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Black on Black

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“EH?! WE ARE GOING WHERE?!” Hagakure Tooru, the invisible student, just yelled, asking their teacher to repeat himself. “Phili-what?”

“Philippines.” Eraserhead, or just Mr. Aizawa for the students repeated himself. “For 11 weeks of summer vacation, you’ll be staying in Filipinas Academy, UA’s sister school in the Philippines.” He flipped a notebook open. “They’re not in vacation for the 11 weeks, so you’ll be heading there to train and study with them, to train your quirks.”

Yaoyorozu Momo, perhaps the most unbaffled one, raised her arm. “Um, Aizawa-sensei, isn’t the Philippines too hot?”

“It’s the rainy season right now there, but it’s still hot. Bring your summer wear.” He flipped to a certain page. “The school is located in a walled city in the capital, you’ll be staying in one of their provided dormitories for students.” He cleared his throat. “Now that we’re in that talk, Iida, remember to sort your classmates into groups of two.”

Iida Tenya, the class president, gave their teacher a salute. “Yes sir!”

“Give me the list at the end of the day.” He finally put the notebook down and glared at them. “Now pack. We’re leaving tomorrow morning at 7am.”


“And work on your English.”