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light shows, brain storms, acid rain, and stomach pain

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To say that Shinsou Hitoshi was determined, would really be an understatement.

After lots of hard work and training with the Pro Hero Eraserhead, or as called by students Aizawa-sensei, Hitoshi finally had his chance to be moved up into the Hero Course. If he passed, of course. No. Not ‘if’, when.

He started off with a bold statement of him not being here to make friends, but the mixed reactions that got him made him wary. Especially, the look on that Midoriya boy. Concerning. And what the hell is ‘early-roki’?

His first match had made his adrenaline pump; him not having the training the Hero Course students had made him more or less dead weight, but he was determined to prove whoever may have had that thought wrong. And his 1-A teammates were all for it.

Kaminari Denki, the lightning boy. He was... interesting. The electric blond reminded somewhat him of Present Mic. He was really supportive, and nice, and although he had gotten a bit more used to not being shunned for his quirk after being accepted into U.A., the wariness was still there to some level. The sports festival had chased most of that away from his Gen Ed classmates, thank the lord. But still, it really was jarring- what a difference everything was from his previous school’s classmates.

He had always been the outcast, the villain kid, thanks to his quirk. He’d hear gossip and rumours spread about him, never a single one positive in any way. Pushes, shoves, and full out beatings became common after it manifested. And you know what the worst part was? He couldn’t even defend himself. The bullies would always go running for the teachers saying he used his quirk on them, and he’d always get in trouble. Hitoshi would even be blamed for things he didn’t do, but even if the lies were obvious, that didn’t matter. Eventually, it had become so common that he stopped responding with his usual snark, or just fighting back at all. They all told him he couldn’t become a hero. If he won this, he’d prove them all wrong. And that is exactly what he’s going to do.

Mineta Minoru, Ashido Mina, Uraraka Ochako, and Midoriya Izuku. Those were his opponents for his second match. Monoma Neito, Yanagi Reiko, Kodai Yui, and Shouda Ninrengeki. His teammates. While preparing for the match, Monoma had told them all about how he had been told he could never be a hero with his type of quirk. It seems as though they were more similar than he had originally thought. Monoma would copy Hitoshi’s quirk and provoke Midoriya into speaking by taunting his classmates. Midoriya would go ahead as a distraction, but the copy-cat quirk user would take care of that. Yanagi, Kodai, and Shouda would go after the other four. That was the plan that would get them to win. Or well, that was what they had hoped.

And as the determined boy he fought in the sports festival screamed in pain, as violent black whips of lightning lashed out of him, destroying every unfortunate thing they touched and blasting rubble everywhere, he could only think one thing.

Those plans literally could not have gone more wrong.


Uraraka Ochako was excited.

Class 1-A and 1-B were training together, for the first time, with a student from Gen Ed’s 1-C. Shinsou Hitoshi! The speech and glare he had given at the beginning of class had both been really intimidating, but the goofy grin she saw on Deku’s face was amazing. Ochako doubted Shinsou would last very long, both holding up that statement, and doing it successfully.

She was put on 1-A’s team 5 with Deku, Mineta, and Ashido. Being part of the last team had it's perks! Ochako watched all of the other’s battles with great interest, although maybe not just as much as Deku. She doubts anyone could be as greatly into quirks as much as Deku. From Shinsou’s fantastic start, saving the team from a fearsome group of scales, thorns, air, and a beast, to Todoroki’s terrifying new flame power and Tetsutetsu’s endurance, Tokoyami’s strong and new use of Dark Shadow, and Yaoyorozu making an actual cannon, all of the U.A. kids aiming to be heroes were crazy strong.

It really was amazing, all of it. She couldn’t help but wonder what all of their reasons for wanting to become Pro Heroes. While she may have initially told Deku and Iida that the reason she wanted to be a Pro was to aid her parent’s both financially and through the labourwork, it was really all part of a bigger cause. Ochako loved to see people happy. The smiles on their face and the joy in their eyes sparked a warm feeling in her chest. Seeing Deku run straight into danger to save anyone at all, wether it was her, or Eri, proved how much he wanted to be a hero. Ochako could relate with the urge to help.

Her parents wanted her to live out her dream, constantly supporting her to do whatever made her happy. Whatever would make her smile. She got to feel so happy and free, all thanks to them. And now that shes older, she wants to be able to do the same. To let others quirk their lips up, and feel lighter. To help those in need, to make their day. To save those with a smile. Uraraka Ochako made it all the way from her small and modest home, all the way to U.A., the most prestigious school for heroes. She was going to be a hero, and no one can stop her!

She and her team were somewhat following what Bakugou’s team had done. Deku was going to be the distraction, a target for the opposing team, and Mineta had been laying out some type of string all around, covered in his quirk-made balls as a trap, with Ashido and her helping him out. They had to be wary, with Shinsou’s voice modifier. The thought came across her mind, moments before she heard her own voice scream. That was... kinda disturbing, to be honest. She could only hope that Deku didn’t fall for it.

Thing is, soon enough, she’d be wishing he had in the first place. As Ochako ran out to tackle Deku and make him float, in a similar way to how he had rushed out to save her in the entrance exams, she could only feel one thing. Despite her friend’s constant reckless streak of hurting himself and running into danger...

Uraraka Ochako has never been more concerned in her life.