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He was fourteen when he heard the voice. The voice told him to leave his home. The voice told him that he could achieve greatness the world had never seen. The voice was right.

Upon his throne he sat, watching out over the land of darkness. He watched grimm pull themselves out of the pits. They were beautiful in a sense. The humanity's greatest enemy as small, new grimm. Soon they would make the trek to the other kingdoms and grow more powerful along the way.

"Your lord!" one of his subordinates burst through the door. Oscar put a hand up to tell him to be quiet. The man straightened up and bowed.

"Yes?" he replied.

"The girl. She's giving us trouble again. She fits anyone that tries to give her food."

"I shall deal with it," he said with a sigh. He dismissed the subordinate. He heard a small clang on the table next to him. Cinder had stabbed the table with a fork. Her plate of food had barely been touched. "If you wish to speak, do so."

"Oscar, I don't understand why you made us bring her here!" she complained.

"All in good time, Cinder. This time, I shall deal with the girl." Oscar stood up.

He took his plate of food with him. Today he wasn't feeling particularly hungry. He passed by the others that were gathered at the table. It was only Watts, Mercury, and Emerald as the others either chose to dine elsewhere or were on a mission.

He looked out to the land of darkness once more. Instead, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Black marks had begun to crack through his skin. He would be lying if he said he didn't miss his formerly hazel eyes, but the red pupils made him look more distinguishable.

He carried his plate to the room where they held the girl. He dismissed the guards and entered. In the middle of the room stood the girl. Her feet and hands had been chained to the wall, only giving her the freedom of the room. She went into a fighting stance when Oscar entered the room, her silver eyes ablaze with fury.

"Woah, you have silver eyes." That was the first remark he could think of. When he stood in front of her, he remembered that he really was just a sixteen-year-old boy, despite ruling the Land of Darkness.

"Let me go," she demanded. She glared holes into him.

Oscar walked across the room where furniture had been overturned and food spilled. He picked up the table and put the chairs back in their place. She walked closer to him.

"Did you not hear me?"

"I did, but you haven't eaten since you got here." He placed the plate on the table. "You should eat something."

She lifted her arms to knock the table away, but Oscar grabbed her arm. He looked her in the eye with a pleading look.

"Please? Then I'll release you." She yanked her arm from his grasp.

"It's poisoned."

"I assure you, it's not poisoned."

"Prove it."

Oscar shrugged and pulled another fallen chair to the table. He waved his hand to invite her to sit down. She didn't budge. He took a large bite from the meal, chewed slowly, and swallowed with great exaggeration to prove that it was fine. He looked up at her again. She still had an untrusting look in her eye, but she sat down. He pushed the plate closer to her. Hesitantly, she took a small bite. Oscar could see it on her face, she was starving. Once she determined that it was safe, she immediately began gobbling everything down. She was making a mess, but Oscar found it somewhat amusing. He began chuckling when he noticed food all over her face and chains. She stopped eating and began glaring at him.

"What's so funny?" her tone dripping with poison,

"It's nothing."

He reached across the table for her. She flinched, her eyes squeezing close. He merely took some food out of her hair and flicked it across the room. She didn't look at him as she mumbled a quick thank you. He smiled at her and she began eating again.

When she finished eating, she pushed the plate away from her. He suspected she would have eaten the entire plate if she could.

"Now release me."

"Tell me, what's your name?"

"You said you'd release me once I finished eating."

"Sorry, I don't have the keys."

"You lied to me!"

"Sorry. I promise to make it up to you."

"Why should I trust your word?"

"You're right. Why should you? You don't even know my name, which is Oscar Pine by the way."

"I don't care."

"Please, I know you're scared. But know when someone is trying to offer kindness to you. I only want to help."

"You can help by leaving me alone."

"Very well, if that's what you wish. At least tell me your name?"

"Ruby." It was short and sweet.

"That's a beautiful name." With that he got up and left.

He walked back to the dining room. Cinder had left, but Watts was still there. He stood up and bowed when Oscar entered the room.

"How did it go, my lord?"

"It may take a while to achieve what we want, but good things come to those who wait."

"With all due respect, my lord, the rest of the group will try to come looking for her."

"Then do what it takes to stop them. We must lead them astray, send them on a wild goose chase for the Winter Maiden. I assume you can do that?"

"Of course." Watts began to leave.

"Oh, and tell the kitchen to send me a plate of cookies."

"Of course, but why?"

"For our guest." Watts nodded and left.

Oscar sat back down on the throne. He watched the grimm emerge from the pits. He was fourteen when he heard the voice. His predecessor, Ozpin, had warned him of the silver-eyed girl named Ruby Rose. He was sixteen when he caught her. What he wanted was not to kill her for revenge. No. Revenge was ugly and nothing came from it. What he wanted was to see Ruby Rose make the same trek the grimm do and gain strength that only she could possess if he guided her. After all, that was far more beautiful.