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A Hopeful Soul

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Running up the trail you can not stop. You have to keep going. He had found you, the one that society would call your biological older brother. You felt your tears run down your face as you make your way up the mountain.

You knew the tales that were told of this mountain, that all climb it never return, your hoping that it is true. You hope that going here will help you finally be free of your abusive families clutches. Or at the very least if you did not disappear that they would think you were gone so you could finally be free.

Running faster with this hope filling your mind and soul you did not notice a root that was in the path of your running making you stumble into the entrance of a cave and fall into a large hole. You watch as the stars twinkle their fare well as you make your descent into the darkness.


“Finally found you little wretch. You did not make it easy” you gasp as you drop your phone whirling around seeing your brother. He had a calm expression on his face, though his eyes held the tell tale signs of his fear inducing rage and underlying thinking that tells your he is plotting ways to make you suffer.

“Have to admit, I am mildly impressed you managed to survive this long especially under a false name. Not that it matters. Mother and father already made your true name known to your workplace and former apartment. Likely are working on the school now.” He took his cigar that was lit in his hand away from his lips and blew the smoke towards you as you stood trembling where you stand.

“Would be best if you come willingly, it will make this quick and then things will go back to the way they are meant to be.” He states reaching out for your arm. Snapping back to reality you smack his hand away and bolt running as fast as you can towards the direction of Mount Ebbott. Hearing your brother's cursing get softer and softer as you flee. Terror fills you as large black tendrils emerge from the ground and start pulling you down.



“Help! Please! Someone! Anyone! Help me!”



But no one came...

You woke up with a startled scream. Panting you look around heart racing as you came down from your nightmarish state of what happened earlier. “was it just a... dream?” You mutter as your sight clears. You find yourself in a cave of sorts, with what looks like some sort of pillars on the outskirts near the walls one of them having fallen a long time ago. Looking up you see the hole from which you had your fall.

“..... it was not a dream then... “ you say as you feel somewhat surprised that this revelation did not shock you. After all it was not the first time you had to run from being found. Your hands touching something soft make you look down and see you had landed on a bed of golden flowers. Gasping you get up off them worried as you rushed to get up to see if you had damaged them greatly. To your surprise they spring back up showing no injury to your having been on them.

“... well... that is odd... maybe I am still asleep and this is all a dream?..... Or I am dead... If I am dead though my body would be there...” You ponder your being alive or unconscious and decide to just go with it all being a dream for now until something else coming forth to change your opinion. You had very lucid dreams after all. Straightening out your skeleton shirt and following with looking in your backpack to make sure everything is in there you frown noticing your phone is missing.

“Well I did drop it before my running off so it makes sense in the dream it is not here. I am glad that my brick of a laptop seems fine though and my sketchbook and art supplies seem fine... Not really cold so I can just leave my hoodie and scarf in there for now.” You look up and down the path you had noticed when you first quote on quote 'woke up' and sighed standing up from where you sat while checking over everything putting your backpack back on.

“well enough stalling...” You say stepping in the direction of what looks like a doorway at the end of the tunnel. Peeking around the corner you see what looks to be a singular golden flower. Tensing when you see it turn with a face on it you do not believe it has seen you yet, least you hope it has not.

“Howdy, I'm Flowey, Flowey the flower. You do not have to be afraid of me I won't hurt you come on out.” The flower states bobbing slightly in a friendly way. Somehow you get the feeling that it does not mean you no harm and it will in fact hurt you if you go over to it. Shaking your head you clear your throat slightly. Trying to think of a way to get past. Closing your eyes you try to picture yourself on the other side and in the entrance of the other door to flee and open your eyes seeing the flower still in front of you waiting in the room.




Whelp, there goes your theory that you were dreaming. “U-um... Flowey was it? I-I am sorry but I do not h-have a lot of time to stand by and chat.... I believe my brother is c-coming after me and i-if he is as set into b-bringing me back to our f-family then he will not be long in falling me where I f-fell... H-he will likely try to k-kill me or something worse than d-death so if you can just l-let me pass I will be grateful.” You say stuttering slightly fear stirring inside your gut in the form of butterflies of sorts and hope in your soul that he will have mercy on you as you slowly come into the room letting the light shed upon you tears rolling down your cheeks again wearing a wary smile.

The flower frowns as he stares up at you as he lets out a hum. “Well, your not who I was expecting.... “ he says as he looks at the entrance you came in and then dips down into the ground making you squeak out as he vanishes. You hear something going on in the place you fell, making you wonder if he was trying to seal the entrance.




No. Nope. You are not waiting for him to get done with what he is doing. If this is not a dream you feel like when he returns he will harm you so you run through the other entrance and crash into a plushy tall person.

“Oh, I am sorry I didn't mean..... to.....” Your voice trails off as you look up at a tall humanoid goat with red-violet colored eyes, white luscious fur and pearly white horns wearing a purple dress with some sort of symbol on the front. Her expression looks like that of surprise as you back up before she smiles at you.


“It is quite alright young one. I am Toriel. Caretaker of the ruins. My child are you alright?” She says concern comes on her face as she looks at you. You barely register it as you start to sway and promptly faint your world fading to black, letting everything that has overwhelmed you fade away as you take a break from reality.

Unbeknownst to you and the goatwoman Flowey was watching from around the corner. A big smile on his face as he watched the one whom he had called mother when he was alive and her child. Laughing as he dips down to go to the room between the ruins and Snowdin forest to wait for the human to come. “Well then... this will be very interesting.” He said with a creepy grin on his features.



"Yes. So very very interesting"