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One Skill Short

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She felt like such an idiot as she sat down and reexamined all of the test results. It wasn’t anything rare, just something so tiny it could have been insignificant. Thing is that it wasn’t.

That tiny nearly invisible thing had just taken the life of her patient. She had been working at this crap for the better part of twelve years, majored in medicine, dabbled in toxicology and psychology, but ultimately became a doctor. The woman had been in her eighties, sure, but this still bothered her.

For the wrong reasons, but it bothered her. She became a doctor because she was good at acting like she cared. Sophia had the bedside manner, but her interest was the problem, the illness.

The puzzle in the body she had to put together without causing any further damage; real life Operation.

“How did I fuck this up?” She tossed all the other papers away and fixated on the one with the most obvious blip. Something she couldn’t really fix; an aneurysm. A miniscule bomb playing it up as wallflower in her patient’s brain.

Maven was going to call soon and she would need the distraction. Gazing up at the clock, she realized she had to get home anyways. It wasn’t even all that busy today.

“Probably, why I was able to let myself get this bothered by something I had no control of.” Sophia turned to the doorframe and scoffed with a small smile.

“I thought we only did that around others to freak them out.” Sophia muttered, finally turning her back on the charts.

“I’m sure there are a couple more people who could have read you just now. You’re the easiest to read after you’ve ‘lost’.” Maven made their “duh” face along with the bunny ears at the word.

“You’re not allowed back here.” The younger of them blandly scolded. A fruitless endeavor.
“But you are. Amazing how people just assume I’m you finally heading home after your shift or something. Now, come on, clean that mess up and let’s get you home. I’m sure you’ll feel better at home, romancing a fictional game character with a ski lift within arm’s reach.” Maven made everything better. She didn’t try to make Sophia feel bad for not caring about her patients because she knew Sophia didn’t see that as a practical thing.

“That sounds all too wonderful. I take it you need a ride?” As much as Sophia hated it sometimes, she only got on Maven’s love for walking just about everywhere once. It may have been late but Maven didn’t need the taser she had been gifted a few years back. She was a certified taekwondo instructor who liked to study and mix other styles. They both grew up fascinated by the body and how it worked but pursued their passion in different ways.

They got home and took refuge in gaming and ski lifts. Sophia loved the taste of peppermint schnapps in her cocoa after a troubling day at work. Maven had little interest in drinking, but she loved playing video games with her sister.

They were easily mistaken for one another for good reason as they both sported the traditional Hawke black hair. Unlike Maven, Sophia wished their eyes were the same shocking blue as them as well. Maven was just fine with the lighter brown because it was “like mom’s”.

This was one of their better nights because it was a time where they could sit side by side and end the game; DLCs and all.

They passed out on Sophia’s living room floor that night like kids in jr. high; blankets and pillows strewn everywhere with the menu screen playing one of its many lulling tunes.