoved his phone forward towards the green-haired hero’s face.

“Check it out buddy! It’s finally starting to happen!” Honesutsu cheered on, raising a fist in celebration on behalf of Izuku who was scanning the news article on the screen.

It only took him two seconds before he felt the veins on his forehead bulge in anger.

‘Debuting hero-’

Honesutsu…” Izuku didn’t bother to hide his anger as he looked back up at the hero who was shivering at the delivery.

“H-hey man, there’s more to it. Look again.” Honesutsu turned his head away to try and avoid the look on Izuku’s face as he went back to the news article to read it in detail.

‘Debuting hero makes big splash against sludge villain, effortlessly cleans up mess in one fell swoop.’

Much to Honesutu’s ease, the rage on Izuku’s face was slowly gave way to wonder and glee with how much the article was singing his praises. Even though this happened with almost any new hero, this was the kind of headline he waited who knows how long for. Even the picture attached of the hero smiling with the villain trapped between his hands started to rile him up with exhilaration.

“I-I don’t know what to say, I’m finally starting to get my name out there, It’s finally happening!” Izuku could feel himself rising to the same level of excitement as the white-haired man in front of him, who was still grinning widely at the sight.

“I’ll tell you what to say, this calls for a celebration! How about the three of go out for drinks? You, me and…wait, where’s-”

The question was answered by a burst of purple smoke and an audible poof behind the two heroes who jumped forward in surprise. Izuku turned back to the familiar face and purple hair as Honesutsu stumbled forward trying to catch his phone before it could hit the ground again.

“You called?” Tenmetsu smiled at the two calmly as they recoiled at the sudden entrance out of thin air.

“You really need to cut that out!” Honesutsu called out after he got a proper grip on his phone and looked back at the woman. She simply just responded with a giggle, apparently on her own high from the good news.

“Sorry, but there was some guy looking for Izuku outside the building, so I wanted to let him know.” She said still keeping her cheery tone. Izuku and Honesutsu met the statement with confusion.

“Someone was looking for me? Did they give a name.”

“Nope, they just said that you already know them.” Tenmetsu shrugged her shoulders, becoming just as confused as Izuku since he seemed so lost at the idea.

“O-okay, I’ll see what he wants then. I’ll catch up to you guys in the afternoon.”

“Don’t tell me you’ve already got a fan! It hasn’t even been a full day!” Honesutsu yelled back, making Izuku sweatdrop as he made his way to the exit.

Is he really getting jealous over something like this?

The though didn’t last long once Izuku left the agency entrance and was greeted by blonde hair and a figure that looked like just skin and bones. The symbol of piece in his true form turned back to Izuku who was frozen with shock.

“A-ALL-MI-” Izuku was immediately silenced by the blonde’s bony hand covering his mouth with a surprising amount of strength.

“I said to keep this a secret Deku.” The number one hero spoke quietly but it still had a sense of irritation to it. There was no way he was going to let his well-kept secret exposed just like that. Luckily no one seemed to care about the outburst and just walked idly by. “Don’t you remember back on the rooftop?”

Izuku nodded his head after a second of hesitation to try and get the word across to All-might, eventually getting the idea and moving his hand back to his side.

“But wait, what am I supposed to call you then?” The blonde’s sunken eyes widened in surprise with a small amount of blood spurting out his mouth.

Shit! I didn’t think that far ahead.

“Hmmm. Just call me by my name, Yagi Toshinori.” The man responded with a smile after some thinking. Izuku meanwhile did his own thinking about suddenly knowing the symbol of peace’s actual name, or at least internally freaking out about it.

“O-OF COURSE!” Izuku blurted out, sounding a lot more panicked than he wished. He coughed into his hand to regain his composure and extended his other shakey appendage for a handshake. “S-sorry, Yagi-sama. I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

Toshinori sweatdropped as he shook the hand in return and a line of blood trickling out of his mouth. “Y-you don’t have to add the ‘sama’, Midoriya-san.”


After their eventful meeting Izuku and Toshinori made sure to meet more and more, Izuku didn't understand exactly why but there was no way he was complaining either way. It definitely felt jarring for the green-haired hero to simply be friends with the symbol of peace just like that, especially when he had so many questions to ask first. But after a couple months had passed, he had finally come to terms that he was just as human as any other, albeit a little detached from regular civilian life after the horrible injury and being forced to his limited time.

The easiest way to remedy this was of course to invite the man to the Family group meetings as a friend from work. It started off rocky, with everyone Toshinori included acting a little pensive to the new member. Yet everyone seemed to accept Toshinori fairly quickly, with Izuku’s mother being the first to introduce him into the assembly with a genuine smile. The undercover hero was glad that Izuku realised how to keep a secret without spilling it out on accident after only a few months, figuring it would take much longer. Izuku meanwhile, knowing how quickly he can catch onto something intentionally hidden, was glad for once that Katsuki had vehemently refused to come along to these family visits a long ago.

Thanks to the sludge villain incident, Izuku’s popularity skyrocketed from nearly unknown to respected. Sure it wasn’t much but it was a start to working towards his dream. It did give him some much needed practice with handling fame to begin with after spending so long in the background of other heroes. He could still remember the first time someone had approached him for an autograph and how he had to hold back tears with everything he could.

Currently the pair were walking down the street through town, with Izuku still in his hero outfit on the way back to the agency to change back into his normal clothes. Toshinori in his smaller form meanwhile was still in his loose casual wear with half an hour of his limited time to spare, walking alongside the green-suited hero to acompany him and make idle chatter.

The two were taken out of their conversation by the sounds of screams coming from down the road. The pair rushed down to see what the source was to find a convenience store crowded with people. Izuku checked out the situation while Toshinori slinked into the alleyways to prepare for his entrance.

Upon closer inspection Izuku discovered that the scene was a public hostage situation. A large scruffy man was holding a girl in his arm with a gun to her head. From behind the crowd Izuku could see there were about two bloody but still breathing bodies past the shattered automatic doors. He was sweating heavily and was clearly panicking in front of the crowd, it was clear he didn’t plan this far ahead while the child in his grasp was loudly crying and thrashing to get free.

Once Izuku and the much larger form of All-Might jumped into the scene in front of the crowd the villain surrendered without fail, there was no way he was going to tangle with the number one hero and company. It seems that even just the entrance of All-might was enough for people as the crowd immediately started to cheer for the man and brought out their phones to record the occasion. But while she did stop crying, the girl just looked at the ground and gripped onto her skirt while her mother slinked from the front of the group and was at her side comforting her.

“Is everything okay young one?” All-Might’s low and considering voice knocked the mother and daughter out of her trance as she looked up at the towering hero in front of her. She could see the green-haired hero behind him conversing with the police and helping with moving the villain into the police car.

“O-oh, All-might. It's just...can I ask something?” the girl asked as she hung her head down again and Izuku approached from behind the blonde hero.

“Of course! Go ahead!” All-might’s smile stayed wide with a thumbs up in an attempt to ease their worries.

“Okay…” The girl walked forward out of her mother’s reach and looked up to the heroic duo again. “Can I be a hero?”

The two heroes were visibly confused at her statement. With how many heroes that were already in the world, why couldn’t she be one of them when she grows up? “I’m not sure I follow your question young one.”

“Sorry, she’s asking because of the news.” The mother stood up to meet their faces. “She’s turning five soon, so we took her to see the doctor and find out what her quirk was going to be, but we were told…”

Izuku could see the hesitation on both the mother and the daughter. It was clearly a painful thing to talk about and he had a bad feeling about what she was going to say.

“…She is going to be quirkless.”

All-Might swallowed silently as he saw tears start to appear in the girl’s eyes again. The mother looked down at the ground in guilt.

“All I’ve ever wanted to be is a strong hero, just like you! Can I still be one even if I don’t have a quirk?” The girl’s voice was getting shakier as tears started to run down her face.

All-might’s silent face still retained its signature smile, it gave the him the look that he was preparing a big speech to save this situation. But behind that mask he was starting to crumble under the pressure. Especially since the crowd of civilians caught wind of the conversation and were recording it to post onto the internet. The problem was, there was only one answer the number one hero could give.

And it was the one that would break her heart.

Just as the sweat on the blonde’s head started to gather and his smile started to wane, he felt a hand land on his shoulder. He turned to see Izuku brandishing a small but comforting smile. Once All-might acknowledged he was there the green suited hero moved past him towards the child.

“Deku? What are you-” Izuku kneeled down in front of the child and took a deep breath. After being in contact with a problem child like Katsuki for so long, it would make sense that Izuku would learn how to deal with emotional moments like this just as well as Mitsuki could. Or at least that was his hope otherwise he may not be able to pull this off. He felt a burst of self-confidence rush through him as he prepared to speak.

“I’m sorry kid…” The hero spoke confidently and somehow looked past the sudden flinch from All-might, the child and the mother once he uttered those words. The girl’s tears started to ride down her face yet again.

The towering blonde was frozen in place just trying to figure out what Izuku was doing. He had to have known that pulling a cold move like this in front of everyone could have a major impact on his rising popularity, enough to bring it all crashing down. Nevertheless, he kept talking.

“…But you can’t dress up in spandex and punch villains in the face.” He said, still keeping his serious face on. He could have sworn that he heard a few people snicker at that line, which was the intention.

“Wh-wha?” The daughter’s tears stopped for a second as she tried to process what that was supposed to mean.

“Oh, I’m sorry. You said you wanted to be a hero, so I figured that was the reason.” Izuku faked an apologetic look to calm the girl down and gave her ample time to speak her mind.

“N-no. I want to be a hero to rescue people from villains and danger, but-.”

“But why do you have to be a hero to do that?”


Izuku exhaled loudly, more to keep up with the act instead of needing to. “See, that’s a problem that I keep seeing now. When someone has a job that is called ‘hero’, you don’t notice the other people everyday that are just as deserving of that title.”

He gestured his hand to the police car and officer who were just locking the criminal into the vehicle but stuck around to see what the hero had planned. “Police officers who, even though they get made fun of by the public, take away the villains to where they can never harm civilians ever again.”

His extended arm lowered and was replaced with his other hand pointing towards the ambulance who where just treating the two injured with bandages and IV fluids. “The nurses, doctors and paramedics who protect and save others in ways heroes can only dream of.”

His free arm moved to the girl’s shoulder as the pointing finger aimed at her face, lips trembling and eyes welling up with tears one again. “Don’t think for a second that just because you don’t have a quirk, you don’t have the power to save someone.”

He finished off his miniature speech with a thumbs up and a confident smile on his face, one that surpassed the drooping and uncertain one All Might had.

“There’s more than one way to be someone’s hero!”

The area turned deathly silent, giving Izuku plenty of time to realise what he was doing and how close the child in from of him was to bawling her eyes out in front of a bunch of cameras. He felt his anxiety overpower the sudden burst of bravado from a couple seconds ago and starting internally panicking himself.

Please work please work please work!

Izuku was brought back to reality by the girl rushing forward and wrapping her small hands around waist and finally crying out loud into his shoulder. Her voice was warbled, and she could barely get her thoughts across.

“Th-aaank yooou!” The girl sobbed. Izuku simply responded by lightly patting her back. The audience behind him continued to be silent before applauding and cheering on the hero.

Meanwhile, no longer the centre of attention, All Might stood dumfounded at the scene, still wearing his signature smile but still taking the entire scenario into account again. It was the second time where Izuku had stepped up where he could not, just like back then with the sludge villain incident. That occasion alongside this one made him realise that the injury he took didn’t just cut down on his hero hours, it cut down on his ability to be anything but a symbol of peace.

At first he felt weak, having someone else pick up the slack that he should be able to manage effortlessly but couldn’t. However the feeling was washed away with an epiphany, one that he was holding onto for some time now but never had the chance to fully ponder. This hero was everything he was looking for. Compassionate, courageous, strong willed, and an impressive quirk substantial control over it. If anyone was up to the task it would be-

“A phone call…IS HERE! A phone call…IS HERE!”

Everyone fell silent at the sudden interruption. Izuku, the mother and daughter, even the crowd of people turned to follow the sound that suspiciously sounded like All Might and was even coming from him too.

The blonde in question slowly dived his hand into his pockets and pulled out his phone as his face slowly turned red. Thankfully everyone by now had turned off their cameras, this was one of the biggest secrets he didn’t want getting out, and that was saying something with what else he was hiding.

He turned off the ringtone and looked at the name on the screen. ‘Nezu’

“Ah, Deku. mind if I leave this to you? I need to take care of this call.” Toshinori looked down at Izuku who was stifling a snicker at the ringtone beside the daughter who didn’t bother to hold back her giggles.

“S-sure, All Might. I’ll catch up with you later.” All might wasted no time after the confirmation to leave the crowd by leaping into the sky to who knows where.

Izuku sweatdropped. Not if you do something like that I guess.


Toshinori eventually landed in an alleyway far enough away from the commotion to focus on the phone call in peace. His body began to shrink and let off steam as he transitioned back into his skinnier true form. He didn’t get many chances to conserve his limited time, so he took every chance he could to change back.

He tapped on the screen and held the phone to his ear. “Sorry for the wait, Principal Nezu. I was just finishing up some hero work.”

A chipper, almost cartoonish voice responded. “No problem, Yagi-kun. I hope you’re not pushing past your limit like you normally do. We’ll need you at your best if you are going to teach here at U.A.”

The blonde’s realisation caused him to splutter a small amount of blood between his teeth. “O-of course not! I’m doing fine here.”

Shit! I forgot the reason I was here in the first place!

“Hmmm. By the sound of it, it seems that you’ve already found a good candidate.” The voice still kept the same tone, but it was obvious there was an added joking manner to it as well that caused Toshinori to shake once again.

“W-well, I may have. But I want to see what your hero course has to offer as well.”

It’s obvious that Midoriya-kun is an ideal choice, but I can’t afford to make a mistake with this, even by the smallest margin. Perhaps more options could help narrow down what I’m looking for.

But until then I want to keep an eye on him to see what else he’s capable of. I wonder…

“Actually, about that. You said there was a role at the academy that you wanted to be filled. I may have an option for you.”

“Oh? Very well then Yagi-kun, tell me more.”


“You want me to teach at U.A?”

Izuku and Toshinori were relaxing on a fridge wedged into a pile of trash, drinks in hand and viewing the vast sea before them. The light of the sun had been replaced by the dim glow of the street lights distant from them.

The two of them, or at least Izuku, had spent a good portion of the day trying to clean up what used to be the Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, now polluted by garbage and transformed into a makeshift junkyard. he had made some progress as Toshinori insisted for him to get to work not only for training, but to teach him that charity is an important part of being a hero.

He was just looking down at the news articles on his phone, surprised at how much his stunt had blown up before Toshinori had dropped the offer out of nowhere.

“Yes. I know it sounds like an odd thing to ask since you are just starting to raise your popularity, but I have a reason for asking you.” The blonde said with a more solemn tone than what Izuku was used to, even with his normally relaxed voice that came with his true form.

“As you already know, I will be teaching the hero course at U.A for a number of reasons. However there is one that takes priority over the others.”

“You mean you’re not doing it for the sake of creating a stronger generation of heroes?” Izuku questioned with honesty and confusion in his voice, making Toshinori unintentionally spit take his drink.

“You make me sound heartless when you put it like that!”


“Anyway, the reason why I’m so adamant on teaching them and having you join me has to do with my quirk.” That line carried an entirely new level of significance that Izuku was taken back by.

“Your quirk? Isn’t it just a power boost type?” After spending a couple of months around both his muscular and true form, that seemed to be the most obvious answer. Yet even that seemed to pring up new questions that he didn't get answers to.

“Yes and no. While it is the source of my strength, the way that I obtain it is in a much different form.” Izuku stayed dead silent as Toshinori continued his speech.

“My quirk’s name is One for All.” He stared at his open hand as if there was something sitting there, but the palm stayed empty as he moved on. “It’s a quirk that is passed down from user to user, stockpiling power with every generation of hero, becoming stronger with each user. Much like passing a torch from one person to another.”

Izuku just stared in astonishment at what Toshinori was saying. He had never even considered a quirk like this existing, mainly because it seemed almost impossible. That one explanation created so many questions for him, but he stayed silent and let him continue.

“It is my duty to find a suitable successor to pass one for all onto and turn them into the next symbol of peace, like my teacher before me.” He clenched his fist for emphasis as Izuku forced himself to take a drink to calm himself down.

“A-alright, but what does this have to do with me teaching at U.A?” Izuku asked after Toshinori had finished his explanation, seemingly the first question that came to his mind.

“The reason for that is because I want you to assist me with finding that successor.” The blonde turned his head just as the man to his side registered what he said and was met with abrupt confusion.

“M-me?! Are you sure?! This is a really important decision to make!”

“It is, which is exactly why I need someone like you to help me. And if those notebooks are anything to go by, you would definitely be in your element.” after knowing Izuku for this long, Toshinori had confidence in his ability, enough to even consider him as the one, but there was still the opportunity at U.A that he needed to see for himself. It could be possible that there could be someone even greater than the hero in question.

“I-I mean…” Izuku felt a little flustered being complimented on his analytical habit which he tried for so long to get rid of, but to no avail. He definitely wasn’t expecting it to come back to him when he showed them to Toshinori a few months ago.

“Either way the choice falls to you.” The skinny blonde finally backed down, getting ahead of himself. He extended his hand out to Izuku, the solemn look on his face returning at full force. “What do you say?”

Izuku stared down at the palm in front of him with gears turning with everything they got in his head. This was clearly a decision bigger than him, maybe even All Might, this wasn’t something that he could just ignore. As daunting as the offer seemed, he was never one to turn down someone who needed him. He could always come back to being a hero once the job was done anyway, and who knows, maybe going back to the familiar academy could benefit him in some way. he took a deep breath and extended his hand out to meet the bony one before him.

“Alright. I’ll do it.” Before the hands could latch to each other, the skinnier arm burst in size, becoming bulky alongside the rest of his body. The once slim limb rushed forward to meet the other in a tight grasp.

“EXCELLENT! I’m sure you won’t regret this decision, Midoriya-kun!” The new booming voice almost made Izuku jump and fall off the trash pile if it wasn’t for the massive hand eclipsing his and holding him still. He didn’t realise that he was chuckling with Toshinori’s bellowing laugh filling the entire beachside. It was obvious stepping into an entirely new world would be scary, it felt just like his first day at U.A. It was kind of ironic that he’s returning back to that place, even if he was going foe an entirely different reason.

At least this time he wasn’t alone.

Chapter Text

Toshinori had set up a meeting the next day for him and Izuku to meet with the principal of U.A Nezu to set their decision in stone. The green-haired hero was still clad in his hero outfit while the principal and blonde in the room opted to wearing a suit and tie for the occasion.

“Thank you for visiting me, Midoriya-san. I’m sure that Yagi-kun has already told you the terms of you working here.” Nezu began the interview with his chipper and polite voice which fit with his actual appearance. Even with three years of the hero course Izuku still couldn’t figure out what he was supposed to be.

He definitely wasn’t human if the tail, white fur and size was anything to go by. But even with that he wasn’t pinned down to looking like a single animal and instead came across as some kind of combination of a dog, a bear and a mouse. To top off all of the already present confusion, this wasn’t a man with a quirk, this was a one in a million case of an animal developing a quirk and blending into human society.

Needless to say seeing the same small figure again sat on a human sized desk and chair made Izuku lose some of his confidence. “W-well no, we figured it would be best to talk it through with you first.”

“That’s no problem! Just allow me to explain what your time here will consist of.” Nezu threw his arms out in a welcoming manner while Izuku just sweatdropped at his concerning amount of enthusiasm.

“Alright, first and foremost you will not be teaching entire lessons on your own, instead you shall be acting as a teaching assistant for Yagi-kun while he teaches the hero course. That way you can provide your assessments not only for the sake of training the students to become heroes but to find the next successor of One for All.”

Izuku nodded along. He was definitely contempt with simply tagging along with Toshinori, mainly because he didn’t believe himself to be an effective teacher in any subject. He held studying sessions with his friends while he was a student but that was the extent of his experience.

“However, there is also another proposal that I wanted to bring up with you, since you are going to have so much time on your hands here.”

“There is?” Izuku tilted his head to the side in confusion. He thought that this was just for helping to find a successor and nothing more. Just what was he going to get dragged into?

“Yes, it’s a role that I have wanted to have filled for some time now.” Nezu leaned forward in his seat and rested himself on his elbows. “And from what I have seen from you, I believe that you can be a very suitable student counsellor.”

“C-counsellor?!” Izuku was taken back by how nonchalantly Nezu had dropped the subject onto him. At this point he wished that Toshinori had discussed this with him to save him the confusion.

“Indeed. I doubt you can choose the right successor just by their strength, they need to demonstrate the suitable mental fortitude to handle such a task. Of course I also expect you to look after their wellbeing as well.”

“B-but what makes you think I am qualified for something like that?!”

“Well for one there’s this.” Nezu spun the laptop beside him around to show the news article from yesterday, with a large picture of the green hero comforting the crying girl from the convenience store. The page along with many other sites that had covered the story had blown up about it, declaring it an act of a hero’s compassion at its finest. Izuku’s mother had practically shoved the news into his face the second it happened so the article itself wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise was the principal using the site as a reference for him.

“S-sure, but that isn’t the only reason you have is it?”

“no, you also have the advantage of already experiencing what the students will have to endure.” Nezu continued, not stopping for Izuku’s protests and bringing him out of his panic. Toshinori silently groaned at the realisation that the mouse…dog was about to move into a lecture and could not be stopped.

“It is important for us to remember that these even if they are training to become the next generation of heroes, these are still children, children who may not be ready for the immense pressure that follows. As their teachers and guardians, it is our duty to protect them and provide them with everything they will need to tackle the hero society head on…”

Toshinori stared forward in fatigue as his old friend continued on with his speech. He had a terrible habit of breaking out into lectures at the drop of a hat, it reminded him somewhat of the rambling sessions that Izuku would end up in. He turned his head to the hero in question whose gaze was fixed on the principal with stars in his eyes, it was clear that no one was going to stop this any time soon.

“…furthermore your first-hand experience of such stress along with your charisma and compassion should make for an exceptional counsellor to ease the fears of our students.”

Nezu finished his speech about a minute later with a much-needed breather as Izuku was given time to ponder his decision. He never expected that just being a teaching assistant for the number one hero would bring with it so many tough decisions, even if that description itself seemed pretty daunting. Izuku brought his head back up with an uneasy smile.

“W-well…If you think I am capable of it, I’ll do my best.” Izuku’s voice slowly become more resolved, like he was hyping himself up for the task. It’s not like he wasn’t unfamiliar with the role, he had some experience with the Bakugo family after all. He just never figured something like that would work its way into an actual job.

“Wonderful! And to prove the trust I have in you, I would like you to accompany our teachers soon. The recommended students will be showing us their mettle, so we could use someone to assist in observing them.” Nezu’s face still adorned with a chipper smile contrasted with Izuku’s rising unease at already being put to work so soon.

Izuku didn’t have much of a chance to respond before Nezu had ended the meeting and sent the two out of the office and leaving the hero without the opportunity to object or add anything. Toshinori followed him out towards the exit as the two continued their talk even if the principal decided to not involve himself.

“Well, that went better than I expected. But are you sure you’re alright with taking on this role?” Toshinori asked the green suited hero as he turned to see Izuku at his side small smile on his face.

“Of course, why would I say no?”

“I mean, you just started to rise in popularity and yet you decided to put that to the side to help me.” Toshinori rubbed the back of his neck, still a little lost as to why Izuku didn’t seem to put up much resistance to following him to U.A.

“Well it’s just that. You needed help, and I don’t plan on letting a friend down.” Izuku responded as his smile only got wider as he turned to face the slightly taller blonde. “And I don’t think I’ll find a reason to regret it either.”

Toshinori’s flat mouth shifted from surprise into a flustered smirk as the two began to lightly chuckle and make their way down the hall. It still felt a little surreal to have a friendship like this one with the number one hero, but it was times like this where he forgot about that fact.

The small moment between the two heroes was broken when the door on the side of the hallway slowly opened before them, giving way for a new hero to enter the hall. The pair turned silent as the new arrival kept their eyes glue to the phone in their hands. Izuku’s jaw dropped and he felt his cheeks shift or a red tint at the figure.

The 18+ Only Hero known as Midnight was infamous ever since her debut for her blatant sex appeal, enough to be considered an icon of pushing boundaries, the skin-tight body suit and black corset she was wearing to show off her various curves and legs was enough of a testament to that. Coupled with her handcuff bracelets, red domino mask and long black hair, it was hard to find a man who didn’t fall head over heels for the woman. But in Izuku’s case he stood there frozen as the woman wandered across his vision.

Midnight closed the door behind her, still staring down the device in her hand. She finally raised her head towards the two males who still stood before her. They both saw the genuine surprise take over her face for a few seconds, before being replaced by a predatory stare and playful smile directed at the green-haired hero.

“All Might, darling. I knew you were happy to be teaching here, but you didn’t have to get me a gift over it.” Midnight said with a sultry tone as she made her way over to the pair with a sway in her hips. Izuku noticed that her path was going to meet with him and attempted to move out only for her to pursue him. He was too focused on the approaching heroine to realise he had his back to the wall.

Toshinori finally decided to speak up to save his new assistant whose face was turning neon red as the heroine trapped him between her and the wall. “U-um, hold on Midnight, I think you have it wrong. This is-“

“Don’t worry, I know who this is.” Midnight stopped her advanced for a second to face the blonde with a smile before turning back to Izuku and licking her lips. “Like I could miss such a cute, youthful snack like this one~.”

Izuku was rooted in panic as he began to babble incoherently and wave his arms frantically in an attempt to free himself without having to actually touch the woman. After being moved into the spotlight a couple months ago he got used to having his hero name brought up in online discussions. It became a guilty pastime to look online to check what kind of impression he was leaving on people. That was when he discovered the other half of that ‘admiration’ focused solely on his features and body. And while Toshinori had assured him that this was just an unfortunate reaction to fame, Izuku prayed that he would never experience it in person.

And yet here he was, on the verge of being felt up by the most notorious deviant in the heroic community.

“Midnight, I apologise but could you please stop harassing my assistant?” Both Izuku and Midnight both turned to the sudden booming voice at their side to find Toshinori replaced with his much larger and muscular form in an attempt to take over the chaotic introduction.

“Huh? Assistant?” Midnight didn’t seem at all fazed by the sudden change in the blonde hero’s size. Instead she found herself surprised by the new information he presented to her.

“Y-y-yeah, that’s r-right!” Izuku finally calmed down enough to actually respond, even if his face was still red and he was stuttering madly. “I-I’m going to be working here from now on.”

“Oh, is that so…” Midnight finally started to back down and give Izuku space to breathe and let the red leave his face. Only for her to bear down on him even closer and bringing the blush back at full force.

“I look forward to seeing you around then, cutie~.” Midnight finished off her attack with the same sultry voice as before and a suggestive wink to drive the point home. She could tell it was well received from her captive’s jaw dropping by Toshinori jetting blood from his mouth in shock.

After getting her fill of teasing, she finally relented and took a couple steps back to admire her handiwork. Izuku had lost the strength in his legs and slid down to the ground against the wall, the red tint on his face taking its time fading away.  Soon after Midnight turned to resume her trek down the hall and left the two heroes to gather themselves.

Toshinori exhaled as his body was overtaken by steam and he shifted back to his true form. He extended his hand to Izuku who was staring blankly at the ceiling but could still react to the offer given to him. Even as he made his way onto his feet he had yet to recover from his introduction with Midnight.

“Still don’t regret anything, Midoriya-kun?” Toshinori chuckled in an attempt to remedy the aftermath just as Izuku started to come to, even if he was still recovering.

Who thought it was a good idea to let her work at a school?!



It had only been a couple of days after that ordeal before Izuku was called back to U.A. In that time he had attempted to cram as much about psychology into his head, he figured he would need as much as he could get since he didn’t have any proper training. Unfortunately all of that studying seemed pointless as the second he made his way into the school his mind went blank, with nothing to show except for a lack of sleep and some small bags under his eyes. Maybe that was the reason he had an odd itching feeling in the back of his mind.

But now wasn’t the time to mourn his horrible loss, instead he had to focus on finding whoever it was he was supposed to be working with. He still remembered his talk with the principal about why he was called in, something to do about helping to test the recommended students with some other teacher. He never got the chance to ask who they even was or even look at the rest of the working body, so he only had one interaction with a certain member to go off of, and it did not look good for him.

Even as he was searching for this person just outside the main area there was a persistent chant in his mind. Please don’t be Midnight. Please don’t be Midnight.

“Ah, so you’re the newbie huh?!” The obviously masculine voice behind Izuku bought with it relief that it couldn’t be the heroine and in its place came disbelief. He knew exactly who that voice belonged to but had no idea why he would be hearing it here of all places.

Izuku twisted his head behind him to try and dispel the thought but the man behind him confirmed his judgement. the blonde hair fixed into a thick wing of hair alongside the short moustache and aviators were enough to tip him off, the studded leather jacket with matching black pants and the large directional speakers covering his neck only drove the point home.

“P-present Mic?!” Izuku could almost feel his eyes bulge out of his skull in shock and his body stumble back as the blonde hero just smiled widely back, enjoying the show in front of him.

“Yep, the one and only!” Mic raised his hand up pointing to the sky before bringing it back down in a second to offer a handshake. “And you must be Deku, right?”

Izuku accepted the handshake without hesitation but couldn’t do much to his shaking body forcing him to move his hand much more than he wished. “Y-yes! It’s nice to meet you! I love watching your show!”

Present Mic let the green hero continue to ramble on about him, using it to hype himself up. He wished that this was happening before his radio show instead of testing some students, but he was not one to waste energy like this.

“Well, I can see why Midnight wanted to swap roles so badly now.” The blonde joked with a teasing smirk as he could visibly notice a shiver run down Izuku’s spine and back.

“Ah don’t worry about it too much, this is just a sort of hazing she does whenever someone new comes in.” Present Mic quickly moved to easing his new helper before he could change his mind because of a bad start.

“H-hazing?” I could have sworn there was more to it.

“Yeah, I guess she got a bit mad that she couldn’t get anything out of All Might, so she went all out with you.” Present Mic shrugged his shoulders and made his way past Izuku towards the short bus behind them, gesturing for him to follow.

“But we can talk about workplace harassment some other time, right now we got students to test!” The blonde hero looked over his shoulder with his signature smile, snapping the other hero out of his unease and shifting him into a more determined look. It was good to know that this newbie could act serious when he needed to.

Once the pair were inside and the bus had set off, Present Mic began his explanation, handing a folder to Izuku and translating his normal eccentricity into his hand gestures. “Now, we’ve got twelve students coming in with references to their academics and abilities. It’s our job to see just how much those references live up to reality when they get into action.”

Izuku nodded along as the blonde continued. He could recall having a recommended student like these in the same class as him back when he was still learning and just how much of a difference there was between them at the start. This year must have a lot of promise if there are twelve students like that available.

“Right now they are in the middle of the written segment of their entrance exam. We will be overseeing the practical exam. And after that is the interview, I can handle that last part myself.”

Izuku thumbed through the folder given to him, putting most of his attention into the names and faces. The last page stood out the most, including a recommendation not just on his studies and quirk, but a written advocation from the number two hero Endeavour himself.

Todoroki Shoto…His son?!

The bus came to a stop soon after and the two heroes stepped out to behold the massive gate in front of them. Neither of them even flinched as the size as they were both accustomed to the overwhelming presence that almost every door at U.A. Izuku just guessed it was built like that to accommodate for every possibility of quirk, even if it just came off as overkill.

The gate slowly parted, revealing a race track split built into a chaotic blend buildings, forests, mountainsides and rivers, all connected by a twisting pathway without an end in sight. Izuku stared wide eyed at the scenery that, despite already having three years being here under his belt, had never seen a place like this before. He didn’t think U.A had the budget to have a space built specifically for one thing.

“Now then, the students should be on the other side of this training area by now, you go ahead and fill them in. I’ll be there in a sec, just gotta get something ready.” Present Mic spoke up, gesturing for Izuku to get a move on and stop gawking at the track.

The green hero didn’t object and started to make his way around the border of the zone towards where the students supposedly were. He didn’t know what Present Mic had to prepare for, but he had an idea.

“EVERYBODY SAY HEY!” He had just moved past the corner of the entrance before he heard the blonde’s voice from back where he started. He couldn’t help but take a second to snicker at the honestly fitting preparations.



It didn’t take too long for Izuku to make his way to the other side of the training area and discover the second gate just beginning to close. The Recommended students began walking from the entrance into the open space. As he made his way over he could see some of the features on a few of the pupils at the front. The most eye catching being the one with red and white hair split down the middle, a white haired boy lacking lips resembling a skull face, and a tall…really tall student with a shaven head.

By the time he had stepped flat landing the students were rearing their head to the new arrival, some looking more interested than others. The tall boy in particular was smiling wider and wider as Izuku coughed into his hand and prepared to speak.

“Alright, now that you’ve finished the written exam, we can-”


The sudden outburst stopped Izuku in his tracks as he darted his head in every direction, thinking Katsuki snuck in somewhere and decided to show himself. By the time he looked back forward the giant student had advanced even closer to him. He was having a really hard time believing that this was a high school student as he had to tilt his head up slightly to meet his.

“My name is Yoarashi Inasa! I saw that speech you did a while ago on the internet! I love passion like that! Are you really teaching here?!” Inasa kept his loud assault on the hero, expecting an answer but not giving enough time to give one. Izuku was stuck sweating bullets at immediately losing control of the situation.


“How long are you two going to waste everyone’s time?” An ice cold voice cut through the one sided conversation like a knife, the two turning towards to the voice to find the duel coloured hair from before that Izuku recognised as Todoroki Shoto. Getting a closer look at the boy he could see the resemblance to Endeavour with the red hair, but only on the left side of his face, the other half disconnected by the white hair and burn mark around his eye.

“R-right, sorry.” Izuku took a step back to compose himself, internally glad that the interruption stopped Inasa from continuing. When he looked over to the student in question he could see the distraught on his face grow more and more as he looked at the interrupter.

“As I was saying, you will be moving onto the practical segment of the exam now.” Izuku motioned to the starting line behind him and continued relaying the information given to him. “You will be split into two groups of six, each one racing with your quirks for the best time. Any questions?”

The students including the previously ecstatic giant kept silent as Izuku went on. “Okay then, let’s-”

“LET’S GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!” The eccentric voice rang out from behind Izuku, startling him even if he already knew who it was.

“Present Mic’s here too?!” The appearance of yet another hero was enough to set Inasa off again and fuelling the new arrival’s eagerness even further.


Present Mic was expecting an uproar of cheering or a chorus of ‘yeah’ at the very least, but all he got was silence and a couple of tilted heads. Fortunately Inasa was there to yell on behalf of everyone else there.

“Yeesh, tough crowd. Alright, you six at the front, you’re up first!” The blonde’s finger darted between the students ahead of him. Landing on Inasa, Shoto, the skull faced student from before and one boy with spikey hair fashioned into a pompadour. They were followed by a girl with dark green hair going down to her shoulders and another with raven black hair tied back into a ponytail.

Izuku watched the students move to the starting line and shift into their own starting positions but all sharing the same determined glare. He couldn’t help but study the minute positions everyone took like how the black haired girl tugged at the zipper of her tracksuit or how the skull faced boy was squatting down closer to the ground than anyone else.

The second the starting alarm blared everyone outside of the starting line was battered with a freezing whirlwind forcing their eyes shut. Once the heroes had opened their eyes again the only trace they could find of the students was a trail of ice leading down the track and the silhouettes of two figures sprinting out of sight.

Izuku stared slack jawed in bewilderment as Present Mic just whistled at the students’ hustle. “Yep, we got a good batch this year.”

The blonde hero turned and flicked Izuku’s cheek and brought him out of his frozen state. “Well, what are you waiting for? Get going after them!”

“Huh? O-oh yeah, right!” Izuku snapped back to reality sprinted forwards with his legs glowing light green before leaping off the ground with an eruption of air over the track.

Present Mic sweatdropped with a smirk still present on his face as he watched the hero leave. “That’s…not what I meant...”

Inasa barrelled down the racetrack, the winds generated from his quirk wrapping around his lower half and propelling him forward. He was already ecstatic about being invited to the best hero school in japan but the idea that he was being watched by two heroes was starting to get his blood pumping all over again.

The approaching line of Ice spearheaded by Shoto overtook him with ease. For the split second they were side by side, Inasa could see that he still retained the cold gaze from before, no, since this morning.

He remembered back to when he was just walking though the entrance where he had first met Shoto, if you could call it that. From anyone else’s perspective it would have just looked like someone being ignored, but it was the first time Inasa got a good look at his eyes.

They were just like the ones he hated.

He shook his head to dispel that thought, he had a race to focus on after all. Yet even as the heavy winds carrying him sped up his eyes kept gravitating to the wall of ice besides him.

“He’s got power, that’s for sure. He’ll probably be accepted no problem.” Inasa muttered to himself with an eager smile forming. “If I use this chance to make friends with him, maybe his eyes won’t bother me anymore!”

His smile hardened as he threw his body forward, the whirlwind rapidly growing to encompass more of his body and shooting him down the path after the lead.



Izuku kept his eyes glued to the racecourse as he leapt from building to tree to landmass. He felt a bit sorry for the architects who put so much time into building this place only for the recommended students to breeze through it without issue, even if he himself was starting to lose stamina and trip up as he got closer to the end.

He looked down at the leading student Shoto surfing on the front of the extending line of ice, followed by a twisting bullet of air that he could only imagine was Inasa. The ice rider was keeping a clear gap between them in the last stretch but from Izuku’s perspective he could see the second place picking up speed and even starting to bore into the ice slightly.

Izuku landed first between the three, his iron soles grinding against the cement floor and landing by the finish line. He shielded himself for the inevitable burst of cold air just like at the start. The torrent of wind instead dissipated as Inasa dived foot first ahead of Shoto and past the finish line, stumbling on his feet to try and slow down. The red and white haired boy ripped himself from the ice that still clung to his right trainer and kept his head hung as he stopped for a breath.

Izuku was taken out of his own breathing by the voice of Present Mic. “Three times faster than the average normal year! We definitely got some great potential this time!”

“Yeah, from what I saw they both have incredible control over their quirks. They could probably…” Izuku’s eyes snapped wide open when he realised who he was talking to. “Wait a minute, how did you get here so fast?!”

“I just took the rail over there.” He gestured to a small monorail trolley built beside the track stationed in plain sight, the look on his face clearly teasing Izuku “I didn’t expect you to do it the hard way but at least I know now you got some passion.”

Izuku would have replied in some way if he didn’t pick up on the one-sided chat Inasa was starting behind him.

“All right! I won!” Inasa yelled, thrusting his arms above his head in pride. He wasted no time moving to the back of Shoto. “But I was so close to losing to you! That’s an amazing power you have! Are you Endeavor’s kid or something?”

He didn’t pay attention to Shoto’s head flinching at that last remark and continued what he thought came off as praise. “Seriously, you’re-”

“Shut up.” Shoto’s cold tone, now laced with a frustrated growl, grounded Inasa’s praise to a halt. “All I have to do is just pass the test. I wasn’t competing with you or anything.” He didn’t even bother to look back to the taller boy as he strode away towards the entrance. “You’re in the way.”

Izuku had watched the scene unfold and Inasa’s face shift from shock to abhorrence in no time. He attempted to walk over and comfort his attempts at making a friend if he didn’t feel his foot sink into the supposedly solid concrete.

The second he looked down to inspect his new feeling he was greeted by the skull faced student with white hair rising out of the ground by his submerged foot like it was mud. Izuku blinked twice and let his mind piece together what he was seeing so that he wouldn’t panic about it.

Honenuki Juzo right? I guess this is why I didn’t see him on the racetrack.

“Oh, sorry about that. I didn’t know you where there.” His hand appeared from the impromptu mire and found it grip in Izuku extended hand pulling him up and onto solid ground.

“I guess I lost, didn’t I?” Juzo looked past the hero at the winner of the race, still in a rigid state and staring down at the ground. From listening to the tone of his voice, Izuku could tell there was a hint of bitterness, but he still retained a calm demeanour when speaking “They really didn’t make it easy for me to keep up.”

“Right?!” A feminine voice ringed out from behind and below Juzo, the two turned to see the head of a girl with long green hair…resting atop a mound of parts and limbs which Izuku could only imagine was the rest of the girl. While the two males were still attempting to wrap their head around her entrance, she seemed more focused on commenting on the race.

“Jeez, how are we supposed to compete with quirks like that?” The girl’s head tilted on top of the pile and exhaled loudly. She paid no attention to Izuku squatting down by her side.

“Hey now, don’t count yourself out already, you two still have an interview to do first before the final decision.” Talking to a girl’s head on a heap of limbs wasn’t something he thought a counsellor at a hero school had to deal with, but nevertheless he kept a reassuring smile on his face. “So pull yourself together.”

The girl’s eyes widened for a second, then closed as she started laughing and pulling her body back together. Izuku didn’t understand why she and now Juzo had burst into laughter until he played back that last statement in his head and slapped a hand over his mouth in realisation.

None of them noticed the knowing look that Present Mic had directed at Izuku.




The second group finished a while later, even though they started half a minute after the first. Izuku thought he saw one of them simply running along the track It seemed ironic that the students with clearly offensive quirks would have found it easier just to do the regular entrance with everyone else instead of coming here and trying to use their abilities.

Afterwards Present Mic lead the students back into U.A for their one on one interviews while Izuku moved himself into the teacher’s break room. He planned to head off soon since he wasn’t needed from here but not without taking advantage of the free coffee. It also gave him some time to think over what he had seen back on the racetrack.

I never got the chance to properly talk with Yoarashi. Something seemed off about him when he was talking to Todoroki. I was so preoccupied with everyone else that I couldn’t ask him what upset him.

Izuku leaned by the window and peered out past the entrance as he sipped the drink in his hand. The school towered over the rest of the city, giving almost every opening an outstanding view of the area from the buildings and train tracks to the beaches. He could definitely get used to seeing this again.

His eyes lowered down to the open gates surrounding the academy and noticing a tall figure sauntering closer to the exit. The size and buzzed hair tipped him off that it was Inasa, now in his school uniform and his head oddly hung low. Izuku left his empty mug in the sink and dashed out of the room before the student could leave the premise.




Inasa stopped his walk to turn his head back for one more look at the school before he sighed and continued moving closer to the gate. This wasn’t the decision he wanted to take, but with him around, he didn’t see any other possibility. He knew it wouldn’t be too bad, there was always Shiketsu to enrol into especially if they knew he was a recommended at their rival school.

“Hey! Yoarashi!”

Inasa was about to take his first step out of the school before he heard someone voice approaching him from behind followed by the clink of steel against the stone pathway. He pivoted his body to meet the voice head on and was greeted with the same mop of green hair from earlier.

“DEKU!” The thought of leaving the school was put on the wayside as he dashed straight in front of the hero, startling him just like the first time they met. At least this time Izuku wasn’t sent into a panic. “It is such an honour to meet a hero like you!”

“H-hey there. I saw your quirk in the exam, you must have trained a lot for it.” Izuku took a step back to regain some of his personal space. From his encounters with the student, he could tell that Inasa had the unavoidable habit of being easily excitable. He could understand why someone less energetic like Shoto would find him annoying to talk to.

“Of course! I have to make sure I’m as strong as possible if I want to be a hero!” Inasa raised his fist high still as he maintained his normal speaking voice of yelling everything. Despite his tone it was clear he was still being polite even if his body didn’t give the same sense.

“But it’s not just that! I got to be passionate just like the real deal! Just like you!” Inasa bellowed as he crouched himself down only slightly to meet Izuku better, to which he reacted with an awkward smile and a sweatdrop.

“That’s great! I look forward to seeing you around here then.” Izuku’s smile widened into a more confident look as he gave a thumbs up to the taller student. He had hoped that would come across as a friendly gesture, but it seemed to have the opposite effect as the smile on Inasa’s face drooped and his expression became more serious.

“I wish I could live up to that, but that’s impossible.” His voice had shifted dramatically from its previous enthusiasm into a new grave tone. “Not while the son of Endeavour is here.”

Izuku perked up at that last line. “You mean Todoroki? It did look like you two disagreed on something, but what does that have to with you?”

“His eyes.” Inasa growled as he clenched his fist tightly.

The hero raised an eyebrow but chose to not interrupt the student as he continued with his explanation.

“Ever since I was a kid, I liked everything I saw. People, places, even bugs. But most of all, I love heroes and the passion they have. They always give it their all to inspire others and bring them hope.”

Izuku stayed silent. Even if was on the more inspiring side, Inasa was clearly explaining the role of a hero, but he couldn’t help but feel that this was going to a much more serious place.

“That Endeavour…Is no hero.” Inasa’s gaze hardened even more into an emotionless stare that had Izuku shaking a little at the sight. It looked just like the ones Shoto had.

“At first I looked up to him, a hero that stood at the top and fought for the sake of everyone else. And yet when I got the chance to see him in person, I saw nothing but cold, unceasing anger.”

That part Izuku could sort of understand. To say that the flame hero Endeavour was a controversial hero in the eyes of the public would be an understatement. It made sense that the hero with the highest villain capture rate would come across as intimidating, but it didn’t help that everything else about him only seemed to support that fear. He often came off more like a jail warden than an actual hero.

“So when I first met his son this morning, I knew exactly who he was…” Inasa’s voice started to raise in volume as he clenched his fists even harder. “Because he had the same exact eyes! Like they both hate something far ahead of them!”

Izuku went from choosing to be silent to losing the ability to speak up entirely. Endeavour never seemed like the kind of person who could separate work from his private life, so hearing that he had also had a son only made things seem more unnerving. taking in the burn mark on his face Izuku’s mind took a dark turn as a bead of sweat ran down the side of his face.

N-no…even if he’s aggressive, he’s still a hero. There’s no way he would…

Izuku was taken out of his thought process as the larger figure turned around and made his way over to the exit and making up for the progress he lost towards it.

“It’s a shame too. I love U.A, but I can’t work alongside someone related to the man I hate.” Inasa rubbed the back of his head as his voice returned to its sombre tone.

Izuku shook his head in an attempt to get the grim thought out his mind, or at least out of his current focus. He wasn’t going to let that the possibility of that thought being true go unnoticed, but right now there was someone in front of him that needed his help.

“So you’re just going to give up?” Izuku finally spoke in a tone that was clearly intending to challenge Inasa who stopped his movement listen. He turned his head back to respond but wasn’t given any time to speak.

“You went on about how every hero has passion but the second you face some adversity that you can’t solve with a quirk you give up just like that.” Izuku stepped forward to close the distance between him and the student.

“What are you-”

“You mean to tell me that you’re going to let something petty like not liking someone get in the way of you being a hero?!” Izuku continued his walk forward along with his criticism.

“Now hold on-”

“If there’s something that you don’t like, then you use your passion to fix it. Not just for yourself, but for the sake of everyone else. THAT is what passion means to a hero!” Izuku clenched his fist and raised it into Inasa’s sight as he finally stopped trying to interrupt and fell silent.

The quiet went on for a bit longer than Izuku expected as Inasa stared at the hero in a rigid stare. He was going to say something before it was decided it was the students turn to interject

You…” Inasa’s sudden tone wasn’t as cold as before but the new weight behind it made Izuku involuntarily take a step back.

“U-um, I-”

“…ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!” The weight in his voice was immediately replaced with his usual volume as his wide resting smile, the sudden change still just as jarring as the last time.


“I AM…” Inasa slammed his hands to his sides and reared his head back. “…SO VERY…”

Without hesitation he bowed his head directly down in an apologetic fashion, cracking the ground against his head with the speed he descended and startling Izuku. “…SORRY!!”

Izuku attempted to recover and calm down the student before he went out of control, but he only realised it was too late after he was interrupted again.

“I can’t believe I let my anger get the better of me! How could I be so narrow minded to allow this to almost ruin my chances at U.A?!” Inasa yelled with his normal vigour as his head was still in to the small crater he made

Hearing the student acknowledge his fault did start to reassure Izuku as a small smile moved onto his face and he moved closer towards his crouched form. “Does this mean you are okay with working alongside him?”

“HELL NO!” Inasa’s head bolted up to meet Izuku’s, showing off the trail of blood leaking from the new cut on his head and making the hero stumble back in panic. “Don’t get me wrong. I still hate that guy’s guts, but if they have teacher’s like you here, there’s no way I can turn down this place! Say, what's your name Deku?!”

“M-midoriya…” Izuku sweatdropped at his enthusiasm, even if it did feel misplaced. At least he got his message across. Inasa swiftly brought himself back up to his feet and ran back towards the building.

“I’m going to go back in and get my exam done then! I hope I get to see you around Midoriya-sensei!!” Inasa called out as he flailed his arm above his head and sprinted away from Izuku and into the entrance. Once he had left the hero’s sight a new figure appeared out of the doors.

Present Mic had just left the school as the person he was looking for dashed straight back in with a rejuvenated smile on his face. He was visibly confused since he had been looking all over for one of the recommended students who just up and left before he could be called in for his interview.

His baffled look shifted quickly into a smug grin once his eyes locked onto the other bewildered hero down by the gate. Izuku took a couple extra seconds to realize Present Mic moving closer while he was still processing his talk with the student.

“Nezu’s made the right choice I see.” The new arrival traded some of his eccentricity for a more teasing tone. He left no room for Izuku to respond before he wrapped an arm around his shoulder into a side hug while the green hero tried to get a hold over the situation again.

“I figured that if you’re going to be sticking around, we need to get you a welcome party. How about I get everyone else once I’ve wrapped up with these students and we treat you all to a drink.”

Izuku was hesitant to answer, on account that it meant the possibility of having to deal with a drunk Midnight. That thought didn’t last long as he realised the opportunity this could bring.

Well…I am going to be working from here from now on. I might as well get to know them all.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Izuku gave a relaxed smile which only seemed turn Present Mic’s own grin even wider as he playfully jostled the shoulder he was holding and shoved an address into the hero’s hands.

“Great! Just head over to this place and I’ll bring the whole town with me! See ya then!”

Present Mic gave a double thumbs up before jogging back into the building to get on with the student interviews, leaving Izuku on his own to walk out of the entrance of U.A back home and give him a breather from yet another hectic day. He figured a lot of days where going to end up like this. Just like old times.



Izuku double checked the scrap of paper given to him, making sure he didn’t meet something, even if that seemed impossible with how detailed these instructions were. Following the commands on the paper, he found himself in his casual attire in an unfamiliar street late at night. The streets illuminated by the street lights and multicoloured signs above the stores and bars. He had a feeling this was a place that the blonde hero would frequent, even if it seemed far away from the school.

Izuku shoved the directions back into his pocket and waited by the crossroads for the other arrivals. He was no stranger to nights like this, between him, Tenmetsu and Honesutu, they spent a good portion of their after hero hours blowing off steam. This quickly became their normal routine, especially since it gave a way for Izuku to get rid of the bitter feeling of underperformance before he made his real splash.

“Heeey! Midoriya!” Izuku turned his head to the crosswalk at the approaching voice, a welcoming smile greeting the new arrivals. He had no trouble figuring out which one was Present Mic as he had translated the eccentricity captured by his hero suit into his current wear with a bracelet on each wrist and a necklace around his neck. His usual blonde fauxhawk tied back into a manbun and his flashy aviators were replaced with a pair of simple square glasses.

Izuku was quick to notice the group following the blonde was much smaller than he was expecting, matter of fact, there was only one other person following, and if the bags under his eyes and long black hair covering most of his face were anything to go by, he would rather sleep for the next couple of years than do anything else.

“Sorry, turns out everyone else was busy. But at least I was able to convince one guy to come along.” The smile on Present Mic’s face didn’t falter with the news and instead gestured to his friend by him with one hand and threw a thumbs up to Izuku with the other.

“Don’t flatter yourself, you practically dragged me here.” The scruffy man spoke with clear irritation in his voice. Izuku figured that this was another pro hero, but he couldn’t place where he saw him before.

“C’mon, Aizawa-kun. If you didn’t come along you would have just slept for who knows how long.” Present Mic kept a cheerful beam which contrasted with the stare on Aizawa’s face, it was clear what he would have preferred. He sighed and strode past the other two towards the bar with his hands in his pockets, the other pair following soon after.

The trio walked through the doors into the fairly busy tavern and moved themselves into one of the open circle booths. Izuku and Aizawa sat themselves down while Present Mic ran off to grab drinks, leaving the two on their own in awkward silence.  Izuku attempted to speak up eventually but seemed to be shut down just by the unknown hero’s stare.

“So you’re the new counsellor?” Aizawa’s voice moved into a more aloof tone than before but it still did the job of silencing Izuku, forcing him to respond with a quick nod.

He sighed. “No matter how many times I hear it, hiring a hero solely because of a couple news articles seems like an illogical decision, especially for Nezu.”

The line confirmed a lingering thought that Izuku had held onto for some time. One for All was an extremely delicate subject to share, it would make sense that a lot of the staff would be ignorant about its existence. From what he had seen for himself, the only people who knew about the quirk were himself, Nezu and Toshinori.

“Either way, if you accepted the terms, it must mean that you understand what is expected of you. The fact that you’re a licensed hero should be a sign that you can at least act professionally. Just remember this…” Aizawa leaned back in his seat and pointed a finger straight at Izuku. His eyes didn’t look tired or apathetic in this new light, instead they gave off a new grave look that made the green-haired adult involuntarily swallow.

“…You may think that all you need to do is give a speech or throw a punch to get the job done, but that isn’t the case here. You working here means that you intend to give it your all for their sake. I don’t plan to tolerate a student’s failure just because the one looking after them can’t take the workload.”

Izuku stayed silent throughout Aizawa’s declaration. Even if his appearance said otherwise, it was clear that he took his role as a teacher just as serious as any other, maybe even more. He remembered the teachers when he was at U.A being protective of the students, but it seemed like that bar had been raised since he had been away. Either way it was clear Izuku was going to be held up to a high standard.

“I’m back!” The silence between the pair was interrupted abruptly by Present Mic returning to the table with a tray of three drinks in his hands and a relaxed smile on his face. His expression shifted slightly as he read the silence before him.

“Don’t tell me you’re already saying stuff to scare off the newbie, Aizawa-kun!” he placed the tray down on the table and sat beside the man he was berating.

“O-oh no, he was just giving me something to think about.” Izuku waved his hands ahead dismissively. Aizawa seemed partly confused about what he could be processing after his statement.

“Well, I’m all ears! What’s on your mind?” Present Mic moved the glasses around the table but didn’t take a drink until Izuku answered. “I know scruffy over here is kinda intimidating, but the rest of us don’t bite.”

Izuku couldn’t help but give an awkward smile in response. After a second of contemplation, he took a small breath and got ready to speak. “Well, it’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now but…”

“…You two don’t have any children right?”

Aizawa and Presents Mic’s eyes shot wide open trying to process what Izuku was trying to get at with such an outlandish question like that. The hero in question started to falter under the two pairs of eyes staring him down.

“W-well, it might be because I spend a lot of time around All Might, but whenever I get to know any male hero, they always seem like a good father figure. I noticed it when I was speaking to Kamui Woods and Death Arms a while ago, plus there’s a lot of jokes about Heroes being dads on the internet. It sometimes feels like it’s a prerequisite in order to…”

Izuku was drawn out of his rambling moment when he looked back up and found Present Mic not even bothering to hold back his laughter as he banged his fist against the table. In contrast Aizawa forced is arms crossed as he scowled down at the drink in front of him with clear irritation written all over his face.

“Oh man, I can tell you’re gonna be fun to have around!” Present Mic wiped the tears from his eyes and snatched his drink from the table. A joke like that was just what he needed to get tonight properly rolling.

“How about a toast? To our new counsellor!” Present Mic raised his glass high with a wide smile on his face. Izuku felt himself get swept up in the enthusiasm and followed suit with his own drink, clinking it with the blonde’s. the pair stared expectantly at the third member only to find him already tilting his head back and taking a large swig from his glass.

Izuku moved the glass to his mouth and took a sip, the liquid entering his mouth and warming his body. The welcome bitter taste sat pleasantly in his mouth and travelled to the back of his throat. The flavour did well to ease him into relaxing but it didn’t do anything about the strange itch that continued to linger at the back of his mind.

Chapter Text

A week had passed by like it was nothing for Izuku. Outside of officially leaving his agency and saying his farewells to everyone else, he had spent most of his time attempting to study therapy for a second time. His last talk with Aizawa helped to open his eyes to what everyone was expecting of him, so now he was determined to live up to his role. He just wished for an opportunity to find out if all of this studying was going to stick around this time.

The first official day at U.A started just as grandiose as Izuku remembered with a grand entrance ceremony lead by the principal himself. From where he stood, he had a perfect view of the rows of confused faces trying to wrap their head around what was currently speaking on the podium. As the lecture went on, he couldn’t help but move his eyes to the apparent empty space in the front row. If he remembered the seating plan correctly it should have been filled by class 1-A. Even more baffling was that none of the other staff beside him seemed to even bat an eye. He didn’t have time to question it as the teachers quickly dispersed to their classes.

The only teachers that weren’t busy with students were Toshinori and himself, since the hero studies didn’t start until tomorrow. It was that reason that Izuku decided not to arrive in his hero outfit, but instead in a dress shirt with its sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a pair of black office pants. Due to the pair having an extra day to themselves, the two decided to use the time to prepare themselves in the teacher’s office, Toshinori going through the lesson contents while Izuku was occupied with getting his own office and equipment in order.

A few days before the school year started, Nezu had informed Izuku about a spare room that was to become his own counselling workplace, along with clearance to have the room built to his liking since none of the other teachers had a reason to use it. After some time debating to himself and once he’d done a bit of research, he eventually decided to go for a more relaxed design. Izuku didn’t make many changes to the layout and instead focused on the furniture, adding in a pair of couches facing each other and a decently sized coffee table in the centre of the room. Looking back over the room, it started to look like a copy of the teacher’s break room.

What Izuku was currently working on was the second gift from the principal, a modern brand of pager connected to Nezu and the two homeroom teachers in the hero course. The plan that they agreed on was that the teachers would contact Izuku to set up meetings for the students or have the pupils themselves ask for counselling sessions. The pager was simply a way for communications to be kept up between staff.

The second he finished with the pager and placed it on his desk Izuku felt the uneasy itch return almost immediately. The feeling didn’t leave or diminish, if anything, it got worse since he first started feeling it a week ago. He could never understand why he kept feeling like this, but he did discover that whenever he was focused on something he could ignore the tickle. However that always meant that when he had nothing to do the feeling would take centre stage in his head.

In an attempt to stave off the sensation he turned to the only other person in the room, dressed in a similar manner to him. Since the last time Izuku had looked up, the other teacher, Toshinori, was still staring intently at the file in front of him. It made sense that he would take over for most of the paperwork, but he seemed oddly stressed about looking at them, especially since this was still the first day.

“Yagi-kun, is everything alright? You’ve been looking at those papers for some time now.” The new voice in the working silence startled the blonde, and he raised his head in response.

“O-oh yeah, I’m fine. I’m just looking through the hero course students, I think you should take a look at this too.” He waved his hand reassuringly as he tilted the files into the counsellor’s view.

Izuku rolled his chair past across the room to Toshinori’s side and scanned through the papers. His eyes caught onto the first two pages containing a list of names and seat numbers. He could see some familiar names stand out on the lists detailing both of the classes:

‘Class 1-A’…

… ‘Seat no. 15: Todoroki Shoto’…

… ‘Seat no. 18: Yoarashi Inasa’…

‘Class 1-B’…

… ‘Seat no. 16: Honenuki Juzo’…

Izuku smiled slightly upon seeing the names of the recommended students before him. He was happy they got in, but he couldn’t stop the unease rising within him, seeing the two students that he knew got along the worst so close together. It was clear from what he had seen of them that just getting them to work together was going to be difficult when they were immediately moving into physical training.

His eyes followed down the list instinctively to the name between the two recommended students. His eyes widened slowly as the text took up more and more of Izuku’s attention. He felt the unease that has been building up for the past week begin to rise more than ever before.

… ‘Seat no. 17: Bakugo Katsuki’…

Izuku felt a heavy bead of sweat run down the side of his face as he attempted to dispel his dread, but to no avail. He felt a twinge of relief after discovering the source of his restlessness but now all he wished was that he could stay ignorant and not have to face the reality. Toshinori turned away from the paper effortlessly in comparison, only to behold the terror on his assistant’s face.

“Uh…Midoriya-kun?” Toshinori lightly shook Izuku’s shoulder to try and get him out of his frozen state. Instead of responding, he simply kept staring down, with dread written all over his face.

I forgot to tell Kacchan I was working here.

“I guess I can sort of understand your reaction. It makes sense that you would be worried about class 1-A, considering who their homeroom teacher is.” Toshinori relented, with concern still evident in his voice. Even if he did miss the reason for Izuku’s panic, it was enough to move him out of his dead stare.

“Huh? Homeroom teacher? Is he really that bad?” Izuku replied, and it was clear that the counsellor hadn’t gotten over his uneasiness yet, even if confusion from the all-new statement was evident in his voice. The feeling appeared to be contagious, as Toshinori’s sharp face shifted into a similarly perplexed look.

“I…thought you knew about him already. Present Mic told me you two already met about a week ago.”

Izuku’s expression loosened as the dread started to seep out of his conscious, leaving a look of simple confusion behind. “You mean Aizawa-san? I mean he seemed strict, but I don’t think it’s that much of an issue.”

“…You should take another look at this.” Toshinori tapped the top of the file between the two of them. Izuku looked back down to the pile of papers in an attempt to dispel the miscommunication. He was greeted with two familiar names which he had never thought to put together.

‘Class 1-A Homeroom Teacher: Aizawa Shota.”

Code Name: Erasure Hero: Eraser Head’

“You mean that scruffy looking guy was Eraser Head?!” Izuku felt a new panic come into the spotlight as he involuntarily stood up from his seat in shock. He still didn’t quite understand how this was a problem, but that took a back seat to the current surprise on his mind.

“Why are you so surprised? I thought you were the expert on heroes.” Even if his assistant was in a clear state of panic right beside him, Toshinori couldn’t help but crack a small joke with an equally tiny smirk on his face. It was almost impossible not to find Izuku funny, with how over the top his reactions could be.

“I never said that! Besides, Eraser Head has always been notorious for avoiding the media. He basically needs to if he wants to keep his quirk hidden.” Izuku didn’t hesitate to defend himself and the title he only just found out he had. The blonde let the argument end almost immediately as he turned back to his desk and sifted through the paper on his desk.

“Either way, that’s not the point.” Toshinori moved a small yet bulky book to the top of the pile. He quickly flipped through the pages only to stop abruptly and jab the writing with his bony finger. “This is.”

Izuku looked over the other teacher’s shoulder at the open book. The pages listed out the previous classes that fell under Shota’s care. looking at the dates it seemed that Shota had been introduced into the faculty after the counsellor's class had graduated.  The immediate pattern that he noticed between them was the lack of consistency in the number of students. Some of the classes were missing only a few students while the latest entry from last year was left completely blank.

“It seems that Eraser Head is also notorious for expelling students without mercy on the first day.” Both teachers shared a look of unease as they stared down at the records. The gears in Izuku’s started to turn, as the pieces fit themselves together before him.

“So…the reason why class 1-A was gone from the entrance ceremony must have been because…” Izuku felt the already building unease pile itself up even more. There was no way the teachers could be this strict, even if it was completely allowed by the principal. He was starting to wonder if he would even make it through that first day with his plain quirk before his mind immediatley shifted back to thinking about Katsuki's chances.

“No, he wouldn’t be able to able to make a decision like that in such little time. In fact, he’s probably in the middle of making it right now.” Toshinori closed the book and let it lay back on the desk in an attempt to distract himself from his own uneasiness. The feeling didn’t last long as his eyes started to widen in realisation. “And if that’s the case…”

“Midoriya-kun! Hurry over there and take a look at how the students fare! This might be a great opportunity to find our successor!” The blonde spun his chair around swiftly to face the now startled Izuku head on. The assistant caught onto the idea almost immediately, even if his face was still stuck on a staggered look.

“Y-yes! Of course, Yagi-kun!” Izuku dashed out of the room without hesitation, only stopping to open and close the door behind him. Toshinori was left behind in the room with a strange feeling that his partner was maybe too eager to see what was happening.


Izuku found himself outside of the main building, determined to get to his desired location before Shota could do something as drastic as expel a student. The only issue stopping him, albeit a big one, was that he had no idea where the teacher or any of the students even were.

He would have asked any of the other teachers, since they seemed so used to his behaviour, if they weren’t busy with their own classes. Factoring in the size of the school itself and how so much of that space was filled with a labyrinth of colossal training grounds, if Izuku decided to check every single one of them from top to bottom, he would be here for the entire week.

He needed a straight answer right now if he wanted to make it in time.

“DIEEE!” His answer came in the form of a roaring yet familiar voice grabbing his attention, followed shortly by a thunderous explosion from behind him. Even if without context it sounded like something much more terrifying, a smile of relief moved across his face as he turned around to sprint towards the scene.

Both his momentum and thankful expression only lasted for a few seconds before he fully realised just whose voice that was. Before he could move past the corner of the building beside him he felt the panic from before catching up to him once again. He leaned against the wall and grasped the sides of his head in an attempt to ease himself into thinking straight.

Kacchan should be just around this corner. If I just walk in unannounced it could throw him off and get him expelled! And who knows how much he’ll hate me after that!

Izuku took a deep breath and moved along the building, making sure only his head peeked around the corner. Even if he couldn’t get closer he had a clear view of the field ahead of him along with the class of students and teacher occupying it. Seeing the dishevelled hero in his hero outfit, Izuku felt the need to slap himself for not noticing the similarities sooner. He put the thought aside as he tried to focus in on the distant voices.

“You said that your best softball throw in junior high was sixty-seven meters, right Bakugo?” Shota’s voice was still as monotone and tired as Izuku remembered, but now there was a new commanding tone attached to it. He watched the teacher twist his phone from his own face towards the teenagers, whose faces quickly shifted into surprise.  “See how much of a difference it makes when you stop thinking irrationally?”

“Woah! 750 meters?!” A red haired boy spoke up at the front of the crowed with a clear look of awe over his face. The rest of the group seemed to slowly get riled up in anticipation. Izuku shared a similar look for a second before a nervous sensation crept up on him.

“This looks like fun!” Izuku saw a pink skinned girl jump slightly in excitement with a wide smile on her face. The counsellor didn’t feel any more assured as he turned his head back to the teacher on the scene and saw a sinister leer form behind his black hair.

“Really now? I wonder how long you will be saying that over these next three years. But if you are adamant on seeing this as ‘fun’, how about we add a challenge...” Shota’s grin was now visible to the students, whose smiles started to falter at his new malicious tone.

“…Whoever comes in last place in these eight tests will be judged as having no potential and will be expelled immediately.”

A resounding yell of surprise came from the crowd before him. The dread quickly spread throughout them, even Izuku involuntarily swallowed upon hearing it despite the distance he had from the scene. The counsellor’s eyes looked over the students, the only ones that didn’t have a look of terror were Shoto, with his ice-cold expression, and Katsuki, who didn’t even flinch at the announcement. Instead his face hardened into a sadistic grin.

As a final send-off before the exam started, he raised his black hair away from his face and gave his audience a good view of his frightening smile and dead stare. The intimidation factor was possibly the only benefit he got from his dry eyes, and he always made sure to take advantage of it.

“Welcome to the hero course. Have fun.”


Katsuki’s grin had faded once the physical exams had actually started, but that didn’t mean his attitude had changed. He still planned to crush anyone that challenged him. He wasn’t worried at all about the threat of expulsion. To him, this exam was nothing more than getting to see who, if anyone, could rate higher than him.

He admitted that he felt a bit off for the last couple of days, only intensifying a few moments ago. It definitely wasn’t because of the teacher in front of him. If anything, the expulsion just meant one less extra to deal with. But the feeling was starting to piss him off now, even more since he couldn’t put his finger on it.

The best description he could give himself was that it felt like someone had just started watching him.

Katsuki dismissed the feeling as Shota called him and someone else forward onto the racetrack. He didn’t have time to think about this when there was something much more important to focus on. As much as he tried, he couldn’t get rid of the grimace on his face after getting lost in thought.

I probably just feel like this just because of what that hag said a while ago!


For the last few months the Bakugo household had been assaulted day after day by one its own inhabitants. Mitsuki and Masaru couldn’t do much to stop Katsuki from training day in and day out for the entrance exam. The most they could do was convince him to practice outside of the house and away from their furniture.

Even with that agreement firmly drilled into his head, the teen’s drive to work had cost the couple about a weeks’ worth of sleep. So once Katsuki left for U.A to take his exams, Mitsuki couldn’t help but treat it like a holiday and spent it doing nothing but sleeping in and get some rest with her husband. She was lucky that the calm seemed to last for an extra day before the news came.

Mitsuki was strolling down the hall with a basket stuffed with washing in her arms before she was startled and lost her grip because of a loud and partially muffled war cry coming from the room beside her. She didn’t need the name plate on the door to know the room belonged to her son. The mother left the spilled basket behind as she burst though the closed entrance.

“Katsuki! Keep the noise down for fucks sake!” It was Katsuki’s turn to be startled at the sudden entrance. Mitsuki looked over his shoulder to see a video projected on his table. His name was placed on the number one spot above nine others, their points didn’t come close to the points Katsuki had. Even if his attitude was a pain in the ass to deal with, he was still her son. So seeing the fruits of his labour pay off was nice to see, especially considering how much she had to suffer because of it.

“Shut up, you hag!” The blonde son’s reaction didn’t faze his mother, as her mind moved to another thought. She thought back to her meetings with the Midoriya family and the newest addition, Toshinori. Mitsuki had used those assemblies as a way to escape the nightmare of his son’s rampage, but found herself being forced to take in a new announcement. She never expected Izuku to take a break from being a hero to work as a teacher just as he was starting to make it big, especially since the excuse him and Toshinori gave seemed to dance around the truth a little. but she let it slide and gave them her support anyway.

Mitsuki figured that if everyone in the group was getting this announcement, it only made sense that she’d be the one to break the news to Katsuki since Masaru wouldn’t be able to muster the courage to get to his own son and Izuku wasn’t exactly on the best terms with the boy anymore. The hologram currently on her son’s table just reminded her of her duty.

“Whatever! Look, there’s just some news about Izuku that I gotta-”

“You really think I want to hear about that bastard at a time like this, you hag?!” The second Katsuki heard the name he lost interest and resorted to end the conversation in his usual manner, by lighting off explosions and yelling at whoever was talking to him.

Mitsuki was about to talk his ear off before she let a spiteful thought take over. She couldn’t stop the devilish smile from creeping onto her face, taking Katsuki out of his angry state as he expected her to go off in her own rage.

“No, you’re right, I’m sure it’s nothing important. Congratulations on getting first place Katsuki!” It was a little painful for her to put on an unsuspecting and genuinely warm smile out of nowhere, but it was worth it for the payoff that came with it. She was already getting some catharsis seeing Katsuki’s face contorted into a look of pure confusion.

Mitsuki quickly left the room soon after, leaving her son without an answer and a feeling of unease slowly bubbling inside him. Once she was out of the door frame and out of his view, she didn’t stop herself from cackling as she gathered up the washing and made her downstairs.


Izuku hadn’t made any progress away from his viewing spot, even when the students had moved indoors for the rest of the exam. It wasn’t worth getting a closer view if it heightened the risk of being seen. The spot he did have gave him a good view of the students using their quirks either way. If only he had brought a notebook with him, he could have saved some time during the combat trial, maybe even gotten a head start on learning a few of their personalities.

His eyes seemed to gravitate over to Inasa from time to time, not because he was afraid the boy would have some difficulty with the exam, but because he was concerned about him getting along with the rest of the class. His tendency to be loud alongside his physical size was definitely going to slow the process of him making friends by a fair amount. Izuku did gain some relief from seeing Inasa staying clear of Shoto. Who knows how much difficulty he would have if everyone saw how badly those two got along.

Izuku watched Shota leave the small building by the field, followed by the rest of the students. Given how much time they had spent in there, they must have done two tests indoors, making eight tests in total once you include the ones they did outside. The group seemed to discover that fact as well as they moved back to the fence they started at.

“I’m not going to waste time going over each of your results, I’ll just show them, and you can see for yourself.” Shota pulled the phone out of his pocket again and pointed the head towards the students. With a tap a hologram appeared before them, listing all of their names alongside their placement. Izuku’s eyes immediately darted to the bottom of the list to find the unfortunate student’s name,

“#20: Mineta Minoru”

After finding his answer, Izuku turned his head over to the crowd to find a sea of relieved faces and happy smiles. He couldn’t find anyone in the mob that had a look of despair, until his eyes moved to their feet and he discovered the tiny man with purple hair fashioned into a bunch of balls. His face was fixed into a miserable stare as his jaw remained wide open. Izuku couldn’t help but feel this whole situation was piled against Minoru, especially since he was forced to go up against these giants. He wasn’t sure how much he could help the poor boy as the school counsellor, but the least he could do is console him before he could leave-

“By the way, I was lying when I said last place was getting expelled.”

Izuku’s jaw dropped as the rest of the students followed suit. There were only a few who were still able to maintain a cool demeanour. Aizawa was definitely not one of them as his usually tired look changed into an exhausted smile, still accompanied by his dry eyes and giving the impression that this was the first grin he had given in some time.

“This was simply a logical ruse to push you all to your limits.” Shota paid no attention to Minoru passing out and collapsing onto his back and turned to walk off the field as the attempt at a smile dropped off his face. “Anyway, we’re done here. Go back to the classroom and take a copy of the curriculum.”

With that, Shota moved out of Izuku’s vision. The students followed suit and strode away back to the changing rooms in the opposite direction. Izuku let out a sigh of relief, he may not have found any definitive support for finding a successor on Toshinori’s behalf, but at least he was still given a chance to look for that potential within the entire class. He moved away from his viewing corner and looked back towards the path he took before.

And was immediately greeted by a set of tired eyes staring him down.

“I see stealth isn’t one of your strengths.”

Izuku couldn’t stop himself from screaming in shock as he tripped backwards and fell on his behind. Shota didn’t even flinch at the reaction and instead let out a tired sigh before walking towards the main building.

“I’m assuming if you were watching me work, it was because you and All Might were worried about the students. It’s irrational but at least you’re actually taking in what I said.”

Izuku darted back onto his feet before the teacher could leave his view again and rushed to his side to meet his walking pace. “H-hold on a second! Every year you expel at least one student on the first day, you even expelled the entire class last year. If you don’t hesitate to judge people like that, why suddenly give up on it now?”

Shota turned his head to the side to give Izuku a good look at his tired expression to keep him quiet before he responded with his worn-out resting voice. “There’s a difference between someone coming last in an exam, and having zero potential. That’s all it was.”

“If they really didn’t have any potential, I would have expelled them. After all, there’s nothing crueller than letting a dream end midway.” He hung his head slightly as he turned his face away from the counsellor. It was hard to tell because of his regular speaking voice, but that last line seemed to feel more solemn than the rest of his speech.

The pair walked through the main building in silence until they eventually reached the break room. They were immediately greeted by a seated pair of blonde heroes drinking tea. Toshinori, now in his much larger hero form, felt his smile widen slightly at seeing his assistant return while Present Mic had a welcoming grin aimed at his scruffy friend.

“Ah, Midoriya-kun! I trust everything went swimmingly?” Toshinori handed Izuku a newly prepared cup of tea as the new arrivals sat themselves down on the couch opposite them. The counsellor was about to respond before Shota interrupted with his fatigued voice, seemingly more interested in something under the table.

“No one got expelled if that is what you’re wondering. Don’t tell me you got an assistant just so you didn’t have to handle any real social interaction.” The statement caught the blonde hero off guard as he stumbled to find an answer. In the midst of his babbling Shota pulled a yellow sleeping bag from below him and into everyone else’s view. He wasted no time in stepping inside and zipping up the entrance, falling onto his side against the floor afterwards and drifting off to sleep.

Both Izuku and Toshinori shared a look of complete bewilderment as they stared down at the now napping teacher. They slowly turned over to the only other person in the room not thrown into confusion.

“Don’t bother, you won’t get a good answer.” Present Mic spoke with a wide grin on his face before taking a sip of his tea, leaving the other adults to contemplate the madness without much success.


Izuku had the rest of that day to process the madness. He had to if he wanted the best start possible for today, the day where he would finally meet Class 1-A head on. His entire being was split in two, one side eager to announce his presence to the hero course, and the other dreading the inescapable fate of being face to face with Katsuki. The feeling didn’t subside, despite having most of the day to prepare himself while the students were busy with their other subjects, so now he was stuck bracing himself only moments before his entrance. Admittedly the process of changing into his hero outfit from his regular suit helped to distract him from the building unease.

As the hidden bracers clicked into place he couldn’t help but take a second to view the hero suit that seemed to develop alongside him. He still remembered the first design his costume took, honestly a little glad they mistook the appearance for a green rabbit instead of a homage to his inspiration All Might. It was just a shame that the outfit barely lasted the first week, ending up as a shredded jumpsuit after his second round of combat training. At least it gave him time to revisit the design and add some extra style and protection, even swapping the makeshift mask and “bunny ears” for a more unique respirator and hood. Ever since then the only changes he made since then was adding metal frames to his arms and legs to reduce the recoil from his air shots and some iron soles for extra kicking power.

Before his graduation from U.A, Izuku finally made the decision to have the hood and ears removed from the suit after about two years of bashing from his classmates that he never used it. As it turns out, his normal green hair was a much better characteristic according to Toshinori and some of his fans online. He did keep the respirator around to have at least some protection for his face, because he used it as much as the hood in some cases.

Once Izuku was done settling into his suit, he grabbed the notebook and pen placed beside him and walked out of the changing room. The writing equipment coupled with his hero suit helped to set his mind straight and push some of the unease out of his system. He walked out into the corridor to meet with Toshinori, still in his true form but now donning his own hero outfit, an older model from the silver age of heroes, complete with a red and white pattern and a large cape.

“Are you ready, Midoriya-kun?” Toshinori moved himself slightly ahead of his assistant and closer to the door, dragging the cape across the floor. He turned his head back slightly to meet Izuku’s face beside him and gave a confident smirk

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Izuku returned the look along with a small yet confident nod of his head. Toshinori turned his head back to the door, immediately bulking up to his much larger figure, the small smile shifting into its trademark wide grin.

“Then let us see what these newbies have got to show for themselves!” The now towering blonde practically slammed his hand onto the button beside the door, bringing in a ray of natural light from the training grounds outside. Toshinori wasted no time moving into the city setting with a confident stride, quickly followed by a smaller enthusiastic pace from his partner.


Katsuki waited impatiently with the other students by the entrance. They had all already changed into their hero outfits for their first round of combat training under All Might. Or at least, that’s what they thought they were getting. Instead they were stuck lingering in front of the doorway, waiting for their teacher to actually show up.

The blonde stood by the front of the group, double checking the fitting on his gauntlets reminiscent of giant grenades. He used to have a completely different design for his costume that he made with him, but he eventually discarded it and started from scratch on his own, with the gauntlets, along with the black and orange pattern, taking centre stage.

He was distracted from his preparations by the looming presence beside him. despite the greater size he had over everyone else, Inasa didn’t seem to intimidate Katsuki like he did with everyone else. To him, the only thing that bothered him about the large student was how he scored first place in the physical exam, practically painting a target on his head for the blonde to topple.

Even with his determination dead set on crushing his peers, he couldn’t help but be grated at the ever-present open-mouthed smile on Inasa’s face at all times. It taunted him to no end, like everything seemed so trivial to him. But now the cheerful expression started to piss him off even more, He couldn’t quite understand why, but it felt like his enthusiasm and eagerness had gone up a few extra levels. It made sense a few minutes ago when All Might burst into their classroom announcing the hero training, but now it was just out of place.

Katsuki eventually got sick of the taller student’s excited vibrating and the energetic smile plastered on his face. “Hey Extra! You want to calm the fuck down?!”

Inasa wasted no time snapping his head to the side and downwards, admittedly startling Katsuki slightly and bringing the attention of everyone else to him. “I think you got my name wrong! I’m Yoarashi! And I’m sorry, but I can’t calm down! Not after finding out we’re going to be taught by such a passionate hero!”

“Yeah, but why are you suddenly reacting to it now? We already know All Might’s teaching us.” A second blonde clad in a black jacket and pants moved forward out of the crowd, just as confused as ever with Inasa’s loud ramblings about passion.

“I know that! But there’s still another hero teaching us who’s just as passionate! I met him during my exam, I can’t wait to see him again!” The towering student turned his body another ninety degrees, now fervently yelling to the crowd behind him and flicking his brown cape up due to the speed he turned with.

“A second teacher? I don’t remember seeing anything like that in the handout they gave us.” A girl with bobbed brown hair donning a black and pink body suit moved a padded finger to her chin, pondering the new information before getting interrupted by the man suited in a set of aerodynamic armour with exhaust pipes extending from the calves.

“Another misprint from U.A?! I fail to believe the most revered hero school in Japan would keep overlooking typos in their handouts like this!” The modern knight moved his arms robotically in a chopping motion in an attempt to drive more emphasis into his statements.

“Alright! settle down, you zygotes!” All Might’s sudden booming voice brought everyone’s attention to his large approaching figure. His trademark smile was perfect for distracting the class of students from the iron soles that were visible in the gap between his cape and the ground.

“Now then! I’m sure you’re all excited to get started, especially now that you all are getting to wear your suits for the first time. But first allow me to get rid of the confusion.”

All Might raised his hand up as an obvious signal to someone hidden. The crowd’s confusion changed from trying to understand the awkward gesture to listening to the sound of metal clinking with the concrete ground. A smaller form moved from behind the blonde hero, the green hair and greeting smile moved into view as the student’s faces moved into a look of surprise. The only exceptions were Inasa’s open mouth smile slowly broadening in excitement, and Katsuki’s jaw losing its grip and dropping towards the ground.

Once Izuku had fully revealed himself from behind the towering figure, All Might’s arm lowered downwards to now gesture to his assistant. “Everyone, this is your second hero course teacher. This is-”

“DEKU?!” Katsuki screamed out in shock, not even entertaining what he was seeing and stomping forward toward the teachers. He didn’t get the chance to make it to them before-

“MIDORIYA-SENSEI!”-Inasa dashed right past him, almost making the blonde boy stumble over from how quickly he was overtaken. He didn’t want to believe what was happening but hearing what the taller boy yelled certified the existence of this nightmare he didn’t know he was terrified of.

All Might stepped back slightly to recoil from the immediate reaction while Izuku, expecting this kind of greeting from the beginning, stood strong as he met Inasa head on, retaining the smile on his face.

“Hello again Yoarashi, I’m glad to see you made it in!” Izuku’s steadfast confident look was betrayed by the sweatdrop on the side of his head as he could practically feel the elation radiate off Inasa, with how close he was. The assistant hero moved his gaze from behind the student crowding his view to the rest of the class, who were beginning to come around a few seconds after.

“Huh? Deku? Have I heard that somewhere else?” One of the two floating gloves moved higher into the air above an empty pair of shoes to cup at the air.

The spikey redhead Izuku saw from yesterday moved himself to the front beside Katsuki’s motionless form with a toothy smile on his face, now in his hero suit consisting of no shirt, baggy pants and a pair of gears covering his shoulders. “I know him! He’s the hero who gave that manly speech to that kid! I didn’t think we would be getting taught by a hot new hero like him!”

Inasa shot his head back to converse with the rest of the class which diverged into chatter and murmurs. All Might spared a look to his side, behind the tall boy’s form at his assistant, blushing slightly outside of the students’ view as they went on about their new teacher. Once he looked back towards the crowd his eyes fixed onto Katsuki’s visibly shaking form as his head slowly raised back up staring straight at the teachers.

That’s not the point.” Katsuki deeply growled, bringing the attention from Izuku onto him. he didn’t pay attention to the new eyes on him as he slowly picked up speed and charged straight at the hidden hero. He shoved Inasa out of the way but wasn’t able to topple him over. Izuku’s smile trembled slightly now that he was face to face with the blonde’s furious look staring him down.

“O-oh, hey there K-kacchan.” Izuku internally grimaced as he was too focused on the boy glaring at him to stop himself from using the nickname. The only person in the U.A staff who had known about his relationship with Katsuki was Toshinori, who took one listen of the name and gave a strong word of advice to abandon it during school hours. An important role of any teacher is to make sure that every student is given equal attention by the ones looking over them, no matter if it’s the hero course, the general department or any other school in the country. But after his multiple failures trying to say Katsuki’s actual name, it seemed easier said than done.

“Don’t ‘hey there’ me, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE?!” Katsuki paid no attention to the muttering behind him from the other students trying to make sense of the abrupt scene in front of them.

“W-well…I work here now. I was hoping that Mitsuki told you.” Izuku tilted his head to the side slightly as his smile changed into a look of uncertainty. Katsuki’s eyes and mouth shot wide open at the sound of his mother’s name, the only thing that came to mind was the ‘genuine’ smile she had flashed him a few days ago, now understanding exactly what the actual reason behind it was.

All Might moved a hand onto Izuku’s shoulder to try and regain the grasp he had over the session. “Midoriya-kun here is working here as my official assistant. He will be helping me to teach you all during your hero studies. However, he is also here to fulfil another role at U.A.”

The students listened with a mix of curiosity and enthusiasm split between them while Katsuki stared forward with clear dread on his face, fearing what else the hero could add on to his personal hell.

“Midoriya-kun is the student counsellor of the hero course. Feel free to speak to him during your breaks about whatever troubles you! On that note, tomorrow each of you will partake in a mandatory one on one counselling session with him to get a feel for the service.”

Katsuki felt like his jaw was going to fall off with how many times it was dropping. Every time either of the heroes opened their mouths it seemed to only plunge him further into the despair he didn’t know was waiting for him at U.A. He and Inasa moved away from Izuku now that All Might had regained control over the assembly, unable to get the grimace off of his face as he stood with the rest of the crowd.

“With that announcement out of the way, lets get to the main even that you’ve all been waiting for. Combat training!” All Might’s proud voice helped to raise the students’ expressions back to their previous volume as he started to build up momentum with his speech. “Thanks to the entrance exam, you already have some experience fighting out in the open, so now we’re going to move ahead a few steps and tackle another scenario!”

“While most of the time villain fights take place outdoors, the total numbers show that more appear indoors and hidden in the shadows, away from the streets filled with heroes! Today you’ll be split into groups of heroes and villains, fighting in pairs against each other.”

“How will the win be determined?” The raven-haired girl Izuku recognised as one of the recommended students spoke up, wearing a way too revealing red leotard that exposed her legs, arms and the centre of her chest. The only reason he wasn’t as shocked as he probably should have been was because he already had an idea of how her quirk worked, after watching her perform in Shota’s test and even in the recommendation exam.

The teachers were about to respond to her question before another voice cut in from the side.

“Do we have to worry about being expelled like with Aizawa-sensei?” All Might and Izuku didn’t have time to process the other voice before even more students began to speak up.

“How are we going to be split up?”

“Shouldn’t we be getting some basic training first?”

“Doesn’t this cape look amazing?”

“We’ll answer all your questions in due time!” All Might interrupted the chaos with his slightly strained voice as both of the heroes felt a sweatdrop run down their faces at the students’ enthusiasm. The blonde hero gave a much better hidden signal to his assistant, who understood the call and tilted his notepad slightly to the side to give the larger hero a good view at the lesson script he had hidden away from the crowd.

“Here’s the situation. Villains have hidden a nuclear weapon somewhere inside their hideout. It’s the heroes’ role to dispose of the threat by either catching the villains or recovering the weapon in the allocated time. The villains, meanwhile, need to protect the weapon throughout that time or catch the heroes first.”

All Might pulled a yellow box from behind him and moved it between him and the students followed by another two labelled ‘HEROES’ and ‘VILLAINS’. “The pairs are going to be determined by drawing lots.”

“Why are the teams being decided so haphazardly?!” The fully armoured student shot his arm straight up to grab All Might’s attention. Izuku moved forward slightly with a relaxed smile contrasting with the other teacher’s extreme grin.

“Pro heroes usually don’t have time to formulate proper teams when responding to incidents. Instead makeshift alliances are created alongside heroes from other agencies when dealing with attacks like this and many others. This lesson is also here to test your ability to adapt to your partners power and create a plan on your feet.” The assistant’s calmer voice was a clear shift from the energetic tone All Might was using for his explanation. He gave a quick glance over to the hero beside him who responded with a subtle thumbs up from behind his back.

The student bowed his head sharply, ending at a ninety degree angle. “Of course! Thank you Midoriya-sensei! Excuse my rudeness!”

“O-oh, no problem. Let’s just get started, shall we?” Izuku couldn’t quite explain the odd feeling of suddenly being referred to as a teacher but he could sense it was starting to throw him out of his composure. All Might, realising this, decided to move along and shove his hand into the orange box and back out with two strips of paper in his grasp.

“Team A will consist of Uraraka Ochaco and Todoroki Shoto!” The brown-haired girl was the first to react as she looked to her sides to try and find her partner. From Izuku’s view he could clearly see Shoto’s aloof look along with his outfit of a plain white shirt and pants. The only notable part of it was the odd material covering the left side of his body, even riding up his head and covering the red part of his hair and the burn mark. The costume made it look like he was only concerned with hiding that part of him. Izuku put the feeling to the side as he moved over to the box to draw out the second team.

“Team B will be Shoji Mezo and Yoarashi Inasa.” Inasa’s head perked up as he looked over to the other large figure in the crowd who still seemed shorter than him. The student wore a dark blue mask connected to the rest of his light blue costume while leaving his six arms on show along with the webbing of skin joining them all together. The one eye visible through the mask and white hair didn’t show any surprise when the other large figure dashed to his side.

“Team C, Mineta Minoru and Yaoyorozu Momo!” The raven haired girl looked down at the ground beside her in disgust, being met by an extremely short boy with purple hair fashioned into a line of balls on his head. The pants and scarf that he wore stuck out first to Izuku, with the pants having an unnecessary thickness and shape that reminded him of a ramen bowl. He didn’t understand why Momo was giving him such a repulsed look and he wasn’t even sure he wanted to find out.

“Team D, Iida Tenya and Kac-” Izuku slammed a hand over his mouth to stop himself before he could finish the rest of the name. Without even looking at him he could tell that Katsuki was staring dead at him with murderous intent, making his new armour-clad partner take a step back from him. He coughed into his hand to try and cover up his slipup and attempted the line again. “-Bakugo Katsuki.”

“Team E, Ashido Mina and Aoyama Yuga!” A horned girl with a bright pink hue on her skin and hair, clad in a fur-collared coat and a multicoloured bodysuit threw her hands up into a pair of peace signs while her partner, a blonde in a sleek set of shiny armour with an eccentric red visor and a sparking lavender cape, struck a fashionable pose for the crowd that wasn’t focusing on him.

“Team F, Sato Rikido and Koda Koji.” One of the larger students with thicker than average lips wearing a tight yellow bodysuit covering his body and head walked over to his supposed partner, a similarly large boy with an uneven rock-shaped head clad in a tight yellow and red suit that ended at his upper arms and legs who seemed to start shaking slightly once his name was called.

“Team G, Kaminari Denki and Jiro Kyouka!” Two students wearing similar outfits consisting of a shirt, jacket and pants shared a look at each other, with the blonde boy with a black lightning-shaped highlight in his hair flashing a thumbs up to the purple-haired girl with earphone jacks hanging from her earlobes, only for her to roll her eyes and look away.

“Team H, Tokoyami Fumikage and Asui Tsuyu.” The boy with the literal head of a raven, with the rest of his body obscured by a long black robe reaching the tops of his boots, looked to his side at the green haired girl with a tongue sticking out of her mouth, fitted in a green bodysuit, giving her some visual parallels to a frog. The two didn’t say anything but shared an agreeing nod before staring back to the front.

“Team I, Ojiro Masahiro and Hagakure Toru!” The boy with short blonde hair and a thick tail extending out of his white gi started looking around himself to try and find his partner. He turned behind him after he felt a finger tap his shoulder to see the floating pair of gloves and shoes moving on their own giving him a peace sign.

“And finally team J, Sero Hanta and Kirishima Eijiro.” The black haired student dressed in a black and white bodysuit with exposed and pronounced cylinders for elbows shared a firm handshake and confident grin with the shirtless crimson haired boy from before. Izuku took a small breather from listing names while All Might looked away to cough and wipe some blood from his mouth as the pairs formed.

Once the teachers recuperated, they both moved behind one of the two other boxes brought out and rummaged their hands around inside. After a short moment they both pulled out the first ball that met their grip and presented it to the class ahead of the.

“And now, we get onto our first fight!” All Might looked at the white ball he pulled out of the hero box, a black “A” staring back at him. He looked over to the black ball with a white “D” written on it that his assistant drew from the villain box. “Team A will be the heroes, while team D will be the villains! Everyone else will move to the monitor room while the fight takes place.”

The class moved away from the entrance to the building by their side while the remaining four students followed behind the two heroes as they made their way towards the scene. The only sound the group made as they moved closer to their destination was the rhythm of various footsteps against the floor.

They eventually reached the scene they planned to use for combat training, a tall nondescript building surrounded by many others like it, emulating the feeling of a real city area. Izuku and All Might stood to the sides of the entrance and watched Katsuki and Tenya move into the building. They were given five minutes to prepare themselves before the hero team would come in and officially begin the lesson. It was made clear to them and to the hero team that All Might would stop the fight if things were to go too far.

Katsuki was on his way inside before his eyes darted towards Izuku. The counsellor could see the fury behind the stare aimed right at him, forcing him to look away from the student glaring in front of him. He didn’t see the blonde student’s tightly clench his teeth in frustration once he made it past the doorframe.


Izuku let out a sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck once the doors to the monitor room closed behind him. He placed the earpiece given to him by All Might into his ear while following behind the teacher towards the main console. With the device in place, he would be able to listen in on both teams once the battle trial begun and communicate with them with the help of the microphone attached to the console. Now, all that was left to do was wait for the five minutes of preparation to be over and watch the first fight unfold.

“Midoriya-sensei.” Izuku heard a female voice behind him speak up as he started to settle down and watch the screens ahead of him. He turned around to see the calm face of Tsuyu with a finger pointed at her chin. “I should let you know that I tend to say anything that comes to my mind…”

Izuku turned himself to face the girl at the rest of the class. “Alright then…But why are you telling me tha-”

“…and it seems like you and Bakugo-chan know a lot about each other.”

The assistant teacher couldn’t help but take a step back as the student’s expression didn’t even flinch at his reaction. “W-well yeah, I do. But I don’t know why that’s relevant right now.”

“Well it is important that teachers don’t pick favourites among their students, especially this early in the year, is it not?” Momo retorted with a rational tone in her voice, stepping forward to the same level as her classmate and causing some of the students behind her, even All Might standing at Izuku’s side, to nod in agreement.

“W-wait a second, that’s not what it is at all!” Izuku put his hands out to try and gain some leverage over the sudden interrogation. Luckily, the girls in front of him were kind enough to give him the opportunity to give his answer. He took a few seconds to process his response with much more intensity than any regular person would. He didn’t want to slip up and sign Katsuki up for three years worth of embarrassment, after all.

“It’s just…we’ve been friends ever since he was a kid, so it gets hard sometimes to not call him by his nickname.” Izuku’s expression quickly changed from panicking to a more relaxed yet more troubled look. The new face along, with the answer he gave, was enough for the two students at the front to back down, but it wasn’t enough for Denki, who moved to the front of the crowd with a visibly confused look on his face.

“Hold on, I get that ‘Kacchan’ is your nickname for him, but why does he call you by your hero name?” The blonde would have continued if he didn’t feel a nudge against his arm from Kyoka, acting as a clear sign to back down.

The question did succeed in raising a small smile on Izuku’s face as his mind took a trek into some memories to find the answer. “Well…about that…”


“So they’re letting you choose your hero name now?!” Katsuki sat on the couch beside Izuku, who was fervently scanning through an open page in his notebook. The child was spending his visit at the Midoriya household playing video games, even if he wasn’t paying full attention to it anymore to listen to his big brother talk about his homework.

“Yeah, they want us to pick a name for ourselves before we move onto our internships. It’s really exciting to finally work out in the open, but I can’t think of an actual good name.” Izuku had an irritated smile as he looked over to the boy sitting by him and raised up the page to look over it one more time.

“I mean listen to these names! All Might Jr, Mighty Might, Young Might…Villain Repellent.” Izuku listed off the names he had be holding onto ever since he was a child and even more of an All Might fanatic. His voice became more irritated after saying the latest title on the list, the one suggested by his friends yesterday as a joke which he was forced to consider since he couldn’t think of anything better.

He dropped the notebook beside him and rested his chin in his hand, letting out an exasperated sigh and wearing a downtrodden look. “A hero name is supposed to unique, something that people can hear and feel confident that they are safe. But how can I do that when I can’t even think of a good title?”

Katsuki looked on at the other boy’s expression. He hated seeing the person he figuratively and literally looked up to in this state, even if it happened almost every other week. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for him to be the one that perked Izuku back up and encouraged him to give it his all to become a hero. Of course, their parents gave their own support, but that paled in comparison to the amount the blonde child gave while he was around him.

Seeing his older brother’s state now was just what he needed to set him off. But unlike his usual way of supporting, by shouting out loud at the boy beside him, he let the controller fall onto the couch as he closed his eyes tightly and forced his brain into overdrive to think of an answer. If Izuku were to look to his right he would have seen Katsuki’s face scrunched up as he delved deep into forced thought.

“I GOT IT!” Katsuki immediately jumped to his feet on top of the couch, the stress on his face replaced with a confident open mouth smile and determined tone that startled Izuku out of his sulking. He swivelled his body to meet the surprised teen before pointing straight at him in an elated stance. “You can be Deku!”

“D-deku?” Izuku came down from his shock as he processed the name suggested. The way it rhymed with his real name and the simplicity behind of it seemed like it would fit well, but he couldn’t stop himself from thinking that it was meant to insult him. “But doesn’t Deku mean “Can’t do anything”?”

“I know that! But it also means “you can do it”! Heroes need to be confident right?!” Katsuki’s wide smile left no room for Izuku to reply, instead he felt himself gradually ease into the name. he never understood why, but whenever his younger brother was cheering him on, he felt like he could do anything. The unease in his face slowly rose into the cheerful smile he seemed to always have around the child as a chuckle slowly built up in his chest.

“Thank you, Katsuki.” Izuku moved his arm above the younger boy before bringing it down slowly to move his hand through his blonde spikey hair, turning his smile from confident to triumphant. The teen’s smile dwindled slightly as he replayed the line in head again over and over again.

“Oh yeah. I guess I need to give you a nickname back now.”

“Huh?!” Katsuki’s head snapped back up as the feeling on his head disappeared. He wanted to stop Izuku before he could continue, but he had already closed his eyes and moved in his seat to think, pinching his lower lip between his finger and thumb. After a short moment his eyes widened as he snapped his fingers in realisation.

“I know! How about Kacchan?” Izuku looked back over to the boy beside him with his own smile of confidence. He was expecting him to share a similar look on his face but was instead met with confusion.

“Kacchan? But all you did was add ‘chan’ to my name.” Katsuki couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed that he had been given such a simple nickname after how much Izuku liked his. He noticed the teen’s smile slowly shift from the confident look to a more teasing appearance as he rested his head in is palm again.

“Yep! Because chan means ‘cute’.” Izuku chuckled as he watched his younger brother’s face turn beet red once he processed that last line. In an attempt to try and dispel the embarrassment on his face, he started letting off small explosion from his palms, only reduced because he didn’t want Inko to get mad at him.

“Cute!? Who are you calling cute!? I’m not cute! I’m strong!” The nearly screaming voice and smoke erupting from his hands didn’t seem to phase Izuku as he moved his hand again to pet the smaller boy, lightly chuckling as the blonde started to calm down slightly under the contact.

“Of course I know that. But It’s only fair that you get a nickname as well. Especially if I’m going to use the one you gave me.” Izuku gave Katsuki a wide toothy grin as the two faced each other if only for a second before the boy swiftly turned his head away to pout in embarrassment.

“You’d better use it then, Deku.”

“Of course, Kacchan.”

“…Ever since then that’s what we called each other.” Izuku finished his explanation with a tired sigh. Even if he was just talking about why he called Katsuki by his current nickname, he couldn’t stop his mind from delving into the memories and clouding his thought process. He was lucky none of what he remembered made it into his speech or else who knows how much the two of them would suffer at the hands of the rest of the class.

“Now please, let us never speak of this again. Ever.” Izuku’s more direct tone brought some agreeing nods from the crowd ahead of him. The point seemed to come across much stronger since everyone in the room already had an idea about the student, Katsuki, in this explanation. The teacher’s view shifted over to Toru’s floating gloves moving up to the sides of what he assumed was her head.

“It’s so cute that you got your hero name from your kid friend! It’s almost like you’re brothers or something!” Toru’s lively voice cut in at the end of the counsellor’s story, unintentionally making a sad smile form on Izuku’s face as the group started to move back into murmuring between their groups. The teacher turned back around towards the monitors, his eyes unintentionally focusing on the screen recording Katsuki and Tenya in the room containing the prop weapon.

“Yeah…I guess so.” Izuku mumbled to himself as he watched the two figures prepare themselves, yet oddly enough not interacting with each other as Katsuki just seemed to stand there looking at the ground. All Might seemed more focused on the troubled look stuck on his assistant’s face.


Tenya used the walk towards the bomb room to come to terms with his role. It didn’t feel right to him that he was spending the first day of his official hero training posing as a villain, let alone attempting to trample over his classmates. The idea wasn’t any easier to swallow when he took into account his partner Katsuki, who became furious the second another teacher was introduced for no reason that the Tenya could understand.

Tenya took inventory of the room. Outside of the weapon placed in the centre of the space between the four columns, the area was cluttered with barrels, wooden boxes and plywood boards. He simply assumed this was all to emulate the real deal, and they even went as far as crafting the weapon itself from simple papier-mâché.

“Hey.” Tenya turned back to Katsuki after hearing him talk for the first time since they entered the building. His voice wasn’t nearly as explosive as earlier, but it was clear the anger was still present. “That bastard Deku is going to be watching us, right?”

“Of course, he is a teacher after all. I don’t understand what the issue with Midoriya-sensei is though.” The second part of that sentence seemed to fall on deaf ears as Katsuki was too busy taking in the first half, his shoulders slightly shaking in rage before dropping into a relaxed state.

“Perfect.” The blonde’s voice turned sadistic as an aggressive grin creeped across his face, his hands sparking with small crackles of light to warm up his quirk. He didn’t take in any of the other student’s attempts to grab his attention as his head was already being filled with some of his worst memories from his childhood, where it all began.

I don’t know why you’re here Deku and I don’t care. All this means is that you get a front row seat while I drive into your fat fucking head what I already know.

Maybe seeing me wipe the floor with these extras will make you realise that I don’t fucking need you!


Katsuki stood before the open wire fence separating the city area from the open woodland. Despite it being of an average size, the young boy’s short stature made it seem larger than reality, not that he even cared about it, or the danger signs on both side on the open space, to begin with.

He confidently strode past the fences with three other kids following him from behind. After Katsuki’s quirk was shown to everyone at school he quickly gathered a following of other children, looking up to the obvious difference in power, and who tried to be friends with him. In reality, he didn’t care at all about making friends but decided to keep them around so that they would keep going on about how amazing he was, which was also the reason for his current outing into the woods. The only difference this time was the addition of his older brother tagging along.

Izuku was practically ordered by Mitsuki to tag along with Katsuki to make sure he didn’t get into any trouble. As it turned out his new confidence boost was beginning to become a burden at Bakugo residence, which the teen seemed to always turn a blind eye to because of how close they were. The big issue with him following Katsuki turned out to be the three other kids in the party, immediately poking fun at both him and then the blonde for needing his big brother to look after him.

After a few sparks from the palm and some light threatening held back by Izuku, the kids eventually agreed to give the teen a chance. While Katsuki was proud that he got them to stop badmouthing his brother, he couldn’t shake off this weird feeling inside of him. He knew that he didn’t need Izuku around to look after him, especially with his strong quirk, so why was he here now? And why did the feeling get worse when he was accused of needing to be looked after?

In an attempt to distract himself, he decided to change pace once the group moved deeper into the woods, playing with a ball they brought along. It wasn’t long, what with his sudden enthusiastic behaviour, that the ball got stuck in the elevated branches above them after being kicked too hard.

“What do you mean you can’t get it? You have wings!” The two children questioned their rounder friend who, true to their observations, had a pair of webbed dragon wings protruding from his back, about the same size as his body.

“Well, they’re not too strong yet. All I can really do with them is hover above the ground.” The boy looked down at the ground, obviously ashamed that he couldn’t do one of the only things his quirk was built for. Katsuki paid no mind as he approached the hulking tree ahead of him with a confident smirk on his face. If there was anything that could wash away his weird mood, it was being praised by not only his peers, but his big brother too.

He crouch closer to the ground with his open hands facing the grass. One of the best parts of spending time around Izuku and his overly analytical mind was getting to discover more about what his power was capable of, which only helped to inflate Katsuki’s ego even further. It even got the boy so excited that he purposely went behind his parent’s and even his brother to practice using his quirk, making up excuses whenever someone noticed the sudden bruises on his palms.

Katsuki admittedly did feel bad about lying to Izuku, but he knew that it would all be worth it when he would be praised for the fruits of his hidden labour. All he needed to do was use his strengthened quirk to give him a boost and grab the ball, just like his big brother said he could.

“Ah, let me get it for you then.” Katsuki heard the voice of Izuku behind him before a gust of air hit his back. By the time he had looked up he saw the teen leaping through the air against the floor, his glowing green soles colliding with a different tree before boosting off and reaching higher into the air. The three kids watched Izuku move in awe while Katsuki stood there in disbelief.

Izuku landed back onto the dirt floor with ease after plucking the ball from the branches. The second he raised himself from his crouched pose and turned back to his audience with a confident smile he was surrounded by the three new kids, asking question after question to the teen and making him a little flushed from all of the attention.

Katsuki watched the scene unfold in front of him with a vacant expression on his face. He wanted this feeling to leave but it only got worse when Izuku stepped up and took all of the attention. He forced his self-assured smile back onto his face as we walked back over to the group.

Well…at least they know how cool Deku is now.


Izuku tossed the stone in his hand towards the lake, rebounding against the water surface repeatedly before eventually slowing down and dropping to the clear blue pond.

“Woah! Nine skips!? That’s amazing!” The winged child perked up as the teen moved from the shoreside with an embarrassed grin on his face back to the kids behind him and Katsuki, currently pointing his head slightly down. After flashily receiving the ball from the tree and giving the downtrodden boy some words of encouragement with his quirk, the pudgy boy quickly became friends with the teen afterwards as they made their way further down into the woods.

“Yeah right! I bet you’re using your quirk to cheat!” the two other boys weren’t convinced yet as they snickered out in the open towards the other pair. Katsuki quickly perked back up as he rushed over to the side of the lake and snatched a stone from the side, not bothering to look at it.

“Of course he didn’t! Look how easy it is for me!” Katsuki saw another opportunity to rid himself of his growing unease as he copied the same throwing stance Izuku used. He slung the rock as hard as he could at the lake, only for it to splash against the top and drop to the bottom.

“Huh. It just sunk.” The two boys stood there in slight disbelief at Katsuki’s performance, even the blonde boy himself seemed frozen by the edge watching the ripples on the water fade. He didn’t understand why it was so hard for him to focus with this unease poking around in his body and it was starting to get on his nerves.

“Well no wonder, you tried to skim a bumpy rock.” The kids turned their heads to Izuku crouching down beside Katsuki, eventually hoisting a smoother stone from the pile and dropping it into the blonde’s open hand with a reassuring smile. “Here, try this one instead.”

The boy stared down at the rock in his hand before looking back at the lake in front of him. He quickly readjusted himself back into the stance he saw Izuku take with a new hardened look on his face. Once again he chucked the stone at full force against the top of the water, this time bouncing forward consecutively before causing a much smaller splash.

“See!? Seven skips!” Katsuki took a second to take in his achievement with a surprised look before his face hardened into a wide smile and he turned back to the three children behind him. The looks of awe and admiration were what he wanted to begin, but the victory felt soured by the smiling teen by him taking in the boy’s confident look like he usually did.

See, you extras? It wasn’t that hard! All I needed was some help from Deku!

Help…from Deku..

He didn’t understand why, but just uttering those words in his head seemed to make the uneasy feeling spike even higher inside of him, enough for him to not realise that the group were packing it up and heading back the way they came.


“Wow Katsuki! I never knew your big brother was so cool!” One of the boys behind Katsuki cheered out as they made their way back to the entrance, eventually reaching the tree log bridged across a stream etched into the small valley underneath.

“Y-yeah.” Katsuki kept his head hung as he led the group across the gap. Having this alien feeling building in the pit of his stomach was starting to take its toll on the boy, dampening his usual confidence into a more dejected tone. He should have been happy that Izuku was popular, but it just make him feel worse whenever he came to mind.

The boy was too focused on his frustrations to see his footing on the log as he stepped on a patch of moss and lost his balance, falling headfirst into the river with a splash. The rest of the group took an extra second to process his fall before they peered over the side to look for the boy.

“Katsuki! Are you okay!?” one of the kids called out just as the blonde head of hair raised out of the shallow water. Katsuki shook his head to dry himself slightly before turning back with a makeshift confident smile on his face, rejuvenated slightly after being knocked back to reality by his fall.

“Yep, I’m fine!” Katsuki was more focused with moving onto his knees and getting out of the stream than on the splashing sounds drawing closer to him. By the time he recognised the noises and turned to the source, a larger pair of larger hands softly clamped onto his shoulders as a pair of green eyes darted over his figure checking for any bumps or bruises.

“Deku? What are you-” He was interrupted by a sigh of relief as Izuku raised himself back to his feet and his trademark friendly smile moved onto his face, albeit marred by concern.

“Glad to see you’re okay Kacchan. Who knows what would happen if Aunt Mitsuki found out I let you get hurt.” The teen crouched slightly and expended a hand to the still kneeling boy. “Sorry I couldn’t catch you in time. Guess this means I should keep a closer eye on things, right?”

Katsuki stared at the hand in front of him, not reacting to anything around him and his face moulding into a mix of confusion and sorrow.

Why…why is Deku always helping me?...He knows I’m strong…


“Come on Deku! Hurry up!” Katsuki couldn’t stop the memory from seeping in, remembering himself rush out of the house into the first snow of the year blanketing the roads and parks.

“H-hold on Kacchan! You need your coat on or you’re going to catch a cold!” Izuku’s voice followed shortly after, chasing after the boy with a smaller coat and scarf in tow.

“Teach me how you did that, it looks so cool!” Another memory moved its way into frame, this time of him clinging onto Izuku’s tracksuit after a training session with his quirk, which ended with a small crater being left in the side of a tree.

“I said I would teach you when you got older, didn’t I?” Izuku simply chuckled back as he moved his hand through Katsuki’s hair as he attempted to walk home with the new attachment to his leg.

“Hey Kacchan! I heard there were some small sighting of villains near here, so I wanted to walk you home and make sure you made it back safe.” Izuku had shown up in front of his preschool, a friendly smile distracted the starry eyed blonde from some of the cooing from the teachers behind him.

“Yep! Because chan means ‘cute’.” The last memory made its way into Katsuki’s focus, Izuku’s wide smile taking up his entire view and bringing the boy back to reality as the uneasy feeling erupted inside of him.

In almost all of Katsuki’s memories, Izuku had a wide, confident smile. The one that made the boy idolise his older brother as a true hero, standing against any challenge thrown at him and standing proud at the end of the fight. But now he couldn’t do anything but watch as the expression shifted before his eyes. The smile twisted inside his mind, no longer seeing the compassion behind it but instead seeing only a face that was always taunting, always mocking…

…Always looking down at him.

Katsuki’s face begin to contort with rage as he looked back up at Izuku. He darted up to his feet and slapped the hand away with a grimace clear on his face, wiping the smile from the teen’s face immediately.

“I said I was fine, didn’t I?! I don’t need your help!” The boy roared in Izuku’s face before bolting past him at running up the hill and out of his view. He could still hear his voice calling for him in the valley before he ran into the woods, wiping away the tears that started to pile up in his eyes.

Stupid Deku! I know I’m not weak, why can’t you see that?!

I’ll prove it to you, I’ll win everything without your help!

I don’t want to be your little brother anymore, I’m going to be number one!

Chapter Text


“Alright heroes and villains! Your time starts now!” All Might’s already roaring voice blared across the hidden loudspeaker, the figures across the monitors reacting immediately timer grew to take up the only space leftover on the colossal screen. The two teachers along with the rest of the class watched as the teams quickly moved into action both inside and out of the building.

“Now remember heroes. You have fifteen minutes to win by recovering the weapon or restraining your opponent with the capture tape given to you before the villains claim victory by restraining you first! But most of all, make sure that you give this…”

“PLUS ULTRA!” The rest of the class behind the teachers joined in with All Might’s cheering, raising their fists high as they watched the match unfold. The hero took the moment of distraction to lean down closer to Izuku who currently had his eyes fixed onto the blonde student who wordlessly strode through the halls.

“Midoriya-kun, I know I said I would stop the fight if things got too dangerous, but with young Bakugo on the field, I’m not sure if he’ll comply so easily. Is there anything else I should know about him if he’s going to be doing combat training?” The hero’s new hushed tone didn’t do much to reduce his own unease at the thought. Despite the clear restlessness in his assistant’s face, he still attempted to conjure a small yet reassuring smile.

“W-well, I know he may not always look like it, but I’ve grown up with him long enough to know that he’s got what it takes to be a great hero.” The weak curve on his lips became more defined as he continued his speech. All Might returned the smile along with a small nod of his head as he turned back to face the screens, even though Izuku hadn’t finished speaking yet.

“In fact, the only real issue I see in him is his temper…and his superiority complex…a-and he doesn’t like working in teams…” The confident smile shared by both of the teachers started to slowly wither as Izuku continued. “…plus he doesn’t get along well with children…or anyone now that I think about it...”

“You’re not making me feel any better about this, Midoriya-kun.”




Shoto peeked his head into the inside of the building from the window, checking the two softly lit alleyways before climbing through and quietly landing onto the metal floor, quickly followed by Ochaco. With clever use of his ice quirk, the two were able to cut down on wasted time by scaling the side of the building with some well placed ledges. The girl didn’t understand why they couldn’t just do this until they found the room the weapon was located but the boy seemed adamant on moving into the building quickly after climbing only a few floors.

Thinking back on their preparation, or lack thereof, she wasn’t able to formulate any sort of strategy before the match started. She had expected the boy who took third place in Shota’s surprise test would be more talkative, but all she got from her attempts were some aloof staring and some small talk about following his lead once they entered the building. At least it was better than nothing.

“There are a lot of blind spots around us, keep your eyes open. And make sure you keep your distance unless you want to get caught in my ice.” Shoto didn’t face back as his cold tone softly spoke out to the girl behind her, not bothering to elaborate further as he seemed more interested in patting down his right arm with his ice covered left as the pair continued their quiet trek through the halls.

Ochaco didn’t process the explosive crash or sudden eruption of smoke in front of her until Shoto’s back flew into her front, causing her to slide backwards and eventually slip onto her backside thanks to the sudden sheet of ice below them. From her position on the ground behind her partner she could see the black cloud dissipate as a gauntlet clad arm swiped into her view.

“Don’t dodge, I need to put on a good show for that bastard.” The smoke cleared up, giving the hero team a clear view at Katsuki’s face filled with rage staring them down and the brand new crater in the wall beside him. Ochaco gave a normal reaction as she climbed back to her feet with a clear look of unease on her face, but Shoto’s face didn’t so much as frown at the blonde’s entrance. Just looking at his aloof expression like this was just like any other day was already starting to grate at the blonde.

He grit his teeth and charged at the other boy with sparks already building in his right hand. The second he moved forward Shoto was already moving downwards to the floor and slamming his own right hand against the cold surface. Katsuki was quick to correct his movement, positioning his reeled back hand downward to collide directly with his target’s head.

Instead of slamming his hand and blowing up the exposed white hair and ending the fight there, his hand crashed into a pillar of ice that emerged between them in seconds.  Shoto still retained his plain look as his partner and opponent shared a look of surprise. Katsuki’s palm still ignited as the top of the column burst with light and smoke, melting slightly under the heat. He pulled his hand back to his side quickly and let out an annoyed growl.

Shoto’s head rose up from behind the reduced ice pillar with an expression equally as cold staring down the attacker. Katsuki felt his teeth clench even harder as he reeled his left hand back to shove an explosion into the aloof face ahead of him, only to be stopped once again by a wall of ice rising up and encasing his fist in the column.

“Uraraka, go on ahead and find the weapon.” Shoto didn’t bother to turn back to Ochaco as he kept his gaze focused on the anchored blonde ahead of him, attempting to rip his arm away from the frozen trap. She had already given up on trying to get anything else out of her partner so instead she sprinted past the pair and disappeared in the corridor Katsuki charged in from. Neither of them watched her leave as they kept their gaze aimed directly at each other.

Katsuki felt anger rise even higher as he forced an explosion out of his trapped hand, fragmenting the glacier and releasing his smoking hand. He had set out to follow through his declaration to Izuku, nothing else mattered to him if he could achieve that and finally get him to understand that fact. But seeing Shoto’s silent and constantly unimpressed face simply looking at him was starting to distract him from that goal. He was about the lundge at the boy yet again before a new voice resounded in his ear.

“Bakugo-kun! Give me your status! Where are you!?” Tenya spoke through the earpiece Katsuki was wearing. The abrupt tone didn’t do anything to ease his rage but instead forced him to bear his teeth and yell back into the communicator.

“Shut up and keep defending! One of them is moving to you! Don’t fucking call me in the middle of a fight!” The blonde didn’t give any time for the voice on the other side to respond before he ended the call and returned to glaring at Shoto. He moved closer to the ground before propelling himself forward with a greater explosion behind him directly at the other boy, his face still refusing to flinch.


The class watched the clash between the two students displayed on the monitors, their eyes glued on the stalemate of power. Every time Katsuki charged forward, he was met with an icicle blocking the blow on Shoto’s behalf but still forcing him to continuously move backwards. No one paid any attention to the screens dedicated to Ochaco running through the halls and Tenya rummaging around in the debris nearby the weapon.

Izuku may have looked like he was watching the fight with just as much interest as the rest of the group, but his eyes told a different story, darting between the two combatants as he took in every movement they made. He didn’t look away from the screen as the pen in his hand moved in a frenzy across the open notebook, filling the pages with everything he processed. Out of all the habits that stuck with him ever since his first trip to U.A as a student, he was glad that his need to write down every bit of detail that he saw never left him, especially now since It was the main reason he was even asked to be All Might’s assistant.

He spared a quick glance to the book to notice the difference in size between the two open pages. He had barely written anything on Katsuki’s side while Shoto’s was already filled with information about his quirk. The drastic difference didn’t surprise him as he looked back up to the live footage, focusing more on the familiar stances and attacks he had seen years in advance.

Open the fight with a right hook, wait for them to react before following up with your left, then dash forward to close the gap…

…You haven’t changed a bit have you Kacchan?

“Wow, those two are really going at it!” Izuku took a break from analysing the fight as his ears perked up to the voice of Eijiro commentating on the match. Once he had turned around to see him his face had already shifted to a more aggressive look with his eyes still fixed on the clash between the two students. “Just sucks that Bakugo had to pull such an unmanly move with that surprise attack!”

“He’s playing the role of a villain after all. In a real battle, even dirty tactics become a successful strategy!” All Might turned his head back to the redhead while Izuku still kept his eyes fixed onto the screens. The rest of the group pried their eyes away from the fight and onto the blonde hero, expecting him to deliver some words of wisdom to the class.

“Thanks to Aizawa-kun’s sudden testing, you all already have some idea about each other’s quirks. However when fighting new opponents every time, you may never have that luxury outside of your training. The villains on the other hand…”

“Will already know because of how heroes are usually in the spotlight, of course!” Eijiro slammed his hand into his open palm in realisation, a sharp-toothed grin spreading across his face.

“Alright, but that doesn’t really explain why Bakugo’s being so aggressive still.” Hanta took a second to move his face from his teammate towards the monitors, taking in the sight of Katsuki still frantically breaking down the icy defence with frost clinging to the front of his gauntlets.

“No, it doesn’t. The actual reason for that is because he’s fighting an uphill battle against Todoroki.” Izuku responded on All Might’s behalf, his eyes still fixed on the fight. The class moved their attention from the blonde teacher over to the greenette with shared confusion.

“Huh? It looks pretty even to me.” Mina moved closer to the teacher, thinking that the change of view would help understand his statement. But no matter how she looked at it, all she could see was the explosive stalemate between the two boys. The counsellor turned towards the baffled looks behind him and gestured to the screen, coincidentally at the same time as Katsuki unleased another explosion against the frozen barrier.

“Kacc- I mean Bakugo’s quirk stems from his sweat glands. The substance they produce contains a chemical that works like nitroglycerine, which he can ignite at will.” The teacher relayed the knowledge he had held onto ever since he was a child. It was practically handed to him by Katsuki at the time, eager to learn everything he could about it and get a head start at training long before he would even set foot in U.A.

“Normally his explosive power being directly linked to his sweat isn’t a problem, as the very action of using his quirk and moving around helps him to generate more sweat since he’s getting worked up. But because he’s stuck fighting someone with an ice quirk in an enclosed space, his quirk’s power is going to diminish the longer he allows the temperature to drop.”

The counsellor turned his head back to the screen as the blonde took a second to take a breather before charging again at Shoto. “Knowing that, it’s clear to see that Bakugo is attempting to get rid of the person he knows will give him the hardest time first so that he can count on being able to capture the other hero who won’t be as much of a hassle to fight.”

Izuku faced the class again and was greeted with a crowd of wide eyed stares, even on from All Might beside him. The silence continued as the teacher looked back at the students with confusion before his eyes shot open and a tint of red appeared on his face.

“S-sorry! I didn’t realise I was going off on a tangent there!” Izuku moved a hand over his mouth to hide half of his embarrassed expression. Even if he was more focused on the less than professional performance he was giving, he still felt a sense of confusion as his tried to wrap his head around why he said all of that out loud. He had never droned on like this before, at most he only mumbled to himself as he wrote notes in lessons. The only reason he could think of for this change was the sudden addition of an audience in front of him, causing him to start dreading the idea of his habit going off even more after years of trying to supress it.

“Way to pick apart the entire fight like that Midoriya-sensei! This is exactly why U.A is number one!” Inasa cheered in awe with a wide grin on his face. Izuku should have expected for the towering student to be the first to speak up, but he still found himself staggered by the immediate praise.

The teacher made a quick scan through the crowds faces to see that while not nearly as enthusiastic as the larger student, the rest of the class smiled in silent agreement, a clear change from the usual distressed and concerned looks he was once usually given by his classmates and passing pedestrians.

With all the attention on the counsellor who was currently busy reacting to his new audience with a bashful smile as he rubbed the back of his neck, no one paid any mind to All Might, currently facing back at the screen to hide the sweatdrop going down his forehead.

Which one of us was the assistant again Midoriya-kun?


Ochaco stopped hearing the sounds of explosions and angry yelling once she had dashed up the stairs onto the floor above. She had continued to pace through the corridors before in the corner of her eye she noticed a new form standing out from the white walls and tall open windows. The girl slowly crept through the doorframe behind one of the square columns, not alerting the other student in the room to her presence.

Tenya didn’t see the brown-haired girl peeking out of his view as he was currently changing his view from the weapon beside him to his feet, cupping the bottom of his helmet with his hand. He didn’t make any progress to leave the room after Katsuki’s abrupt exit from the room, he made an attempt to stop him but was only answered by the blonde angrily yelling back as he stomped is way out.

Ochaco moved her head behind the pillar again and placed her hand on the side of her headgear. She whispered into the communicator attached inside, making a few glances over back to the armoured student to make sure her voice didn’t alert him. “Todoroki-kun, I found the weapon. Iida-kun’s staying back to guard it though.”

“Good. Now stay out of sight and wait for me to finish here, I doubt your quirk will be enough to stop him.” The girl could hear the explosions in the background pause for a moment before continuing again, clashing with Shoto’s monotone voice.

“DON’T IGNORE ME ASSHO-” A new angry voice came in through the communicator before being immediately cut off as the transmission was stopped halfway.

Ochaco let out a small irritated sigh as she moved her head past her cover and focused back on Tenya, tapping his finger against the side of his helmet rhythmically. She didn’t need to see his face to know that he probably was in the same boat as her.

“Bakugo-kun still won’t respond! Is this how a villain’s supposed to act? If so…could it be that I am the one in the wrong here?” The armoured hero opened his hand and stared down into the palm. The girl watching her was baffled that she could hear the turmoil in his voice before his fist clenched and he raised his head back up a second later

“Of course! This is all to turn me into an even greater hero! One who shall not shame the Iida family! To defeat a villain you must think like a villain!” Tenya readied his posture as the epiphany took root in his mind, taking a deep breath and turning to the doorframe dramatically with what he thought was an intimidating glare.

“Prepare yourselves, Heroes…for I…am pure evil!” The boy cackled in a menacing tone, hyping himself up as he deliberately strode away from the weapon in a supposedly intimidating manor. The villainous act didn’t last long as he picked up on a second voice in the room trying it’s hardest yet still failing to stifle it’s laughter.

Tenya dropped the performance for a moment, taken completely off guard by the sudden female voice in the room snickering out of his view. His stance quickly hardened once again as he recognised the familiar laughter.

“Uraraka-san! That’s you isn’t it!? Show yourself!”

Ochaco clamped both her hands over her mouth from behind her cover. She mentally scolded herself for giving herself away with her giggling before slowly moving into the boys view, an awkward smile gracing her face. Tenya harshly stepped forward to assert himself on the intruder, not paying any mind to the lack of intimidation it provided as his pose moved to point ‘villainously’ at her.

“Thanks to the information relayed to me by my partner Bakugo-kun, I already knew you would come to meet your own demise! So I made sure to take proper measures to ensure your defeat!” Tenya threw his arms out dramatically, obviously gesturing to the occupied room. Ochaco could tell from the tone of his voice that he was definitely proud about something, but there was barely anything of note outside of the two students and the weapon in the centre, everything else was practically spotless.

“Look around you! A room once filled with debris and potential for you to use your quirk has been completely cleaned out!” The armoured student cackled wildly as he watched what he believed to be pure terror become more defined on the girls face. The maniacal laughter didn’t stop as he crouched slightly as a sound of whirring engines filled the room. “Now come and pay for your blunder, hero!”


“What is Iida doing?” The two teachers had their attention drawn from the brawl happening a few floors below once Tenya’s monologue began while the rest of the class still had their eyes focused on the previous fight. Thanks to the earpieces they were both using Izuku was able to take note of more than just their fighting style and quirks. If knowing Katsuki for so long was anything to go off of, understanding someone’s mindset and personality was just as important.

“Getting into character it seems. Though it seems that his knowledge of how villains behave comes from stereotypical portrayal rather than actual media.” All Might commented from his assistant’s side, his continuous smile subtly showing amusement when watching the student’s performance.

“…At least he’s taking his opponent into consideration with his approach.” Izuku let out a small sigh as he tilted his head down back to the notepad he was holding to flick onto a new set of pages and begin his second batch of notes.

The teacher raised his head just in time to watch the jets in Tenya’s calves ignited and propelled him from his starting position. The student rocketed forward effortlessly towards Ochaco, only giving her a second to leap to her side and tumbling over. The wide arena provided the boy with plenty of space to curve his drive path and loop back around the room beside the weapon, skidding to a halt to resume his evil taunting.

“Soooo, want to give us the play by play for this fight too Midoriya-sensei?” Izuku was pulled out of his screen gazing by Mina, still standing beside him and following his view with a wide smile on her face. He moved his head back towards the screens, taking a few seconds to glance down at his notes as he pinched his lower lip.

“Well…Iida’s engine quirk provides more than enough speed to outpace his opponent in a fight while still being able to focus on defending the objective. Meanwhile Uraraka’s quirk to make things weightless provides her with great utility for pacifying her enemy, but to do that she needs to close the gap and touch Iida. But seeing how difficult that will be for her, she may focus on grabbing the weapon instead of trying to pick a fight with someone that has more offensive capability to him.”

Izuku stopped his teaching tirade, already starting to get used to the evolving habit but still feeling his usual unease of having so many eyes on him. He spared a glance over his shoulder to assure himself, finding his answer in the lack of unease across the students’ faces as they nodded along.

“I mean I barely understood any of that, but it sounds right!” Denki confidently spoke from the back of the group as he flashed an almost proud grin with a clear thumbs up. Izuku returned a confused smile back to the blonde’s misplaced enthusiasm as he turned back to the monitors ahead of him, his eyes immediately catching onto the first screen.

The teacher had made a mental note to spare a glance at the other pair of students during their battle, even if every time he did all he saw was the blonde rushing in for an attack only to be blocked by a sudden construct of ice between them. This time however the two had finally backed down from their clashing, Katsuki taking a break from lunging at his opponent’s throat with his gloves and gauntlets almost completely blanketed in frost to focus on controlling his laboured breathing while Shoto moved out of his defensive footing and let out a single drawn-out breath of cold vapor, his cold expression refusing to shift since the beginning of the fight.

Izuku could see Katsuki’s seething scowl continue to harden as he stared down the other boy, seeing that expression coupled with his fists shaking from both the rage and the freezing cold, he knew it was only a matter of time before the boy would throw down once again. All Might was quick to catch onto his assistant’s rising fears after seeing the subtle restlessness written on his face. He didn’t have the chance to fully inquire before his own attention was forced onto the screen.

The white and red haired boy shared his look of confusion with the two teachers as Katsuki’s oversized grenade gauntlet flashed a bright red from the notches in its body, the shroud of ice latching on barely containing the light. The blonde’s building rage was suddenly broken as his shaking scowl quickly shifted into an almost sadistic grin.

“Hey, Deku!” Izuku flinched slightly after hearing Katsuki’s voice through the receiver in his ear. He turned his head to meet All Might’s, hearing the same thing through his own device and feeling a feeling a similar sense of unease building as the boy continued speaking directly to them. “Since you don’t know how to keep your damn mouth shut, you probably already told everyone how my quirk works! So let me add something onto that.”

The blonde raised his right arm upwards and pointed his fist straight ahead at Shoto and dropped his other hand onto the mock lever of the gauntlet as his target dropped back into a readied stance in preparation. He pulled his left hand back against the sheath, cracking the ice sheet of ice covering it and revealing a small pin hidden underneath. “I made specific designs for these things. If those dumbasses in the support course followed them right, then these gauntlets should have gathered plenty of my sweat by now!”

Izuku’s eyes shot wide open as he watched the student show no hesitation when reaching out to the revealed pin and fit his finger through the hole in preparation. He lost the ability to speak while his jaw widened slowly in silent panic, all he could do was watch the boy on the screen move into a firing position. That much explosive power…no…he wouldn’t…

“Young Bakugo! Stop this! Are you actively trying to kill him!” Even if his wilted smile didn’t show it, All Might was starting to panic internally as well. The various times that he had inquired to Izuku in preparation about the boy in question hadn’t done much to ready him for this kind of rash behaviour, even with many of those talks ending with warnings. The only difference between his reaction and his assistant’s was that he still had the strength to pick up and yell into his microphone on the console.

“I’m trying to prove something! But don’t worry, all he has to is dodge!” Katsuki’s smile and eyes turned into a merciless expression as he ripped the pin out of its socket, letting loose a furious explosion from the front of the gauntlet barrelling down the hall towards his target.

Shoto wasted no time moving to defend as he dropped onto his right knee and let out a wave of ice from his foot, joint and hand. The frost immediately halted ahead of the boy and instead piled onto itself, rushing towards the ceiling of the hall and blocking off his entire view of the room and the student ahead of him with a thick wall of ice.

His ice-cold defence meant nothing as the rampaging inferno busted through less than a second later. The explosive force hit Shoto head on and sent him back along with it, shattering the frozen barrier like it was glass and reducing the walls and floor to rubble. The explosion cascaded into the room behind them, bursting open the door and making its own exit as it punched a massive hole in the last wall of the building.

Even if the attack had obliterated the hidden camera in the hallway and left the teachers and students watching a static screen, the heavy rumbling that took over was more than enough to fill in the viewing party in on the devastation going on and bringing them all to the same elevated level of shock. All Might hastily switched the monitor’s focus and replaced the broken footage with a view of an already ruined room, the path of the explosion highlighted by a thick fog of smoke.

Shoto groaned in hushed irritation, sitting up as he slowly began to recover from being catapulted by a tidal wave of explosions. Seeing his once contained red hair appear on the edge of his vision and the lack of a wall behind him was more than enough to fill him in on the damage the attack brought. He brought himself back up sluggishly to not cause his body to ache more, bringing himself up on one knee and giving himself the perfect view of the cloud of smoke and the approaching silhouette.

Katsuki appeared from smoke with a borderline psychotic smile on his face, only widening as he stepped out into the room and saw the other student’s face finally show a modicum of anger. He shook of the melted ice dripping down his gauntlets as he stood triumphantly in front of the scorched cavity in the wall. He was already more than confident in his power but finally getting the chance to show it to the no doubt surprised Izuku helped to fuel his bloodthirsty expression.

See that, Deku?! See how much stronger I’ve become? What makes you think I need your help when I already have the power to win on my own?!


 “Is something like that even allowed?!” Toru was slow to regain some of her composure after seeing that terrifying display of power, even so she was still the first to speak again as the rest of the group were left speechless at the destruction wrought.

“Conduct of that sort would assuredly go past the clear pretence of only acting as a villain.” Fumikage’s voice still retained his normal reserved tone but it was clear he was still staggered from Katsuki’s assault. From the two monitors watching over the two fights he could see the aftermath of the fight had brought everything, even the second fight not even attached to their clash, was brought to a halt.

Izuku’s mouth was still agape as his eyes were practically fixed wide open. He had thought that he understood what Katsuki was planning, that he would finally get the chance to see him in action and work towards his dream, the one they both started walking towards even when they were children. But what he just saw couldn’t be farther than what he could have imagined. His mind scrambled to find some sort of reason why he was seeing his once younger brothers face contorted into this look of cruel pleasure.


He didn’t understand why that line sprang back into his conscious now of all times before he properly thought about the context, followed quickly with a tirade of still familiar speeches, drowing out the voices coming out of the device in his ear.

“I said I was fine, didn’t I?! I don’t need your help!”

“I’m still going to be a hero, a stronger hero than you!”

Izuku slowly came down from his panic as a wave of grief took its place. His mouth allowed itself to slowly close as his eyes found a way to widen slightly more. Hearing the lines over in his head forced him to notice the obvious outline that lingered ever since that day it started going downhill. He had already come to terms that Katsuki would probably never see him in that friendly light again, but he didn’t think about what the boy would see him as instead. He had hoped that at the very least he would still view as a hero, but now it was clear he was seen as nothing more than a hurdle, a milestone to eventually trample over and surpass.

Is that…all you care about? Being stronger than me? Is that all that mattered to you?!

“He-he’s not going to do that again, is he?!” Izuku was taken out of his unmoving state by Denki’s voice calling out behind him. A quick glance over his shoulder showed him the crowd of distressed faces locked onto the screens, eyes wide with dread as the last attack’s pause began to end. Turning back to the screen himself he could see Katsuki take up the same firing stance from before, left gauntlet pointed forwards at the now standing Shoto. His mouth, once unable to close, couldn’t stop itself from clenching tightly as his fist tensed.



“How was that, Huh?! Was that enough to get it through your thick head?!” Katsuki stood triumphantly as he roared into the devastated room. Shoto could tell from his confidant ranting that none of it was directed at him, but more likely at the teacher listening in on their fight. He couldn’t really care less as he was focused more on pulling himself back on his feet.

He stopped rising as he felt the blonde’s eyes locking onto him from outside of his view. Once he looked up the boy was met with a wide smirk and the same harsh eyes staring him down, his violent glee only increasing as Shoto responded with a slightly hardened glare. Katsuki flexed his fingers, feeling the heated air flow around his arms and warming up his once chilled sweat glands and priming the palms of his hands with a series of sparks. “Now get up, extra. We’re not done here yet.”

Shoto returned the threat as he dropped his right foot forward and started spreading his ice across the ground. The emotion in his face reverting to the look Katsuki had gotten accustomed to throughout the entire fight. The reverted expression forced the blonde to give up his own sadistic demeanour, his need to prove himself to Izuku subsided for now and now focusing on putting everyone else into their place below him.

His confident smirk returned a second later as he raised his left gauntlet level to his head as it flashed the same red as his right. Shoto’s gaze hardened as he dropped him lower to the ground once again out of first hand experience. The blonde savoured the reaction he knew he caused before he repeated his firing position.

“I won’t let you dodge it this time, so bring it on!” Katsuki shot his arm forward with a toothy smile practically glued to his face. He made a show of lunging his free hand onto the handle, he didn’t reveal the pin underneath yet as he waited for Shoto to make the make the next move, planning to hit him dead on without what little mercy he had left.

I wonder what you’ll say when you see me win this without any problems!


All of the drive Katsuki had in that moment disappeared, eyes shooting wide as he processed Izuku’s voice coming from nowhere. His view darted around the room and the entrance behind him trying to find the hero he heard so clearly. He came down from his alarm as he remembered the device in his ear and how he heard Tenya’s and All Might’s voice from before.

“Did you forget that this is still just a training session?! You have to realise how close you were to gravely injuring Todoroki just then!” Izuku continued his scolding through his earpiece, his voice holding a new depth of anger unknown to the boy. “Not even a villain would compromise their situation by this much over a fight! The next time you pull a stunt like that we’ll have no choice but to end the match here!”

Katsuki’s arms lost their strength as they hanged loosely at his sides. His mouth was void of the smile it once formed, now stuck open as he listened to the teacher berating him. anyone else would have heard nothing more than just anger at his actions, but the blonde couldn’t stop himself from hearing a different tone hidden underneath the fury.


His limping jaw closed and clenched itself as Izuku finished, unable to stop the low snarling that forced itself though his teeth. His hands went rigid and shook with rage, raising up to almost meet his lowered face. His arms kept rising over his head before coming back down with all the force and wrath he could muster as he released an explosion by his feet and launching himself forwards.

Shoto had only just moved his hand away from his own earpiece before he was clued in on his rapidly approaching opponent, tipped off by the thunderous explosion only overtaken by the blonde’s own screaming.



Izuku had his own angered expression as he stared down the screen ahead of him, unaware of the rest of the faces in the room focused more on him than on the boy he was ripping into. His scowl dropped slightly into a simple frown as he let out an elongated sigh and handed back the microphone he borrowed from All Might. With his now free hand he pinched the bridge of his nose until he heard another voice from behind inquire in.

“Midoriya-senesi, shouldn’t you end the fight right now? What if he tries to kill Todoroki-san? He seems crazy enough to do it.” Kyoka’s voice was still reeling slightly from that last attack, it wasn’t at all helped by who she assumed to be a much meeker and friendly teacher verbally slashing through the blonde student with clear anger in his voice.

“I understand your worry Jiro, but Bakugo is still conscious enough to know how far he can go. at the very least he understands when it’s time to back down if he’ll face punishment because of it.” Izuku wished he could have put more assurance into his voice, but he couldn’t find it in him after seeing the boy he thought he knew so well act so recklessly. He had to admit that a part of him did agree with the girl, that as a teacher the safety of every student would obviously take priority over his relationships, but that small part of him was all but snuffed out by an even stronger feeling of denial.

To say that there was a split in communication between Katsuki and him would be a major understatement. After their one sided fallout back in the forest, the boy wouldn’t so much as look Izuku in the eye before running away for at least a few weeks. What once used to be a clear bond between them slowly eroded away and left the older of the two with only what he knew about the boy before to go off of. For the longest time it seemed to work, even if he could never understand why the gap between them only got larger.

But seeing him now on the screen, seeing him do something that once seemed so alien to what he knew was a wake up call to the situation he was never invited to know. It became crystal clear to Izuku that what he believed to be just something that came with his age was something that ran much deeper and that he truly knew nothing about this new Katsuki and never attempted to fix the gap between them.

He couldn’t explain the anger he felt looking at the screen now, only that it seemed to surface as he watched the blonde, now clashing with Shoto as a near feral rage was plastered on his face. He forced the feeling back down into the back of his mind as he focused back on the notebook in his hands, writing down more notes whenever he could to distract himself and only rearing his head back up to the screen to gather more information.

The only reason I want this to keep going is because I want you to prove it to me, Kacchan.

Prove to me that you being here was never just about me, that you still want to be your own hero someday.


Both Tenya and Ochaco were forced to pause their clash until the rumble had finished shaking the building before they could regain their postures. The girl was already moving to prepare herself to be charged at once gain. The boy however had a different plan as he already turned on his earpiece hoping that his partner had miraculously had a change of heart and would actually respond.

“Bakugo-kun! What is happening down there?! Answer me!” Despite his best hopes, the line still remained silent as the boy continued to shout through the communicator. Ochaco didn’t miss her opportunity to act as she sprinted forwards at Tenya, her expression tensed slightly. The rapid tapping of heels was enough to pull the armoured student away from his efforts and back to the girl rushing towards him.

Tenya returned back to his villainous demeanour as he turned himself back to the girl and charged at her, arms open ready to subdue her. With a small skip, she landed forcefully on the front sole of one of her oval boots and moved her weight closer to the ground as she crouched down and pulled her arms back. The boy didn’t process the sudden posture change before she suddenly vaulted high over him and glided unnaturally through the air towards her original target.

Her momentum continued to carry her over to the weapon until she pressed the padded tips of her fingers together and started to plummet towards the prop. A confident grin moved to take over her face as the gap between her and the goal shortened, only for it to drop immediately into panic as the object in her view raised up and tore right past her.

Ochaco flailed her legs and arms in an attempt to salvage her poise only to hit the ground and tumble into the wall. She groaned in discomfort as her eyes opened to her new upturned view between her legs with Tenya clear in her view, placing the weapon down beside him. from the posture he took immediately afterwards, she could only imagine he was going to move into another evil speech to keep up his act.

“Uraraka, are you there?” Ochaco would have paid more attention to her opponents fake gloating if it wasn’t for Shoto’s voice cutting in abruptly with his monotone voice, albeit slightly gruffer than what she had heard during their preparations before the match.

“Todoroki-kun? What’s happening down there?!” Surprisingly her raised voice did nothing to alert her opponent, seemingly all to focused with continuing his charade, chin raised up to the roof and paying no attention to the girl clambering back up to his feet.

“That’s not important. you said before you could make yourself float too, right?”

“W-well yeah, but it-”

“Good. Do it.” Without even having the chance to object, let alone talk, her teammate closed the communication, leaving her with little more than an order to work off of. She let out a short sigh to prepare herself but also to try and remove the frustration of her partner yet again while still following his lead since she wasn’t making much progress on her own.

Tenya moved his head back down in time to watch Ochaco hook her fingers together, the small pink light emanating from the contact acting as a clear sign her quirk was being activated. She kicked herself off the ground and began to float above the ground as her face scrunched tightly in an attempt to force down the rising sickly feeling.

“So you can make yourself weightless too now?” The boy was quick to mistake the uneasy expression on her face for something of serious confidence, like she was unveiling her secret strategy to end the fight in one fell swoop. It succeeded in staggering him for only a second until his menacing charade returned and he crouched down to prepare his own finishing blow. “But either way, that will do you no good here. All you have succeeded in doing is making yourself an easier target!”

Ochaco could only watch with dread in her eyes as the whirring of engines filled the room once again, the sound and duration increased from the last time he had used his quirk. She saw Tenya’s hardened eyes though the holes in his helmet once he reared his head back up to point himself directly at his floating target. Just as she clenched her eyes to prepare herself for the upcoming pain and her opponent was ready to finish the fight, the sound of heavy rumbling filled the room, becoming twice as loud within the second.


Katsuki skidded back against the still partially sound floor, shards of ice scattering the area around him from the glacier he blew up to launch himself back. It hadn’t been too long since his new ferocious attitude had surfaced thanks to Izuku’s interference, but that didn’t mean either one of the combatants had slowed down. Shoto had switched from standing his ground against the barrage of explosions to forcing the blonde back with waves of ice. The attacker still maintained his merciless charge against the boy, but he wasn’t thinking straight anymore, wanting nothing more than to take out his rage on the still emotionless face staring him down after finally landing a hit on him.

From his new distance the blonde took a moment to recuperate, breathing heavily and try to force some of his rage out of the focus. He knew that acting like this was getting him nowhere, but the feeling was too big to get out of his mind. A big part of his conscious tried to justify his behaviour, that the giant hole in the wall he made would be more than enough to let him go off without having to worry about the ice cold air slowing down his quirk, but that inner argument was already being snuffed out by the clear signs that the chill in the air was already taking a toll on his sweat glands.

Just looking back up at Shoto was enough to force his teeth to grit shut, even so he was still able to let out a heavy growl as his body moved back down to the ground, sparks peppering his palms in an attempt to raise their heat before another pair of explosions were fired off and Katsuki was sent careening towards the red and white haired boy.

The other student had no reason to think the blonde would try anything else other than charge directly at him, raising the sole of his right boot in preparation for another clash. The airborne student reeling his open right hand back was more than enough of a sign for Shoto to act, striking the floor with his foot and sending a pillar of ice to collide with the blonde’s predicable attack.

Instead of connecting with the attack like he anticipated, Katsuki lunged his left arm forwards instead, blasting apart the top of the icy structure and propelling himself over Shoto’s head as eyes widened at his view being unexpectedly obstructed by smoke. He was quick to follow the blonde’s movement as he turned his head around to see him dropping back into his vision from above and responded by quickly moving his front foot to the back and slamming his heel against the broken floor.

A wide pillar of ice erupted from the point of contact, rocketing an icy column directly at the other student. The construct flew past his primed arm and collided directly with the side of his jaw, the power of the strike pushing the blonde out of his prepared firing stance and forcing his eyes and mouth wide open as he dropped out of the air.

Shoto continued his retaliation as he twisted himself around his left foot and facing the stagnant blonde and raising his right again. He brought the heel of his foot down first and followed it quickly with the front of the sole, sending a larger wave of ice forward directly at his opponent. The frozen upsurge collided with Katsuki but still continued to move along it’s course with the boy snagged at the front, soon to be crushed between the icy form and the wall behind him.

The shock from the second attack was enough to bring the blonde to reality. He didn’t bother to stop himself from letting out an angry snarl as he ripped out his gauntlets from the ice after a second of struggling and slammed the palms straight into the ice. Katsuki had enough space to roll out of the rampaging ice’s path after fragmenting the wall trapping his legs with a massive yet forced explosion while the trail continued its path and crashed into the wall behind him.

The boy rubbed the sore side of his face as the pause in the fight allowed for his exhaustion to catch up with him. He could feel the sweat on his palms dwindling as the burning sensation took over his arms. He raised his head back up from it being aimed at the ground to see Shoto’s expressionless face looking back at him from the centre of the room, showing nothing but the cold vapor leaving his mouth with a drawn out sigh.

For a brief second, the blonde’s eyes shifted into one of weakness as the cold air forced him to acknowledge the situation. The only way he could stop the despair from seeping out onto the rest of his face was to let the anger he had been holding back come out again, his teeth clenching harshly as his expression quickly turned aggressive once again with his arms shaking not because of the chill in the air, but with rage.

I won’t lose…I can’t lose! That bastard’s still watching me!

Katsuki sprinted straight towards the other boy, saving all the sweat he could muster for his right hand as he twisted his upper half back and pulled the arm back even further, ready to smash his open palm into his enemy’s face with everything he had left. Shoto suddenly ducked down closer to the ground and landed on his right knee, quickly followed by his hand on the same side. The change in position meant nothing as the blonde had already corrected himself and lunged his glowing palm directly at the crouching student’s red hair, an explosion already ready to burst.

The blonde’s eyes didn’t even have time to widen as a sheet of ice spread across the ground, flooding the entire room in a deep chill and already running up his legs. He couldn’t pull himself back in time before his entire view was blocked by cold air and ice.


Izuku stared with wide eyes at the collection of screens in front of him, all of them showing the same view despite being locked onto different rooms. Even All Might’s usual confident smile had made a clear step down as the edges of his mouth had dropped down noticeably. The rest of the class were left just as speechless watching the live footage, now bordered with frost as ice cold air started to seep into the room.

“He…flash froze the entire building…” The counsellor finally found his voice as he continued to stare at the various walls and floors now layered with ice, even spreading to the outside of the building and glistening in the sunlight. His focus shifted from the building itself to the students still inside as eyes fixed onto the two monitors he knew would give him a clear view of their state.

The first screen to catch his view revealed to Shoto pulling himself from the floor, ripping his frost covered hand and knee from the ground below him and moving his head away from the extended arm beside him, safely encased in ice and only inches away from his face. Katsuki was paying no attention to the boy rising to his feet as he was more focused on frantically trying to break out of the ice trapping his arms and legs, only able to thrash his head and torso around to try and find some leverage.

His eyes slowly moved to the second monitor, showing the room containing the now frost covered weapon along with the other two students. Tenya had felt the effects of the attack as he was forced to maintain his starting position, his arms and legs encased in ice and pinning him closer to the ground. Ochaco meanwhile was the only one who hadn’t been affected by her partner, instead she continued to float peacefully without touching the frozen ground with just as much shock written all over her face as she took in the sudden change in the room.

“…He even communicated with his partner to minimise the potential collateral damage from his attack.” All Might continued his assistant’s train of thought as his expression started to strengthen again. The two watched as Ochaco tapped the pads of her fingers against each other again, gaining her natural weight and sprinting towards the weapon with a wide relieved smile on her face. All Might picked up his microphone again and prepared himself to yell out an announcement throughout the entire frozen building.


Katsuki did not relent in his efforts to break free from the ice trapping him, almost looking like a wild animal trapped in a cage. This was the only option he had left as his sweat glands refused to function under the cold and his own exhaustion. Even so, he still refused to let his body to give in and admit defeat, especially when he knew there was no way Izuku would not be able to see it. He felt a roar of frustration build up in the pit of his stomach as his writhing became even more panicked, not even feeling a crack in the frost trapping him.


All Might’s booming voice sounded throughout the building, forcing the blonde to stop his escape and listen. His eyes widened as he processed what that line meant for him. The joyous tone didn’t do much to ease the despair the line brought him, soaking in the horrible feeling of defeat, only made even worse as he was forced to think about who he had just lost in front of. 

Katsuki felt sick to his stomach, going limp but still being forced to sit upright by the ice. His breathing became ragged as the uneasy feeling washed over the rest of his body and distracted him from the gnawing cold surrounding him. He lost the ability to even attempt to move his limbs away from their hold, even as the once frozen construct began to warm up and loose its structure, quickly melting and dropping him on his hands and knees brazenly.

“I’ll admit, I didn’t think you were the type to actually think when you fought. I would wager you could be pretty smart…” The blonde slowly came to from his unresponsive state, turning to his side to see Shoto kneeling down by him once again, only this time favouring his left side shrouded in ice. Lines of steam erupted from from the gaps between his fingers, instantly forcing the water below his palm to melt along with the rest of the room as warm water dripped from the ceiling. None of that crossed Katsuki’s mind as all of his attention was instead drawn to the boy’s expression, an almost non-existent curl on his lips that silently mocked his loss after being fixed in an emotionless state for so long.

“…But that doesn’t change the obvious difference in our ability.” Shoto didn’t stay at the blonde’s level for long as he moved back up to stand on his feet. He gave one last glance down, missing how looking down at the blonde made his eyes widen further and turned to leave the room through the exit he had provided before. Katsuki made no effort to get up himself, instead only finding the strength to clench his teeth in tired anger and raise his tense fist above his head before weakly slamming it back down into the puddle surrounding him with a splash.


Izuku watched the scene unfold with tired eyes, paying little attention to Ochaco and Tenya’s screen, showing the girl keeling over and falling victim to the nausea given to her by her quirk and being comforted by the armoured boy. His attention was focused solely on Katsuki’s shaking form, his odd spell of anger since dissipated and replaced by a wave of melancholy. He figured that after a loss like that the boy wouldn’t sit by and take it and would instead take it out on his classmates and the teacher, but after not being able to expect what he was capable of during the actual fight, he didn’t think he was in any position to make the calls.

Thankfully All Might had sensed his assistant’s unease at meeting the blonde student head on and voted to be the one to gather up the students and bring them back into the monitor room to stand before the class for the second part of the lesson. Now with the entire class together the counsellor had hoped to pry his focus from the Katsuki and onto the rest of the class, but that turned out to be easier said than done as he stood at the far back of the group with his head hung towards the floor. He wanted to make his way over and provide anything to fix the clear sorrow he was feeling, but didn’t get the chance as All Might proceeded with the lesson.

“Alright, now that you have seen a proper clash between heroes and villains, we can move onto the analysis! Starting with this match’s MVP!” All Might’s voice was more than enough to call the class along with Izuku to attention. The confident smile he wore was almost completely detached from the chaos of the previous match and helped to bring everyone’s focus back on track. Although he didn’t hesitate when gesturing at his assistant to take it from there.

The teacher in question took a second to react to the one who took charge giving it away a second later as he began to scan through the notes he had taken. Flicking through the pages now, it was clear that after Katsuki started going rampant, the efficiency of his notes went down, thankfully still having plenty to go off of. “Well… from what I’ve seen the title of MVP would have to be Iida.”

Most of the class shared a look of confusion as they processed the teacher’s decision with quiet murmuring, like he had watched an entirely different fight from the rest of them. Tsuyu was the first to step forward with a finger to her chin and a blank face somehow representing her puzzlement. “Wouldn’t that go to Ochaco-chan or Todoroki-chan? They were the winners after all.”

“Yeah, are we just going to ignore how Todoroki-kun won his fight and another one he wasn’t even involved with in one move?!” Denki was the second one to speak up, albeit not as calm as his classmate. Izuku was already prepared to explain his actions before another student walked to the front to involuntarily explain for him.

“The reason Iida-san was chosen would be because he was the only one to properly adapt to his situation as a villain.” Momo raised her hand while also wasting no time to begin her interpretation of what the teacher was thinking. Her elevated arm came back down to a right angle as it pointed towards Katsuki, who was still listening but still didn’t move from his position in the slightest. “Bakugo-san meanwhile acted much too recklessly during the fight. As Midoriya-sensei mentioned before, using an attack that strong can be counterproductive for both heroes and villains due to how much collateral damage it can cause.”

“The reason Todoroki-kun wasn’t chosen for MVP was because, while he was able to end the threat quickly, he refused to fully communicate with his partner, which could have put her at risk of losing her own fight if something went wrong.” The brunette spared a glance at Shoto standing ahead of her, the only reaction he gave back was his eyes shifting away from her to stare at something else.

“And as for Uraraka-san, she had given herself away while attempting to hide from her opponent.” Ochaco let out a sigh of relief at Momo having so much less to criticise her for compared to the two boys, almost afraid she would somehow find something else she did wrong during her fight.

“At the same time, Iida-san had prepared in advance for his opponent and made sure that his focus was on protecting the weapon and not picking fights like his partner.” The girl turned her view over to Tenya, not paying any attention to the proud smile forming on his face as she continued to commend him.

She turned back to the two teachers, Izuku staring back with his eyes stuck wide open and All Might retaining his trademark smile but obviously quivering at the edges. “Those were the reasons for your decision, right Midoriya-sensei?”

“Y-yes…thank you, Yaoyorozu.” Izuku had expected her to be knowledgeable after seeing her test scores in her recommendation file alongside her latest scores in the entrance exam, but it was still admittedly jarring to hear someone other than him go on for so long on a subject. Is that what it sounds like for people when I mutter?

“R-right then…with that out of the way, let’s move onto the next battle!” Between his assistant taking over most of the teaching and Momo’s sudden explanation on behalf of the two teachers, All Might was definitely feeling the pressure to provide more for his students as he quickly brought out the hero and villain boxes from before. He was about to dive his hands into the holes to draw out the next two teams before a though passed his mind, turning back to the screens showing the decimated and frozen building before he had the chance to continue. “…We are definitely going to have to change the building however.”


Inasa stood outside of the new building, contemplating his plan beside his partner Mezo on how they would defeat their opponents Toru and Mashirao, or at least, that’s what he had hoped to do. Instead the only thing that came to mind was what happened to the last training site and who exactly did it.

Even when he tried to put the thought away, all he could think about was how easy it seemed for Shoto to pull off a move that strong, not to mention trading blows with Katsuki without much hassle. Seeing that demonstration didn’t do much to tell him anything he didn’t know about what he was capable of, but that didn’t mean he had slept on the warning.

Despite the words of encouragement from Izuku on the day they first met, Inasa didn’t show any progress with trying to better his terms with the other student. That was definitely due to the cold front Shoto had on at all times, but it was clear that his own resentment was playing a bigger part. No matter how many times he tried to see past it, all he could see was the son Endeavour, and the exact same eyes as the flame hero himself. It always halted any progress he could have made with the boy and just left him with anger building in the pit of his stomach.

“Hey, Yoarashi-san.” Inasa was snapped out of contemplation by Mezo, standing in the doorframe of the building and facing back to his partner. He couldn’t tell what kind of expression he was showing from just his eyes as the rest of his face was concealed by his mask, especially when it was the mouth attached to one of his six arms was doing the talking. “The match has already started, are you coming?”

“Oh right! Sorry!” Inasa’s small slouch disappeared as he readied himself for the fight. The masked boy gave a nod back before going ahead into the building, now assured that he had backup to work with. Once the buzz cut student made his own way into the entrance he was greeted by the sight of his teammate already in the process of using his quirk. The ends of his webbed arms morphed into two sets of human ears as the limbs moved along their sockets to increase their range, from anyone else’s view it would have looked like something from a super low budget horror film.

“THAT’S SO COOL!” Inasa couldn’t stop the stars in his eyes from twinkling at the sight in front of him or hold back his hyped up voice to something more suited for sneaking into a villain’s hideout. The masked student meanwhile wasn’t able to stop himself from jumping slightly after having the shouting behind him elevated with his two extra pairs of ears and startling him.

“…Thanks…” The second mouth reformed on one of the arms to provide its now slightly dazed voice on behalf of Mezo, only staying jittered for a second before hardening back into its usual tone. “Anyway, I can hear one of them on the north side of the fourth floor. It seems like the other one is nearby to them.”

Inasa’s eyes shot wide open for no discernible reason that Mezo could see as his open mouthed smile became more focused. Before he could get a chance to question what that oddly scary look meant, he had already turned around to dash out the door. “Got it! Just leave it to me!”

“Wait, where are you goin-” The masked student was taken out of his enquiry as he felt a gust travel from behind him out into the entrance. He quickly turned himself around for fear of it being some sort of pre-emptive attack of some kind, but was only met by the empty hallway as the draft continued to build up.

He turned back to the path his partner had taken to find him crouched outside the entrance, a twisting circle of wind building up around his legs. His eyes slowly widened as It suddenly became clear to Mezo what his plan was and immediately started feeling a wave of dread wash over him

“HERE WE GO!” Inasa rocketed upwards into the air, boosted by an explosion of air by his feet as he disappeared from the view inside of the building. The once strong draft behind Mezo suddenly turned violent and pushed him forwards with everything it had, easily finding the strength to lift up the larger than average student. He spun and tumbled in the air as he was effortlessly carried out of the building and shooting upwards similar to his teammate as his shrieks were drowned out by the heavy winds.


“Man, those boys in the first fight really set the expectations high for the rest of us didn’t they, Ojiro-kun?” Toru continued to comment on the last fight as her partner finished the last of his warmups, his tail unfurling back down to the ground as a relaxed smile made it’s way on his face in response. The two had already some semblance of a game plan, or at least an understanding of what the two of them were capable of against the much more powerful quirks they were up against as they were still preparing themselves inside the weapon room.

“But, that only means we need to get serious and work even harder to get to their level!” The invisible girl’s voice seemed like was laughing in the face of the team’s opposition, positivity practically seeping out into the room. As the starting alarm blared Toru’s gloved hand floated towards the other to grasp at the cover, readying herself for their strategy before they stopped as the glove suddenly hanged limply in the air.

“U-um…do you think you could look away? It’s a little embarrassing having a boy watch me undress.” Mashirao could tell from her voice that the prospect of her hero outfit being only gloves and shoes was starting to kick in. It still didn’t make sense to him seeing as her entire body was invisible, but he could at least understand what it must feel like for a girl to have to do something like that. He simply responded with a reassuring smile and turned his back to give her space.

The calm they had was destroyed after a moment as the wall beside them exploded, letting in a wave of harsh winds and forced Toru and Mashirao back a few inches with fragment being thrown across the room. As what was left of the wall was ripped away by the hurricane the two saw Inasa careening into the new entrance with a practiced flying form, followed by Mezo floundering in the air trying to find some kind of leverage in the rushing winds to try and keep upright with.


Mashirao’s hanging jaw contrasted with wild open mouth smile the buzzed student proudly wore as he flew directly at him boots first kicking him down to the ground with his chest facing the floor. His heavy body followed afterwards, straddling his back and forcing the boys tail beneath his knee as his larger gloved hand gripped both of his forearms together. With the blonde pinned to the ground Inasa willed the harsh gale filling the room to vanish, returning the room to its original calm, even if there was now a giant hole in the wall and rubble littering the floor.

“Alright, one down!” The boy’s eager smile didn’t falter even after his attack had finished. Instead his head darted upwards and shifted side to side trying to find the second rival on their team. “Wait, where’s Hagakure-san?!”

“It’s fine…she’s over here…” Mezo’s voice signalled his partner to look to his side, seeing the masked student lying on the ground. His arms were extended out on his left side as the limbs and webbing slightly outlined a female figure struggle to move against the weight on top of her body, even though her head and feet were nowhere to be seen. A mouth reappeared on one of his left side, clearly trembling from the shock as his arms and legs didn’t have the strength to lift himself up after that plan. “Just please…tell me the next time you want to do something like that.”

“Ah, so sorry about that!” Inasa gave a short apologetic bow to his teammate atop his subdued opponent before his hand lunged out to the weapon beside him, his confident turning triumphant as All Might’s voice called out through the hidden speakers in the building. The boy was too hyped on his victory to hear the groans coming from the other students in the room, including his own teammate.


“That’s two buildings now…” After his resonant announcement, All Might’s voice dropped a few levels to where the exasperation was clear to Izuku standing beside him as he switched off the device in his ear now that the training was abruptly over. The assistant made a glace down at the pages he had taken the time to label with the names of the participating students only to find them completely blank, the fight not even going on long enough to take note of anything.

“He definitely has enough power to be on the same level as Todoroki, maybe even more…but it doesn’t seem like restraint is part of his vocabulary.” The counsellor was currently busy pinching the bridge of his nose to see the teams wrap up the fight quickly, sharing a similar tired feeling to the other teacher. He didn’t realise that his earpiece was still turned on until Inasa’s naturally loud voice was brought to his attention.

“Alright, we won!” Izuku raised his head back up to the screens, surprised by the returning voice of the student and seeing the owner of that voice thrusting his arms up in a victorious posture before realising his placement and leaping up to avoid crushing the boy beneath him. Mezo had only just found the strength to lift himself up as well, apologising to Toru in the process and handing her back her shoes.

“You did it so easily too…” Mashirao slowly brought himself up onto his hand and knees, still reeling from the shock. Even if there was a small smile on his face it was clear to Izuku that he was clearly upset with how blatantly easy the match was. “I guess it should have been obvious that we didn’t stand a chance.”

The blonde was suddenly hoisted onto his feet by Inasa, effortlessly bringing him to his feet in front of him and spelling out a surprised look on his face as the much taller boy clamped his hands on his shoulders. “Don’t say stuff like that, you’re here to be a hero! All the best heroes have passion! And when they get knocked down, they get right back up with a smile on their face! Sure I beat you today, but who knows what will happen the next time we fight!”

Mashirao simply stood to attention as Inasa jostled his shoulders to drive his point further. Izuku could understand that feeling, having had his own conversations with the boy be taken for a spin by his overeager spirit, but he could see the once forced smile on the blonde’s face rise into its own as he continued his speech. The teacher felt his own proud smirk emerge as he watched the scene unfold, tapping his earpiece to turn off the connection and leaving the rest of the rest of that conversation between friends.

With everyone’s focus on the screens, no one had paid any attention to Katsuki, his eyes forced wide open throughout what little of a fight there was. The sick feeling from before returned at full force as his as he struggled to get even a word out. He bit his lower lip and forced his head back down again.


The trials continued onwards without much hassle after that as the teams couldn’t match the same level as the first two spectacles, for better or for worse. Even so they provided plenty of information for Izuku to work with for the future on both their physical abilities and possible chinks in their mental fortitude. With his frantic note taking and some occasional commentary on the fights at hand, he barely had any time to check on Katsuki’s state, even though the need had continued to grate at him.

With the session ended and Izuku walking out of today with a half stuffed notepad in tow, the class was brought back together by the exit for some final words from the teachers, sharing a bright smile to end today’s hero training.

“Great work everyone! With no major injuries I would have to say you all did amazing for your first ever hero training!” All Might didn’t have to put much effort in expressing his approval before the class as both teachers flashed a thumbs up in agreement, his gesture easily having more energy behind it than his assistant's.

“I have to admit, it feels a bit underwhelming after what Aizawa-sensei had us doing on the first day.” Tsuyu took a step forward from the rest of the group as her statement brought out several agreeing nods from a few of her classmates. The blonde teacher’s enthusiasm stammered for a second before he struck another hero pose and pulled the attention back onto him.

“Anyway! Midoriya-kun and I shall look over the results and return them back to you tomorrow! For now get changed and…” All Might was already winding himself up to sprint down the corridor behind him. Izuku didn’t understand why he was so eager to leave until he saw the small lines of steam rise up from beneath his neck.

“RETURN TO YOUR CLASSROOM!” The hero was already out of site as he raced down the exit, his leave covered by a wall of air being kicked up by his immense speed. The crowd was forced to cover their faces until the wave dissipated and were able to open their eyes to a new view completely void of the present hero.

Izuku became acutely aware of the student’s eyes now moving onto him, still standing where All Might once was and facing away from them to where the teacher had made his exit to. He slowly turned his head back to the awaiting crowd as an awkward smile graced his face.

“W-well then…don’t forget about your counselling sessions tomorrow.” The teacher waved off the class as he made his way down the same exit, nowhere near as fantastically as the hero before as he casually walked down the corridor and feeling the unimpressed eyes staring him down the back of his head.

He eventually reached the sliding doors he had entered the training site through, the words ‘staff only’ clearly defined above and on the front of the exit side. The metal doors parted with his presence and allowed him to walk through into the locker rooms past it, along with the sight of the depowered All Might leaning by the entrance.

“Shit…that was too close…” Toshinori attempted to level his heavy breathing as his once tight hero outfit became looser as his muscles deflated after the steam pouring off him had dissipated. His assistant meanwhile tapped the button on the wall beside him, shutting the metal doors behind them after making sure there was no one nearby to accidentally get a view of the blonde’s secret. “…I had hoped that my time would still give me some space to breathe during my teachings.”

That last line caught Izuku’s attention as he faced the now skinner blonde with visible confusion. “Hold on, I thought your limit was three hours. That lesson should have only taken about an hour and a half.”

Toshinori’s eyes snapped wide open as he quickly faced away from the other hero, missing the small glare he was sending as he continued his train of thought with his gloved hand holding his chin. “Now that I think about it, you didn’t show up at all until after lunch break...”

“I…may have…gotten a little distracted by a villain this morning.” The blonde reluctantly turned his head back to his assistant who was looking back at him with a concerned but still unimpressed expression. He let out a sigh as a relaxed smile graced his features and he moved to assist his friend find a better posture on his feet.


With the hero training finished for the day, the two teachers had finished their obligations at U.A until tomorrow, giving them plenty of time to go over the notes Izuku had gathered. They hadn’t moved from the teachers break room since they began to review the notebook and their memories in detail. By the time they had earned their pause after their study session, the room’s light had moved into an orange glow as the sun began to set in front of the windows.

“As of right now, it really doesn’t seem like any of them are ready to receive One for All.” Toshinori moved from the table between him and his assistant and walked over to the sink and coffee maker behind the couches, still dragging the cape attached to his hero outfit behind him.

“I mean they still have three years to grow into proper heroes, it’s not like this is the only chance to see if it’s right for them.” Izuku looked over his shoulder at the back of the blonde hero, too busy with filling two mugs of coffee to look back at his assistants reassuring comments. “Besides, there’s still class 1-B to look at tomorrow, maybe they have the potential you’re looking for.”

Toshinori didn’t look behind him to see the relaxed smile the counsellor wore, but still felt a tug against the sides of his mouth. “I know that, but I still want to cement the next symbol of peace as soon as possible. And as long as you’re here to assist me, I’m sure that we’ll be able to find that hero and elevate them to that new level.”

Izuku’s smile widened as he gave a confident nod to the back of the hero’s head, turning back afterwards to pack up his notes. Just as he was closing the book shut for the last time today, the pages flipped to rest atop themselves, leaving the right page open and presenting his own handwriting in front of him.


The smile on his face drooped as he was forced to recall that first fight all over again, along with what he decided was a good idea to say at the time. He let out a quiet sigh as he fully opened the page again and reread the notes.

“You’re thinking about young Bakugo, aren’t you.”  The sigh didn’t cross Toshinori’s ears, taking a second to look back at his assistant and taking a guess that his expression would had moved into something more downtrodden. The slightly louder sigh Izuku made was enough to signal that he was right.

“There had to have been a better way for me to handle it back then.” Izuku didn’t bother to hold back his thoughts after being found out as he hid his mouth behind his wringed hands. The blonde didn’t say anything as he went back to pouring the beverages and allowed the counsellor to continue.

“I’ve known Kacchan ever since he was a kid, I can’t remember that many times he was out of my sight. I understood him and he understood me for so long…and yet I couldn’t even notice when he started to change right in front of me. I don’t even know how much of him is still the same from when I actually knew him.”

It was Toshinori’s turn to let out a tiny sigh once Izuku had finished his lament. It was times like this that, as the less emotionally knowledgeable of the two, would be the most difficult for him to provide the same support his friend had given him. That didn’t mean he wasn’t going to at least try to lift the teachers feelings.

“While I don’t know what he used to be like in his younger years, the young Bakugo that is here now is a mass of pride, swelling with confidence in his own ability and pushing them forward. But at the same time, there is nothing more fragile than a heart that is close to bursting. Even if he may not be the same you used to know, don’t sleep on the chance to understand him now. After all, you are still the closest one to help him as both his counsellor, and his friend.”

Izuku remained silent even after the blonde’s speech, but that didn’t mean it hadn’t sunk in for him. He had understood the message Toshinori was getting across, replaying the advice over in his head. He wanted to smile in agreement but the only expression that seemed to surface was his teeth gritting together as his hand posture tightened.

Toshinori didn’t notice his assistant's hardened look, instead focusing on switching off the coffee machine and taking a mug in each hand with a new encouraging smile on his face. “Honestly from what Nezu and I have seen so far, you definitely seem to be taking your new role as counsellor in strides. Since you have already taken steps to work alongside the students, perhaps you could give me some advi-”

“I’ll be right back.”

By the time he had processed Izuku’s words and turned his head to the other hero, the door to the break room had already slid open and closed shut. His head moved to where the other hero once sat, only finding his open notebook sitting on the table.


Katsuki trudged down the pathway in front of the school alone. Everyone else had decided to stick around in the classroom and talk while he, already fed up with today and just wanting it to end, left to go home once the afternoon classes had ended. The other students had tried to stop him, but he paid them no mind and exited in cold silence.

He didn’t bother to look back at the building, knowing that he was still somewhere inside and how that thought wouldn’t fail to bring up his earlier painful defeat. The only thing that stood out more to him was the harsh voice, and the undertone it carried throughout. He had always remembered Izuku to be so much more spineless in the past, usually avoiding conflict and aggression and always trying to calm down the situation. But after today he was seriously wondering what caused him to change, and why it still seemed to annoy him


Katsuki’s forward momentum ground to a halt. He didn’t face back to the person calling him as he could already guess from the voice and the nickname who it was. His teeth were already gritting as he could clearly remember that tone all the way back when Izuku was more passive, a clear change from the one he heard earlier in the day.

Izuku watched the blonde’s back to see if he would start moving away before taking a deep breath and continuing his speech, his voice carrying the sincere and kind tone the blonde was accustomed to. “Look Kacchan, I can tell you’re not happy to see me here, and I don’t plan to tell you why I’m working here now. But while we both are here now…”

Katsuki still refused to face the teacher behind him, debating whether or not to just leave him and his word behind and continue walking. The exhausted part of his mind certainly wanted that as his foot was already raising itself off the ground.

“…I want to make things right between us again!”

His step ended prematurely as his irritated face quickly turned to shock. The expression didn’t last long before his teeth started to grate, and his eyebrows furrowed tightly.

“I know I acted harsh to you during the training, but that was only because I got mad with how little I had done before to help you. And if you focused more on the fight instead of me, you could have won against Todoroki without a doubt...”

Izuku’s voice had started off quiet and genuine, like he was unsure of what reaction the person he was speaking to would have, and had begun to strengthen as he went on with his speech. He took a step closer to Katsuki and moved his clenched fist forward, almost as a sign of the assurance he had in himself and in the blonde.

“…If we keep fighting like this, we won’t get anywhere. So that’s why I want to fix our problems…for both of our sakes! I’ll see you become that great hero we both already know you can be!

After Izuku had finished his speech, the space between them was filled by a painful silence. He felt the unease slowly rise up as the calm continued, wondering his words had done anything to sway the blonde. He was about to add something else before he noticed the boys head start to turn and one of his rage filled eyes peek out from past his hair.

“You really haven’t changed at all…” Katsuki’s head continued to turn to finally face the teacher as he snarled through his clenched teeth, moving his hands from his pockets and into tight fists.

“You knew I could win? It only happened because I got distracted? Don’t try to sugarcoat it, I lost!” He tilted his head back down to hide his eyes from the counsellor as he forced his mouth open to speak properly. “If you’re trying to soften the blow, it isn’t fucking working!”

“I already know I lost, and yeah, maybe if you weren’t here I would have won!...but do you know what that ice bastard said to me afterwards?” One of Katsuki’s clenched fists loosened slowly, moving up underneath his blonde fringe and covering his eyes as his head gradually raised to face forwards at the teacher. “He said that…the difference between up was too obvious…”

“And do you know what the worst part was?...” The cover on his eyes moved back to his side, revealing to Izuku a new expression he had never seen on the boy’s face before. His teeth were gnashed shut in frustration as tears were already building underneath the broken expression in his eyes.

“…I believed him.”

Izuku’s eyes and mouth slowly widened at the sight in front of him, never even imagining he would ever see this kind of pain so clearly before. Almost every part of his conscious wanted to move closer and console him, but he still forced himself to stay put and allow the blonde to speak.

“I kept thinking there was no way for me to beat him…I even ended up agreeing with everything that ponytail girl said…And that wind guy…how the hell am I supposed to fight that?!” Katsuki’s hands went rigid but still shook as they moved to cover his leaking eyes, his aggravations pouring out with his shouting. “Damn it! Damn it! GOD DAMN IT!”

Izuku finally moved himself forward towards the boy, unable to stop his protective instincts from kicking in. he was only able to make one step towards him before he harshly threw his now clenched fists back to his sides and forced the approaching teacher into a standstill. “But I’m not done! I’m just getting started, you hear me?! I’m going to surpass every single one of you and become the number one hero! And you’re going to watch me do it every step of the way!”

The counsellor found himself at a loss for words at Katsuki’s drive, he couldn’t smile at a time like this, but deep down he was still glad that the boy had retained his determination from when Izuku truly knew him. He didn’t say anything in response to his declaration, but gave the courtesy of closing his mouth and changing his expression into a more serious look coupled with a short nod of his head. That was enough for Katsuki to get the message, turning away from the teacher as he wiped the tears away. “And don’t worry, I won’t let that ice bastard beat me again!”

Izuku let out a tired sigh as he could feel a weight lighten on his shoulders, nowhere near enough for him to call the job done, but it helped to put his mind at ease knowing that he had made the first step to actually getting through to Katsuki. A relaxed smile graced his lips as he turned back to the school, his eyes immediately focusing on the muscular figure bursting through the open entrance.


Izuku’s eye’s shot wide open as he saw All Might charging directly, genuinely fearing for his life after running out on him before. He tried to get a word out to the blonde projectile before he was passed by in a flash, spinning for a second from the wind force hitting him head on and falling to the ground in a daze.

All Might rushed to the back of his real target and ground to a complete halt behind him, placing a firm hand on his shoulder to stop Katsuki from moving and taking a breather after his sudden sprint from the break room as his smile was going at full force. “Young Bakugo, it’s important to know that pride and confidence in oneself is very important for a great hero, things that you clearly have great deal of. You still have a lot to learn but I can see that you definitely have what it takes to be a-”

“Let go of me, All Might.” The towering hero was taken out of his motivational speech by the already irritated voice of the student before him. He turned his head to face All Might, showing him the still present tears in his serious eyes. “I already spelled it out to your helper. I don’t need you to tell me to get stronger when I’m already planning to surpass you!”

“A-ah, of course…Midoriya-kun has already had a talk with you.” The hero’s smile faltered slightly, admittedly feeling a little dejected at not being able to provide anything. He quickly yielded and took his shoulders off the student and watched him waste no time continuing on his path out of the building. All Might let out his own exhausted smile and made his way back to the school building, until he noticed the green haired body on the ground.

Izuku opened his eyes to a new view of the orange sky and tinted clouds. He didn’t have long to admire the view as a golden V took over his view, attached to a relaxed smile belonging to the muscular hero standing opposite his head.

“I take it that you were able to work something out.” The counsellor was quick to notice the amusement in the larger hero’s voice, it seemed infectious as he couldn’t stop his own small grin from forming as he finally let himself relax with his minor victory taking root in his mind.

“Well…it’s a start.”

Chapter Text

Compared to the rest of the U.A staff with classes to manage and rooms of students to watch over, Izuku had much less to handle since the heroics teacher he was working under as his assistant only taught one or two lessons a day. The only major obligation he had outside of that was his role as the student counsellor, but as he had expected his schedule remained fairly open since the first it he was still in the first official week of school, meaning that the majority of his time spent as part of the school faculty was empty space with nothing to do.

This didn’t mean that he wasn’t attempting to fill that free time as much as possible, even now he was currently scanning through his personal notebook once again, looking over the series of pages filled to the brim with his own handwriting and assessing his strategy for approaching the more troubled students. The only time he has paused from his reading was so he could turn his head away and take a drink from his still warm coffee. If it wasn’t for him having the foresight to check the time he would have easily lost track of it thanks to the peaceful quiet of the staff break room coupled with the odd comfort of his rolled up office shirt and black pants instead of his bracer lined hero outfit.

The lack of outside noises made the sound of the room's only door sliding open all the more disruptive. The counsellor raised his head up from his book toward the now open entrance, immediately focusing on the man entering the room rather than the entrance suddenly opening. His surprise barely lasted a second as he had already recognised the unique appearance new arrival as one of the staff members he had encountered before.

The teacher’s much shorter stature immediately clued Izuku on the entering teacher's identity, yet his eyes still moved to confirm the prominent yellow helmet almost resembling the claw of an excavator and the ginger hair sticking out from underneath that he associated with the new entry. With a proper look over their outfit it was clear that this was the hero he had met before who ran the ever important development studio Higari Maijima, also known as the Excavation Hero: Power Loader.

The counsellor watched Higari turn back to the sliding door he entered for and closed the entrance with one of his disproportionally large hands. As he twisted his head back to the rest of the break room his partially hidden expression seemed to perk up at the sight of Izuku alone on the couch. “Ah, there you are Midoriya-san.”

“Oh, good morning Maijima-san. Did you need me for something?” The greenette gave a welcoming smile as the teacher moved further into the room and took a seat on the couch opposite to the still seated adult. The second he had reclined into the seat Higari let out an exhausted groan as he relaxed into the cushions.

“Yeah, I do. Look, I need to ask for a favour. I’m not sure if it’s something that you’re ready to handle since it’s only been a week since you started, but it’s the best chance I got.”

The other teacher’s statement was quick to deflate part of the confidence Izuku had in the conversation, already making him want to ask questions but deciding to ignore the need. “um…a-alright then, what do you need?”

“Okay…” Higari’s deep sigh only caused the counsellor’s unease to rise even more. What he thought was going to be a peaceful morning was starting to shift into something completely out of his control. The shorter hero brought his head back up to face him directly, somehow sending a shiver down Izuku’s spine despite most of the expression being covered by his helmet. “…I need you…”

“…To counsel a student.”

All of the built suspense immediately dropped out of the air, leaving the greenette staring with his eyes wide open in confusion. He tilted his head to the side slightly, still trying to process the need for suspense. “Eh? That’s it?”

“What do you mean ‘That’s it’?” Higari moved himself slightly closer to the opposite teacher, his voice suddenly gaining a slightly more aggressive undertone. Izuku paid no mind to the shift in tone and instead gave a small relieved smile, assuming it was just him overexaggerating.

“W-well, it’s just that you sort of made that seem like a bigger deal than it is-”

“You don’t know the half of it!” The teacher slammed his fist on the table as the irritation in his voice took centre stage. The counsellor snapped to attention immediately, getting a good view of one of his eyes through the holes in his metal helmet. From the new view, Higari’s expression looked more like he was speaking out of pain rather than annoyance at Izuku.

“I-I mean I’ll still going help you, I just need to know this person is and what you want me to do with them.” The counsellor brought his arms up to try and dispel the tension in the air, adding on a well meaning but still shaky smile.

“Right, thanks Midoriya-san.” Higari brought his hand from the table and moved it underneath the part of his face that was masked by his helmet, most likely to pinch the bridge of his nose as another sigh left his mouth before he continued. “Anyway, her name’s Hatsume Mei. She’s a student in the support department, and a pretty good one at that. However, she refuses to listen to some of the most basic of orders I give her.”

Izuku nodded along, making sure to take in every bit of information he was given, yet still unable to understand what about this girl was causing so much trouble. “Okay…but I still don’t see what the major issue is here. So far it sounds like you could solve this with some simple discipline.”

“You think I haven’t tried that yet?” Higari’s voice regained its irritated tone as Izuku could feel the tired eyes staring at him with what he imagine to be aggravation if his voice was anything to go by. He let out another exhausted sigh before continuing. “Even when it looks like she actually takes in what I say, she just carries on doing her own thing and causing chaos in the studio. She always recklessly charges in on her own project without consulting me or anyone else in the department.”

That extra description provided clued the counsellor into the actual issue with the student in question. He gave an understanding nod back to the other teacher as he pinched his bottom lip. “Well when you put it like that, she seems like a big danger to the people around her. That sounds like grounds for a possible expulsion.”

“That’s the problem, I can’t do that either!” The orangette’s voice only became more exasperated as he retorted, bringing Izuku’s understanding of the issue back to square one.

“What? Why not?” The new confusion in the greenette’s voice was apparent and was only made more obvious by his puzzled look. It was clear Higari was already too frustrated to explain calmly as he instead decided to answer with the same irritated ranting as before.

“Because, I can’t just let the potential she has be squandered! It’s only been a week and the things she has made are already pushing our development productivity to its limits and even past it. How could I get rid of someone with a bright future like that?!”

Izuku continued to listen to the teacher with a bewildered expression and his mouth stuck slightly open. He wasn’t sure if Higari had realised that his rant about the student had suddenly turned into what sounded like angry praise. He eventually cut off his continued speech as he raised his hands up again to interject.

 “Hold on a second, you’re not making any sense here. You say she’s one of your worst students, but at the same time…she’s your star pupil?”

The shorter hero lost the annoyance in his voice once he had realised the direction he was taking. His voice stammered as he attempted to regain his speaking drive. “W-well no, I just said that she doesn’t listen to me…but at least she still…makes good…”

Higari’s voice ground to a halt as he failed to regain his thought process. He tilted his expressionless helmet down towards the floor, arms stuck by his sides as he let out a small frustrated groan. He suddenly brought his larger than average hands up before slamming them on the table as his irritated shouting returned.

“GAH! You know what I’m getting at dammit! Just talk to her and see for yourself what I’m talking about!” The immediate change in the teacher startled Izuku at first but the had already grown used to Higari’s frustration over their talk. He quickly moved his hands back up to try and deescalate the situation and get his own word in.

“Alright, Alright. I promise I’ll talk to her for you.” The counsellor gave a hopefully understanding smile before pulling out a small black notebook, no bigger than his hand. He quickly flicked though the first few pages before he stopped and scanned through the timetable labelled by the current date. “I have a free space you can use after lunch, if you send her in then I’ll be able to counsel her without getting interrupted.”

Higari let out a relieved yet still clearly irritated sigh. Once he had raised his most covered head back up to face Izuku, the thankful smile hidden underneath his large helmet became much easier to spot. The frustration in his voice had dissipated as a tired tone took over. “Thanks Midoriya-san, you have no idea how much I need a break from dealing with her.”

“No problem Majima-san, is there any advice you can give me beforehand?” The greenette kept a happy smile, feeling confident in his understanding of the situation, even if he still had a slight feeling that Higari was overestimating the issue. He watched the short teacher pull himself off of the couch and move towards the door as Izuku spoke, only stopping once he placed a hand on the handle to look back at the still seated teacher. His expression dropped slightly once he saw a single solemn eye through the hole in the side of his helmet.

“Yeah…Brace yourself.”

The orangette left Izuku in the room alone to process the warning, the suddenly grave tone forcing him to question the severity of the statement. He continued to think that the student in question couldn’t be as bad as Higari had made her out to be, but he couldn’t stop the minuscule sense of dread that lingered in the back of his mind after their conversation. He attempted to shrug off the feeling as he returned to looking through the notes in his larger book, now slightly more difficult as he found himself actually curious about meeting this supposed troublemaker.


Izuku checked the clock in his office, about five minutes had passed so far since the end of lunch as he waited for the student to appear. With his own side of the interview prepared he didn’t have anything else to do other than think about the last words of advice given to him by Higari, which didn’t do him any favours with sorting his base understanding of the girl. With what little knowledge he had, he wasn’t sure if he should actually take the other teacher’s word on how much of an issue this student was going to be.

The counsellor was taken out of his thoughts the clatter of something banging against his door, sounding much harsher than necessary. He flinched slightly at the sudden noise before realising who could be on the other side, taking a short breath to prepare. “Come in!”

The door immediately slid open with a needless amount of force, being replaced a second later by a girl with a wide smile standing in the doorframe. Her pink, unkempt dreadlocks looked like they were only being forced down to her shoulders by the red rimmed goggles she was wearing above her eyes. Izuku had already known about the standard U.A jumpsuit worn by the development course, but this was the first time he had seen it being worn casually with the upper half and sleeves tied around her waist.

The second the crosshairs in her eyes darted onto Izuku, her smile widened slightly more as the rest of he body snapped to attention. She was already rapidly making her way into the room as she spoke assertively. “Yo, so you’re the counsellor guy, right?!”

“Y-yes I am…and you must be Hatsume, right?” The counsellor was staggered slightly by the odd entrance and how she was already seated in the couch opposite him, still retaining the unceasing beam on his face.

“Yep, that’s me! The inventor extraordinaire Hatsume Mei!” Mei threw her arms out and struck a true performer’s pose in her seat, shooting the counsellor a confident grin to match. Thanks to the several uninformative warning he was given, the teacher found himself genuinely surprised with the girl’s assertive attitude, even if she seemed a little socially awkward with her entrance. The revelation transitioned onto a relieved smile on his face as he could finally reassure himself the advice he was given really was overexaggerated.

“Well it’s nice to meet you. I’m Midoriya Izuku. I know that were asked to by your teacher to be in this meeting, but I wanted to start off by asking if you know the reason why you are here right now.” Izuku directed his gaze onto the notebook he moved onto his lap, skimming through the pages until he found one not yet filled with writing while pulling out a pencil from the pot on the table. He quickly filled out the student’s name and date on the top corner as she continued.

“Yep! Apparently I’m making too many babies!”

Izuku’s hand tensed immediately after hearing her, accidentally snapping the pencil between his fingers into pieces. The happy expression on his face was instantly replace with a look of fear. He slowly turned his head back up to face Mei with wide shaky eyes. “S-sorry…what did you just say?”

The student tilted her head to the side in confusion, her lips unmoving from the smile he once found comforting but now felt clear dread from just looking at it. “Babies. I make too many of ‘em in the studio. What, is there a problem with me doing that?”

“I-I’m pretty sure I can think of a few problems with that!” Izuku wished that his voice hadn’t come out as panicked as it did, but it was the only possible way he could have sensibly reacted to the news.

“See now you’re startin’ to sound like Maijima-sensei. I still don’t see what the big issue is. I mean, it’s what we’re supposed to do in the support course, right?” Mei simply shrugged her shoulders, not paying any attention to the teacher interviewing her or the face that his jaw had been hanging since she went on her tangent as the red tint on his cheeks deepened.

I’m sorry, WHAT?!

Every line that the student said only seemed to cause Izuku’s despair to rise higher and higher. With every new line she said his face turned redder while her expression or mindset refused to shift during her explanation. “Hell, sometimes I even help other people make their own cute babies that they can be proud of!”


Mei stroked her chin as she descended further into her thought process more in front of her stagnant audience, her smile dropping only slightly as she was more focused on actually thinking logically. “Y’know, I don’t get his problem with me sometimes. One day he gets mad at my newest baby but another day he praises me for a different one. My guess is he’s got some pretty biased preferences. Not a good thing for a teacher to have, right?”


“Oooo! I know! I got one of my babies with me know, why don’t I show off what I can do! That will definitely make you want to work with me and help a whole new baby!” She snapped her fingers as her expression returned at full force, immediately moving to grab something from behind her figure. Izuku’s face meanwhile was contorted into pure fear just listening to her terrifying idea of bringing down his teaching and hero career as his entire face broke out into a complete blush.

The counsellor shut his eyes in embarrassment as he frantically waved his arms in front of him to hopefully stop Mei’s chaotic plan. He couldn’t let his role here end in shame, not when he still had so much to do to help Toshinori. “N-n-no! P-please hold on a second, I’m a teacher! There’s no way I can-”

“Here it is! C’mon, try it on!”

That last line ceased Izuku’s though process and stammering for a second, not seeing the connection it had with anything else she said before, unless it did and was implying something much more horrifying. Despite the risk, he still slowly inched his eyes open, being greeted by the sight of Mei ignoring the counsellor’s panicking and holding out a fingerless glove in her hands.

He stared down at the clothing in the student’s hands, his mind working overtime to process the second sudden shift in the interview. His hand slowly moved forward toward the still beaming student, plucking the item in her hands and holding his it up to his face. After what felt like a minute of staring at the glove he eventually met the Mei expecting smile, retaining his look of bewilderment. “Hatsume…what is this?”

“What does it look like?! It’s baby number 6! The Muscle Glove!” The student flashed a wink and a thumbs up, giving the presentation her all even if it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Izuku looked back down at the clothing, feeling the previous dread disappear in seconds, only for it to be immediately be replaced with utter humiliation.

“Hatsume…” His voice was strained as he pinched the bridge of his nose and his mind put the pieces together agonisingly slow. He moved his face from his hand and looked at the student in front of him, attempting to put his annoyance at himself to the side as he attempted to actually get somewhere in the interview. “When you say ‘babies’…what are you referring to exactly?”

“My inventions! My pride and joy! Was it not super Obvious?!” Mei didn’t seem to care in the slightest at the anguish Izuku was clearly showing, refusing to change her expression from the wide smile of confidence. The counsellor stared with dead eyes at her innocent appearance, the thoughts of debauchery and baby making being washed out by the obvious answer.

His free hand darted to his face, intentionally slamming his glowing palm directly into his face and letting a wave of force from his quirk strike him. It seemed like the only fitting punishment for letting his mind take him down that tangent for so long.

“Hey! Don’t hit yourself! Not until you put my baby on at least!” Izuku peaked through a gap between his fingers and was met with the still eagerly expecting smile on Mei’s face. He moved his hand away from his face once he realised he was still holding the black glove in his other hand, opening its entrance to make way for his hand.

The counsellor continued to stare down at the black fingerless glove now covering his right hand, flexing his hand with confusion evident on his face. It was certainly comfortable with the odd padding lining it both inside and out, but that’s all he could seem to find at first glance. “You called this thing the Muscle Glove right? But this just seems like ordinary fabric.”

“That’s cuz my baby needs to be switched on first!” Mei swiftly lunged her hand over the table separating the two and gripped tightly onto his gloved hand. Before he had the chance to question her, she jabbed the back of his hand with her finger and immediately jumped back to her seat to watch her invention at work.

Izuku head a beep resound from the glove as a tiny green light appeared on the back of his hand. The fabric covering his palm and base of his fingers suddenly expanded around his hand, making it look like the base of the appendage was replaced by a black balloon. The bulging fabric swiftly condensed itself against his hand, reducing to half of its previous size and applying a new sudden pressure to the counsellor’s hand.

“W-woah.” He watched the glove’s process with awe on his face, ignoring the slightly uncomfortable tension on his hand as he watched its size shrink against itself. He attempted to flex his hand, finding himself surprised yet again at how easy it moved around him despite the obvious force building inside what used to look like a simple piece of fabric.

“Right?! Isn’t my baby the cutest?!” Mei’s smile had refused to stop growing as she watched her success in impressing Izuku written all over his face. She attempted to keep the positive mood going as she assertively pointed directly at the counsellor. “Alright! Now punch yourself in the face again and see the difference for yourself!”

“Uh, I think I’ll pass, thank you.” The counsellor responded to the girl with an awkward grin, finally starting to relax himself after the chaos at the start of the interview had finally subsided. He had hoped that the peace had lasted for the rest of the time she was there but was interrupted by the sound of frantic beeping filling the room.

Remembering the tone from before, he looked down at the back of his gloved hand and noticed the solid green light had shifted into flashing red. He didn’t have to wonder what the signal meant for long as he felt the slight pressure on his hand dramatically increased, the bulging part of the glove condensing even further into the base of his hand. His face contorted in pain as the invention began crushing his hand, squeezing it tightly and even condensing his appendage smaller than before he even put the glove on.

“Too tight! Too tight!” The pain in his voice was evident as he frantically attempted to shut off the vice stuck on his hand, eventually finding the button Mei had pushed to begin the torture in the first place. The red light disappeared immediately as the bulging mass on the glove slowly dissipated with a continued hissing sound, allowing the colour to return to his fingers after having their circulation cut off.

“Well, what do you think?!” Mei didn’t seem to care at all at the anguish his device caused the teacher as she instead opted to lean out of her seat slightly with an excited smile on her face. Izuku didn’t return the smile as he looked back down to the glove with a bothered expression.

“…Well… it’s definitely not like anything that I have seen from the support course before, but does it need to be that tight? It seems counterproductive to use something to give you more power only for it to break your hand.”

“Really? Whoops! musta set the upper compression limit too high!” The smile on the girl’s face didn’t reduce but the confusion was evident in her voice, if only for a second. Her hand shot into her jumpsuit pocket and pulled out her own tiny note book, turning it open and scribbling away on a random page. “Gotta make sure I fix that after I finish with baby number 7!”

The student’s last line caught Izuku’s attention as he glanced back at her with a clear look of confusion in her statement. “Wait, you’re already moving onto the next project? Shouldn’t it be more important to remove the existing issues with your last design before moving on?”

Mei slammed her book shut and gave a thumbs up with her free hand. “Of course not! I don’t have time to look over every bug my babies have! If you keep fussing over every last issue you’ll never the chance to move forward!”

The counsellor’s expression shifted slightly into a look of admiration. With all of the other anarchy he had been subjected to in the interview he had almost forgotten the amount of dedication the student was actually showing. However he didn’t let that distact him for long as his face hardened a second later. “Your job involves the wellbeing of other people, you can’t use that line here.”

Izuku worked his hand out of the glove, flexing his still red hand now that the pressure had fully disappeared from his palm. “But I have to admit, I’m impressed that you already have 7 of these designs in your first week. I have to ask where have that kind of drive or ability to schedule yourself properly come fro…”

Without any more interferences caused by Mei, the teacher was able to get a much better look at the girl, where he found the answer to his new query written all over his face, specifically the massive bags under her eyes. The impressed tone in his voice disappeared and was replaced with his unimpressed voice “…Hatsume, when was the last time you got any sleep?”

“What’s sleep?!” There was genuine confusion in her voice as she quickly shrugged her shoulders, her wide smile fixed on her face. Izuku didn’t think about how that expression on her face was clearly a consequence of her newfound ignorance and instead moved his head into his awaiting palm almost instinctually.

“Right…well…It’s good that you have passion, but please try to look after yourself more. Remember, even heroes take their health very seriously.” Izuku pulled his head out of his palm and moved his hand holding the empty glove over the table to give the device back, a relaxed smile finally having the chance to bloom on his face. He missed the sign of Mei’s eyes flaring slightly as she watched the extended arm inch closer to her, eventually seeing the opportunity arise and latching onto the hero.

The counsellor attempted to reel back in surprise but found himself anchored by the student’ surprisingly strong grip. Her grip quickly shifted as her other hand gripped onto Izuku’s exposed arm, firmly tensing into the muscle. “Oh yeah, I can definitely see that with your firm build~”

“Ha-Hatsume? What are you doing?!” His face broke out into a red hue as the girl leaned out of her seat more to move her hands up his arm and continuing to caress his limb. His eyes kept shakily darting between her groping appendages and her eyes, taking an extra second to notice that the look in her eyes had shifted to a sudden look of interest in the teacher’s body.

“Getting a feel your muscles, obviously. I didn’t think I would get the chance to get to use a proper strength hero as a model for babies with all the other slim teachers around here.”

Izuku’s mind went blank for a second as it attempted to process yet another immediate shift it the conversation, only being able to process the girl slightly kneading his arm. By the time he snapped back to reality, he was greeted by the face of Mei suddenly taking up much more of his view. A quick look down revealed that she had changed seats from her own couch to his lap, giving her ample opportunity to feel the rest of his arm.

The second he felt her hand slowly move from his shoulder onto his chest, his conscious snapped to attention. His hand shot out to grab her wrists and used what leverage he had to force her away from his body, making sure not to accidentally hurt her in his flustered panic. “P-please stop this! I-if someone comes in here and sees this…”

“Fiiine, if you want to be such a baby about it, I won’t do your chest.” Mei finally let out a sigh after having a smile plastered on her face the entire session. The counsellor took her word as a clear sign that she would stop, letting go of her wrists and waiting for her to move further way from her. Instead the girl’s smile immediately as her hands lunged over to his other arm that had not yet been tested. “I’ll just do your arms, legs and pelvis instead. That’s gotta be fine even for you, right?”

“T-THAT’S NOT ANY BETTER!” Izuku’s retort fell on deaf ears as Mei let out a sinister giggle, continuing to grope his arms without any hesitation on what the act would look from an outside view. He attempted to stammer another line out but couldn’t respond as his concentration was constantly interrupted by the constant sensation, practically sentencing him to the whims of the mad genius in front of him.


It has been half an hour since Higari had essentially shoved Mei out of the development studio and coaxed her to attend her counselling session by agreeing to let her back into the workshop. He had planned to finally get to work on the other project he and Nezu had agreed on, but didn’t plan for the calm created by the girl’s absence to be so contagious. The only thing he ended up doing in that blissful peace was take in the long wished for quiet as he lounged back in his seat.

His eyes shot open as the resounding noise of the front door being rhythmically slammed without end echoed throughout the room. He recognised the incessant noise as the end of his short lived peace and let out a groan. Picking himself out of his comfortable seat, he walked over to the door and unlocked the door from his side, watching the entrance slide open immediately afterwards and greeting the resting smile of Mei.

“Oh…hey Hatsume. How did the counselling go?” Higari’s voice made it clear that he wasn’t excited for the student’s return, which she didn’t seem to care for in the first place as she brazenly strode right past the teacher to occupied work desk.

“Great! I got a whole new slew of ideas for new babies out of it!” Mei didn’t bother to look back before she already got to work by unfurling a sheet of blue paper and scribbling without hesitation. The short man let out a sigh at the clear signs of thing unfortunately turning back to normal and moved to close the door, only being stopped by the tuft of green hair he saw sticking out from behind the doorframe.

Higari peeked his head out of the entrance to sate his curiosity to find the bent over form of Izuku leaning against the edge of the doorframe. The exhausted expression in his eyes and visible shaking was a far cry from when the two of them met earlier, giving the teacher an easier time figuring out what the counsellor had been subjected to after being in the same room with Mei for that amount of time.

“I owe you an apology Maijima-san. I didn’t take you by your word…” A mixture of pain and shame encompassed his voice as he tilted his head down towards the floor away from the other teacher’s view. Higari stepped out of the room to place one of his large hands onto Izuku’s hunched shoulder in an attempt to console him after having to suffer through some unknown nightmare.

“Don’t worry about it, I understand. You let your guard down around her for a second and you’re done for. Either way I appreciate you attempting to help out.”

The counsellor glanced up to meet the shorter hero after letting out a tired sigh. The two of them shared a nod before Higari moved back to enter the studio, both of them now sharing the same understanding of what chaos Mei could do without supervision. Izuku thought that the conversation had ended there until he saw the teacher’s head poke out again from the door.

“So…I assume you won’t want to take her in again for another session?” There was still some hope in his voice after getting a taste of peace, but was clearly overshadowed by the rest of his tone that made his understanding of Izuku’s situation. It didn’t make the suddent shiver that ran down his spine any softer as he was forced to imagine another nightmare starring the girl.

“Even if I did, I’m not strong enough to get anything about her to change.” The odd wording that counsellor used made the teacher’s head tilt slightly, like something else had happened that he hadn’t expected. But before he had the chance to ask, Izuku moved himself forward beside the wall and gripped onto the handle of his side of the door, already moving it along with him. “I’m sorry Maijima-san…but you’re on your own.”

Before Higari had the chance to object, the door between them had closed, cutting off Izuku's view from the nightmare he hopefully didn’t have to deal with again before collecting himself off the wall and walking back to the break room, more than eager to get back to his own peace.

Chapter Text

Izuku’s eyes sluggishly opened to the rhythmic beeping of his morning alarm. He didn’t try to suppress his groans as he was more focused on forcing his arm out from under the warm covers of his bed to aimlessly tap the screen of his phone. Eventually the noise blaring in his ears was silenced as he brought back his extended hand to rub the sleep out of his eyes. Begrudgingly he raised his head off of his pillow and ran a hand through his green hair, discovering it to be even more dishevelled than his usual style.

He couldn’t stop his urge to stretch out his arms straight above his head and let out a loud yawn, feeling the joints in his back loosen with a satisfying crack as he became awake enough to leave his bed. He continued his routine stretches once his feet hit the floorboards, removing the morning slack from his body and fully rising from his drowsy state but not doing anything to get rid of the dull expression plastered on his face.

He needlessly scanned the room around him to gain his bearings. Even with what little light was seeping through the blinds of his windows, he already knew the contents of his room like the back of his hand. Shelves and walls filled to the brim with merchandise of the number one hero he had bought during his younger student years of life. He considered it some kind of miracle that despite knowing the hero in question personally now, he had never laid eyes on the insides of Izuku’s bedroom and seen the obviously uncomfortable levels of admiration hidden inside.

He quietly sauntered out of his room into the hall, only to immediately turn and move into the room beside his own. A flick of the light switch revealed the sink and toilet stuffed into the moderately sized bathroom. Turning towards the sink and mirror, he continued the next part of his morning schedule and reached for his toothbrush. His tired look didn’t shift at all while he watched himself clean his teeth rhythmically in the mirror, eventually calling the few minutes he spent brushing enough and spitting the leftover toothpaste into the sink.

He placed his toothbrush back into the cup on the sink and moved to grab the comb beside it. He gave it a short rinse underneath the tap before running it through his bed hair. It took some effort to force it’s teeth through the tangled locks, but he eventually pushed through, forcing his now wet hair down into a smoother and smaller style compared to before. He stared at the new look in the mirror with the same dull look from before closing his eyes and turning on his quirk, his already green hair becoming highlighted in an emerald colour. The tiny amount of pressure building on his head was released all at once, sending his hair out in all directions before settling back down into his normal green mane. Izuku reopened his eyes to his now iconic mop of hair and cracked a genuine grin to himself in the mirror before turning back to the door of the bathroom.

He closed the door behind him, moving back to his room before his eyes caught onto his similarly green-haired mother working in the kitchen. Inko returned the look with a pleasant smile before turning back to prepare their breakfast. Despite being a grown man living in the same home as his mother, it was still her who did a lot of the housework apart from cooking and sometimes cleaning. It wasn’t like Izuku got lazy, if anything he continued offering to lighten the load since he decided to stay around, but Inko had continued to insist that she would take over the majority of the jobs at home, often using his role as a hero and now a teacher against him to prove her point.

Izuku walked back into his room, putting his hunger to the side for now in order to focus on getting changed. He opened up his wardrobe before sliding out of his pyjamas and digging into the contents. He pulled out a clean pair of office pants and a white dress shirt to go with it, along with a tie looped around the shirt hanger. Putting on the outfit he had prepared was obviously no hassle for him, but he admitted to maybe spending a little longer fumbling with his tie to make sure it didn’t result in the shortened mess he used to wear back as a U.A student. He dove one more time into the hanging clothes and took out a jacket to add another layer onto his clothing. Izuku gave himself one more look over in the mirror attached to the inside of the wardrobe, earning himself a confirmative nod before leaving the room once again.

He opened the door to his bedroom again to the sight of Inko preparing the table with two sets of breakfast. He made his way over to his usual seat as the calm smile from before was still present on his face and the mother had placed herself in her own chair. The meal had not lasted long after he had given his thanks and ate his way through the bowl, Inko following suit soon after as the two of them shared a similar tranquil expression thanks to the morning calm. She at the very least allowed him to help clean up what little was on the table before he prepared himself for the walk to U.A.

“Alright, I’m heading off now.” Izuku sat on the edge of the entryway as he fitted on his casual red shoes, standing back onto his feet and tapping the front of his footing against the floor. He pulled up his yellow messenger bag up along with him and threw the single strap across his shoulder opposite to it, ready to officially start the day as he reached out to the front door.

“Say hi to Yagi-kun for me!” Inko called out from the sink as she turned back to face her son one more time before he gave her back an assuring nod and smile before opening the door wide open and closing it behind him.


Izuku was lucky to have found his way onto one of the less crowded train carts, having plenty of experience as to what that scenario is like after using this same path to U.A for three years and counting now. Even if he considered this a victory it didn’t mean that there was a major improvement to the situation, all it meant was that there just a bit more room to breathe instead of having the entire space taken up by other grown men and women on their way to work, with the occasional student stuffed in between the mess.

The green-haired adult spent his time waiting for his stop to arrive by flicking through news articles on his phone, much like what he had done every other day he had taken the train. It had started as a way for him to keep up to date with the latest news on heroes and possibly make more notes to learn from, but after becoming a hero himself, his view had changed to keeping himself aware of any possible threats to keep aware of. In that sense he could understand why he felt more connected to the articles, especially when he saw his own hero name on one of the titles, his eyes widening in surprise.

‘Change in Career so Soon?: New Rising Hero Deku Last Seen Leaving U.A High School.’

Izuku let out a tired sigh as he read through the title and tapped onto the story and quickly focusing on the picture of himself leaving U.A alongside Toshinori’s thin form, both of them clad in suits and sharing a cheerful smile. It would have been a cute picture in any other occasion except for it being plastered at the very top of an internet article. A quick scan through the article thankfully revealed that none of it was focused on the blonde in the image, assuring that their secret had not been revealed. Unfortunately that also meant that the entire page had been dedicated to just him along with speculations over the picture. He knew paparazzi were relentless for stories thanks to the advice given to him by Toshinori, but never this bad.

“U-um…excuse me…excuse me sir.” Izuku looked up from his screen as a female voice broke through the calm of the train carriage after seeing that no one else in his view had turned to respond. He didn’t expect the call to be directed at him until he noticed from the corner of his view a pair of girls wearing a uniform he didn’t recognise from any school he was familiar with. As he turned his head fully to face them he noticed the two of them sharing an odd look of awe and nervousness, causing him to respond with a confused expression, not understanding the reason behind their reaction.

“You’re Deku, right?”

Izuku’s eyes widened slightly once he finally processed the question. Even after a few months of making himself known in the spotlight, he still hadn’t quite adapted to having people recognising him on the street, especially now when people could apparently tell who he was even when he wasn’t in his hero outfit. He managed to keep his panic trapped in his mind along with supressing his flustered expression, but could only hope that his nervous shaking was going under the radar. Without enough experience in dealing with fans in person, the only thing he could think to do was fall back on the advice personally given to him by Toshinori on the subject in front of him, silently thanking the blonde’s insistency as he prepared his act.

“Yep, that’s me. Thank you for all of your support!” The greenette flashed a wide grin coupled with a thumbs up to complete the rest of his practiced pose. The ecstatic smiles taking over the schoolgirls’ faces were a clear sign that his approach and copied speech was working, even though he had missed the rising blush shared by both of them in order to focus on his performance.

“Wow, it really is Deku!” Izuku was taken out of his planned act by another voice chiming in from behind him, his smile only faltering by an inch as he turned himself around to properly meet the new person. As his head pivoted to face behind himself, he was forced to take in the view of many more faces locked onto his form, much more than the three people he was expecting to entertain, and definitely more than he was capable of keeping his cool in front of.

He quickly became the figurative and literal centre of attention inside of the train carriage, almost immediately approached from all sides as he was bombarded by a myriad of voices from all angles without ever being able to tell where they were coming from.

“It’s a great honour to meet such a cool hero like you!”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“That speech you gave before was so inspiring!”

“Can I get your autograph?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

Even if the smile refused to fade off of Izuku’s face, it had taken all of his focus to keep it maintained instead of immediately falling into his usual flustered panic. He quickly realised that he had no free part of him capable of preparing any sort of response, leaving him there darting between the faces adoring him as he struggled to hold his expression and forcing his body’s shakings to a minimum.

How does Yagi-kun pull this off?!


Izuku leaned into his counselling office’s couch and rubbed his eyelids, letting out a tired groan as he allowed his body to relax after the last student of class 1-A had left the room. After somehow escaping the fiasco on the train and almost immediately moving into his office in preparation for his counselling sessions with the entire class, he was already starting to wonder how much energy he would have left to get through the rest of the day.

He pulled himself back up into a proper sitting position and picked his notepad back up from the table to flick through his latest notes once again. This investigation along with the information he gathered yesterday would provide the foundation of his understanding of each of the students, which he could then work towards helping them to improve from their starting lines into heroes.

As it turned out however, even with a series of questions already prepared to broaden the notes he could gather, assessing that many varied personalities all in a moderate span of time proved to be more difficult than he had imagined, much less writing as much information as he did during his conversations with them.

Seat No.1: Aoyama Yuga

‘Aoyama shows great confidence in his own abilities and in his quirk, unfortunately he shows this by comparing himself to his classmates and attempting to elevate himself. He had also seemed to downplay the fact that his quirk, Navel Laser, has the downside of giving him a stomach ache if he uses it too much. This could be a sign that his pride causes him to miss some of his weaknesses, a flaw that could have a serious impact on his potential as a hero. Despite his vanity, he still maintains the confidence needed for a hero to function when in combat, as seen during his performance in yesterday’s battle trial and wears an equally self-assured smile with ease.’

Izuku read over the first page of notes once again to make sure he agreed with himself before moving onto the next. Thinking back on his talk with Yuga, he figured that not mentioning the odd flamboyant poses he made at the start and end of every sentence in the report was a good decision, especially as he couldn’t understand the student’s need to act in such a way either. The counsellor was also forced to remember the odd feeling he had whenever he saw the student’s smile, but already knew that it was mainly due to it along with the rest of his expression not budging an inch during the entire interview.

Seat No.2: Ashido Mina

‘Ashido demonstrates a very sociable and easygoing personality, having no trouble striking up a conversation with students or staff members. She also has no issue with bringing up her own interests and even proudly mentioned her pink skin was a side effect of her Acid quirk. She gives off the aura of an entertainer or a performer, being able to ease the situation into a more lighthearted tone, a great talent for any successful hero to have when reassuring civilians.’

The talk with Mina was an interesting one at the very least. While he had never brought up a question relating to it, the schoolgirl wasn’t hesitant to admit her flaws when it came to her academics. He was happy that she decided to be honest, but he was still a little concerned with how brazenly she mentioned it. Even so, it was obviously clear that her strength was going to be with her always friendly character, evidenced by him realising about half way through the interview that he had started talking about himself thanks to her. A great demonstration of her talent, if a little scary, what with how quickly it happened.

Seat No.3: Asui Tsuyu

‘Asui has already demonstrated a very responsible and straightforward attitude in both her interview and during the battle training. As stated herself she has no issue with speaking her mind which is a great attribute to have for both tense situations and maintaining relationships. This mentality seems to stem from her role as an older sister to two siblings and as such, has a much friendlier outlook towards her classmates. Thanks to her level-headed personality and broadly effective frog quirk, there don’t seem to be many areas of support that she is unable to fulfil.’

Izuku had already gotten used to Tsuyu’s blunt expression and tone of voice after holding some small conversations with the girl during the combat training. It seemed that her friendly personality wasn’t hard to spot after hearing at least a few of the students already calling her by her nickname “Tsu”. As expected from their first interaction, she is very observant with the state of others, enough to notice the counsellor’s tired expression carried over from his train ride. Sadly he had pushed away her concerns to continue with the interview.

Seat No.4: Iida Tenya

‘Iida is a very earnest and noble student who maintains a serious demeanour during school and holds great enthusiasm towards learning. His passion however seems to go beyond as well, often getting ahead of other people and reaching a conclusion about something without second guessing. And while a serious work ethic is important for any line of work including hero business, he seems to have a great fascination with keeping things organized. His sense of responsibility for others makes him a suitable candidate as a leader but his obsession with order could prove some difficulty with winning over his classmates.’

Izuku had figured that Tenya’s work ethic would result on him restraining himself and being much more formal, only to watch him immediately leap up from his seat in a stiff position after receiving praise, then quickly returned to his seat like nothing had happened. The counsellor was cautious to not cause another sudden jump like that again throughout their talk, giving him plenty of time to instead get distracted by his almost robotic hand movements. The only other outburst of the conversation happened as he had mentioned the boy’s highly esteemed family of heroes, leading to them discussing Tenya’s older brother Ingenium along with his good deeds, causing both of them to end the interview with smiles on their faces.

Seat No.5: Uraraka Ochaco

‘Uraraka immediately stands out as a lively and naturally positive student. She comes across as a very friendly person, as she is already on good terms with a few of her classmates. The majority of her answers given seemed to range from being blunt to more ditzy, yet still retaining her positive outlook. She has clearly shown her preference towards using her Zero Gravity quirk for rescue rather than combat along with her empathy and resolve to help others, as any good hero should have.’

The talk between the teacher and Ochaco was a much more relaxed one compared to the interviews that came before, giving Izuku ample opportunity to learn what he needed with her assistance. There were still some areas she seemed a little hesitant on explaining which she had covered up with her ditzy demeanour, but the counsellor decided not to peruse where she wasn’t comfortable, instead deciding to wait for her to come forward and speak on her own.

Seat No.6: Ojiro Mashiaro

‘Ojiro has a very calm attitude and a deep sense of dignity, resulting in a student with a hard working mindset. He seems to be quite a humble boy and often avoids the spotlight due to his more bashful side, and instead puts his attention more on the wellbeing of others around him. His embarrassment may stem from his soft-hearted side as he sees himself as more plain or ‘normal’ than his classmates, and he gets upset when described as such.’

Izuku already had some idea of what to expect after listening in on his talk with Inasa after the battle trial. His attitude hadn’t changed much in that time, responding to the counsellor mentioning the previous day with a humble attitude to mask his still present bitterness at the lack of a battle. He did his best to add as much encouragement to the troubled student as he could, eventually succeeding if the wagging tail he attempted to tear his eyes away from was any indication.

Seat No.7: Kaminiari Denki

‘Kaminari is an energetic and social boy who keeps a casual demeanour present whenever he interacts with others, this can sometimes come off as him speaking in a blunt fashion but it’s clear that he does mean well. He portrays himself as cool and charismatic but appears to try too hard in an attempt to achieve it when speaking to his classmates and staff. He does not seem to be extremely bright, evidenced by his low entrance test scores and his more reckless strategy using his electric quirk during the combat training. Despite this he seems to have a much larger than expected vocabulary, which he enjoys using during conversations.’

Izuku remembered being very quick to jump onto the subject of Denki’s performance in the battle training, specifically why after the fight his confident attitude was suddenly replaced with an airheaded expression as he wandered around the room flashing two thumbs up to his partner. He discovered that the reason was due to the student suffering a serious backlash of discharging more electricity than he could handle, short-circuiting his brain and making a mockery of himself in front of his classmates. At the very least it looked like he had already recovered from the incident, showing his attempts at being hip when he had entered and exited the room.

Seat No.8: Kirishima Eijiro

Kirishima is a much more outgoing and boisterous student, acting more tough and passionate compared to some of his classmates. He seems to have a fixation on the concept of manliness, describing things that he agrees with as manly while calling things he dislikes as unmanly. Something that I had noticed during the interview was that his enthusiasm seemed to drop when the subject matter changed to his quirk. I had decided not to follow through with the odd shift and will instead wait until he feels confident enough to come forward instead.’

Izuku should have expected Eijiro to start off the interview with passion, yet still found himself surprised by the energy he gave off immediately, only seeming to slow down on the subject of his quirk. He paid it no mind and allowed the student to continue, getting distracted by him mentioning the teacher himself along with his deeds and how they fitted under the “manly” category.

Seat No.9: Koda Koji

 ‘Koda’s appearance very much clashes with his far more anxious personality. He shows great difficulty in conversation due to his shyness, preferring not to speak and instead communicate by other means. Despite some starting difficulties when the interview first began due to his quiet side, he is still capable of holding a conversation with others fairly well, even feeling okay to mention his love of animals and explaining his Anivoice quirk. As it stands, his difficulty with communication, while seemingly not having much of an impact on his performance, may still hold him back in hero training if he is working alongside others.’

The talk between the two had definitely began on an awkward note, with Izuku waiting patiently for Koji to answer his greeting and only shaking in his seat and trying to gesture his way through the conversation. After a few seconds the counsellor had an epiphany and ripped a few pages out of his notebook and handed them to the student along with a spare pen. After that small hiccup the interview continued at a much calmer pace compared to the sessions before thanks to the more relaxed method of communication, practically forcing the two of them to leave the session with a set of rejuvenated smiles.

Seat No.10: Sato Rikido’

‘While he may have shown to be more aggressive and passionate during combat, Sato is a much more mild-mannered and calmer student during lessons. From his explanation, the shift in personality seen during the battle trial had been a side effect of his quirk lowering his cognitive functions after ingesting a dose of sugar. His diligence in his training to become a hero could be tied to his demonstrated cooking talents, stating himself that he mainly uses it for the sake of his quirk by making his own sweets and cakes.’

Izuku had not expected the much friendlier student that came into the room after the show Rikido had put on, the only thing that surprised him more was the small box of sweets he brought in along with him. The student didn’t partake in the admittedly delicious treats to avoid activating his quirk in the middle of the interview and was more focused on stifling the red tint on his face after suddenly being praised for his clear talent.

Seat No.11: Shoji Mezo

‘Despite his much larger stature and strength compared to most of his classmates, Shoji is a very friendly and cooperative person. He has a very mature and responsible attitude to him that could make him much less likely to be swayed by just his emotions. Despite being more level headed, he is still a selfless student willing to use his quirk’s physical strength to protect others rather than to harm people.’

Just as Izuku had finished his set of notes on Mezo, he had realised that the session had ended. The Multi armed student made quick work of the teacher’s questions with answers that seemed short and uninterested at first yet still providing plenty of information for the interviewer to work with. The only issue faced in the conversation was Izuku calming his nerves at the sight of the student’s free arms suddenly morphing in a number of limbs and mouths as a demonstration of his quirk.

Seat No.12: Jiro Kyoka

‘Jiro’s personality during the interview didn’t match up with the one she had shown occasionally in the combat training at first. According to her, the pragmatic and unenthusiastic side of her comes out when someone irritates her. Outside of that however she instead comes across as a more social and much friendlier student. With the use of her Earphone Jacks, Jiro has demonstrated her ability in developing plans for herself and her teammates, in turn showing her ability to communicate with others easily.’

The interview with Kyoka certainly didn’t start as Izuku had expected after the first impression she gave off yesterday, but that didn’t stop him from speaking. All it had meant was that he could continue with his casual demeanour instead of the more serious approach he had considered to appeal more to her realism. The talk between the two of them had continued with the new tone until she made it very clear that he was focusing the musical talent she intended to only passively mention too much and forcibly moved the conversation on by subtly aiming her jacks at his head.

Seat No.13: Sero Hanta

‘Sero stands out as a very sociable student, maintaining a smile on his face most of the time and being quite humorous with his classmates, taking a more laidback attitude when speaking. This does not mean that he does not take his studies seriously, and if his performance with his tape quirk in the combat training is anything to go by, then he has already demonstrated great ingenuity and prowess to become a hero.’

From his laidback method of cooperation during the battle trial, it was already clear to Izuku that this session would be one of the easiest to communicate in. Hanta didn’t show anything that disagreed with his assumption throughout their talk, even agreeing with Izuku once the subject moved onto what he had thought about the rest of his classmates, notably how some were obviously more hectic and clearly going to be more of a hassle to interview than the others.

Seat No.14: Tokoyami Fumikage

‘Tokoyami sports a much more serious and reserved attitude compared to his classmates but is still communicative when working alongside others and is no stranger to being sociable to a degree. His demeanour could be due to his fondness for the dark and more fantastical subjects, even stretching into his noticeably archaic way of speaking and tying into his quirk, dubbed “Dark Shadow”. Tokoyami is very much focused on his goal of becoming a hero yet does not show many signs being interested in the fame and fortune attached to it, seemingly only focused on doing good to protect others.’

Interviewing a bird-headed student speaking in an excessively formal dialect was one thing for Izuku, but having that same student’s sentient quirk appear midway through and begin to vouch for his user was another point entirely. The only thing that seemed to make the situation even more jarring was him realising that Dark Shadow seemed to be more cooperative than Fumikage, answering questions that the real student purposefully glossed over and hyping up his heroic attitude since he didn’t feel that he was selling it on his own. The counsellor had to hold back his deeply rooted fanboy attitude after getting to see a quirk this amazing in front of him, he still had to act as a teacher after all and sadly didn’t have the opportunity to fill an extra two pages just on the student’s ability.

Seat No.15: Todoroki Shoto

‘Todoroki is cold.’

Izuku looked down at the single sentence found on the page, letting out a tired sigh at his own inability to get anything out of the boy. Shoto had spent the entire interview dodging every single question given to him with quick answers and his usual ice cold attitude, only changing his tone into a more direct version as he quickly shut down the subject of how he had created steam during yesterday’s fight. The counsellor’s attempts to open the student weren’t helped at all by his urge to direct his gaze more onto the prominent burn mark on his face. He could tell there was a history behind that scar, one that unsettled him to no end even if he didn’t think he would ever find out about it.

Seat No.16: Hagakure Toru

‘Hagakure is an easygoing girl with a very bubbly and upbeat attitude. She still hasn’t fully grasped the effect of her invisibility quirk as she still appears to get embarrassed over her preferred strategy of taking off her clothes, nor has she completely understood how her quirk works. Regardless she shows dedication to improve herself both physically and mentally in order to become “A lovable hero”.

The bad taste left in Izuku’s mouth after Shoto’s interview was at least watered down as Toru entered the room and quickly began filling the room with her positive energy. He took his time asking the girl questions, partly due to the girl giving her answers in a relaxed yet still cheerful manner, but because the counsellor felt the need to let the encouraging flow in the room linger for a little longer. He had only hoped for that the tone would stay once she had left the room, only for them to end the interview on his realisation that her hero outfit really was just a pair of boots and gloves.

Seat No.17: Kacc Bakugo Katsuki

Bakugo, while arrogant and ruthlessly aggressive with his opponents and classmates alike, shows an impressive drive towards his goals, having extensively trained his explosion quirk and showing a higher than expected level of intelligence for someone with his attitude. He cares little about his teammates and instead fights as a sort of lone wolf, as seen during the battle trial. Because of this, it’s clear that his major area of improvement would be his attitude towards giving and recieving help and learning to communicate with his allies.’

Both Izuku and Katsuki hadn’t taken into consideration where yesterday’s declaration would leave the two of them afterwards, meaning that their next one on one meeting was guaranteed to be awkward. That was definitely the case during their session, as evidenced by the silence in the room that went unbroken throughout the interview. As he had already noticed the trend ahead of time, the teacher spent his time writing down notes he already knew about the student from yesterday instead of attempting to get him to speak, reading over his notes who knows how many times to make sure it didn’t look like blatant favouritism.

Seat No.18: Yoarashi Inasa

‘Yoarashi makes his drive to become a hero very clear with his extremely hyperactive and enthusiastic attitude. His inability to quiet himself or settle down could definitely cause him difficulty when attempting to socialise with others, especially with some of the quieter students in his class. Even with his inability to hold himself back and his tendency to sound obnoxious, it’s clear that he is still respectful of others and acts politely with figures of authority and classmates.’

Izuku had already gotten used to Inasa’s overbearing personality, giving him plenty of opportunity to communicate to the student without constantly being staggered by his much louder tone. He was happy to hear that the boy was already starting to make friends with the rest of his class, reducing the fears he had thanks to both the evidence he overheard in the aftermath of yesterday’s combat training and from Inasa’s own victorious yelling. He had hoped that his situation with Shoto had improved as a result partly in an attempt to learn more than what little he could about the boy on his own, only to be met with the sudden shift in the air and the student’s expression suddenly changing into seething anger. Happily Izuku was able to take advantage of Inasa’s hyperactive nature to redirect the conversation back into a nicer topic and watched as his vigour returned almost instantly.

Seat No.19: Mineta Minoru

Mineta is a perver  Mineta has a very lecherous issues relating to his classmates, females specifically. He has shown difficulty focusing on proper conversations with others and instead tends to drift off into provocative thoughts about women. He shows great potential in his intellect and creativity in using his Pop Off quirk like in the combat training, but greatly lacks in his physical ability and mental fortitude, unable to think straight and making reckless decisions when confronting dangerous situations.’

Izuku didn’t know how many times he had reread his own writing, constantly debating if it was the nicest way he could have worded it. As much as he tried to avoid it, watching Minoru act during the battle trial brought about an entirely new feeling of dread he didn’t think was possible. He figured it was just an issue with first impressions and gave him the benefit of the doubt, waiting until he could actually talk to the student before judging him. After getting that opportunity and having the first question the student asked being what it’s like working alongside Midnight, he regretfully had to confirm his suspicions about the boy.

Seat No.20: Yaoyorozu Momo

‘Yaoyorozu definitely lives up to the recommendation that introduced the school to her, in both academic talent and control over her creation quirk. Her ability to keep level headed during combat along with her honesty and dedication makes her an ideal leader, only boosted by her genius intellect when designing strategies. Outside of hero conflicts she shows her supportive side through her well-meaning, albeit blunt criticisms and wishing to do whatever she can to help her classmates.’

Since the beginning of the interview, Momo didn’t let her professional atmosphere escape as she effortlessly answered Izuku’s questions with upmost seriousness. He had figured that her attitude would relax outside of hero lessons after seeing her take the same approach during the combat training and even her entrance exam, but didn’t act too surprised when this wasn’t the case. It at least made sense seeing how much confidence she would naturally have from her upbringing and how much of that she must have needed to function in her hero outfit without obvious embarrassment, yet Izuku couldn’t help but notice some signs that she didn’t have a complete grasp over the implications that could come with it.

Izuku placed his notes back down onto the table and moved back to slouch into his seat as he stretched his arms straight above his head to try and remove the stiffness in his back. He glanced at the clock placed high on the wall to his left as he rolled his head from side to side, finding himself surprised at how much time had passed since the interviews had started. Once he had come to realise the time, the rest of his body followed suit, or just his stomach as the low grumbling sound in his gut grabbed his attention.

As if sensing that the counsellor’s job had finished, the door to his office slid open, revealing Toshinori’s bulkier form and trademark smile. Despite his assistant’s frequent insistence on saving his daily time limit with One for All as much as he could by roaming around in his easier to maintain appearance, the blonde had continued to use his more conspicuous figure when walking through U.A’s halls. At the very least they agreed on him keeping his usage outside of lessons to a minimum, which also meant that the number one hero had begrudgingly agreed to not immediately charge into hero fights to conserve his time.

“Ah, Midoriya-kun! If you’ve finally finished here, how about some lunch? The rest of the teachers are moving to the break room to eat!” Toshinori’s confident grin helped to rejuvenate the counsellor as he rose from his comfortable seat to meet the other teacher in the doorway. The small feeling of exhaustion was forced out of his focus and replaced with an already rising feeling of nervousness once he realised the break room would be filled with his alleged superiors by now. It was that uneasy feeling of making a good first impression with the rest of the teachers that caused his smile to start wobbling slightly at the edges.

“Sure, I’m starting to get hungry anyway.” Izuku stopped beside the larger teacher and gave a look to the view his office gave of the outside to reassure himself of his escape strategy, turning back to the room’s exit with his head slightly lowered to his nervous expression as he attempted to slink past the giant blonde. “You know what…It’s such a lovely day outside…maybe I’ll eat out instead.”

He only got as far as the other side of the doorframe before a large hand clamped onto his shoulder, halting his getaway due to the gentle, yet still imposing force behind it. The sudden pressure startled Izuku before realising he had already been caught and felt a sense of defeat take centre stage.

“Don’t try to weasel out of it now Midoriya-kun! You may have already introduced yourself to them you have yet to give them an idea of who you are outside of work. It’s time to show all of them who Midoriya-kun is, not Deku!” Toshinori began his words of encouragement, making sure his tone was jovial enough to get his point through the counsellor’s clear nervousness. He gave the held shoulder a very light jostle that still forced the rest of the other teacher’s torso to shift with it.

“Is there really a difference?” Izuku didn’t have a chance to combat the blonde’s charisma as his hand had already moved to the counsellor’s back to lightly herd him towards the break room.

“Oh don’t act so nervous! I mean, what’s the worst that can happen with you being there?”

“Please don’t jinx it.” The counsellor didn’t add on any more to the battle he already knew he had lost, the uplifting laughter spelling out Toshinori’s victory as he could feel what little force he was putting into his hand start to lessen even more. Neither of the teachers noticed the looks that some of the passing students gave at the sight of the pair walking down the hallway, both with their own peaceful smile gracing their faces.


“Hey, Midoriya-kun, mind if I ask you something?~” Izuku had only just placed his coffee onto the break room’s table along with Toshinori’s warm mug before he heard a female voice call for him out of his view. He turned his head up to the opposing couch to see Midnight, who had properly introduced herself as Nemuri Kayama without the added need to pin him against the wall like on the first day. Learning the woman’s real name had helped to clear the awkward air left after their first meeting but it barely did anything to make talking to her ever present flirty attitude any easier for him.

“Okay. So we’re all teachers here, right?” The counsellor nodded along after taking a seat on the couch behind him, with the skinny blonde he was working alongside seated to his left and already sipping his beverage, not paying attention to the conversation his assistant had entered.

“And one of the teachers, Lunch-Rush, is a hero famous for making delicious meals without issue and is currently selling them in the cafeteria…” Izuku nodded again, sweatdropping slightly as he couldn’t tell where she was going with this and noticing her naturally sultry tone dropping slightly.

“So why is it that the students get all the good food while the rest of us are told to bring in our own lunches?!” She dropped her flirtatious tone immediately and shifted into obvious frustration as she slammed her hands onto the coffee table. Izuku was taken back by her sudden change as he had only ever seen the frisky side of the heroine that brought his though process to a stop.

“It makes sense. Lunch-Rush has to cater to who knows how many students before he can do anything else…” The two of them moved their gaze to right of the table between them. Finding the source of the new voice coming from Shota, only letting his head poke out from his sealed sleeping bag along with the drink pouch hanging in his mouth and his tired eyes focusing solely on Nerumi.

“…Besides, you’re a grown woman now Kayama. You should be able to manage bringing your own food in.” The already exhausted teacher’s gaze turned slightly more focused before the zipper on front of the bag opened itself and a hand stuck out from the gap, squeezing the sack hanging in his mouth and drinking the juice inside. The woman decided not to respond, instead deciding to simply grumble to herself as she picked up her cup of noodles off the table and continued slurping its passable contents.

“Something tells that you don’t mind that at all. There’s no way he would let you eat nothing but jelly drinks if he was preparing meals for us too.” Present Mic, or as Izuku now knew him as Hizashi Yamada, cut into the conversation from his seat beside Nerumi with a friendly smirk on his face.

After the counsellor had his office sorted and had everything prepared for the students, the blonde teacher didn’t hesitate to introduce him to the rest of the staff. He had expected to fall behind with what he figured was going to be a hectic induction thanks to the eccentric personality leading him, but was surprised with how formal he had kept it as they moved from teacher to teacher.

Despite the new knowledge he had about his peers, the most he could do right now was keep silent and bite into the sandwich he bought from a store on his way to the school. He could tell there was a comfortable energy spread throughout the break room which he yet to fit himself into. Even Toshinori by his side had already slipped into a peaceful conversation with Nezu, leaving his assistant in his own awkward calm compared to the rest of the room.

“So anyways, I heard you and All Might ran into a few hiccups yesterday Midoriya-kun. Rocky first day?” Hizashi quickly picked up on Izuku’s seclusion and shifted him into the centre of attention. The greenette wasn’t prepared to be immediately moved into the spotlight, especially as he was still chewing on a portion of his food. He floundered for a second as the two other teachers moved their heads to focus on him, quickly swallowing the partially chomped sandwich and putting an awkward smile on his face.

“A-ah, yes it’s fine. Nothing we couldn’t fix afterwards.” The blonde returned the expression with a much more confident grin and flashed a thumbs up. His expressions and tone helped Izuku to ease up and relax into the setting, something he was thankful for with how chaotic it could look from his and any other outsider’s perspective.

“Oh? Are you sure your ‘little brother’ didn’t give you a hassle?~” Nemuri butted into the conversation after swallowing her current mouthful of noodles, using her sultry voice and the counsellor’s suddenly flustered reaction to take her mind off of the dull flavour in her mouth. If Izuku’s current stammering reaction along with the one he gave when the first met was anything to go by, she was going to suddenly have a lot more fun at work, especially with the revelation of his history with a certain blonde student made clear to her.

The greenette’s focus was taken off of his flirting peer once felt a hand clamp on his shoulder before he could get the chance to retort. He followed the white gauntlet and red glove attached to it until the rest of the teacher came into view, being greeted by a very large and noticeably bulky man wearing skin-tight red along with white gauntlets. His eyes moved up past the deep U-cut in the centre of his chest and focused on his face, noticing the canines still prominent even with his mouth and grey hair. He had already known the Blood Hero: Vlad King long before he joined U.A, but he had only met him officially yesterday as the homeroom teacher of Class 1-B, Sekijiro Kan.

“I have to admit, I was surprised to hear that had that kind of relationship with a student, and from class 1-A no less…” Sekijiro’s burley voice didn’t do much to hide his grumbling tone or make Izuku any less startled by the much larger figure still holding onto his shoulder. He moved his head down slightly more to better meet the counsellor’s face and clenched his fist in clear view as his mouth gave way to a confident toothy grin. “But that’s not important right now! what is important is that 1-B is going to prove just how much more mettle they have in comparison to what you have already seen in the other class this afternoon!”

Hizashi and Shota watched the show of obvious bias in front of them, both sharing an unimpressed look. The two spared a glance at each other before the blonde spoke up with an amused smile on his face. “Really? It’s the guy’s third day here and you already want to try roping him onto your side of your little rivalry?”

“Well he is the counsellor, isn’t he? It’s important for him to see just what exactly the students he’s watching over are capable of! And which one outclasses the other!” The muscular teacher was quick to defend himself, even if it quickly dropped shifted to him declaring war again. Izuku didn’t notice it as he was for focusing on taking a relieved breath as the larger hero finally let go of his shoulder. Shota let out a tired sigh after hearing his reasoning, begrudgingly moving himself slightly more upright in his sleeping bag to aim his lazily glare at the two seated teachers.

“Whatever thinly veiled excuse you have, just remember that this is about them getting the professional assistance they need from their teacher, save the competition for when they don’t need to rely on guidance. The same goes for you too Midoriya.” Even if his harsh words targeted at both Izuku and Sekijiro, only made even more strict by the exhaustion in his voice, it felt oddly reassuring to know there were still some people in the room that he could count on to be the voice of reason that was above petty competitions.

Shota laid himself prone beside the table again, making sure to turn his face away from the view of the other teachers. “Besides, according to him he’s known Bakugo since they were both children. I doubt anyone in your class will be able to compete with that history anyway.”

Nevermind, he definitely cares about the rivalry too.



“So if I remember the schedule correctly, after teaching Class 1-B we are going to have another lesson with 1-A.” Izuku sat on the bench in front of his locker in the teacher’s changing room, fastening his iron soles to the outside of his red shoes. He passed a glance over to Toshinori who was slipping into his loose hero outfit with ease beside him.

“Correct, Midoriya-kun. Which means that Aizawa-kun must holding a lesson on his own right now with his class.” The blonde’s lanky body suddenly burst with steam as his muscles rapidly grew to fill in the space inside of the suit. The counsellor didn’t even flinch at the immediate change or the abrupt trademark smile on his face, instead he pulled himself onto his feet and picked his work notepad beside him.

“I guess Nezu had this year’s heroics semester built around your time limit rather than having both classes taught on the same day.” Izuku walked past the blonde towards the exit to the changing room, wasting no time to open the mechanical door before standing to the side to allow the hero standing behind him to take the lead.

The two of them shared the familiar stroll from the changing room down the corridor to the same training site also used in yesterday’s session. The feeling of déjà vu was swiftly snuffed out once the view of the sight of an entirely new group of students moved into his view, unable to focus on any one of the fresh faces in the crowd. He didn’t have a chance to look closer at any of them before his eyes had focused on the much taller form of Sekijiro turning to meet the arriving teachers with a greeting smile.

“Ah, welcome All Might and Midoriya-kun! I decided to bring the students here earlier so that we would waste less time!”

“Kan-san? What are you doing here?” Izuku was the first to speak up as he and All Might shared a look of confusion, tilting his head to the side in an attempt to process the sudden appearance of the other muscular teacher.

The look of confidence on the white-haired teacher’s dropped slightly hearing the assistant’s perplexed tone. “Well, I’m here to assist your teaching of Class 1-B. I am their homeroom teacher after all. Didn’t Aizawa-kun do the same with his own class when you taught them?

All Might and Izuku’s eyes snapped wide open after hearing Sekijiro’s confession. the two of them turned to eachother in hope that the teacher now in their view had already known about Shota’s apparent duty yesterday, but found already found their answer in the surprise evident on the opposite’s face.

“…W-was he supposed to?” All Might turned back to the other teacher, his smile was noticeably more awkward after taking in the new information. The homeroom teacher let out a sigh in response, moving his head down to pinch the bridge of his nose with the irritation he expected to have when the absent educator was mentioned.

“That’s just typical. I don’t know how he can criticize my teaching when he doesn’t even bother to look over his own students.” Sekijiro was still gripping his nose as he shook his head, hiding his already annoyed expression before looking back up to the other teachers with a stern look on his face.

Izuku chimed in with an awkward smile on his face in an attempt to dispel the irritation the other teacher had before he would possibly get distracted from the task at hand. “Well, at least you’re here now to teach your own class right?”

The white-haired hero’s expression quickly shifted into a toothy grin as he took a step to the side of his students, his voice immediately booming with pride “Of course! You have already seen the rest, now it’s time to watch the best!”

The teaching assistant passed a glance over to the students being presented, taking in the varied faces that had appeared after Sekijiro’s confident rally. While he could clearly see some of the expressions in the front clearly getting swept up in the excitement he also saw some of the others staring at the teacher with a more unimpressed look, some even slinking back slightly at the sudden praising.

“Well then, let’s see what this class of newcomers has got to show!” All Might took a step forward, getting into the energetic swing the white-haired teacher had brought on and giving his natural wide smile. Izuku followed soon after with a more relaxed expression as the two of them brought themselves in line with the hero in front of them in front of the class.


After the eerily similar introduction to previous day’s lesson, Izuku was given the task of guiding the first four students drawn towards the building they picked out for the training session while All Might and Sekijiro stayed behind with the rest of the class in the monitor room. The walk to the site had continued to be quiet ever since the class had split but it didn’t seem as awkward after going through the same process the day before.

“Uh hey, Midoriya-sensei? You said it was alright for us to ask questions right?” The calm had been interrupted by the voice of one of the students behind the assistant. He turned around to meet the voice properly to see the tall boy with an insect like head with mandibles by his mouth and a full green mohawk of hair raising his arm up to catch the leader’s attention. His current outfit consisted of pants, boots and a shit all fell under the same black shade, with the most prominent piece being the raggy cloak covering his chest. Before the lesson had started Izuku had made sure to learn the names and faces beforehand to avoid awkward introductions, making it much easier for him to deduce the boys identity as Togaru Kamakiri.

“…So is it alright if I ask what the hell happened over there?” Togaru moved his partly raised hand to point to the building beside them. Everyone turned their head towards the direction he was gesturing to and found a building would have looked almost identical to the rest of the buildings if it wasn’t for the giant burnt hole in the wall.

“Oh…that.” Izuku sweatdropped as he immediately remembered the building from yesterday, no longer encased in ice at least but still missing a huge chunk of the outside wall. He rubbed the back of his head as he faced the four expecting faces with an awkward smile. “Yeah, that happened yesterday when one of the students from 1-A got a little…distracted. I’m a little surprised that they haven’t fixed that already.”

A sigh from the girl at the back of the group grabbed the counsellor’s attention. He immediately recognised her by her long green hair as the recommended student he had met at the exam Setsuna Tokage, even if her similarly green tracksuit was swapped out with a blue bodysuit with a scaly texture matching the mask over her eyes. “Let me guess. Recommended student?”

“Oh no, just a regular entry actually. Although he did score first place in the entrance exam.” Izuku noted the small amount of surprise in the girl’s face as he waved off her question with a quick response. He wasn’t surprised by her assumption, especially as the two of them had both seen what the other recommended students were capable of on their own

“Fuck…are you teachers seriously expecting us to hurt each other that bad on our first day?!” The boy he recognised from his face and headband as Yosetsu Awase swore into the baggy collar of his full body suit as he continued to stare at the damage on the building. He turned back to Izuku with clear dread written on his tense face.

“N-no, of course not! In fact, if we see anything go that far, we will end the fight before any more damage can be caused.” He quickly waved his had in front of him to try and dismiss the student’s unease. At most he was only able to quell the boy’s stressed expression only slightly, shifting his view back to the building with both curiosity and dread over what could have gone down.

“That indeed seems like the most sensible decision to make. However that only compels me to inquire how such an incident like this one could occur under that decree.” A verbose tone came from Jurota Shishida, the most noticeable of the group thanks to his taller form animal like features and brown fur covering his upper body. He had yet to pull his eyes away as he continued to study the building, stroking his strong bearded chin in contemplation.

Izuku’s eyes widened slightly before quickly turning to slowly slink towards the actual building chosen for today. None of the students that had moved to follow him saw his shaky smile or the nervous sweat on his face as they finally moved from the building. “Y-yeah…really makes you wonder…”


Izuku finally made his way back into the monitor room after dropping off the two teams by the building. His view had already focused on the several screens as he moved to his spot between All Might and Sekijiro, first glancing at the screen outside of the building of Togaru and Yosetsu appearing to passionately hype themselves up before moving to the second screen inside of the building showing Setsuna and Jurota beside the fake weapon having a functional discussion over what he guessed to be the upcoming battle.  

He took a break from writing the date along with the four names of the students into the pages of his book as he had a sudden thought that needed clarifying. He quickly shifted his gaze to the taller hero clad in red to his left.  “Hey, Kan-san. I have to ask something.”

Sekijiro had just finished fitting the communication device in his ear before he tilted his head to the side to face Izuku, the short nod acting as a clear sign for the counsellor to continue. “Aizawa-san had spent the first day testing his class with a surprise exam to test their quirks. Did you do anything like that with 1-B?”

“No, I didn’t threaten my students with expulsion if that’s what you mean. I spent the first day introducing them to the semester and the second day doing some simple gym exercises to prepare them for today.” His voice suddenly became gruff as he commented on the other homeroom teacher’s questionable learning tactics. By the time he had finished his grumbling to face Izuku again his head was already facing his notebook as his hand and pen darted against the pages.

“So this may be the first time they will see each other’s quirks…” The homeroom teacher looked over the shorter teacher’s shoulder to see him already scribbling more notes before the match had even started. He passed a glance to All Might who was also watching his assistant work, moving his gaze up to nod at Sekijiro and confirm the thoughts clear on his face.


Togaru and Yosetsu stepped through the building entrance, immediately scanning the walls for any sign of impending danger. Their shared uneasiness was only made more obvious by the only sound the pair could hear being the sounds of footsteps. The green-haired student took the lead with a new set of sharp blades protruding out of his forearms while the other boy behind his kept his palms open to prepare for the villain team he knew had to show themselves eventually.

The tense air dissipated slightly as they made their way up to the second floor, now being overshadowed by a sense of confusion. They stopped their forward momentum and shared a look of bewilderment, moving out of their prepared stances to ponder the unknown plot of the opposing team.

Their answer came in the form of the thunderous noises echoing from down the hall. The hero team shifted to greet the noise as they shifted back into their stances to prepare for the obvious attack. Togaru’s hardened expression broke into a look of shock as a giant, yet for some reason familiar brown beast skidded out from one of the attached halls, immediately eyes his prey before lunging at the pair.

“HAVE AT THEE, HEROES!” The roaring voice of the once sophisticated Jurota helped the two boys to figure out the identity of the feral animal currently barrelling straight towards them, but they almost couldn’t believe it with the much more prominent fangs and claws coupled with the larger coat of fur on his body. They didn’t have a chance to ponder it any further as the attacker lashed out with his now giant hand and forced the two of them to leap out of the way.

Yosetsu tumbled against the ground as he was forced to jump to the side in a panic as Togaru skidded against the floor, sprouting tiny blades on his fingers to grind himself to a halt. Their heads both snapped to the giant figure now behind them, sharing a look of dread as he had already shifted himself around and readying himself to charge with a snarl.

The hectic moment was interrupted by a whistle coming from the same direction Jurota had entered from. The three boys looked onward to see Setsuna taking her finger and thumb from her mouth and flashing a confident smirk with her free hand on her hip

“Yo, Shishida-kun! Bug-Boy’s the one with the more combative quirk!” She waved her already raised arm to wave to her partner for a second before using it to point directly at Togaru, responding with a look torn between surprise and horror, which she happily replied to with her suddenly mischievous smile. “Sic him first!”

Togaru was thankful at the very least for the obvious telegraph she gave him as he quickly twisted around with his arms crossed and already building a wall of blades from his forearms to brace for the upcoming impact. Het met the rampaging beast head on as his large fist collided with his makeshift shield, but was still effortlessly forced back with the strike and sending him tumbling against the floor.

Yosetsu didn’t have any time to move himself to help before Sestuna charged towards him with the capture tape given to her before the match started already unfurled in her hand. His eyes darted between the rapidly approaching girl and his partner being forced onto the ground as the hulking student above him reeled back for another attack. She saw her opportunity to end the fight right there as his gaze seemed to focus on his teammate for a split second longer and lunged forward to close the gap.

She only saw the headband-clad boy grit his teeth before he dashed out of her view, running directly at the one sided brawl in the hallway. Her confusion didn’t last long as Yosetsu lept into the air with a determined expression on his face and gripping Jurota’s thick fur tightly. The rest of his momentum helped to place him directly onto the larger student’s back and wrap his legs around his waist.

The sudden pounce took the hairier student out of preparing his attack to process the new weight on his back, giving the boy riding him ample time to force his arms around Jurota’s bulking figure and pin his arms to his sides. Before he had the chance to throw off the nuisance clinging onto him, Yousetsu’s arms waded through the fur on his body to directly make contact with his body.

A bright orange glow suddenly emerged through the animal student’s thick coat of fur underneath the clinging boy’s hands. The new source of light brought a look of confusion across the three other faces in the corridor while Yousetsu’s expression still maintained its scowling look. Jurota’s shock subsided one the new light had disappeared and quickly changed into his previous feral expression as he put his focus on shaking off the boy still latched onto him.

He expected his opponent to fly off his back when he attempted to flex his arms and allow him to pummel the two of them right there, but found his arm restrained with an unbelievable amount of force, almost like a vice was pinning his arms to his sides. He tried again in denial, applying more of his beastlike strength in an attempt to pry the human restraint off of him but could only pull his arms away only slightly.

Jurota moved his view down to the hands planted against his body past his arms and promptly widened at the sight. He could see the strands of fur that were once simply touching Yosetsu’s hands and wrists now suddenly attached together like they had been seamed together with his skin. The larger boy returned to trying to shake off the boy trapping him now with as much strength as he could draw from his beast quirk, but still found himself unable to tear him off.

“Don’t even fuckin’ try! We’re fused on an atomic level you bastard!” Yosetsu yelled out from behind Jurota’s back, maintaining his aggressive look even as he was being swung around by his target’s thrashing. His expression changed to confusion as he suddenly stopped being tossed around and lined up with the fuzzy student’s back again. Without warning he along with brown-haired student he was clinging onto immediately launched backwards into the wall behind them, crushing him between two solid objects.

Both Yosetsu’s grit teeth and attachment to the other student lasted through the attack as he moved his legs down in an attempt to find some footing in Jurota’s lower half. After forcing his legs into the back of the other boy’s legs he turned his head to the new view of Togaru and Setsuna watching the scene unfold with wide eyes.

“Well, what are you waiting for?! If you catch her we win! I’ll hold this bastard back as long as it takes for you to bag her!” Even if he was speaking directly to his teammate on the floor, his voice didn’t let up with the amount of aggression behind it. The loud voice of his teammate helped the bladed student sober up from his shock as he took in the rest of the room, including the girl behind her.

He shot a glance to his opponent before looking back at his partner, slowly taking in the sight of Yosetsu giving this practice his all. Seeing the determination written across his face brought back the determination he was distracted by moments ago. He brought himself back to his feet quickly with a wide confident grin, staring down the still staggered girl as he could feel his adrenaline rise from his own aggressive mood returning.


It’s like I’m watching Kacchan split between two people…

Izuku didn’t have to watch for long to make that assumption thanks to Yosetsu’s…alternative language and Togaru’s tone turning aggressive on a whim. He along with every other face in the room changed their view solely onto the insect like student as he slashed his bladed forearms at Setsuna, who seemed to only be able to dodge by a few inches.

“S-shouldn’t he back down a little? What if he seriously hurts her with his quirk?” Izuku turned his head to the female voice behind her, then downwards once he discovered he was speaking to one of the shorter members of class 1-B, Kinoko Komori. Her red and spotted white outfit, similarly coloured cap, even her bobbed brown hair going down to her shoulder gave off the clear appearance of a mushroom. It was hard to fully gauge her expression due to her eyes being completely shrouded by her large fringe, leaving him with only the anxious look on her mouth to go off of.

“I understand your worries young Komori, and by the looks of it, so does young Kamakiri.” All Might’s more confident tone cut in from the counsellor’s side before he had the chance to reassure her himself, crouching down slightly to make sure his trademark smile could be seen by Kinoko. “It’s clear from the way he’s directing his attacks that he doesn’t want to cause any fatal damage, but rather force his opponent into an awkward position and end the fight with a takedown.”

The girl looked back towards the screen with the worry on the exposed part of her face reduced slightly. The two teachers followed soon after, with Izuku taking an extra second to take a look at the large blonde’s prideful expression, maybe a little too prideful after providing that amount of reassurance. His look of confusion shifted from All Might to Setsuna, still being forced to step back with panic evident on her face.

It makes sense that Komori would be apprehensive about the fight since she doesn’t know what Tokage’s quirk is.

But why does she look just as nervous against Kamakiri?

“Speak of the devil, here it comes now!” Sekijiro’s cut in over the crowd, the excitement from watching his students go at it was clear in his voice. Everyone’s view was already focused on the monitors as they watched Setsuna quickly dart backward to dodge another slicing attack, eyes going wide as her footing slipped slightly from her expected stance.

Togaru stopped his assault for a split second to take in the sudden change. His grit teeth turned into a confident smile as he shifted his posture to immediately pounce towards the girl. The group watched the attack go through with a series of absorbed expressions as he rushed straight at the girl.


Togaru stopped his forward momentum after a few steps with the same hardened expression on his face from when he began the charge. The movement behind his arm didn’t halt until it crossed past his chest in a rapid swiping motion. He stared down at the empty space in front of him in confusion, expecting to see Setsuna now lying on the ground below him after his forearm had collided with her shoulders and slammed her into the ground.

He turned his head back to where he figured his opponent still was instead with his expression hardened in preparation. His aggressive look dropped immediately once he took in the sight in front of him. The boy had expected to see some kind of confident smirk like at the start of the fight or even shock from his show of ferocity…

…not her beheaded body falling lifelessly to the floor.

The world seemed to grind to a halt after Togaru finally processed the girl’s state, her eyes and mouth now forever encapsulating her shock. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the spotless cut that had yet to gush with blood. It took almost all of his strength to move his shaking arms into his similarly frozen expression, staring down the inner space of his forearms as a heavy wave of grief washed over him.

The innocent life he had stolen, the crowd of people he had just did that in front of, his family he could never face again, he was forced to think about all of them…all thanks to his horrible decision and his deadly qui-

Togaru’s mind snapped back for a split second and his shaking suddenly stilled as he started paying more attention to his arms. He twisted his arms to reveal the still bladed sides to himself with a now blank gaze, quickly turning his arms back and forth in an attempt to fit the pieces in his mind together.

“Wait a second! I didn’t use my quirk on the inside of my arms! How the hell did I cut her?!”

“…Wait, seriously?” Togaru was immediately startled by the voice of the girl he had just murdered, definitely not expecting to hear her questioning tone or her supposedly lifeless face contorted into a confused look. Upon looking back up to her corpse he noticed that Setsuna had yet to actually hit the ground, instead he was forced to understand that what he believe to be his grief-struck mind failing to process was just her head floating on its own “Welp, guess I blew it then…whoops.”

“Y-you…” The insect boy watched her effortlessly regain her footing with wide eyes and mouth agape. The severed head floated through the air before the motionless student and swiftly collided with the top of her neck, flawlessly removing any trace of the attack made to begin with. Once she had turned herself around to meet her opponent with a nonchalant expression, his dazed look almost immediately shifted into grit teeth and an enraged snarl. “…you were just FUCKING WITH ME?!”

“Well, my plan was to just use my quirk to just dodge you, but I didn’t want to pass up on the opportunity to disorient you and get a free advantage over you.” Setsuna simply shrugged her shoulders in response to Togaru’s sudden outburst, completely understanding what her lighthearted expression and teasing smirk would do to his already furious mood.

The boy attempted to mask his already noticeable embarrassment of falling for her act by rapidly sprouting even more blades across his forearms, making sure to cover both the inner and outer sides before preparing his stance again. The greenette’s smile dropped slightly once she noticed the building rage in his eyes but didn’t move to change her posture, the two of them already knowing what she planned to do.

“Well at least now I know it’s okay to cut you! BRING IT!”. Togaru didn’t waste any time after giving his battle cry and immediately rushed directly at Setsuna with the same arm raised as before, ready to bring it back down without the same hesitation as before. The girl’s smirk was raised again as she moved forward as well to meet her opponent head on.


Togaru’s whirlwind of emotion was definitely felt by the rest of the class as they watched the lizard-themed girl’s deceit on the screen. The only members in the room that had not reacted with open mouths were the three teachers who still felt uneasy over Setsuna’s strategy. Izuku especially had a bad feeling over the fight between the two students after already having a friendly conversation with the girl on their first meeting, giving him plenty of time to already get an understanding of her chatty personality and playful attitude.

The initial shock faded from the audience’s faces as the bladed student started his assault as he suddenly darted closer to his opponent, pivoting his waist to bring down his arm and directly through the girl’s body. The students shared a look of awe as Setsuna’s body parted itself unnaturally from her left shoulder to her right waist to make way for the passing edge.

Izuku didn’t have any time to take notes on the girl’s usage of her quirk before the insect student reversed his momentum and brought his left arm back up on a different path to his right. In response she simply created another incision across herself and ejected the stray pieces out of the other blade’s direction.

There was a minuscule pause between attacks where Setsuna’s playful eyes locked with Togaru’s furious stare before the wild slashing continued. The intervals between the boy’s attacks slowly reduced over time until there was no noticeable break from the class’ view, leaving only the constant barrage of razorblades visible on the monitors.

“Woah! Look at Kamakiri-kun go!” A brown-haired boy suddenly appeared from the corner of his view, clad in a simple jacket and pants with a black shirt underneath and an eager grin directed at the screen. His wide eyes were brimming with excitement as he watched his classmate continue the relentless attack. “He’s got Tokage-san on the ropes if the only thing she can do is dodge!”

“No fight is decided just by who currently has the advantage. He may be able to take the lead now but what matters is that he can end the fight on his terms.” Sekijiro cut in from the other side of the boy, eyes still locked onto the screen as he watched the still active stalemate between his students. Even if his face was forced to maintain his gruff expression, he was proudly smiling on the inside with the amount of passion his class was displaying even with this being only practice.

Izuku put his focus back onto the monitors showcasing the deadlock, applying what the homeroom teacher had mentioned on the scene. He could already a slight difference from when the flurry of attacks first began as Togaru’s grit teeth started to wane and the speed of his arms clearly began to reduce again. The counsellor tilted his head down to his notepad as he added more lines onto the insect student’s page, taking advantage of the impasse to catch up with his notes.

Since Togake’s being forced to constantly use her transformation type quirk to dodge her opponent’s attacks, she’s going to run out of stamina quickly from spitting her pieces and immediately moving them around. Kamakiri meanwhile doesn’t need to focus to maintain his blades, but he’ll only be able to keep up his assault for so long before getting tired. In the end it’ll come down to a battle of attrition.

“Perfectly said Midoriya-san! Thank you!” Sekijiro’s booming voice cut through Izuku’s thought process with a clearly enthusiastic tone. He looked back over to the teacher to see him sporting a wide grin and a thumbs up in agreement.

“H-huh? Did I say that out loud again?!” The counsellor’s head darted around the room with a new dusting of red on his cheeks after the realisation hit him. With his focus on the student’s view of himself he missed the muffled sound of All Might snickering behind his hand.


Togaru could feel his energy slowly drain as he put everything he had into prolonging his attack for just a little bit longer. He was aware of one of the only two outcomes that would come out of his wager but given how Setsuna’s quirk was already shown to be a direct counter to his own this seemed like the only choice he had left with both of their partners subduing eachother in the other hallway. The only thing he couldn’t determine was whether or not his opponent had the stamina to outlast him.

He didn’t have time to think about something like that anyway, he needed to keep his focus on maintaining his offence. He kept himself partly aware of the way she dodged his bladed arms, noticing how she had eventually stopped breaking her into pieces and instead simply moved her current parts out of the way.

Noticing that shift in strategy helped to reinvigorate some of his passion needed in what felt like a losing battle, but the moment was sullied when his exhaustion began to creep back into the spotlight. His resistance wasn’t helped by the fact that he was forced to acknowledge Setsuna’s still confident smirk silently mocking him.

The insect student took some pride in being able to make her drop her smile if only slightly when he suddenly stopped his barrage and wound his right arm back. He lined up his clawed hand with the girl’s head by leaping backwards as he slashed his bladed fingers at the side of her face. He had expected his last strike to do nothing but force her to split her head lengthwise to dodge but still gained some benefit from the attack as he was able to put much more space between the two of them.

Togaru used the moment he created to level out his partially laboured breathing, staring down the sight of the divided student in front of him slowly bringing her pieces back together. Now that he was able to see Setsuna’s entire figure he had a clear view of the various openings she had created on her chest and arms to dodge his slashes before noticing she had yet to pull herself together and fully removing the space between her parts.

His confusion only seemed to increase as his gaze moved past her waist onto her legs, suddenly becoming fixated on how odd they seemed to look when they where separated into pieces. His eyes suddenly widened as he realised that he never attacked her legs during his onslaught, instead only targeting her hips and body. The greenette’s expression turned into shock as he was forced to take in the knowledge that her legs weren’t planted on the ground like he remembered from the start of the clash, but were instead floating on their own as her lower legs had suddenly disappeared.

Togaru’s bladed arms darted upwards ahead of him as he noticed Setsuna’s playful smirk had suddenly come back once his realisation became evident on his face. His response was painfully interrupted as the two missing legs had shown themselves, only appearing in the edge of his view before the girl’s boots suddenly and harshly slammed against the sides of his head. His mind went blank for a second from the shock, giving the floating limbs beside him plenty of time to zip behind him and collide into the back of his skull with just as much force.

The boy started processing the world around him too late as his face hit the floor with a loud thud. Setsuna wasted no time moving onto the next step of her attack as her severed pieces rocketed from their floating position towards her detached legs. The fragmented girl repaired herself seamlessly above her opponent before landing on top of Togaru and pinning him to the ground.

He didn’t have any time to move his arms in an attempt to break free from the girl straddling his back before her forearms shot out and pinned his wrists by his head. The hands clamped onto the insect student’s wrists stayed in it’s place while the rest of her separated arms split into smaller fragments and rapidly piled onto the rest of his arms and blades.

Togaru’s grit his teeth as he attempted to break out of his capture but didn’t have any time to use what little movement that was available to him before All Might’s always triumphant voice cut through on the hidden speakers throughout the building. “Both heroes have been subdued! VILLAIN TEAM WINS!”

The hostile expression he wore faded as his head hit the floor in silent frustration. He felt the weight on his arms fade out as he reluctantly drew back his quirk and his opponent’s pieces removed themselves from his limbs. The load on his back only shifted as Setsuna simply turned herself to sit on her opponent’s body with her legs to the side.

“Phew, that was too close for me. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with you for a second.” The girl leaned back in her spot and let out a heavy sigh she had been holding in for a while before returning to her playful demeanour. She had expected the student below him to join in on her aftermath joking, but looked over to her side to see him still silent with frustration evident on the edge of his mouth.

“Oh yeah, I guess you would still mad about how I spooked you back there. Sorry about that.” Setsuna’s voice changed into a more understanding tone as she finally pulled herself off of her classmated back and kneeled beside him, moving her hand to pat his shoulder, pulling out a grunt from the boy.

“…At least you didn’t get hurt by it…” Togaru let out a grumble as he pulled himself off the ground with his annoyed expression reducing to a grimace. He looked over to the girl now standing beside his kneeling form and was shocked to see her crouching beside her suddenly smiling back at him.

“Awww, you were worried about me~” The hand that was once on his shoulder moved to tousle his green mohawk now that the girl was assured that the insect student had some good spirit in him after losing. The fact that he reacted with his face contorting into surprise instead of creating another blade to retort with instead was a good sign.

“Only because I thought I cut off your fucking head off!” Togaru smacked the hand away from his hair to show off the rejuvenated anger on his face, not helped by the small tint above his mandibles. Setsuna responded with a short chuckle before picking herself up and walking down the hallway back to the entrance of the building.


Thankfully the teams were able to assemble in the monitor room much sooner than the rest of the class had expected due to two of the students being welded together. Thankfully Yosetsu explain he was able to get rid of the welding he had created and saved the time they would have spent attempting to pry the two boys off of eachother.

“Okay! Now that the first match is over, let’s recap what happened and see where our heroes and villains can learn from in the future! Any takers?” All Might broke through the murmuring of the class with Izuku standing by his left side and Sekijiro on his right. The four students previously fighting were lined up beside the crowd waiting for the analysis to follow.

A girl standing on the front row of the group stepped forward with her arm raised, bringing the attention of her classmates and the three teachers ahead of her. Her ginger hair was tied into a ponytail hanging off by the side of her head while her similarly coloured bangs stretched down to partially cover her black eyemask. She wore a blue qipao that went down to her knees along with a belt connecting to the pouch behind her and a black corset around her torso. “Yes, young Kendo?”

Itsuka Kendo moved her raised hand down to hold his chin between her finger and thumb. “Well first, even if they didn’t know what their opponent’s quirk were ahead of time, I feel like the hero team would have a much easier time if they waited to learn more about who they were fighting before making such rash decisions.”

“Correct!” All Might’s confident voice raised slightly to commend the girl’s comment. He pulled a small device from behind his large figure and tapped one of the even smaller buttons on its face. The screens making up the wall behind him all reacted to the action by rewinding their own view of the previous match until every member of the fight had appeared on one monitor. The footage then played through the already known sequence before freezing on the frame of Yosetsu in the middle of leaping onto Jurota.

“On its own young Awase’s decision to use his welding quirk to restrain the exposed threat that is young Shishida would be the right choice. But when you take in the other members on each team, his ability should have been saved to counter young Tokage’s instead of leaving his partner to deal with his much more ineffective quirk!”

The class nodded along with the teacher’s concise explanation, even receiving a small thumbs up from his smiling assistant and causing the blonde’s triumphant smile to curve slightly higher. The contenders in the match shared a similar look of contemplation as they took All Might’s words to heart, Yosetsu’s expression had hardened slightly more after understanding his mistake and clenching his fist in as a show of resolve to himself.

“Alright, anyone else?” The class stayed silent as they moved to ponder that thought, continuing for a while longer with no interruption from any of the students. All Might changed his view onto his assistant after seeing his question was being left unanswered. “No? Very well then, anything to add Midoriya-kun?

“Well, there was one thing.” Izuku held out his hand to the blonde’s side to receive the device from him. He looked over to Setsuna who, unlike the rest of the lined up students with contemplation clear on their faces, had a casual smile as she faced the teachers. “Tokage, it was clear that you were the one who first thought of the plan to focus Kamakiri right?”

He waited for the girl in question to respond before gesturing back to the screen, already moving the footage forward to the paused image of Togaru staring slack jawed at her decapitated body. “And after that plan fell short thanks to Awase’s efforts, you moved onto a different strategy to trick him into thinking he had the upper hand before taking advantage of how your quirk counters his.”

“But if that was the case, there would be no need to trick him in the first place, or even to act like you did here.” Izuku pressed another button on the device to rewind the film back only for a few seconds, stopping the replay once the previous struggle and Setsuna’s clearly distressed expression was on the screen.

“If I had to guess, I would say that there was at least one point here where you were unsure of what to do after your first plan was ruined. Am I correct?” He turned back to the class who were already staring back at the counsellor with surprise written across their faces. For the sake of focusing on his question and not losing his calm in front of all the faces watching him, he quickly changed his view onto Setsuna, who could only respond to his question with an awkward chuckle as she rubbed the back of her neck.


“Yeah, pretty much. I should have guessed the veteran heroes would be able to see through the whole thing.” The girl moved her gaze over to the two other teachers but missed the way that they flinched at her assumption. All Might shifted his face from the expecting look of the student only have his assistant’s just as assuming smile enter his view.

“While it is important to have confidence in your abilities, it doesn’t hurt to plan for the worst possible outcome. Just something to think about for the future.” Izuku turned back to Setsuna with a relaxed expression, still not confident in his ability to be strict with any of the students and instead opted for the same casual tone he had used throughout most of his interactions so far. Thankfully the girl had no issue with his response as she gave back her own agreeing smile and nodded after he had finished.

“Well then, if both of you are providing comments, I should do the same. Especially as these are my students after all.” Sekijiro chimed into the discussion as he stepped forward from the line of teachers. He continued his walk through the room, much to the confusion of the rest of the group until he stopped in front of the two members of the hero team. Togaru and Yosetsu didn’t understand how or why, but his normal gruff expression seemed to bring a new level of unease.

“Kamakiri, Awase, I am aware that there is no particular law that prohibits this…” The homeroom teacher stooped himself slightly lower to better meet his student’s faces, which only caused the two of them to grow more nervous for fear of angering their teacher with something they didn’t notice. “…but please keep your profanity to a minimum. You are going to be heroes in the public’s eyes after all. Am I clear?”

“Yes Kan-sensei!” The two boys snapped to attention under Sekijiro’s hardened gaze, even maintaining that straight position even as he turned his head to the other two teachers and gave a thumbs up to continue. Izuku was admittedly staggered by how easy his peer had made being strict in front of the students look before he shifted his focus onto All Might moving the familiar white and black boxes from beside the console.

“Moving on! Let’s get the next match underway!” The blonde stuffed a hand into each of the two boxes set beside him before pulling them back out in a flash after finding his grip on a white and black ball. The counsellor looked at the marked balls the fellow teacher was presenting in his hands before looking back at the class.

“The teams are D and J. Kendo Itsuka and Tsubaraba Kosei shall be the heroes while Komori Kinoko and Fukidashi Manga will play the villains.” Izuku relayed the information to the entire class, watching for the reactions the named students gave to being called. As anyone would have expected Itsuka and the brown-haired boy from before shared an exited smile as they nodded to each other in agreement, but the teacher found himself more interested in how Kinoko seemed to slink back slightly after having her name called out. He didn’t have the chance to pursue that thought before Sekijiro offered to lead the four of them off towards the building to begin the match.


Manga along with the other three students walked behind their homeroom teacher in peaceful silence, eventually splitting up into their already determined pairs to prepare for the upcoming battle. From there he had no idea what kind of preparations the enemy team was preparing before they barged through the building’s entrance to attack. It was a daunting thought to have but it didn’t linger for long as he had his own planning to manage first, or at least attempt to manage.

He had started to have his worries before they had even left the monitor room, as he had seen the kind of morale being shared between the members on the other team and attempted to replicate that enthusiasm on his side, only to have his partner stutter awkwardly and return the thought with only her voice.

It at least made sense to him, his current appearance of white elbow gloves and pants leading to a set of mock ink bottles protecting his lower legs and chest with a black shirt covering his midriff would not exactly be the easiest thing to converse with for the first time. But he couldn’t help but keep thinking that Kinoko’s troubles with him were stemming from his face.

Manga already understood the gravity of having a head that looked identical to a speech bubble and what an odd presence he would give off because of it, but it had never stopped him from having friendships throughout his school life and it certainly wasn’t going to stop him now. After Sekijiro had left the room now that the two students were present in the same room as the weapon, the speech bubble headed boy turned to approach his partner.

“So, you got a plan, Komori-san?” Kinoko turned her head quickly to the voice beside her, her surprise being only evident on her exposed mouth. Even if she had somehow misheard his voice his question was quite literally written on his on his once blank text bubble face.

“W-w-what? N-no I don’t…sorry…” The response she gave started with the same stuttering tone used back in the other room but slowly shifted into a downtrodden manner as she tilted her already covered eyes towards the ground.

“Hey now, don’t worry about it. I just figured that since you’ve been quiet this whole time you were cooking up some kinda master plan.” Manga waved his hands in front of him in dismissal, the small chuckle in his voice not transitioning to the new lines text on his face.

The mushroom dressed girl didn’t laugh along as the boy expected, instead she stayed silent for a moment as she tugged slightly at the hem of her skirt. His face turned blank as he patiently waited for a response. She opened up her hands to reveal a small bush of mushrooms in each of her palms. “S-sorry, I do love my quirk, but it isn’t good at all in situations like this. I don’t think I can really do much to help you…”

“So your quirk lets you create mushrooms? That’s pretty cool…” Manga bent down to study the mushrooms on Kinoko’s hands. A new line of text was about to appear on his face before the line was suddenly erased and replaced with a completely different one. “Wait? How did you get past the entrance exam then?”

“Huh?” The short girl turned to her teammate with confusion replacing the sad expression on her visible mouth. Her partner tilted his head to the side before standing upright again answering her question with a short shrug.

“You know, the one with all those robots that got maybe a bit to close to killing some people?”

“O-oh, that.” Kinoko pointed a finger to her chin as she thought back to her first ever day of stepping into U.A, along with the several times she had panicked on the same day. “To be honest I’m sure myself. Whenever I got scared my quirk would go off, and when I opened my eyes the robot was usually broken on the floor covered in mushrooms.”

“…Woah…” Even with a lack of facial expressions, the shock was still evident on his speech bubble head thanks to the thin shaky font used alongside his surprised voice. The writing on his face slowly became bolder as the enthusiasm returned to his voice. “B-but see? If you could pull something like that off, how hard can doing something like this really be?!”

“B-but I just said I didn’t know exactly how I did any of that!”

“Then let’s just learn how now! It’s why we’re here isn’t it? C’mon, we got to set up for the fight!” Manga paid no mind to her nervous attempts at dismissal as he simply responded with two thumbs up. He didn’t wait for her answer back before he turned to run out of the room, soon followed by the shorter girl after she took a moment to process the sudden end to the conversation.


The sounds of the starting alarm blared for a second before dissipating. Itsuka and Kosei heard the clear sign as they charged into the building, already learning from the previous fight as they didn’t let their sprint through the hallways stop at all.

“Remember the plan! Focus on capturing the villains first after they show us what their quirks are! Sound good?” The girl turned to her partner with an already confident grin. It didn’t take them long to agree but assurance not an issue in her eye

“Hell yeah! Let’s go!” Kosei returned the expression with his own vigor, only dropping once the two of them passed the corner and the brown-haired boy noticed something new stuck onto the wall behind his partner. The orangette questioned what could have caused the sudden change before she felt something get crushed beneath her foot.

The two of them stopped their forward momentum to process their findings. The brown-haired boy scanned the room to see the now littered walls as Itsuka moved her leg back to reveal the suddenly crushed object. They shifted their view towards the other end of the hallway, only to find their path blocked off by a thin wall of the new substance.

“Mushrooms?” They couldn’t help but both question the unexpected appearance of the vegetation around them, turning to eachother for a second they started hearing the sound of footsteps slowly getting louder from behind the wall of fungus. The second they prepared themselves for the upcoming fight the sound had disappeared, leaving the two of them with a building sense of unease.


The centre of the mushroom structure ripped open as a bright red projectile shot out from the other side and bringing down the rest of the wall. Itsuka’s eyes shot wide open as the red blur rushed down the hallway directly at her partner, crashing directly into Kosei’s cheek as the sounds of glass shattering filled the hallway.

“Tsuburaba-san!” She had already lost the chance to defend her teammate as his face reeled back from the force. The missile had also rebounded from the impact, lingering in the air long enough for the orangette to notice the odd shape of the attack, spelling out the previously shouted line in bold Japanese writing.

“It’s fine!” Kosei pulled his head back into an upright position, caressing his sore cheek as he looked down at the physical text on the mushroom covered floor before turning his view to his classmate. “My quirk soaked up some of the force behind it, but what was that?!”


Itsuka recognised the voice from earlier and reacted accordingly by jumping in front of Kosei, placing the back of her hands level to her chest and thighs with a hardened expression. Her hands suddenly exploded in size, shielding herself and her partner behind her now giant appendages as four similarly sized projectiles collided against them.

Her hands shrank back to their original size as she shook the still remaining soreness and focused on the hallway in front of him. She was quick to notice that the mushroom barricade hand completely dropped to the ground, revealing the two familiar figures standing on the other end of the hallway.

“Alright. So we got a quirk that makes her hands big and some other kind of defence quirk.” The pair of heroes could see the information their opponents had gathered clearly written on Manga’s face, immediately dropping back into their previously readied stances after acknowledging their opponents. The other pair of students followed suit as the bubble headed boy leaned is torso forward to put his head further forward and Kinoko pointed two squirt guns, complete with mushroom shaped canister by her end of the square barrels, directly at her adversaries.

“Tsuburaba-san…” Itsuka looked over to her partner as the standoff continued, preparing to bring the brown-haired boy beside her up to speed on the information the skirmish had also given them only to be met with a hand calmly refusing her explanation.

“Don’t worry, I think I get it.” Kosei shot a small glance to the girl before looking back at the enemy team with a confident smirk. “Going by the voice I heard before that thing hit me in the face, it has to be Fukidashi-san who has the creating quirk. And looking at Komori-san’s hero outfit choice, she’s the one responsible for spawning all of these mushrooms.”

The orangette shifted her view back in a similar manner to stare down the hardened expressions of her opponents, or what she assumed was a serious look on Manga’s speech bubble. “The biggest problem we’re going to face is having so many spores in the air thanks to all of these mushrooms in the building.”

“Right! And because of her partner she can create as many of these things as she wants…” Itsuka thought that the conversation had ended there but found himself stopped by Kosei’s voice cutting in again. She looked over to her partner to see his prepared stance lowered with his extended arm pointing directly at the other boy in the room

“…Because he doesn’t have a mouth or nose to breathe in any of the spores!”

The three other students in the room focused on the boy on the hero team, staring at his face that had shifted into a completely serious expression. The girl to his side attempted to fight against the feeling of her head dropping down in exasperation, eventually stopping the need by instead holding her face up in her hand.

“What the hell are you talking about?! Of course I have a mouth!” It took a second for Manga to retaliate after the immediate accusation, responding quickly as his speech bubble head turned spikey as the tone of his voice shifted into annoyance.

“Oh yeah?! Where is it then?!” Kosei swiftly retaliated as he took a step forward, still maintaining the genuine aggression on his face. The other boy’s head retuned to its round blank form for a short yet still awkward moment as a series black dots appeared in a row one by one on his face.

“Mind your own business jackass!” Manga’s head turned jagged once again as the rest of his body tensed to express the rest of his aggravation. Itsuka noticed from further back how his torso was twisting back, followed by his face reeling back like a sling.

“Tsuburaba-san! Get back!” The orangette dashed forward, swiftly moving in front of her teammate and forcing him behind him with a forceful shove. By the time she looked back forward she could see Manga’s head already start to swing back before being obscured by her massive palms being placed in front of her.

“KA-BOOM!” The voice of her opponent practically forced her to grit her teeth in preparation for the attack. A second after the yell had subsided the sounds of an explosion and bright light had erupted in front of her, followed by a noticeable pain against her palms as she forced her hands to withstand the force behind it.

The force soon subsided, allowing Itsuka to move her still giant hands to the side, showing her tenser expression to the villain team and the hallway now filled with smoke. She watched as the orange lettering on Manga’s face slowly disappear and remain blank, clearly waiting for some kind of retaliation before launching another attack.

“Tsuburaba-san! I can handle Fukidashi-san’s quirk, you focus on getting rid of the mushrooms!” She snapped her head back to Kosei after the smoke had cleared, watching as her partners expression shifted into a similar look and wasting no time to get out from behind his cover and sprinting forward at Kinoko.

“Got it! You can count on m-!”


Kosei flinched at the sound of Manga’s voice cutting through their communication, shooting out a blue projectile out of his face. There was no reason to read the text lingering in the air as the attacker’s cry already filled them in on what would follow. A heavy wave of air suddenly burst out from the letters, forcing the pair of heroes to reel back for a moment.

“Komori-san! Fall back and protect the weapon! I’ll take care of Kendo-san for you!” Manga twisted his head to his own teammate, who was forced to read the text on his face as the still present winds packed into the hallway had clouded her hearing. She hastily nodded before sprinting in the opposite direction, only slowing down when she stumbled over her feet for a second.

Itsuka watched Kinoko run out of sight before turning her view to Kosei, who was already preparing himself to chase after her. She dashed forward herself to stop the remaining opponent’s obvious follow-up attack, using her giant right hand to swat the blue letters behind them and moving her left to slam him into the wall.

Mang couldn’t focus on the brown-haired boy who dashed past the two of them as the massive appendage colliding into his chest took his attention. He wasted no time after making eye contact with the orangette before the normal writing on his face began to bolden and shift into an orange colour.




The teachers and students present in the monitor room watched as Manga let off another piece of volatile text, only for it to be immediately dodged as Itsuka shrunk her hand again and jumped backwards out of the way. The boy swiftly moved himself from both his opponent and the flying text as he watched the projectile explode against the other wall, leaving the orange shrapnel to fly out from the resulting explosion.

“Ignoring the threat of him causing permanent damage to his classmates, it still seems like a bad decision to let off explosions like that in the building they are supposed to be defending.” Sekijiro broke up the short pause that fell over the class during the skirmish, holding his chin in his hand as he watched his students continue to clash with eachother.

“Absolutely.” All Might and Izuku did not hesitate to nod along with the other teacher’s observations, having already seen the potential outcome of that idea on an even worse scale yesterday and partly grimacing at the memories.

The blonde hero kept his eyes on the existing fight as his assistant along with the homeroom teacher focused on the chase between the two other team members. Kinoko ran from one end of the monitor to the other, only to reappear on another one of the screens on the wall. She left a wave of mushrooms in her wake which only added to the already present vegetation littered floor and walls, followed quickly by kosei swiftly wading his feet through the almost non-existent obstacle.

The teachers watched as the girl pulled out he squirt guns once again and relentlessly squeezed the triggers, releasing a cloud of water into the hallway ahead of her. Izuku noticed how the randomly spawning mushrooms appeared to rise in frequency as she approached the now wet area, quickly piling up into a wall of mushrooms after she vaulted over the still growing pile. By the time she had tripped over after her landing and looked back the mound had grown to block her view of her hallway and the other student chasing her down.

“Even if she doesn’t have much confidence, she still seems to have a good handle on what she can do with her quirk.” Izuku was already writing once Kinoko had picked herself back up to keep running through the hallway, eventually making a sharp turn to her left once the path branched apart. With his focus on writing he missed Kosei bursting through the new wall and shaking the pieces of mushroom stuck in his hair.

“Going by the preparation phase it appears to be a strategy she’s created in the moment. Heroes and villains alike are capable of shifting the tide of battle when their back is against the wall, but if they want to keep that level of effectiveness then they need to push themselves much further. Something Komori has not yet done thanks to being held back by her self-confidence.”

Izuku stopped his note making after Sekijiro had finished, he couldn’t disagree with anything the homeroom teacher had mentioned but that didn’t make his plan to tackle it as the student counsellor any easier. Throughout all of this morning’s counselling sessions he had certainly learned more about how to actually approach his inteviews but he couldn’t help but keep wondering how much of that would help in any case other than that specific student. No matter the answer, it always pointed to him having to handle a brand new blank slate every time.

The counsellor looked back up at the screen, just in time to see Kinoko rush up the flight of stairs with a panicked expression clear on her face. At the very least he still had a day to prepare before facing the eventuality, which would hopefully be enough time to help her gain her necessary confidence.


Kinoko couldn’t hear the rapid footsteps behind her anymore, giving her some peace of mind that the diversions and misleads she had put on the path behind her. She wished it was enough to snuff out her still lingering thoughts of what would happen if she was caught but not knowing any way to apply her quirk to a direct fight along with not having a full grasp on her pursuer’s ability painted this scene as a clear losing battle.

She kept her sprint up until she finally entered a familiar room covered in mushrooms, housing the mock weapon in the centre of the space. With the number of spores in the air she and Mange both figured the enemy team would definitely think twice about attempting to enter the room with the supposed danger of being in the same room with that many mushrooms.

The mushroom girl took her time after entering her doorframe to take a break from her constant running and level out her breathing. Her fears started to quell as the rhythm of another person’s feet tapping against the floor, only the sound of air blowing in from the open window as a small relieved smile appearing on her face.

“Well it took you long enough.”

The panic immediately returned to replace Kinoko’s short lived smile upon hearing the new voice. Her head snapped to her left to see the cocky expression and brown hair belonging to Kosei leaning against the side of the doorframe. Her mind raced as she tried to figure out how this could have happened after having him supposedly chasing after her for so long.

She was taken out of her thoughts by her opponent dashing towards her with a roll of capture tape already prepared in his hand. Her first thought was to get out of the dead end room and return to avoiding her opponent before she realized her body was already following through with that plan. It looked as though she could make it out with the distance between her and the brown-haired boy until her head suddenly collided with a wall in front of her.

Her face reeled back from the impact, slipping back on the floor and losing her mushroom hat from the force of the collision. She was only able to bring herself from her prone state once her back of her head hit the ground, the mushrooms below her not doing anything to soften the blow.

She stared at the sight in front of her in utter confusion, from her sight on the ground she should have effortlessly dashed straight through the room’s exit instead of being forced back, yet still somehow found herself knocked onto the floor. It was only when a mushroom had suddenly sprouted in mid air in front of her that she got her answer without any ease to go with it.

“Sorry, I want to end this fight now, so I used my quirk to stop you from leaving!” There was a clear air of confidence in Kosei’s voice and grin as the mushroom girl focused on his slowly approaching figure. Kinoko still didn’t know enough about her opponent’s quirk to understand how he made the invisible barricade, but she couldn’t help but crawl backwards after he suddenly inhaled until his cheeks were noticeably bloated.

Kinoko attempted to pick herself back up quickly but was forced to keep up her scuttling motion as her still standing opponent closed the gap between them. The enthusiastic expression in his eyes lingered as he pulled his head back slightly before shooting it back forward, forcing the girl to shut her eyes to reduce her dread of the upcoming attack.

She expected to feel some kind of impact like she did at the doorframe as soon as her eyes closed, but instead she was subjected to a strange pause. As she slowly opened her eyes she was met by the sounds of coughing and spluttering, eventually beholding the sight of the once confident Kosei hunched over and clinging onto his throat.

Kinoko watched on in horror as the capture tape fell to the ground, followed soon after by the boy as his legs gave out and dropped to his knees. His face was contorted in a similar fear as he struggled to take in any air, losing the strength to keep himself upright and holding himself above the ground with one hand.


“W-what the hell is happening in there?!” Yosetsu along with the rest of the class watched the scene continue, all of them sharing the same petrified expression as all of them focused on Kinoko and Kosei while paying no attention to Itsuka and Manga’s ongoing duel.

“Komori’s mushroom spores…Tsuburaba must have accidentally inhaled them when he tried to use his quirk…” The teachers were watching the boy’s painful struggle with widened eyes and shock present on their faces. Izuku was the first to speak up with disbelief over what he was seeing still in his voice as he shuddered from the though of what Kosei was going through.

“She’s not in control of the situation! We have to stop the match! Now!” Sekijiro noted the terrified look on Kinoko’s half-covered face and used his tense voice and dead serious expression to bring the attention of the other two teachers onto him. He grabbed the microphone placed onto the console and turned to his much faster peers. “You two get in there and help him before it’s too late!”

All Might and Izuku gave no other answer than a quick nod to the homeroom teacher before bolting from the front of the group. The class didn’t have much time to process as the two of them manoeuvred around them and were already darting out of the room.

“Midoria-kun! I’ll break up the fight Between young Fukidashi and young Kendo! You move to the upstairs and ensure young Tsuburaba’s safety!” The teachers maintained their positions beside each other as they sprinted directly at the building they knew was where the scene was taking place. All Might could easily make it there in half the time but stayed at his assitant’s still swift speed to leave him with some directions.

“Right!” Izuku’s firm nod was the only signal the larger hero needed coupled with his resolute tone, even if he was inwardly grimacing over how he knew exactly why he was the one being tasked with that job. Arguing over it wouldn’t have mattered either way as All Might suddenly bolted forward, releasing a burst of air beside the counsellor before making a sharp right turn after suddenly creating a great distance between them.

The remaining hero watched the blonde teacher disappear into the building entrance, not slowing down his advance as he processed his own entrance into the site. He moved himself lower to the ground as his legs took on a bright green light before leaping off the ground with a shockwave of air hitting the ground below him. From the angle he was flying at beside the row of buildings he already knew he wouldn’t be able to make it into the window he was aiming for but had faith in his thought process that he would still make it in.

Tsuburaba was somehow able to make it onto the third floor before Komori. Without a mobility quirk his speed should have been around the same as hers, but there’s still a good chance he used his Solid Air quirk to move more efficiently…

Izuku touched down beside the second floor window, landing on one foot and knee as he was suspended in mid-air. As he had guessed the invisible platform below him was thanks to Kosei’s quirk, but he didn’t have the time to test if there was any others connected to the floor below him. He moved swiftly through the opening beside him and stepped down into the room filled with mushrooms that he had first seen on the monitor room screens.

Kinoko’s head snapped around once he heard the teacher’s iron soles hit the floor, her mouth alone giving away her extremely concerned face. Izuku approached Kosei’s stagnant body beside the girl without visible trepidation, kneeling down next to her and quickly turning the boy’s figure so that his back was facing the ground. With his face turned upwards he forced the slack mouth in front of him open and moved his eyelids shut to cover his still pupils, more in an attempt to remove some of the female students stress than to provide something to the actual recovery.

“Please let this work…” The teacher hoped that his mumble went unnoticed by the girl next to him as he moved a glowing palm over Kosei’s open mouth. The attraction on his quirk started gentle but slowly increased in power in an attempt to pry the object stuck in the boy’s throat. He continued the process until he felt a tiny bump against his hand, signalling him to pull away and reveal the large mushroom he had expect to find.

Izuku tossed the over his shoulder and moved his head closer to Kosei’s face, tilting his head to the side to line up his ear with the still open mouth. Two of the teacher’s fingers moved to make contact with the opposite side of his neck, searching for reassurance in the form of his pulse. He let out the breath he had been holding onto as he felt the vein he was prodding throb underneath and acknowledge the tickle of air hitting his ear.

“I-i-is he…” The counsellor could tell from the uneasiness in her tone that this was not a question that Kinoko wanted to ask, made only worse after what he though came off as a relieved sigh. He turned to her with a genuine but respectful smile as he pulled himself away from the unconscious Kosei.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine. The most he’ll probably suffer from is just a nasty headache when he wakes up from a lack of oxygen.” He was quick to notice that his attempted comfort didn’t bring the same respite it caused him, instead only shifting her initial dread into silent guilt. Izuku let out a quiet sigh at the sight before turning his view onto the prone body in front of him, scooping the brown-haired boy into his arms and bringing himself to his feet. “But regardless, we should still get him to Recovery Girl just in case.”

“Oi! You trying to take our job newbie?!” The two of them both flinched at the new voice suddenly cutting into the room. They both turned to the room’s entrance to see not another human as they expected, but instead a short robot that looked to only size up to Izuku’s legs. The machine made its way through the doorframe on its single wheel, slowly revealing the stretcher attached behind it along with the identical robot holding up the other end of the canvas bed.

“O-oh, good timing. We need this student transported to the nurse’s office.” Izuku recovered quickly from the sudden appearance of the conveyor droids and moved himself by the now parked stretcher. Both of the robots swiftly raised their side of the now occupied cradle before effortlessly directing themselves towards the exit without the need for communication.

“Yeah, yeah. We got the message from the other teacher already!” The lead robot’s strict voice chimed in again just as it was about to leave the room, causing Izuku to raise an eyebrow as he pondered if the mechanical part of the U.A staff was always this harsh or if they just went easy whenever they were around the students.

The counsellor shifted his view from the empty doorframe towards Kinoko as she had just finished pulling herself onto her feet and dusting off her legs. It was impossible for Izuku to completely gage everything she could be feeling right now from what little of her face was visible, but he could still get a good idea of how to approach from the downtrodden expression stuck on her lips.

He floated the mushroom-themed hat beside him into his hand as he walked over to the girl. Her eyes quickly caught onto the red object being offered in the corner of her eye, turning to face it along with the teacher holding it directly. “Here. We should get back to the rest of the class now.”

The student silently nodded as she lethargically took the hat from his gentle grip, moving it back onto her head and making sure to tilt it forward to hide the rest of her face from the teacher. He didn’t draw attention to her reluctance to interact and instead turned to walk out of the doorway with the girl in tow behind her.

The immovable silence between the two of them was growing onto the verge of being painful as the two of them walked beside each other. Izuku couldn’t help but occasionally give a short glance at Kinoko, who kept her shrouded head pointed to the ground in what he assumed to be shame.

He racked his brain trying to think of anything to say to at least ease her obvious troubles, only for his mind to go blank on every attempt. He was only just thinking about how to manage their inevitable session together in what felt like only a moment ago before the outcome of the match came and bombarded his thought process, removing the trace amounts of a plan he could have used now.

The counsellor moved his hand to his face to mask the irritation at himself present of his face, questioning whether there was a single thing he could mention that could make the situation any better as he resorted to scraping through his memory for any sort of answer.

“…You may think that all you need to do is give a speech or throw a punch to get the job done, but that isn’t the case here. You working here means that you intend to give it your all for their sake.”

Izuku thought the solution had slapped the back of his as recalled Shota’s voice, grimacing to himself for missing out on the clear answer for so long. He let out a quiet sigh before he finally turned to Kinoko again with a plan in mind.

“So Komori…” The girl flinched as the counsellor’s voice cut through the awkward silence but refused to raise her head up to meet his expecting gaze. “…How does your quirk work exactly?”

“W-well…I release spores that immediately turn into mushrooms when they touch something.” Kinoko slowly moved her arm away from hanging by her side and waved her hand without any enthusiasm displayed. The teacher watched her action with interest before he noticed the mushrooms that had suddenly appeared on his white glove.

Izuku moved the back of his hand closer to his face, eventually plucking the fungus between his fingers to study it further. He turned back to the student who continued to look at the ground with a calm smile and his normal happy demeanour seeping into his voice. “I see. With a quirk like that you could definitely provide some great support as a hero.”

“R-really? B-but I did so little in that fight…” The girl beside him attempted to understand being commended right after what she had considered to be a disaster of a match. Her speech regained some of her slump as she tried to refute his point, only to be interrupted as Izuku’s voice returned, apparently detached from the panic during the fight.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Even if it wasn’t real you were able to force your mushroom production as a major threat for the hero team. Not to mention you were able to build an entire wall of them to buy you some time. Even if you don’t think you did much those two achievements must not have been easy to pull off at first.”

Kinoko tugged at the sides of her hat in an attempt to hide the tiny smile appearing at the corners of her mouth. She still didn’t feel that the praise she was being given was deserved but it was still pleasant to hear coming from a professional hero no matter how much she tried to supress it. “W-well, it wasn’t that hard really since I can control where my spores land after I release them.”

“Oh? So you can control them after all?” Genuine curiosity moved into Izuku’s voice as he turned away from the girl beside him to ponder the information. He missed how the student he was previously facing had shifted to look up at him holding his jaw with his hand to contemplate. “So by that logic…”

“…You would have already known that the spores had entered Tsuburaba’s mouth.”

The smile vanished from Kinoko’s face immediately after the teacher’s voice lost its cheerful and replaced it a firmer pondering tone, not necessarily scolding but still forcing a shiver after being discovered. Her half-covered face snapped back to the ground once she noticed his head turning back to face her again “Alongside that, you could have avoided injuring him since you could have stopped your spores from connecting with his throat, but you didn’t.”

“I-I-I-I only did that because…because…” The girl stopped her stroll forward as she stood firmly in her spot and looked directly at Izuku. She lost what little assurance she had left once she met his much more confident gaze as her head slowly tilted towards the ground again.

“Because you thought it was the only way you could win?” She couldn’t look at the teacher’s face, not wanting to see the disappointment that would naturally be on his face, even if his voice retained its neutral tone. She wringed her hands and tightened her lips together to try and distract herself from her returning dread before she felt a hand gently clamp onto her shoulder.

“Komori. Look at me.”

Kinoko slowly raised her head back up to hesitantly meet with Izuku, immediately noticing that his form had changed to him crouched down on one knee in front of her to better meet her shrouded face. Her expression shifted into surprise as she saw his face void of the judgement she expected to see rather than the tiny smile found on the edges of his mouth. “I’m not mad at you for doing that. Neither are All Might or Kan-san. None of us are going to look at you any differently for what happened back there.”

“B-but…but why?” The student couldn’t stop her lip from quivering slightly as she attempted reduce the relentless confusion she was facing. She watched as his face refused to crumble in front of her anguish and instead moved his other hand onto her free shoulder.

“Because when a hero fights for real, there’s always the risk that they or the people they are trying to protect will get seriously hurt. Because of that heroes always make sure they give each fight everything they’ve got, even if they resort to underhanded tactics or in some cases, ruthless brutality.”

A reassuring smile broke out across Izuku’s face as he moved his hand to the girl’s hat, tilting it upwards to show her face, even if hall of it was still covered by her hair. “I want you to know that what you did today doesn’t make you any less capable of being a hero yourself. And if you still think it’s wrong then it’s fine. As your student counsellor, I promise by the time you leave U.A you will have found a new way to protect people.”

“…Okay…” Kinoko’s trembling lip had stopped and was replaced by a determined appearance taking over her mouth. The counsellor didn’t expect her to immediately smile in return and instead took respite in how she now faced him directly.

Izuku moved back onto his feet, letting out a happy sigh as he rose and gesturing for the student to follow him. They quickly returned back to their silence as they strode beside each other but without the lingering discomfort in the air as the counsellor passed another glance at the girl and noticing the serene look underneath her mushroom hat.


The mechanical door of the monitor room slid open to reveal Izuku and Kinoko standing on the other end of the frame. He gestured for the shorter student to enter first as he filed in behind her. She internally questioned his decision before Manga and Itsuka rushed to her front, followed soon after by the rest of the class waiting for her.

The counsellor didn’t pay too much attention to their worries as he scooted past the sudden crowd to meet with the two other teachers awaiting his return with smiles on their faces. As he drew closer to stand beside them as he did previously he noticed one of the screens on the wall being locked onto an oddly familiar hallway. It took him a second to realise that it was the scene he shared with the female student. “Wait…were you all watching everything?”

“Heard everything too. I have to say you handled that pretty well Midoriya-kun.” All Might gestured to the device in his ear before he moved his hand forwards with a thumbs up and a noticeably proud smile aimed at his assistant. Izuku couldn’t help but return the expression with him before he turned his head back behind him and focusing on the wobbly but still cheerful look on Kinoko’s face.

“To be honest I didn’t think there was much I could do to help her. So Instead I figured that it would be better to let her know that I was here whenever she needed it.”

“Well said! Great to see you’re putting your thesis into action for their sake!” The counsellor was taken out of his view by Sekijiro’s brash voice coming from his side before a hand slammed into his shoulder and forcing his body to reel forward from the difference in size between them.

He recovered from the well-meaning act quickly as the last part of the homeroom teacher’s dialog caught his attention. “Huh? My what?”

“Your thesis. Yamada-kun filled in the rest of us after you started working here, and he mentioned something about using your time here to test your theory.” The wide smile on his face was reduced after being met with confusion. Izuku also pondered the thought as walked forwards to the console to retrieve his notepad on the console.

“…Something about saying that most male heroes are father figures.”

Izuku froze in place as his face flushed red in embarrassment, only able to move himself enough to face Sekijiro and move his shaking hands in front of him in dismissal. “I-I didn’t mean anything by that, I swear! I-it was just a passing question!”

“Are you sure? Because if you need help with research I’m sure the rest of the staff would be happy to help you.” The homeroom teacher flashed his toothy smile again, seemingly oblivious to the counsellor’s flustered expression. All Might couldn’t stop the urge to chuckle into his hand as he watched his assistant bury his embarrassed face into his hands as Sekijiro continued his thoughtful suggestions.

Chapter Text

Even if Kinoko didn’t show it to the teacher beside her as they made their way back to the rest of the group, she still had a present feeling of concern in the back of her mind. Izuku had helped to at least squash the lingering thoughts of her own performance until those feelings were immediately replaced with her fears of what the rest of the class had seen. She had hoped that the teacher was able to pick up on her unease like before, only for her wishes to be dashed once he had stopped to tap the panel by the metal door and open the way into the monitor room.

By the time the sounds of the door sliding open had finished, the girl had already been forced to lock eyes with the crowd of familiar faces that had turned to the suddenly opened entrance. She was only able to take a few steps into the room before her view was quickly filled by Manga and Itsuka, followed soon after by the rest of the class.

“Komori-san! Are you okay?!” Manga’s attempt at a calm voice was betrayed by the sharp text on his large speech bubble head along with its new spiked outline. Kinoko flinched at the sudden question before snapping his head to side in hopes of finding support in the teacher she expected to see there, only to find the space beside her completely barren. Her eyes frantically darted around from behind her fringe, still hoping for the teacher to clear the air for her but instead seeing Izuku on the other side of the room already conversing with the other adults.

“We were seriously worried about you when All Might came in telling us to stop.” The brunette shifted her head back to the other expecting students once she heard Itsuka’s concerned voice. She noticed as her view shifted back to her classmates that the speech bubble forcing itself into the focus had shrunk down to its resting size, allowing her to easily move her attention onto the other girl’s concerned expression.

“O-oh no, I’m fine!...But I think you should be more worried about Tsuburaba-san.” Kinoko could only respond with her unprepared stammer before her voice slowly relaxed itself. The shift in tone only made the still doubtful thoughts that she wished has dissipated after Izuku’s promise seep through into her voice as her head slowly drooped down again.

“Relax. we were already told by Kan-sensei that he’s fine. We just wanted to make sure you were doing alright after getting scolded by the Midoriya-sensei on your way back.” The brunette didn’t notice Setsuna moving in on Itsuka’s free side until her light-hearted tone butted into the conversation. Kinoko’s head perked back up to meet the new girls face but could only focus on the line she had opened with.

“Huh? When did I get scolded?”

“Isn’t that what was happening in the hallways on the screen? I mean we didn’t hear a thing, but it definitely didn’t look like he was saying anything good.” Manga pointed his thumb over his shoulder towards the monitors. A red tint appeared on the girl’s cheeks, giving her partially visible expression shifted into embarrassment at the very idea of her class watching the scene unfold. She turned back to the boy once she noticed the previous text on his face disappear before immediately being replaced with a new set of lines which were almost unreadable as he turned his head side to side in disapproval. “…And after you had just watched Tsuburaba-san start choking in front of you too…”

“H-hold on! That wasn’t what happened at all!” The short-lived blush on Kinoko’s face disappeared as her mouth contorted into a panicked expression, bringing the attention of the three students onto her and her frantically moving arms. The thought of having the entire class watching her emotional moment was snuffed out by her fears of bringing down her teacher with her because of a simple misunderstanding.

“He just gave me a couple words of encouragement, that’s all.” The girl’s panic subsided after she noticed the three other faces focusing on hers, wringing her hands together in front of her as she continued with unease clear in her voice. As he moved her head up to meet them a hint of a smile appeared on her face as she thought back to Izuku’s own reassuring expression, remembering the faith he had voiced before. “He wasn’t being mean about it at all…but he made it clear that I have mushroom to improve.”

The brunette didn’t know what kind of expression she was supposed to expect from her peers, but seeing their eyes widen in surprise was definitely not one of them. The only reaction she predicted was Manga’s blank speech bubble head slowly filling with a line of simple black dots. There wasn’t any time for her to question their surprise before they hid their faces from her, covering their mouths with their hands and letting out a muffled snicker.

Kinoko watched the even more surprising response from her peers with a confused expression before her eyes snapped open in realisation. The red hue on her face returned at full force as she attempted to save her image by flailing her hands in front of her. “S-s-sorry! I-I didn’t mean to say that! It just sort of came out!”

“You make mushroom puns too? That’s too cute!” Setsuna tilted her head back up to meet the brunette ahead of her as she wiped away the minuscule tear from her eye. Kinoko couldn’t remember the dread she once had when she first entered the room as she stared at the other girl’s face void of any prejudice, almost like the previous match never happened.

A quick scan over the other two classmates revealed the same answer that the greenette had given as they shared a similar look of delight, even Manga’s face easily translated his joy from the amount of times the word ‘snicker’ was written on his head. Kinoko could feel her doubts properly dissolve as she took in the cheerful expressions facing her, causing her embarrassment to slowly seep away as a shaky smile took its place.

“Sorry to interrupt you four, but we’re moving onto the next match now. We’re going to save the analysis for your fights until Tsuburaba comes back from the medical ward.” The moment was peacefully disturbed by Izuku standing behind the group. The three students in front of him turned to properly face him and taking note of the rest of their classmates moving to the other teachers behind him.

“Yes Midoriya-sensei.” The four of them responded with cheerfulness still evident in their voices. The counsellor nodded before turning back and leading the brief stroll to the rest of the class, quietly sighing to himself after his casual eavesdropping had silenced his own doubts.

That was close. I thought they were going to condemn me over it.

Izuku left Kinoko along with her other classmates with the rest of the group as he moved across the room to stand beside All Might, just in time to watch him fish out another pair of balls from the black and white boxes at his sides. The crowd watched intently as the teacher’s hands darted into their view with the balls hidden behind the back of his hands before quickly turning them to the class in a big reveal.

“Now we can start the third match of the day! This time our heroes Tetstutetsu Tetsutesu and Yanagi Reiko will face off against the villains Bondo Kojiro and Koda Yui!”


Yui inspected the weapon standing in the centre of the room as she twirled a strand of her bobbed black hair around her finger, moving moved closer with a neutral expression on her face as her hand moved from her head to tap at the side of the prop. She turned her head downwards at her own red bodysuit and white skirt and gripped onto the tiny pocket attached to the belt on her shoulder before looking back at the weapon.

The girl turned her head back to the rest of the room behind her once the silence had continued for an unusual amount of time, especially when she wasn’t the only person in the room. Her partner Kojiro came was busy stroking his yellow chin, covering his neck and the thick brace of his collar with his large, similarly coloured hand. The rest of his baggy suit balanced out the very top-heavy proportions of his body with his slender lower half into a more equally bulky form. Coupled with his golem-like head and the several hollow eye holes on his face he certainly gave off the impression of a bulky and hardened boy, even if his current posture didn’t exactly fit the same mood.

As Yui made her way over to the boy she could clearly see his large figure trembling slightly as his large hands moved up to lightly slap the sides of his head. The solid expression of his uncanny face didn’t make it any easier for her to understand his thoughts, but she was given an idea as the minor quivering throughout his body stopped and his hands clenched in front of him, only to be startled immediately when the girl’s finger tapped his broad shoulder.

Her expression didn’t even flinch when Kojiro let out a loud squeak in response to the sudden contact and quickly snapped his head to face the girl. The square-toothed seam making up his mouth closed again with a heavy sigh once his gaze met Yui’s before turning away to put a hand on his overreacting heart.

“So, any ideas?” The girl silently waited for her partner to calm down again before she asked with her monotone voice instead, showing no distinct emotion on her face compared to his previous reaction. The notion carried over as the boy’s head slumped down without returning the gaze back to her.

“N-nothing yet…sorry…” The expression of defeat lacking on Kojiro’s face seeped into his voice as he weakly turned his head to face the girl standing beside her. His head jolted backwards once his view focused on her unimpressed look staring him down, followed soon after by the rest of his body as he hunched down to meet her face and brought his arms up defensively. “I-I mean, I’m sure I’ll think of something for you soon! I just don’t know where to start since we don’t know much about the other team.”

There was an awkward pause as Yui continued to stare at the golem boy’s multiple eyeholes, not bringing attention to him slinking back slightly from her judging expression before swivelling to his previous thinking position with the girl out of view. With Kojiro’s focus no longer on his partner, he didn’t notice her moving away from beside him and walking back towards the fake bomb.

He didn’t notice that the girl had moved away from him until he felt himself becoming concerned over her still silent presence and raised his head back up to confirm her position next to him. It took him a second to find Yui again after discovering the view beside him empty before he found her standing before the weapon. “H-hold on, where are you going? We’re going to lose if we can’t plan something to counter them soon!”

Kojiro’s voice was cut short once the girl looked over her shoulder back at him with the same unmoved look from before, leaving him to wonder what was supposed to be behind that silent expression before she turned back around to leisurely hug the object in front of her.

The awkwardness in the air thankfully didn’t last as long this time thanks to the boy’s attention being immediately drawn onto the prop Yui had wrapped in her arms. A strange glow emanated from beneath her hands as the weapon began to shrink before their eyes, allowing the girl’s hands to slowly draw closer to each other as the object between them gradually dropped in size to fit in her palms.

After a moment of contact, the girl’s hands eventually made contact once they clasped together, almost like the towering prop between them never existed. Kojiro watched her as she revealed the miniature weapon now small enough to be held by her finger and thumb before casually dropping it into one of the pouches of her hero costume, paying no mind to the boy’s slack-jawed reaction as she turned back around to face him again.

“We can’t plan for something we don’t know about. So best thing we can do is focus on what we know about our own abilities.” Yui finally responded to her partner, retaining the same monotone speech from last time as her blank face met with his much more emotive expression. Despite the girl’s expression not changing in the slightest, the silent judging Kojiro thought was there before was replaced with a look of silent confidence.

The boy’s initial surprise of his partner faded as a feeling of relief took its place. He saw the opportunity to move on from the awkwardness in the room previously and raised his fists up to show his enthusiasm. “All right! Just tell me what you want me to do, I’m your partner after all!”

“How about telling me what your quirk is then.” He had expected Yui’s voice to return the suggestion with at least some of its own interest, only for him to be reminded otherwise by her unmoving face and tone as he flinched back in embarrassment.

“A-ah, right, of course! S-sorry!”


“The match has begun heroes and villains! Show us all that you hold the embodiment of good!...or evil.” The preparations of the team outside the building was cut short once All Might’s voice cut in after the starting alarm resounded around them. The single eye that wasn’t covered by Reiko’s white hair and black mask like the rest of her face didn’t flinch under the sudden blaring, while Tetstutetsu responded to the alert with his spikily line eyes tilted into an aggressive stare and a sharp toothed grin.

The girl could see the visceral excitement on her teammate’s face as the two of them moved closer to the entrance, not shifting her blank expression but still feeling the need to intervene before the plan the two of them created could be thrown away immediately. Before the male student was able to land his metal boot past the doorframe, her hand lightly gripped onto his exposed muscular shoulder to stop his rampage before it could begin.

“Tetsutetsu-san. Can we discuss our strategy again? Just to assure that we know what we are going to focus on.” Once the grey-haired boy turned back to recognise his partner Reiko brought back her arm to rest in its odd zombie like position at her side. He turned himself back around as his eager expression dropped slightly from the distraction for only a second before returning at full force once he faced his partner.

“Sure thing!” Tetsutetsu missed the subtle jab directed at him as he raised up a clenched fist into view to compliment his wide smile. He didn’t face the fellow student beside him for long as he pointed his excited look back to the hallway and made a show of cracking his knuckles. “We’re gonna enter through the front door and go straight for the weapon room! And if we run into any villains then we knock them down the second we see them!”

Reiko’s arm posture drooped slightly when the boy finished his response much sooner that what she had hoped for. He had certainly covered the basics of their plan, but he didn’t bother to spend any time acknowledging the important details she had implored the first time they went over it. She gave a short nod before making her way into the building at a calm pace, deciding to remind him when the time came rather than waste time correcting him.

“Correct. However keep in mind that we have yet to learn what our opponent’s quirks are. I suggest we focus on finding the weapon and avoid-”

Reiko’s focus was immediately moved onto Tetsutetsu as he sprinted past her with no sign of stopping, her single visible eye widening slightly as her own movement slowed to process her surprise. Once he had reached the end of the hallway he abruptly slammed his foot ahead of himself as he took a sharp breath and raised his head up.


The girl stood there in silence as exasperation seeped into her posture, her eyebrow furrowing in visible confusion. She began to sprint after her partner before she had the chance to fully process his decision, eventually catching up to the boy as he continued his previous dash into the building. “…Why?...”

“Because, if we take them out right away then there’s nothing that can stop us from getting to the weapon! The second we see them we’ll smash them with our quirks!” Tetsutestu brought his head back to behind him with his grin now much more prominent from the rush of excitement. His passionate expression contrasted greatly with the reaction given by the girl behind him, who replied with her visible eyebrow raising with her doubt.

“I appreciate the vote of confidence. But you can’t say for certain that we will win without knowledge of our enemy’s abilities.”

“Well there’s an easy way to find that out…” Reiko had wished that her objection would do something to convince him, even silently turning hopeful when she watched Tetsutetsu’s boots skid against the floor to slow himself down. But her hopes were shattered when she saw his smile replaced by another sudden intake of air.

“Please don’t…”


“Right here.”

The two of them flinched at the new feminine voice suddenly cutting in with a similar emotionally barren tone. The hero team snapped their heads to their side towards the voice, discovering Yui and Kojiro standing on the other end of the branching path and staring back at them.

Yui took their shock as an opportunity to study the other pair in front of them with her still motionless face. Reiko’s pale skin and short white kimono hadn’t changed at all from the last time she had seen them, neither did Tetsutetsu’s dark green jumpsuit and metal straps covering his bare chest as his surprised expression shifted into his usual grin.

The grey-haired student tensed his fists as he took a heavy step in front of his teammate, bringing the attention of the three other students onto him, even if only one of them gave a visible reaction. They watched on as his skin suddenly turned a grey tint as he began to shine underneath the lights in the hallway, giving his body the texture of smooth metal.

Tetsutetsu wasted no time after gaining his steel lining and charged directly at the enemy team, winding a fist back and letting out a low passionate roar. Yui didn’t have to look behind her to know that the immediate shift was what caused Kojiro to flinch but did so anyway to signal for their own response.

Watching the girl standing in front of him shift into a prepared stance helped to distract Kojiro from the source of his anxiety barrelling towards him. He pulled his head back by an inch as he forced himself to stare down the rapidly approaching boy before suddenly darting his face forwards and ejecting a thick white substance from his multiple eyeholes.

Tetsutetsu didn’t stop his advance towards his targets, even if he did instinctively raised an eyebrow as the large blob rocketed away from his opponent’s face. He almost missed how Yui moved her hand upwards into the projectile’s path yet didn’t do anything to stop it. She laid her palm out flat beneath the ball of sludge as it skimmed across her fingers, not adding or removing any of its velocity as it flew past her.

The girl brought her now slimy hand back down as she watched the globule fly towards Tetsutetsu, currently moving himself to receive the attack with his readied fist. She quickly pressed her fingers together once the steel boy began followed through and launched his arm forwards to intercept the attack.


The blob exploded in size before the boy’s eyes, almost filling the entire space between the walls beside and completely blocking off his view of the two students behind it. Tetsutetsu’s body stilled as he watched the wave of white liquid on the verge of overwhelming him with a stunned expression replacing his once confident grin.

From the bottom right corner of his eye the boy could see a head of white hair moving into his view, followed quickly after by the rest of Reiko’s body and outfit. She dug her feet into the floor and pulled back her open palms as she locked her still emotionless eyes on the approaching sludge.

The giant ball of white froze in the air once the girl lunged her arms out in front of her, eventually splashing it’s liquid around the room once the back of the wave caught up with the front. Tetsutetsu snapped as he shielded his face from the downpour of the collapsing sludge splattering against his body and the floor around him. By the time he moved the cover over his eyes the floor and walls around him were covered by large specks of white gunk, even finding it sprayed across his own metallic body.

The boy moved his hand across his forearm to scrape off the muck gathered on his limb, finding himself surprised as what he assumed to be a liquid was already beginning to solidify and stick firmly to his body, almost exactly like he had dipped his arm in a pile of glue. The only difference he could find was that the substance on his arm hardened much faster than anything he had seen before.

Just as he had finished breaking off the hardened adhesive from his arms, his attention was directed to the now smaller mass of white still floating in the middle of the air. As his partner’s open hands slowly flowed to her right side, the ball of glue followed suit and drifted to the space above her head.

“Tetsutetsu-san, you have my apologies. I did not realise the effectiveness of your strategy at first. Now we know our opponents’ quirks.” With the once rampaging attack settled beside her, Rekio could once again see the other two students before her, just in time to see Kojiro’s shaking form and Yui’s once still eyes opened wide in shock.

The white-haired girl placed slid her left foot forward and placed her arms further back, followed once again by the floating globule slowly moving backwards. She pivoted her waist immediately afterwards as he moved her weight onto her front foot and threw her arms in front of her in one rapid sweeping motion.

The sudden motion caused ball of glue to careen towards the hero team in a white blur, curving from its starting path by the wall and rocketed directly at Reiko’s target. Yui didn’t have any time to prepare herself once her wide eyes locked onto the projectile as it charged directly at her.

The giant blob of glue collided directly with the girl’s chest, effortlessly knocking her backwards along with the semi-solid white mass and carrying her through the air with it. The raging charge only ceased once the globule crashed into the wall ahead of it, harshly slamming Yui’s back along with it and pinning her as the glue completely splashed against the wall. She reeled back from her soreness as she felt the liquid rapidly solidify around her body, trapping her chest and arms beneath the splatter and letting her legs hand in the air.

“K-K-Kodai-san!” Kojiro shock immediately shifted from how easily their assault was countered to his teammate’s subdued state. He had confidence in the plan Yui had made with his help, including the part about him adjusting his glue quirk to dry almost immediately. But that feeling didn’t last long after seeing their attack be countered so easily, even taking one of them out in the process with ease.

He hastily rushed over to her trapped teammate with his large hands already positioned to pry her out of her trap, only to be swiftly forced back when a much more solid object ruthlessly crash into his abdomen with the same speed as the previous attack. His head tilted downwards from the shock as the force behind the object sent him toppling backwards, shifting his view to reveal the metal Tetsutetsu currently digging his arm and shoulder into the golem boy’s torso.

Once Kojiro’s back hit the ground, the metal student moved back into his view of the roof with his wide toothy grin as he moved to pin the larger boy to ground. His panic to get free made way for his quirk activating on instinct, blasting a continuous stream of glue from his eyeholes directly at the boy above him.

Tetsutetsu instinctively crossed his forearms again to defend himself as the wave of white sludge pelted his upper half. The power behind the torrent forced him to stagger back only slightly as the adhesive already began to dry into a dense hold firmly trapping his arms. The sudden counter gave Kojiro the pause he needed to recover once his opponent moved off his body to focus on freeing his limbs, allowing him plenty of time to scramble back to his feet and face the enemy team again.

Reiko moved to her teammates side, currently gritting his teeth as the solid glue containing him began to loosen with the growing number of fractures emerging across it. She kept her gaze focused onto both the girl still glued to the wall and her golem partner with uncertainty clear in his posture.

“Tetsutetsu-san, I will go ahead and look for the weapon while you take down the last villain. Otherwise we are going to waste too much time here instead of looking for the weapon. Do you think you can handle it?”

“HELL YEAH!” Tetsutetsu let out a passionate roar as the cracked glue finally shattered, releasing his arms as they immediately moved into clenched fists and scattering the broken fragments around the room, including all over his teammate, who kept her unmoved expression focused ahead of her.

Reiko didn’t wait for any other signal before she began her sprint straight towards Kojiro, still retaining her emotionless expression as she drew closer to the larger student. The boy took a second longer to think as he was forced to process his own plan along with the girl dashing straight at him, eventually steeling himself as he moved forward his large hands extended outwards ready to catch her.

With all of his focus currently on apprehending the advancing student, he missed Tetsutetsu’s own onslaught, only realising once he felt the metal boy’s fist slamming into the side of his face. He stumbled back from the force behind the blow as the girl easily left his view and travelled further into the building behind him. Kojiro placed a hand on the sore side of his face as he focused on the readied position and toothy grin the other boy was giving him.

“Don’t even think about it! This fight is between you and me now, so come at me with everything you got!” Tetsutetsu slammed his fist into his awaiting open palm, paying no mind to the sparks erupting from the sudden contact and instead concentrating on how his opponent seemed to slink back slightly from the action.

From her detained position on the wall, Yui had a clear view of her partner’s unfavourable reaction before he moved into his fighting pose, clearly not as prepared as the one his opponent was showing off. She didn’t attempt to struggle in her hold as she turned her head to face him directly. “Bondo-san…”

Kojiro’s attention darted onto the girl after realising her placement still attached to the wall. He couldn’t guess what her next words would be from just her stagnant face, but the odd determined air that she gave off was enough to act as a hint. He eventually got his answer once she gave a short nod to him and continued in her usual monotone voice.

“…Do your best.”

The boy’s posture drooped slightly as he took the time to process her words of lacklustre encouragement as he tilted his head to one side. A sweatdrop ran down the side of his face as he turned by his waist to face her better. “U-uh…I don’t think that sounds as motivating as you think it-”

The moment was broken once Tetsutetsu’s steel fist struck the side of Kojiro’s face closest to him. He was forced to stagger backwards and soothe his jaw before his view focused onto the other boy wasting no time and running straight towards him with another fist prepared.


“It seems like there’s a lot of teams splitting up in your class Kan-san.”

Izuku along with the other two teachers kept their gaze focused on Tetsutetsu and Kojiro’s clash, not paying much attention to the screen dedicated to the sprinting Reiko outside of the occasional check. The teaching assistant’s pen had stilled as he watched the girl dash through the series of hallways with no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Sekijiro responded to the teacher’s statement with a nod before moving to hold his chin in his hands as he studied the screens ahead of him. “It’s certainly a risky strategy. Leaving your partner to finish one issue while you move onto something else on your own has the potential to completely throw the fight. It should only be done when you have faith in your allies’ abilities.”

“At the very least it means that your students are already getting along better than the ones in 1-A for their first exercise.” Izuku turned his head slightly to the teacher beside him with a relaxed smile before shifting his view back to the monitors, missing the triumphant grin that had appeared on the other teacher’s face to watch the live footage.

The counsellor watched as Kojiro continued to hide his chest and head behind his disproportionally large arms, solely defending himself from Tetsutetsu’s wild swings. The size difference helped him to at least hold his ground against the of steel fists battering against him, but did nothing to shift the conflict in his favour.

“You’re not gonna win if you just block the whole time! Fight back already!” Despite being the one currently keeping up his offensive, the metal boy’s voice was still aggressively jovial as he threw another punch out. Izuku shifted his attention down onto his notebook as he wrote down the new set of observations, almost missing how the boy let out a surprised grunt only a second later.

“Just…” The teacher’s eyes widened slightly once he heard Kojiro’s once anxious voice taking on a noticeably frustrated tone, quickly shifting his gaze back onto the screens to find the scene in front of him radically different from what he had seen before. The grin on Tetsutetsu’s mouth was replace with a look of surprise as his extended fist was completely eclipsed by the larger boy’s hand, his fist slowly raising up before rocketing forwards at its metal target. “…Stop already!”

The larger hand crashed into the side Tetsutetsu’s metal face, forcing him to grit his teeth as his eyes shot wide open to process the sudden shock. An audible crack rang out as Kojiro followed through with the rest of his arm and sent the other boy staggering backwards, almost falling over from the force as he moved past Yui’s shocked expression on the wall.

He regained his footing as he turned his head away to rub his hand against the struck side of his face. He moved his hand away after a second as he mumbled to himself with pain still evident in his voice, unintentionally showing the new small crack spread across his steel cheek. “Ow…Guess I took too long with my quirk on…”

The crowd in the monitor room along with two members of the villain team shared a similar open-mouthed reaction, all similarly taken aback by the first punch from Kojiro already catching up to his opponent’s previous barrage. The class watched as the golem boy quickly took a step forward with concern written across his body’s posture. “Oh! I-I-I’m so sorry! A-are you seriously hur-”

“Why the hell are you apologising?! You just landed your first good punch on a villain! You already got power down, but if you don’t show some more passion for it you won’t the chance to throw another one at all! Tetsutetsu snapped his head towards the other student with his eyebrow raised in confusion while still bearing his sharp teeth. His enthusiasm returned along with his grin as he moved back into his fighting stance and stared down his opponent. “C’mon, we’re going again! Hit me with all you got this time!”

Kojiro slowly turned over to Yui, who returned his bewildered look with her own confused expression. His body flinched as the sound of Tetsutetsu taking a heavy step forward grabbed his attention, snapping his head towards the sound and reflexively bringing his arms up to protect himself. From the gap in his guard he noticed the metal student refused to take another step forward as he instead continued to stare him down. It was only when he brought down his arms into a shakey fighting stance that Tetsutetsu decided to regain his toothy smile and sprint towards him.

“It’s wonderful that they get along, but they should at least still take this match seriously.” All Might commented out loud to the other teachers, followed by almost unnoticeable sigh as the two students began their clash again. The counsellor didn’t have to look over to his other side to know that Sekijiro was nodding along with the hero’s assessment.

Izuku tilted his head back down to his notebook and took a long look at the notes dedicated to Tetsutetsu before skimming backwards through the other pages. He eventually found the second set of notes he was looking for and quickly wrote down an extra line, not in the list of observations, but instead by the title of the page as he nodded to himself in confirmation.

‘Kirishima Erijiro & Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu



Yui continued to watch the fight from her forced perch on the wall as the two boys continued their conflict in front of her like she did before, the only noticeable difference being her partner’s new strategy. Kojiro still resorted to blocking the flurry of punches from Tetsutetsu, but on rare occasion would throw out his own attack in response, only for his opponent to dodge and land a solid blow to his new opening.

The metal boy was more than happy to keep up the battle between the two of them, even more so now that his opponent was at least attempting to fight back instead of hiding behind his forearms. But as the pair continued the fight at their steady pace, his mind began to wander when he took the rest of the world into account. The most prominent thought in his mind currently wasn’t over the wellbeing of his absent partner, but about what was taking so long for her to begin with.

He had faith in what Reiko could do once she had left the fight to find the weapon, especially when the two members of the villain team were currently in the same room as him, but that only made him question more why the match was still going on. He had expected the fight to only last for an extra minute or so before he got distracted by his opponent, leading to the thought suddenly relapsing once his focus was no longer solely on the student in front of him.

Tetsutetsu’s focus was once again put onto Kojiro when his large fist made it past his offence and collided with his cracked face again, forcing him to grit his teeth and regain his stance a few steps away from the golem boy. The two students faced each other again as they used the continued pause to let out a few heavy breaths before turning the rest of their bodies to ready themselves.

“Tetsutetsu-san.” Reiko’s voice cut in through the device fitted in Tetsutetsu’s ear, causing his stance to drop as his expression shifted into surprise. He quickly moved a finger onto the communicator to respond in hope of finding an answer to his latest question.

“Yanagi-san? What’s going on over there? Why is-”

“You need to end the fight right now.” The girl’s voice cut through his inquiring with the same emotionless tone he remembered from before, yet still translating her urgency from her uncharacteristic interruption.

“Huh? But you said you were going to secure the weapon right?” Tetsutetsu shot a glance over to the other two students in the room before he continued, which was met with a puzzled but still risk-free look from the both of them. With the pause in their fight confirmed he turned his head away to focus on his own confusion directed at the girl on the other end.

“I cannot find it.”

The boy’s eyes snapped open at Reiko’s statement, processing the line for an extra second before the rest of his facial expression could catch up with his visibly rattled confusion. “Huh?!”

“The weapon is not on any of the higher floors. It has to be on the ground floor where you are.” Even if the girl continued with her regular emotionless tone, the quick responses she was giving was enough to get across the tension hidden behind her voice, which didn’t do much to ease her partner’s rising unease.

“Well then get back down here and help me end this! I don’t think I can end this fight right now!”

“I will not make it time. The only option we have is for-”

Tetsutetsu couldn’t hear the rest of his teammate’s message over the blaring alarm that suddenly echoed throughout the building, stealing the attention of the students just in time hear All Might’s voice cut in immediately afterwards. “The heroes have not recovered the weapon in time! THE VILLAIN TEAM WINS!”

The once confident boy was still in shock as he slowly moved his hand away from the side of his head, processing the completely unexpected shift from what he assumed to be an easy win from the start. He turned his head towards Kojiro as the metal texture faded from his body and the small crack on his cheek shifted into a noticeable dark bruise before the villain team’s eyes.

The golem boy flinched when Tetsutetsu suddenly turned to face him with a new irritated scowl on his face, bearing his sharp teeth as he made his way towards him. He tilted his head upwards to meet Kojiro’s face with the same angered expression, not paying any mind to how it caused the taller boy’s figure to shake. “Alright, where the hell did you hide the weapon?! Did you cheat or something?!”

“W-well…we…uhhh…” The boy could only place his large hands between him and the other student as his stammering voice was doing nothing to help him, especially with the aggravated face staring him down. He instinctively took a step backwards only for Tetsutetsu to continue walking towards him, refusing to back down until he found his answer.

“Excuse me…” Their attention were both shifted onto Yui’s monotone voice calling out from their side. The pair quickly turned towards the voice to find her still attached to the wall like she had been for the entire match, returning their glances with her usual unimpressed look and her head tilted to one side. “A little help, please?”

“O-oh right! Sorry.” Kojiro was happy to take his focus from the current source of his nervousness beside him as he quickly moved to help the girl from her trap. He was too focused with digging his fingers into one side of the hardened glue and reeling his body backwards to notice Tetsutetsu doing the same on the other end of the solid cover and attempting to rip it off the wall.

It didn’t take long for the combined strength of the two boys to crack the adhesive trap and slowly pry the crumbling sides off of Yui, who quickly dropped onto the floor with the white restraints no longer stuck to her with the exception of a few rubbles of glue sticking to her clothes.

She dusted off the loose pieces off of her body as she made her way beside Kojiro before digging into one of the pouches on her suit. Tetsutetsu raised an eyebrow in confusion as he squinted his eyes at the small oval shaped object that she pulled out with her fingers until she crouched down to place it on the ground, causing his eyes to widen in realisation.

“…You’re kidding…” Yui didn’t pay any attention to her former opponent’s reaction as she placed her fingers together again and kept her eyes focused on the tiny weapon object in front of her. He was the only one in the room to react when the item rapidly grew in size, quickly regaining its original size and almost reaching the roof of the hallway.

She casually turned her head towards Tetsutetsu, currently with his eyes locked onto the prop that was once hidden from him so simply with dejection clear on his face. Her emotionless face didn’t shift in response to the clear turmoil on the boy’s face, instead deciding to slightly shrug her shoulders once his view changed onto the other two students.

“…Sorry about that.”


“I assume that there’s no need to go over what went wrong in that match?” All Might stood between the other two teachers positioned in front of the class, but kept his smiling face directed at the four students lined up beside the rest of the crowd.

“No sir.” Reiko responded with her same emotionless tone on behalf of Tetsutetsu, who continued to have his head tilted towards the ground with a look of shame on his face. Her face and posture didn’t give it away but there was still a hint of her own embarrassment from how she aimed her face towards the floor similarly to her teammate

“Very well then! Let’s not waste any time and move onto the next match!” The blonde hero swiftly turned himself to face the monitors as he made his way back towards the two labelled boxes, leaving Sekijiro and Izuku to watch him move out of the row before looking back at the clearly downtrodden pair.

Tetsutetsu’s head perked up slightly when he felt something big tap against his shoulder, lethargically turning his face the rest of the way afterwards to inspect the new feeling. Reiko noticed the boy shifting the in the corner of his view and followed his movements until her sight had caught onto Kojiro’s large finger moving back towards them after grabbing their attention.

The pair’s curiosity was quickly answered by the other boy along with Yui standing behind him, giving the two of them a silent but comforting thumbs up. The expressions on their faces didn’t shift with the gesture, but that didn’t seem to be necessary in order to get Tetsutetsu’s wide grin to slowly sprout again.

The two remaining teachers didn’t see the need to intervene after already seeing the issue mend itself and turned themselves around to meet with All Might’s and watch him fish out the next round of coloured balls.


Sen kaibara stood before the towering building in front of him, focusing his gaze on his own arms instead of the wide open entrance in front of him. He used the last few moments of their preparation time to double check the durable black bracers covering on his forearms before shifting his focus onto the separate pieces fitted onto his fingers which shared a similar spiral pattern across their form.

He looked over to his side to see Juzo also preparing himself for the match now that their strategy was agreed upon. He had just finished fixing his dark round helmet over his skull-like face while leaving the edge of her chin and the ends of his pale hair before he turned to give a short nod to his teammate. It seemed like the difference in capability was palpable when Sen compared the boy’s black bodysuit and armour plates covering his chest and limbs to his much simpler trench coat and dark shirt that stretched up to cover his neck.

As the familiar starting buzzer resounded around them, the pair turned back to face the awaiting building as they readied themselves to enter, only for the sounds of low rumbling to steal their focus. From the doorframe in front of them they had a clear view of the inside as the inner roof and walls began to crack and part as far as their eyes could see. The new fractures continued to grow for only a second before they suddenly began to part and explode with a burst of green.

The hero team flinched at the sight of the hallway being overrun with a cascade of wild vines as they lunged out from their fissures and colliding with the opposite wall, once again burrowing though and creating a room-spanning web of barbed vegetation. By the time the rampaging plants had finished the roof was almost completely hidden and the once well-lit room was reduced to a dim glow with the amount of light that was being blocked by the denser layer of vines just underneath the ceiling.

Sen was the first out of the two of them to react, letting out an exasperated sigh as he walked ahead of the boy beside him and rolled his shoulders in preparation. “Great. They want to slow us down for as long as they can and waste our time. Here, let me take care of this.”

He stopped himself once he was a few steps closer to the entrance, instead extending his arms straight at the building in front of him and flattening out his hands, keeping his covered fingers pointed towards the vegetation ahead of him. His forearms began to slowly twist around unnaturally like the head of a drill, quickly ramping up in speed until his hands became a gyrating blur attached to his arms.

A confident smirk appeared on Sen’s face as he raised his arms into a prepared stance and began to move himself towards the awaiting tangle of vines ahead of him, only to be suddenly stopped when a Juzo’s hand clamped onto his shoulder and pulled him back. “Hold on for a second Kaibara-san. We need to think about this a bit more now before we go charging in.”

“And use up even more of our time? What is there to think about anyway?” The boy twisted his head away from his target to his teammate currently holding him back, his expression quickly shifting into belligerent confusion as he allowed his arms to continue spinning in front of him.

“Well for one, look at the vines right in front of us. They look too familiar don’t they?” The masked student behind him pointed past Sen towards the entrance still, bringing the attention to the dense forest of thorns filing the hallway as moved himself forward to properly meet the other boy.

“Well yeah, because they look just like the ones that make up Shiozaki-san’s hair. I still don’t get your point here.” Sen raised an eyebrow once he returned his gaze back to his side and onto his partner. The furious spin of his arms ground to a halt as he turned the rest of himself to meet him and move his hand off of his shoulder.

“If they’re the same, it means that her hair is also her quirk. And if that’s the case, it means that these vines in front of us are most likely still connected to her.” Juzo used his now free arm to gesture back towards the hallway ahead of them as he continued. He missed how his partner’s expression slowly shifted with his realisation until he turned his head back toward him. “If she has this kind of network throughout the entire building, then she’ll know exactly where we are no matter what kind of path we take.”

“That’s…that’s a good point actually.” The other boy interrupted himself with a short sigh as he held his cheeks between his gloved fingers and stared down the valley of plants before his eyes casually widened as he moved his hand away from his face to point straight ahead. “Now that I look at it again, she’s blocking out most of the lights in there too. With how dark it is in there, we won’t be able to see Kuroiro-san coming at all if he uses his black quirk.”

“That’s racist.”

“What?! No! I mean…” Sen’s gaze immediately darted over to Juzo after his bewildering retort. He stammered for a moment before his shocked expression slowly moved into silent exasperation, eventually hiding it with his hung head and his finger’s pinching the bridge of his nose. “…I mean his quirk is to hide in things that are also black, that’s why his skin is literally pitch black.”

“Oh, right. Sorry, I thought that was just some random cosmetic quirk like me. I didn’t think he would be a hazard this early though.” The masked boy’s tone took on a more light-hearted tone to play off his mistake, moving to tap on his black helmet to get his point across even if his partner didn’t see it. The gesture stopped after his sudden realisation, instead directing his blank face towards the other boy’s lowered head “Wait, you already know what his quirk is?”

Sen’s head perked up slightly before he raised his head back to face Juzo again, his regular expression returning after he moved his hand away from his face. “Oh yeah, I saw him during the entrance exam. He kept hiding in the robots’ shadows and attacking them from behind.”

Juzo held placed the side of his hand against his mask, caressing the small unobstructed part of his chin as he silently pondered the information. He eventually raised his head up again once he came to a realisation. “Do you think it’s possible that he saw what your quirk was too then? It could be that they are planning to single you out since they already have some knowledge on what you do, then overwhelm me immediately afterwards.”

“…Dammit that’s definitely what they’re doing isn’t it?! Now what am I supposed to do?” It took a second for Sen to think over the possibility before suddenly holding onto the sides of his head as his expression shifted back into frustration. The masked boy moved past his teammate, raising his head to scan the rest of the towering building in front of him.

“I guess that’s another benefit of getting in through recommendation that I didn’t think about…” The other student behind him was moved out of his panicked posture by the sounds of Juzo mumbling something to himself, just in time to see him kneel to the ground and plant his hand against the stone floor just outside of the building’s entrance. The boy shortly rose back to his feet as he turned his head back to meet his partner’s face currently raising an eyebrow back. “Alright, change of plans. If they want to use the advantage of information then we we’ll use what they don’t know against them.”

“Uh, Alright then. What did you have in-” Sen didn’t have a chance to ask any more before the boy ahead of him curtly hopped forward onto the flat concrete ahead of him, only for his feet to immediately sink into the floor along with the rest of his body as the once solid ground rippled from his sudden dive.

The remaining boy flinched after seeing his partner disappear into the ground in one swift motion before slowly sauntering towards the new concrete pool in front of him. Even if Juzo had already explained what his quirk was beforehand, it still felt unnerving seeing what was supposed to be a rock solid surface ripple like soft mud when he place his own palm against it.

The puddle surface ruptured when the familiar black mask of his partner exploded out of the space in front of his hand, causing him to recoil backwards again. The shock subsided soon after once Juzo’s hand and shoulders appeared from the textured sludge, gesturing for the kneeling boy to follow but not doing anything to ease the now bewildered expression he had.

“Follow me.”

“…Sorry what?”


“Looks like this is going to be a slow one.” All Might was the first to comment on the lack of movement across the several screens ahead of him once both members of the hero team had sunk into the liquid floor. From their view of the opposite team, they were made already aware when Shihai Kuroiro disappeared into the building’s new darkness, leaving Ibara Shiozaki as the only visible student as her vine hair kept her rooted in front of the weapon.

The class behind the three teachers moved into idle chatter as Izuku finished catching up with his notes. With three of the current participants hidden there was next to no information available to write down, leaving him with not much else to do other than watch Ibara’s still posture as an air of confusion began to seep into her still expression and closed eyes.

The door to the monitor room opened unannounced behind them, swiftly bringing the low attention on the screens onto the new arrival. The entire groups quickly shifted their gaze around to greet Kosei as he took his first step through the door, only to stop with a wide eyed expression when he was greeted by the array of silent faces looking back at him.

“So uhh…what did I miss?”

“Ah, young Tsuburaba! Welcome back!” All Might cut through the pause with his welcoming but still booming tone as he and the rest of the group moved to greet the returning student, who responded with a relaxed smile even if the rest of his body flinched in surprise.

“It’s good to see you back here so soon. It doesn’t look like you got any serious injuries from what happened.” Izuku was the next to speak up after the teacher beside him had finished with relief clear in his voice and his smile. He didn’t have time to see the boy’s reaction before his focus shifted onto Kinoko’s half-hidden face looking at him rather than the other student. He wasn’t certain what she could be thinking, but the worried expression on her mouth was enough of a hint to respond with a short nod.

“Oh, yeah I’m fine. My throat’s still a little sore from it but it’s nothing I can’t shake off.” Kosei reacted to the counsellor worries with his widened smile grin and a new self-assured tone, clearly playing off the incident as he followed it up with his shrugging shoulders only adding to his confident look.

“That is great to hear, however it is important that learn from this unfortunate experience and understand the mistakes that caused it.” Sekijiro had nodded his head along with the student’s remark before cutting in with his firm voice. Kosei’s assertive tone deflated slightly as his smile lowered into a more relaxed expression and he gave back an agreeing nod.

The teachers’ focus returned back onto the screens behind them after the commotion had ended, eventually followed by the students breaking apart and returning to their relaxed conversations. With the focus no longer on the new arrival, his attention was quickly moved onto the three familiar students walking towards him.

“H-hey, Tsuburaba-san...” Kinoko was the one to speak up first despite her clearly nervous tone. Her anxious face was hidden both by the large fringe but also by her large hat as she kept her head tilted towards the ground. Kosei took his view off of the girl currently wringing her hands onto Manga’s blank face and Itsuka’s calm smile on either side of her.

“I…I wanted to say sorry for what I did to you in the match.” The shorter girl’s head swiftly dropped lower as she bent herself by her waist to apologetically bow in front of the boy. Kosei stared at her still remorseful form for an extra second before he let out a sigh to grab her attention as he prepared his expression again.

“Hey, don’t worry about it. You heard the teachers, I got cocky and made a mistake. It’s the first day of hero training, It was bound to happen to at least one person here.” Kinoko raised her head to meet the brown-haired student’s new reassuring smile as he waved his hand to dismiss her worries. He bowed downwards himself to better meet the girl’s face better as his expression shifted into a confident smirk like it did previously. “Just keep in mind that I’m not going to slip up like that again next time.”

He was glad to see his own form of encouragement work as the once clearly nervous expression slowly move into a tiny but cute smile, a much more fitting for the small girl. The smile had also spread across the other two students by them before Kosei’s face shifted to question from his previous relaxation. “So on that note, what actually happened again? I kind of blanked out during it and now I can’t remember what you did.”

Manga’s blank head straightened itself in response to the other boy’s question, quickly filing itself with one piece of kanji at a time before the other student’s eyes. His voice had come in the second that the sentence had finished itself as his shoulders gave a short shrug to finish the message “Oh nothing big. You just started choking when Komori-san forced her mushroom down your throat.”

Itsuka didn’t react to the boy’s speech outside of a short nod, not saying anything even as she watched Kinoko face him directly and move into their own conversation. Instead she turned her head to the side to meet Kosei’s face again, only to stare quizzically at his all new red-faced expression along with his wide eyes and slack jaw. “Uhhh, Tsuburaba-san? Are you okay?”

“I… I had the wrong idea about Komori-san.” The brown-haired boy quickly turned his head away to hide his flustered expression as he hid his mouth behind his palm, hoping to be able to regain his senses until his eyes widened in shock yet again at the new sight in front of him. The girl gave a shrug in response to his sudden panic as her eyes moved to check over the monitors again in case something were to break the peace of the room.

“Yeah, but there’s no need to beat yourself up about it. It’s not like you were expecting her to do something like that in the first place or anything.”

“K-kendo-san…” A shaky hand suddenly clamped onto Itsuka’s shoulder, causing her to quickly twist her head towards it to acknowledge it. Along with the hand she found the rest of Kosei’s body again, now with a red tint covering most of his face and his large pupils shaking as they were locked onto something in front of him. “…What the hell happened while I was gone?”

“You mean with the match you missed? Well what happened was…” She was happy to answer her partner’s question again as her eyes scanned the room to find the student’s she remembered from the last fight, eventually finding them in the same area that Kosei was currently staring straight at. Her explanation ground to a halt once she processed the same view as his, with Reiko and Yui standing in the middle conversing while their costumes were still covered with various drops of hardened white liquid that she knew was glue.

The confusion on her face quickly changed into an irritated stare locked onto Kosei, who seemed to be aware of the shift as his head flinched a second after. She raised her hand up and moved it into a clenched fist outside of his view to bring her point across further. “…Tsuburaba-san, if I can guess what you’re thinking right now I’m morally obligated to slap you.”


Sen wasn’t sure how long he had been crawling through the almost pitch black burrows for or when he would eventually since he could barely make out his partner ahead of him still carving through the ground in front of them with ease. It was difficult to see from behind along with the lack of light around them but he could still see the other boy’s process of his quirk reducing the concrete ahead of them into liquid form, only to solidify it again after he moulded it around him to form the small tunnel around him.

Juzo had already memorised the floor plan of the entire building during the preparation stage thanks to the handout they were given by the teacher, giving him plenty of information for his excavation path between the walls and floors of the building. With the amount of experience he had with his quirk, there wasn’t even a need to create the tunnel around them, yet he still did in order to guarantee the safety of his teammate behind him.

The boy and the back end of the path was forced to stop once he felt his elbow collide with his teammate’s foot, forcing him to wait for the student ahead of him to eventually carve upwards like he had done so many times before. His prediction came true soon after, but he was still surprised by the action as Juzo shifted the concrete sludge to the side and allowed a wave of light to cascade into the tunnel.

He continued to widen the hole and the burrow around him, creating plenty of space for the other member of the hero team to scramble beside him and quickly position himself underneath the opening. Juzo stuck her head out of the hole, followed immediately after by Sen as the pair scanned the room. It didn’t take long for their view to lock onto the weapon placed in the centre of the room before they both quickly moved to acknowledge the girl standing on the left side of the object.

Ibara had yet to move at all from her position since the match had begun, still standing in front of the weapon in her simple white robe with her eyes closed and her hands clasped together. Her vine hair that once flowed down to her elbows was now pointing straight upwards in a wide pillar of plant life, effortlessly stretching to the roof and slithering into the large cracks littering it.

The two boys watched as her eyes slowly opened and moved to gaze at the tight column of vines as it began to rustle slightly. A pair of black hands waded through the almost coexistent gap between the plants and pushed them to the side, allowing the rest of Shihai’s pitch black torso and pure white hair to stick out from the tangle.

“Have you found either of our opponents yet Kuroiro-san?” Ibara tilted her head upwards to meet her partner’s upper half, her expression not shifting in reaction but still expressing the hope in her voice after her quirk’s network had yet to provide her with anything.

“Regrettably no. I have investigated every space that your vines reach and yet I have discovered nothing.” The boy shook his head in response as his voice translated his tense mood after going so far into the match without any sign of the opposition he knew was here.

Sen’s attention was distracted from the pair’s building confusion when he felt a hand lightly jostle his shoulder, which quickly pulled away once he turned his head towards Juzo. He watched as the masked student gestured to him in silence, curving his left hand downwards then moving it forwards while his now free right darted forward above it.

He replayed the message in his head several times while a bewildered expression slowly formed, only shifting into sudden understanding when his eyes lowered to acknowledge the pit he was standing in. His face quickly shifted to show his confident smirk as he turned his head back and firmly nodded in agreement. The blank mask in front of him only dipped back before his figure darted bellow and disappeared into the tunnel.

Sen snapped his head back and immediately leapt out from the opening, harshly landing on his feet as he almost instantly began sprint towards the villain team. The two of them flinched at the sound of rapid footsteps before the dread began to seep into both of their expressions. Their heads darted towards the new sound of a boy’s battle cry to see the dark-haired boy barrelling at them with an arm already reeled back and wildly spinning his forearm.

Shihai dived back into the vines as Ibara watched in complete shock as she met the determined grin fast approaching her. She made an attempt to defend herself as the tangle of plant ahead of her began to unfurl an aim at the boy, but her already broken posture was interrupted once the floor beneath her gave way and her boots began to sink into sludge.

A pair of hands lunged out from in front of her feat and suddenly wrapped around her robe-covered legs, causing her to gasp in surprise and shift her panicked gaze towards the now liquid floor. She barely had any time to process before she was forcefully dragged further down into the pool below until the viscous stone reached her waist, only being held above the surface by her straight vine hair hanging from the ceiling and trembling from the straining weight.

As Ibara brought her head up to attempt to process the series of rapid events, her eyes instead fixed onto the boy still charging at her with his gyrating arm no longer aiming for her face, but instead at the taught stream of vines holding her above the ground.

Sen’s foot landed onto the still solid ground next to the girl as he rooted his legs into place. His waist pivoted around in a flash, bringing his revolving limb swinging directly into the path of the girl’s hair as it sheered through the vines effortlessly. With the last support keeping Ibara afloat removed, the extra force still pulling her down overwhelmed her and pulled the rest of her down into the softened concrete, completely vanishing from the room and leaving the boy on his own.

His rotating forearm slowed down again before it completely stilled now that the clearer threat was removed from the room. He took a moment to let out a relieved breath afterwards before he turned his head to the still hanging vines to look for the other member of the villain team, only for his eyes to widen when the sagging vegetation he expected to be there was suddenly missing.

The boy’s eyes moved down to find the plants now pilled on itself on the ground, partially sinking into the soft floor. His confusion only increased when he followed one stray vine out of the pile and examined the messy and indiscriminate path it took. It was only when he noticed that the path began crossing with several different stray vines that he realised the entire floor was covered with the vegetation that once spread across the entire roof.

“Impressive...” Sen flinched when he heard Shihai’s voice like he was standing right behind him before he quickly turned his body around with his arms raised. His determined expression changed into shock when his sight of the rest of the room did not show him the other student, forcing him to dart his head around the room in search of the other boy.

“I will give you heroes my acknowledgement, you were able to cooperate in order to take down one villain. However, you must understand something before you can think about relishing in your victory…” He could hear the missing boy’s voice fluctuate with his distance and position, but couldn’t use it to find him with how fast the clearly taunting attitude moved. He eventually noticed that the shifting of his voice was gone once he stopped continuously turning himself around and stood in one place.

Sen had no warning when he saw a black blur sudden appear in his view from behind and wrap around his neck and latch onto the similarly covered arm by the side of his head. The hold Shihai had quickly tightened as the boy attempted to pull the arm on his throat off, feeling the pitch black student’s legs gain a hold of his waist. “…You still have to deal with me first.”

The dark-haired boy struggled against the strong pressure around his head with his teeth grit in irritation as his opponent let out a chuckled behind him, giving a wide grin outside of his view. Shihai’s self-assured look faltered slightly when he felt their weight begin to shift, then suddenly changing into shock after Sen hopped off the ground and aimed to land directly on his back.

The white-haired boy’s surprise only lasted for a second before his confident smile returned. His similarly pitch black legs decoupled and pointed downwards to greet the fall. The moment his heels collided with the vine below the two of them, his legs compressed almost instantly as they contacted the minuscule shadow below the plant. In a flash the arms wrapped around Sen’s head disappeared, leaving him in with a surprised expression before his back hit the ground causing him to wince slightly.


The remaining boy leapt back to his feet in a panic as he was forced to rapidly survey the space surrounding him yet again, this time without even his opponent’s voice to work with. He closed his eyes let out a sigh to calm himself down, instead focusing on building up the posture in his feet as he tensed his fists, not noticing the pair of eyes staring at his back from beneath the line of vegetation.

Shihai lunged from beneath, immediately reforming to his regular pitch black figure after leaving the tiny shadow with his arms extended ready to attack again. He expected for his view to stay on the back of his opponent’s head much like with his last move, only for his eyes to snap wide open when Sen’s torso completely twisted around and shifted his view onto the boy’s hardened expression.

The rapid spin of the boy’s upper half built up all the momentum he needed as his wound fist hurtled directly into the side of Shihai’s face, not stopping after it made contact and continuing on it’s path around his torso. The black student’s face reeled back from the shock as the rest of his body buckled from the amount of force delivered, dragging his extended arms backwards with him.

Sen’s torso had already done a complete revolution once his hands lunged out to grab the other boy’s wrists and immediately drag his body along with the ever-increasing speed of his gyration. Another cycle later his arms gained enough momentum to haul his opponent through the air as his black form slowly turned into a dark blurred circle around the dark-haired boy.

He grit his teeth as he bared the growing force across his back and torso with clear strain written across his face. He kept his head in his natural position to stop himself from getting nauseous from all of the spinning and focused his gaze on the blank wall in front of him, eventually letting go of Shihai and clicking his spiralling chest back into place as he watched his opponent fly.

The black projectile almost immediately crashed into the wall with a resounding crack, drawing out a choked sound from his slack jaw as he lost consciousness from the shock. Sen watched as the boy’s body dropped to the ground lifelessly to reveal the fracture in the wall left by the attack, keeping his eyes locked onto his form for a few extra seconds before he allowed himself to take a few tired breaths and relish in his victory.

“Both members of the villain team are unconscious! THE HERO TEAM WINS!” The boy raised his head to acknowledge the booming announcement as a relaxed smile made its way across his face. He moved his focus back onto Shihai and made his way over to his limp body, jostling his shoulder to check even after the announcement had already confirmed his thoughts.

“Oh, you already finished him up here. Great work partner.” Juzo’s returning voice quickly caught Sen’s unfocused attention, turning his head to see the masked boy just as he brought his second foot out of the open tunnel they entered from, dragging Ibara’s restrained and unconscious body out of the hole with him.

“Thanks…but it still feels like I didn’t do much to help. I mean you made the plan, got us to the weapon room and took out the bigger issue. Kinda feels like I was just tagging along for the whole thing.” The other boy’s content expression face slowly turned neutral as he brought himself back to his feet, turning his head away from his partner and rubbing at the back of his head.

He didn’t notice when his partner moved to stand beside him once he spoke up again after placing the comatose girl against the wall beside Shihai. “I doubt that. From what I saw of him, Kuroiro-san seemed like the one their plan was focused on more. Shiozaki-san was just using her quirk to give him the opportunity to single us out if we were to walk into their trap.”

“Besides, the way I see it, it’s better that we had more than what we required instead of less of what we needed.” He placed his gloved hands against the sides of his mask before casually removing the dark cover off his face. He gave his head a shake to free up his trapped pale hair as he stared down at the two students knocked out cold in front of him. “Even if you don’t think you helped out as much, I’m still thankful that you were here at all.”

Juzo turned his head back onto his partner’s slightly improved expression with his exposed skull-like face, the corners of his lipless mouth oddly crinkling as his line of teeth curved slightly. Sen did feel minutely uplifted by the other boy, but the odd face that he continued to point at him forced him to raise a bewildered eyebrow as he attempted to make sense of it.


“If you can’t tell, I’m smiling at you right now.”



Izuku had left the monitor room just after All Might finished the announcement and was on his way back after meeting with winners of the match, now with two unconscious bodies weighing on him as he walked through the main building’s hallways. The extra heaviness meant almost nothing to him after years of weight training giving him with more than enough strength to carry Ibara in his arms, along with the amount his quirk has grown easily holding onto Shihai’s chest and arms to the counsellor’s back and shoulders with a bright green shine connecting them together.

His efficiency with carrying the two students didn’t mask the time consuming process of moving them at his safe walking speed. He began to whistle to distract himself as he made his way through the corridors, continuing for a few extra moments before his rhythm was interrupted by the faint sound of machines whirring slowly growing louder as it approached him. His attention focused on the now clear noise as he looked ahead to see the familiar pair of robots from earlier driving towards him with a much larger stretcher in tow.

“Ah, there you two are! Did All Might ask for you?” Izuku picked up the pace to meet the much shorter bots in the middle of the hallway as the pair reared their metal heads upwards to meet his relieved smile.

“Yeah he did. Let me guess, another student got choked out in the match again?” He recognised the closer robot’s artificial voice as the same one from the previous incident, also sounding just as stern as he remembered. The bot on the other end of the stretcher stayed just as silent as before but still nodded its rectangular head to answer the counsellor.

“Actually, they just got knocked out…and there’s two of them this time.” Izuku’s smile turned slightly embarrassed as he as forced to clarify the reason to the emotionless lens in front of him, choosing to hide it by moving past the lead robot and instead focusing on placing the two students onto the wide bed.

“Always on the first day…I guess that’s why he called for the extra-large” The bot tilted its head towards the ground as it exasperatedly moved from side to side. The head raised up again and swivelled around to face the teacher again as he laid out the unconscious pair flat on either side of the stretcher. “You know Recovery Girl’s not going to like this news of this happening so many times on their first lesson right?”

The line forced a chuckled from Izuku as he finished unloading the pair and faced the singular lens beside him with a more prominent smile. “She never does. But things like this are bound to happen when they just start out. It happened in my class too you know.”

“Whatever you say. Welp, good luck newbie. Just make sure these are the last two we have to carry back.” The robot faced forwards past the stretcher and his metallic partner and down the rest of the hallway they came from. Their inner motors began to whir again as their wheels began to turn again, driving away at a steady pace away from the standing counsellor.

“Sure thing. Bye now.” Izuku waved them off with a happy smile present on his face before swiftly turning himself around and walking back towards the monitor room. His content expression only lasted for a few more seconds before he froze in place and his eyes widened in realisation.

Wait, why was I having a casual conversation with a robot?

It took him an extra moment to regain his pace now that the satisfaction on his face had disappeared, instead staring down at the ground ahead of him as he continued to process the bewildering encounter.


“Alright I’m back. Has the match already started?” Izuku walked into the monitor room already prepared to greet the crowd in front of him, meeting the few glances that moved to watch him as he made his way to the front.

“Indeed it has. The preparation stage has just finished actually so you’re just in time.” All Might turned his head back to greet his assistant after he moved to stand in his his place beside him, who also shifted his head to meet the other teacher’s face higher up

“Oh perfect. So I haven’t missed a thing yet?” An enthusiastic smile graced his lips as his right arm moved out of the blonde hero’s view behind the counsellor’s back before quickly returning with his familiar notepad in hand. All Might raised an eyebrow as the thought of where the book came from became suddenly more intriguing that the footage in front of him

“Actually Midoriya-sensei. Monoma-san left a message for you before he went over to the building.” Itsuka chimed in after sliding her way to the front next to the teachers and tapping on Izuku’s arm. The teacher turned his head quickly with surprise evident on both his face and the other two adults beside him.

“R-really? Well then, what was the message?”

“He said…’make sure you keep an eye on him in this match’.” The orangette held her chin in her hand as she relayed the message before looking back up at the counsellor’s face of confusion and shrugging her shoulders towards him.

With not many options outside of the strange suggestion, he turned his head back to the screens to watch the match unfold, now with a suspecting expression stuck on his face.


The hero team didn’t give up their sprint since the match began, rushing through its series of hallways and stairways on their way up the oddly empty building. Their suspicions over their opposition’s plan only grew as the villain team continued to remain hidden without even a trap or sign of their presence left behind. That fact didn’t do anything deter the pair as a pair of footsteps maintained its furious pace, immediately followed by the rapid clopping of hooves.

Nirengeki Shoda charged down the corridor with a determined stare locked on his face. The upper half of his black hero suit fitted around his more oval figure above his pant and knee-high boots bared a resemblance to a set of anatomical muscles, which broke off into a collar around his neck and cheeks without covering anything else between his short light blue hair and mouth.

He passed a glance over to his partner Pony Tsunotori who galloped beside him on her horse-like legs and hooves, keeping her head tilted slightly downwards to keep her long angled horns pointed in front of them. The leather straps making up her headgear held down her blonde hair down as it stretched down to her waist just above her short horse tail. The black straps continued downwards which fastened over her orange skin-tight shirt that transitioned into a set of white fingerless gloves and pants.

Nirengeki’s attention drew onto the series of rooms laid out beside his teammate, all of them sharing the same layout of four square columns spread positioned in a similar style around the centre. He watched as the doors flashed in his view for a second one after another before his eyes locked onto the sight of two figures and one large object standing in the centre of one room.

His sprint immediately stopped after he passed the doorframe, with Pony quickly following suit after noticing the boy’s presence next to her suddenly moving behind her. They quickly repositioned and hugged the wall beside each other as the boy slowly leaned across to peer into the room. He confirmed what he had seen in that split second as the weapon the two of them had been searching for, along with the two other students that were responsible for vexing the hero team for this long.

The boy immediately recognised the blonde one with his back facing him as Neito Monoma, who seemed to stay silent throughout the previous matches despite almost always having a quiet smirk on his face. His eccentric look transitioned into his black tuxedo as it’s coattails stretched down to his shins and his white cuffs were designed a size larger than usual.

Nirengeki’s gaze shifted onto the black braided hair and dark vest belonging to the Chinese foreigner Hiryu Rin. With his head also turned to stare at the weapon he could see the paper visor across the boy’s eyes but not the Chinese writing across the front. He could still see the bulky wrist guards on his exposed arms and the several pouches attached to the belt tied around his waist, all sharing a similar white to the cloudy pattern across his chest and collar.

The blue-haired student pulled his head back from the view and onto his other side to meet Pony’s large eyes expressing her curiosity as she tilted her head to one side. He gestured around the corner behind him as he continued to face his partner. “Monoma-san and Rin-san are both in there with the weapon. Do you remember our battle strategy?”

“Yep! You said you going to use your quirk on me quirk! Gonna double team them real good!” The girl pumped her fist upwards in response, attempting to speak clearly despite her broken Japanese as she gave an enthusiastic smile back. He and the rest of the class were surprised by her speech on the until she explained her American origins to them, answering their lingering questions but not doing much to get them more used to her dialect.

“Good. We don’t know either of their quirks yet, so we’ll focus on taking one down immediately before moving to the other.” Nirengeki gave a curt nod before he turned his head back again towards the doorframe with the girl now following his gaze before her attention was moved onto the boy’s raised fist, waiting for the signal they introduced during the preparation phase.

As soon as the boy’s fist was loosely slung forward to signal for her, Pony dashed past the boy and into the doorframe before grinding to a halt immediately after and begin tilting her horns to aim at the unsuspecting pair. She placed her hands next to her ears and pointed her index fingers upwards like she had a second pair of horns as she crouched her legs downwards to point them directly at the villain team.

Her quirk activated right after her preparation as her horns ejected themselves from her head, immediately rocketing towards her through the air at an impressive speed. The girl kept her hardened eyes locked onto Neito with her confident smile still present until it began to falter once he turned himself around and revealed his perpetual smirk.

The blonde’s hands darted upwards as they erupted in a green coat of scales from beneath his cuffs, stretching all the way up to cover the ends of his fingers. His armoured limbs intentionally moved in the way of the horn’s path without any fear present on his smug expression. The projectiles collided with his palms as his scaly fingers latched around the angular hook at their base, sending them backwards along with them but forcing them to slow down as they drove against his arms.

He felt the force behind the horns disappear as he brought them up to inspect them, paying no attention to Hiryu’s more shocked expression beside him after watching the scene unfold. They both brought their attention from back onto the attacker, just in time to watch another set of horns appear on her head almost immediately as her teammate rushed to her side and took up his own fighting stance just past the room’s entrance.

“Well, it appears that the heroes have finally arrived.” Neito casually tossed the now stagnant horns to the wayside as he took a prideful step forward, from the smug tone of his voice alone it was clear he was putting his all into playing the role of a villain. His left hand began to shed its scales as he moved his open palm towards his partner in clear view of his opponents. “Here. It’s time to prepare yourself Rin-san.”

Hiryu quickly nodded with a serious expression on his mouth before he quickly slapped his hand against his partner’s before bringing it back up in a fist in front of the now suspicious pair. Their confusion suddenly turned into shock as they watched the same green scales covering Neito’s hand rapidly grow across the foreigner’s arms, their eyes widening as the girl dropped her posture in surprise.

Both members of the villain team dropped into their own prepared stance eerily similar to one another with their legs spread out and their flat hand reeled back. Neringeki shared a nervous glance with the girl standing beside him before their attention shifted back onto their opponent’s sudden movement as their arms shot forward in unison.

A volley of razor-sharp scales ejected themselves from their arms and hurtled straight at the hero team, forcing their eyes wide in shock before they leapt to the side to seek cover behind the columns beside them. The flurry of projectile continued even after the pair had hidden themselves, forcing them to stay behind their protection as they faced each other from the opposite side of the room.

“You saw that right?” Neringeki’s surprised expression hadn’t faded as he looked past the torrent of attack that barred him from repositioning closer to his teammate. He didn’t notice how the amount of scales lessened slightly as Neito ceased his firing and slowly made his way up around the side of the column.

“He copy Monoma-san’s quirk! That means he can copy you quirk and mine.” Pony had her own staggered expression as she processed her opposition. She attempted to take a peek past the corner next to her only to immediately snap her head behind cover when the supressing fire strayed slightly closer to her.

Her focus was moved off of the ongoing surge of scales and onto the blue-haired boy as he raised a tensed fist with a driven expression taking over his initial shock. His stance shifted as he stopped leaning against the square pillar behind him and took on a readied stance again. “We know who to focus now!”

Pony’s eyes stayed wide open for an extra second before her usual confident smile appeared again and her eyes focused on her partner. Her own posture returned as she moved her hands into the same gesture as before, giving her teammate a clear signal back before her horns popped off and began to float in place.

Her floating horns swivelled in the air as they moved in front of the blonde girl until their wider base were aimed at the boy across from her. Without any reason to wait, they hurtled towards him one after another as Neringeki shot his prepared fist forwards to greet the attack. His gloved knuckles collided with the blunt side of the projectile and sent back across the gap of flying scales, quickly following up with a second blow to the other hooked missile which sent it careening down the same path.

He watched the two horns steer away from their initial path and target their pointed ends directly at Hiryu, still unloading both of his scale-covered arms in-between the columns. The blue-haired student took a second to realise the space ahead of him was void of the flurry of green bullets before a pair of armoured hands shot out from around the corner and latched onto his shoulders before swiftly dragging him out from his cover.

Neringeki stumbled as he followed Neito’s grip, forcing him to circle around the blonde before being let go and staggering back against the other side of the column. He stared down his opponent’s smirk as it rose slightly before he brought his fists up ready to brawl, to which he replied by shifting his own view onto his partner still focusing on his continuous attack.

“Watch yourself over there Rin-san. You have to more horns coming straight for you.” Hiryu eyes had already snapped onto the two horns flying towards him before his teammate casually tossed over his advice, reacting swiftly as his scales ceased their fire and his arms darted to intercept the rapidly approaching projectiles.

Despite processing the attack in time, his arms only reached down in time to grab onto the base of the horns with their indents only a few inches away from his waist. The invisible force behind the attacks didn’t disappear as the boy dug his protruding scales into the bent spikes, attempting to stop the horns from slipping further out of his grip.

Hiryu looked over to Neito hoping for support but instead found his teammate in the middle of his own fight as Neringeki delivered a harsh punch into the blonde student’s chest. From how he staggered only slightly and how his poised smirk easily sustained through it, the foreigner could only guess that the scales still lining the boy’s hands had also spread across to his chest beneath his white shirt and black tuxedo to soften the blow, giving him enough time to return the attack by slamming his palm against the blue-haired boy’s exposed face.

His head quickly turned towards the blonde head of hair that quickly poked out from behind the column, her large blue eyes contorted into a determined stare as she faced him head on with her hands beside her head. “You think it just me quirk you have to deal with? You have he quirk to deal with too!”

The serious expression on Hiryu’s own mouth dropped as his grip loosened only slightly after hearing Pony’s broken Japanese shouted from across the room. “I’m sorry, what did you just sa-”

“Twin Impact!”

The confusion was interrupted by Neringeki’s voice cutting through the room. The boy didn’t have the chance to process anything else before the force he was fighting against with his hand exploded with power, causing the two horns to burst out from his grip and crash into his pelvis. Neito’s head snapped over to process the unexpected shift in the fight before he felt a massive force impact his chest and shove him backwards.

The base of the horns dug into him as the rest of his body was sent back flying across the room until his back harshly slammed into the pillar behind him, forcefully digging their pointed ends into the surface and pinning Hiryu against it. He reeled back from the shock before he attempted to free himself from his opponent’s trap, only for his vision to be filled with a barrage of identical horns.

Pony had now completely moved out of her cover with her head lowered to point her horns directly at her target as they fired themselves off, immediately being replaced by another pair. The new projectiles careened towards Hiryu with the same speed as before, catching his arms before they could lower and pinning them against the wall just like with his waist.

As the masked boy struggled against his hold, the blonde girl turned her head to greet Neringeki’s after they both watched the bigger threat of the match be subdued in an instand. The pair swiftly turned over to the remaining member of the villain with newfound confidence evident in their smiles, continuing after Neito walked forward to regain his position as he dusted off his struck chest.

“So that’s what your quirk is. It certainly looks powerful…” He let out a smug chuckle much to his opponents’ confusion before he suddenly dashed forwards towards Neringeki. His speed caught the blue-haired student off guard, leaving his own chest unobstructed as Neito harshly drove his fist into his stomach.

The boy was forced backwards from the blow, eventually regaining his footing a few paces back and facing the blonde again. He turned his head back just in time to see Neito raise up his hand as the green scales dropped to the floor, revealing his regular fingers as they positioned themselves next to his thumb. “…Mind if I give it a try?”

Both members of the hero team shared a sudden look of confusion as they processed the other boy’s odd fitting lines. Neringeki’s expression slowly shifted with his rising unease before he eyes suddenly widened in realisation, his body breaking out in a sprint towards Neito’s widening smirk.

“Twin Impact.”

The blonde snapped his fingers in clear view of the blue-haired student, who without any other warning rocketed backwards as his stomach caved in slightly from the sudden pressure. Pony watched in shock as her teammate’s back hit the square column before falling to the ground in a lifeless slump, not responding at all to her panicked calls.

Her face locked onto Neito as her expression shifted into frustration from her previous shock. His eyebrows raised as he watched the girl retake her firing position, staring down the points of her horns with his conceited smile. Her quirk fired off from the top of her head and rushed directly at her seemingly unprepared target who swung his still scaled arm back slightly to conclude his poise.

He swivelled his upper half by his waist and brought his prepared arm in front of him with the sudden momentum, slinging a flurry of sharp scales at the approaching projectiles. The green bullets intercepted only one of the horns, partly digging into the bone before the last part of the volley sliced completely through. Neito used his armoured limb ahead of him to grab onto the still rapidly approaching attack and pull it out of the air.

“I must admit. Your quirk seems just as useful as well.” The boy could still feel the horn wriggling in his hand as he looked down at it. Once he turned his view to look back at Pony he could see the unease rising on her face as she realised what would follow next after catching her separated horn and adding on another suspicious line, eventually turning into expected surprise once a pair of identical horns sprouted on Neito’s head.

He used the pause in the standoff to reach into his pocket, pulling out a full roll of capture tape and presenting it in front of him. He didn’t let the girl’s attention focus on the new object before he tossed it into the air above them and took on an oddly familiar posture with his legs. It was only after he tilted his head down and pointed his fingers upward by his head that his imitation of her own posture became apparent to her.

The new pair of horns ejected from Neito’s head after they had lined up with pony’s chest, flying forwards at the same speed as her own before suddening curving upwards to impale the falling tape by its small hole in the centre. The now equipped missile charged down its original path towards the girl who flinched at the sight before the attack completely passed her. She didn’t have to adapt a confused expression before she noticed the end of the tape snagged onto her abdomen in the corner of her view as it draped across her wrist.

The white line suddenly tightened as the tape wrapped around past her back and made its way around her other hand. The flying horn spiralled around Pony’s waist several more times before it began to float lower and trap her legs together, eventually reaching and wrapping her by her ankles before snapping the rest of the rolled tape off.

In her struggles to free herself, the girl missed the other free horn that floated behind her and lightly prodded her back with the sharper end, causing her to jolt forwards and stumble on her restrained legs. She reared her head upwards after her fall to see Neito standing closer to her with one hand covered in scales, one without and her own signature horns perched atop his head. Her defeated expression met his self-satisfied smirk as All Might’s voice rang out throughout the building.

“Both heroes have been subdued! VILLAIN TEAM WINS!”


“Alright. Now that the final match for today has ended, let’s begin our discussion. Starting with the MVP of the match!” All Might raised his hand high above the crowd to break up the murmuring groups and bring the attention onto him. After becoming the class’ focus his arm quickly lowered itself to gesture at Neito standing beside him in the same row as the other three students who had just come back from the other building. “As many of you who watched the fight may agree, that title would have to go to Young Monoma for his deceitful strategy using his Copy quirk!”

“If I may, I would like to mention though that if the hero team had thought on their advance for a second longer, our plan would not have gone as smoothly as it did.” The boy leaned his head out from the line and raised his own hand to grab the teacher’s focus. He gestured over to Hiryu as he spoke, watching as the masked student nodded along as the hero team’s heads perked up beside him.

“Yeah. After seeing how they combined their quirks together it could have been a complete disaster for us.” The braided boy shrugged his shoulders to his teammate as he complimented the other students with a clearly honest voice, turning his head to the other side to acknowledge the small smiles that were appearing on their faces.

The sight of the villain team suddenly acting supportive was slightly jarring to Izuku, especially after seeing Neito play the classic role of a vocally confident villain as they fought. It didn’t stop the small smile from appearing as he wrote down some more positive notes on the boy in his notepad

“Well said both of you! Now, does anyone else have something to add on?” All Might cut into the conversation with his own more vocal show of praise before he turned his gaze onto the rest of the class, almost missing how the blonde boy brought his hand up once again to bring the attention back onto him.

“Well…I do have something that I wanted to ask.”

“Really? Well go ahead then!” All Might turned himself to face the student directly, sensing it would save him some extra unnecessary swivelling after the boy took the lead for a second time. With his new position he could clearly see Neito cough into his hand to prepare himself before he turned his head towards the teachers, not raising his head up to meet the closer one but instead one of the others past him.

“Midoriya-sensei…” Izuku’s head perked up suddenly from his notebook after his name was called unexpectedly. He quickly turned his head over to see the blonde’s resting smirk as it slowly widened to the same kind he saw back in the test building. “…How would you compare that to the other class?”


“I was certainly curious when Awase-san mentioned a giant hole in the side of a building caused by someone in Class 1-A, and after seeing the sight for myself I felt the need to try and top it.” Neito didn’t look back at the teacher’s surprised expression for long before he turned his head away and hid part of his behind his palm and spread fingers. As he continued he faced the counsellor again now with an expecting smile and his eyes staring directly at him. “So be honest. Between my brilliant strategy and that student’s raw power, who would you say comes out as the superior?”

“Oh. so that’s why you wanted me to focus on you more in the fight. I didn’t think you would immediately try and pick a fight with the other class so soon. Unless…” Izuku raised an eyebrow at the student’s eccentricity, surprised at his already present distain for the other class before the thought became oddly familiar. He turned his head to his side towards Sekijiro, who already caught onto his implication and waved his hands to dismiss his thoughts.

“Hey now, I only mentioned the rivalry as a means to encourage them more to succeed!” The other adult was forced to look back at the two other teachers as they both raised an eyebrow at his less than successful defence. Realising this, he suddenly gave back a toothy grin before landing one of his hands on Izuku’s shoulder, forcing his expression to shift from neutral to surprised. “But the boy does bring up an interesting thought. So go on, who do you think won the contest?”

His attempt at changing the subject succeeded as the counsellor stammered in response, suddenly becoming aware of the several faces looking back at him, including Neito’s expecting grin. He regained his calm as he focused on the question in the air instead of the class’s gaze, reducing the anxious expression on his once he brought head down to properly think. “W-well, from what I have seen from both of you…I would have to give it to 1-A.”

A portion of the crowd gained a new surprised expression, which Izuku was more than happy to focus on instead of the knowing look that All Might was giving him. The blonde boy in question reacted to the statement with his own greater level of shock before it quickly shifted back to his regular, albeit shaky smirk. “Really?! But as experienced heroes you should already know that a well thought out and executed strategy can topple almost any level of brute strength right?”

“Y-yes that is true. I agree that if you were to pull that kind of strategy on the student themselves or anyone else it would probably work…” Neito’s confident look slowly became more solid and defined as Izuku continued to praise him, eventually closing his eyes as he nodded along to his words, not noticing when the teacher’s view shifted onto him. “…But everyone in the class knows what your quirk is now, so that was probably the only time you could pull that plan off.”

The boy’s eyes snapped open as he processed the remark, his body still frozen in it’s once confident pose. He awkwardly coughed into his hand as he fixed his smirk back into its resting size, only to turn his head away from Izuku’s face. “Ah…r-right, of course. Good argument there Midoriya-sensei. That’s all from me...”

The discussion ended soon after as the class did not have much else to mention about the fight. The class followed the teachers out of the monitor room and back to the entrance of the training site, where they stood by their homeroom teacher as All Might and Izuku stood in front of the crowd.

The pair waved themselves off as they made their way down the wide corridor after leaving Sekijiro to handle getting the students back to class, casually strolling down the path beside each other rather than the blonde sprinting ahead at blinding speed. There was a comfortable silence as they strode over to the mechanical door to the teacher’s changing room and stepped inside.

Both teachers stood just past the sliding door as it closed behind them before they both let out a relieved sigh. A thick cloud of steam appeared beside the counsellor and enveloped All Might, disappearing a second later to reveal his much less muscular form in his now loosened suit.

“I’d say that went pretty well wouldn’t you Midoriya-kun?” The blonde teacher let out another tired sigh as he moved the draping parts of his suit back across his shoulders. He turned his head to his right to meet Izuku as he moved his own face to greet him. “Say, how much time do I have left again?”

“Well, you came into U.A at the same time as me and only changed into your muscle form to move around the halls. So after that lesson I would say that you have about…30 minutes left for today.” The counsellor dived a hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone to check the time. It didn’t surprise Toshinori at all that his assistant had gone to such lengths to support him, until he turned his head back over to the blonde with a tiny smirk of his own on his face. “Now do you see how much of a difference it makes when you come in on time?”

“Alright alright I get your point. Let’s get going, we have something important to discuss later.” Toshinori patted Izuku’s shoulder before moving away from the door past the several lockers with his own amused smile forming out of view. The other teacher was happy to follow as he put away his phone and moved to his own cabinet nearby.


“Well that’s all of the candidates in Class 1 covered. Do any of them have what it is you’re looking for in a successor?” Izuku closed his notebook on Class 1-B before facing Toshinori who had taken the seat on the couch opposite his side of the table, both of them now clad in their office clothes. The empty break room was perfect for discussing their own matters between just the two of them as the room had gained a light tint of orange as they continued.

The other teacher held his lower jaw as he stared down towards the table, only rearing back up and letting go once he could find his words. “I can clearly see potential in some of them already, but I can’t say for certain if I can agree with passing it onto any of them yet. Not until I see the extent of what they are capable of on their own at least.”

“That’s true…But at least I was able to get some more notes from my sessions today with 1-A. let me get them out for you.” Izuku’s expression turned slightly sullen before his eyes widened in realisation and a hopeful smile broke out across his face. He shifted himself in his seat to dive his hands into his yellow satchel bag and search for his other notebook.

Toshinori used the moment to get a good look at his assistant and friend that seemed almost as driven as the blonde himself. He closed his eyes to tear himself away from his thoughts and let out a sigh that went unnoticed by the counsellor. “…Actually Midoriya-kun. There was something I’ve been meaning to ask you for a while now.”

“Oh? Well okay then, go ahead.” Izuku’s head perked up from looking down at his bag as he brought out another book with him. His motion stilled once his view locked onto Toshinori’s sunken blue eyes that rested just above his interlocking fingers and creating a serious expression, one that could only exist with his current depowered form. A tiny bead of sweat ran down the side of his face before he noticed the teacher’s mouth beginning to move beneath his hands.

“In your Honest opinion, what would make someone the most suitable candidate for becoming the next bearer of One for All?”

 “H-huh? Wwhy are you asking me that? That isn’t my decision to make.” The counsellor flinched backwards slightly as he processed the question, placing the other notebook on the table before he could drop it in his surprise. Toshinori didn’t change his expression even after Izuku’s reaction and instead leaned an inch closer before he gave his retort.

“Of course. But since you chose to become my assistant I wanted to make sure that we were both looking for the same things in a successor.”

The green-haired teacher paused as he attempted to give back a response, having to shift his view onto the coffee table in order to think straight without facing the pair of eyes piercing into him. He eventually exhaled before shuffling around in his seat to face forwards, even if his eyes were still glue to the furniture in front of him.

“W-well…they would have to have to be great heroes in their own right, someone who can ease the worries of the people around them as they give everything their all. They would also have to be determined to fight for the sake of others instead of using their power to act on their own selfish desires…”

Toshinori watched as Izuku continued to speak his mind in a voice that was just above his regular mumbling tone. He didn’t stop his assistant like he did before when he went on his tangents and instead listened to him as his nervous expression slowly grew into a smile. Eventually the counsellor’s face raised with his new confidence before he turned to look back at the other teacher’s now slightly reduced gaze. “…I guess the best answer I can give is…someone like you Yagi-kun.”

The blonde teacher’s eyes widened slightly after his assistant finished and the pair were left staring at each other in silence. The strong smile on Izuku’s face lingered for only a second before the peace of the room began to erode away at it, eventually causing him to tilt his head back down and sheepishly rub the back of his neck. “That really didn’t sound all too helpful did it? S-sorry that I couldn’t answer it properly-”

His apology was interrupted by the sound of Toshinori’s low chuckling. Izuku quickly turned to face the teacher only to see his own head tilted towards the ground and his once piercing eyes closed as he continued to snicker to himself. “Someone like me huh?”

“Y-yagi-kun? Is everything alright?”

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing. I know that was a strange question to ask, but I figured it would help us be more specific with what we’re looking for.” Toshinori moved his hands away from his face to reveal his new smile, much to his assistant’s confusion. He didn’t have any time to ask more about the sudden change before the blonde teacher pulled himself out of his seat and already began walking towards the door. “I guess we should start heading off now. We’re meeting up with Midoriya-san and the Bakugo family tonight, aren’t we Midoriya-kun?”

“R-right! I almost forgot!” Izuku’s eyes widened before he quickly snapped his view down to his notepads splayed across the table. He quickly swiped the books across the surface and into his awaiting bag, hurriedly draping the yellow strap over his shoulder and jumping up from the couch and onto his feet.

The two of them walked out of the room together with Toshinori maintaining his relaxed smile and Izuku fixing his bag before moved beside the other teacher. His view slowly shifted onto the blonde’s expression as he continued to ponder his words before the moment abruptly ended. He had so many thoughts and questions running through his mind, but none of them made their way out as he decided to stay silent and enjoy the peaceful stroll beside his friend.

Chapter Text

“Well, it sounds you’ve had another pretty hectic day Izuku.” Masaru couldn’t help but comment on Izuku’s story as he retold his day from the couch to his side. The focus of this afternoon’s social between the two families before had been on the youngest of the group along with his friend from work just, just like it had been for the last few days with Mitsuki sitting between her husband and Toshinori with Inko in her usual seat on the couch nearest to the greenette’s side.

“You can’t really blame him though. Being a counsellor for the hero course at U.A and working as an assistant for the Number 1 Hero isn’t exactly something that sounds like a peaceful job.” Toshinori added onto the man’s remark with a casual smile on his face to mask the awkward feeling of practically speaking in the third person. It was still necessary as neither him nor his assistant had mentioned his identity as All Might due to the blonde’s strong insistence. Instead they crafted a fake persona for his skinnier form as another counsellor at U.A for the general department, looking after the regular students outside of the hero course to reduce the amount of questions they would ask him drastically.

“I still remember how surprised we all were when you came back one day and told us that you just left that hero agency to be a counsellor.” Inko gave her son a contempt smile as she poured another cup of tea before sliding it past him and in front of Toshinori, who responded with his own thankful expression as he brought it up to drink.

“Yeah. Thanks by the way for not giving us any warning on that and making us think that you were quitting altogether.” Mitsuki looked across the room to focus her unimpressed look directly onto Izuku, mirroring the same expression she had several days ago when the man in question unintentionally threw them into a panic.

The green-haired teacher couldn’t avoid the woman’s glare and instead faced her with an awkward smile and his hands raised attempting to dismiss her annoyed look. “W-well it’s not like I was being eased into it either. The option just kind of came out of nowhere for me too.”

A lighthearted chuckle got their attention, causing the two of them to shift their heads back onto Inko. She moved her hand away from her mouth to reveal her smile again as she faced her son and slid another cup of tea across the coffee table. “You know, I was worried at first that you would panic from being out of your element, but it’s so good to hear that you are doing so well.”

Izuku’s nervous expression melted as met his mother’s face, giving a short but happy nod back to her as he made a relaxed move to grab the offered drink. He didn’t get a chance to raise it up to his lips before a hand clasped onto his leg and jostled him. He didn’t have to look back to recognise the person as Mitsuki’s lively, yet aggravated voice cut in.

“Yeah! You might even be able to work things out with Katsuki and save all of us a massive fucking headache!” He kept his focus on stopping the tea from spilling out after he reeled back from the surprise contact. With his hands now stilled he twisted himself around to meet the woman’s face, only for his prepared response disappear from his thoughts once his view completely shifted onto her. He didn’t notice the signs that pointed towards her slightly more brazen attitude until he properly faced her and saw the metal can in her hand along with her slightly tinted cheeks.

“A-aunt Mitsuki…are you drinking alcohol?”

The blonde mother didn’t give a response outside of an annoyed huff before taking another swig of her canned beverage. Masaru answered on her behalf instead with an awkward laugh as she tilted her head back to empty the rest of her drink into her mouth. “She just had an annoying day at work today. Plus Katsuki has been acting a bit more aggressive lately after he found out about your new job.”

“Oh, that’s right! I still need to work things out with Kacchan. It’s been two days and I’ve barely done anything to fix things between the two of us…” Izuku’s eyes widened to show his realisation before turning his head forwards and down to face the table. His hand came up to rub the back of his slumped neck as his smile weakened in front of the other adults.

Toshinori could already see where his assistant’s mood was going and placed his hand on the lowered shoulder beside him. The blonde waited for him to turn his head to see the comforting look on his face before speaking. “Don’t worry Midoriya-kun, you can’t rush something like this. Sooner or later the two of you will get that chance to properly talk. And remember, the rest of us here are to help you whenever you need it.”

Izuku looked back at his friend with a blank expression for a second longer as his mouth slowly curled upwards into a quiet smile and eventually giving a small nod of his head. The both moved themselves slightly more upright to take a drink from their tea, entirely missing how Inko’s expression seemed to brighten as she watched the scene go on.

“Hey, Yagi-kun.” Toshinori opened an eye to look at Mitsuki as he continued to drink. He quickly noticed that the red tint had become slightly more defined from the last time he saw them. She placed her empty can by the few already on the table and tilted her head to one side. “How come you never share any of your own stories from U.A?”

Toshinori began to choke on his drink in response to the question he was not expecting while Izuku couldn’t stop himself from doing a spit take beside him. He was able to react to these questions with a relatively calm expression thanks to the fabricated excuses the two of them had created before, but that didn’t do much to help him against a question that they didn’t consider an answer for.

Mitsuki couldn’t help but see the men’s panicked reaction as hilarious in her slightly drunk state and let out a chuckle at the sight. She leaned in more with a wide grin on her face as she jokingly elbowed the blonde’s side. “You should have some stories to share from talking with the students or even the teachers right? I mean, are you really just going to let Izuku get all of the attention?”

“A-alright, let’s get you back home. It’s starting to get late and you’ve had enough to drinks tonight.” Toshinori didn’t have a chance to get out his stammered response before Masaru cut in and placed his hands on his wife’s shoulders to gently pull her back. After placing her closer arm across his shoulders he hoisted himself and Mitsuki off the couch, who didn’t fight against the new movement and instead rested her head against his shoulder. “Thank you for having us. Until next time everyone!”

The tree remaining members watched with wide eyes as the man sauntered over to the front door with the still smiling blonde woman in tow. Toshinori kept his slack jaw and bewildered look aimed at them even after the pair closed the door behind them while Izuku let out a tiny sigh of relief that his small fear of their secret being discovered were promptly removed.

“Well then…I should probably get going too. See you tomorrow Midoriya-kun.” Toshinori pulled his view away from the door back onto the remaining green-haired pair who had already moved their focus away from the couple having already He picked up his suit from beside him and hung it over his arm before bringing himself up to his feet and turning himself to meet the two hosts.

“See you then Yagi-kun. Remember, we have a big meeting in the afternoon so make sure you’re prepared for that.” Izuku continued to gather up the discarded cans and empty cups on the table in front of him attaching them to the back and palms of his glowing hands as he turned his relaxed expression over to the blonde.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to conserve myself for that.” Toshinori let out a chuckle in response to his assistants veiled but still understandable reminder as he returned the smile with his own. The greenette’s expression shifted into a small grin as he made his way past the counter separating the couches from the small kitchen, placing his cups in the sink before turning on the tap and beginning to clean them.

“Does Izuku usually remind you about meetings like that?” The blonde’s view shifted from Izuku and onto Inko after she spoke up with a curious tone, looking up at him with her head tilted to the side as she remained in her seat with her teacup in her hands.

The sudden question surprised Toshinori for a second before the peaceful quiet in the rest of the room quickly eased him down again. A shy grin sprouted as he moved his hand behind him and brushed through the back of his hair. “Ah, well, I’m sure that you already know about his caring nature. I doubt he hasn’t done the same thing with the rest of the staff already.”

“You’re certainly not wrong about that. He is a hero after all.” The man’s casual remark brought out another short giggle from the woman, causing him to give back his own tiny chuckle. He gave one last small wave to the mother before turning himself around and making his casual stride towards the door, not noticing how her smile dropped by only an inch after the moment had ended.

“Actually Yagi-kun…could you do something for me before you go.”

Toshinori could only fit in a few steps forwards before Inko’s voice called out to him again. With his view moved onto her once again, he could clearly see how the rest of her posture seemed to clash with her pervious expression. The man turned the rest of his body around to properly meet her view, raising a concerned eyebrow as he noticed her hand fumbling with the rim of her teacup. “Oh, of course. Is something wrong Midoriya-san?”

“No no! everything’s fine…It’s just that I wanted to ask for a favour.”

“A favour?” The blonde tilted his head as the nervous smile that had suddenly appeared on Inko’s face to answer his concerns. He took a seat on the couch behind him once again with his gaze still focused on her face, even as she pointed her face downwards at the table and quietly exhaled before continuing.

“For as long as I can remember, Izuku has always been pushing himself towards being a hero, to save people with a smile on his face just like his idol All Might. And I have never once stopped believing in him when he first started working towards it, the same goes for Mitsuki and Masaru. I still remember the day he graduated from U.A and the pride we all felt seeing him so happy.”

Even if her expression didn’t meet with Toshinori’s, the small smile that began to form as she went on was still in clear sight. She didn’t notice how the man’s expression shifted with her words, not being able to find any piece of it that he could disagree with after knowing Izuku himself.

He chose to stay silent as Inko continued her speech, noticing how her smile dropped only a tiny amount as her hands slightly tensed. “But even if I can have faith that my only child is finally achieving his dream and that he knows that we’re all behind him, that doesn’t take away from my duty as a mother to worry for his safety. Especially when he makes a big change like this so suddenly.”

The mother eventually tilted her head back to meet the blonde’s face again after making sure there wasn’t any signs of anxiousness from her awkward smile and closed eyes, not seeing the dazed expression that he returned.

“I know it sounds strange to hear now that he’s an adult, but-”

“I’ll look after him for you.”

Inko’s eyes shot wide open after being unexpectantly interrupted by Toshinori, allowing her to take in the sight of leaning forwards in his seat with his sunken blue pupils staring directly at her. “Midoriya-kun has already done so much to help me, even when we first met. The least I can do is return the favour and promise you that I will keep him safe.”

The look of surprise began to fade as the woman continued to stare back at the resolute face. She couldn’t put her finger on why, but the hardened expression mixed with his new calm smile caused her lingering worries to slowly fade out of focus. Her open mouth shifted into a beam as a wave of relief spread across the rest of her face before she bowed her head down by an inch in response.

“Thank you, Yagi-kun.”

Toshinori’s smile widened further after clearly seeing her mood shift from her previous unrest into quiet glee. He moved himself back onto his feet from the couch and standing in front of Inko, returning the previous gesture with his own short bow. He passed a glance over to Izuku still by the sink washing the pile of in front of him, not paying any attention to either of the other adults even as the blonde walked away towards the door in silence.

The sound of the door lightly slamming was what brought the greenette’s head up from gazing down at the kitchen, expecting to hear the noise much earlier than reality. He turned his head over to the couches and only found his mother sitting on the couch facing away from him, missing her cheerful expression as she enjoyed her tea in newfound peace. “Wait, did Yagi-kun only just leave?”

After closing the front door behind him Toshinori took a moment to stand there in front of the entrance with the exact same expression from inside the apartment. He let out a happy sigh before continuing his trek back to his own home, not paying any mind to the smile on his face that refused to lower after having finished another eventful day.


Mount Lady pulled herself up from off the road as she clung onto her sore arm. What she assumed to be an easy villain capture early in the morning quickly derailed into a losing battle in the same minute after being overpowered and sent tumbling backwards in her regular size. She turned her head slightly to her side to her ally Kamui Woods, forcing herself to acknowledge his unconscious form sprawled out next to her, along with the crowd looking on from the sidewalk before she turned herself back to lock her eyes onto the monstrosity in front of them.

The villain staring her down almost took up the entire lane as his large pinkish muscles shifted with his angry breathing, including the strange additions to his broad shoulders that protruded upwards and fused together atop his head, draping his head in darkness and making his pure white eyes pierce outwards even more. The only part of the sight in front of the heroine could focus on more was the helpless man, woman and child crying in fear as they were against the side of his abdomen by his bulging forearm, attempting to struggle but still finding themselves trapped in his hold.

“Don’t try that crap again! If you make another move, I’ll kill this rich family with my bare hands!” Mount Lady only hardened her expression after the giant bellowed out his threats, not making any other movement outside of that in case he really did plan to follow through with his declaration. She hated this feeling of powerless but with her quirk alone the odds of her being able to act before her opponent were not in her favour.

With her stare still focused on his shrouded face, he had a clear view of the sky behind him, including the twinkle that appeared for a second by his head. The heroine’s once stern expression was broken by the sight as her eyes widened and her mouth parted in visible confusion. The shift didn’t go past the villain still standing before her, responding by taking a heavy step forwards and pressing his arm even further into the now panicking family.

“HEY! What the hell did I just-”

“MISSOURI…” The villain’s own enraged face dissipated as the all too familiar voice rang out from behind him and a panicked look began to seep into his shrouded expression. Mount Lady had a clear view as a large man with blonde hair in a similarly coloured suit descended from the sky, rapidly approaching from behind the bulky criminal.

No one had any time to react when the flying adult flattened his hand out and shifted it vertically before swiftly bringing it down harshly into the back of the villains next, sending his head crashing into the ground at blinding speeds as the ground erupted in a cloud of debris from the shockwave. “SMASH!!”

Mount lady was forced to shield her eyes from the wave of air that hit her face, followed soon after by the nearby civilians as the shockwave reached them. Once the force subsided the crowd peered back at the sight to find the tall blonde standing triumphantly with the startled family held safely in his arms, appearing much taller than the subdued villain now kneeling with his head stuck in a new shallow crater in the road.

“No need to worry any more civilians! Because I…” The watching faces slowly contorted into ecstatic smiles as All Might’s triumphant voice returned, including the rescued hostages as their eyes began to leak tears of joy. They could see his signature smile in all its glory after the smoke had fully cleared as the hero flashed the crowd a reassuring thumbs up. “…Am here on my way to work!”

The watching crowd quickly converged around All Might as he kneeled down and delicately laid down the family on the ground. The three of them all wilted together as they cradled one another, still attempting to reassure each other after their near-death experience. It took a few seconds more before the father could pull his head away from the embrace and face the hero directly as the last of his tears moved down his face. “Thank you All Might…thank you so much.”

“Think nothing of it sir! I’m glad to see that you and your family are safe now.” The blonde hero used his still kneeling position to place his hand on the man’s shoulder before giving a short nod to his relieved face. He quickly moved himself back onto his feet before spinning on his heel and angling himself to face U.A directly even if it was nowhere close to his current position “Now if you excuse me, I need to make sure that I arrive on work on time-”

“Somebody help! That man just stole my purse!” All Might’s ears immediately picked up one sound of a woman’s panic behind him, not happening anywhere near to his road but still close enough for him to reach. He immediately turned himself round in the opposite direction before crouching close to the ground and leaping high into the air in an instant.



“Please! Someone stop him before he gets away!” The woman continued to cry out for help in hopes that a hero would hear her pleas. Her optimism was beginning to dwindle as she was forced to watch as the man continued to sprint away and shove his way through the civilians that attempted to stop him. Her depleting hope only plummeted when the criminal looked back over his shoulder and flashed the woman a cocky grin.

“Hey, don’t blame me if you don’t know how to hold onto your own stuff! With how you were showing it off you were practically begging for me to-”

His arrogant speech was dashed after he collided with the civilian he didn’t see coming with his view focused on his victim. He used his split second to ponder how the impact should have felt like crashing into a cement wall if it wasn’t for the sensation of fabric against his face before he was interrupted by the back of his head striking the ground. The man snapped his head back up to meet the unknown person’s face with his now clearly irritated face.

“HEY! Watch where you’re going you bas…”

The aggressive demeanour disappeared the second he met with the blonde hero’s familiar smile, immediately shifting from his grimace to a slack jaw. He immediately started to scramble backwards in fear to create space between him and the overbearing man. “…A…all M-might?...”

“Good morning sir.” All Might took a step forward closer to the thief and made a note of how his panicked expression intensified slightly from the action. He let out a friendly chuckle as he lowered his hand down, planning to help the man up and use his clear unease to save some time. “I’m beginning to run late for work, so can we get this done fast and return that purse back to its owner?”

“Y-YES, OF COURSE! I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND ALL MIGHT! H-HERE, JUST TAKE IT!” The criminal immediately scurried to his feet after a nervous smile broke out across his face. His hands immediately darted out to present the stolen purse as he faced the ground to hide his face. He only brought his head up again after he felt something lock around his wrists with an audible click, shifting his view onto his arms to find a pair of handcuffs.

All Might watched as the woman continued to bow her head in front of him with her purse in hand as the man was hauled away by the intervening policeman. With the matter settled he waved to the lady before he was finally able to turn himself around and continue making his way towards the school, just in time to see the entrance to the bank ahead of him explode.

The hero watched with his plastered-on smile as three masked gunmen sprinted out of the hole in the building with bags stuffed with money in tow before disappearing into their getaway car and speeding off. He stood there in silence for a moment as a painful wheeze made its way out of his mouth at the thought of running even later to work. He eventually let out a huff before he shifted himself into a sprinting stance and focused on the rapidly leaving vehicle.

I’m sure Midoriya-kun wouldn’t mind if I was just…a few minutes late…


Izuku let out a heavy sigh as he stepped out of the station, having a small portion of his morning vigour already drained yet again from being confronted by another train carriage filled with civilians who recognised him from the news. He wasn’t sure what to think of the idea of it becoming a basic part of his morning, but at least it was giving him some much needed training for the same situation in the future.

He pushed the thoughts to the side until tomorrow as he walked down the street, knowing that the issue would only would come back up the next morning and instead moving his focus onto the approaching sight of U.A’s outside border. He had a calm smile prepared as he rounded off the corner to face the school directly after assuring himself that his interactions with large crowds were done for the day.

His pace completely stopped as he reached the edge of the pavement as his wide eyes locked onto the sight blocking his view of the school’s front entrance. The other side of the road was packed with rows of vans parked along the high walls of the school, each of them labelled a bold font that he could recall from the various news channels on TV. Izuku’s focus was barely on the news vehicles as he instead almost immediately put his attention on the herd of people crowding around the front with microphones and large cameras in hand as they obstructed his path the only entrance into the school.

From his distant view, he could clearly see the various reporters and cameramen scrambling towards the pair of students clad in the school’s own uniform, being enveloped in the crowd before they could make their way safely through the gate. The counsellor figured that the news of All Might returning to U.A would cause an uproar with the public eventually but that didn’t completely excuse their current actions.

“Hey look, It’s Deku!”

Izuku immediately flinched after a loud voice from one of the cameramen forced him to realise the crowd’s focus shifting onto him from the students in front of them. Without any time to prepare himself before the crowd of reporters swarmed around his spot on the other side of the road, leaving him with barely any time to prepare himself for the approaching horde as they surrounded his front and sides.

The counsellor attempted to wade through the news teams with an awkward smile already present on his face as the various cameras and microphones were pointed at his face. At the very least the crowd parted away from his path and allowed him to move closer towards the school’s front gate, but their determination for answers was made evident when the mass walked alongside him and continued with their barrage of questions.

“Deku, what caused you to work at U.A as a T.A so soon after your debut?!”

“I was given an offer by Principal Nezu.” Izuku shifted his face over slightly to meet the journalist who had inched his way out of the crowd and beside the hero. Even with the smile on his face giving off the impression that he was collected under the ramblings of the crowd, his drastically underprepared mind could only give short responses for fear of his composure slipping in front of the cameras.

“Follow up question to that! How have you been fairing as a counsellor?! Have you had any difficulties so far managing your students?!”

“Well...I haven’t received any complaints from them or the teachers so far.” The teacher rubbed the back of his head as he turned his head onto his other side with a casual smile to look back at the camera now pointed closer to his face. He hoped that the act would take the person’s attention away from his waning expression now that his focus was slowly changing into getting inside the school quickly.

Just as his foot had landed on the other side of the road with the sight of the safe haven in sight ahead of him, A woman darted out from inside of the swarm of other reporters with a cameraman in tow. The pair budged their way out of the horde to stand out further, clearly rushing for the first answer if the lady’s determined expression was genuine. “What about All Might?! What kind of teacher is he?!”

The fast entrance of the two caused Izuku to jump again in response. The surprise had already taken a toll on his composure as it took him a second longer to prepare himself, silently stammering for a moment before he could properly respond. Even as he gave his answer his feet were already moving forwards past the news team as his upper half shifted to maintain eye contact. “Friendly and very capable. I’m sure the students are going to learn plenty from him.”

He had hoped that the questioning had finished there as he quickly brought his attention back to in front of him walking slightly faster towards the entrance, to be left surprised yet again as the woman had already darted ahead of him again. The only difference from the previous shift in placement was how she had clearly placed herself more in the man’s way. “Since you’re part of the staff now, can you get us a meeting with the Number 1 Hero himself?!”

“S-sorry, that’s not exactly my call to make. I really need to get going now anyway.” Izuku’s expression was now noticeably more awkward than before, which is why he had kept his head tilted slightly towards the ground in an attempt to hide it as he walked past the woman.

“Huh? But we only need a little more of your time!”

“I’m sorry but I have several counselling sessions to get through this morning.” The reporter was left shocked for a moment before she attempted to pursue the hero before he entered the building, but with no success as he instead sped up his pace to arrive faster. She eventually stopped her own stride to let out an annoyed growl before she called out to him once again.

“At least tell us what your relationship is with All Might is before you leave!”

Izuku’s next footstep hovered above the ground as he heard and began to process the demand. His head slowly turned back to the woman after his prepared smile had almost completely disappeared, leaving him with his eyes wide open as he met the reporter again. “H-huh?”

“After your debut you were almost exclusively seen around All Might, even when you gave your popular speech to that child in front of everyone. What do you have to say to people’s allegations of you taking the role of his new sidekick?” The news lady saw the opportunity to get even a little bit more information out of the teacher and gave a confident grin to show her enthusiasm, only for it to immediately drop when she attempted to regain eye contact with Izuku and discovering him already speed walking away.

“No comment! Sorry, I have to be somewhere! Maybe another time!” The man didn’t look back for fear of revealing his now panicked face to the rest of the cameras and instead continued to quickly walk past the open archway in front of him, immediately feeling his panic subside after finally getting past the gate.

The reporter couldn’t help but feel her annoyance rise after being turned down once again by yet another member of the U.A staff as her face clearly mirrored her frustrated mood. In her irritated state the only step that she could think of was to pursue harder and hurry after the man while he was still in her sight. “H-hey! Hold on a second!”

The cameraman who came along with the woman could already tell what she was planning to do next but couldn’t get his words out fast enough to stop her. The most he could do was take a step forward as he attempted and failed to grab her shoulder to stop her. “Wait! Don’t-”

She couldn’t take another step closer towards the same gate that Izuku had used before a blaring alarm forced her to jump backwards in shock, just in time to avoid the giant sheets of steel that began to suddenly rise from beneath the floor with a loud rumble accompanying it. The sounds of metal bolting into place disappeared after a moment as the new black walls overtook the original white in size, now towering over the crowd of news teams still frozen in place by their own fright.

The counsellor passed a glance over his shoulder at his side of the wall and let out another tired sigh after the second unexpected round of public interactions had finished before turning his head forwards and walking into the main building. He would have spent another moment scolding himself over having this much difficulty facing the crowd if wasn’t being truthful about having a classroom full of students to interview first.


“Oh come on, what the hell is this now?!” The female reporter was the first to recover from the thunderous entrance of the new metal obstacles as she quickly shifted back into her annoyed state once again. She looked up to the taller walls behind the previous ones with her angry glare but chose not to approach any more than she had already done in case there was another line of defence waiting.

Her relaxed cameraman brought her attention onto him by pointing at the sealed off gate, now with three lights coloured red on the underside of the arc. “People call it the U.A barrier. If you even get near the walls without a staff or student pass, these walls spring out in response. The whole border of the school is like this too apparently.”

“We have been out here for how long and we haven’t been able to get even a little bit of information on All Might!” The woman gripped her microphone tightly to deal with her irritation, to which her partner responded with a tired smile like he had done with her several other similar reactions throughout their partnership.

“Yeah, I’m annoyed by it too, but he haven’t really been trying anything other than just waiting around the gate for them. Why don’t we try a less aggressive approach next time?”

The empty streets were quiet apart from the crowd of reporters and news teams still chatting amongst themselves as they continued to face the towering border. There were no civilians who had watched the scene unfold or had even passed by the road-spanning school, which meant that the group that were there to begin with were left unaware of the individual on the other side of the street.

His lanky body had yet to move as he stood there watching the other side of the road, barely focusing on the people still waiting by the entrance and instead taking in the sight of the giant school basking in the sunlight. He didn’t make a sound as he turned himself away from the building and sauntered further down out of sight into the dark alleyway.


“I have to say Itsuka, it’s great to hear that you and the rest of your class are getting along well. At this rate your teamwork will improve faster than usual as your training continues.” Izuku’s relaxed smile had continued throughout his interview with Kendo like it had done with the rest of today’s sessions. After the unexpected turn of events on his way into the building he was certainly not complaining with the casual mood that Class 1-B had set with their individual talks.

The orangette returned the comment with her own relaxed smirk after falling into the peaceful mood of the room herself. “Thank you Midoriya-sensei, but doesn’t everyone who comes here know that they need to work together early? That’s a big part of being a hero after all.”

“It is…but you can never tell how long it takes for people to properly jell together. At least since they already voted for you to be the class representative you can speed up that process a little more.” The counsellor’s expression turned slightly awkward before he gave his answer, not giving away any of the names he knew that could definitely fit that description and instead changing the subject matter. “Anyway, looking at the time I think we’ll fit in one more question before we finish for today.”

“Oh? Alright then, what did you want to know?” Kendo’s look made way for some of her new curiosity to seep in as Izuku took a break from writing in his notepad to quickly flip through the pages. His hands eventually stopped once he found his list at the front and turned his head back up to meet the student with a neutral face.

“So, what do you think of Class 1-A?”

There was a short pause in the air before the girl suddenly broke out into snickering with her hand over her mouth, which contrasted with the adult’s now minorly flustered reaction. “Pfft. Really?”

“Yes I know it’s weird, but after Kan-san brought the whole class rivalry thing to my attention I think it’s important to understand what you think about your fellow students.”

“Right right, that makes sense, I’m sorry.” Kendo eventually straightened herself out in her seat again after her giggling fit had subsided, still retaining her smile from the moment after she had moved to respond. “But to answer your question, I don’t really know what to think of them since I haven’t met them yet. But I definitely don’t think of them as my enemies at the very least.”

Izuku’s softer expression came back once the interview had gotten back to its relaxed air. “That’s great to hear. It seems like most of your classmates share that same idea for the most part. After all, they don’t know enough about them to pick fights with them.”

“Except for Monoma-san?”

“Yeah, except for Monoma.” The counsellor couldn’t stop himself from letting out a small sigh after Kendo had so quickly responded with the same thought he was having. He flicked through the pages again to find the tab he created on the boy in question and began reading through his own notes. “Although it doesn’t seem like actual animosity or anger. From what we talked about it seems to be more of a goal to work towards rather than him holding a grudge against anyone in particular.”

Kendo nodded as the teacher continued, holding her chin with her hand before she added onto the statement with her own thoughts. “Yeah. Plus he’s still getting along great with the rest of the class, but competing with the other class all the time could be a problem. I keep an eye on him and make sure it doesn’t get out of hand if you want.”

“I’m happy to hear that the class representative is taking their role seriously. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help since I’m going to be helping you and him as much as I can.” Izuku watched as the girl responded to his supportive words with a confident smile and a short nod of her head. He shifted his gaze onto the clock on the wall to remind himself of the time before shifting back to look at the student with his relaxed expression. “Well, that should be everything for today. You should get going, lunch is about to start.”

“Alright then. See you later Midoriya-sensei!” Kendo moved out of her seat and walked towards the exit. She gave one last wave to the counsellor before she closed the door behind her and left Izuku to relax on his own after finishing his last counselling session for 1-B.

He slouched back into his seat as he looked over his new set of notes in silence. With nothing else to distract him from his own thoughts he started to think back on the day so far, including the herd of reporters and if they were still held up at the gate. He couldn’t see them from the view from his window though he could imagine that they were still waiting for the moment that All Might walked through the front gate, despite the fact that he had yet to even walk in to begin with.

Without realising it his mind started to linger on that fact, even influencing him to sit up and pull his phone out of his pocket to check his messages. As he had guessed there was nothing new added onto the text he had sent to the blonde in question about an hour after he had entered the building himself.

It wasn’t the first time that Toshinori had been this late to work, but it was the first since they had agreed that he had to stick to the same schedule if they wanted to properly work on finding a successor. On top of that neither of the man’s identities came off like the type of person to lie just after making a promise to someone, which only made Izuku’s curiosity and worry for his friend to rise.

He eventually let the thought go as his eyes noticed the time on the face of his phone moving whilst he was still seated on the couch, realising the time once again and pulling himself out of his seat with a sigh. As curious as he was to know where the blonde he could at least be confident that he would be fine wherever he was while he distracted himself with lunch.


“Ah, Midoriya-kun! You’re here early, everything go well with 1-B?” Hizashi perked up to look at the break room door as it opened to reveal Izuku entering the room, who quickly turned his head to acknowledge both the blonde and Sekijiro on the couches surrounding the coffee table.

“Yes actually. They haven’t shown any major issues with their performance yet, plus they have no problem cooperating with each other.” The new arrival took his hand off the handle after closing the door behind him and raised it to wave at the seated pair, keeping his other arm down by his side with his hand gripping onto an object hidden beside his form.

Sekijiro crossed his arms in response to the statement before letting out a confident laugh. He tilted his head downwards to look at something on the floor as he lightly nudged it with his foot. “Hear that Aizawa-kun? This might be the year the record stops.”

“It won’t if you keep praising them like that so early.” The voice of Shota responded in its usual muttering tone from below the table, eventually shifting himself to sit up to reveal himself dressed in his yellow sleeping bag. His hand travelled out of the open to grab the jelly drink before he looked over to his shoulder at the bulkier teacher. “It’s important that they realise the need to harden up as soon as possible instead of taking things easy.”

Izuku chose to ignore the scowl that Sekijiro had aimed at the other homeroom teacher currently taking a drink from the pouch in his grip as he made his way closer to take a seat himself. His attention directed itself onto the previously unnoticed member currently slouched on the floor with their face planted against the table just behind an untouched cup of noodles. “Uhh, Is everything okay with Kayama-san?”

Nemuri lethargically turned raised her head up to meet the counsellor’s concerned gaze, showing him her practically broken smile as she made no attempt to move out of her slump to greet him in her usual sultry manner. “Midoriya-kun…I don’t think I can take any more of this torture.”

“It’s the first week. If you hate eating noodles all the time just get something else instead of moping about it.” Izuku didn’t have a chance to ask before Shota cut into the conversation just to dismiss her overreactions with his still monotone voice. The greenette quickly moved his attention across to the other teachers properly seated on the couches and found a lesser version of the same nonchalance written on both of their faces.

The accusation was enough to get the heroine to at least lay her head on its side to look over at the man level to her, but still replied with her previous downtrodden tone as her face shifted to show her demoralisation. “But my favourite store closed down over the holidays. This is the only stuff I get on my way here now.”

“Anyway! Midoriya-kun, you’re the go-to guy to find out about All Might here, any idea where he is now?” Hizashi was the next to interrupt the scene, clapping his hands together to draw the attention of the other teachers before he pointed his grinning face directly at the still standing adult.

“A-actually no, I haven’t heard a thing from him since yesterday. I even sent him a message this morning and he still hasn’t sent anything back. I can’t help but wonder what’s taking him so long.” Izuku rubbed the back of his head with his free hand to begin with before he moved it downwards to fish out his phone from his pocket. His shy expression slowly lessened as he continued until he was left with only a small smile left.

“You’re starting to sound like his concerned mother right now Midoriya. It’s illogical to start worrying about whether or not the Number 1 Hero is okay at any given time.” Shota gave out a sigh before he stared back at the other man with his still unimpressed face, causing the greenette’s look to quickly turn embarrassed as he flinched back.

“I-I know that, but is it so wrong to think about what my friend is doing right now?” Izuku attempted to recover from his own stammer by quickly taking his seat on the couch beside Sekijiro and put his phone back out of sight, purposefully missing the calm smiles on the other two teachers for fear of the worst.

Even with the counsellor’s view not focused on him, Hizashi waved his hand to dismiss his clear fluster as he laughed it off with his usual grin. “Oh don’t worry about what he says. It’s hard to tell but that’s just the only kind of humor he…”

His own speech was halted as his focus was completely stolen by the object that Izuku placed onto the table after he had seated himself, a moderate sized box wrapped in a green cloth. The other staff members around him watched in wide-eyed silence as he undid the ends tied together on top to reveal the black bento box inside and popped off the lid, exposing the array of chicken pieces, vegetables and rice tucked nicely inside in proper form.

Hizashi’s eyebrows slowly grew distant from his aviators as his grin transformed into a genuinely surprised gaze, just in time for the man in his sight to rear his head back up and notice the range of quiet faces staring back at him. The blonde tilted his head down to Shota, who was somehow able to continue the same dull look from before with the exception of one of his own eyebrows raising at the sight.

“Wow Aizawa-kun. You might have actually hit the nail on the head on this one.”

“Midoriya…I was kidding at first but…”

“N-no, It’s not like that! We just had a big dinner last night and we had a couple of leftovers, that all.” Izuku could immediately figure out their suspicions from their blatant expressions and was quick in attempting to dismiss their clear thoughts by raising his already shaking hands upwards. His eyes darted over to his lunch for a split second before realisation hit, followed by his hands suddenly pointing down at the box. “I mean there’s still quite a bit here, did any of you want to…”

“Hey hey man, don’t worry, we’re just joking around. A moment like this only comes once in a while so enjoy yourself.” Hizashi’s short laughter cut through the counsellor’s anxious mood, forcing him to realise that the surprise on both his and Sekijiro’s faces had lost their previous surprise in favour of their casual smiles. He brought the unpacked sandwich in front of him up into the greenette’s view and took his first bite out of one of the sides before he continued. “Besides, the rest of us here have our own food to go through. I mean what kind of image would we be setting for you as senpais if we stole your lunch.”

Izuku gave a short glance over to the two other adults between him and Hizashi, quickly noticing how they had already returned to their own lunches instead of watching his panic. He turned his view back over to the blonde still bearing his usual grin as he gave an encouraging nod back to him before taking another bite of his own food. After finally realising that the previous embarrassing scene had finished, he relaxed his frantic posture and picked up the box in front of him to finally enjoy his own meal.

Sekijiro slowed his more fervent eating to process the movement in the corner of his view, eventually turning his head to watch the greenette beside him hold the bento box in one hand and point at its contents with his free finger. His eyes widened to show his surprise again once Izuku’s now glowing finger pulled away from just above the surface, quickly followed by a fly clump of rice that floated parallel to the tip of the digit.

“Oh! You fine-tuned your quirk enough for something like that too?” The bulky man leaned over to watch the process continue before his sudden movement caused the counsellor to flinch backwards in his seat but could at least prepare a nervous smile in time.

“A-actually, I spent about a month and a half practicing this while I was at U.A myself because I thought it would be useful for hero work…but this is the most I use it for nowadays instead of using chopsticks.” Izuku could hear the small laughter of the man beside him along with Hizashi mixing with his own, helping to remove some of his previous unease and shift his expression into a more comfortable one. He quickly felt eased enough to take in the pieced floating in front of his face and enjoy it’s still fresh taste with a calm smile.

With the four men enjoying their lunch in peace, none of them paid attention to their fellow teachers, causing them to not notice how Nemuri’s gaze had become fixated on the bento box in Izuku’s hand. They way that the food floated through the air only seemed to make it all the more alluring to her hungry mind, much more appealing than the cup of noodles sitting directly to one side of her field of view. She let out a silent sigh to prepare herself as she placed her hands firmly on the table and hoist herself upwards.

“Wow Deku, that sure does look good~. In fact, I’d have to say that meat looks pretty…” Izuku stopped chewing the mouthful of food to look up with the rest of the teachers at the woman after she had chimed in after so long. Instead of the continued slouch they were expecting from before, they were met with her figure supposedly rejuvenated as she kneeled upright with a flirtatious smile and tone. She stopped herself halfway through her speech to lick her lips as part of her show but also to stop the tiny bit of drool that attempted to escape. “…Tantalising~.”

“Oh boy here it comes.” Hizashi’s shoulders dropped after immediately guess what her plan was as Shota simply rolled his eyes after having the same thought almost immediately. She didn’t pay any mind to their judging stares and instead leaned her upper half over the table to add onto her alluring stance.

“If your offer still stands, I would love to-”

“Of course, I don’t mind if you want some of my lunch.”


She wasn’t expecting Izuku to cut into the conversation so so, especially with the happy expression he had on his face currently as he let out a casual chuckle. “You probably already know this but since I wasn’t known at all when I was working at an agency, I wasn’t bringing in much pay. so I understand how annoying it can be to eat the same low quality food all the time. I have no problem sharing a bit to help with your own dull meal if you’d like.”

“Well would you look at that, our shy kohai has already started building up a tolerance to the R-Rated Hero herself.” Hizashi couldn’t stop the grin that had made its way onto his face as he watched the scene of Nemuri staring dumbfounded at the counsellor in front of her as he fished out a large piece of breaded chicken with his quirk.

“He’s faking it.” Shota barely added anything onto the commentary even as the blonde started lightly jostling his shoulder to show his enjoyment and instead returned to his jelly drink below the table and away from the scene in front of him.

Nemuri’s surprise gave way for a small pout as Izuku’s ignorance started to seem like an insult to her womanly charms after he had reacted to her in the past with a satisfactory stammer and red face. She didn’t back down despite the failed attempt and instead reformed her sultry smile as she placed one of her hands on her cheek to add onto her seduction attempt.

“Oh my, you really are a gentleman Midoriya-kun. I need to make sure that I find a proper way to repay you. How about I treat you to something special later?~” Her tone hadn’t changed from before but she made a show of the emphasising the last part of her speech with a clear wink directed at Izuku, whose smile had dropped slightly as he processed her dialogue.

The happy expression that the counsellor had on slowly deteriorated as he slowly put the pieces together, eventually dropping into a slack-jawed look of shock as his face quickly turned tinted red. He was at least able to keep a grip on the floating piece of food with his quirk, even if his hand and glowing finger were shaking along with his now trembling attempt at a smile. “O-o-oh no! T-that’s really not necessary…”

“Oh wow, you’re really on the ball today with these observations Aizawa-kun.” Hizashi only grinned and raised his eyebrow before he shrugged his shoulders down at Shota still laying prone in his sleeping bag. He moved to sit himself upwards to look at the new scene, only to lie back down again after a second of watching.

Nemuri couldn’t stop herself from flashing a small victorious smile after seeing her success clearly detailed on Izuku’s flustered expression. His composure was only stressed further as he watched the woman close her eyes and open her mouth wide to accept the awaiting food floating in front of her.  The two other teachers still seated onto the couch leaned in watch with wide eyes as the greenette slowly guided the piece towards her awaiting mouth with seemingly all of the courage he could muster.

Izuku’s concentration was suddenly broken as an alarm ringed throughout the room, resulting in him losing focus on his quirk and letting the food fall onto the table. The rest of the staff snapped to attention as well as the blaring sound continued, including Nemuri and Shota, who shot up from his position on the floor with a jaded yet genuinely staggered expression.

“There has been a Level 3 security breach. All students please evacuate outdoors promptly.” A robotic female voice sounded off as the siren continued in the background. Izuku could hear a feint beeping sound erupt from his pocket, which he was quick to pursue by plunging his hand in to find the device he knew the noise was attached to. He pulled out his pager as it continued to beep in his grip and quickly read the screen, finding a new set of text sent to him by the principle himself.

‘Deku, there’s been a Level 3 security breach. Come to the school entrance immediately. -Nezu’

“A Level 3 breach?! Someone got past the U.A Barrier!” The greenette raised his head up to the sound of Sekijiro’s voice upstaging the still present alarm and announcement. The three teachers shot up from their seats, including shota who had already unzipped his sleeping bag and risen to his feet, not bothering to wait any longer before he dashed out of the room, followed by the rest of the staff.

Nemuri was the only teacher left in the room as she was still kneeling by the table, processing the sudden and unexpected shift from her peaceful and enjoyable lunch to suddenly being ambushed and losing her chance at a good meal. Even the black box of her desires had somehow been closed and stashed away even with the chaos in the air. Her thought process slowly came back to thanks to the still blaring alarm, eventually coming back to her feet making her own way out the door.


Izuku had already sprinted away from the path the other teachers had taken after given his reason to meet with Nezu, leading to him running through the hallways alone with the still blaring alarm constantly in the background. The only other sound that he could hear apart from the alarm and his own footsteps was what he assumed to be the distant rumblings of a massive crowd of students. The thought of checking up on them crossed his mind before he shook it and chose to follow the direct order he was given.

It wasn’t long until he came across the familiar opening he had used to first enter the school, twisting his body to the side to prematurely greet it as his feet skidded across the floor. He slowed down enough to look down the doorframe and dash through to meet the back of the small suited animal with a still frantic expression on his face. “I’m here Nezu! What’s going on?!”

“Ah, Deku, Just in time. We were just beginning our investigation.” Nezu’s much calmer tone was jarring compared to the counsellor’s rushed voice as he looked over his shoulder to meet the counsellor, as did the two heroes he had met already that stood on either side of his much smaller form.

He tilted his head to his left to meet the teacher clad in a stereotype cowboy outfit, complete with spurs on his boots, a red cloak placed over his shoulders and arms, and a classic cowboy hat that casted a small shadow over his gasmask and exposed dreadlocks underneath. “Snipe, can you use your Homing quirk to see if the culprit is still nearby?”

“No siree. All I can sense right now is us four here and the giant mass of people by the other door. If they ain’t in there, they’re long gone by now.” Snipe moved on of his hands out from beneath his cap and moved it upwards pinched the rim of his hat and tilting it further up to open up his view of the gate further.

Izuku walked forward into the left side of the row, keeping his focus on the pair conversing before his attention was snagged by the sight in front of him. He shouldn’t have been able to see the open gate past the near black steel walls that had erected themselves to act as a defence, and yet he was still able to due to the massive gap in the barrier that was crudely bored out to show the arc of the entrance, leaving only a pile of black on either side of the breach.

The greenette’s focus was slowly directed towards his side as the sounds of growling started to increase over a few seconds. He turned his head to greet the sound that had been coming off of the larger hero who he knew as Hound Dog, currently breathing heavily past the black muzzle currently fixed onto his doglike head and wrapped around his snout. The facepiece still allowed for his scruffy blonde hair to almost blend with the orange fur outlining the neck, chest and boots on his hero outfit.

“Who in their right mind…WOULD ATTEMPT TO ATTACK OUR SCHOOL ON THE FIRST WEEKGRRRRRAAAAA!!” Ryo Inui’s voice didn’t take long to emphasise his anger as it quickly raised in volume and took even less time to devolve into incoherent growling and howls. Izuku didn’t react as strongly as he would have if the dog hero’s angry rambling habits were not common knowledge, but seeing it up close still forced him to take a step away from the man.

The counsellor walked over to the remains of the steel barrier, staring at the new uneven edges on one side of the steel gap before he ran a hand across the ridge to feel its coarse texture. His eyes travelled down to the pile of metal by his feet as he crouched down closer to allow his hand to wade through the top of the material without any resistance, almost like he had stuck his appendage into a mountain of black sand.

“Did you find something Deku?” Nezu strolled up to Izuku’s side while he was still staring at the small pile of metal dust that rested in the palm of his bare hand after he pulled it out of the larger mass. He didn’t face the principal after he had approached him and instead inspected the gathered material in his own hand further as he moved it closer to his eyes.

“No, nothing yet. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of quirk they used on the barrier to do something like this. What do you think?” The counsellor spilled out the handful of metal back onto the base of the mound before he faced the principal next to him, who had already moved into a thinking pose as he held his chin and shoulder in his paws.

“Well, given the amount of metal shavings that were left behind, I think it’s safe to assume that the wall was not cut open. Could it have been eroded away instead?”

“No, that doesn’t seem right either. If it was this stuff would turn brown and a lot lumpier before it fell apart. Not to mention it probably wouldn’t have shattered into so many pieces. It might just be that they had some kind of shredding ability.”

“Hmmm. You might be right about that Deku, but that would suggest that the entirety of what was removed is currently in these two piles of metal, which doesn’t seem like the case judging from their current volume.”

“That’s a good point. But what about…” Snipe and Hound Dog watched from the outside of the conversation as the other pair delved deeper into their own thoughts, talking in lengths between the two of them without any sign of an end in sight. The teachers shared a look with each other before they turned to walk away from the gate.

“Why don’t we just secure the perimeter instead. I got a feeling that these two are going to be here for a while.”


“Well, we’re getting nowhere with this…” Hizashi let out a sigh as he attempted to keep his smile up even for the still rampant crowd of reporters currently standing in front of him and Shota, who made no attempt to maintain the same composure as he continued to look forwards with his unimpressed stare. They both paid no attention to their continued barrage of questions as the blonde turned his head over to his peer. “Should we just kick them out? It’s technically illegal trespassing.”

“If you want the media to pile onto you even more be my guest.” The homeroom teacher continued to face forward at the crowd, only tilting his head by an inch to acknowledge the man beside him.

The minor shift in his view was enough for him to see him shrug his shoulders towards as he gained a small grin. “Yeah, but since when have you ever cared about your public image?”

“…Good point, but still.”

The two of them were quick to notice the sounds of heels clacking against the ground, already knowing who the sound belonged to as the noise increased behind them. They both turned over to their right to see Nemuri appear on Hizashi’s side, only causing the crowd’s attempts to grab their attention again to increase in frequency.

“So…is the person who caused the breach still here.” The blonde raised an eyebrow at her tone of voice, strangely more monotone than any of the other airs she gave off back in the break room. His eyes travelled down the rest of her figure to check for any other oddities after acknowledging it, finding only one other in how her hands were placed behind her form clutching onto something.

Shota didn’t pay the difference in the woman’s tone any mind as he had continued to look at the still vocal crowd instead. “Doesn’t look like it. We just got the message from the team at the gate too. They said that most rational answer would be that they already got away.”

“I see…” Nemuri let out a deep sigh before her droning voice returned as her body tensed itself slightly. There was no warning before a black line zipped out from her hands and struck the ground in front of her with a sharp cracking sound. The loud ambience of the reporters was immediately silenced as the end of the blurred tendril shot backwards towards the woman, leaving a small crack in the floor

“That’s a shame…” With an experienced flick of the handle in her grip, the rest of the black whip returned to her other awaiting hand and masterfully wrapped around her palm. Her grasp on the collected coil closed and quickly tightened harshly around them, followed soon after by her tightening the length between her hands to as taut as the leather could handle. “…That’s a real shame.

The crowd collectively shivered as her voice completely shifted from her previous mutter and returned into her trademark dominatrix tone, except now the flirtatious factor had been completely replaced with an overabundance of sadism. The pair of male heroes standing to her side raised their eyebrows at the sight, being the only ones in the space that knew the reason for her actions, but still keeping silent as she took a step forward.

Guess she really wanted that bento…


“Alright then. In conclusion, we have unfortunately been left with little to no information to work with after the events of the breech.” Nezu sat in his chair located at the end of the U-shaped table, giving him an easy view of the teachers lining the sides who continued look over to him. The sight of the principal leaning on his elbows with his paws gripping each other was a shift from his usual eccentric attitude, but it matched well with his tone that had lacked the same jolly undertone.

“The group at the gate, consisting of Deku, Snipe, Hound Dog and myself, have deduced that our culprit used his quirk to cause the steel barriers to disintegrate, and used the ensuing chaos of the alarms and the news teams to get inside.” His paws separated from their shared grip and gestured to the staff one by one, who kept silent as he continued and eventually finished when he moved to point at Nemuri. “Additionally, thanks to the efforts of Midnight, we were able to discover that this individual had no ties with anyone in the different news groups and was therefore acting out his own plans.”

“However, I must insist that the methods that she had used to get that information are to be undisclosed.” Nezu’s voice took on a firmer tone after he quickly added onto the end of his last statement as he shifted his gaze onto the rest of the teachers. Izuku was the only one who did not respond with an agreeing nod as he instead looked around the room to notice the immediate answer everyone else had given.

“As of now we have no idea of where this offender is or what his motives were. It is possible that this was only meant as a simple undertaking or a minor piece in a much greater plan. So until we are able to find a definitive answer on this case, I implore you all to tread carefully and report any other suspicious behaviour you see to me. Until then, we will continue with today’s schedule as usual. That will be all for this emergency meeting.”

On that order the principal’s arranged meeting had ended, signalling the teachers to pick themselves up from their seats and leave the conference room. Izuku did the same, but was stopped when his view turned towards the seat beside him that had stayed empty even before the session had begun. He continued to stare for a moment before he made his own way out along with the rest of the staff and moved into the teachers’ office.

The counsellor pulled out his chair for himself and let out a tired sigh as he sat himself down again. The chaos that the breach caused had taken up the rest of his and everyone else’s break, including the students who were forced to immediately move back into their lessons. But even if he still did have the time, his appetite was clouded by his own worrying mind as he was already pulling his phone out yet again, finding his messages empty and without an answer from Toshinori.

He still isn’t in? What could possibly be taking him so lo-

Izuku paused for a moment once he was hit with a sudden thought, followed quickly after by a quiet groan. He reluctantly tapped the screen to remove the barren chat between him and the blonde and placed his thumb on the icon for the news feed. It was a much simpler solution to find the hero’s whereabouts with how naturally popular he was, yet he always used it last since he never thought he would need to look there.

‘All Might Sighting Update: Another Incident Solved Only Half an Hour After The Last! That Makes Four in Two Hours Total!’ The very first headline was already shouting Toshinori’s name in clear joy as soon as the greenette opened the tab and gave a contrasting stare at the article. When he was a younger hero fanatic, it was stories like these about All Might and heroes in general that would get him frantically reading in awe. But now that he was one himself and knew where exactly the man was supposed to be right now, his only reaction was to pinch the bridge of his nose in minor annoyance.

Oh for the love of…we talked about this!

“I AM HERE FINALLY!” Izuku almost jumped out of his seat when the door behind him shot open without warning and the bulky form of the blonde in question poked through. The rest of All Might’s body quickly passed through the opening before he hurriedly turned himself around and shut the door behind him only a second after it opened.

He continued to face the closed exit for an extra few seconds as he attempted to level out his strained breathing after he had sprinted to the school and through its hallways after being distracted for so long. He prepared his signature smile before he brought his head back up and turned himself around, planning to slink back into his planned schedule onto to freeze when his eyes locked onto the teacher that was standing in front of him.

“O-oh, Midoriya-kun...good afternoon...” Toshinori’s quickly turned nervous as he locked eyes with Izuku, who stared back at him in silence with his arms crossed as he stood just in front of his chair. The short pause that the blonde took to recover gave him plenty of time for him to quickly respond and prepare his unimpressed expression for when he turned around.

“Afternoon, Yagi-kun. I was just wondering where you were after we both agreed to come in on time.” The counsellor’s expression didn’t let up even after the larger teacher turned his head away slightly and rubbed the back of his head and Instead kept his tone firm as he continued to glare at him.

“Ahaha...well you see I...uhh...” Toshinori attempted to respond but was stopped by himself when he awkwardly coughed into his hand and shifted his gaze away from his assistant’s expecting stare. The small cough quickly became out of his control and turned into a wheezing fit, causing a small splotch of red to appear on the side of his hand as his body began to release a cloud of steam around himself.

“Here, let’s get you somewhere to sit first.” Izuku’s stare lessened as his arms dropped from his strict posture, moving one hand into the mist and placing it calmly on his shoulder. He gently guided the still coughing blonde’s true form out of the haze and gestured towards his already open seat, letting him place himself down comfortably as the coughing began to finish. “Did you at least see the message I sent you?”

“No, I haven’t checked my messages yet. I’m sorry Midoriya-kun, I did attempt to get here on time but a villain attack distracted me.” Toshinori kept his sunken eyes aimed downwards and away from the still standing teacher in front of him. Keeping up his confidence and smile was almost natural when he was in hero form, which meant that his current humbled attitude was more contrasting than usual.

“And then it happened three more times after that.” The blonde’s head flinched upwards at Izuku’s words, finding him scanning the news article on his phone again before he turned his head over to quickly regain eye contact with him. He placed the phone on the table beside him before letting out a sigh and taking a seat in his own chair opposite of Toshinori. “We already agreed on this Yagi-kun, you need to make sure that you get here on time instead of worrying about every little villain attack you see.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’m still having a lot more trouble stopping that habit than I imagined at first. It’s something that comes naturally with being the Symbol of Peace after all.” It took a moment for Toshinori to respond as he had begun his answer with a small sigh with his eyes still aimed at the ground, followed soon after by the rest of his face as he bowed his head down apologetically. “I’m sorry if I caused you or the others any trouble with my lateness. I’ll do better to stick to my schedule much closer next time.”

“It’s not you being late that’s the problem here, it’s that you’ve already spent so much of your limited time out there when we need you to save it for hero studies. It’s our responsibility to make sure that they get a right education, but it’s also your duty to find the next user of One for All. Plus, it’s the reason you hired me, isn’t it?” Izuku leaned forward in his seat to emphasise himself as the other hero raised his head up to meet him again, only for him to flinch after hearing the last part of his speech and resume using his down expression. He moved back fully into his seat and scratched the back of his head before he sighed and continued. “I mean, it would have been nice to have you around here earlier too. It probably would have helped a lot when everyone was running around the place when the school got broken into.”

It was Toshinori’s turn to lean as he shot forwards and quickly latched his arms onto the counsellor’s shoulders without warning, forcing him to face the now suddenly shocked and rattled look on his face. “WHAT?! There was a breach here?! What happened?! Is everyone okay?!”

“C-calm down Yagi-kun! Everyone’s fine, nobody got hurt. It was just someone breaking down the barrier and letting in a bunch of news reporters.” Izuku wasn’t prepared for his reaction and instinctually waved his hands frantically in an attempt to calm him down. His own staggered reaction snapped into a nervous smile once he realised an opportunity to improve his point from before. “But do you see what I mean? Your role as the Symbol of Peace isn’t going to disappear just because you don’t make the news on one day. Whether you solve four incidents in two hours or not, me and everyone else already knows you’re a great hero…”

A hand slowly placed itself on the blonde’s shoulder as his expression slowly turned more confident. He used the new grip to level himself out with him before he properly gave his friend a warm smile as he slowly pulled his own arms out of their grip. “…But we need that hero here, in U.A teaching the hero course with that same vigour All Might is known for, not out there where there are so many heroes willing to do the same job in your place.”

Toshinori looked back at Izuku in surprised silence, continuing even as the counsellor drew his hand back from his arm and instead placed it in front of him, clearly waiting for his own hand to come forward to meet it. “So can we try this again, and actually make sure that we can both stick to our agreement this time?”

The blonde’s gaze swapped between the other man’s face and his open palm, ending when his eyes locked with his. He eventually fell victim to the calm mood the greenette had created as a small smirk appeared on his face, eventually reaching his arm forwards and clasping his hand with the one ahead of him with a new relaxed grin. “Fine then. I promise I’ll regulate my time more. I mean it this time. I’ll leave that work to the other agencies around here. Again, sorry for breaking it to begin with.”

“Don’t worry about it. Anyway, you probably don’t have that much time left since you took so long getting here. I’ll let the other teacher’s know that you can’t make it to today’s hero training while you rest up in the break room.” Izuku happily smiled back now that he could drop he had been using and pulled back his arm after a single firm shake with the other smiling teacher before him. He turned himself over to his yellow bag by his chair and stuck both of his hands in to wade through its contents, missing the way that Toshinori flinched again after he had guessed his current condition almost immediately.

He didn’t have much time to huff over his mistake before his assistant came back up from searching and moved his attention onto the object he was holding. His eyes widened as he continued to stare at the moderately sized box wrapped in a yellow cloth that still rested in Izuku’s grip, who was still grinning just out of the blonde’s view. “But in the meantime, I’m going to assume that you haven’t had anything to eat while you were in your Hero Form.”

Toshinori’s shocked reaction refused to leave even when he brought his arms forward to accept the box, keeping his gaze locked onto it as he slowly grabbed it and moved it closer towards him. He eventually pulled his attention away and brought his head up to look at the greenette without any change to the bewilderment in his expression. “Midoriya-kun…did you…”

“No no, I didn’t make this. My mom made it for you.” Izuku was quick to respond with an embarrassed grin and closed eyes as he chuckled to himself. He shrugged his shoulders jokingly, remembering how anxious Inko was when she gave it to him to carry over. “She didn’t explain why she wanted me to give this to you so bad, but my guess is that she’s starting to get worried about if you’re eating well since you only show her your true form around her.”

The strange silence that followed coaxed him into opening his eyes again to the sight of Toshinori once again staring down at the box in his hands. He didn’t understand the sudden return of his downtrodden expression, but it didn’t seem like the same reaction he had given before, like the gift had sent an entirely different message to him than it did to the counsellor. “Uhh, Yagi-kun? Is everything okay?”

“Oh! Sorry about that, I just zoned out for a second. I’ll be sure to say thanks to Midoriya-san for this.” The blonde snapped to attention after realising where his attention was placed and darted his head up to meet with the counsellor’s perplexed face, flashing a reassuring smile as he placed the box on the desk to his side.

Izuku would have pursued his curiosity further if it wasn’t for the suddenly vibrating phone on his table that interrupted his thoughts. He turned the face of the mobile towards him, finding the reminder he had set for himself on the screen as it continued to shake in his hand. “Well then, I should get prepared for that hero training lesson now actually. I’ll leave you to it then.”

Toshinori waved him off with a calm smile as the teacher paced out of the room, swiftly opening the door for himself and closing it behind him on his way out. The remaining hero let out a tired sigh and allowed himself to relax completely, leaning back in his seat before his eyes travelled over to the yellow box beside him. His curiosity and hunger quickly won over him as he moved the gift back onto his lap and began undoing the cloth knot.


After a moment spent travelling and a minute of changing into his hero suit, Izuku stepped out from one of the main building’s many exits and into the wide courtyard. Once his steel soles touched the concrete floor in front of the steps he scanned the open area for the person he was supposed to meet, but could only find a barren road ahead of him and a white bus parked on one side of the large path ready to leave.

 “There you are Midoriya-san!” His head perked up once he heard a distinct voice coming from his side, quickly recognising the hazy quality it was delivered with like it had been sent through an old radio before it hit his ears. Turning his head over to the sound, his gaze met with the hero he had been waiting for as they continued to walk towards him with a white padded hand waving to him.

The rest of the teacher’s outfit followed that same design, resembling a giant puffy coat that flared down past the waist. It seemed larger than necessary judging by the much slimmer black legs that were exposed between the gap in their yellow shoes and the viewable segment of their white pants. The hero’s face was also completely hidden away by the bulky neck guard and pitch black dome on their head, leaving the pure white oval eyes on the helmet as the only source to distinguish the person’s emotions.

Izuku turned himself to greet the approaching hero with his own hand waving back in response, already walking towards them with a greeting smile. The new arrival’s hand moved ahead of them once they had stood face to face, already preparing the continue the greeting from before. “Are you ready to get started with the preparations for 1-A’s Rescue Training?”

“Yes I am. And can I say it’s an honour to be working alongside you Thirteen.” The counsellor graciously accepted the gesture and shook the expectantly soft hand with his own as his smile turned into a clearly excited grin. Thirteen’s blank eyes narrowed and curved downwards in response as a warped chuckle left the small holes at the front of the helmet.

“Likewise my friend, now let’s get moving!” The white-suited hero returned her own side of the handshake before the two of them pulled their arms back and finished the greeting with a final agreeing nod. Izuku followed from behind as Thirteen led him towards the bus, promptly stepping inside and taking their seats at the front row ahead of the chairs lining the sides.

The coach had already began to move once the pair had seated themselves just opposite of each other, relaxing in their place as the space filled with a comfortable silence. The counsellor looked out of the window beside him, watching the dense wall of trees lining the side of the road as they continued to drive further away from the main school and towards one of the many other facilities spaced out around the campus.

“So, I probably should have asked this sooner is All Might not joining us this time? I wouldn’t be surprised with how late he got in.” Thirteen broke up the peaceful quiet as they stopped twiddling their thickly gloved thumbs together and turned over to look at the other teacher, who shifted himself around to respond with an awkward chuckle.

“Yeah, he doesn’t have enough time to finish the entire lesson, so I told him to sit this one out.” The calm smile that Izuku had put on persisted throughout his answer, until he began to think on the topic more and remembered the last awkward pause that he and Toshinori had shared. He had yet to find a reason for that odd downtrodden look he gave, and now couldn’t stop himself from going back to his pondering

The clear shift in mood didn’t go over the other hero’s head as they continued to watch him from their seat. Their set of eyes tilted over slightly as the greenette’s face expressed his bothered thoughts further. “Is everything alright Midoriya-san? You’re starting to look a little glum.”

Izuku gave a tiny recoil when the radio voice cut in again and knocked him out of his thoughts. He looked back over to give a tiny smile to Thirteen, not as strong as the one before due to the still present thoughts on the teacher’s mind. “Oh yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking to myself about him actually. I’m not sure why but I felt like he was acting a little different than usual.”

“Really now? It must be nice to know the Number 1 Hero well enough to be able to call his behaviour odd.” Thirteen didn’t miss the opportunity to lighten up the mood as they leaned out of their seat slightly with their white eyes expressing their joking mood. They watched as Izuku responded quickly with a shaky smile and nervous chuckle, quietly laughing along themselves as the hint of pessimism in slowly faded.

“T-thank you…but anyway, when I was talking to him before he seemed a little upset by the end of it, but I’m not sure by what exactly. I think it was because I told him to stay out of the lesson, but that doesn’t feel right. I hope I didn’t say anything too harsh to him without realising it.”

“Hmmm. Well from what I’ve heard you’ve already started to improve upon the hero training since you’re acting as a counsellor in the lessons and in your own sessions. That and you did tell him to stay out of today’s class while you went on ahead…” Thirteen moved his attention away from the counsellor who returned to his pondering and went back to sitting properly on their seat as the cylindrical tips of their fingers tapped against her helmet. Her gaze eventually returned to looking at the other teacher who was still clearly debating to himself. “…Do you think it’s because he’s getting jealous over how much time you seem to get along with the classes than him?”

“W-what?!” Izuku immediately reeled back in shock as his head snapped over to stare at thirteen. He attempted to stammer out a response immediately but was still mentally recovering from the accusation on the absent blonde’s behalf. A wobbly smile appeared as the teacher quickly shook his head in blatant refusal. “N-no, that can’t be it at all! There’s no way that it’s because of that. He’s the Number 1 Hero after all, there’s no way that someone like him could get jealous over something like this.”

Thirteen was not dissuaded by his sudden reaction and instead pointed over to the teacher after first letting out a tiny chuckle at his strong response. “Exactly. And at the same time, the Number 1 Hero is not going to allow himself to be swayed just because he’s feeling down. Besides, the two of you will have plenty of time to talk things out when you get back from this lesson.”

Izuku’s panic quickly diminished as he processed the hero’s objection, his expression dropping down into his previous calm again, still wearing his nervous smile as he faced them with his hand scratching his cheek. “Y-yeah, I guess you’re right about that. Maybe I’m just thinking too much about it. Thanks for that.”

“Anytime Midoriya-san.” Thirteen’s pure white eyes curved downwards again into pleased shape again before their gloved hand raised with a thumbs up in his direction. The bus suddenly stilled around them, causing the white-suited hero’s gaze to shift from Izuku to the window on their side of the vehicle and gaze at the building awaiting them outside. “Oh look, we’re here.”

The pair walked out of the coach door and stepped down into the open space ahead of the road, the counsellor paying no mind to the vehicle already beginning to drive away behind him and instead keeping his gaze locked onto the giant structure in front of him. He stared in awe at the giant circular dome big enough to possibly rival the main school itself for the first time, even including his own period as a student at U.A. “So this is the U.S.J? They let you build this whole place?”

“Well, Nezu does allow for us to ask for extra resources as long as they improve our teaching. He authorised you to create your own office right?” Thirteen placed their hands on the parts of their suit that covered their hips as they continued to stare proudly at their own creation. They turned their gaze onto Izuku, who still had his eyes locked onto the relatively normal sized entrance compared to the rest of the building behind it.

The green teacher raised an eyebrow as he brought his head and puzzled expression over to stare at the other hero, whose white eyes remained in their neutral position despite his clear bewilderment. “Well yeah, but since when did ‘extra resources’ include getting your own building to on school grounds?”

“I believe it was around the same time that sleeping bags were added to the list as well. Either way, we still have a while until the class gets here. Shall we take a pre-emptive look around as we make sure everything’s ready?” Thirteen simply shrugged at his surprise before gesturing over to the path ahead of the two of them with an open hand, their eyes becoming top-heavy to form a happier look than usual. A calm smile took over Izuku’s face as he gave a nod of his head and allowed the more knowledgeable hero guide him into the building as they both strolled down the path.


Izuku returned back to the entrance after several minutes of searching and admittedly sightseeing inside the U.S.J’s contents, just in time to notice the bus’s return as it parked itself in front of the concrete trail. He walked out of the open gate towards the coach as its side door folded itself open, revealing Shota’s body and usual tired expression as he walked out and locked onto the other hero standing by the coach.

“I take it that the other two teachers are already?” He didn’t waste any time with greetings and immediately began questioning the counsellor, moving out of the way of the coach door and allowing the students to spill out of the vehicle and past the conversing pair.

Izuku was already used to the lack of formalities and returned the question with a calm smile, keeping his focus mostly on the fellow teacher as he occasionally shifted his head to greet the passing students. “Well Thirteen is still inside checking the sensor history like Nezu insisted, but they’ll be out soon.”

“Alright, but what about All Might?” The greenette’s gaze returned onto Shota’s face just in time to see his gaze intensify as he continued to stare him down with the same apathetic eyes as before. His smile turned slightly anxious as he already guessed the reason for his instance.

“Unfortunately All Might won’t be joining us for today. He doesn’t have enough time left to get through the whole thing after this morning.” Izuku leaned in slightly closer for the last half of his response in a discreet attempt to hide his message. The answer drew a tired sigh from Shota as he moved a hand out of his pockets to rub his eyelids.

“That’s the height of irrationality. It can’t be helped though, we’ll just have to do with on our own.” The hand on the Erasure Hero’s face dropped down and moved back to his side as he walked past the counsellor and further down the path. Izuku watched the man leave until his attention moved onto the students in front of him as they continued to file out of the bus.

“Everyone! Assume an orderly formation as we receive our debriefing from our teachers!” Tenya stood facing the array of faces at the front of the crowd, raising one arm up high to grab their attention while the other stayed down to carry his helmet. There were a few low murmurs as the boy continued with an oddly more passionate voice than the teacher had heard from him before.

“What’s gotten Iida so riled up?” Izuku raised an eyebrow as he mumbled to himself, continuing to watch the sight from behind the class as the door beside him closed itself again. He shifted his head over to the last pair of boys as they entered the corner of his view, finding Eijiro there with a grin on his face.

“He got elected as the class representative today. We spent the whole homeroom debating over a tiebreak between him and Yaoyarozu-san, but then he pulled off that manly stunt when everyone was trampling over each other in the cafeteria!” The redhead brought a clenched fist up as he relayed the story onto the teacher, his smile widening with his enthusiasm as he remembered the scene.

The counsellor’s eyes widened as the boy continued. The fact that it had happened without him realising surprised him until he thought back on his own experience as he walked alongside the boy. “They were? Did that happen during the breach today? I heard some stampeding in the halls while it was happening.”

“You should have seen it Midoriya-sensei! There wasn’t any hesitation at all, he just slammed into the top of the doorframe and got everyone’s attention!” A louder voice chimed in as Inasa darted into view just behind the other student with a fervent smile just as wide as the other student’s. The pair faced eachother before they both reeled back an open palm, slamming them together in a passionate high five.

“So manly!”

“Well it certainly sounds eventful, Shame that I missed it.” Izuku gained a cheerful smile of his own as he watched the pair move away into the rest of the crowd with a shared chuckle. He walked past the students to the end of the path where Shota stood, the two of them facing the students as they waited for the last teacher’s return.

“Ah, welcome everyone. Are you all ready to learn?” The two adults along with the rest of the class turned their attention onto the path ahead of them when Thirteen stepped out from the inside of the building, earning a collective excited gasp from some of the students. The hero gestured with their hand for the crowd to follow them through the door and into the dome.

The class stared in awe as the same trail they had used to enter was now suddenly overseeing a gigantic open space inside the building with giant settings and structures built surrounding the rim of the dome, all connected together by open paths with a small plaza and fountain based at the centre. The surroundings seemed like they belonged to a theme park rather than a hero school, which Izuku had reacted to in the same manner as the students were doing currently.

Thirteen stopped themselves just underneath the indoor archway leading to the stairs, turning to face the students and spreading their arms wide to gesture to the grand view behind them. “Shipwrecks, landslides, fires, windstorms, mountainsides, this training ground that I developed encompasses all of the possible accidents and disasters that a hero might face. I call it the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, or U.S.J for short!”

The hero’s stance relaxed after the building’s introduction had finished as Shota and Izuku made their way over to them as the crowd continued to stare at the scenery ahead of the teachers. The white-suited teacher gave a thumbs up to the pair as they approached, already guessing the question on their mind. “I already checked the sensors here. Nothing has shown up here all day.”

Shota gave a nod to the hero before walking past them and standing beside the counsellor, the two of them watching as Thirteen took a step forward and raised their hand up to grab the attention of the group again. “Now then. Before we start, I did want to mention one thing to you all…or maybe two, or three…”

The class sweatdropped as the number continued to rise and the teacher tapped the ridge of their helmet in contemplation. Eventually they gave up on the counting and instead gave a short fake cough as they raised their gloved hand upwards. “Everyone, I am sure you already know that my quirk, Black Hole, sucks up anything and turns it into dust.”

“Yes, you’ve used it to work as a search and rescue hero and save people from disasters!” Ochaco quickly chimed in from the front of the class with an excited smile as she quickly nodded her head. From Izuku’s view the familiar sight of enthusiasm and admiration hadn’t faded much since Thirteen first entered her view, an expression that he had come to know well from himself.

“Correct. But this power can also kill easily. I’m sure there are some of you here that have quirks like that too right?” Even if their tone didn’t shift from before, the subject that Thirteen had moved onto caused many of the previous smiles to drop in surprise. The quick change in the faces looking back at them didn’t slow them down as they continued with the rest of their speech.

“This possibility is something that exists with almost all quirks, and is a contributor to how much they have regulated. This may not be an issue for the public at first glance, but as heroes you must not forget that there are many quirks that can easily kill with one wrong step. Thanks to the physical fitness test and combat training, you have experienced not only the possibility your abilities offer, but also the danger of using them against other people. Today you shall be taught the other side of your role as heroes and learn how to use your quirks to save lives instead of fighting.”

“I hope that you all leave here with the understanding that you are using your powers to help others. That is all. Thank you for listening.” Thirteen gave a showman’s bow after they finished, bringing their head up just in time to see the student’s smiles return as a round of applause reverberated from the crowd and from Izuku standing just out of her view.

Shota was the next to take a step forward as he cut into the still present clapping and pointed at the long flight of stairs leading to the rest of the site below. “Alright then, we’ll start with-”

The lights on the dome above their heads crackled with a surge of electricity, overwhelming it before it coursed through both sides of the line surrounding the rim of the dome. Izuku’s eyes locked onto the wave of energy as each light it passed through shut off one by one, twisting himself around as he could only watch the insides of the building dim.

The electric current disappeared once the two of them met on the other end of the roof, leaving the teacher with nothing to confused stare onto as his eyes dropped down onto the fountain in the centre of the plaza. His unease only grew as the once constant stream of water stuttered and paused for a few seconds, seemingly only acting as a means of grabbing his attention as a swirling purple cloud expanded from nothing before his widened eyes.

Shota’s head darted over his shoulder to gaze at the same sight after a slight chill ran down his spine. He watched as the fog slowly grew in size before a set of piercing yellow eyes opened and stared back at the pair atop the stairs, only to disappear quickly before the dark body exploded in size and blocked out the view of the plaza.

Izuku’s gaze focused on the centre of the thick haze, watching as a hole began to form and give way for a hand to pierce out from the void. The limb gripped onto the purple substance and opened the chasm further, making room for a single eye as it peered out and immediately lock onto his own.

The counsellor’s view on the hidden figure improved as the rest of the body waded through the miasma and revealed itself to him. A lanky figure with unkempt pale blue hair sauntered out, still with only one bloodshot eye visible as the rest of his face was masked by the lifeless severed hand latched onto his face. As his torso left the fog, the assortment of other similar hands tightly gripping his arms, shoulders, chest and neck, along with a final one holding the back of his that was connected with a red wire to the ones completely covering his throat.

“Everyone! Gather together and don’t move! Thirteen, protect the students!” Shota’s head snapped back to the class and teacher standing behind him as Izuku continued to stare down at the scene below. His eyes shot back over before he could see the students’ confused expression move onto him, instead keeping his gaze fixed onto the gaunt man as he spread his arms wide in front of the now fluctuating wall.

There was no pause before the purple fog was pierced again, unleashing an almost endless wave of people from inside, with figures varying in every shape and size as they poured out. Izuku’s already dreading eyes darted between the faces in the already giant horde, attempting to process the overwhelming numbers that spanned the plaza as the portal eventually began to close, but not before a final figure trudged out from the darkness.

The first step that the titanic man had taken cracked the ground beneath his bare foot. His pitch black skin and prominent red scars barely held back the bulging muscles underneath with the exception of his legs that were clad with pants and skull shaped knee guards. The counsellor almost didn’t notice those features as his gaze focused entirely on the supposed man’s exposed brain and blank eyes placed behind the bird beak and rows of jagged teeth fitted inside, completing the haunting look of an unnatural monster, even considering the possibility of quirks.

“Huh? What’s going on? Is this like the entrance exam where the lesson’s already started?” Eijiro leaned forwards as he took a step closer to the teachers, attempting to improve his lacking view of the crowded plaza below as the two teachers ahead of them had yet to pull their eyes off the sight.

“Get back! This wasn’t planned!” Izuku pivoted himself backwards almost immediately, showing his hardened face that greatly contrasted with the relaxed tone he had presented the last time he has spoken to the student. The much firmer tone caused the once approaching boy and the rest of the crowd to flinch backwards with an uneasy expression.

“Those are villains.” Shota barely added anything to the counsellor’s order, but delivered the same authority with his now dead serious attitude, eliciting a new level of sudden dread as their eyes widened in fear.

“So the breech from this morning was more than just a taunt.” Izuku’s toughened glare returned onto the blue-haired man staring back at him from across the stairs and the army of trespassers as the collapsing fog behind them quickly condensed itself into a tall pillar of black smoke, rivalling the beast’s height on the on the other side of the hand-clad man. His brows furrowed as the yellow angular eyes returned and shifted themselves to aim at the person below them. “If none of the sensors picked up on their presence, that means that someone down there is using their quirk to nullify them, along with one to get them past every other bit of security we have. They’ve been planning this surprise attack from the beginning.”

“Thirteen, begin the evacuation. Try to contact the school and get the students out of here safe.” Shota twisted himself to meet the similarly tensed eyes of Thirteen who stood closest to the group out of the three teachers. They wasted no time with their physical answer, the white parts of their helmet nodding before they swiftly turned themselves around and ran back to the entrance, corralling the class to follow them from behind. The remaining two shared a similarly determined look as they faced each other before the homeroom teacher walked towards the edge of the stairs. “Midoriya, you’re with me. We’ll hold them out here until the other heroes can arrive. If you can find that potential jamming quirk then our burden can be lessened at least a little.”

Izuku didn’t give back a nod as he himself was already moving himself towards the staircase, taking in the sight of the task at hand and letting out the breath he didn’t realise he was holding. He brought his forearm up to test the braces underneath as he flexed his fingers in preparation, mirroring the same process with his other arm before he turned back to his co-worker with a concerned eyebrow raised. “Are you sure about this Aizawa-kun? Your fighting style has always been to erase your opponent’s quirk then quickly capture them. In a full frontal battle like this…”

“Did they not teach you that when you were at U.A, Deku?” With a grip and a pull of one of the many available lines, the thin grey scarf resting around his neck loosened and began to raise itself upwards, almost like was alive. Through the widening spaces of the fabric the counsellor could see a pair of plain yellow goggles, the lenses of which were segmented by the similarly coloured bars covering the front. Shota’s free hand waded through the several wrappings to pluck the eyewear from its hidden spot and place it over his eyes, completely obscuring them from Izuku’s view when he turned his head slightly over to him. “No hero has only one trick.”

The greenette thought on that line in silence as he faced forwards again, moving his hand to his neck and gripping the mouthguard resting around his neck and clicking it into place over his mouth and nose. He brought the gloved forearm back into view, watching it as the emanating green glow intensified and coloured the wind wrapping around it. He felt the similar sensation across his other limbs, shifting his stance in preparation to charge forward as his eyes locked onto the villains at the end of the stairway.

Chapter Text

The blue-haired villain standing on the last step of the fountain had yet to direct his glare from anything but the top of the giant staircase before him, ignoring the boisterous shouting of the crowd between them that had already began to grate at his ears. Instead he watched the two distant figures preparing themselves without any hesitation visible in their poise as they returned the gaze back at him and the twisting pillar of black shaping itself beside him.

“Thirteen, Eraser Head and Deku. Just as the schedule we stole said.” The pair of familiar yellow eyes manifested themselves to look up at the same pair above as the dark miasma settled and a man’s deep voice left the void without any interference. “And yet All Might is nowhere to be seen, despite how the same schedule says that he’s supposed to be here too.”

“And after I wasted so much time bringing together all of these nobodies just for him. It’s not like the Symbol of Peace to be away for something like this…” The man let out a silent exasperated sigh as he lethargically gestured to his own amassed army, unorganised in their placement with confident grins and smirks shared across most of the masses.

His gesture wilted without any attempted resistance from the villain who instead focused his gaze solely on the open space above the steps and past the archway. He tilted his head by an inch, attempting to catch a better glimpse of the small crowd group of students behind the two steadfast heroes as they rapidly escaped his view.

“…maybe he’ll show up if we kill some kids.”

The top of the staircase exploded with a wave of air as Izuku fired off his quirk’s charge by his feet, followed immediately after by Shota’s near quiet pounce from the step. The sound of the force being released directed the army’s attention from the now empty platform onto the heroes that suddenly plummeting towards the ground floor. The green glow around the counsellor’s legs had disappeared as he soared feet first, but still persisted around his forearms as the tinted space continued to build up.

“Look alive shooting squad, here they come!” The wide grin belonging to the man in the front row as he took a self-assured step forward, pointing the metallic nozzles on his fingertips at the rapidly approaching pair. He was soon followed by the women on his left with her long grey hair fashioned into several grey dreadlocks, along with the much larger and overweight man with horns and a metal mask resembling pig’s snout on his fully shrouded face.

“That’s Deku alright, but who the is that guy next to him? And where’s All Might?!” The woman’s smirk barely lessened as her hair began to raise itself high over her own head and loosely point it’s ends at their falling targets at her command. Her posture had barely changed with the exception of leaning herself forwards slightly as her strands continued to float through the air.

“Who cares?! They’re both dead men anyway if they keep charging at us!” The pig-faced man was the last to reach the front and barely made a change to his slouched posture. Instead only rearing his head upwards as the two open holes in his mask began to flare red, pointing them directly at the pair who were already soared more than halfway down the steps.

Izuku’s eyes shifted slightly to his right until Shota’s prepared figure appeared in the corner of his vision. He watched during their freefall as the teacher’s hair suddenly sprang up from behind his head as an almost minuscule red light appeared behind his goggles. The sudden reaction confused him for a second, having only the rare bit of footage of Eraser Head in action previously before he figured that there was one logical reason behind it.

The two of them were only a few steps away from the ground before the collective smile of their three adversaries deepened. The man in front straightened out his fingers and activated his ability to riddle the heroes full of holes, only for his eyes widened in shock when his barrelled fingertips simply clicked instead, as if they were malfunctioning.

The sudden dread was shared by the other two villains as the woman’s hair flopped down again over her face and blocked her view without warning, while the bright red glow on the heavier built man’s mask began to fizzle away. The three of them were completely staggered by the series of failures as they all shifted their view away from the staircase to indulge in their panic. “H-huh?! Why the hell isn’t my quirk firing off?!”

In their moment of alarm, their focus was completely taken off the still imminent danger of the heroes, leaving their interrupted poise unprepared for the two ends of Shota’s grey scarf that lashed around the smaller villains and trapped their arms against their sides. The masked intruder could only watch as their already disarmed bodies were snatched into the air with great speed and flung into the air before his own attention was stolen by the green blur that appeared in front of him.

His eyes snapped down below him after his ears were filled with the sounds of a thunderous crash, immediately locking onto the crouched form and green hair belonging to Izuku. Just as quickly as he landed, the hero brought his head up to stare back at the larger man as his body raised from its position close to the ground. His glowing arm and fist that had been tucked towards his chest continued to rocket upwards as well, eventually overtaking it once he was properly standing and launching it up into the man’s face.

The impact of the fist combined with the immediate release of his quirk caused the greenette’s punch to send the man’s head shooting upward to look at the building’s ceiling, leaving a heavy dent in the villain’s necessary metal cover. He was already beginning to fall backwards from the shock as Izuku pulled back his other charged fist to follow up, darting forwards and delivering his second strike directly into the man’s abdomen.

The force behind the blow lingered for an extra second as the hero’s quirk began to pull him in along with the pent-up air circling around his forearm. With the new added force stockpiling on his fist, he straightened out his arm and fired off the attack all at once, releasing another burst of force that sent the man flying backwards as he was repelled away with his quirk at the same time.

Shota landed quickly after, effortlessly guiding the strands of alloy-infused cloth in his hands before harshly pulling them downwards. The sudden jerk shortened the gap between the airborne villains just above him until they crashed into each other, flying backwards from the impact as their unconscious bodies hit the ground and their fabric bindings loosened themselves.

The still wide spanning crowd gasped as their assured expressions faded away at the sight of the two men who had already leaping into action. The Erasure Hero used the pause created by their show of force to retract the ends of his weaponised scarf, feeding them across his palms as they wound themselves around his neck once again.

Shota reared his head back up to point his eyes forward to skim through the many surprised faces staring back at him, unable to see his eyes as the yellow goggles completely hid them in the shade. He didn’t shift his head out of his scanning pattern even when he called out to the other hero that had positioned himself beside him in front of the staircase. “Deku, you see those three standing by the fountain?”

“You mean the ones who look and are currently acting like the ringleaders?” Izuku’s combat stance returned as he raised his clenched fists level to his chest and planted his feet firmly against the concrete floor. The stalemate between the villains and himself gave him plenty of time to regain the green shade on his limbs as he tilted his vision over to include the other hero’s form again.

His attention quickly caught onto his long hair still lingering in the air, despite his supposed target now lying unconscious before them. He raised an eyebrow at the thought as Shota tilted his own head over by an inch to acknowledge him, giving him a chance to see the tiny sliver of red glowing in the shade. “We’ll take care of the foot soldiers first but until then, let me handle them.”

The oddly worded line was what put the pieces together for the greenette after a moment of processing, causing him to give a solid nod back as the upper half of his face above his respirator hardened into its previous firm stare. Shota could feel the burst of air brush against his side as Izuku released one of his legs’ charge to propel himself forward, quickly taking it as a sign for him to leap into the fray himself.

From the obscurity of his goggles, his eyes locked onto another villain just ahead of him, a shorter woman with a set of pigtails directed upwards as the ends spiralled into drills. He had already targeted her with his quirk, but chose to wait until she pulled her eyes away to notice her wilting hair before he lunged towards her. The sole of his boot crashed into the side of her face the moment her guard lowered, forcing her head to hit the ground soon after from the angle of the kick.

Shota took the opportunity he had from his airborne position to toss out one end of his scarf towards a nearby villain still in shock. The material immediately wrapped itself around his stretched-out neck and forced him into smashing face first into the concrete once the hero landed back on his feet. The man could only weakly pull his head away from the cracked floor as the fabric grip on his throat disappeared and his attacker dashed away to continue his onslaught, speaking up with a disoriented voice before he lost the last of his consciousness. “Who…is this guy?”

“You idiots! That’s Eraser Head! He can erase your quirk just by looking at you!” An angry voice cut in from behind the front row, watching with serious yet still stress eyes as the Erasure Hero rushed onto his next targets with bandages already shooting ahead of him, ensnaring the next pair before the rest of his figure caught up and swiftly pacified them after he delivered a quick and brutal strike to each of them.

“Is that right? Then that means you can’t do a thing to mutant-type quirks like mine!” Shota’s ears immediately picked up on the sounds of heavier footsteps coupled with a brash voice rapidly growing in volume. His head snapped to his side to see a new villain sprinting towards him with two of his four rock-covered arms raised up with tightened fists.

“You’re right about that…” His face showed no sign of recoil as the barrage descended upon him, instead effortlessly moving backwards to dodge the first punch before immediately sidestepping the second attack that attempted to catch him during his evade. With one set of arms now extending past him, Shota took a sudden step forward as his body jolted closer to the villain, his form suddenly turning rigid as he dug his feet into the ground and reeled back his own fist. “…But what makes you think that I didn’t at least consider a measure for fighting against people like you?”

The larger man couldn’t pull himself back fast enough to dodge the fist that hurdled towards him before it caved into his masked face. He let out a choked groan as he was sent backwards through from the force of the punch with his feet completely taken off the ground. Shota’s stance quickly returned to his fluid motion as he gripped the end of his scarf and cast it out after the man, which zipped over to him and latched itself around his ankle, forcing his course through the air to halt once both of the hero’s hands gripped onto his end of the cloth and heaved back.

The villain turned fully conscious again when he felt his body jerk in mid-air and begin to swing. He snapped his head down to his bandaged foot to see the hero he had attempted to attack now slinging him around from his position on the floor, directing him onto the opposite side of him before the iron-tight grip anchoring him suddenly loosened and sent him careening over the crowd. His eyes widened in panic as he attempted to orient himself during his freefall, only to freeze once he noticed his path was heading towards the second source of commotion in the crowd.

“Besides, that’s what he’s here for.”

Izuku had yet to slow down since he had charged in, utilising the charge he had saved on his other leg and entering the fight with a heavy dropkick into the chest to immediately knock down another villain. His steel soles found their grip the moment they touched the ground, fortifying his posture as the next intruder hurtled towards him.

He didn’t have the chance to look anywhere other than the direction the pair of attackers rushed at him from until he stopped their advance by latching a hand onto the opposite sides of their face and colliding them together, releasing the stockpiled air around his forearms to add onto the already crippling force of the impact as they fell to the ground away from him. With the current treat removed, the hero immediately clued in on the presence that was speedily approaching him from behind, quickly shifting his head over to see a four-armed man falling from the sky towards where he was standing.

The bellowing war cry of another villain coming from his left side knocked Izuku out of his short-lived surprise as he quickly swivelled his head to greet the attacker. He leaned back to dodge the muscular arm and fist that had shot out to strike before his right hand darted out to latch onto their wrist, which began to glow an emerald green where they made contact.

The greenette quickly followed up his counter as his foot skidded across the concrete before it gripped again just in front of the villain’s feet, tripping them up after they were forced to continue moving forwards as their trapped hand was jerked forwards. With their torso lined up almost flat before him, Izuku raised up his free arm as another green light overtook it before he smashed his elbow directly into their back.

He turned his attention back onto the panicking man who was now much closer than before, shifting his torso away from the struck villain beside him and aimed his arm at its new target. He released his gathered force downwards and off his elbow, sending his fist rocketing off the makeshift launchpad and almost immediately intercepting the falling villain as it crashed into his abdomen. The sheer power behind the blow reversed the man’s momentum and caused him to fly backwards for a few inches before he lost the last of his energy and felt to the ground in an overwhelming daze.

Izuku let out a short breath as he pulled his fist back to take recuperate himself after the sudden burst in activity, which had led to the current moment his side being littered with unconscious bodies. The moment was short-lived as his ears immediately picked up on another set of rapid footsteps coming from behind him. His first motion was to twist his head to lock into his view onto the looming adversary, only to immediately flinch his head to the side in order to dodge the lunging fist that shot past his head.

The counsellor reacted to the opportunity without delay, grabbing onto the villain’s forearm with a glowing palm while his other shining hand latched itself to their collar. He took a heavy step forward and proceeded to pull the challenger across his shoulder as he continued to move most of his weight onto his front foot, startling them as their feet were suddenly pulled off the ground.

He waited until his opponent reached the apex of their height during his technique before he released his quirk’s power that he had been storing on his shoulder, delivering a strong explosion into their stomach and sending them higher above the ground. The additional altitude only made the second half of his shoulder throw all the more fierce once he began to flip the villain’s weight over him and, using both his full strength and the repelling force of his quirk, fired them from his hands to slam them flat on their back with audible sound of the ground cracking underneath.

Izuku waited for an extra second in case he was interrupted again before he attempted to indulge in the calm period again. He took another breath as he brought his head up from looking down at the painfully writing body in front of him to instead search for the only person nearby who wasn’t planning to take his head. A tiny sign of relief crawled onto the visible portion of his face as his eyes found Shota continuing his own assault with no end in sight, which quickly shifted into alarm as he noticed the villain dashing up towards the other hero’s back.

He kept his wide eyes locked onto the woman as she raised up her bladed metal claws up, aiming them to eventually slash clean through Shota’s neck while a wicked grin took root on her face. The rest of the counsellor’s body moved into action as one of his gloved hands swiftly dived into one of the square red pouches hanging off his belt, immediately leaving the pocked again after with a metal ball between his fingers.

The spherical object, much like the several others that he had stashed in his other pockets, was no more than a steel ball about an inch in diameter and was never without a polished steel shine on its body. Izuku shifted his grip on the ball to sit comfortably on the side of his index finger as he firmly slotted it in with his thumb, which had both began to glow a bright green. He pointed his arm straight ahead and gripped onto his wrist to stabilize his aim, locking both his eyes and his limb directly at the villain.

The force behind his quirk began to increase over the second, adding on even more pressure as his grip continued to tighten. The force was suddenly released all at once when the hero fired the projectile with a small explosion of air in his hand as his thumb finally made contact with his finger. The bullet whizzed through the air with no other sound but the faint whistling it gave off as the ball blurred with its speed, easily reaching the intended target almost immediately after being fired.

Shota had already recognised the threat behind him even before he had finished his takedown on the villain in front of him, immediately swivelling himself around with a fist clenched already prepared as the bladed hand was suddenly brought down. The momentum that his body carried immediately stopped as his eyes widened at the sight of a metal ball colliding with the woman’s cheek without any warning, easily removing the grin on her face as the shock rippled across her face and caused her now loose form to collapse on the ground.

The Erasure Hero’s looked down at the suddenly unconscious villain on the floor, his hair that had begun wilting the moment he turned his head was now resting in its casual look again as he eventually brought his head back up and over to where the ball had originated. His eyes quickly focused on Izuku who had just began to lower his firing stance who looked back at him with a relaxed expression. With the metal respirator in the way he couldn’t make out the rest of his face, but he could at least make an educated guess that he was flashing a proud smile at him from underneath.

The two of them cut the moment short as they both brought their gaze over to the barely reduced army that still filled the rest of the open plaza. The cocky expressions and casual postures that had previously made up most of their individual figures had completely disappeared, now replaced with hardened stared and proper fighting stances, which only became even more reinforced as the two heroes prepared to charge forwards once again.

“I hate this. Even when it’s just two heroes the normal masses don’t even stand a chance.” The blue-haired villain who was still the furthest from the action continued to watch with exasperation in his low voice as the hero’s advance continued. His two fingers had yet to leave the side of his neck as they continued to lethargically scratch just beneath his head ever since the heroes immediately began turning the tide.

His hidden eyes focused on Shota as he firmly planted his feet on the ground once again after leaping, followed by two more neutralized villains in tow that instead were slammed harshly into the floor. “With those goggles in the way, no one has any idea whose quirks are being erased. Easy to know when he singles one out, but with a group of targets, it gets much harder for them to work together.

The sight of seeing his fodder being so easily decimated by the hero became too infuriating to watch and instead quickly shifted his view onto the other source of his frustration in between the waves of villains. His sight turned just in time to see Izuku forcing back a larger villain, delivering an explosion of air from his forearm as his punch connected with their abdomen followed by another fiercely striking their chest. “And then there’s that guy I haven’t even seen before. Who is he?”

“That would be Deku, the schedule did mention that he would be here too, however he has only recently made an appearance in the media. A rookie perhaps? The same deep voice emanated from behind the purple fog once again as its yellow eyes focused in on the same sight as the person beside him.

The two watched with unflinching stares as the green hero, who wasted no time after his opponent’s feet were taken off the ground to latch his glowing hands onto his shirt. He quickly shifted his posture used his new grip on the villain to swing them around himself before firmly rooting himself and hurled them into another rapidly with both his quirk’s power and the momentum he had gathered, watching as they collided together and promptly collapsed on the floor.

“However, even if we had known more about him before, it might not have added on any more information on him. From what he demonstrates in his fighting style, it seems like his quirk simply repels things away from him.” The expression stuck onto the living mist refused to shift, even as it continued to follow Izuku’s charge through the army one villain at a time. The same could not be said for the man next to him whose fingers slightly sped up as they continued scraped the side of his neck.

“Whatever, why are you even still here talking? You have a job to do right now so get going.” The villain clicked his tongue as he pulled his fingers only an inch away from the visibly sore portion of his neck and turned his hidden face towards the tower of purple smoke. The irritated urgency was clear in his hoarse voice, yet it did nothing to deter the ally he was attempting to grab the attention of as his eyes scanned over the scene once again.

“If I was able to, I would already be making it so.” The yellow eyes slowly shifted themselves across the upper half of the haze until they met with the other hero, currently stringing along another unfortunate pair of villains with the grey cloth looped atop his shoulder as he slammed them into the ground, his long black hair having already returned to float unnaturally above his head. “But the moment that Eraser Head touched the ground, he erased my quirk. I can’t move onto the next step of the plan yet.”

The blue-haired villain’s gaze lingered on the haze in deafening silence before he shifted his gaze onto the sight ahead of him, not locking onto either one of the rampaging heroes and instead staring at the plaza space ahead of him. His stagnant fingers twitched as they had yet to move from their position only an inch away from his neck, eventually giving in as they were followed by the rest of his digits apart from his thumb. They continued to scratch at his reddened neck as his hoarse voice returned, now deepened with his new layer of rage shrouded its usual raspy tone.

“I don’t care. You were told to do something that needs to be done, and if it doesn’t happen, it’s game over. So do it.”

The attitude did nothing to dissuade the taller villain from pulling his attention away from the fight, having heard the same darkened shift in tone numerous times in the past. Instead his vision remained locked onto Shota’s form reeling back up from it’s bent over form, unfurling the ends of his scarf from around his unconscious targets and back to its resting spot flowing around his neck. He let out a short sigh to quickly regain his level breathing quickly, missing how the piercing yellow eyes staring him down tightened as his hair relaxed almost exactly like before for the third time.

“As you wish.” The hand-clad villain’s masked face shifted slightly back to look at his side once the deep voice emanated after a moment of silence, giving him a clear view of his hardened expression before his eyes widened as the body of purple smoke beside him rapidly collapsed into itself without hesitation.

“Eraser! The smoke villain!” The sudden disappearance didn’t go other Izuku’s head as his head snapped over to catch what little he could before the misty pillar completely disappeared. His focus was stolen immediately after as the pair of bulky hands clashing with his own forced his posture back an inch before he regained his stance and pushed back with equal strength as his palms and fingers continued to glow.

“Dammit. I blinked for a second and he got away.” Shota grit his teeth as his head locked onto the now empty space from before, refusing to let even the tiny feeling of dread seep onto his face. That same hidden feeling was what also caused him to quickly turn his head to look over his shoulder, scanning the empty staircase behind him along with the empty archway above where the class used to be visible from. “There’s only one place he would be trying to get to in this situation.”

Izuku’s eyes widened as he processed the other hero’s words from across the open space, followed quickly after by a set of rapid footsteps hitting his ears. The greenette’s head snapped to his other side as the sight of the Erasure Hero sprinting across the plaza without any regard for the villains that watched him run back towards the towering staircase.

From his view the counsellor could only watch as the gathering of villains that one surrounded him began to move themselves. He could see the confidence on their faces begin to sprout again as they converged on Shota’s running form. The sight was more than enough to get Izuku’s eyes to harden one again as he brought his view back solely onto the opponent he was still clashing with, meeting his cocky grin with his determined glare.

With their hands locked together by their own grips coupled with the attraction quirk adding onto the force, the villain was forced to follow the hero’s movements as he quickly twisted his hands and yanked them towards the ground. The smile on the man’s face transformed into surprise as the upper half of his body followed suit and caused his face to jerk downwards, only to be stopped in its tracks when Izuku’s knee rocketed upwards with a burst of compressed air and crashed into the underside of his jaw.

The man’s expression turned blank from the shockwave that travelled across his face, his grip rapidly loosening as his body was sent reeling backwards. The greenette gladly removed his own hands from his limp fingers and pulled his arm backwards, already clenching his fist as the trapped air moved to envelop it. Izuku’s clenched fist shot forwards into the side of his staggered opponent’s face, barely even lingering for a second before the air wrapped around his arm was released and sent hurtling into the villain’s cheek.

He didn’t watch the rest of the impact unfold as the man was forced backwards before falling to the ground in a lifeless daze, instead choosing to already begin chasing after the other hero. He broke out into a sprint as he chased after the back of the other hero as his discharged leg regained the green tint from before his attack, eventually matching the same hue as the charge on his other limb before they both released their compressed air all at once and sent the hero vaulting through the air.

Even if he had kept his focus completely on the stairs that he was hurrying to reach, Shota couldn’t miss the villains in the corner of his gaze as they quickly moved to take up even more space in his vision, some of which already becoming emboldened enough to charge back at him again. It would have slowed him down too much for him to return their attempts to attack him, so instead he put all his focus into moving ahead and simply dodging and leaping out of the way of the attacks meant to stop him completely.

The tactic had worked for the number of swings and punches that came from his side, allowing him to get even closer to the stairway without ever breaking his sprint. But when his view was suddenly filled by a lone villain standing just ahead of the first steps, he let out a hiss as a hand moved up to grasp at the cloth closely wrapped around his neck, preparing to slow himself down almost completely to effectively respond to the fist that was being prepared for him.

He didn’t have the change to shift his running speed before a green blur unexpectedly passed by his side and flew straight towards the villain ahead of him. The unidentified object quickly became clearer once a steel sole spun from behind the figure and looped around until it met the side of the man’s head, knocking him unconscious from the sudden blitzing shockwave and driving him towards the ground out of the still sprinting hero’s path.

The immediate momentum that Izuku had carried as he had soared through the air had almost completely disappeared after he delivered his spinning kick, but left just enough for him to orient himself as he travelled past the villain he had struck and face the hero still rapidly approaching the scene. His boots skidded against the concrete for a second before he stopped with both feet firmly planted as he stood before the steps.

Shota raised a confused eyebrow as the greenette had yet to follow up his finished attack by at least shifting to the side instead of blocking his path. His eyes locked onto his answer as he noticed his open palms lowering themselves and meeting each other in the middle, forming a small cup with his gloved hands. The realisation almost immediately set in as the homeroom teacher continued to sprint at an even greater pace, only giving a curt nod back to Izuku’s resolute gaze before he quickly hopped forwards to close the gap between them.

Both of the Erasure Hero’s boots landed firmly together in the foothold his ally had created, which buckled beneath his sudden weight before it ignited in a green light as they raised themselves back up. A short grunt left Izuku’s mask as he leaned himself backwards and hoisted his arms further upwards, bringing the man’s prepared form and bent legs up and past his head until his palms were aimed at the staircase behind him.

The quirk charge that he had built up against the soles of Shota’s boots expanded as his hands reached their apex height, the sudden force signalling for him to release the tension he had created in his own poise as the pounced from the hero’s platform. He was sent rocketing up beside the flight of stairs and towards the landing underneath the archway, considerably faster than if he had just sprinted up them.

Izuku didn’t stand by and watch as the figure quickly grew distant from him again, instead turned his head back to his front side once his focus moved back onto the plaza teeming with villains. He took notice of the position being eerily similar to the start of the fight when he first landed, only now with the army’s size cut down after his first charge through. It was much easier to put his worries over the student’s safety to the side now that he had watched the other teacher fly out of the fight and out of sight, leaving him with no hesitation when his limbs regained their glowing shroud and he charged forwards into the downsized crowd once again.

“Everyone! Stick close to Thirteen, we’re almost out of here!” Tenya had yet to finish shouting to the rest of the class behind him and to his sides after they had almost immediately turned themselves to escape once Shota and Izuku pounced from the top of the steps. None of the other students made any sign of stopping his outcries as their shared focus was placed solely on following the rapid pace of Thirteen, leading the crowd as they sprinted forwards down the wide path they had entered from.

The two mechanical doors to their freedom that were in clear sight brought the hopes of the class to a much needed high, etching a clearly relieved smile onto most of the student’s faces. That same feeling of hope did not move onto the teacher’s own face as their focused expression immediately shifted from the exit onto the swirling purple vortex that appeared ahead of them, quickly increasing in size until it grew wider than the crowd running towards it.

Thirteen’s dash completely stopped once the similarly coloured mist began to emerge from the pitch-black centre of the void, followed soon after by the students forcing themselves to stop just behind them as the cloud of smoke continued to pile up on itself before bursting upwards in a geyser of purple. The once optimistic gazes of the class disappeared when their sight of the exit was entirely obscured by the wide base of the misty column that took only a second of growing to tower over them.

“Leaving so soon? We have yet to even introduce ourselves.” A commanding voice erupted from behind the body of smoke. The tower’s peak bent itself as the same angled eyes from before waded their way onto the front, scanning through the many mixed expressions of grit teeth and clear terror that had immediately locked onto him.

“We are the League of Villains. And the reason behind our terribly rude invasion of your prideful school is to have All Might, The Symbol of Peace, take his last breath by our hands.” The boisterous hint that surfaced in the villain’s tone was only boosted by his hardening gaze, taking in the sight of the student’s eyes widening in fear after his statement boomed across the platform.

The living pillar of smoke bent itself at the middle and began to curve away from its straight posture, observing the flinching crowd as his eyes were almost looming directly over them. “And yet, he is nowhere to be seen. Did you perhaps change your plans after this morning’s attack?”

Thirteen’s eyes tightened as they slowly positioned one of their arms to hide it behind their white suit. The cylindrical tip of their index finger swung open by its hinge with a tiny pop as it straightened out in contrast with the other closing fingers. The action went unnoticed by the overbearing smoke villain as he pulled himself back and regained his intimidating stature again. “Well, that’s neither here nor there. I am here simply to play my part in this operation.”

The misty pillar’s mass below the piercing yellow eyes began to widen out towards the sides of the platform, growing wider than the circular abyss that the villain first appeared from as the new additions to his dark body lethargically spread across the group like a purple and black shroud draping around them. The hero standing resolute at the front of the class steeled themselves as they saw the opportunity to respond with their armed finger shooting forwards, only for the action to be interrupted by the two figures that took a heavy unannounced step in front of them.

The class along with the villain towering before them were expecting Katsuki and Eijiro to suddenly dart to the front of the crowd before suddenly lunging forwards, each with a fist reeled back ready to follow up their assault. The redhead took the lead as his arm barrelled towards the wall of smoke, the impact going unseen by everyone once his blonde classmate caught up with him and utterly eclipsed his attack with a violent explosion.

The entire space around the two sides of the bridge were swarmed by a wave of thick grey smoke, which quickly began to dissipate on one end as the class attempted to fan away the deep shroud. With the obstacle removed they were able to view the brazen pair with their feet planted firmly on the group as a victorious grin spread across Eijiro’s face, majorly contrasting with Katsuki’s scowl.

“How about that? Did you really think we were just gonna to wait until you attacked after that speech?!” The red-suited boy raised up his free hand and flattened out his palm, adding it onto his aggressive poise as it began to harden. His limb released a flurry of sparks as his became uneven and rugged, matching the other arm he had used to strike with as he moved them both into a prepared stance.

“Perhaps I didn’t.”

The pair visibly flinched when the voice eventually responded, sounding completely unfazed by the explosion that had gone off against his form. The pitch-black silhouette slowly became visible again as the thick cloud dissipated, showing the villain’s body as it rapidly built itself back into its previous column shape. The only other change that the reckless attack brought was the set of metal plates that were exposed from the inner depths of the smoke as his hardened eyes stared directly at the staggered boys. “I must remember that even though you are all but simple students, your enrolment in U.A still marks you all as a threat.”

The mist leaned forwards once again, forcing the already frightened students in the class to take an unsure step backwards. The villain’s body lurched forwards without a sound as the metallic pieces seeped back into the dark pillar. The form reclaimed the space he was beginning to envelop before, his view focusing solely on the group before a grey cloth shot up and wrapped itself around the archway above the stairs.

“Everyone, get back!”

Shota’s body had yet to fully reveal itself as he sent himself rappelling above the staircase with his scarf. The attention of the panicking crowd along with the living smoke still preparing to attack as the hero swung forwards and threw the other end of the fabric weapon above the class and towards the villain.

“You are much too late, Eraser Head!” A tendril of black mist shot out of the void less than a second later and collided with the incoming cloth, immediately enveloping it as it shot across the surface followed by several other lines that zipped through the air with it.

Before the homeroom teacher even had a chance to use his quirk he was surrounded by the smoky darkness as it cascaded around him, removing his body from the gaze of the students before it dispersed back into it’s in individual tendrils. In what felt like a split second, the hero had disappeared just as fast as he had arrived, the only trace of him being the frayed end of the cloth that still loosely swung on the archway.

The faces that once had a hopeful glint when Shota arrived were immediately shattered, only dropping into an even greater level of despair once the misty tentacles twisted themselves in the air until they were pointed directly back at the class. Without any warning the black lines shot back towards the students, splitting off in all directions until it surrounded them on all sides.

“Now onto my role, to scatter you students to where a painful death awaits!”

The stream of smoke only increased as the voice behind the pillar of mist bellowed out once again, eventually expanding in size as they rapidly circled the group. After only a second of swirling and building, the purple fog had obscured their view of the building’s interior, the only light remaining from the outside being the haunting yellow glow of the villain’s eyes until that eventually faded away as well, leaving them all in complete darkness.

Izuku’s iron shoes grinded against the hard floor, attempting to find their grip on the concrete so soon after he had dashed between subdued villains. His feet quickly ceased their skidding as the momentum from his last quirk-powered dash faded, stopping just in front of another interloper. The same speed that had carried his legs forwards had not yet disappeared from his upper half, allowing the glowing forearm that he had pulled back to fly forwards and collide directly with the bridge of their nose.

He didn’t pull his clenched fist back, but the minuscule space between it and the villain’s face still expanded in seconds, his body flying backwards before collapsing on the floor. The greenette’s hand loosened again as he let out a heavy breath from behind his faceguard, feeling the exhaustion finally begin to take its toll from his unending movement across the plaza. The time between his rare intervals had been increasing as the number of villains decreased, but it wasn’t enough to balance the amount of energy he was using.

The short-lived peace of the moment was interrupted soon after just as he had expected, his ears picking up on the faint hazy sound from above rather than the louder noise of impending attackers that he had gotten used to. Confused, he followed the direction of the sound, which only caused him to raise an eyebrow as his view was brought up to the ceiling. His uncertainty was immediately replaced with shock as his eyes widened at the sight of a thick purple cloud swirling into existence from nothing, floating high above the in a flat disk.

His sudden bewilderment only grew into panic as he recognised the long black hair and bandages around the hero’s neck as they fell out of the dark surface and down back first to the ground. Before he could even register his own fatigue, he broke out into a sprint towards the falling figure who he had helped to escape the fight just moments ago.

“Eraser!” Shota’s eyes shot open just as his legs passed out of the dark miasma, hearing the familiar voice of the other teacher coming from below him as his head darted around to make sense of his new location. He shifted himself in the air to stare below him, where his eyes met with Izuku’s as he plummeted towards the plaza below. With his control regained over his falling form, he tossed out the undamaged end of his scarf below him directly at the hero below.

The counsellor flinched for a moment before he processed the clear signal and shot his hand forwards to meet the cloth. The moment his palm made contact with it, the grey line travelled across him and quickly wrapped itself around his wrist and forearm. He responded immediately by clinging onto the portion that sat in his hand as the rest of the material became anchored to his glowing arm, causing it to tighten itself around him further as he reared his limb back and pulled the taught scarf into him.

Izuku’s hardened gaze faltered when the noticeable sound of stampeding footsteps hit his ears. He swivelled his head back to find the source of the noise coming from the burly villain that was already charging towards his back, grinning wildly as their fists clenched in front of their form. The rest of his body followed suit and turned to face them with his arm taking much longer to move into place with the new weight latched onto it. Even with the his stance not fully prepared, the sight of the incoming attack was enough to force the opposition to slow down as their look of confidence began to wilt.

The greenette brought down his wrapped arm down with all of his weight, slinging the line ahead of him at the approaching target as the tension held inside began to disappear. The villain’s gaze was no longer focusing on the man directly in front of them, but on the other end of the scarf that was plunging towards them that had the other hero falling boot-first in tow.

Both of Shota’s legs extended outwards the moment he drew close enough to strike, immediately driving both of his soles into the villain’s face. The force coupled with his assisted momentum sent the both of them falling to the ground, with the larger man’s back crashing into the floor while the hero’s own drop was broken by the villain below him, causing his head to collide with the concrete along with the rest of his body.

“What’s going on? What happened up there?!” Izuku’s returning unease didn’t allow either of the two heroes to rest up after their unexpected reuniting. The other teacher had only just placed his feet back on the ground before the greenette rushed over to his side, putting his focus on his taxed breathing as he stared down at the tattered end of his scarf in his hand.

“That smoke villain…he has a warp quirk.” Shota turned his gaze over to the spanning staircase that he had dashed up not too long ago, his eyes travelling up to gaze at the piece of cloth that had been left behind by the villain’s attack. He let the tattered end hand around his neck again as he turned his head onto the counsellor’s face, the mask only allowing him to see his widened eyes.

Izuku snapped his head up above him as the same wispy noise from before returned, only more distant and frequent than before as it reverberated above him. The homeroom teacher shifted his own view up afterwards to find the same view as his partner. The rift that Shota had once fallen out of had disappeared and was now replaced with several more that were scattered across the massive building, hovering above the different segments as they slowly expanded like before.

Both pairs of eyes widened further as they darted between the black portals. They couldn’t make out any of the details in the figures that were falling out of the darkness, but the number of flailing bodies that were plummeting across the various zones made it obvious to the heroes as they both grit their teeth at the sight “He’s using it to spread out the students across the entire USJ!”

“Then we have to get over to them!” Izuku’s legs were already moving to prepare for his dash, his head darting over to the closest portal he could see that was placed above the spanning lake of the flood zone. He waited for the glow around his hamstrings to intensify before he began to run.

“Hold on Deku!” The greenette was suddenly yanked backwards to where he started by the cloth that had refused to leave his arm as Shota’s voice called out to him from behind. His whipped back around to face the hero again, his new momentum only stopping when the other teacher forced him to stop by colliding his hand with his shoulder. Even with the two of them standing face to face, Izuku still couldn’t fully make out the eyes hidden behind the goggles.

“Think about what we’ve been up against so far. Barely any of the villain’s that we’ve fought so far have seriously troubled up, so that can’t be where the bulk of their power is coming from.” The unclenching air that the homeroom teacher was creating with his tone was betrayed by the fatigue in his voice and his grit teeth showing his annoyance. He turned his view from the man he was staring down onto his side, giving a short pause as his unseen eyes locked onto something before continuing. “If they were the fodder, then we haven’t even taken out the major threat yet.”

Izuku’s own head directed itself to follow Shota’s gaze. The realisation of his point quickly began to fill his thoughts as he stared at the lanky hand-clad man and the monstrous figure that stood beside him, the pair still idly waiting in front of the fountain despite the previous chaos of the plaza. “The ringleaders…”

From the corner of his view, the counsellor watched as Shota moved ahead of him, unfurling the portion of cloth that was fastened around his palm with a short tug. His gaze hardened again as his scarf shuffled itself from its place around his neck to make up for the shortened end, the rest of his body already entering its own fighting stance.

“I don’t like how this is turning out either, especially since there is bound to be opposition wherever they have ended up, but the best we can do right now is to clear up the way out for them and get rid of the biggest threats here.”

The unease was clear to see on the visible portion of Izuku’s face, the thoughts that he thought would stay buried began to arise now that the plan had derailed. His mind sparked with possibilities about the students, their safety and location completely unknown to him. He forced himself to remove the show of dread in his expression as his body tensed with resolution, a bright green glow appearing across his arms as he focused on the daunting view ahead of him.

Everyone… just stay safe for a little longer!

Shoto’s eyes widened as the chaotic storm of purple smoke finally dissipated and the light from outside the shroud returned. He had expected for his gaze to return to the same bridge that he had been standing on before, only to realise the lack of footing below him and his new view of the building’s circular roof as his body suddenly plummeted out of the sky.

The boy quickly oriented himself in as he fell, twisting himself so that his body faced the ground below him. He recognised the rocky landscape and decimated skyscrapers buried by the artificial mountainside from when he first entered the building with everyone else, his gaze relaxing as he had already familiarised himself with the surroundings. He kept his quiet gaze locked onto the rapidly approaching floor before throwing his head back, directing himself to plummet feet first as the large slope behind him moved closer to him.

The red and white-haired student kicked back with his right foot against the steep mountain behind him, skimming it against the dirt and stone as the surface exploded with a sheet of ice. With the frost place behind and already travelling faster than him to the base of the slope, Shoto leaned the rest of his body back to slide against the cold surface, keeping both of his heels pressed against the wall as he ground against it on his way down.

His boots skidded against the patch of ice waiting for him at the bottom of the mountain, eventually stopping as his momentum lessened now that he was no longer falling. He waited until he came to a complete stop before standing upright, letting out a single cold breath as he scanned over the scenery from his elevated position. He didn’t bother to check during his decent, but the air of silence and lack of any familiar faces made it clear that he was alone.

That thought didn’t last for long as the growing sounds of footsteps and menacing laughter slowly grew. Shoto’s head whipped around towards the noise ahead of him, watching with the same neutral expression as a number of strangers took a step out of the shadows cast by the ruined buildings, all of them brandishing wide grins and sharpened weapons. They wasted no time taking their stance in the open space after revealing themselves, rooting themselves on the downwards slope with their menacing looks in attempt to intimidate their single target like they had planned.

The advance gave the small group of villains no benefit as they were only met with the icy glare that only hardened as he stared back at them. Shoto didn’t miss the few faces at the back whose supposedly grizzled expressions faltered just slightly as he dragged his right foot forward, keeping the front of his boot just hovering above the ground in his own preparation.

Katsuki’s arm darted forward without mercy, stopping just an inch away from the villain’s masked face before the dimly lit room was brightened by another explosion. The immediate shockwave sent them flying back before falling to the ground from the force. The blonde had shown no hesitation when the black haze had placed them in a ruined office building that had already been filled with armed adults and immediately got to work blowing his way though, having already taken down three of them in quick and loud succession.

His head snapped to look over his shoulder as an overconfident cackle ringed in his ears, his sharpened eyes locking onto the other villain that had quickly circled him and pounced towards his back with a sharpened knife aimed at his neck. “Struggle all you want brat, but you’re still gonna die here! All Might isn’t here to save yo-”

His loud monologue was cut off as the blade he brought down suddenly snapped at the hilt, his wide grin vanishing as his eyes shot open to process the other student that had jumped in front of him. The hardened arm lowered itself to reveal the red-haired boy that had jumped into the way, showing off his sharp grit teeth as his other tensed fist already prepared.

The rocky forearm shot forwards, crashing directly with the man’s stomach and forcing them to fly backwards as his fist began to dig into him. With the villain’s body writhing on the ground in pain, Eijiro pulled himself back with both of his quirk-empowered arms raised as he stared down the group of villains that began to step forwards towards him.

“Cocky as they are, they’re right about one. Where the hell could All Might be at a time like this?!” Katsuki snarled as the student standing right behind his back continued, already getting annoyed by the addition of more unnecessary voices in the middle of the fight. He dashed forwards with open palms readied, moving to indulge himself in the activity he much preferred over wasting time on rescue training.

“Who the fuck cares?! Just take care of your side and stay out of my way!”

“The number that you are trying to reach has been disconnected or is currently out of service, please try again later.”

Toshinori gave another sigh as he pulled his phone away from his ear, staring down the screen as it transitioned back onto his contact page he had created with his assistant’s number. He had already tried the same line three other times when his sense of unease had gotten the best of him after he had moved himself into the break room, leaving himself alone with his thoughts and gifted lunch.

The teacher used the pair of chopsticks that were still resting in his other hand to pick at another piece of food from the yellow box and into his mouth. The delicious taste distracted him from his thoughts for only a moment before the motion had caused his eyes to travel onto the case and the note beside it.

He had already reacted to the small piece of paper when he had opened the bento box for the first time and read the thankful words signed by Inko placed on top of the food, but that didn’t stop the guilty feeling that bubbled inside whenever his eyes caught onto it. I had only been a day before the blonde had disregarded the promise he had made to the mother and left him on his own, causing him to clench his fingers that were wrapped around the chopsticks.

A drawn-out breath escaped Toshinori’s mouth, attempting to relax himself again as he dismissed the thought, tearing his view away from the table and onto his phone, still showing Izuku’s contacts and a simple picture of him to match. …Stop thinking about that Toshinori. Midoriya-kun will be fine even if I’m not there for just one lesson. He’ll probably be able to handle it better than I could-

The blonde hero paused, his eyes displaying his surprise as the thought appeared in his focus from seemingly nowhere. He unconsciously began to mull over the idea as it continued to sit in his head. The room fell into another silence as Toshinori placed his chopsticks back onto the table, freeing his hand to hold his chin as he allowed himself to ponder.

Midoriya-kun and I have taught two lessons so far, and now he’s moving onto the third while I’m sitting it out here. Not to mention with his other counselling already begun, he’s probably already leagues ahead of me…

Toshinori’s mood quickly dropped as he chased the thought, scanning through his memories of his time with Izuku and finding more evidence to back up the sudden claim. Throughout his time at U.A and even before, the easiest moments to remember always seemed to involve his assistant in the centre, admittedly drawing out some feeling of pride even as it was currently snuffed out by his own fears of failure.

“I mean, are you really just going to let Izuku get all of the attention?”

The blonde’s moment of contemplation was interrupted by the vivid memory of yesterday that had wormed itself in. He didn’t give the joking words from yesterday’s meeting with Mitsuki much consideration, a natural reaction due to her intoxicated state at the time. But with the new downtrodden mood he was in, the encouragement stored in those partially slurred words was enough to get the man to move out of his slumped position on the couch.

Of course not! The students are just as much my responsibility as they are to him, maybe even more! This is no time to be sitting around moping about it while I let my assistant take the lead!

Toshinori shot up from his seat, his body already beginning to rapidly expand beneath his yellow suit until it became taught around his hero form. The bulk in his face returned within the second, transforming his grim expression into the wide grin he had always shown as his free mane quickly straitened itself out with the signature yellow V symbol atop his hairline.

All Might did not hesitate with his next step as he immediately turned himself to walk directly towards the door, clenching a fist in determination with confidence in each of his strides. “Don’t worry Midoriya-kun! I am coming to lead the rescue training-”

The door that he had paced towards with brimming conviction slid open without warning before he had the chance to approach, forcing the blonde to stop and process the sudden interruption. A moment of odd silence passed before a much shorter than expected figure appeared in the teacher’s view as Nezu poked his head past the doorframe. “Ah, so this is where you’ve been All Might.”

“O-oh, good afternoon Principal Nezu!” All Might recoiled in surprise despite the smile that remained fixed on his expression. He quickly dropped himself to the ground after acknowledging the animal principal, seating himself on the floor with his legs tucked towards his shoulders in front of him. With his hulking form reduced to better meet the other staff’s short stature, he continued after scooting slightly closer to the mouse. “My apologies for arriving so late. I see your fur is as well-groomed as usual sir.”

“Indeed. It’s a wonder what keratin can do for your fur, a shame that humans cannot attain the same level of shine.” Nezu’s smile only increased as he responded to the praise, running his free paw across his fuzzy head to show his pride. The elevated expression continued as he turned his face away from the blonde and gripped at the proportionally large item tucked under his other arm. “But let’s not deviate from the subject matter. I’m sure that you have already seen the news.”

All Might’s smile wilted by an inch as he saw the already occupied screen of the tablet, the massive header on the website mentioning both him and his villain-filled morning. He let out an awkward chuckle before he answered, ignoring the trails of steam that leaked out of him. “No…but Midoriya-kun already took the liberty of informing me the moment I arrived…and promptly lectured me for it.”

“Is that so? It’s nice to hear that your assistant is going above and beyond his roles.” The principal continued to smile from behind the tablet, lowering it to fully reveal his pleased expression. He began to move past the much larger hero, stopping for a moment to place the device onto the coffee table before he continued his walk towards the couch. “But, as principal, I feel the need to give my own say in this situation as well.”

The steam that came off from All Might’s crouched form quickly formed into a thick cloud, quickly disappearing to reveal his previous skinny figure. He shuffled himself around to watch as Nezu begun to climb onto the couch, gripping the soft ledge as he pulled himself up and crawled across it to comfortably place himself on top.

“Naturally the fault of this mess is in part due to those ruffians who still feel the need to cause havoc despite your arrival here, but you need to learn to not charge in whenever you see a villain pop their head into the spotlight.” Toshinori gave a quiet sigh as the principal continued, already expecting the lengthy talk that he had already been roped into. “With those injuries you’ve sustained, you only have so much time to work as the Symbol of Peace before you are taken out of commission for the day. That need to protect your identity was a big reason as to why I offered you the job here at U.A. I cannot find any criticism in your latest headlines mind you, but I wished that you would prioritise the students now that I have enlisted you.”

“Yes, Principal Nezu, I understand that now. As a matter of fact I was going to head over to the USJ now and get a head start on my teaching.” The lengthy speech had given the blonde plenty of time to pick himself up from the ground and take a seat on the opposite couch. He kept his gaze pointed towards the floor as he carried his retort with a glum tone that clashed with his previous boisterousness.

“If you did you would have to come back almost immediately. Since you were away for the first half of the day, I would guess that you only have five minutes or so left of your hero form for today.” Toshinori brought his head back up onto the principal sitting opposite him, immediately flinching slightly once he saw him already pouring a fresh cup of tea, a known warning sign of the long-winded speeches that had already begun to roll in.

“Here. Have some tea to distract yourself while I share some of my theories about teaching to improve for your next lesson.” Nezu slid the teacup and saucer across the table with his paw before taking a peaceful sip of his own. Toshinori gave another sigh as he saw no opportunity to follow through with his previous confidence, instead moving to pick up the offered beverage and relaxing in the taste and atmosphere as Nezu begun.

“But before I start rambling off, I hear that Deku has a thesis of his own that he’s been working on...”

The smoke villain idly watched as his purple torrent continued to swirl around his victims, waiting patiently for when the struggling voices inside were eventually silenced. He willed the thick haze to dissipate, pulling itself away from its own raging storm as it flowed back into his dark body. The sight that he was met with did nothing to shake is hardening gaze despite his surprise as he stared down at the remaining few before him.

Mezo’s hulking form loosened itself from its crouched position on the ground, moving his six webbed arms as he brought himself onto one knee. The large space that he had been covering was revealed when he straightened himself, revealing both Ochaco and Mina whom he had tucked beneath him the moment that the living smoke had descended upon them.

The overbearing pillar’s view shifted from the girls’ still fearful reactions and over towards the other side of the walkway to find Thirteen already standing resolute ahead of him despite the smoke cloud only just disappearing, along with Tenya, Hanta, and Rikido relinquishing their harsh grip on the floor. The faces of the students began to dart around the open space, the realisation of their drastically reduced numbers becoming apparent before their attention returned onto the villain looming over them.

Tenya quickly rose to his feet to break the tense moment, his head immediately shifting his view onto his larger classmate pulling himself to his feet once the shock of the recent hurricane of smoke left his focus. “Shoji-kun, you can still sense everyone right?! Are they still here?!”

Mezo turned his masked face over to acknowledge his class representative before shifting it downwards to focus. His multitude of hands had already begun to morph and contort when he raised his arms, transforming them into an extra set of eyes and ears that began to twitch as they began to scan over the vast building behind him. His wall-eyed expression faltered for a moment, his relief becoming evident on his face when he brought his head back over to Tenya. “They’re scattered across the entire USJ, but they’re still here.”

The tense look of his classmates lessened for a second as they received the relief of the student’s message, allowing their gazes to harden as their focus pooled onto the villain. The piercing eyes on the living smoke didn’t shift as he returned the look the cut down class was giving, his form already beginning to expand again with the dark tendrils returning.

Thirteen’s pure white eyes narrowed, staring directly at the growing villain as the students behind them began to prepare their once nervous stances. The hero’s body turned back to the students, their gaze travelling across their helmet and locking onto the blue-haired boy. “Iida, run as fast as you can and tell the school what is happening over here.”

“What?! But I can’t just leave you all here to fight on your own!” Tenya’s committed posture flinched at the sudden demand. He attempted to regain his stance as he took a step forward, his loud voice carrying his new uncertainty. His stance faltered for a moment as he met with the teacher’s unfazed stare that met him before it turned back to face the smoke villain.

“Our alarm systems work through infrared rays. With so many villains across placed in this building, they should have gone off by now. There must be a villain solely here to dismantle our security systems who his themselves the moment they got here. That’s why they’re still inactive despite Eraser Head and Deku’s efforts behind us. Right now, it would be faster for you to relay the message than if we tried to find that person.”

Tenya continued to stare at the back of Thirteen as they continued, their oval form noticeably tensing over time. His head turned over to his few classmates that were still around him, their postures remaining firm as they gave a short confident nod towards him. The sudden movement of the Space Hero’s arm caught his attention as their hand suddenly extended behind them.

“Get going Class Representative. Use your quirk to save others!”

The shock took over his face for another moment before he fully processed the statement along with the determined voice that carried it. He felt his confidence rise as his expression hardened once again, his eyes focusing past the once intimidating villain and onto the two doors far behind him. His posture quickly shifted, the sounds of engines whirring to life filling the air when his running posture began to stiffen.

“Truly an admirable last stand.” The smoke villain’s eyes narrowed as his dark body began to bubble with the expanding mist. The pillar suddenly exploded outwards and released a flurry of black tendrils that cascaded towards the students, piling up against itself until it formed a thick wave of darkness. “But are you truly foolish enough to plan right in front of me?!”

“It doesn’t matter, because I’m not going to give you a chance to stop him!” Thirteen refused to hesitate as their hand shot out ahead of them, pointing their finger at the oncoming attack. The waves of smoke continued to rampage towards them and the rest of the class planning to envelop them in another storm, but the sudden retort from the hero was enough to cause the villain’s eyes to widen.


The once large wave of smoke that barrelled towards the hero was reduced to a single shrinking wave as it was sucked into Thirteen’s opened finger by an intense hurricane, the sounds of violent winds deafening across the wide platform. The overwhelming attack from had already condensed as it disappeared into the void of the teacher’s glove, but showed no signs of stopping as the unstoppable vacuum began to pull in the rest of the villain’s smoky form.

The yellow eyes were forced to squint as the pillar attempted to buckle against the devastating force pulling him in. He succeeded in keeping his place, but the haze surrounding him was effortlessly pulled in, tearing away clumps of purple mist from his body to immediately vanish into Thirteen’s black hole.

Tenya shook himself out of his awe from watching Thirteen’s sudden counterattack as he realised the perfect opportunity presented for him by the teacher. The jets on his calves ignited within the second, sending him barrelling forward in a boosted sprint and past the occupied villain. The sharp eyes tore themselves from the thrashing winds pulling him in to follow the student rocketing past him and directly towards the doors. The short growl that he gave at the sight went unnoticed beneath the thunderous sounds that surrounded him.

“My my, what an impressive quirk you have Thirteen. Imagine if I had allowed you to travel with the rest of your class.” The villain’s gaze returned to focus on the hero, now more hardened than before as he stared down their focused expression. The centre of his pillar body split itself open to reveal the pitch-black void inside, which caused his eyes to curve downwards as he saw the large portal open behind Thirteen. “But, as I suspected, a rescue hero like yourself has little battle experience compared to your two peers.”

Thirteen only had a second to react before the back of their suit was torn apart by the vacuum that appeared behind them. The hero felt their body inside of their hero outfit begin to crumple into dust by their own quirk, which disappeared a moment later as the black hole in their glove turned off. The screams of their students fell on deaf ears as they fell to their knees and collapsed on the floor, showing the black space inside through the decimated back helmet of the lifeless hero.

“Now then, onto more pressing matters…” The villain’s almost relieved tone clashed with the mortified expressions of the students as the triumph in their own positions disappeared. He paid them no mind as his eyes swivelled around the pillar of smoke to fully apply his interrupted gaze onto the fleeting student, now rapidly approaching the exit at high speeds. The base of his body compressed and expanded before the top half of the smoke column was sent rocketing towards the boy, blazing a trail of smoke through the air as he soared towards him.

Tenya couldn’t stop his head from looking behind him once he heard the cries of his classmates, snapping his gaze around on instinct. His view was immediately stolen by the violent trail of smoke that had already caught up to him, his eyes expanding in size as the top of the pillar immediately grew to cast his body of smoke over him. “I will not allow you to leave, impudent child!”

The wave of smoke froze just as he was about to descend on the boy, the villain’s eyes widening as he felt something invade his body’s haze. They darted back to his base to see Ochaco with her hands plunged into the mist and her fingers planted against the plates of metal that had been uncovered once again by the teacher’s black hole.

The girl’s brows furrowed as her quirk activated on the touchable object inside of the mist, causing the heavy weight of the concealed form to disappear. She pulled herself back with the metal pieces still in her grip and sent them flying when she flung the body above her head and let go. The base of smoke being forced to follow caused the end that was on the verge of circling Tenya to be suddenly torn away and wrenched backwards with the rest of the villain’s form.

The line of smoke collapsed into itself as the villain flipped through the air high above the class, the widened yellow eyes spinning with it until they reoriented in the air and glared daggers at Tenya. The boy had just met with the normally automatic doors that refused to open for him without the building’s power, almost crashing into them when he had rocketed towards them. The living haze watched as his hands shot out towards the crack in the door, digging them into the minuscule space and attempting to pry it further open with his teeth quickly gritting together tightly.

The tiny crack of light that seeped in through the expanding gap caused the villain’s eyes to snap to attention, the large ball of smoke rapidly compressed itself before sending the head shooting forwards at the door. Unlike before, the student’s determined gaze refused to shift away from the exit, focusing everything in forcing the doors open an inch at the time.

Once again, the smoke villain felt something prod against his metallic interior as he reached closer to Tenya. He didn’t allow any of his focus to shift onto the sticky substance that attached himself to him with the threat of the student’s escape so close to resolution, but was still yanked backwards by an inch the moment that the attack hit.

Hanta anchored the long string of tape that flew out of his elbows back towards him before the smoke could get any closer to his classmate. With his adhesive properly sticking to the villain he quickly tore off the durable material from his arm and pulled it over to Rikido, who quickly began to haul the target back along with Mezo with their overwhelming combined strength.

The villain was effortlessly pulled back through the air, unable to reclaim his position to grab the student before he was spun through the air on a tether by the two muscular boys. The two of them let go of the tape as the villain flew above the pathway’s arch, causing him to careen through the air faster than he could carry his own body.

Ochaco kept her eyes on the line of smoke as it soared across the space, waiting until the path she was standing on no longer covered the obscured form inside before she pressed her fingertips together. The students watched together with hopeful expressions as the disposed villain’s weight returned and forced their body to drop down into the plaza far below them.

From his reducing view of the platform, the villain had a clear view of the building’s door fully opening, the light from the outside pouring in just long enough for Tenya to dash through before the doors harshly slammed shut behind him.

“This…will complicate our affairs.”

Shota’s vault over another pair of villains took a moment to prepare, which emboldened the two into charging towards him in hope of landing an attack on the hero. Their weapons came down upon him just as he had left the ground, disappearing from their surprised views quickly as he leapt over their vulnerable stances.

The bandages shot out to wrap around them from behind, yanking them backwards before their momentum immediately and harshly shot into the other direction by the descending hero’s boots that collided with their backs. The intruders smashed into the ground with the air knocked out of their lungs, leaving them both unconscious once their heads slammed into the floor.

Shota couldn’t wait for the next unlikely reprieve to relax his stressed eyes, closing them for a moment and allowing his hair to wilt back down as he focused on his exhausted breathing. He had been fighting in his less preferred style for too long, having been forced to move from one villain to another within seconds when he had returned to the fray. 

Noticing the opportunity as the pause lingered for an extra moment, he shifted his head over towards Izuku, who kept the other half of the still conscious villains away. He could tell from his posture that he was feeling his own fatigue, possibly less than his if he had guessed the greenette’s preferred method of attack correctly. The teacher eventually pulled himself up as he unfurled his scarf with his hand, preparing to advance on his ally’s position and finish off the several villains that surrounded him.

“Your hair has been falling a lot more than before. Does it have something to do with your quirk?” Shota’s eyes widened behind his goggles as a completely new and rough voice suddenly came in from behind him. He darted his head over to find the same blue-haired villain with disembodied hands adorning him that had been calming staring from the fountain. His appearance quickly caused the hero to take a step back, becoming taken aback by how the man had approached him so quickly and without him noticing.

“You’re not used to this at all are you? You’re more known for surprise attacks and quick takedowns, right? And yet you still charged in just to reassure your students. You’re so cool, Eraser Head.” The villain made no motion to follow the hero, instead continuing to stand idly like he had done before. He tilted his head as his raspy dull voice took on a sickly sweet and clearly mocking tone as his real hands came up to gesture at him.

“But…this is starting to get boring, watching you take on a bunch of lowlifes over and over again…” The endearing voice disappeared, quickly transitioning into the same level tone that he had entered with. He took a step forward as his lanky body lurched forwards, giving the hero an easy view of the single bloodshot eye visible between the shaggy hair and fingers. “…Why don’t you try and take on the final boss now?”

The moment that Shota preventively moved a hand to grab onto the fabric around his neck, the blue-haired villain dashed forwards at staggering speeds. His hand shot out to seize the fabric’s end that was slung towards him and pulled it away to return his gaze onto the rapidly approaching teacher.

His long hair flared once again as he made his way closer, swivelling his torso away from his imminent target and collapsing his arm into his body. He covered the last few inches between him and his adversary in less than a second when he shot forwards and surprised the man, lowering his body as he pivoted himself in the opposite direction to send his elbow crashing into his chest.

The sudden force that had been gathered disappeared too quickly for Shota to register at first, causing his hidden eyes to widen once he realised the obstruction. He found the arm he had sent forward was trapped in the villain’s slim fingers, trapping his elbow with a level of pressure that seemed almost impossible with his slim body.

“When you blink, your quirk turns off right? Is that why the intervals keep getting shorter?” The hero’s surprised gaze locked with the only gap that the man’s mask gave, leaving him with only the blank wide-eyed glare returned by the one eye staring back in the gap. Shota attempted to free his elbow, struggling against the immense pressure behind the grip as the itching sensation on his eyes became impossible to ignore. He couldn’t fight the need any further as the hold continued, eventually allowing his eyelids to close for only a second and reluctantly letting his quirk go.

He opened his eyes almost immediately after, ignoring his still burning eyes as he was now met with another painful sensation. The cracking sounds alerted the teacher of the seams that emerged from the fingers trapping his elbow and travelled across the sleeve of his shirt. The black fabric lost its black colour and transitioned into a grey sandy complexion before suddenly crumbling into dust before his eyes, revealing his arm that had already begun to similarly crack.

A sharp pain poured through Shota’s arm the moment the blue-haired man’s fingers made contact with his exposed limb, watching as his skin began to rapidly flake and fracture under the influence of the villain’s quirk. With the new source of urgency continuing to spread across his elbow, the hero’s own quirk flared in his eyes once again to stop the rampant erosion of his arm before lunging his free arm upwards to latch onto the man’s shoulder.

His new grip attempted to match the pressure that was being forced upon his elbow before he translated his fervent need to escape and shoved the slimmer male to his side. The villain seemed too willing to let go of the arm when his form was forced to stumble forwards as he was tossed behind the teacher, quickly regaining his lurched posture as he turned his masked face back towards his buckling opponent staring back at him.

Shota’s lowered form collapsed onto one knee once he felt the prolonged agony on his limb drain more of his stamina, his breathing turning ragged quickly as he turned his head down to stare at the damage. The skin across his entire elbow had disintegrated in the short exchange, exposing his red muscles of his arm to the cold air as blood freely seeped from the wound. He attempted to ignore the pain grating at his already exhausted mind, turning his gaze back onto the villain who had returned to idly staring at him.

The blue-haired villain’s hand that had once held the teacher’s fabric weapon raised itself from his side and opened itself again, revealing the new pile of dust that was once the end of the scarf as it sat in his palm. From the unprepared stance and the casual movement he made to spill the contents from his hand, Shota could tell that they were deliberately done to taunt him while he was still attempting to regain his strength.

The hero steeled himself as he tightly clenched his teeth, silently taking the dusty end of his scarf in his hand and letting his maimed arm hang loosely to lessen the pain interrupting his thoughts. His legs were already shifting themselves to prepare for his lunge, gearing the rest of his body to throw all his energy into subduing the threat, before quickly stopping when he was made aware of an overwhelming presence standing behind him.

Shota’s head darted back immediately after he acknowledged the heavy step coming from behind him. He didn’t realise that the hulking black-skinned figure which had stayed dormant the moment it entered the building until it was standing over his crouched form. The dense musculature of his body showed no sign of movement, including the lifeless blank eyes that weren’t even pointed towards him. The lack of motion along with the inhuman beak on his face only added to the daunting form of the monster, causing the hero’s eyes to widen as he took in it’s overwhelming size looming over him.

“What? Did you think I was the final boss?”

Without warning, the once completely still being came to life as his scarred arm suddenly jolted upwards before immediately descending upon the stunned hero. The black hand that engulfed Shota’s face did not slow down as its fingers pressed into his skull with pressure easily surpassing the villain before, sending the teacher’s head into the floor a second later with a sickening crunch reverberating out across the plaza.

Izuku froze in place, the tension on his face disappearing in an instant as the noises erupted from behind him. The motion behind the sounds was not lost on him, neither was the feeling of nausea that rippled through his staggered poise as the sounds continued, ending with the undeniable sounds of the building’s hard floor shattering beneath an immense force. His head turned back slowly, his eyes already widened in shock as the horrifying sight behind him came into view.

Shota’s body was barely struggling against the monster’s hold as he writhed in pain on the ground, with one large black hand holding onto his maimed limb while the other forced his head into the cracked dip in the concrete. The yellow goggles worn by the subdued hero lay broken before his obscured head with clear lines of blood splatted across its pieces that loosely trailed back to below his long hair.

The greenette watched with dread as the villain pinning him continued the torture. He brought Shota’s arm up further until it was straining against his joints, before remorselessly forcing it further in a single jolt of movement. The stomach-turning sound that resulted from the movement were barely drowned out by the hero’s own cries of pain as blood freely poured out of the vulnerable muscles further down the shattered limb. The monster saw the opportunity given to him when the teacher raised his head up to scream and smashed his head back into the floor and effortlessly deepened the crater below.

“Eraser!” Izuku’s adrenaline spiked as he called out to the teacher, which only increased as he was met with the twinging eye between the thick strands of his hair. His teeth gritted themselves intensely as he immediately broke out into a sprint, the ignite glow on his limbs rapidly drawing in air as he rushed forwards. The counsellor knew he was drawing in more than what was comfortable, but the strain he was putting himself under was easy to ignore when his locked gaze included both the villain and his brutally injured ally.

He ended his sprint with a short hop forwards, dropping down to the ground soon after and firmly planting both of his glowing legs against the floor. The momentum carried over from his dash had yet to disappear, voluntarily causing his body to travel past his planted metal boots and aim himself at the villain. The air trapped around his hamstrings released themselves from their glowing hold in a violent explosion, sundering the concrete as his form was jettisoned forwards.

Izuku careened above the ground as he covered the plaza in a single rapid pounce, keeping his body straightened as he rapidly approached the hulking villain. In the last stretch of air before he collided with the monstrosity, the counsellor flipped himself in the air and placed himself vertically in the air, rearing back both of his forearms as they continued to draw compressed air into the unstable glow behind him.


Both his voice and his view of his partner’s ongoing anguish was cut short once the much slimmer villain appeared in front of his path in the blink of an eye. Izuku flinched as he was suddenly forced to stare at the hand-clad man’s one visible eye as his slender hands already began to dart outwards to grasp onto the hero ahead. Seeing no possibility to avoid his gip with his unyielding momentum, the greenette steeled himself and pointed his torso downwards, sending his charged fist rocketing towards the floor between the two of them.

The villain stood his ground against the wave of air that expanded against his front, forcing him to take a step back as the force behind the cascading winds hit his body. With his own feet left with nothing to dig into in the air, Izuku was carried backwards by his own attack, his iron soles grinding against the concrete when he did eventually land. His gaze immediately returned to the sight he had aimed himself for, now obcured by the blue-haired man standing before him as the beast behind him resumed, completely unfazed by the attempted interruption.

The counsellor’s hardened expression that remained focused onto the hindering villain was broken once the odd crumbling sounds hit his ear. His eyes travelled down attempting to follow the noise before being met with new grey colour that emanated across the white glove fitted onto his forearm. The fabric material began to deteriorate as the series of cracks travelled upwards until the erosion had covered the segment covering his hand, eventually wilting off his arm as dust and exposing the metallic brace that was attached underneath.

His attention was splintered even further by the second noise that forced him to turn his head to his side as the rhythm of raging footsteps advanced towards him in seconds. The moment he had shifted his gaze over, his arms darted upwards to block the heavy fist that was on the verge of crashing into his head. His forearms crossed themselves and obstructed the attack, stopping the blow from connecting but him struggling against the force he had not prepared himself for.

Izuku’s posture tightened after the initial shock of the attack quickly faded, leaving the hero with just the burly intruder’s strength pilling against his guard. He allowed the standoff to continue, paying no mind to the wide cocky smirk he was forced to gaze back at as his back foot regained its green shine. The following glow across the hero’s arms removed some of the bravado from the villain’s face before it completely turned into shock once his arm was repelled away to hang loosely in the air above his head.

The villain’s stunned expression came back down onto the greenette’s focused gaze, watching as he shifted his now free arms to one side to reveal his charged leg. The air tightly wrapped around his ankles detonated, releasing his quirks power and sending his limb rocketing headlong into the villain. The rest of Izuku’s torso swivelled itself to its other side, giving his leg free reign to alter its angle and allow his steel boot to shoot forwards and collide with the villain’s face.

With a resounding crack the man reeled his face back to reveal his fractured nose, his head continuing to fly back until it tilted back completely, sending the unconscious opponent toppling backwards onto the floor. Izuku brought his foot back down before quickly turning himself back onto the pair of villains and his injured peer, staring down the one still standing before him with his undeterred gaze while the hand-clad man became slightly more riled at the sight.

“Ohhh…I’m getting it, I’m starting to get it now.” The view that Izuku once had on what little of the villain’s face was visible had shifted as his head shifted downwards slightly to hide the parts of his face that weren’t covered by his severed hand. The counsellor raised an eyebrow as he noticed the two fingers scratching away at his neck as a low haunting laughter slowly emerged from his strained voice, only increasing into an obnoxious cackle when he brought his head back up to lock eyes with the counsellor. “I understand your move list now.”

Izuku’s eyes slowly widened as the villain’s boisterous taunting continued, the odd statement he had made causing even more dread as his raspy laughter filled the space between them. The slim finger that had been scraping at his throat moved away and pointed itself straight towards the hero, his voice retaining his amused tone without the need to continue his snicker. “You don’t use your quirk for every attack because it’s too slow to charge, so you save it for later like a heavy attack.”

The villain’s unassuming stance shifted to provoke when he opened arms to gesture back to the greenette standing before him, the only other show of his expression coming from his mocking tone and the one eye expressing his amusement. He could easily see his taunting beginning to pay off even past the hero’s mask when his brow began to furrow in annoyance. “You found a way to get the most out of such a crappy quirk, what a cool hero.”

Izuku’s fists tightened, feeling his aggravation quickly rising as he glared back at the villain, the stress increasing as his eyes travelled onto Shota’s damaged body. The taunting was one reason for his rising irritation, but his rising urgency continued to take his focus as the other teacher was forced into more prolonged suffering. His eyes flared as his hand shot back into his red pouches, quickly darting out with a metal ball between his glowing fingers before slinging his whole arm ahead of him and shooting the bullet directly at the blue-haired man.

Despite the blurring speed of the iron pellet, the villain easily caught it with his once unassertive hand the moment his eyes darted onto the shot. He stared down at the already disarmed weapon in his palm before he closed his fingers around it. By the time he had turned his view back up, Izuku had already prepared much more ammunition between his fingers as his arms reignited themselves in an intense glow.

“What’s wrong? Are you upset that I found you out so you’re just going to spam projectiles at me?” The villain opened his clenched fist again, casting the fresh metallic dust out of his hand as his tone picked up once again. He didn’t bother preparing his posture before he rocketed forwards in an instant, keeping hands wide open as they trailed behind his speeding body.

His rapidly approaching body darted away from the flurry of metal pellets zipping out from Izuku’s slinging arms. The rate at which they were thrown was slow and predictable, easily allowing him to advance on the steadfast hero staring back with determined eyes contrasting greatly with his increasingly untamed gaze.

The villain’s eyes flared when he noticed a blatant opening as he drew closer, observing intently as the greenette’s right hand was pulled back to his shoulder rather than plunging into his red pocket and rupturing in a green glow as he swivelled his waist towards it to reel back his fist further behind him. His body didn’t withdraw from the attack aimed directly at him and instead continued with his wild charge, shooting his own open palm forwards the moment he noticed the hero’s fist rocket forward towards his face.

The elation in his eyes grew as he took in the scene before him, watching intently as his arm placed itself ahead of him to intercept the ignited fist barrelling towards his face, acknowledging his opponent’s unprepared stance and his other hand that had no means of interrupting the scene. A wide smile creeping up from behind the hand clamped onto his face, readying himself to watch as his annoying determined eyes that were still locked onto him were removed from his sight for good.

The villain’s forearm was forcibly yanked downwards and to his left by seemingly nothing, tearing away the self-assured look hidden away as his body was twisted along with it. His head was forced to watch his disobeying arm travel downwards when it was jerked downwards with it, watching with widened eyes as his hand flew into the awaiting palm of the hero’s other glowing forearm.

Izuku’s free hand latched onto the villain’s wrist with his own strength coupling with his quirk’s attraction ability. His strategy to punish his opponent’s clear overconfidence had paid off for him, leaving the man with no arm capable of defending himself in time as his hand rapidly drew closer, piling on the compressed air into a thick wall wrapped across his fist. The most that his target could do now was dart his masked face back up to the oncoming attack and showing the panicked expression in his eyes.

His fist crashed into the side of the villain’s face, the power behind the blow strengthened by the added density of the charged air. Izuku’s strike continued to dig into the intruder as his head was forced backwards with his punch, waiting until he had fully extended his arm and the momentum behind his attack had faded before he took a heavy step forwards and brought his torso forwards next to his arm again.


With an undeterred bellow Izuku fired off his quirk, discharging another powerful blow of trapped air rocketing from his elbow to his fingers, all of it shooting down his arm directly into the villain’s staggered face. The released energy easily sent the villain rocketing backwards and allowed the hero’s fist to continue travelling with it until he had flown back much further past than what his arm could reach.

The hand that was perched against his face dropped off, unable to take the brunt of air that had its side and rolled across the floor. For a brief moment Izuku could see the villain’s face without any emotion tied onto it as his head pulled back from shock, his eyes widening as he took in the horribly chapped and noticeably scarred lips along with the blunt teeth visible inside his open mouth. Between the gaps in his messy blue hair, the counsellor could see the piles of wrinkles above and below his eyes that crumpled his deathly pale skin.

The pause lasted only for a second before the villain’s posture returned, refusing to stumble when he harshly slammed his raised foot against the ground. His hung head made it impossible to see his face behind his chaotic hair before he snapped his view back onto the hero staring back at him, showing him the entirety of his face along with all of the unconstrained rage that filled it.


Izuku didn’t have any time to process the shriek that erupted before his entire view was blocked by a looming pitch-black figure. He didn’t have any time to take in the obstruction before his torso immediately began to ripple with intense pain and his body was sent backwards with overwhelming force. The sudden and intense agony forced his brain to jolt into the present moment, allowing him to realise the hulking black fist that had been driven into his abdomen, along with the reverberating sounds of his lower ribs snapping like twigs that followed immediately after.

The hero couldn’t stop himself from letting out a strangled cry as his feet were swept off the ground by the dense fist that refused to slow down. The other half of the punch ended in a second, the muscular arm blitzing forwards with the greenette at the front before it stopped extending and he was easily rocketed backwards by the carried force.

Another wave of pain hit Izuku’s shoulder once he crashed against the concrete, bouncing against the hard floor once before landing on his devastated front and rolling across the ground. He was forced to breathe to replenish the air he had lost from that one blow, but doing so caused his chest to ache with the damage he had attained in a single unprepared moment.

The force of his landing had caused his mouthguard to drop off his face to reveal his mouth and nose beneath as the mask hung loosely around his neck, leaving his frantic breathing unhindered until he felt something gurgle in his windpipe. His body shifted over to he was prop himself against the ground with his forearms before his coughing fit began, eventually freeing the clutter from his throat as the blood building up escaped his mouth to splatter against the floor.

He tested moving his arms across the concrete floor as he laid face-down against it, feeling nowhere near the same strain there as he did across his body. He attempted to force his body to rise, moving his arms and one leg a few inches before he was made aware of his sudden fatigue and collapsed again. Izuku lifted just his head up soon after, shifting his gaze to look back at the spot he had once occupied and finding the familiar monstrosity that stood there now.

He barely recalled the name that the villain had used before he was struck, only remembering it after the initial shock of the moment had faded. Despite the ferocity he had used before, Nomu did nothing to follow on his brutality like he had done before, instead choosing to mindlessly stand in silence with its lifeless gaze locked onto the hero’s prone state. The greenette’s eyes travelled over to the similarly decommissioned hero now even further away from him, taking what little solace he could in providing him with a moment of reprieve

“Sorry…I’m so sorry father…I didn’t mean for that to happen…” The previous villain’s voice returned from behind the Nomu, completely void of the rage that fuelled his screaming and now taking on a dull broken tone as he sauntered over to his discarded cover. He carefully grabbed the severed hand without his pinkie coming anywhere close to it and placed it back onto his face, letting out a relieved shudder as its fingers clicked into place. His own twitching hands moved away from his face down to his damaged neck and immediately scratching his fingers against it, becoming more frantic over time as his anger flowed back into his voice. “He…he cheated…cheated cheated cheated cheated cheated cheated!”

“Shigaraki Tomura.” His scraping paused once he heard the deep voice emanate from behind him without any entrance. The space behind him was suddenly filled with an expanding purple mist, the same substance that Izuku had seen before when the students were falling out of the sky, followed soon after by the eyes he could recall from the very beginning of the chaos.

“Kurogiri. Did you kill Thirteen yet?” Tomura begrudgingly moved his hands away from his neck, lethargically twisting his head back to gaze back at the smoke villain’s form as he swirled and piled on himself to fill the open space. His voice had already returned to its melancholy state despite every other emotion he had shown in such a short time.

“I was able to severely wound the hero, but there were some students who remained in the area after I scattered everyone.” Kurogiri’s body compressed itself back into its relaxed pillar form, his yellow eyes remaining the same before they shifted slightly to show his solemn expression. As he continued, he could see the blue-haired villain shift back into his aggravated posture, his lowered hands beginning to jolt again. “…And unfortunately, one of them escaped.”

Izuku listened closely to the new voice with widened eyes before shifting his gaze over to Shota, sharing the same reaction as they took in the information. The pain coursing through his chest was still impossible to ignore, but it didn’t stop him from gritting his teeth and clenching a fist after being spurred on by the smoke villain’s message.

“…Kurogiri…if you weren’t a warp gate…” Toumra was already loudly seething before the smoke had finished, his hands quickly returning to scraping against his worn throat with greater fury than before. His body shook with his repressed rage, his breathing and rate at which he scratched building up to the point of bursting, only for his wheezing to suddenly stop as his arms turned lifeless at his sides. “…It’s game over. We can’t take on dozens of heroes, not with this worthless fodder.”

“…But I’m in too much of a bad mood to leave now.” The villain flexed his tensed fingers one by one as he fully turned himself towards Kurogiri, showing him his flared eyes behind his mask before he continued turning past the pillar of smoke. He finished his rotation after he had fully shifted in the opposite direction from where he began, taking in the sight of the greatly varying landmark that lined the edge of the building, not seeing any students or villains alike but knowing for a fact that they were there. “So before we go, we’re going to pay these brats a visit while we have the chance…and tarnish All Might’s name as the Number One Hero.”

Tomura’s head quickly dropped after he made his declaration, landing directly on the teacher laid out in his own blood glaring back up at him as he made his way over to Shota’s body, attempting to pull himself up on his broken arms before the villain drew closer. He loomed over the severely wounded hero, bringing up one of his pale hands up into the writhing teacher’s view.  “Starting with the hero who was supposed to be protecting them.”

The sight of the villain’s hand slowly sinking towards Shota’s tense face was what caused Izuku’s own expression to harden, his teeth gritting to trap the breath he had sucked in as his body began to move again. It took everything he had left of his lacking stamina to push the agonising sensation of his aching stomach and ribs to the side as he eventually brought himself onto one knee.

He was forced to stop himself when the liquid blockade returned to filling his throat, his hand darting over his mouth on instinct before he began to loudly cough again. The greenette didn’t waste any time to stare at the red splotch on his bare hand before he continued to rise and regain his posture on his shaky legs.

Izuku’s movements did not go unnoticed by the two villains, with Tomura’s hand pausing before it made contact with Shota’s face as his head turned back over to the presumed trounced hero. He couldn’t stop himself from getting angry at the sight of Izuku rising to his feet with a determined stare aimed directly at him, but the reality of the view sparked his assurance as he noticed his severely laboured breathing “Oh? Does the rookie still want to challenge the boss?”

The hero gave no verbal response as he put one foot ahead of him and willed it to glow along with other ankle and forearms. The single movement had solidified his fears, that his body had already been taxed from his nonstop clash with the army of villains combined with the staggering blow of Nomu to the point where an all-out sprint was impossible for him, but that wasn’t his plan anymore. The only thing on his mind now was buying a few more moment for the student that had escaped bring back the support. If he could do that, then he would allow himself to rest knowing everyone would be safe.

“Nomu, make him suffer for a while before you kill him.”

Barely a second passed between Tomura’s order and Nomu immediately barrelling forwards in a sudden sprint, the floor beneath him sundering with every overwhelming step. Izuku’s eyes focused as his form quickly dropped lower to the ground, forcing him to lock onto the monstrous villain that was charging directly at him before his feet burst with a wave of air, shooting him towards the beast at a noticeably slower speed.

The hero could already feel his momentum begin to drop when he began to slow down, having not spent as much time as he had liked to charge up his quirk during the short pause. He sucked in another breath as he was forced to watch the hulking villain pull back a fist during his charge and aim it directly at his torso. The greenette answered with his own glowing hands once again before he pointed both his body and his head to the floor below that he was plummeting to over time.

Izuku’s hands darted forwards and slammed against the ground, planting both of his open palms on top of the concrete once the green spark on his forearms had completely carried over to his open hands. The moment that the rest of his body had passed over his rooted arms, he released the further compressed force against the ground and shot upwards, just barely dodging the unrelenting fist that came down past his airborne form and cratered the ground below him.

The hero’s body vaulted over Nomu’s fist, travelling up across his scarred forearm feet first as his momentum eventually began to falter again. It wasn’t until his legs had travelled past the rest of his black limb that he rotated himself forwards and slammed his iron soles into the villain’s broad shoulder. The impact yielded no reaction from the villain’s body as Izuku’s weight shifted and his invigorated legs crouched down against the taught surface.

Izuku’s legs expanded without any time given to charge his quirk again, launching him higher as his head immediately snapped down onto the two other villains watching him leap above them. His teeth grit harder as he twisted his upper half to one side, bringing back his arm back as far as he could as his entire arm ignited with green air. He pulled in as much as he could with his quirk encompassing his entire limb before the glowing portion began to shrink, forcing all of the air he had trapped into an even smaller space across his forearm.

Tomura’s eyes widened as he watched the greenette’s body dive out of the sky, his body quickly shifting to help him position the unstable whirlwind of air into a path leading directly into him. His entire body tensed itself as his irritated gaze locked onto the still determined expression covering every part of Izuku’s face, only for the tone to drop from both of their face immediately when another black hand came down above the hero.

Nomu had already rotated to lock his view back onto the escaping hero in a single blur of motion. The beast’s massive hand hurtled into the back of Izuku’s head, the fingers immediately latching painfully tight against his skull before his body was sent plummeting into the ground. The concrete splintered beneath his face as a loud crash rippled through the air, his entire body going limp as the unused quirk disappeared and sent the stockpiled air rapidly flowing outwards. A single line of blood poured out from one of the fresh cracks, slowly building up until the liquid overflowed and trickled out across the space.

“Getting a little cocky there don’t you think? As if some weak novice could take on something built for someone so much stronger and important than you.” Tomura couldn’t help himself from donning his mocking tone again as he squatted down to the now twitching form of the hero. He tilted his masked face with cruel glee evident on his visible eye as he watched his inhuman lackey raise Izuku up until he was hanging loosely in the air.

The villain’s joy wilted away once his gaze met with the hero’s. Despite the clear agony he was in with his head in a constricting vice-like grip and the line of blood trailing down his face from his forehead, he retained as much as he could of his determined expression from before once he began to glare back. He let out a quiet sigh as his annoyance rose again, growing tired of the resolve he was forced to acknowledge and bringing up his pale hand into his captive’s view.

Tomura took his time relishing in the new fear that seeped into Izuku’s appearance as the villain’s hand slowly drew closer to his face. His abused body refused to move and he couldn’t wrench himself free of the iron-tight grip his head was forced under, let alone shift it an inch away from the travelling hand, his eyes slowly widening as it obscured more and more of his view. In his last moments, his eyes shut themselves on instinct as he could only wait for the end he knew was coming as he felt the tips of the villain’s fingers make contact with his face.

Complete silence filled the air around the hero as he waited for the worst wave of suffering to hit him in an instant, but it never did. Cautiously he opened a single eyelid to find the same hand eclipsing his face despite the quirk that should have already eroded his head by now. The villain’s arm reluctantly drew backwards and twisted its palm until it was opposite Tomura’s own masked face, his hand immediately beginning to tighten and twitch as the seething breaths returned.

Izuku’s face shifted into fearing confusion as he watched the villain’s form shift more in his sudden rage, his thoughts still clouded with the quirk’s unexplained failure as his view travelled downwards. His head soon locked onto Shota’s laid out position on the floor, quickly noticing the floating ends of his hair and the bright red glow emanating from his exposed pupils. He kept his beaten head raised for a few extra moments despite the feeling of collapse goading him to drop his head again, locking eyes with the other distressed hero before the blue-haired villain’s writhing form took their attention.

“Why won’t either of you just lay down and die? It’s starting to piss me off!” Tomura’s voice was just barely holding back his deep rage behind his usual raspy tone as his bloodshot eyes darted onto Shota. His voice gave up on lessening his anger when his body began to swivel around, his leg swinging out during his spin and delivering his red shoe directly into the teacher’s face and partially digging into his right eye before he was sent backwards from the shock.

Even after his quirk was no longer erased, Tomura kept his eyes locked onto Shota’s pained expression while his shoulders rose and dropped with every angry huff he made. His attention eventually shifted back onto the hero in Nomu’s grasp, turning his head back and revealing a sliver of his face behind the hand covering it and causing Izuku’s expression to flinch.

“…It’s not worth this much trouble just to kill some rookie hero…” The villain’s head soon dropped with his exasperation, completely hiding his raging face behind his messy hair. He didn’t bother to fully shift his body around fully to meet the greenette again and instead dismissively waved his hand to the larger creature holding him in place.

“Nomu…get this trash out of my sight.”

Without any hesitation, Nomu’s free hand latched onto Izuku’s body with the same immense pressure trapping his skull, his weight meaning nothing to the monstor’s overwhelming strength as he was effortlessly dragged through the air. The counsellor had no time to adapt to the blinding speeds he was carried at over the large villain before the crushing grip on his body disappeared, leaving him with nothing to stop him as his body shot through the air in seconds.

He couldn’t orient his body against the heavy momentum he was sent off with, his view constantly spiralling and flipping as he careened away from the three villains and his peer. His body came to a complete and painful stop when his back crashed into a dense wall of metal behind him, denting with the force of his body’s speed as the shock rippled across his entire body. His consciousness began to fade, the initial blow against his head proving too much for his skull to handle as his body peeled off the damaged object and his body fell towards the deep lake of water beneath him.

His last thought was of the cold water that enveloped his body after he fell in with a splash before the last of his awareness slipped out of his grip. He floated against the surface of the pool for a few more moments before the steel pieces fixed onto his arms and feet slowly drew him into the depths, completely sinking into the water and disappearing from Shota’s view.

Chapter Text

As the last charred and battered villain fell to the ground, the thick clouds of ashen smoke began to dissipate throughout the desolated office room. Katsuki and Eijiro were the only two left standing throughout the space, surrounded by the unconscious bodies of the adults that had ambushed them as they waited for their breathing to compose itself again. Their poise lowered after their eyes fully surveyed the comatose group spread across the floor and saw no other movement besides themselves.

“Is this really it? They were so weak.” Katsuki shook his smoking bare hand, having left one of his gauntlets back in his locker at the school along with his mask. His expression refused to unwind despite his victory, instead displaying his distrust in how quick the fight had ended by bringing his boot forwards to kick the limp body before him.

Eijiro brought his own relaxed attention onto his hand as his Hardening quirk disappeared, allowing him to flex his fingers as they lost their sharp and rigid state. He turned himself to look behind him at the blonde student, paying his unruly action no mind as his face retained the same determination that carried throughout the clash. “Nevermind that, let’s get out of here and get back to everyone else while there’s still time!”

“Don’t give me orders Shitty Hair! I’m gonna go find that bastard again!” The reaction was instant from him, quickly turning himself and loudly retorting before he shifted himself back forwards to begin to walk out of the room, only to be stopped when a hand came down on his shoulder and forced him to stay in place.

“Hey, you’re coming too! We need to take responsibility as men for slowing Thirteen down. If we didn’t jump ahead like that then they would’ve sucked up that fog and none of this would have happened!” Eijiro refused to let go of his grip until Katsuki eventually jerked back and aimed his scowl back at the redhead, who move his hand away to open gesture with open hands.

The explosive student simply rolled his eyes before twisting himself away once again now that the hold on his arm was gone, not giving any other indication back to Eijiro as he stomped away. “If you want to go so bad, then go. I’m going to find and kill that warp gate bastard.”

“Are you seriously going to ignore the danger our friends are in just so you can settle some childish grudge you have with a villain?” The other boy followed after him in disbelief, continuing to spout his loud argument even as the blonde’s movement stopped and his tight fists shook out of view.

“Just shut up and think about it dammit!” Katsuki’s head swung back around in an instant, showing the sudden irritation on his face to the flinching redhead. He unwillingly turned the rest of his body back onto the boy he was yelling at, forcing him take another step back away from the anger placed directly in front of him. “You saw it too didn’t you? That warp gate is how they got in, which means that it’s their only way out too. If we get rid of him, then they can’t go anywhere when the heroes show up.”

Eijiro’s attention remained locked onto Katsuki after creating more distance between them until he noticed a small space behind his shouting classmate beginning to distort, starting above on the ceiling before the warped air dropped down and sauntered closer. The bending area exploded with colour, revealing the humanoid figure hiding behind its camouflage, the chameleon face immediately opening to wildly scream as the villain’s arms shot up with a sword in hand.

“Besides-” The animal villain’s arm didn’t have a chance to drop before the student ahead of him swivelled himself in a second, his bare hand darting forwards to trap their lizard face in his palm before releasing a point-blank explosion with the plentiful amount of sweat dripping down his arm.

The lizard man’s arm dropped to the ground, the blade that was once held tightly between his hands clattering against the floor as the thick cloud of smoke engulfed his face. Katsuki gave a heavy breath before twisted back to his astonished classmate. “If the only thing they’re throwing at us is this trash, then they should be fine.”

Eijiro’s eyebrows raised as he stared back at the boy, admitting his sudden reaction before quickly noticing his expression that was oddly void of his previous rage he had been using to yell at him. “Wow…did your attitude change in the last couple days? You’re not screaming about killing people and trash talking everyone. You didn’t even blow up the building this time.”

“Oh fuck off Shitty Hair!”

“See, there it is.”

Katsuki simply growled before he tossed the unconscious villain to the side before returning to his march out of the room, not looking back at the now smiling student he left behind as he swatted the present smoke out of the way. “Whatever. I don’t give a shit what you do, just stay out of my way.”

“Hold on!” The blonde sighed once again after he stopped just short of the doorframe. When he looked back, he was shortly met with the wide grin of Eijiro as he brought up his already hardened arms. His sturdy fist collided with his other open palm, the contact erupting with sparks as they ground together. “It’s manly to worry about your friends, but it’s even manlier to put your faith in them instead! I’m coming with you!”

Katsuki stared back in silence before giving a short grunt back, revolving back towards the exit after finally being able to leave uninterrupted. After sticking his head out to the hallway and finding it completely barren he broke out into a sprint through the building, paying no mind to the other set of footsteps that was quick to meet his rapid pace.

The landfall site had turned to silence just as fast as when it had exploded with the uproar of wild villains a moment ago. The adults who had lunged from their hiding places barely made it past the base of the hill before they were rooted in place by the surge of ice that descended from the elevated ground and immediately trapped their legs. The rampant frost shot up their legs in an instant, refusing to encase their bodies in place until only their faces were visible beneath the ice.

Outside of the single step forward he had made on the edge of the ridge, Shoto made no other movement as he watched his quirk easily overwhelm the invaders in one shift of his right side. The villains were forced to look up at the boy’s ice-cold expression as his lips parted and a cloud of frigid vapour escaped with his quiet exhale, watching him with panic in their eyes as he casually made his way down the slope.

“So, you were all placed here to overwhelm whoever came through that warp gate? It feels more like you all were put here because you didn’t provide any useful advantage to any of the other sites in this building.” The student continued to step down his own icy path as he drew closer to the first in the short line of frozen villains. The stoic look in his eyes made it look like he was barely paying attention to the frozen attackers he had already disarmed as he pondered something to himself.

A man pounced out from the large piece of debris ahead of him and to his right, appearing untouched with a knife in hand as another bird-headed villain charged at his back with a metal spear aimed ahead of him. There was a glimmer of hope in the trapped faces as they watched the two still active attackers charging the boy on both sides.

Shoto’s cold expression hardened in an instant, his right boot sliding forwards and sending an abrupt wave of ice ahead of him to snare the villain in his sight. He didn’t continue to watch the counterattack travel up across their body as his head was already swivelling to look behind him, his body jolting to his favoured side and dodging the spear that fell into the grip of his right hand.

His quirk was already cascading out of the contact, freezing the entire spear before shooting up his arms that had to time to let go of the weapon. In only a few moments, Shoto had already captured two more villains with their bodies locked into their sprinting forms by the ice that fully encased their body with the exception of their terrified expressions.

“I assumed that you were planning to take down All Might by sheer numbers alone, but it’s clear now that your army is made up of inexperienced thugs.” Shoto’s cold voice didn’t shift in tone as his grip tightened around the pole, effortlessly snapping the now brittle metal in half and using his end to shatter the weak bridge of ice that kept the villain’s frozen body upright, causing their body to crash against the rocky surface.

“Here’s what is going to happen to you all next. With your body covered in that much ice, your cells will slowly start dying one by one. You can probably already feel your limbs going numb right now.” The two-tone haired student reared his head back to the other villain that had failed to attack him, noticing the terror in his eyes as he discarded the frozen weapon and made his way over to him. “I’m working towards being a hero, so I want to avoid having to resort to something so gruesome.”

He took one last look at the face contorted in fear, disregarding the tears that began to build in the man’s eyes before the student moved his hand to hover parallel to him and will the freezing air to flow across the small portion of his face that had yet to be touched by the ice.

“One of the few actually dangerous villains in your league mentioned that they were going to kill All Might, what do you have that makes him so confident in that fact?”

Izuku’s body was cold. Even as his body plummeted unnaturally slow, he could feel his arms and body react to the new temperature around him. When his mind finally came to again, he thought he was dying, but was quick to realise his situation as his senses began to return and he acknowledged the unusual weight surrounding him and the sensation hitting his exposed face.

His eyelids weakly opened to the blue tint that coloured everything in his view, allowing him to see the small bubbles that floated their way into and quickly out of his sight. His hazy eyes could barely make out anything, but he was at least conscious enough now to understand where he was. turning his view up to the roof to find the dimmed lights of the U.S.J rippling on the other side of the water’s surface.

The counsellor’s body began to move again, wading through the water surrounding it and rotating his body in place. His body was still slowly sinking towards the bottom, but he could still clearly see the dimmed lights of the U.S.J ripple as he peered out the water’s surface. His last few memories returned slowly, both the state of the building at large and the ruthless throw that had landed him here before he fell unconscious.

He could feel his sight begin to sharpen as he slowly opened his view further, allowing him to scan through the rest of his once cloudy perspective. His eyes locked onto the few blurred figures that travelled from the sides of his vision, unable to see them in detail until they rapidly drew closer and quickly multiplied in numbers.

It was only when his eyesight returned in full that he could truly look back on the figure speeding towards him through the water, along with the massive shark-like jaw that had already unhinged to expose his rows of jagged teeth to the hero. The greenette’s eyes widened as his consciousness fully returned just in time to realise the aquatic villain swimming towards him like a bullet followed by many more following his path.

Adrenaline gushed though Izuku’s body within moments of realising the threat, his initial shock giving way for his heavy arms to shoot ahead of him and latch onto the edge of the villain’s mouth to push the powerful jaws away from clamping down on his face. With his sudden movement the rest of his sensations returned at full force, his body immediately crumpling as he was hit with not only his broken ribs and damaged skull, but now the new overpowering feeling of his lungs being deprived of air.

The attacker he was holding back took advantage of his sudden recoil and regained the space that he was being held away from, his mouth opening once again and snapping shut immediately after he was forced to stop mere inches away from the hero. Izuku’s face pulled itself back up to face the villain with struggling eyes, before his attention was stolen by the pack of men and women that had already closed the distance between them while he was still wrestling with the first.

His teeth clenched together tightly, trapping what was left of the air in in lungs as his gripping palms donned his quirk’s green shine. Every moment he spent charging the building force was another second that the opponent used to gradually move closer despite the teacher’s weak resistance. It was only after a few seconds that the hero had built up his quirk enough to send the shark villain shooting backwards through the lake and crashing into his allies who had just appeared behind him.

The same force had also sent Izuku backwards, the once non-existent space between them expanding rapidly before he quickly lost his momentum to the dense water surrounding him. He forced his reeling form to tilt forwards again, analysing the sight of the villain he had shot backwards already recovered from the heavy shove. The shark-like man had the clear advantage to moving in the water in both equipment and quirk, as did the rest of the villains as they locked their eyes onto the floating hero.

The first in the large formation of intruders had already broke out into a full stroke and charged directly at Izuku again as the lower portions of his legs started to glow. The water surrounding him swirled and tightened below his knees, building up to an intense pressure below his knees. At the same time that the villain’s monstrous jaws opened again, the greenette’s body jettisoned towards the surface with a strong wave of force rippling through the water he had occupied a second ago.

Izuku’s glowing limbs continued to suck in the overwhelming pool he was surrounded by, but the attraction that forced it into his body only covered a few inches at the top of his knees. The rest of the space above his feet was designated by the hero’s quirk to release his quirk below him in a constant stream, quickly propelling him away from the villains who were still following him.

He didn’t turn his head back to reassure himself on the distance between him and his pursuers, the feeling of suffocation eclipsing even the lasting pain riddling his body and driving him on to force all of his focus into reaching the top of the lake before he could even begin to process fighting back.

Izuku’s head exploded out of the surface of the water, immediately inhaling the moment his face escaped the lake and coughing up the bloodied water that had made its way past his mouth. With his chest floating in the open air and the threat of drowning swiftly removed, his focus immediately split between his extended view of the building and the villains he knew were only a few moments away from reaching him.

His eyes gravitated to the faux ship that floated in the water besides him, not paying any mind to the large dent on its front and instead staring intently at the safety rail lining the edge of the boat. He saw his opportunity to escape in the space past the guarded edge, his focused eyes tearing away from his goal as he took a deep breath and dived back into the water.

The emerald glow of his quirk had already returned to envelop his calves and propel him into the depths again, darting past where the aquatic villains were easily swimming towards and submerging deeper than what he had travelled before. Shifting his gaze towards his red shoes revealed the chaotic formation of pursuers that already curved their trajectory and began to chase him away from the boat.

He watched as a few of the villains at the very back parted from the swarm, not moving any closer to the hero and instead spreading out across the upper half of the pool. His eyes widened as he recognised the firing stances they were taking, leaving him with no time to react when their quirks and projectiles began to shower down on him.

The greenette shot his startled head forwards the moment he saw the scales and water bullets glide towards him with ease. His propelling body weaved and twisted through the water, quickly dodging the attack that zipped past him and collided with the deepened floor. The barrage had seemed to finish after only a few seconds as the counsellor made his way closer to the bottom, causing his unnerved senses to worsen before he felt the water behind him begin to fluctuate.

Izuku swivelled himself around when the feeling of another wave hitting his back became more defined, his entire body immediately flinching when his eyes locked onto the gigantic hand made entirely out of water that bared down on him. The full length of his arms exploded with green light in a second, releasing the moderate rush of water accumulated a moment later and darted a few inches to the side. He had barely dodged the clawed hand as it barrelled past him, feeling a small pain across his cheek as it was scraped by the solid liquid.

Izuku winced as his damaged lung and ribs continued to ache with sudden intensity, a few bubbles of precious air escaping his mouth as he placed a hand over his abdomen. The sudden and unexpected movement had been too much for his injuries to handle instantly, slowing him down if only for a few seconds as he was forced to acknowledge the pain.

His forward momentum disappeared with his quirk, leaving him floating in place as he rotated himself to face behind him, taking in the sight of the villains once again charging at him from above. The daunting sight of numerous quirks materialising before the counsellor as his back faced the bottom of the pool did nothing to dissuade his own gaze locking onto them.

His gloved and bare fists clenched in his view, the green glow erupting across his forearms and legs as the water collapsed onto his limbs. The bottom of his shoes planted themselves on the floor, accompanied by his arms and legs bending to place his body closer towards the hard surface. His arms raised above his head, the tension in both his quirk and his muscles continuing to build up until he brought his glowing fists into the floor below him in an instant.

The lake exploded with heavy force, the immense shock of all four glowing limbs released at once causing a strong ripple through the water that reached the villain before dissipating against their group. They had no time to process the sensation as their widening eyes were focused completely on the green hero already rocketing towards them in seconds before the pulse had even reached them.

Their immediate shock did not last long, bracing themselves for the impact with quirks already prepared as Izuku barrelled closer towards them from below. The sizable portion of swimmers that had stuck together barrelled down towards him, bearing their physical quirks as they charged with fervent speed on a course aimed to collide directly with him.

Izuku’s body revolved before the villains could close the gap between them, swiftly rolling to the side and allowing them to shoot past him. He allowed the momentum from his spin to build as his arms enveloped themselves with another green shine. The two new vacuums sucking water into his elbows immediately released them in a continuous stream from his wrists, turning the slow spin of his dodge into a whirling storm that caused his entire body to blur as he continued to rocket upwards.

The firing squad that he had yet to pass flinched from their view above as the hero’s entire body ignited with a bright green glow, sucking water into his now shining form as it was immediately obscured by the chaotic rapids that wrapped around him until only the piercing light could be seen through the swirling torrent. The recoiling attackers swam to the sides to steer clear of the rampaging whirlpool, the once wide spread of attackers across the top of the lake parting until a single villain was left floating before Izuku.

The gilled villain snarled as he built up the resolve to hold his position in Izuku’s path, clenching his fist and pulling back his arm with seemingly the water itself in tow. The small stream following his hand rippled out across the space ahead as it quickly spread out to encompass more of the open waters. The current flowed and condensed until the end of the trail morphed into another solid hand.

He swung his arm down, bringing the liquid fist careening through the lake towards the hero barrelling at him. The dense construct effortlessly glided through the water and crashed against the head of the green water drill before it could come any closer. The smirk that had been stuck on the villain’s face since he summoned his attack soon began to falter as the momentum carried by his attack disappeared the moment he made contact with the glowing hero.

The compressed liquid shuddered in its clash with Izuku, slowly being pushed backwards against the building force and relentless momentum of his own trapped rapids spinning around him. He gritted his teeth from behind the dense storm of water and willed a small portion of his trapped ammunition to shoot down his feet in a burst of force, instantly propelling him forward as the immense pressure of his spin bored into the massive fist.

The once solid hand pressing against the counsellor shattered into pieces as its dense form flowed back into the stagnant waters. The glowing drill pierced the wrist connected to the broken fist split down the middle of the dense forearm, easily splitting the construct in two before breaking through the other end of the quirk as the hard cracks spread out from his tunnel and fell apart behind him.

The villain’s face turned to fear when his eyes were forced to watch as the rampaging hero blitzed towards him. His body was frozen in fear as the overwhelming water drill refused to slow down on its path aimed directly at him. He could only dart his arms to guard in his last moments, his eyes snapping shut as he tensed his entire body as he waited to be obliterated.

Seconds passed like minutes to the villain, his mind dreading the moment he was struck with the full force of the hero’s attack, only for confusion to seep into his thoughts as his body had yet to be riddled in pain. His eyes hesitantly opened to find the calm blue lake enveloping him, completely void of the projectile whirlpool careening at his face. The only sensation that provided an answer was the noticeable waves of water hitting his back.

He turned himself to find the greenette already soaring past him, the tip of his spinning head aimed directly at the surface of the water. The force carrying his rotation began to grow unstable before his eyes, the mass of gathered liquids condensing and travelling down Izuku’s legs as he began to slow down, revealing the upper half of his body to the villain’s blow him.

The last portion of Izuku’s quirk that anchored the rampaging storm to his legs disappeared, releasing the trapped rapids in a single unstoppable surge throughout the entire lake. The wave crashed against the villain just below him along with the horde of attackers that had only just reached their level, forcing them backwards from the point-blank shockwave that struck their entire bodies.

With how close the counsellor had placed himself the surface, the explosion of force below him easily jettisoned him out of the water and send him flying at the boat that he had kept his eyes locked onto even as he spun. The energy carrying him began to reduce as he stopped rising, still flying towards the rim of the ship as he began to fall again.

The hero’s hand shot out and tightly latched onto the edge, his limp body swinging down and slamming into the hull. His grip was already beginning to loosen, only stopping when he recovered from the shock and activated his quirk to anchor his glowing palm and fingers on the metal. The full weight of his body did nothing to ease the pain coursing through his body and the now present dizziness from his spin.

Izuku looked back over his shoulder at the water below him that continued to ripple from his leap, his breathing taking too long to recover as he watched the villains beneath the lake recede into the depths from the force of his ejection. His heavy sigh of relief spelled the beginning of his recovery as his fatigue slowly but surely began to lessen.

With the threat of the villains that had once been so devoted to swarming him left in the water, the teacher brought his attention onto the boat he was hanging from. He swung his free arm up above him, planning to bring it down onto the same ledge with his other hand, only to freeze midway when another large gloved hand lunged from outside of his view and tightly gripped onto his wrist.

The greenette’s shock gave the arm ample time to yank him up in one motion and rip him away from the unfocused grip of his quirk. In one motion he was flipped over the wall and tossed forwards the moment that another hand shot out to grab his chest. He had no time to process the contact or the blurred figures that passed him before his back slammed against the wall.

Izuku only got the chance to open his eyes and take in the unexpected turn the moment that his body dropped to the floor and his eyes shot open in his haste. The chaos of the moment disappeared in an instant when he realised the three very familiar faces stares back at him in equal surprise, quickly noticing Tsuyu and Minoru staring back from their side of the boat and Inasa already on his feet with a pulled fist aimed directly at the teacher.

“M-midoriya-sensei?!” Minoru broke the tension with his loud and undeniably panicked voice. The remaining two were eventually knocked from their surprise soon after, with Tsuyu walking towards the knocked down hero as Inasa’s fist loosened and dropped to the floor.

“Yoarashi? Asui? Mineta? What are you three doing here?” Izuku’s eyes were quick in attempting to understand the view before him. His attention moved to the green-suited girl that moved beside him and helped him into a sitting position. The teacher attempted to stand only to wince in pain as his midsection ached with his movement.

Inasa’s shocked expression tensed as he watched the counsellor recoil as his hand shot to grip at his side. He darted closer and knelt down on Izuku’s other side, still towering over his form that was slouched against the wall. “D-did I do that?! I’m so sorry Midoriya-sensei!”

“No no, you didn’t do anything, the villains just got a good hit in. I’ll be fine, I just need a moment to breathe.” Izuku quickly raised his free gloved hand up and brought it up in an attempt to reassure the stressed boy. The weak smile he gave was overshadowed by the red colouring on his white palm and the fresh blood that appeared from beneath his hair. “What about you guys? Are you hurt?”

“No, we’re all okay. We all fell onto the boat when a villain came and warped us all here.” Tsuyu’s calm voice and plain expression contrasted greatly with the rowdier tones of the boys, almost feeling out of place compared to the rest of the chaos.

The oddly calm tone was immediately followed by Inasa’s consistently louder voice, startling the teacher again when he shot over to the frog girl’s side and kneeled down beside her. “But why are you here now?! I thought you were with Aizawa-sensei kicking down villains by the stairs! What happened down there?!”

“We were at first…but then that villain down there sent me flying over here.” Izuku kept his composed state despite the ache across his body, only for his expression to turn stressed after his words sat for long enough in his thoughts. He winced as he attempted to push himself off the ground, holding his abdomen in one hand as he quickly rose up against the wall. “Eraser’s still down there right now, and he’s badly hurt. I need to get back down there quickly before...”

“You’re already injured from the last time you jumped in. You need to give yourself time to rest before you can jump in there again.” The grip that Tsuyu had on his shoulder tightened slightly as she helped him to his feet. Her tone voice had barely shifted from before, but he could still understand the worry behind it after she pulled her hands away to let him stand on his own.

“Yeah! All Might’s gonna come in and wipe the floor with these jerks! We’ve got nothing to worry about! All we gotta do is wait here until he shows up and saves the day!” The counsellor’s attention was moved to the floor, the two other faces moving with his towards Minoru’s much shorter stature, drawing out a confident grin on his face as Inasa followed suit with his own wild smile.

“I’m not sure about that. Think about what that smoke villain said to us before he attacked us.” The female student’s voice returned soon after before the cheering of the two could begin, their paused expressions shifting over to her unmoved face. A finger prodded beneath her wide mouth, her blank eyes travelling across the paused forms of her classmates. “He told us that they were planning to kill All Might. If they were telling the truth, then it means that they have already thought of a way to do it.”

A wave of silence quickly washed over the vocal pair, the cheer in their appearances disappearing soon after and leaving the two of them with only their new tension and dread seeping into their face. Minoru’s short body had already begun to shake almost violently as he processed the thought, his eyes slowly widening with his terror.

“N…no way, that can’t be right! He’s All Might! He’s not gonna lose like that! Tell her Midoriya-sensei!” It was almost straining for the purple-clad student’s voice to return again after his visible flinch. His head snapped over onto the teacher, almost tearing up on the spot with the amount of stress visible on his face and causing the greenette’s own expression to flinch when the other students moved their gazes onto him.

Izuku wanted to reassure the boy the moment he had shown his fear and tell the three of them that they didn’t have to worry, but the more attention he placed onto that thought, the more it made his own obscured worries grow. The hordes of weaker villains would have been of no issue to Toshinori, especially after they had been dispached by him and Shota. It was only when his memory reached to just moments before that his fears began to strengthen.

The hand gripping against his side tensed, remembering how easily Nomu had charged in and decimated both of the heroes when he entered. The power he put into that single attack was one shuddering concern, but remembering the movement the beast took to aim specifically for his stomach made it churn with dread, remembering the horrible scar that stretched across the blonde’s midsection. The very thought of a party of villains knowing that weakness was enough to send a heavy shiver down his spine.

“No. Asui’s right.”

Izuku’s stressed voice took it’s time retuning, the tone only causing the uneasy faces of the boys to intensify. He spent another moment attempting to steel himself before he raised his head and stared over towards the mainland, locking onto the dead gaze of the hulking monster gazing over Shota’s body. “That…thing that sent me over here, that has to be their secret weapon. It only hit me once and yet I was almost taken out of the fight completely.”

The teacher’s eyes tensed as he watched the three uncontested villains standing proudly before the fountain in the middle of the plaza, surrounded by the unconcious bodies of their fodder as Tomura conversed with Kurogiri. He was barely focusing on the two as he found it impossible to take his eyes off of his broken and bloodied peer. “If his durability is on par with that kind of strength and speed, then there’s no doubt that he can take even All Might head on.”

The severness of Izuku’s message did not go unoticed by any of the students watching him, understanding his deathly serious tone that it carried until the end. The tense moment was broken by Inasa’s sudden step forward, his new wide smile clearly bearing his confidence despite the previous tone. “Don’t worry Midoria-sensei! We’re here now, we’ll help you save Aizawa-sensei and take down that villain!”

Both Izuku and Minoru flinched at the overbearing declaration, the purple student almost fainting as he processed the thought. The teacher’s serious expression dropped to make way for a frantically concerned look as his head snapped over to the large boy. “W-what? No! The whole reason that the two of us were fighting down there is to buy you all time to get out of here!”

Inasa’s expression dropped slightly with his surprise. The greenette took a calming breathe before he spoke again. “There isn’t a point for us to fight him anyway. I heard from one of the villains that a student was able to leave the building.” The counsellor’s tone had shifted to reassure the students as a soft smile grew across his face. “Help will be here soon, so there’s no need to force you guys to risk your life against those villains. All that matters now is getting you three to safety while the heroes come and save everyone else.”

He could see Tsuyu’s head perk up, followed by the tall student beside her regaining his fervent grin as they both listened to his encouragement. His show of confidence trailed off slightly as he noticed Minoru’s head attempting to peak over the edge of the boat, getting only his frantic eyes over the side to see the several menacing heads peak above the water’s surface. “But how are we supposed to do that?! There are villains surrounding us on every angle!”

Izuku was still pondering that thought when Inasa dashed towards the rim with a fist already reeled back, the confident words of the adult fuelling the passion behind his movement and excited smile. “Don’t worry! I’ll blow them away right now!”

“Both of you calm down!” His unoccupied hand shot out with his palm already enveloping itself in his green glow. Inasa’s body froze in the middle of his wide stride and locked him in place mid-air before the quirk hauled him back over to the teacher’s side of the boat. A hand quickly placed itself on the boy’s shoulder to dissuade him from charging again. “In a time like this you need to take a moment to plan before you can charge in recklessly like that.”

He took a step forward past the students around him, calmly walking to the edge compared to their previous rushed movements. His view of the lake below confirmed the words of the terrified student, his eyes scanning across the field of villains rising from out of the water. “From up here we take a moment to observe our opposition and make sense of the situation.”

He glanced back at the students watching him, giving them a focused look as he pointed to the treacherous depths below. “For example. Even though they have the numbers advantage and they’re in an environment that benefits their quirks, why haven’t they attacked us yet?”

Tsuyu was the first to walk towards the bar, aiming her still unflinching gaze towards the several faces glaring back at her as her gloved finger prodded at her chin again. “You’re right Midoriya-sensei. The three of us were up here for about a minute before you showed up. They didn’t even show up from out of the water when we were dropped onto the boat.”

“Now that I think about it, that smoke villain could have warped me anywhere he wanted, but he sent me here in the flood zone.” The frog girl shared a glance with Izuku as they shifted their gaze onto each other. He followed her hand moving forwards to point across the lake, directing his attention to the giant red dome decorated with patterns of orange fire across the rim. “If I had been sent to the fire zone other there, I would have dried up in moments because of my quirk.”

The counsellor perked up, aiming his reassuring smile turned back over to Tsuyu. “Then that must be it. They don’t know what any of the class’ quirks are so instead they planned on using their knowledge on their own quirks coupled with their strength in numbers to overwhelm whoever got warped in here with them.”

“Which means we have the element of surprise!” Inasa shot between the two with his returning grin. Izuku eagerly nodded along with the body as he smiled back.

“Correct! Now we have a foothold that we can use to plan our attack. But before we do, let’s take advantage of that knowledge. I already know the basics of your quirks, but if we familiarise ourselves, it’ll give us a better edge.”

The group collectively nodded before they shifted away from the view of the villains below, crouching down out of sight with the counsellor’s back to the ridge. Tsuyu’s squatting form and Izuku’s figure dropping down on one knee were still noticeably taller than the standing Minoru as they three of them turned their gaze over to Inasa, silently clueing him to start.

“I have total control over the wind! I can make massive whirlwinds to smash villains or fly through the air!” The caped boy continued with loud and unwavering tone, raising a proud fist as he bellowed out. Tsuyu didn’t pull her head back despite the sudden noise, while the teacher behind her gave a quick reassuring glance over the edge.

“I don’t think we can say that we have the element of surprise if you yell everything to the people below us. Ribbit.”

“A-ah, right! Sorry!” Inasa’s head shot down into an apologetic bow, the floor creaking as he slammed his forehead against the metal. Izuku looked concerned for the boy until his surprisingly unscathed head pulled up to face the others again. Their attention slowly shifted from him onto the next in the group’s short row, the frog girl noticing quickly and responding.

“My quirk lets me do everything a frog can do. I can jump high, climb up walls, stick my tongue up to twenty meters away and spit out my stomach from my body and wash it. I can also secrete a toxic mucus from my body that stings a little bit and-”

“Okay. I don’t imagine that those last two will play that much of a role, but thank you anyway Asui.” The teacher’s hand moved forwards to silence Tsuyu, flashing an awkward smile as he looked back at her neutral expression.

Hehe…secrete…secrete…” Izuku picked up on the low giggle behind him. He shifted himself around to Minoru, immediately noticing his head pointed towards the floor with an odd blush on his cheeks and a pervy smile on his face.

The greenette’s expression soured as he stared out of the purple-suited student’s view, his brows furrowing as he eventually poked his cheek with a single finger and immediately jolting him out from his daze. “Mineta, you’re up.”

Minoru quickly flinched beneath the gaze of the three faces watching him expectantly. His short legs quickly scurried over to the inner wall of the boat, pausing for a moment before his gloved hand moved above his head and gripped one of the perfectly round balls that made up his hair. He easily plucked the purple globe from his scalp and pressed it against the hull, pulling his had away to leave it in place while another ball appeared in the space on his head almost immediately.

“My quirk lets me pull out my hair and stick them to things like glue. They don’t stick to me and just bounce off when I touch them.” The student jabbed at the hairball firmly stuck in place, watching it bounce against his fingers as he turned his head back over to the group. “Depending on how I’m feeling, they can stay like this for a whole day.”

The three other members on the boat stared in silence, their eyes locking directly on the quirk display before them. Izuku’s eyes specifically focused as he took in the sight, his expression hardening slightly. It wasn’t long until the judging stares caused the boy to cave as his eyes exploded with tears once again. “Look, I know it’s a terrible quirk! That’s why I wanted to just wait here and hide!”

The teacher’s tone quickly wilted into panic the moment he noticed the student’s face contort in distress, his unoccupied arm shooting out and waving between the two of them attempting to reassure him. “H-hey, it’s not bad at all! I’m just thinking about how we could use it!”

“What about you Midoriya-sensei? We don’t know what your quirk is.” Tsuyu’s unaffected voice cut in, bringing the adult’s attention onto her. He was greeted with the same look that he had seen on her face the last him he saw her. Inasa had quickly begun to eagerly nod his head with an encouraging smile.

“Oh, right.” Izuku quickly shot his free hand into the red pocket on his waist, rummaging for a second before it returned with a metal ball in his palm. The ammunition floated high above his glowing hand before it began to slowly drop to the ground again, hovering above his stained glove. “I can pull things towards me, and then fire it back after I’ve drawn them back enough.”

It was his turn to be at the centre of the student’s gazes, the three of them watching the small metal orb float in place. He could hear the sniffles of Minoru begin to dry up as he wiped away his overgrown tears with his yellow glove. “…That makes me feel a little better about my quirk. Thank you Midoriya-sensei.”

Izuku made a good attempt to hide the annoyed glare he was going to point at the boy before his attention moved over to a thunderous noise of footsteps to his other side. His head shot over to see Inasa rushing over to the front of the boat in a frantic dash. “Wait, something’s happening on the plaza!”

The three other heroes followed soon after, leaping up from their place on the floor as they followed after the boy. The teacher rushed in front of the group as his eyes quickly surveyed the view in his alarm, his head darting from side to side searching for the same source of panic as his student. The moment that his eyes locked onto the sight off in the distance, his entire body froze as his eyes shot wide open as a heavy chill ran down his spine.

It had only been a couple of moments since he had last look over to the plaza, remembering how the space had been occupied by with just the three villains strolling across the open space surrounded by the discarded bodies of unconscious attackers. When he looked now, he couldn’t focus on any of the sights that were still present when his eyes were locked onto the students he had grown to know that were now suddenly on the floor before Tomura.

“W-why are they all down there?” Minoru’s shivering figure shrunk in fear as the scene continued before them, his teary eyes being forced to watch as Tomura sauntered closer to his classmates, the terror on their faces matching his own. “He-he’s gonna-”

“WE HAVE TO GET DOWN THERE RIGHT NOW!” Inasa’s tone was completely void of his previous cheer. He shot past the others beside him and stopped a few meters behind them. The short pause he gave as he moved into a sprinting position was the only chance for the teacher to see his tense expression and grit teeth before he rocketed back towards him.

“Yoarashi! Hold on!” Izuku was only able to land his hand onto his cape as he shoved past him, holding him in place before he could leap off the side of the boat. He did his best to pull him back by the brown fabric with his recovered strength, until his head slowly turned the moment he felt the overwhelming presence beside him.

The massive hand comprised entirely of water hovered above the boat, its fingers stretching out before they curved downwards and bared their claws. In a swift drop the liquid hand cleaved through the centre of the ship and disappeared back into the lake, leaving an unstoppable wave that shook the cleanly separated pieces of the boat apart.

The students flew backwards from the shockwave, sending them tumbling backwards as the front of the ship raised upwards. They were quick to recover their grip on the floor as they slid across the elevated end of the wreckage. Tsuyu and Inasa latched themselves onto the rail as they knelt beside it as Izuku and Minoru eventually stopped grinding against the surface and quickly brought their heads up and snapped to attention.

“W-what was that?!” Minoru’s voice had not recovered at all from his shock, his face darting in his panic as fearful tears continued to leak from his quivering eyes.

The teacher’s head immediately shot over to the other portion of the boat, watching it as it had already begun to sink below the water. His eyes shot over to the rest of the lake to find the animated liquid already beginning to rise once again. “The villains below are starting their attack! I saw this quirk while I was in the lake!”

The tears that had been building up exploded from the purple boy’s eyes as he tightly gripped the sides of his head, immediately screaming out in his unrestrained panic. “We’re gonna die here! I came to this school a week ago, why am I going to get killed after just starting?! Why couldn’t I at least touch Yaoyarozu’s boobs before I died?!”

Tsuyu’s eyes simply tightened slightly as she shifted her head over to stare directly at Minoru with only a sliver of disgust seeping through her expression. “…You did join U.A to become a hero right Mineta-chan?”

The chaos of the moment had yet to bring the same unease to Izuku as he rose to his feet, looking on across the waters with a focused gaze aimed directly at the swarm of villains. “There’s no other way that I can see. They're on the attack now, and every moment we spend here only reduces our chances of living more and more...”

The students brought their gazes solely onto the teacher’s hardening expression, Minoru’s face in particular doing nothing to attempt to fix his stress as he snapped on him. “I already know that dammit! Why are you telling me that?!”

“...which is all the more reason why we’re going to fight back even harder.” His head turned over to the boy and frog girl to his left, turning their blatant and obscured fears into confusion as he flashed them a small but confident smile. The hand clinging onto his side finally loosened as it raised up, clenching itself tightly as he steeled himself before the students. “When the odds aren’t in your favour, or when your opponent is assured of their victory, that is where you push back with everything you have. That was something All Might said before in an interview.”

“Does that mean you have a plan?!” Inasa’s eager grin returned as he quickly rose back to his feet alongside the hero, eagerly bolstering himself with tightening fists after he had listened to the greenette’s message.

Izuku turned himself to the boy now at his right side, his smile growing prominent as he nodded back to him. He could still feel the reduced pain stinging against his abdomen, but he didn’t allow the sensation to faze him as he put on an honest brave face. “Like I said before, all that matters now is getting you three to safety. And that’s a promise I intend to keep to you all.”

The heroes in training perked their heads to Izuku’s declaration, the stream of tears drying out for a moment as the teacher moved closer and crouched down again closer to him. The remaining students shuffled closer as they huddled together amidst the crashing waves and sinking ship, listening closely as he began to speak again.

Tomura was all too eager to turn his face away from the lake the moment that the green hero sunk beneath the surface, the sight of the man who had caused him so much trouble disappearing before his eyes remedying his building anger. It was only after the silent break after watching him sink into the water that he realised the easy victory was not enough to sate the annoyance he was left with, itching to let out the rest of his frustration with no victims to decay.

With his boredom beginning to rise, his head eagerly snapped over as soon as he saw the erasure hero on the floor attempting to pull himself up, seeing the bloodied and furious expression behind his long black hair as his face rose from its crater. He could only recover a few more inches before the villain had dashed over and banged his red shoe against the back of his head, slamming the hero’s head against the floor once again.

He took pleasure in grinding his sole against the man’s head, feeling barely any resistance from his broken state below him. His foot paused for a moment as he brought his head up from staring down at his mangled body, not bothering to turn his head back to the other villains standing behind him. “Kurogiri. You said there were some brats who survived your first attack.”

“Indeed. They should be up there still, attempting to escape themselves or attend to Thirteen’s wounds.” The eyes on Kurogiri’s smoke form dipped an inch as he nodded to the back of Tomura’s head. He could already predict the order that would follow as he gazed back at the villain’s form pulling his foot away from the weakened hero and twisting himself around.

As he turned his head, the living smoke quickly focused on the one eye that he could see past the pale hand mask, losing sight of his mouth just as he saw the dry lips shift into a sickening smile. “Bring them here. They’ll be the first to go before we go take care of the rest of the class.”

Kurogiri’s body twisted away to face open space ahead of him, not showing any sign of objection in his straight posture as a single tendril of purple mist extended out from him. The line slithered its way through the air high above the ground before it splashed out in all directions and pooled into a flat circular cloud stretching across the plaza. There were only a few seconds of silence before the bottom of the surface began to ripple and the first few limbs began to fall through the warp gate.

The students plummeted all at once towards the ground, flailing around in their shock as they were transported without warning from the stairway towering above the floor. They hit the base of the building with a harsh thud as they were dispersed across the room, reeling from their impact as the portal swiftly closed itself above them.

Ochaco was one of the first to pull her head from the ground with a wince, her eyes quickly darting around her to find her friend Mina nearby along with Thirteen’s unconscious and sheared suit remaining lifeless beside her. The rest of her classmates pulled their faces up from against the floor soon after, attempting to process the sudden change surrounding them before all of their eyes locked onto the thin man sauntering over to them.

“Hello, heroes. Time to get a good taste of what it is you signed up for.” Tomura’s voice raspy voice carried his sickly amused tone as he strolled closer, clenching and unclenching his hands in preparation as he watched the young faces staring back at him contort into fear.

The students shot to their feet as he strolled closer. He paused for a moment watching the men that were once splayed across the floor fumble to the front and don their resolute stances, the tight expressions offsetting their trembling eyes as they stared down the villain. The brunette and pink-skinned girls scarpered backwards to the motionless hero’s sides and pulled them up by their shoulders before looking back over to the trio of villains.

Nomu took a step forwards, immediately cracking the hard floor below with a single lumbering stomp as he lurched beside Tomura. The dead gaze from his two eyes looking to the sides aimlessly sent a cold chill down the children’s spines. Their stances weakened as the monster silently prepared himself to charge, pointing his toothy beak directly at the bunched class before him.

A gaunt hand calmly moved before the hulking beast before he had the chance to rampage. The nonchalant movement made him immediately freeze in his place, the clear tension beneath his black skin quickly reducing again as he remained in place. The villain covered in hands that easily stopped him didn’t bat an eye at the monster he had silence, instead continuing to stare at the now trembling students as a wild grin broke out from behind his cover.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let loose the final boss on a bunch of low levels. I’ll just take care of you all myself.” Tomura resumed his saunter, his form beginning to lower closer as he slowly gained speed. He spread his hands fully opened as he broke out into a sudden dash that forced the class to flinch. “Make sure that this is satisfying. I got a lot of anger to get rid of thanks to your teachers!”

The rapid sprint he tried to carry was shattered moments later as the open air beside him burst into a storm of strong winds. His focus immediately darted onto the wave of force whipping against his side, his gaze begrudgingly shifting over to acknowledge the interruption.

When his view shifted over to his left side to reveal the lake, his eyes quickly locked onto the brown-caped boy flying above the new wreckage of the boat. The small storm below him propelled him further into the air with a wide grin on his face as he faced the lake below him and pulled his open hand up towards the ceiling.

The villain could only see the air begin to twist around his palm for a moment before he brought his entire arm down, sending the swirling gust down with it. In an instant the swirling air exploded as it shot past his limb, transforming into a hurricane of violent winds that careened towards the water below. The overwhelming force crashed into the lake moments later, the massive splash that followed almost reaching the airborne student himself.

Tomura was forced to stop his sprint and brace himself as even the outer waves of the storm’s kickback threatened to knock him back. He moved his slim hand away from in front of his masked face when the force finally began to settle, his gaze tensing as he watched the fallout of the attack continue to ravage the lake.

He along with the other villains and students continued to stare as whirlwind beneath the boy’s feet began to strengthen again as he orientated himself in the air. The new force below him lifted him through the air towards the open grounds, flashing the same confident smile from before as he rocketed towards them.

Inasa glided across the concrete after his rapid descent down, his soles grinding against the floor as the decreasing winds pushed him forwards. He dug his boots into the floor once he arrived in front of the class, immediately falling into his position before his cape could even settle behind him.

“Don’t worry everyone! Help is on the way!”

Izuku was already moving with confidence the moment that Inasa had jettisoned himself from the ship, passing a glance down at the unstable water below as the trashing waves crashed into the floating villains. His focus quickly shifted to the remaining students beside him, flashing a confirming smile to Tsuyu as he stuck out both of his cupped palms together before himself.

The frog girl grabbed Minoru without warning and hopped forwards onto his awaiting hands. Her feet planted themselves in the foothold given to her, her large soles quickly becoming enveloped in an emerald glow as she felt the tension below them begin to grow. The teacher’s hands shifted themselves as his quirk’s grip tightened, pulling one hand away completely to balance her on one shining hand and pull back his arm to the side of his torso.

“Asui, Mineta, are you ready?” Izuku’s form locked in place, his eyes shifting to find the two students positioned almost horizontally beside him. Tsuyu’s legs crouched against the small surface below, drawing closer to the counsellor before giving a small nod and ribbit.

He didn’t pay attention to the terrified boy in the girl’s hold frantically shaking his head and poured his focus into his form, the upper half of his body swivelling towards his prepared arm and placing his free palm flat in front of him. His brows furrowed as he stared directly at the space just above the thumb ahead of him, his assurance in his aim growing as the piling air finished gathering and compressing across his loaded forearm.

His foot slammed against the boat’s floor, the harsh sound signalling the rest of his tensed body to move in perfect formation. It took only a second for Izuku’s arm to shoot forwards at full speed, releasing the air trapped in his quirk to bolster the sudden force behind his movement in a burst of power. Tsuyu’s legs sprang off the palm she was riding with full force, immediately rocketing off as the air exploded outwards with her.

By the time his arm had completely stilled at the end of his throw, Tsuyu and Minoru were already careening over the unstable lake. The teacher’s head darted up to watch them fly, his eyes intentionally focusing on the purple-clad boy that was squirming in his place. He could still hear the terrified scream grow distant as they soared towards the mainland.

The student’s teary eyes opened met with Izuku’s resolute stare looking back at him. They were the same determined eyes that he used before when they were still on the boat listening to his plan. The boy could feel his own stress seep away as Izuku took control of the moment of chaos and eased them all and directed the three of them into a sound plan. It was only when the teacher mentioned the step that relied solely on Minoru that his growing confidence quickly disappeared.

He was still trembling as he looked back at the greenette. He had no time to argue against it or even prepare himself for his role before Insa flew off and he was thrown off the ship. But now that he was given the chance to escape as he was carried off by Tsuyu, he could see the fortitude in his eyes, clearly staring back at him with complete trust and dependency in his next actions.

Minoru’s hands forced themselves to stop shaking, his teeth gritting as his tears continued to flow. He gave a stress-filled scream as the yellow gloves shot up to his head and quickly ripped out the purple balls attached to his scalp. As soon as his hands were empty, they reached back up at a speed only matched by how fast the hairballs returned.

His hysteria fuelled the breakneck rate at which he tore the spheres out of his hair and catapulted downwards into the rampaging lake. The balls gave a tiny splash as before they were quickly swept by the massive waves from Inasa’s attack. The sight of his quirk swirling along the waters was enough to draw Izuku’s attention away from the fleeting students as his gaze snapped onto the ripping waters.

The teacher watched from atop the sinking boat as the massive crater in the lake formed from the harsh impact of wind from before started to close again. As the surrounding waters cascaded in to fill the hole, the villains seen once floating in place above the surface turned frantic and helpless as they were drawn to the epicentre of the fissure along with the purple balls now scattered across the lake.

The people and hairballs disappeared from Izuku’s sight for a moment beneath waves collapsing into one point before suddenly rupturing and exploding upwards in a final geyser of. In the centre of the blast laid the product of the student’s teamwork, a giant ball of writhing villains that had been pulled together and bound to one another by Minoru’s balls of purple hair littering the outside.

Izuku watched the mass of subdued villains as it was forced to float completely disarmed on the calmed waters. The seriousness that had filled his expression moments ago had already disappeared in place of a new look of awe and a wide smile with it. His head shifted over to watch Tsuyu and Minoru continue to soar from his throw as they began to descend towards the other students, making sure to flash them the proud smile as they flew away.

He didn’t have any time to process the purple-clad boy’s reaction as he broke out into a sudden sprint towards them. His legs were already glowing a bright emerald glow before he sudden began running towards the front of the ship, taking a giant jump moments after beginning. His iron boots slammed onto the bar surrounding the front before leaping into the air with the help of a sudden burst of air.

He wasn’t moving forward anywhere near as fast as he had sent the students. Instead, his head almost immediately shot down to look below him, taking in the open lake below him now completely void of the previous danger of villains. The teacher’s body oriented itself in the air as he began to plummet, adopting an easy diving pose as he plunged hands first.

The surface turned restless with the splash he made, only to turn quiet once again seconds later. There was no sign available in the lake showing Izuku’s presence until moments later when a dim green shine appeared in the space where he disappeared.

There was no end in sight for Tomura’s growing anger as he stared down the tall boy remaining completely steadfast, his arms shaking in rage just waiting to dash forwards at reckless speed. The raspy breathing from behind his hand mask only grew louder when he was quickly followed by another pair of students landing before the once trembling group. The villain didn’t hesitate in his movements, bringing his hand to below his chin and beginning to furiously scratch at his already damaged neck.

“So, even when is put those lowlifes in a place where they benefit, they’re still completely worthless huh?” His coarse voice grew rougher by the word as he locked his frustrated view directly onto the children, none of them able to see he the bloodshot eyes staring them down past the messy hair and pale fingers.

His hectic scratching stopped for a moment, looking past the caped student that continued to steal his view with his undeterred expression. He felt himself become invigorated as he noticed the still present looks of trepidation dotted across the groups, giving a loud sigh before his hand dropped and he began to saunter closer.

“Fine then. I can’t wait to dust that cocky smile off your damn-”

“Shigaraki! Behind us!”

Tomura’s head snapped to the side Kurogiri was standing the moment he heard his voice unexpectantly take on a tone of shock. He turned confused for a moment as the rightmost space in his view remained barren before noticing the top of the living smoke tilted up to the sky, his wide eyes clearly showing his unnatural surprise. By the time he had swivelled himself around to follow the same view, he had already begun to notice the off presence above that suddenly loomed over them.

His face shot up when he noticed the giant projectile careening towards him, staring in shock at the glowing green comet of water that rocketed out of the lake and flew above their heads. The magnified light shining through made it hard to see the core of the swirling water plummeting directly at the three villains, until the violent projectile continued to spin around and reveal the hero it was being dragged through the air by.

Izuku positioned himself as he flew alongside the trapped waters that clung tightly to his leg, rotating his waist to rear back his engulfed limb behind him. The teacher’s hardened gaze locked onto the hand-clad villain as his target, his entire form tensing in preparation as he fell out of the sky towards him.

His leg swung forwards as the soaring waters grew unstable around him. He kicked the air ahead of him with all of the power and weight added from his ammunition, which immediately exploded forwards in a massive wave of liquid at the apex of his strike. The sight that the villains had of him was eclipsed by the cascading force, suddenly bearing down on them in a violent downpour.

Tomura and Kurogiri shielded themselves from what they expected to be a harsh onslaught, but only felt the odd sensation of a simple splash hitting most of their body. The skinny villain was almost in disbelief at the lack of force behind the once intimidating attack, taking his time to bring himself back up from behind his guard after a few more assured moments.

A small smile grew across his chapped lips as his now eager eyes locked back up, ready to see the shock of failure spread across the hero’s entire face. When he darted his face upwards however, he only saw the open air and dome of the building. The look of confidence disappeared with his realisation, his eyes widening as he processed the disappearance.

He could feel a new presence appear far behind him, quickly shifting his gaze to where he and the two other villains had once been standing. His eyes snapped to attention when he saw Izuku down on one knee beside Shota’s body, already using the moment of distraction he had created to pull his limp form off the shattered floor.

The greenette delicately gripped Shota’s arm and moved it over his shoulder, while placing his bare hand on his waist to carefully pull him onto his back. A soft glow anchored the other teacher’s front to Izuku’s back, allowing him to shift his hold on his torso onto his hanging legs.

The new movement stirred a new, much weaker movement from the erasure hero as he slowly brought his head up from resting on the counsellor’s shoulder. His eyes were twitching as they tried to keep themselves open, fighting his exhaustion as his bloodied face rose to acknowledge his peer. “De…ku…?”

Izuku hoisted himself back to his steady feet, breathing deeply as his legs wrapped themselves with his quirk’s light. He allowed the tense expression that he had carried since his opening assault, turning his head over and giving a smile to his drooping face. “I’m sorry to ask for this Eraser, but I’m seriously relying on you to help me right now.”

His tone shifted immediately as he snapped his head to attention in front of him, focusing his eyes solely onto the villain now charging directly at him. The reckless form that Tomura took as he sprinted towards the pair displayed his clearly rampant need to attempt to try his hands at decaying them again. the teacher responded by gritting his teeth firmly before he broke out into his own dash aimed directly at the villain in return.

Izuku’s charge remained undeterred as he faced down the opposing force rapidly drawing near, even as he quickly noticed the growing fog suddenly rushed towards him. His form lowered for a split second before he rose in an instant and releasing the charge of air built up on one of his legs, boosting his simple leap to rocket above the oncoming villain just as his open hand lunged out to grab him.

Tomura’s masked face followed the hero’s abrupt jump and met his gaze as he flew over his head, eventually losing the force behind his rise and beginning his descent back down. As he watched him fall, his eyes slowly widened when he noticed the greenette’s still glowing leg pull into him further rather than greet the floor below. It was only when the limb stopped retreating that he realised that he was not planning to land on the concrete yet.

The bottom of Izuku’s iron sole came down on Tomura’s face, forcing him to reel backwards as the full weight and force behind the stomp continued to drive into his face. Even as his upper half leaned back with the shock, his body refused to turn limp from the strike, his rage already growing as he processed the pain across his face. When he noticed the slither of purple smoke, he immediately felt emboldened to let out his skyrocketing frustrations and threw his arm up to latch onto the leg above him.

The world seemed to pause him once he fully grasped the limb, waiting for the moment that the hero would begin to erode and decay beneath his hand. But instead, his eyes slowly widened as the weight didn’t disappear from his face even after his grip on him remained. After his panicked eyes darted over to notice even the line of Kurogiri’s quirk beginning to recede back into his still body, he shifted them back over in disbelief to realise the glowing pair of eyes staring him down on the green teacher’s shoulder.

Izuku’s leg exploded with the trapped air and now attached hand as his quirk repelled it all downwards at the ground. The back of Tomura’s head was sent crashing down into the concrete, while the hero on the other end of the attack was propelled forwards and away from the disarmed villains. He didn’t turn his head back to assure himself on his escape, using the sounds of cracking to bolster himself as he shot over towards the onlooking students watching him.

He twisted himself as he began to slow down in the air, his iron shoes eventually hitting the floor and grinding him to a halt as he finished his rotation. The counsellor took a drawn-out breath to calm himself again before he raised his head up again. He took in the sight ahead of him of the villain he stepped on facing up to the sky as he was sprawled out on the ground, his head resting on a small crack.

Izuku quickly twisted his head away from the villains again to point his focused look back at the students behind them, showing their overjoyed smiles of relief among the remaining looks of stress from before he had returned. His eyes travelled across the group before locking onto the severely damaged form of the other teacher. “How are you all?  What happened to Thirteen?”

“They got hit with their own quirk back on the stairway! That smoke villain used his quirk to redirect it!” Mina quickly responded from Thirteen’s side as she and Ochaco lifted them off the floor, her voice clearly panicking as she revealed the gaping open hole in the back of the teacher’s suit.

Izuku had no time to recoil in shock before his attention was stolen by the sounds of raspy breathing suddenly growing louder and more seething by the second. His shaken expression snapped back onto the source before him, watching the villain on the floor begin to write as his head rose from the cracked floor.

Tomura rolled himself onto his knees, releasing a loud growl that turned into a scream as he slammed his palms against the concrete. The reaction was almost instant, the entire class watching as thin fissures exploded outwards from beneath both of his hands, webbing out into chaotic patterns as the entire area began to crumble into dust.

The disintegration eventually finished as the rampant cracks sliced a large, crude circle around the villain before the once solid floor below collapsed into dust. Tomura showed no hesitation in shooting up to his feet on the concrete sand, his hands already moving to his neck to frantically scratch. Izuku could see his neck flaking as he continued to maul at it until his masked face snapped onto him, staring back with his hate filled eye visible between his hair and mask.

“What’s the plan now Midoriya-sensei?!” Inasa was left undeterred by the show of power and craziness despite the almost unanimous reaction of everyone else, leaping into his prepared stance with a wide grin and fists clenched before him.

It was only when he was given near silence as an answer that his confident smile began to weaken. The boy slowly turned his now more cautious expression to his side, turning surprised as he saw the greenette’s own look of stress with his teeth grit and a bead of sweat going down the side of his head. “…Midoriya-sensei?”

Izuku stared in silence at the sight of the lanky villain before him riling himself up to attack again. Without a word he shifted his near unconscious peer on his back to his other side before moving him into his arms, holding him out to the tall boy beside him. “Here. Take Eraser from me…”

“A-alright, but what are you…” Inasa blinked as his solid posture loosened, opening his arms to take his hold on Shota to continue lifting him up, draping one arm behind his neck and hoisting him up to weakly stand next to him.

“If this goes well, I should be able to buy you all about a minute’s worth of time to get a head start up the stairs.” The boy had no chance to finish his question before the teacher he was trying to ask took a step forward, rolling his shoulder as he stared straight ahead. His eyes slowly widened as he realised Izuku’s implications. “When you start running to the exit, don’t look back no matter what you might hear behind you.”

The group collectively flinched from behind the counsellor, who didn’t notice their looks of shock and chose to take another slow step forward. Minoru was the first to leave his daze, immediately dashing forwards to try and meet his counsellor’s gaze with panicked eyes. “W-WHAT?! But you’ll die! Look at those guys, you can’t take them all on your own!”

Izuku acknowledged the voice beside him but didn’t shift his head over towards the student. His focus shifted onto placing his hand against his torso, immediately feeling the bruising pain he was trying to ignore flare intensely as he pressed into it slightly. He didn’t allow the spiking sensation to faze him for longer than a few seconds, having already set himself of a course forwards as he aimed his stare back at Tomura.

“Didn’t you say you were going to get us all out of here?!” Inasa’s free hand latched onto the greenette’s shoulder, unintentionally pulling him backwards in a sudden jerk. The motion caused his head to tilt backwards, forcing him to face the suddenly stressed expression that the boy was unable to hide.

The boy froze in his place once Izuku looked over his shoulder and revealed his face to him. The look that the teacher gave back started off focused and unyielding, but quickly softened when he faced Inasa until it turned into a quiet smile and a comforting stare.

“I did, and I am.” Izuku’s hand slowly lifted and firmly placed itself on Inasa’s shoulder, giving him a reassuring nod that only made his panicked face tense more in his growing dread. “Don’t worry about me. Just make sure everyone gets out together. I’m counting on you all.”

The grip that the greenette had lasted longer than the one his student gave back as it eventually wilted off and returned to his side. His sincere expression hardened again as he shifted his head onto the rest of the class. “Everyone! look after each other from now on! Save yourselves and the injured from your pursuers, now go!”

He could clearly see how pensive the class had become after listening to his order, but responded with nothing as their anxious looks nodded along. Izuku watched them quickly turn towards the long stairway and sprint for the exit, with both of the unconscious teachers carried in the arms of Mezo and Inasa. He made sure to watch the escaping class for a few more seconds before he returned his determined glare to his front.

“Would you look at that, the rookie wants another try at being a big shot hero.” The rage in Tomura’s voice had been replaced by a clearly entertained mood. His hands had already calmed themselves and moved away from his neck, instead displaying them widely in a boastful posture. “It doesn’t matter how well you play it, you just ended your run here.”

Izuku’s hands clenched by his sides, visibly shaking as he faced the ground ahead of him. He didn’t allow the villains to see his grit teeth and furrowed eyebrows. “Maybe I did. Maybe I could have avoided resorting to this if I was stronger, or had though ahead of the danger everyone would be in. But this is the role I accepted when I became a hero and a teacher, so I’ll do whatever it takes to help them.”

His face came back up in a new resolute tone, one open hand moving the mouthguard around his neck back onto his face as his hands emanated another bright green shine. “Even if I fall here, if I can get those students out of here before you can lay another finger on them, then that means I’ve still won against you.”

He could tell the exact moment when the taunting nature of Tomura’s form disappeared after he uttered those words and brought his tight fists up into position. The villain’s arms went limp in front of his hunched posture as his masked face aimed itself directly at the hero, watching as his feet and shins glowed with the same colour as his forearms.

The hand-clad man could only take a single step forward before the space ahead exploded with a wave of heavy air. Izuku had already began rocketing towards him with a quirk-powered leap, leaning his upper half backwards and aiming his cocked fist directly at the villain’s masked face.

Despite the oncoming attack he knew from before as trouble, Tomura made no other movement as his opponent rapidly drew closer. His posture only seemed to grow looser and more relaxed during his stare, slowly tilting his head to one side before both his and the counsellor’s view of each other was completely filled by a blurred pitch-black wall.

Izuku’s eyes shot wide open as he flinched at the hulking Nomu appearing near instantly before his target. Even as his head flinched back, he could still process the sudden movement after the last time he had interrupted the fight. His expression only hardened in response as he followed through with the momentum he created, setting his eyes now on the beast staring him down.

The hero’s iron soles slammed into the ground the moment he dropped closer, halting the force propelling him completely in his footing. His waist swivelled with the remaining power from his leap, pivoting his tight glowing fist to extend forwards directly into Nomu’s torso.

His knuckles crashed into the bulky abdomen before him and immediately let loose the trapped air connected to him. The rampaging winds dissipated moments after the full shockwave of Izuku’s blow travelled across the villain’s body. As the moment turned silent after the burst of force, Izuku’s vision became clearer and allowed him to see the result of his blow, only for his eyes to suddenly widen as he stared at the monster’s body.

His opponent had not shifted an inch after he had struck his body with both his fist and quirk, the taught skin and muscles beneath his fist not even rippling from the attack. The counsellor’s head slowly tilted upwards to the bird head looming over him, suddenly flinching and losing his tense expression when he saw the two dead eyes unnaturally snap onto him.

Izuku snapped to attention and regained his resolved look from his startle. He gave an agitated growl as he yanked his extended fist back, immediately using the energy generated to send his other prepared fist careening into the same black figure. He watched as the strike followed suit with his first blow, the discharged winds simply bouncing off Nomu’s body as if he had just punched a steel wall.

The quirk’s glow returned to his legs as the air wrapping around his limbs like before, while the similar light on his arms began to widen and flourish with his demands. The building charge was kept tightly compressed on his forearms, but the shine loosened itself as the quirk travelled up. The portion of his quirk tinting his elbows flared outwards, funnelling the still air into his arms charges in a constant stream as the counsellor drew back both of his clenched fists.

Izuku sent one fist after another into the black monster’s body, each one detonating with an explosion of wind striking across his form. The whirling funnels at the end of his forearms refilled the stored air in the small period that his limb was pulled back and his other arm was extended forwards. He didn’t allow him to pay any attention to the lack of any reaction to the villain he was firing his barrage, pouring everything into striking faster until he would hopefully feel the surface he was pummelling eventually buckle beneath him.

After what felt like a minute of maintaining his flurry of punches to his already beaten figure, Izuku’s barrage of explosive fists relented for a moment. Once again he was forced to acknowledge the unmoving villain he was attacking, which only made his brows furrow and his glowing fists shake in his frustration. His eyes flared up as he pulled back both arms in unison before sending them both rocketing forwards into Nomu and releasing both charges of his quirk in a furious explosion.

The harsh force whipped against his front and sides as the overwhelming winds practically bounced off the villain’s front. His arms remained extended outwards with his knuckles placed against the beast’s chest as he took a heavy breath. Barely a moment passed before he was knocked out of his tired daze when he noticed the black muscles ahead of him begin to flex as one of his arms began to rise.

Izuku froze and his pupils shrank as he watched the once unmoving hand place itself high above his head, locking into place with a tight fist as the rest of the connected muscles tensed themselves in full view. The rest of his paused form came to life, his body orienting his aim directly onto the hero’s head before it came down in an instant blur.

Less than half a second passed before Nomu’s fist collided with the concrete and immediately cratered the floor with a thundering crack. The monster seemed to pause in its place once again, staring blankly at the new wreckage that his fist remained unobstructed in.

Izuku had already been hurled backwards by the intervention of his own quirk, flying backwards before quickly dropping the ground harshly and tumbling backwards. He slowly shifted himself onto his hands and knees breathing had turned erratic and panicked from the single show of force from the villain. His visibly shaken eyes stared back up to the trio of villains watching him, his fuzzy vision focusing on the hulking monster slowly pulling himself back into his neutral position.

The speed at which he threw that one punch was near instant, and from the completely demolished crater below, it was obvious that the power was not from his speed alone. The only reason he had the chance to dodge was because of the cacophony of his own senses practically screaming at him to fire off the remaining prepared air in his legs and fire him backwards. It was clear that if he had not reacted in that very second, he would have died.

The panting behind his mask eventually grew calm once again, regaining the rest of his unfocused vision and attempting to recollect himself. His process was halted when he noticed Tomura calmly stroll out from behind the stagnant villain, showing no other reaction to the counsellor’s retreat other than the slow tilt he made to one side.

Izuku could only imagine the taunting smile hidden from his eyes as the blue-haired villain continued to nonchalantly watch from behind Nomu. With grinding teeth, he began to rise back to his feet, allowing his quirk to reload the tight pockets of air wrapped around his legs. He was still just placing himself onto the tips of his soles as he tightened his fists, letting them tense and shake for a moment above his head before he slammed his open palms to the floor.

The hero balanced himself across his hands and feet, the four limbs all glowing with the same emerald light as air was continuously pulled in. His head snapped up, locking directly onto Tomura’s relaxed form with an intense glare as he drew his body closer to the ground.

The green charges released all at once below Izuku, releasing an overwhelming surge of violent air across the floor. The force behind the explosion sent the hero rocketing into the air, going further and further up above the three villains whose heads lagged behind his speed. When they did eventually catch up with his blurred form leaping directly upwards, they already found him staring back with eyes focused solely on Tomura.

Izuku inhaled deeply before suddenly throwing his head forwards and sending his entire body into a slow spin, the speed of his rotation continuing to build as he plummeted down. Soon after his body began to blur from the momentum, his huddled form burst in his quirk’s light and quickly began to suck in the air around him.

Tomura’s eyes narrowed as he continued to stare at the rolling green ball falling out of the air towards him, now surrounding by a thick cloak of compressed air. He forced his body to relax again, ignoring the unconscious thoughts telling him to dodge. He only needed to quietly beckon with his hand and get Nomu’s attention before the monster became fervently animated once again.

With the beast immediately speeding to the villain’s front once again, he expected himself to crack another taunting grin as he watched the hero stumble and crash into the floor before them once again rather than try to face the monster head on. However, his hidden expression turned to confusion as he saw the green projectile shift itself and continue to speed up, almost as if he had found a new target to home in on.

Nomu wasted no time effortlessly dropping into form, reeling back a fist in a matter of seconds as his monstrous beak and dead eyes aimed directly and the falling man. Unlike the gaunt villain behind him, he didn’t at all react to the green light beginning to shrink across the hero’s body, the entire glow compressing itself further into a single point as he dropped in from above the monster’s front.

Izuku’s rapid speed and new angle gave him the advantage he needed to strike first, allowing him to drive his pure green leg into the villain’s exposed brain. His iron sole combined with the thick wall of compressed air wrapped around easily caved in the much softer brain matter, squashing it into mush and forcing blood to gush from the sides.

The staggered monster had no chance to return the attack as it was forced to process the intense pain digging into his brain. His head shot upwards as he let out an unearthly roar in agony, forcing the victorious expression on the greenette’s face to weaken as the bulky form below him writhed and shook ferociously beneath his sunken foot.

Izuku drew himself into his pivoted leg before suddenly lunging backwards. The massive stockpile of air was let loose in an overwhelming explosion, easily sending him flying backwards to safety and leaving Nomu to reel back from the second impact rippling through his damaged brain.

The hero took his time preparing his form to land on his feet once his string of backflips had placed him a fair distance away from his opponents. From his contstantly spinning view he could see small intervals of Nomu’s body ferally shifting as his blood sloshed from his open skull. He thought nothing of the snippets he was given until the massive form suddenly disappeared altogether, his focus shattering when he noticed how fast the shift had happened.

He released a small burst of air with his quirk from his arms behind him, slowing down his rotation enough to take in the scene. As his panic and restricted view from before had guessed, the black beast had left the scene completely, leaving only some red splatters from the hero’s attack and the two over villains staring up to the ceiling. The odd view only made his stressed confusion skyrocket until he noticed the new shadow looming over him and turned his own head upwards.

Izuku froze in his place in the air once he saw hulking form of Nomu, now looming over him without any warning. The heavy indent that his mushed brain had been shaped into had completely disappeared, almost as if the attack never happened. The only evidence that was left of the hero’s assault was the staunched lines of blood going down the sides of his face.

He snapped back into the present moment as his mind raced to notice the massive fist that had stopped moving into position above him. In the tiny moment of Nomu’s muscles preparing itself to strike, Izuku’s arms sprang to life and lunged to his front, crossing his steel bracers tightly on instinct in front of his upper half.

The hero could only process the shock after the ruthless blow had been struck in an instant, his body immediately forced to reel from the shockwave cascading through his body. The fist had connected with the rushed guard he had made, which was immediately broken from the overwhelming impact but not before the metal was forced to grind against his faceguard.

Izuku’s body was sent flying into the floor below as the beast’s arm fully extended into him with all of his strength. An intense pain flooded through his torso the moment his back crashed into the concrete and heard a deep crack ripple through him. The energy that had made him plummet with such force was enough to make him bounce once off the unfeeling surface.

When he clattered against the floor for a second time, his body had turned enough to have him tumble face first. The weakened facemask struck the ground fist, bending again under the sudden strain and eventually snapping in half. The force hurdling him had disappeared after the rest of his front half made contact afterwards, leaving him near lifeless as his shaking body did its best to move again amidst the coursing agony.

The floor sundered beside him moments later. Izuku’s drained body could only allow him to slowly turn his head over to his side, just enough to see the wide crack beside him and the black figure standing on it. The monstrous beak and cold eyes stared down at the man below as his tensed hand was already beginning to move towards him.

The iron-tight grip latched onto him faster than his ragged body could recover, immediately applying a new painful when the bulky hand came down on his ungloved forearm and a foot pinned his chest to the floor. The pressure on his arm was already turning unbearable as it was pulled up until it was straining against its socket, but the agony only grew worse when the tension grew even stronger and the hand began to squeeze.

The exposed metal bracer creaked as it was forced to bend under the overwhelming strength of Nomu, the dent slowly growing bigger as it closed the short open gap between it and Izuku’s arm. His panicked eyes only grew more stressed as the cold metal was forced to dig into his arm and apply the full pressure exerted onto his limb.

He gritted his teeth tightly, almost painfully trying to take the agony head on, clenching his shaking fist tightly as the pain only grew worse at an agonisingly slow pace. He could feel how close he was to snapping beneath the force, his senses screaming out in pain until they were silenced with an audible crack.

Izuku’s head snapped up instantly as the indescribable pain drowned out any other thoughts he had. He almost screamed out from the shock, but his eyes locked onto the fleeting class rushing over to the steps. His eyes turned focused again and his jaw clamped shut, bracing himself as he drew his head further back and slammed his forehead directly into the concrete.

The agony was only increased with his headbutt, but it was enough to at least reduce the volume of his resulting cry. The torture seemed to pause in that moment, his head and arm bleeding out while portions of his limb grew purple. His thoughts were still overwhelmed from the numbness and pain, but he could still make out the quiet footsteps approaching his other side.

“Too stubbon to admit to them you weren’t strong enough to win huh?” Izuku’s head weakly rose up at the sound of Tomura’s arrogant voice coming from above him. He didn’t have to force any aspect of his enraged glare when his eyes stared back at the hand on the villain’s face.

“But I guess you were right. I still haven’t won yet, even now.” The message behind the villain’s taunting words lingered in the air, slowly turning the defeated hero’s expression to despair as he processed the only implication they gave. There was nothing he could do to stop the villain from turning to the living smoke villain behind him. “Kurogiri…”

“Say no more.” Kurogiri’s unwavering response was the only signal given back to Tomura before his misty body began to shrink. Izuku could only stare in horror as the fog disappeared into itself completely, his head immediately snapping to the escaping students now so far away from him and the villains.

He watched helplessly as he clearly saw a small slither of purple smoke appear before the moving group, immediately stopping them in their tracks as the formation rapidly expanded. The view of the stairway was completely eclipsed by the overwhelming formation of smoke towering over them, the pair of yellow eyes appearing from above and staring them down.

“Now then, let us try this once more.” Kurogiri’s focused tone returned for only a second before his body rippled out to ensnare the class, the top of his pillar body descending from the top while his sides stretched around the class. The class was left frozen in place as the shadows slowly overwhelmed them.

From the open sliver remaining behind them, the air quickly grew violent as a whirlwind was created from nothing. The harsh winds flushed into the space, surrounding the students in a furious whirlwind lashing out at the smoke around them, while leaving the class unharmed. The surrounding fog was easily blown away by the growing storm, scattering loose fragments of the villain’s quirk through the air and forcing his main body backwards.

Inasa was the only one left unfazed by both the rapid attack and violent defence as he stood at the front, his teeth grit as he pulled himself out of his sudden throwing form. He shifted the unconscious teacher on his back, moving him away from his back and handing him to the awaiting arms of his classmates, giving him free reign to look up and glare at the teetered villain.

“I was told to help everyone escape by Midoriya-sensei before he sacrificed himself to save us. I won’t let his or any of the teacher’s struggles be in vain!” The student gave his steadfast cry before he clenched his fist and reeled back his head and torso. The winds were already gathering behind him in a rampaging storm before he lunged his upper half forwards and sent it rocketing into the villain.

“An impressive quirk, but a futile cry regardless.” Inasa’s tense expression dropped the moment he looked up to see Kurogiri’s eyes and voice barely staggered by the oncoming winds. The pillar of smoke quickly widened before his eyes to reveal the black void inside, which effortlessly swallowed the whirlwind aimed at him.

As the heavy winds disappeared into the villain’s body, a portion of the class’ view turned over to their side, discovering another pitch-black hole lined with smoke floating above the ground as it rapidly widened. Their eyes widened with dread immediately after it had finished expanding, keenly remembering their familiar memories of the moment.

Without warning, the same wave of air that Inasa had sent directly into Kurogiri came out rocketing back towards the group of students. They had no means of defending themselves from the near instant wave of force that crashed into their party, immediately feeling the surging winds pushing them backwards effortlessly and scattering them across the grounds.

The students fell to the ground, dropping their mutilated teachers alongside them as they reeled back from their own attack. Inasa was one of the first to pull himself off the ground even as his body was still processing the shock of the retaliation. His head quickly turned from side to side, attempting to find solace as he acknowledged the presence of his rising classmates, only to find a new source of dread along with it.

From the corner of his view, Inasa could see a villain once thoroughly beaten and let unconscious on the other side of the plaza begin to slowly move again as he raised his head with a groan. The masked man brought himself back up on both of his shaky legs, rubbing his sore head as he slowly rose to fully stand. When his eyes met the stressed faces of the students, his form slowly turned solid again and his hand moved to his side in a tight fist.

Izuku could only watch as he was forced to lay on the ground far away from the class, seeing villain after villain slow rouse themselves from their unconsciousness. There were still plenty that remained unmoving as their colleges recovered, but the numbers were still growing enough that the students were quickly surrounded on all ends.

“Oh. Look at that, maybe they aren’t so useless after all.” Tomura’s voice returned, his all too confident tone slithering into Izuku’s ear. His slim body squatted down beside the hero’s head, his hand slowly creeping out of view to the back of his head before forcibly yanking it up by his green hair with every finger but his pinkie.

“Take a good look. All those students you just promised to save are going to die right in front of you, and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.” The greenette didn’t even wince at having his head pulled up, his hopeless eyes remaining glued to the view before him as the mass of recovered villain’s drew closer to the reduced class. “Do you get it now you useless nobody?

Tomura’s masked face slowly closed the gap between him and the third defeated teacher’s head below, revelling with a wide smile at the minuscule resistance he gave back. Izuku’s hand was clenched tight enough with his frustrations, something he would do the same with his other fractured limb if he could still move it at all.

“Game ove-”

A deafening rumble forced everything to stop in that moment, the building seemingly falling into silence after the violent noise reverberated across the grounds. Tomura and Izuku both lost their intense expressions as their eyes slowly drifted from each other and stared straight ahead of them. The awake villains did the same before they had the chance to descend upon the overwhelmed class, with every single set of eyes in the open plaza staring up to the top of the stairway.

The platform resting high above them was almost instantly draped in a thick fog of dust and rubble once the erupting crash rang out from nothing. The thick silence was interrupted soon after the sounds of slow, heavy footsteps growing closer and louder with each one. The cloud refused to dissipate easily, but the silhouette inside continued to grow more defined as it made its way closer to the edge.

“Everyone…There is no need to be afraid. Everything is fine now.”

An all too familiar voice boomed out from the top of the stairs, easily reaching everyone from the students to Izuku’s distant body. His eyes slowly widened and his head rose up on its own, listening to the resolute of the new arrival. Tomura shot his head down at the shifting here, still watching in shock as a broken smile made it’s way across his face.


The clouds began to part themselves, first revealing the two blonde lines of hair sprouting upwards before the opening continued to spread open and All Might became visible to everyone. His yellow coat had already been removed as he held it in one visibly tensed hand, instead wearing his plain white dress shirt made tight with his bulk.

Izuku’s eyes immediately met with All Might’s light blue once, almost as if they had locked onto him the moment he stepped into the building. His reassuring smile was nowhere to be seen. Instead, he looked down across the plaza with a face displaying his furious emotions to the entire class and villains staring back at him.


All Might casted the debris clouds aside with one more strong step forwards, sending a harsh wave of air in all directions to clear the space. He discarded his coat behind him before moving the same hand up to his next to hook beneath his necktie, barely applying any force behind his one finger grip to tear it off completely.


His head reared itself back over the view he had of the entire plaza, seeing the students smiling with frantic relief and a few tears as well as the villains left with dreading shivers down their spines. He gave one last look to his assistant left broken and pinned to the floor in his stead before inhaled deeply for the finale of his triumphant roar.