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Save the Mutant Save the World

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Erik walked through the kids, who were groggy and not sure what was going on.  Most stared at the ruins of the house, while others stared at Dean Lehnsherr. Scott Summers, along with Jean followed meekly behind the pissed off teacher, making sure to stay out of his eyeline.  They were in enough trouble for stealing one of the cars and going joyriding.

"Would someone care to explain, what happened?"  His voice was calm, yet held a low growl to it, that sent shivers of fear down everyone's back.

"I just got here."  Peter held up his hands in defense. "I finished my final, and came by to talk to the Professor, and the place was exploding."

"You got everyone out?"  Erik studied his son, noticing a few singe marks and the shaking of his hands.  It was obvious Peter was terrified and dropping from adrenaline.

"Everyone that was there."  He sagged slightly, wanting nothing but to fall into his Dad's arms.  "I didn't see Uncle Charles."

"Then someone needs to explain to me, how in the one hour I've been gone.  The school has been destroyed and my husband is missing." Erik turned and looked directly at Hank, who was bent over an unconscious Alex.  

Erik shifted suddenly as helicopters came over the horizon, and just as he reached out with his power a powerful burst of energy spread across the school grounds, knocking him flat along with those who were standing.

Only ones left upright were Jean and Scott who had ducked behind some rubble.  Kurt suddenly appeared to the site of carnage, to see his father .... "Vatar?"

Jean hushed and pulled him behind the rubble.  

"Now what?"  Scott demanded.

General Stryker stepped out of the helicopter, sneering at the unconscious Erik.  "Get him, his kid, Summers, and the Beast … leave the rest."

"Can you get us into the helicopter?" She asked Kurt, who nodded.  "I'll keep them from seeing us, and we'll see where they're taking them."

"Where's Uncle Charles?" He whispered as they settled into the helicopter.

"I don't know where the Professor is." She answered quietly.

"What do you think will happen?" Scott glanced around, still getting used to seeing the world through a haze of red.

"Well when Vatar wakes up and realizes someone took Uncle Charles."  Kurt gave the two a look. "He'll rampage across the earth until he finds them, and they better pray that Uncle Charles isn't harmed."