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Dean was standing by his locker, sorting through his books while his friends chatted around him. How in the fuck his locker could be this unorganized after only a week of school he would never know. He only listened half-heartedly as Lisa and Benny talked about going to the lake on Saturday, not that he didn’t want to (a swim sounded like a blast in this late summer heat) but he was starting to freak out a bit because he couldn’t find his physics paper.

“Seriously, Dean, are you even listening?”

Like, what the fuck? He had not been working on that paper all summer only to not earn his extra credits because he forgot it at home. He jerked when Garth suddenly slung an arm around his shoulders, his friend’s crisp Beta scent actually calming Dean down a bit.

“What’s up, little Omega?”

Dean just smiled when Garth called him that, he knew there was nothing malicious — or even flirty, it was fucking Garth, come on — and he actually kind of liked it. Sometimes it rattled people around them who didn’t know them since calling someone by their subgender was a big fucking deal after all. It was cool between close friends and family, and lovers of course but sorry Garth, Dean really didn’t see his Beta friend that way.

“Can’t find the paper for my summer school cred,” he said ruefully. To his surprise Benny chuckled at him and stretched over Dean’s head to pull down a stack of books and notes from the top of the locker.

“You mean this paper?” he said, the Alpha’s deep voice soothing in ways Dean couldn’t explain. “The important paper you told me you were putting here so you wouldn’t lose it?”

“Well fuck, now I feel stupid,” Dean shook his head, smiling, actually feeling more relieved than stupid at this point.

“It’s good that you’re pretty,” Lisa teased and Dean rolled his eyes at his Omega friend but hell, it wasn’t like he was going to argue with her; he was pretty and he knew it.

They started walking down the corridor, the bell for homeroom calling them.

“So, the lake?” Lisa prodded and Dean nodded with a grin.

“Hell yeah, but I can’t stay long. Me and dad are working on my car again this weekend.”

During the summer Dean had finally gotten his junior license and because of that, dad had promised Dean he would get his own car. That Dean had chosen a ’67 Chevy Impala had both surprised and pleased his Alpha father. They had spent the summer restoring her and though she was in definite driving condition there was still some minor work to be done and frankly Dean loved it. Getting his elbows greasy with dad while his little brother Sam sat on the porch with their mother, reading or chatting, fuck Dean really did love all of that.

Sam called Dean a nester, because he liked having a comfortable home and having their family members close and happy. Dean argued for the sake of arguing — big brother style — but secretly he knew his little brother was right and he liked that too.

“Saw her when you rolled in today,” Benny said, almost wistful. “Thing of beauty, that one.”

Dean felt his inner Omega preen and he smiled sweetly at his friend. Somewhere at the back of his mind he felt as if someone was looking at him but when he turned his head he saw no one. Of course, there were a lot of students milling about and Dean didn’t see anyone in particular looking at him but the feeling lingered, even as he entered homeroom.




“Did you hear that we got a new student this year?”

Dean chewed thoughtfully on his sandwich, looking out over the students that buzzed around them in the cafeteria. Throughout the last couple of days he had felt more than once how those invisible eyes stared a hole in his skull and though he was used to some attention simply due to being likable and being in the cheerleading team, this felt different. Felt like an itch he wanted to scratch but couldn’t.

Dean’s friends had been busy making plans for Saturday but they all turned to Jo when she joined them at the table.

“I suppose we got a few?” Lisa asked casually, shrugging. LHS was kind of a big school and since the University of Kansas was in Lawrence too there were always a few families that moved there once their kids grew up, preparing for KU studies.

Dean quietly conceded Lisa’s point. Each year there were at least three transfers, either in or out, and Dean didn’t really care unless it was in their class or he knew the person. He waved at Charlie, an Omega he made friends with when he tried out for the annual school play last year. She was a Junior and mostly hung out with her geeky computer friends but Dean liked her a lot. She waved enthusiastically back and gestured to her novelty Star Wars t-shirt, she often had new ones and they always made Dean smile.

“Yeah,” Jo grinned so mischievously that Dean had to clock into the conversation again. “But one of them is Russian.”

Benny raised an eyebrow and Garth made an impressed sound. Dean didn’t know what was so special about that, except maybe that he thought Russian was a cool language and Ivan Drago from Rocky IV was hot as fuck. Though he supposed the actor playing him was Swedish, not that the nationality mattered much to Dean’s inner Omega.

“Like Russian-Russian or he was born here?” Garth asked, clearly interested and though Dean wanted to ask what it mattered he couldn’t help but be curious too.

“No from what I understood he was born in Russia and lived there until recently,” Jo said, clearly enjoying the attention. “He even has this thick accent and everything.”

Lisa grinned, meeting Dean’s eyes and fuck he knew what that look meant. Knew that she was thinking about his ginormous accent kink — or maybe language kink in general? Dean was kind of weak for cool accents like cute Latino or suave British. What would it be like with gritty Russian? Dean suspected he would get even weaker in the knees but yeah, let’s not go there in the middle of the cafeteria.

Lisa seemed to sense what he was thinking, as was often the case between them, and she turned back to Jo.

“Which class is he in? I don’t think he’s a Senior like us or we would’ve known.”

Jo shook her head as she ripped into her lunch. Dean continued chewing slowly on his sandwich, suddenly scanning the student body a little more intently as if he would be able to spot the new kid based only on the information he’d been given so far.

“Junior,” Jo confirmed. “And someone told me he was assigned Dick Roman as his school guide so you just know he’s not gonna make any friends or find his way around the buildings soon.”

A school guide was essentially a classmate who was supposed to be responsible of showing new kids around the buildings, help them with the schedule and stuff like registrations for after school clubs. Often the new kids ended up friends with their school guide, like Benny had become friends with Dean and the rest after having transferred here last year and having had Lisa as his school guide.

Dick Roman on the other hand, was a pompous ass who thought he was running the school and was not likely to take kindly to such a “menial” task as showing someone else around. The Alpha was arrogant and self-absorbed and suddenly Dean felt very bad for this new unnamed person. He hoped they could find friends and help somewhere else.

“Maybe it’s not so bad,” he said with a smile. “Maybe he’s in Kevin’s class, we could ask.”

Kevin Tran was a Junior too, friends with Charlie and someone Dean also had met through the school play he unfortunately hadn’t made the cut for. Kevin was slightly neurotic sometimes when it came to his studies but he was a really nice kid.

Benny shrugged at the suggestion and Dean only then realized that while gossip was one thing it was hardly his place to care if the guy got friends or not. But still, he wanted to know and he chalked it up to his nesting personality and besides, Lisa smiled and nodded in agreement so maybe he wasn’t being super weird after all.



Dean found Kevin in the library after school, which wasn’t wholly surprising considering how much the guy studied. Kevin was a Beta with overachieving dreams and Dean admired the guy’s tenacity. Dean wished he could study like Kevin but he didn’t dwell on it too much, Dean’s grades were good enough and he had an active social life so he was satisfied. Plus Kevin often seemed a bit frazzled, today no exception, which lead to Dean often surprising his friend with treats because damn, the kid worked too hard sometimes.

Today it was a bag of Doritos from the vending machine in the cafeteria and Kevin looked like he was about to cry when Dean tossed it on the table.

“Hey there, little one,” Dean grinned and snagged a chair, turning it to straddle it and resting his arms on the back. “How’s the studying going?”

Kevin made a sort of wounded sound and flailed with his hand at the table, covered in books and notebooks. Dean wondered silently how in the hell Kevin could have gotten so much to do in only like nine days of school. Then again, Dean had spent part of his summer working on that physics paper for extra credit so he supposed this was similar. But damn

“It’s…” Kevin sighed hard and ripped into the Doritos with gusto. “It’s going.”

Dean watched his friend fondly, wishing they could spend more time together but truth be told they didn’t really hang out outside of school, Kevin was always too busy anyway. Dean thought his geeky little brother and Kevin would have gotten along real good though.

Dean straightened when he saw Kevin’s nose twitch. Betas had the lowest sense of smell so if even he could pick up Dean’s scent it was bound to be sharp. He just grinned at his friend as he tried to rein in his mother-henning.

“I heard you got a new kid in your year?”

“Oh, yeah,” Kevin smiled a little, talking through his chewing like a savage. “Castiel Krushnic, he’s from Russia.”

“Castiel?” Dean said, amused. “That’s one hell of a name.”

“It’s biblical.”

Trust Kevin to know something like that. “So what’s he like? Russian?”

“That’s so racist,” Kevin laughed, knowing full well that Dean didn’t mean anything by it. He shook his head with a smile, licking Dorito spice from his fingers. “He’s not in my class, but I spoke a little to him when I met him in the gym the other day. He’s apparently into jogging.”


Kevin shook his head, still grinning. “Alpha, though he’s not big like Benny or arrogant like Dick. He’s… I dunno, he’s nice. Seems a bit introverted.”

Dean nodded, feeling his inner Omega tug at his attention for some reason. “I heard Dick is his school guide?”

Kevin sighed. “Yeah, poor guy. He should have been in my class instead.”

“Well if he likes jogging then maybe he could be in the Track & Field team? Make friends there.”

Kevin shrugged and it looked so much like Benny’s shrug that Dean realized just how weird it was for him to engage himself so much in someone unknown. Fuck it, he should just admit that his slight language kink made him curious about the guy. And to hear that he was an Alpha was even more interesting, Dean’s inner Omega reminded him like a complete douche.

When he almost an hour later left the library to go to his cheerleading practice Dean couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the gym. Maybe the Alpha would be in there right now? Dean wanted to go introduce himself for some reason but since he couldn’t find a proper excuse other than I want to he steered his steps towards the football field instead.





Castiel had had a pretty great life until his 14th year. Well, he’d had a good life, an adequate life. He’d had parents who loved him and his little sister Anna and they had had a nice house and he’d had friends, few but close.

Then he turned 14 and in the winter that followed mom and dad were in a horrific car accident and Castiel’s life got considerably bleaker. It had been a seven car pile-up involving a truck and some slippery winter roads. Mom and dad and an elderly man from another car had been the only casualties, but no one from that accident escaped completely unscathed.

Castiel still remembered that evening, even now years later. He had been home alone with his little sister, Anna only a little kid at that time although he supposed she still was, and they had waited for their parents to return from the grocery store. And waited, and waited, and waited.

Sometimes Castiel woke up in the middle of the night and thought he might be stuck in that moment still, waiting forever. Mom had always told Castiel to not open for strangers and absolutely not let a stranger into their house and at that time Castiel had just started to embrace his inner Alpha and he was keen on protecting his little sister. But even so he hadn’t put up much defense when he saw that it was a police officer on the other side of the door.

They had spent the coming months jumping around families, friends of their parents, neighbors. They hadn’t really ended up in the system because there wasn’t much of a system to have them, considering they actually had family who should take care of them now, as far as the state was concerned. That they hadn’t seemed able to locate their father’s brother was another matter.

It had been a tumultuous time and Castiel missed so much of school he was almost forced to redo a year. He spent most of his time being angry and acted out by getting a genital piercing and a had been so close to getting a back tattoo of a pair of magnificent black wings when his then guardian had found him at the tattoo parlor and interrupted the whole thing. After that the urgency to find him and Anna a good home had increased for some reason.

The problem had been tracking down their wayward uncle. When Castiel had been really little he remembered Uncle Bart used to come and visit them but something had happened between the two brothers, something that Castiel only recently had come to understand had something to do with Bart’s mate being more interested in Castiel’s dad, even though he wasn’t interested in her at all.

The brothers had split and Uncle Bart had been AWOL for a good decade. But the authorities found him, living comfortably in the United States of America together with his mate, Hester. He was reluctant to take his brother’s kids and Castiel could see why, hell he didn’t want to go. Hester was even worse, protesting loudly. Anna was the only one who seemed keen on the move but that had probably been more because she wanted some place to belong.

Personally Castiel would rather have been homeless than stay with people who didn’t want him but of course no one asked a child’s opinion, even if he was an Alpha.

And then they moved, just in time for Castiel to start the second year of American high school, and Castiel actually ended up not hating it. Hester was weird but she warmed up to them a bit, Uncle Bart was kind of considerate, Castiel supposed. At least he and Anna weren’t mistreated, and he was happy that Anna made friends easily. Castiel not so much but that might have to do with how shy he got when he came to the States and immediately was flung into school without even knowing the language. They said his education in Russia was on par with what he needed so that he wouldn’t have to repeat the first year of high school but even so, Castiel’s first year in the US had been rough.

Anna picked up the language as if it was as easy as breathing, Castiel tried to hanker by from what he learned from listening in school and from television. It didn’t help that they only spoke Russian at home and that Hester was abysmal at American English. Uncle Bart was better but he worked long hours and wasn’t around to help much.

Then, when Castiel had just finished the sophomore year and thought that he was actually getting the hang of this, Uncle Bart got a job transfer and they moved to Lawrence, Kansas. That was two states away from Castiel’s old school and he had felt pretty weighed down by having to start over.

“Don’t mope,” Uncle Bart had sighed at Castiel when he hadn’t spoken two words during the whole car trip. “It’s unbecoming of an Alpha. And besides, we’ll be able to afford a bigger apartment so you and Anna can have separate rooms.”

Castiel had wanted to snap that Uncle knew nothing about being an Alpha since both he and Hester were Betas but what purpose would that have served? At least the prospect of having a room of his own was tempting. So far he had had to spend his ruts knowing Anna had to sleep on a mattress on the floor of Uncle Bart and Hester’s bedroom for the duration of his rut. It had certainly put a damper on the whole experience and Castiel usually liked his ruts.

So they had moved to Lawrence, the inheritance left by mom and dad finally payed out and Castiel used too much of his allotted money to buy a busted Ducati that he restored on his own during the summer, even though Uncle Bart kept reminding him that he didn’t have an American license. Apparently here he needed something called a restrictive license or some crap like that, and he could only drive it during the day, maybe? Castiel hadn’t really bothered with the rules. He figured, if the cops caught him they would fine him and maybe take his bike, he could live with that. It wasn’t as if any of this mattered anyway.

 At Lawrence High he’d been assigned something called a school guide, which seemed to Castiel to be a fancy way of saying “we don’t have time to show you the school so we’re making your classmate do it for us”. He didn’t blame the guy for dumping him, though Castiel wouldn’t have done the same he really didn’t blame him.

And hey, Castiel was resourceful, he’d memorized the map of the school buildings by the second day and he’d even found the football field and a gym which he had been informed by a cute Beta called Kevin that it was free for the students, open during school hours. Many of the sports teams utilized it but anyone could. Castiel thought that was nice, he’d always liked jogging and even more so since his parents died. It cleared his mind and he liked to feel his muscles burn after a good workout.

So all-in-all Castiel managed. His life was… well, he supposed it was fine. That was a good word. He wasn’t angry and sad anymore but he wasn’t super happy either, not like Anna who easily adapted again. Life at home was fine too, he guessed, even though Hester sometimes gave him looks that made him wonder if she stood outside his door while he was in rut.

But it was fine, he was fine.

And then, just as he was calming down, he had caught the scent of his mate. There was no doubt about it. The Omega’s scent had hit him on his fourth day at Lawrence High, sending him reeling and his inner Alpha roaring to have the Omega close.

Dean Winchester, that was Castiel’s mate’s name.

He was a beautiful boy, one year older than Castiel, surrounded by friends, always smiling always talking. He was in the cheerleading team and looked like a Greek God when he threw the smaller teammates in the air and caught them flawlessly.

And his scent was Castiel’s. It was home, it was safety, it was love.

Castiel suddenly thanked the gods for the circumstances that had led him to Dean Winchester and he had spent the coming week tailing after the Omega, watching and learning. Castiel needed this wonder of a boy but he knew he had to be careful. Castiel was after all an outsider, he was weird and he talked funny. His grammar was bad and his accent thick, but all that would have to be put aside because he couldn’t wait until he had learned flawless English.

No, what Castiel saw in those few days made his inner Alpha on edge. Because Dean was popular. The Omega seemed somewhat oblivious but Castiel saw how everyone else looked at the boy and he couldn’t blame them because yes, he coveted too. But the difference was that Dean was his.

He would just have to man up and introduce himself, if they got close enough Dean would be able to smell Castiel too and he would see, he would understand. But yes, Castiel had to be careful. He was the odd one out and he never wanted to scare his Omega.

Soon though, he would talk to Dean soon. Maybe just one or two more days of watching and planning out the best approach to make himself look the most tempting, but soon.





“Hi! It’s Castiel, right?”

Dean raised his eyebrows when the Alpha startled badly. Huh, guess he hadn’t noticed Dean walking up to him. He smiled and leaned against the locker beside Castiel’s while the Alpha seemed to catch his breath. Damn, this up close Dean could really smell him and to be frank, Castiel smelled fucking awesome. He looked good too, big blue eyes and unruly hair. A jawline to die for and tantalizing lips. He was a bit shorter than Dean but he looked lithe and Dean actually found their height different cute. Fuck yeah, Castiel was simultaneously hot and adorable, Dean thought to himself as they Alpha stared wide-eyed at him.

Da, uh,” Castiel’s cheeks fucking flushed and it looked so sweet Dean wanted to croon. “I mean yes.”

And holy fucking hell, that accent was going to be the death of Dean. He shifted as he felt his inner Omega dance a happy dance.

“I heard from my friend Kevin that you’re new to school, just thought I’d introduce myself.”

The Alpha stared at him for a beat too long and Dean couldn’t blame him. Lawrence High was a big school and they weren’t even in the same class, let alone grade. It was a bit odd for him to even take a notice and Dean knew deep down that it was because he had wanted to hear for himself if Castiel really had a Russian accent. So sue him, he was curious of this novelty of an Alpha.

Then the Alpha offered up his hand and Dean felt an unexpected thrill. “My name is Castiel Krushnic.”

Dean smiled widely. “Dean Winchester, I’m a Senior.”

“You cheerlead.”

Dean blinked and only then realized they were still basically holding hands. “Yes I do,” he smiled again, feeling himself warm up at the thought of the Alpha already knowing of him. “Have you seen us practice?”

“Um,” Castiel let go of him and turned back to his locker, head bowed and scent dusted with nervousness all of a sudden. “Da.”

Okay, Dean better watch it with that kink of his because holy hell, he had never been all that good with reining in his scent and he couldn’t let the Alpha know that he was attracted to him. Not yet, at least, because they didn’t even know each other and Dean anyhow thought “attracted” was a little over-the-top, where had that even come from? Although, he did feel a little overwhelmed by the way his inner Omega thrashed to get closer to the Alpha, mainly because that had never happened with anyone else before.

“Well cool. So hey, I dunno how well you know Kevin or anything but he’s a cool guy and if you ever hang out with him we could, I dunno, do something together?”

Castiel’s head snapped up and now it was Dean’s turn to feel nervous. Damn the Alpha’s stare was intense and other than that, what the hell had Dean actually said?

“I like—would like that.”

Dean grinned when the Alpha corrected his grammar. “Yeah? All of us could go and like catch a movie or something, it could be fun. Hey, Kevin knows Charlie and Gilda too, they’re really nice if… if you want some people to hang out with.”

He winced, recognizing how fucking weird it was for him to care this much. Castiel was staring intensely at him and Dean felt like a moth drawn to a flame.

“I will ask. Kevin.”

“Yeah,” Dean mumbled, their eyes locking and holy fucking hell the Alpha smelled so good. Were they drifting closer? Maybe Dean was… he jerked himself back, grinning again. “So yeah, I’ll see you around, Castiel.”

“You can call me Cas,” the Alpha murmured, his voice suddenly rougher and Dean barely suppressed a shudder, his inner Omega crooning.

“Well then, Cas,” he said and fucking winked like a complete dork. Fucking hell, Dean just had to turn on his heel and flee before he made an even bigger fool of himself.

Well, at least he had met and talked to the Alpha so, curiosity sated, right?





Three hours later the school day was over and Castiel was on his way home, still completely dazed from his meeting with Dean. He couldn’t believe what had actually happened. The Omega had come to him, willingly, even though they had nothing in common.

Either Dean was just a really sociable guy, and Castiel knew from observation that he was, or he had smelled Castiel’s scent and understood that they belonged together too. Castiel hoped for the latter but thought it was the former. Either way, they had met and talked and touched and Castiel’s heart still hadn’t calmed down. His inner Alpha was posturing and Castiel’s mind was reeling.

Dean was so beautiful, smelled so good, and seemed so nice. Castiel liked how brazed the Omega seemed, confident and not timid in the least. It was sexy to Castiel for some reason and he blamed his lizard brain for that but didn’t dislike it.

The apartment complex he lived in had an underground parking and he glided smoothly into the welcoming darkness on his Ducati. Its engine sounded a bit uneven sometimes and he thought he should take some time this weekend to see if he could tune it. Other than that he was very proud of the motorcycle, perhaps more because of how annoyed Uncle Bart was with the purchase than anything else.

Anna was already home from school at this time of day, having taken the buss home. She was sitting in the kitchen, doing homework and Castiel smiled at her as he walked over to the fridge.

“Have you eaten?”

The TV was playing in the living room and Castiel guessed Hester was watching her shows like usual. She didn’t work and she had no hobbies. She basically spent all days chatting online with her friends about their shows and Castiel couldn’t help but pity her. He hoped she was happy in her bubble at least.

“Hester made borscht, there’s some left for you but we’re out of sour cream.”

Because of course they were. Well no matter, Castiel was still too happy about Dean to care about that. He opened the fridge to find a bowl covered in plastic wrap, which he pulled out to help himself to a big serving. Uncle Bart usually ate with his business friends, staying out late, but just to be sure there wouldn’t be any huffing and puffing about the kids eating them out of the house Castiel left some borscht.

He joined Anna at the table, his little sister beaming at him as he dug into the soup.

“You smell happy,” she chirped and Castiel rolled his eyes. She had recently presented as a Beta but she liked to boast about her incredible sense of smell anyway.

“I am happy.”


Yeah, he shouldn’t have admitted that, she would never let up and truth be told Castiel wasn’t ready to share news about Dean yet. He didn’t want to jinx it and besides, he didn’t even know why Dean had talked to him. Might just be that the Omega was friendly because Kevin had told him about Castiel. Actually, there was a possibility that Dean was interested in Kevin and wanted to get in good with the Beta by being nice to Castiel.

“Now you smell annoyed.”

“Okay you need to stop that,” he grumped and shoveled more soup into his mouth, chewing carefully on the beets and chunks of beef. “What are you working on?”


Castiel scrunched up his nose. He hated math. “Well let me know if you need help.”

“I won’t ask you,” she grinned as cheekily as only an 11-year-old could. “You suck at math.”

He rolled his eyes and continued to eat in silence, mind reeling with possibilities now that he had spoken to Dean. The Omega had proposed they meet as friends, yes it had sounded as if he meant in a bigger group, like he wanted to introduce Castiel to a lot of nice people. And that was cool, that made Castiel happy. But even more than that, he was interested in just spending time with Dean. And if he had to do that with a bunch of other people around too, then he would start with that and be content.

As he went to bed later that night, he couldn’t help but let his mind stray to other things regarding Dean. Because if they became friends that would mean he would be able to smell Dean up close more often and Castiel’s mind couldn’t help where it went with that possibility. Hell, he was just happy he hadn’t sported a boner in school after his and Dean’s meeting.

Castiel used his right hand to jerk off that night, even though he was usually a leftie when it came to that, totally thinking about Dean’s warm palm in his hand the whole time.