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Doggett's and Scully's New Year

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FBI Headquarters
J Edgar Hoover Building
Washington, DC
X Files Unit,
New Years’ Eve 2000,
6:30 pm

Agent Doggett sat by Mulder’s desk and looked up at the various trophies that Mulder had left on his shelves. He was thinking about Scully again and wondering if he would ever live up to Mulder and have a chance with her. But when he studied Mulder’s trophies and certificates he felt even more insecure than ever. He’d never have a chance to be with Scully he thought as he looked at Mulder’s football. Mulder was even an athlete by the looks of things. Doggett’s athletic abilities only range from his training from the Marines.
Mulder’s single minded and strong belief in the paranormal was somewhat unsettling Doggett thought as he looked at Mulder’s ‘I want to believe’ poster.
He knew Scully didn’t totally accept Mulder’s beliefs but she respected the journey. Doggett shook his head. He didn’t know how Scully coped with all Mulder’s alien theories. The woman was a strong lady, that was for sure. She was someone Doggett respected and looked up to.
He remembered the first time he saw Agent Scully. He was sitting on the bench in the FBZi bullpen, and everyone around him was going crazy about the diss appearance of Mulder. He was just assigned to be the task force leader, a position given to him by AD Kersh. He was determined to find Mulder. He remembered how stunningly beautiful Agent Scully had looked to him, with her smart attire and professionalism. Even though her partner was gone, she was still fighting for him.
But unfortunately they got off on the wrong foot. Doggett grinned as he remembered Scully throwing water in his face. He said what he said as he wanted to get a reaction out of her, and boy, did he get one. Scully was definitely a feisty redhead, that was for sure.
With a sigh, Doggett wondered if Scully would come back. She left the office to go home half an hour ago. Doggett was too shy to say Happy New Year to her, and so the two left awkwardly without saying anything significant to each other. Doggett regretted that now. He was just afraid she might reject him. Doggett bit his lip. Maybe he should visit Scully and wish her a Happy New Year. Yes, he thought in determination. I’ll try again.
With that, Doggett picked up his jacket from Mulder’s chair before leaving the office.