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dusk and dawn

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Kirishima sincerely hoped that there was a simple explanation why Bakugou wasn't answering his calls the whole day.

He weighed everything he knew about his partner and his plans for this Friday and still couldn't figure out if he should have calmed down or become worried more.

He called only a couple of times. It was Bakugou's day off and yesterday he complained about having to go through some medical screening too early in the morning. Despite his grouchy anti-social facade and even grouchier interior, Bakugou still tended to answer all calls rather than choosing to ignore them and missing an opportunity to be vocal about his annoyance at them.

Bakugou could just straight up go to sleep after whatever medical procedures he had planned for the morning - a likely scenario which would perfectly fit into Bakugou's usual behavior. Normally, Kirishima would assume that, if only he didn't decide to call Bakugou for the third time by the end of his shift. He got an answer that time.

He didn't get to actually talk to him, though, it was just that the button was pressed on the other side of the line, and Kirishima heard something.

"Hi? Katsuki?" He said then, hearing only noises in response and instantly growing more worried. "Is everything alright?"

He couldn't make sense of those noises except that he recognized Bakugou's voice in them. He didn't want to read too much into that, not having any idea what that meant - was that pain he heard? displeasure at having a nap interrupted? plea for help? - and as the call ended, he realized that the only acceptable course of action was to find Bakugou immediately and check his state for himself. Kirishima's instincts, sharpened by years of going into dangerous situations on purpose, sent all sorts of signals that he should have done something. If it turned into nothing, that would be the best outcome, he judged before deciding on taking action.

The plan to find his partner, born in a moment of impulse, was short and simple: first, check if Bakugou was home. If he wasn't there, then Kirishima was going to stop and think about second step.

It took him less than half an hour to reach Bakugou's apartment. He had the keys - ever since they moved to this town and started working together, they traded spare sets for each other's homes in case of emergency that later turned into casual visits from time to time. Opening the door, Kirishima cautiously hoped he didn't overextend with privilege of having access to his partner's home.

And even so, he thought, it was better to worry too much right now than to dismiss some warning sign and regret it later. He could only hope for relief he'd feel if the next thing he saw was Bakugou's annoyed scowl.

"Katsuki? Are you here? It's me," Kirishima announced his presence as he stepped inside, automatically taking shoes off and closing the door behind him. "You didn't answer the phone and then you did, and I was worried something happened," he said honestly and waited for an answer. Or lack of it.

He heard movement - footsteps approaching, fast, - and despite preparing himself for the encounter with whoever that was, he still couldn't react in time to Bakugou appearing from inside of the apartment and straight up bodyslamming him against the door, knocking the breath out of him.

Kirishima stilled for a moment. He wasn't sure what he was expecting from his friend except that it was definitely not that. Then the tried to assess the situation. The impact was heavy, almost enough for him to armor himself up with his quirk, but nothing followed up. Bakugou just stood there, pressing them both to the door firmly. Kirishima heard his ragged breath, thinking what could be wrong that his partner acted like that. Maybe he had fever? Bakugou didn't have his shirt on, and it felt like he was running hot.

"Hey," he said softly, putting his hand on Bakugou's shoulder, "are you alright?" Something was definitely off.

Bakugou made some noise - that could not  be a sob, Kirishima firmly believed, - and impossibly, pressed to him even harder, plastering Kirishima against the door, his face ending somewhere in Kirishima's neck. His movements were off, restrained, as if he fought for control over his body.

"Why the fuck did you come here?" He growled with that intonation that Kirishima still refused to believe he was hearing from him. "You fucking moron. You made everything worse," he breathed into Kirishima's skin in a way that instantly made hair on it stand up.

There was so much helpless anger in his voice. Kirishima listened past Bakugou's words about how he shouldn't have come here, past this odd behavior, and tried to really listen to him. He knew that Bakugou trusted him enough to be able to ask him for help, and he trusted Bakugou in return to do so even now. He needed to do his best in attempt to understand what was wrong, even if his friend chose odd methods of bodyslamming into him and being generally obtuse when communicating his vulnerabilities.

"Are you hurt? Do you feel sick?" He asked, his intonation slipping into even softer voice, the one he used when he was talking to injured or traumatized civilians.

Bakugou shook his head, then exhaled:

"No. Can't call it like that."

Kirishima waited out a pause, thinking there was going to be some follow up, but Bakugou was just tense and quiet against him.

"Are you being controlled?"

The question was reasonable. They both lost count on how many types of quirks granting some sort of control over other person's body, actions or words they encountered just during their career as heroes. Bakugou made a pained noise into his neck in response and shivered slightly. Kirishima tried to recall where Bakugou kept first aid box with medicine and pills in his flat.

"What kind of idiot asks this shit directly?" Bakugou said after a pause. Kirishima asked him it knowing this, thinking he was able to sense if something was off based on Bakugou's answer. "If I'm controlled of fucking course I'm gonna say no," he added, anger in his voice wavering and turning into a whine. He grabbed Kirishima's forearms and pressed his face into crook of Kirishima's neck, inhaling. "You're so fucking-" he shuddered, "you smell so fucking good."

Kirishima froze in shock, both from those words and the tone they were said with, from how Bakugou's voice cracked and turned into a moan, and lastly, from feeling how Bakugou started unambiguously frotting against him, his erection poking at Kirishima's thigh that he managed not to notice before that moment.

"Katsuki?" He asked, still disbelieving, and tried to move away.

Bakugou held him in a death grip, all his considerable strength concentrated on holding Kirishima in place while he was rubbing himself through clothes, his lips moving wetly against the skin on Kirishima's neck.

"Shouldn't have come here," he groaned, resigned and angry, riding Kirishima's thigh hard.

Kirishima let it happen, confused and still worried for his friend, hoping for some sort of explanation when it was over. Guilty for having reflexive rush of arousal when he heard Bakugou's moan turning into high-pitched whine, desperation a lot clearer than pleasure in his voice as he shook with quick orgasm that did not sound relieving at all.

"What just happened?" Kirishima asked, his voice suddenly cracking. His brain was processing that on his own: he thought that Bakugou was in trouble and rushed to him, only to discover his partner being apparently... desperately horny? He wished that made sense.

Bakugou's response was the worst thing possible.

"I don't... Shit, I don't know." Confused. Embarrassed. Angry - of course, angry, it would've been so much worse if Bakugou wasn't able to be angry anymore. "You should leave," he forced through his teeth.

It became especially awkward when Kirishima realized that Bakugou had no plans on letting him go, all his weight put against him. His boner still poked at Kirishima's thigh, as hard as before, though it appeared that Bakugou had some self-restraint after having his release. For now.

Perhaps, the appropriate course of action was to push Bakugou away, with force if necessary, and leave his place, as Bakugou himself insisted, just to save them both from possibly even more awkward things. But despite how rational and neat this idea was, Kirishima couldn't find it in himself to act on it. His friend was in trouble - embarrassing, weird situation, and he admitted he had no idea why it happened or what to do. He felt that just leaving Bakugou right now would be irresponsible of him. Downright cruel.

If only he had any clue how to help, Kirishima thought.

Short beep from a cellphone distracted Kirishima from his thoughts gravitating away from possible solutions towards noticing how Bakugou started weakly grinding against him again.

"Your phone," he said.

"Fuck it," Bakugou grumbled in response, lips already on Kirishima's neck. "Been ringing all fucking day." Kirishima suppressed a shiver. That spot on his neck Bakugou was nuzzling right now was sensitive, and Kirishima wasn't sure how to tactfully hint his partner about that.

Funny, Kirishima thought, he never imagined Bakugou could sound and act so lewdly around him. Never imagined a situation like that - at least not explicitly, - despite knowing for sure, for literal years that Bakugou was attractive. His type, even. They were best friends first and foremost, weren't they?

He needed to cut that line of thought short. Looking for any sort of distraction, Kirishima grasped for any idea and decided to check Bakugou's phone for him. Bakugou still held his wrists, but as soon as Kirishima tried to move them, he let go of them in jerky motion.

"That could be important," Kirishima said and retrieved Bakugou's phone from the back pocket of his pants and checked the notifications, looking at screen over Bakugou's shoulder.

"the fact that i don't see you on local news is kinda reassuring honestly"

Confused about meaning of such message from Bakugou's manager, Kirishima swiped the screen to see more. The second most recent message said:

"so yeah, i guess you gotta bone"

Dated a couple of hours ago.

Bakugou was immovable next to him for a while now, somehow forcing himself under control. Kirishima scrolled up to see other messages and as he read them, the missing clues of this stupid situation became clear. And stupider.

"morning, katsuki. i just had some unpleasant news from the medical center you were appointed to today. i don't know the exact details but somebody released some kind of contaminant in the center

staff claims it's nothing lethal, just makes people crazy horny

if that's a villains' attack, it's truly vile imo. hit a lot of people before anyone realized what was happening

if you were affected, their best advice is just to get laid. they couldn't find any quirk cancellers that work yet

so yeah, i guess you gotta bone"

Kirishima reread that one more time to make sure he understood that correctly.

"Uh, have you read the messages from your manager?" He asked Bakugou just to make sure, and wasn't surprised when Bakugou shook his head in response. Kirishima cleared his throat awkwardly and read them out loud.

Halfway through them, Bakugou raised his head, his expression disbelieving and scandalized, and Kirishima showed him the screen when he finished reading.

"What the fuck," he whispered. "Wait. News?"

Kirishima searched for local news on the phone and got a bunch of articles, videos and even livestreams about a "sex pollen outbreak" that happened today. He cautiously chose a video that he hoped would give them a recap on what happened and, more importantly, on how to help Bakugou deal with it.

It wasn't... reassuring. The news had pretty much the same stuff that Bakugou's manager already said. Police suspected sabotage or prank and claimed they had a suspect with a fitting quirk already. Kirishima skipped the video back and forth and clicked on some other ones trying to find any substantial information on how to cancel the effects of it. The only advice seemed to be exactly the same as the manager already proposed, and the rest of the video reports was mostly footage of people being out of their minds from that pollen thing. It was disturbing to watch those clips.

Kirishima side-eyed his partner. Bakugou stood still while watching the news with him with quiet rage on his face that apparently beat the arousal for the moment, even though Kirishima still could tell exactly how hard he was through their clothes. After seeing footage of how other victims behaved out of desperation, Kirishima couldn't help but compare that to Bakugou's actions, and he felt some sort of... admiration for him? For holding back so much, for repeatedly telling Kirishima to leave until he snapped? He wasn't entirely sure.

"This is bullshit," Bakugou growled, his anger flaring up. "I will find the fucker who did it and-" he didn't finish, his explosive emotions finding a way out only with a heartfelt punch to the door next to Kirishima's head. "Shit. Shit. This can't be happening to me. Tell me this isn't fucking happening," he said, his fury dissolving into desperation again, and he put both hands on Kirishima's shoulders, pressing his head to his chest, shaking slightly.

Kirishima was unfazed by the outburst, thinking that he recognized the familiar controlled rage that Bakugou was so good at. He had a crazy thought: what if Bakugou could snap out of it just by sheer power of his anger and stubbornness? That would be so much like him.

"Unfortunately, this is happening," he said, putting his hand on Bakugou's back in sympathetic gesture without thinking. Bakugou shuddered under his palm and groaned, grinding on him again, hard, and Kirishima quickly put his hand away, realizing that his casual attempts at comforting could backfire on them both badly. "Sorry."

Bakugou just hung onto him, helplessly, shaking surging through his body.

"You should leave," he whispered. Dead serious. Resigned. "You really, really should just leave, Eijirou. Before I-" His voice already betrayed him, cracking, and he couldn't finish, turning his head up to brush his lips and the tip of his nose along Kirishima's neck, inhaling his scent.

Kirishima did his best to ignore his body's reactions, consciously keeping his breath in check, scolding himself for feeling such strong response within to something so simple, all sensitive spots on his neck be damned.

"Will you be okay alone?" He said when he was sure in his voice.

Bakugou stilled.

"No." Pause, then - repeated: "No, without you I couldn't even-" Bakugou raised his head and looked up in Kirishima's face directly for the first time since he found him.

Kirishima's heart sank when he saw in detail how unwell his friend looked, torn between arousal forced onto him in cruel prank or malice and embarrassed realization that he couldn't even have some dignity in enduring it alone.

"Should I call someone or-?" He tried to remember if there were any sex workers he knew among all the people he befriended throughout his career in this city.


"-or do you have someone to call?"

Bakugou blinked, confused at similar questions, then shook his head:

"You fucking know I don't."

Kirishima shut his eyes tight, not believing he was having this conversation with Bakugou. He thought that asking him next "Do you want me to leave?" would've been the biggest dick move of the year, considering Bakugou's circumstances, so he didn't.

Bakugou wouldn't be fine if left alone, he didn't want Kirishima to call anyone into this private issue, and he didn't have anyone to share it with on his own. Kirishima knew too well that he wasn't capable of just walking out of the apartment where his friend and partner was in trouble, but he also forced himself to think a little bit harder why it seemed so easy for him to offer his... help to Bakugou right now. Why he wasn't off-put by having his best friend grinding his dick on him for solid twenty-something minutes. How thin the line between simply wanting to help and jumping at the opportunity to get into his best friend's pants seemed for him.

It couldn't be just because Bakugou touched a special spot on his neck by accident.

"If I were to stay here with you, to help you..." he started, giving up on trying to sort his confusion out, "would that be okay with you?"

Bakugou exhaled, frustration and desperation clear on his face.

"I'm not gonna force-"

"You're not," Kirishima said quickly, interrupting him. He put his hand on Bakugou's cheek to turn his head on and look at him. He immediately put his hand away again, hyper-aware of the effect of his touch on him. "I will help. You get to decide what that's gonna be later."

Bakugou just stared at him with intense expression, thinking about his words. Looking squarely into Bakugou's eyes, the red in them almost completely gone from how wide the pupils were, Kirishima had a thought he should have considered before: it was entirely possible that Bakugou just didn't see him like that, and no amount of sex pollen could convince him to agree on sleeping with him.

"You can imagine someone else," he shrugged, distancing himself from thinking about his words too much, reminding himself that if he really wanted to help Bakugou, he didn't get to be selfish. "I understand if you don't want me-"

Bakugou's fist hit the door next to Kirishima's head again. Perplexed, Kirishima looked up at him.

"It's not that!" Bakugou said in anger and shut his eyes tight, his face just a breath away from him. His hands moved, finding the way between the door and Kirishima until he locked him in firm embrace. "It's not that," he repeated again, quieter.

It wasn't entirely clear how that embrace felt more intimate than all the times when Bakugou couldn't resist grinding, nuzzling and just holding Kirishima down just before that, why it felt like Bakugou finally, completely gave in.

After a pause of nothing happening, Kirishima sucked in a breath, feeling the need to be brave for some reason, and reached to take Bakugou's face into his hands. Bakugou obeyed the motion and turned his face up, his eyes still shut tight, breath hitching. He looked vulnerable and open like that, and when Kirishima finally brought their mouths together in a kiss, he made a noise of relief.

Bakugou's hands moved down to Kirishima's thighs, and in the next moment Kirishima felt himself being lift up, still pressed firmly against the door. He dragged his hands down Bakugou's arms, feeling bulging muscles under his palms, and his breath hitched into the kiss they were having. Bakugou's strength in context like that was an unquestionable turn on, and Kirishima almost automatically followed the motion to grip Bakugou's arms and pull himself up to put his legs around Bakugou's waist. It felt so good and right, somehow, and a small moan escaped his lips upon feeling them grinding together in another, proper attempt at frotting.

He moaned louder, feeling arousal igniting within him like a lit fuse, and Bakugou broke the kiss. He looked startled, as if he didn't expect Kirishima to be vocal, and for a second, Kirishima wasn't sure how to respond to Bakugou's heated gaze, if he even needed that. He was losing ability to form words by magnitudes, already craving to get back to kissing instead of talking. He squeezed Bakugou's waist with his legs tighter and made a small attempt to thrust against him, unthinkingly, and Bakugou lunged into the kiss again, biting his lips and clanking their teeth together, and, okay, that was almost bad.

"Bed. Fucking now," he breathed between the touches and with visible effort leaned back.

"I thought you'd just nail me to that door, I almost got comfy with it," Kirishima joked and got back on his feet, his thoughts floaty and not at all coherent.

Bakugou shook his head, took him by hand and stormed to bedroom, dragging Kirishima with him.

"At least that I can do properly," he grumbled, kicking the door to it open.

"Can't wait," Kirishima said and laughed, a bit nervous of how casual they both sounded, especially considering circumstances. In all honesty, he had very little idea what was going to happen or how it was going to happen. He had no frame of reference for a situation where he suddenly found his best friend irresistibly hot as a consequence of worrying for his well-being. He didn't mean to be flirty either, words just rolled off his tongue in the most natural way possible.

And the thing was, Bakugou didn't mind, judging by how he frantically yanked the nightstand drawer open, looking for the much needed lube.

Kirishima didn't waste time in the meanwhile, taking his shirt off and settling on the bed. As soon as he tossed the shirt aside, Bakugou was near him, as if magnetized, his hands roaming at Kirishima's sides. There was the bottle of lube in one of Bakugou's hands, and while it was amusing, it wasn't adding much to the pleasure of petting, so Kirishima gently took it from Bakugou and put it down next to them.

He placed his hands on Bakugou's shoulders then, guiding him to lean closer, sensing his desperation, and put his hand lower to brush his palm over Bakugou's dick through the fabric of his pants. Gasp, shudder, eyes shut tight, the way Bakugou pushed into his hand - those all were new things Kirishima never even imagined he'd see from his friend, and he had hard time fighting the need to pause his motions and just stare at Bakugou being like that, for him, for the first time ever.

Holding his breath, Kirishima helped Bakugou to pull his pants down along with underwear, just enough to get access to his dick, and, to Bakugou's impatient anticipation, stole a moment to squeeze a tiny amount of lube on his palm before taking the shaft into hand. Bakugou felt hot and heavy with blood on his palm, slick lubrication setting the first friction nicely as Kirishima stroked him down and up. With fingers locked in a firm ring around the crown of his dick, Kirishima noticed the deep shade of red of its head, eager for stimulation, and he swiped his thumb across the slit. He didn't get to watch how his strokes worked Bakugou up because Bakugou promptly fell on him, pressing him down to bed - it appeared that Kirishima was going to spend a lot of time being pinned or pressed to something today. Not that he minded, Kirishima thought as he felt Bakugou thrusting his hips forward to meet his hand in rhythm, Bakugou's ragged breath bothering sensitive skin of Kirishima's neck again.

His touch and noises he was making were intoxicating, bringing attention to Kirishima's own arousal. After a particularly unexpected sound - okay, whimper, that was a whimper, - Kirishima grabbed Bakugou's hair to turn his head up and kissed him, just to avoid getting distracted too much while he kept jerking him off. It worked and did not work at the same time. The kiss was bad, downright incoherent, but lack of any grace or technique was entirely forgivable when Kirishima realized he just could lead it the way he wanted.

Though Kirishima understood how Bakugou's utter compliance to his lead came from lack of choice, it still stunned him. He could lick into his mouth and nip at his lips and watch his face while pumping his dick all he wanted, and Bakugou would let him, take his touch and caress and react to it, it was incredible. He found himself eager to try and make sure that everything he did would be pleasant for his partner. That would be ideal for mending this state of his, wouldn't it?

Bakugou suddenly disengaged from the kiss and hid his face in Kirishima's neck, his breath quickening and then stopping as he shuddered with orgasm. Kirishima petted his hair gently and kept stroking him with other hand, twisting his wrist, feeling come getting onto his fingers and stomach, until Bakugou stopped and sighed into his neck with relief.

Taking this moment to rest a little, Bakugou lied on him, his entire weight pressing him down, and whined helplessly when Kirishima squeezed him for the last time and rubbed his palm down the shaft of his dick to cup his balls and pull them slightly. He did not get any less hard, again, and Kirishima finally realized what he felt, beyond the adrenaline rush and arousal - anticipation.

Listening to Bakugou's breaths in his ear, Kirishima put both hands on his waist, sliding his palms under the waistband of Bakugou's pants. In one motion, he pushed their hips closer and attempted to pull the pants lower - unsuccessfully but he hoped it hinted him that they needed to go already.

Bakugou sat upright at that, glaring at him sharply. He looked so unfairly hot like that - towering over him, hair in complete disarray thanks to Kirishima, deep scowl and burning eyes behind it, his naked torso shining with sweat.

"You wanna do this?" He asked in raspy voice, eyes darting from Kirishima's face down his body to considerable tent in his pants.

"Yeah," Kirishima breathed out, baffled by how easy it was to admit, stunned to see Bakugou shivering slightly. "Yeah, I wanna do this," he repeated just when Bakugou got off bed to finally kick his pants off and returning to him instantly. He didn't let Kirishima get rid of his when he attempted to discard his own clothes, pulling them down for him and tossing them aside as he settled before him.

Kirishima parted his legs, letting them rest on Bakugou's thighs, feeling of skin on skin burning him hot. He didn't have a chance of feeling self-conscious or have doubts, not from how Bakugou looked at him with something he could only describe as hunger.

"Just, ah-" Kirishima cleared his throat, "be careful, please? It's been a while."

Now that he said that, the second thoughts surfaced. Again, he scolded himself for being too eager, too greedy for Bakugou's undivided attention to him he never realized he craved. He was supposed to make everything easier for Bakugou until the sex pollen effects run out, and now that he thought about it, maybe asking Bakugou to restrict himself more just because Kirishima hadn't had anyone for long time wasn't really helpful for his friend.

"I mean- sorry, if it's too hard for you-"

"I'm not a fucking animal," Bakugou said with vehemence, almost offended, and Kirishima bit his tongue. But he definitely should have proposed something else, maybe a blowjob or him topping-

-Bakugou was already pouring copious amounts of lube onto his fingers and leaning down to bite and lick into Kirishima's mouth as he pushed his hand between Kirishima's legs.

"I wanna fuck you until you scream," he growled, almost incoherently, while his slicked fingers only were spreading wetness against his ass, as careful as Kirishima asked, and Kirishima's mind blanked for a moment.

"You sure? There are other ways to please a man," Kirishima still said, cautious. He felt a fingertip slipping inside him, trying him out, and the familiar sensation sparked something that soon would turn into raw, burning desire. "I don't wanna make it worse for you."

Bakugou just scoffed.

"Worse was when I was there all alone here dying to fuck, thinking my balls will fall off any moment," he grumbled and nuzzled Kirishima's neck in a gesture that seemed almost... affectionate? Kirishima had trouble applying this concept to their situation and, well, Bakugou. Never thought he would ever have to, especially in regards to himself. "Now it's," Bakugou continued, working on fingering Kirishima with surprising amount of patience - not a lot of it, but noticeable enough, "now it's fucking great."

That didn't make much sense with how Kirishima understood the idea of a quirk making people desperately horny, but of course he wasn't going to argue. He immediately sensed that trusting Bakugou on that was the best option for both of them, just like in their work together.

"Well, I'm glad," he said sincerely and gasped at the feeling of the second finger pushing past the rim of his ass.

It wasn't bad, just slightly uncomfortable, not at the pace Kirishima would've preferred. He liked the challenge, though, liked the feeling of Bakugou getting impatient and how it transferred to him, too. He reached to stroke his dick as soon as he felt Bakugou scissoring fingers inside him, stretching him, and felt the familiar pleasant pull of arousal when Bakugou pushed his fingers deeper into him.

He made a mistake of looking up briefly and catching Bakugou's stare and noticing how he was almost devouring him with his eyes as he watched Kirishima taking his fingers and squirming on them, pumping his dick in rhythm with Bakugou's motions and breathing shakily. Kirishima knew he was a good looking, attractive guy, but the way Bakugou was looking at him right now made him feel hot, desired.

It didn't take long for Bakugou to pull his fingers out, to Kirishima's displeased whine - just when it was getting so good, goddamnit, - and he leaned over to kiss that whine out. The next moment Kirishima felt the head of Bakugou's dick nudging at his entrance, and okay, that was pretty big. He braced himself when he felt more pressure turning into discomfort, and turned his head away from the kiss, trying to concentrate on relaxing.

His face must have had some alarming expression on it because Bakugou sat upright, attempted to guide his dick with his hand, saw Kirishima twitching and wincing and promptly stopped. Kirishima was about to protest - he could take it, he just needed some time to adjust, that wasn't really that bad, - but Bakugou had bottle of lube in his hands already, pouring it on his dick and then taking a moment to push two fingers, entirely covered in lube, into him again, then out and in again, and, wow, that was a lot better.

Bakugou attempted penetration again while Kirishima laid back and relaxed, touching his dick with light strokes, squirming only when he felt the thicker part of the head getting past his rim. Something must have distracted Bakugou because he stopped the motions and looked at Kirishima sharply, with strange expression, and put both his hands on Kirishima's thighs. He dragged them up then, slowing down at Kirishima's abs, clearly feeling muscles as they tensed when Kirishima let out a loud excited exhale. Next his hands stopped at pecs, both thumbs flicking over nipples, and Kirishima moaned, shortly overwhelmed by everything - demanding touch of Bakugou's calloused hands, how the rim of his ass was stretched around the thickest part of Bakugou's dick, how his own touch kept him on fire.

Bakugou lunged down, pressing both forearms at the sides of Kirishima's head, fingers digging into his hair, stopping to plant an open mouthed kiss on his chest and lick over an already bothered nipple, and when he finally reached his lips to kiss him, Kirishima was shaking with anticipation. He crossed his legs behind Bakugou's waist, pulling him closer, and he was thrilled to realize that discomfort from penetration he felt earlier was fading with lube and new angle doing their job.

He urged Bakugou to move, shamelessly pulling his hips up until he was full and squirming on his dick, delightful sensation of overcoming a challenging size making him giddy inside. Bakugou made some incoherent noise into his mouth that sounded like some swear word, and picked up a rhythm, gradually ramping it up until Kirishima whined, "Yes, like that", and oh, Bakugou got the message clearly, nailing him down on the bed under the sound of the bed squeaking in protest.

It felt familiar, somehow, with the way Kirishima let Bakugou know it was okay to unleash himself onto something. That happened a lot during their job, on terms of their silent agreement - Kirishima, having a more precise skill of calculating damage control, assessed the situation and figured out the exact moment when Bakugou's unstoppable destructive power was best and safest to use, and communicated that to his partner. They had absolute trust in each other in the field, and if Kirishima hadn't been so busy with moaning and writhing on Bakugou's dick bothering that sweet spot inside him with each motion, he'd find it surprising that this trust, apparently, extended to sex.

What he did notice, though, was how Bakugou kept kissing him and nuzzling his neck, biting the skin on his collarbones and putting fingers through his hair. There was so much touching from him that it felt overwhelming, mixed with deep, thorough pounding, and when Kirishima caught a breath between, he said, amused:

"Didn't expect you to be so affectionate."

"Shut up," Bakugou growled and shut him up himself with a kiss. "You just," he briefly broke the kiss, his hands traveling down Kirishima's body to grab his ass and lift him up as he kept fucking him, "you feel so fucking good."

Kirishima had to put hands above his head, gripping the sheets for some stability as the lower half of his body was up in the air, held only by Bakugou's tight grip on his ass and him holding Bakugou's waist with his thighs. Bakugou picked up the pace, each thrust reaching deep and pulling out almost fully before slamming back into Kirishima's ass, and Kirishima was whining and gasping for air in no time from that rhythm. He was definitely going to feel aftermath of this fucking next day, and oh how he was looking forward to it.

While he was floating in pleasure, Bakugou made a slight mishap, pulling out too much before next thrust, and his dick slipped out, to which both responded with simultaneous dissatisfied groans. Bakugou attempted to enter again, unsuccessfully as his hands were shaking from impatience. Unthinkingly - or maybe similarly impatiently, Kirishima took this opportunity to switch places, flipping Bakugou on his back and straddling his hips.

He caught Bakugou's surprised, almost scandalized expression at that and grinned, grabbing his dick to guide it back into his ass. He felt slick and easy, Bakugou's girth and length feeling absolutely delightful as he lowered himself down and taking him fully. He even took a moment to make himself more comfortable, moving his hips back and forth in small motions and squeezing hard, thick dick inside him.

Bakugou was already snapping his hips upwards, he clearly wanted to go back to the pace he had before the hitch. Kirishima watched Bakugou's dark, lustful expression as his eyes went up and down his body, feeling heady, and took Bakugou's hands in his to put them back on his ass. And now that he had Bakugou guiding the pace of his hips like that, Kirishima could indulge himself, leaning down to marvel at Bakugou's body before him. He didn't have a chance to do that before this moment, with Bakugou overwhelming him, but now he had all the opportunity to lick and kiss his chest and run his hands on Bakugou's sides and stomach and arms, admiring him - all of him.

Bakugou steadily pushed Kirishima's hips in rhythm, fingers clawing into his ass and spreading cheeks, making Kirishima feel more exposed, stretched on his dick, and it got so good that Kirishima had to put his head down onto Bakugou's chest, shutting his eyes tight and just focusing on how amazing he was feeling. When he got back to his senses, a little, he finally reached Bakugou's mouth to kiss him, and Bakugou's moan reverberated on his lips.

Getting impatient, Kirishima sat upright, regretfully parting their lips. He needed something that would send him over the edge, and after several tries and frictions, he found a good angle that made sure the head of Bakugou's dick reliably nudged his prostate each time he moved down. Just two, three more frictions, and he already felt himself clenching around Bakugou hard, loud whine escaping his lips on next exhale as he threw his head up, blinded by sensations shortly.

Bakugou gripped his ass tighter, slamming Kirishima's hips against his faster.

"Look at me," he said, voice rough, and Kirishima opened his eyes to obey.

Bakugou's eyes burned, fierce, focused attention in them leaving Kirishima feeling hot where Bakugou's gaze touched him. In this pre-climax state, Kirishima realized with unexpected clarity that Bakugou, though sex-crazed and desperate to get off, was attentively watching him and his expressions, reactions, and judging by the mean grin that appeared on Bakugou's face when Kirishima couldn't hold back even louder moans, he liked what he was seeing.

This became the thing that tipped Kirishima off, making all the built up heat within him spill, jolting a sharp, blinding wave of pleasure up his spine as he frantically fucked himself on Bakugou's dick, each thrust bringing him to a new high until he couldn't keep up no more. He sat down, clenching on the base of the dick hard, and stopped for a split moment to throw his head up and let out a cry, flash of orgasm surging through him. He opened his eyes again when he could, dazed, noticing Bakugou was still watching him, looking mesmerized with the way Kirishima's muscles spasmed in long orgasm and how his dick twitched, untouched, sperm dripping down the shaft in thick drops that eventually got onto Bakugou's stomach.

Still shuddering with this long, exhausting orgasm, Kirishima fell down onto Bakugou's chest, his hips moving in small motions as the spasms faded into afterglow. His head was so delightfully empty, void of any coherent thought and filled only with sweet echoes of his climax - truly, he had his brains fucked out right now, - and he nuzzled and licked skin beneath him, Bakugou's scent teasing him, creating memory connections that surely were going to forever remind him about this moment in the future.

He was still basking in this post-orgasm haze when he felt Bakugou's hands moving up his spine, grabbing his face and turning it up where Bakugou's mouth waited for his to meet in a messy, ungraceful kiss as Bakugou resumed fucking him, chasing his own release now. Kirishima moaned into that kiss, getting overstimulated fast. He focused on the feeling of Bakugou's hands on him, how he dragged the palms down his spine and how fingers dug into the skin on his lower back. It hurt, it felt so good, at some point Kirishima was sure there were going to be scratches tomorrow when Bakugou shuddered under him and whined into his mouth as his body gave in, granting him his much needed orgasm.

Kirishima felt good enough by that moment to break the sloppy kiss and turn it into something gentler, kissing Bakugou's face with tender touches of his lips while Bakugou unraveled under him. It just felt nice, when he put soft kisses onto Bakugou's forehead while feeling his rock hard dick twitching deep inside him, filling him with come. He couldn't explain it.

Bakugou's release was literally that, it seemed - when he finished, tension left his entire body, as if some tight spring inside him finally snapped and released it all at once, leaving him plastered under Kirishima, breathing loudly and heavily. Kirishima felt a surge of tender affection within him, seeing Bakugou's tired, defenseless expression. 

He left light, soft kisses on Bakugou's cheeks while watching him come down from his high, how his breath steadied, how a small frown appeared between Bakugou's eyebrows when Kirishima moved his hips up and let Bakugou's dick slip out of him. He wasn't as painfully hard anymore, which was probably a good sign, Kirishima thought. Then he felt Bakugou's come trickling on his inner thigh, out of him, and suddenly, that simple, expected consequence of unprotected sex sent a wave of blood to his face. He... really just fucked his best friend. 

Unthinkingly, Kirishima even looked down between his legs, seeing the evidence, feeling loose and wet, even a little sore already. He wondered, what's next? Looked up at Bakugou, worried, and saw him still lying with his eyes closed, that frown on his face growing deeper.

"You okay?" Kirishima asked, putting his hand on Bakugou's cheek.

Bakugou opened his eyes and met his. He looked tired, slightly annoyed, completely unaware of the doubts Kirishima just realized about this whole ordeal again. He skipped a couple of seconds, thinking about Kirishima's question, then shrugged:

"Stupid question."

"I guess," Kirishima didn't argue. "Do you need more?"

He didn't like how Bakugou's expression subtly changed when he heard the question. He was scowling, as usual, but there was this silent resignation behind it again that didn't fit him in the slightest. Kirishima distantly wondered how Bakugou would look after sex without some stupid quirk not letting him get off properly, and shooed the image away, again, reminding himself that this was still an urgency, and not a leisure for his friend.

"Yeah, I guess," Bakugou finally answered while Kirishima's thoughts drifted away already. He didn't look terribly enthusiastic about it when he said that, but then he shot Kirishima a look, his expression changed just slightly. "You up for it?" He asked and licked his lips. Tentative. Just a tiny bit - hopeful.

Kirishima rushed to kiss him and put his hands back on him. He had doubts he could handle a second round so soon, but it wasn't like he didn't know how to pass time with his hands or his mouth.

"I won't leave you hanging, don't worry," he felt the need to reassure Bakugou, whispering against his lips and looking into his eyes intensely.

He started jerking Bakugou off, trying to get his dick fully hard again, his free hand roaming on his chest. He didn't get far with this plan of his, noticing Bakugou's frown having clearer signs of displeasure as he kept pumping his dick, and he stopped.

"Too much?" He asked cautiously.

Bakugou's eyes opened wide, and for a split second he looked cornered, not expecting Kirishima to read him this well so easily. He nodded slowly, his stubborn desire to never admit he couldn't handle something not letting him say anything now, too, but then something snapped in him, and he said:

"Just fuck me already, goddamnit it." More impatient than resigned, now, and wow, that could make Kirishima's head spin.

"In a bit," Kirishima promised and looked around for the lube. He had to disengage from Bakugou and search for it, finding the bottle somewhere between twisted sheets. He noticed Bakugou's irritated glare following him while he was away, and laughed lightly. "It's been a while for you, too, right?" He asked, trying to sound casually.

"Doesn't matter," Bakugou grumbled, spreading his legs as he watched Kirishima pouring lube on his fingers. "I can take it."

That was familiar, Kirishima thought, smiling to himself wider. It was funny, he acted like that himself not so long ago, but now that Bakugou was trying to insist on skipping the prep, he realized how stupid both of them really were.

"I need some time to recover," Kirishima admitted honestly, a bit apologetic. "And actually, it felt very nice when you didn't rush."

Bakugou's eyebrows twitched, he looked like he wanted to argue just for the sake of arguing, so Kirishima decided to preemptively shut him up with a kiss while his hand found its way between his legs, finger circling around his asshole to spread the lube. Bakugou sighed into the kiss, demonstratively annoyed, and thrust his hips onto Kirishima's finger when he pressed his fingertip against the ass, trying to be careful. Kirishima snorted in response to that, thinking that it shouldn't be surprising that Bakugou found a way to argue with his very body.

He felt tight and hot around his finger, and Kirishima didn't cave in to Bakugou's impatience, slowly pushing his finger in and out, trying out different angles and listening to Bakugou's reactions. He found that sweet spot inside, hearing Bakugou's short, throaty moan, and confirmed that he got it right by repeating the movement and feeling Bakugou shudder slightly. 

"Relax," Kirishima said, parting their lips and pressing their foreheads together to look at him, searching for signs of pleasure or impatience or discomfort on Bakugou's face as he slowly added the second finger.

Bakugou twitched, feeling both fingers twisting inside him as Kirishima flicked his wrist, and let out a loud exhale, his eyebrows knit together in concentrated frown. He seemed satisfied when Kirishima started building up a pace, sighing quietly each time Kirishima's fingers went a little deeper, brushing against his prostate. He even took the advice to relax, putting his hands behind his head and lying more comfortably, legs spread apart and one bent in the knee, giving Kirishima easier access for fingering him.

He looked so hot like that, Kirishima thought, watching over his body, how his muscles sculpted by years of fights and training were shining with sweat, all the raw power in him now directed into responding to Kirishima's touch. And kind of adorable, Kirishima added in his head. His own body still sent distant, pleasant signals reminding of his recent orgasm, new wave of arousal muted beneath them. He wasn't concerned - it just meant that he had plenty of time to give Bakugou as much attention as possible.

With that thought in mind, he left a small kiss on Bakugou's lips before moving down to put his mouth on his neck. Bakugou lifted his head up and bared his throat for him, and Kirishima took the hint, taking this opportunity to explore the area with his lips and tongue and sneak his free hand down to Bakugou's chest to knead on his pectoral just- just because he always wanted to, okay? And Bakugou sounded like he enjoyed that, so he decided to keep his hand there, switching between feeling that side of Bakugou's chest and flicking and pinching his nipple, evoking a shudder from him each time.

At some moment, Kirishima got distracted, enjoying himself a little too much, and he accidentally grazed his teeth over the skin on Bakugou's throat. He wanted to apologize - his bites were risky and could leave mean marks for weeks, as he knew from experience, and luckily he didn't leave anything on skin right now, - but Bakugou suddenly put his hand onto Kirishima's head, grabbing him by hair, urging him to stay there, and Kirishima froze in place, unsure what he wanted from him. It didn't escape him how Bakugou clenched on his fingers just now.

Listening to Bakugou's heavy breaths for a couple of beats, Kirishima asked:

"Do you want me to-"


Taken aback by Bakugou's decisive, demanding tone, Kirishima complied, baring his teeth and carefully dragging them over the place he just bothered, mulling on the idea of Bakugou possibly liking this.


Kirishima felt a tremor surging through him as he heard that. The tone Bakugou said it with sounded almost like an order, unambiguously suggesting that he liked and wanted this. Kirishima tried not to lose his head, taking a patch of skin between his lips and experimentally pressing teeth against it. Bakugou's grip on his hair tightened, communicating the message - he wasn't going to let him go with just that.

"I can... leave marks if I'm not careful," Kirishima said, stumbling on words as the image of Bakugou having bite marks from him later appeared in his head.

"Do it." Bakugou was serious. 

Holy shit.

Feeling that his head was spinning, Kirishima obeyed without thinking too much about it, sinking his teeth into tender skin, and immediate effect of that was Bakugou moaning, his hips thrusting up in attempt to fuck himself on Kirishima's fingers. Kirishima left that spot and moved to the other side of Bakugou's neck and bit there, and reaction from Bakugou was even stronger this time.

Kirishima got the cue. Over the side of Bakugou's neck, he left a small trail of bites, which he hoped would fade by next day, covering them with kisses, making sure that each bite was in sync with movements of his hand between Bakugou's legs. Bakugou didn't let him get lower, grabbing his hair and dragging him back to his neck, until Kirishima gave in, putting his teeth over the skin on Bakugou's throat, feeling noises Bakugou was making as sharp teeth left marks on it, the area of the bite filling with reddish shade that was going to turn into a bruise next morning.

Bakugou's grip weakened enough to let him go down, and now that Kirishima knew he was allowed to, knew exactly how Bakugou reacted to that, he wanted more. Feeling bolder, he left several bites on Bakugou's chest, some of them nasty enough to remain visible tomorrow, stopping to lick and suck on the nipples and scrap them carefully with his teeth, which Bakugou liked a lot. As he licked bothered skin, he looked up and saw that Bakugou threw his head up, his bared throat showing the fresh bites on it shamelessly.

He went lower, marking Bakugou's abs, placing one bite right next to where his half-hard dick lied against the stomach, and without skipping a beat putting his mouth on the dick next, covering his teeth with lips immediately. Swiping the underside with his tongue, Kirishima looked up again and met Bakugou's gaze this time. Bakugou stared at him with incredulous expression, eyes closely following each motion Kirishima did - how his tongue lapped the head of Bakugou's dick, how he bit the skin on the stomach again, over the place he already worked on, reddish marks overlapping. When he felt Kirishima pushing third finger into him, he broke the eye contact, throwing head back again and letting out a cry.

Kirishima felt hot, arousal running through his veins anew. His head was spinning from how compliant, amazing Bakugou was right now, how Kirishima made him look and sound like this, how Bakugou let him do all these things to him, let mark him, and then demanded more. 

He looked down how Bakugou was taking his fingers, feeling his dick getting hard, anticipating the moment when he would finally fuck him, and brought his lips to the skin on Bakugou's inner thigh and bit it, with full intent and conscience that this was going to leave a lasting mark. Bakugou clenched around his fingers just in the moment when Kirishima pushed them into him again, and whimpered in a way Kirishima hadn't heard from him before.

It made Kirishima feel smug, and he left more bites. Somehow, knowledge that Bakugou was going to have this from him, in such private, concealed place, made his blood run hotter than when he just left marks on his neck, which pretty much everyone could see. It was about knowing that he, Kirishima, had access to him like that, and that he left something that would remind Bakugou about him when this was over. 

He indulged himself one more time, leaving the last bite mark on the tender skin on the other thigh, sucking on it hard enough to finish it off with a hickey. Bakugou's hand was in his hair again, and Kirishima looked up to meet his eyes.

"Holy fuck, Eijirou," Bakugou whispered shakily, looking wrecked. His eyes shone with that hungry spark again that he had not so long ago when he was about to fuck him, and Kirishima felt that this was time for them to change the pace.

Kirishima grinned in response, placing a kiss on the spot he so thoroughly marked, then another one - on Bakugou's dick. He removed his fingers from Bakugou's ass, trying to play it cool and not ogle at Bakugou's excited expression, and got up. He quickly spread some lube onto his dick and positioned himself between Bakugou's legs and guided his dick into him, watching carefully how unconcealed anticipation was turning into a content frown on Bakugou's face. He wasn't sure how a frown could look content, but it was Bakugou, he totally could pull off a wide range of scowling expressions, Kirishima thought, amused, with a sudden surge of affection for his partner.

He felt so hot and tight around his dick, but nothing indicated discomfort. Bakugou was lying on his back, more relaxed than Kirishima ever saw him in his life, watching him with half-closed eyes. He trusted Kirishima with himself, Kirishima realized, trusted to be treated with care in this moment of vulnerability. Kirishima probably had some stupid expression on his face in that moment because Bakugou's mouth quirked in a crooked grin, openly daring him to do something already.

Kirishima leaned to kiss that grin, pushing his dick deeper, and out just a little, settling for a shallow rhythm until he felt they were good enough for something more thorough. He put his hands onto Bakugou's stomach, feeling his abs tensing with his breaths, and Bakugou let out a small content noise, appreciating the touch.

He must've kissed him like that for a while, keeping the pace steady and feeling Bakugou adjusting to him with each friction, until Bakugou put both his hands into his hair again, grabbing it hard, and crossing his legs behind Kirishima, pushing himself onto his dick. Kirishima followed the cue, momentarily distracted by dragging his palms on Bakugou's thighs and feeling him squeeze his hips in response, and picked up the thrusts, a little faster, a little rougher now.

"Oh god," Kirishima whined, nuzzling Bakugou's neck, "you feel amazing," he breathed out against the skin and bit it in the next moment, timing it with another forceful thrust. "You're amazing."

Bakugou's reaction was predictable, with Kirishima knowing how he liked to be bit, and still he wasn't ready how overwhelmingly good it was to feel Bakugou's ass clench around him hard and hear him gasping and following up with a good portion of swears. Still not at the point of being careless with his teeth, Kirishima kept bothering skin on Bakugou's neck and shoulders and collarbones, hearing Bakugou's increasingly appreciative moans as he fucked him into the mattress.

"Like that, come on," Bakugou taunted him, breathing into his ear, his hands on Kirishima's back now, fingernails digging into his skin and leaving burning trails of scratches for tomorrow.

Kirishima did his best to keep up, rewarded for his efforts with Bakugou's satisfied moans, delightful tension building up within with each thrust, with each time Bakugou squeezed his dick harder in response to his bites or particularly good series of frictions. He was coherent enough to notice that Bakugou was already on the edge of his pleasure, keeping his eyes shut tight and biting his lower lip, barely containing noises that escaped him with each heavy breath. Kirishima lunged down to kiss him, feeling his mouth slack against him, moans now audible and palpable on his lips, and picked up the rhythm, harder, rougher, bringing Bakugou to his point of no return.

Bakugou clearly didn't expect to be overwhelmed like that, letting out a loud cry before hiding his face in Kirishima's neck, his entire body taut under him while Kirishima ruthlessly fucked him into an orgasm. He shuddered with release under him, breathing heavily into Kirishima's shoulder, and cried again helplessly, when Kirishima sneaked a hand down to stroke his dick and finish him off.

Suddenly, coming down from his high, Bakugou bit him in the neck very hard, that Kirishima yelped in surprise. He sucked on the skin, clearly trying to leave his own hickey on Kirishima, and Kirishima let him, not having heart to say that it wasn't really possible as he barely ever bruised. Besides, the thought that Bakugou maybe could actually leave a mark on him, too, was exciting.

He gently turned Bakugou's head to him next, putting a kiss on his lips, and got up, observing Bakugou's blissful expression while he hoisted Bakugou's leg up onto his shoulder, fingers gripping onto his thigh hard. Kirishima felt hot from knowing he caused that, from how Bakugou followed his motions with eyes touched with glassy shine as Kirishima kept fucking him through his afterglow. New position let him watch how Bakugou now was truly relaxed and mellowed out after thorough fucking, covered in red marks from Kirishima's teeth everywhere, drops of his come spilling on his abs.

Kirishima found his release soon from watching how Bakugou was taking him and then catching the sight of Bakugou's smug, satiated grin. He gave in, slamming his dick into Bakugou and gripping his knee, pulling him closer, and stopped, blinded by overwhelming surge of his climax as he came.

"Fuck," he swore unthinkingly, distantly hearing Bakugou's surprised chuckle and not really understanding it. Exhausted, he let himself fall down onto Bakugou, trying to catch his breath and listening to Bakugou's heart pounding in his chest.

He managed to get up only after several minutes of complete bliss when he noticed that he was still inside Bakugou and that they both needed some basic clean-up, fast.

"Oh god, sorry," he mumbled, pulling his dick out and, following Bakugou's gesture, reaching nightstand drawer for tissues.

He took care of the cleaning for them both automatically, his ears still ringing from how hard he just came, thoughts scattered in all directions. Did he take it too far? Was it enough? He hoped it was, he was so tired.

Bakugou's eyebrow twitched as he watched Kirishima simply toss away the tissues on the floor.

"Do you, uh," Kirishima started, trying to not give away his thoughts, "do you need more?"

Bakugou sighed. He, too, looked very tired.

"I don't know. Can we just- fuck, I don't fucking know," he said and then sighed again, annoyed at something. He pulled Kirishima by hand to lie down again next to him and then rolled onto him, putting his head onto Kirishima's chest.

"I don't think I can do it again any time soon," Kirishima said after a pause. Bakugou's weight on him felt surprisingly comfortable.

Bakugou raised his head to look him in the eye with strange, piercing expression.

"Can't you get hard with your quirk?" He asked.

"What?" That was the dumbest thing Kirishima ever heard from him. "No! I mean, I can, but-" he stuttered under Bakugou's unrelenting glare, not expecting he'd ever need to explain something like that. "You know that my skin gets really sharp, I can't exactly control that."

Bakugou's face crunched in a funny expression.

"You tried that already?"

Kirishima felt his face lighting up with embarrassed blush.

"First thing I tried out when I learned how to harden at will," he admitted, decisively stomping out any shame for being curious about his body. "Don't tell me you didn't try dumb things with your own quirk as a kid."

Bakugou raised his hand to look at it critically, then at Kirishima again.

"Never," he openly lied to his face, and Kirishima burst out laughing, hugging him and ruffling his hair and he didn't imagine Bakugou's grin on his face when he demonstratively tried to shake off his hands.

"I can probably-"

"I don't think I need-"

Both shut up, hearing each other starting to say something, and waited out a pause to let the other one speak. Kirishima was more patient, and Bakugou swore and said:

"I don't feel like I'm dying from not fucking anymore." He stopped to think and added: "Don't suppose it's completely over though. If- if we can stay like that and-" he stumbled on words and grew silent.

"And cuddle?" Kirishima guessed and smiled. Bakugou was allergic to the word, it was funny.

"Yeah. That."

"Always happy to cuddle, man." He readily demonstrated it, putting his hands around Bakugou's shoulders and patting him until Bakugou put his head back onto his chest, giving into his touch. 

They lied like that for a while, with Kirishima putting his fingers through Bakugou's hair, fingertips massaging his head. It was nice, to lie together like that after mind-blowing sex, not really doing anything except enjoying each other. He was starting to feel drowsy.

Suddenly, Bakugou raised his head to look at him. He looked like he wanted to say something, but changed his mind, shut his eyes tight, and reached to kiss Kirishima's lips. The kiss was unexpected, and gentle, and Kirishima held his breath, afraid to spook it, until Bakugou moved and parted his lips, inviting him to advance. Kirishima took his face into both hands, accepting this invitation and brushing his tongue against Bakugou's in lazy, unhurried pace. He never imagined Bakugou could kiss like that - could kiss him like that even, and it felt so, so good.

It took them forever to part. Kirishima regretted to end the kiss, but only slightly, because it felt as nice when Bakugou put his face into his neck, his breath heavy and bothered again, eventually slowing down and growing quiet until Kirishima realized that Bakugou fell asleep. He covered them both with a blanket (or rather, wrapped it around them - the best he could do without them getting off it first), and didn't notice the moment when he himself drifted away, feeling content and secure.




Bakugou woke up completely disoriented and without any idea where he was. He couldn't figure if it was dark or not, if he was uncomfortable or wasn't, and who was there with him when he opened his eyes. The first thing he attempted to solve those mysteries was to unwrap his head from the blanket and sit up, looking around blearily. 

The sun was up, he had Kirishima's arms around him, and he was nauseatingly thirsty and pretty hungry. Not thinking much about anything of these new discoveries, Bakugou got up from the bed, untangling from Kirishima's hands clinging to him and shoving him a pillow to hug instead, and stumbled out of the bedroom. 

He reached the kitchen without looking, just putting hands on walls on his way there. His hands guided him to the sink by inertia, and he washed his face, instantly feeling a lot less confused. He took even took a couple of gulps of tap water and immediately turned it off, disgusted - he always thought that it had some weird taste. He found a bottle of orange juice in the fridge, and that was a lot more reasonable to drink instead, in his opinion.

Bakugou looked around the kitchen, now fully awake and slowly processing his state, leaning onto the counter and sipping the juice right from the bottle. Everything looked normal. He was-

He was feeling great.

His entire body was sore, like it usually was after exhausting training session, or a hard fight that ended in victory, or really, really good sex. His muscles were filled with sweet, lingering ache that sharpened a little with each movement. A short workout would make it go away, but Bakugou postponed that idea in favor of enjoying this feeling for a while. He also noted the soreness in his ass, a reliable indicator of recent rough fucking, his brain recollecting the events of yesterday that led him there, and okay, wow-

He jolted away from the kitchen counter and went into the living room to the mirror, bottle still in his hand. Bakugou from the mirror looked at him with incredulous expression, seeing his naked skin covered in rows of teeth marks - everywhere, on his stomach, thighs, chest, shoulders. He swallowed, his Adam's apple moving under bright red bite marks on his throat, and that sight made him shiver. He really let Kirishima do that to him.

No, that was incorrect. He demanded it, explicitly wanted to have his skin stitched in bites from those sharp, dangerous teeth. Even now, Bakugou felt excitement sparking low in his belly from seeing how thorough Kirishima was, from stinging feeling of punctures on his body. 

Bakugou looked himself in the eyes one more time, distrustfully - he looked horribly pleased with himself for some reason, - and headed back to his bedroom. He felt the bites on his inner thighs rubbing against the skin as he walked.

He stopped in the doorway, leaning onto it, and watching Kirishima sleeping in his bed, his hands around that pillow, red hair in disarray. There were scratches on his shoulder, continuing on his back, and seeing them was oddly satisfying.

So. Kirishima.

Bakugou tried to rationalize the events of previous day. He failed, because that was a really stupid series of events in his opinion, and there wasn't anything rational about getting hit by sex pollen quirk as a prank. So he tried to rationalize what he was feeling about seeing Kirishima sleeping at his place now, as a result of those stupid events. Or about the fact that he marked him all over his body and anyone with a single functioning brain cell would be able to figure everything out just by a single look at Bakugou's neck and Kirishima's ever present smiles. Or about the fact that he just felt hot from that thought.

He still was feeling great.

He recognized that it was largely thanks to Kirishima. His memories of getting hit by that quirk were murky, he was able to recollect only suffocating, unbearable heat that he couldn't make go away no matter how angry it was making him. After Kirishima got here, though, and everything that followed Bakugou remembered in every little detail. Not only Kirishima made the painful, humiliating arousal go down onto manageable levels, he also kind of... made everything better.

Bakugou already strongly believed that if there was such thing as dual quirks, that would've been Kirishima's. Making everything better simply by entering the picture. He honestly couldn't remember a single time when having Kirishima around didn't improve the situation - any situation, really. Things became less annoying, communication went easier, Kirishima was a company Bakugou actually liked, over pretty much everyone else he knew. After years of knowing him, calling him his partner and best friend, Bakugou recognized that he relied on this magic of Kirishima's presence a lot.

He honestly had no idea what he would've done if Kirishima left him alone again yesterday. Or, worse, called somebody else to deal with him.

The thought raised a wave on unmistakable disgust now. Yesterday, he probably wouldn't have a choice, and...

Suddenly, Kirishima jolted upright, immediately awake, and looked around with increasingly confused expression. His eyes darted around Bakugou's bedroom until he noticed Bakugou himself. His mouth hanged open.

"I-" He stuttered, staring at Bakugou's naked body, realization slowly lighting up on it. He dragged the pillow up to his face to cover his mouth with it, only his eyes above it trained on Bakugou, widening when they reached Bakugou's face.

Bakugou demonstratively took a gulp from the bottle, seeing Kirishima's eyes following him and then stopping to look at that bite mark on his throat. Blood rushed to Kirishima's face all the way up to his forehead, making him blush in a deep shade of red almost identical to his hair.

It was kind of cute to see him this shocked over his own handiwork.

"You did that," Bakugou grinned at him.

Kirishima flinched.

"I... sure did," he mumbled behind the pillow. He sounded guilty.

Bakugou's grin disappeared as he heard Kirishima's tone.

He knew too well what Kirishima was thinking right now. He couldn't just respond to that with some cheeky remark, no, he instantly jumped to the thought that he took advantage of Bakugou's state and now felt like a horrible person. Which was stupid of him to think like that, Bakugou knew it, because he was just a decent guy with gentle heart, and- and honestly, Bakugou would trust him with anything. With himself, more importantly, and he lov-

Some white noise in his brain silenced the rest of the thought, and he had to rethink it.

He hated it when Kirishima had doubts in himself.

And yet, looking at Kirishima's guilty expression, Bakugou had a small, cold and prickly feeling in his stomach, fear that they might have actually fucked up their friendship and trust in each other in just one day.

Not knowing what else to do, Bakugou came inside the bedroom and sat on his bed next to Kirishima, thinking what to say, offering him the bottle of juice silently in the meanwhile. Kirishima took it with gratitude on his face and drank a little before putting it away.

He stole a glance on his friend, remembering sharply how Kirishima looked and sounded and tasted yesterday. He had a vague understanding that he should have felt weirder about having a fuck marathon with his best friend, but he really was... fine with that.

If he could stomach the idea of more sex right now, he probably would've gotten hard thinking about pinning Kirishima to the bed and fucking him until he could remember only his name.

Yeah, that was probably weird that he had zero issues with this.

"How are you feeling?"

Kirishima's quiet inquiry got him out of his thoughts. Bakugou side-eyed him, still hiding behind that pillow, worried. His hair was sticking in all directions, but in the opposite of his usual "sticking in all directions" hairstyle, and it was a bit funny.

It took Bakugou a while to realize this wasn't a trick question, and while he was taking his time with answer, Kirishima's look got more worried.

"I'm great," he said honestly, catching surprise in Kirishima's eyes. "Thanks to you," he added, and something in him did a backflip over saying this out loud. He stubbornly kept eye contact with Kirishima, thinking that he deserved knowing this.

Kirishima relaxed slightly, sighing into the pillow.

"I'm glad," he said, and they grew quiet, silence a little less high strung between them.

It was still filled with tension over things unsaid, over how Bakugou wished to communicate that it was really okay, goddamnit, that Kirishima didn't need to check up on him if he was okay (even though deep down, Bakugou appreciated that, he realized). Or how he wished to close the distance between them and touch Kirishima.

He wondered, why the fuck have they never tried this whole sex thing before?

"Maybe... because we're idiots?"

Bakugou closed his eyes, making a grimace. Great. Now he was saying these stupid things out loud without noticing.


He looked at Kirishima and saw him put his chin on the pillow, eyes shining with laughter in them. He still looked a little spooked by the entire situation, but a small, hopeful smile touched his lips as he watched Bakugou having a fierce internal argument over not willing to admit that he was, in fact, an idiot.

They knew each other too well.

"I fucking hate that you're right," Bakugou chided through his teeth staring Kirishima squarely into eyes, and Kirishima started laughing before he even finished the sentence.

"Do you though?" He asked, smiling at him brightly.

Bakugou shook his head, and Kirishima reached for his shoulder, pulling him to half-lie on him and putting his arms around him.

"This is, like, a TV show level of fucking stupid," Bakugou mumbled, pressing his cheek into Kirishima's shoulder and sneaking his arm to put on his abs because- just because he always wanted to learn how those excellent abs would feel under his palm, okay?

"Agreed." Kirishima put his chin atop of his head, humming. Both sat like that for a bit, processing this new level of trust in each other. "I still feel like," Kirishima suddenly said, serious, and stumbled on words. "Still feel like I took adva-"



"For fuck's sake, Eijirou," Bakugou cut him off, refusing to tolerate this misplaced guilt in Kirishima's voice. "As if I'd fucking let anyone but you do that."

Those were bold words, considering his circumstances, and more accurate, more truthful thing to say was, "I'm so happy it was you who found me", but Bakugou's throat tightened when he tried to express that thought, saying it differently instead.

Kirishima understood him anyway. He looked down on him with glowing expression and said:

"Aww. Those words make a man weak."

Bakugou rolled his eyes, but he had a warm feeling blooming in his chest from knowing that he said something that made Kirishima go easier on himself, made him smile like that for him and put his fingers through Bakugou's hair. It was getting unbearable though, and the only thing Bakugou came up with to tone down this unexpected thorough physical affection was to catch one of Kirishima's hands and put it to his lips, busying himself with kissing it.

Kirishima let out a shaky breath at that, and Bakugou was terribly pleased to learn that he, too, could do something to throw his partner off balance like that.

What if he got used to that?

"Gotta hit the shower," he said after some time. He got up and tugged Kirishima to follow, catching surprised expression on his face and grinning - of course, Kirishima didn't think that was an invitation to go with him.

Surprise changed to excitement instantly, though, and Kirishima hurried to get off the bed, his hand still in Bakugou's.

In bathroom, Bakugou quickly adjusted the water to his liking, dragging Kirishima to step into shower with him. Once in the bath, they were as if magnetized, putting arms on each other, pressing chest to chest and lips to lips. It was a lot nicer to kiss Kirishima without having the annoying urgent arousal constantly distracting Bakugou from appreciating the kiss properly. Even better, right now he experienced negative amounts of arousal, still exhausted from yesterday's torment of his senses, and he could enjoy kissing and touching Kirishima at his leisure. It kinda made sense to him.

He heard the sound of plastic bottles clanking with each other and broke the kiss, pretty sure that they shouldn't have knocked anything off yet, but it turned out, Kirishima was reaching for something there blindly. With the kiss interrupted, Kirishima took the opportunity to actually see what he was trying to take, picked a bottle of shampoo, squeezed a considerable amount of it onto his palm and promptly put it onto Bakugou's head, to his mild confusion.

He didn't actually mean something like... washing each other, but as Kirishima spread the foam on his hair and started massaging his head, sliding his hands down his neck and shoulders from time to time, Bakugou decided to refrain from objecting. It felt really nice, and Kirishima looked like he was really into taking care of him like that.

"Do you like my hair or something?" He blurted out, still confused, when Kirishima finished rinsing the soap out of his hair, putting his fingers through it thoroughly.

"Uhh, yeah?" Kirishima said sheepishly, as if Bakugou caught him on doing something silly - which he was, but Bakugou didn't mind that. "I can keep my hands to myself if you don't like it," he added with an embarrassed smile, his hands helping to wash the rest of the shampoo foam off his shoulders. The soap stung a little in places where the nastiest bite marks were sore.

"I like it." He just didn't expect this kind of intimacy.

"Oh. Cool." Kirishima gave him a toothy smile.

But what did Bakugou expect? Cuddling and kissing under the shower? Washing hair and brushing teeth and whatnot under one shower while maintaining respectful distance between each other?

Maybe he was the one who was being silly. Was he even ready to actually have Kirishima always being so gentle and close to him?

Bakugou pressed Kirishima to the wall, kissing him decisively, convincing himself that he could handle than and give it back to Kirishima, tenfold. His hands slid down Kirishima's body, his perfectly shaped muscles tense under his hands, Kirishima's kiss so sweet on his lips.

After some time of this mindless kissing and enjoying each other, Bakugou realized that Kirishima wasn't actually exhausted from sex pollen quirk like him, and that his touches lead to Kirishima unambiguously grinding his dick against Bakugou's already. And it wasn't that pleasant, Bakugou added that to his realizations.

He distanced himself a little from Kirishima, causing him to emit a needy whine. Even though he physically couldn't join Kirishima in his heated attempts at frottage right now, he liked seeing Kirishima hot and bothered. Liked making him desperate and crazy for his touch.

Following this line of thought, Bakugou slowly left a trail of kisses on Kirishima's chest, getting lower with each, and then knelt before him. He looked up, meeting Kirishima's wide eyes following his motions, and grinned before taking Kirishima's dick into his hand and putting his lips onto it. Kirishima shuddered, and then moaned when Bakugou didn't stop just at that, taking the head of his dick into his mouth, sucking on it.

Bakugou let himself tease Kirishima, fluttering his tongue against the slit before taking him back in his mouth again several times, enjoying how Kirishima sounded like he melted under his touch. He got more serious with pleasing him once Kirishima's hand was in his hair again. He thought that he could actually like it if Kirishima would hold his head in place while fucking his mouth, but Kirishima just petted it, obviously liking to keep contact at all times. Bakugou stored the idea for later, for moment when he could feel his dick getting hard from having Kirishima look down on him like that, and settled on doing his best on pleasing him right now.

Kirishima's sweet moans echoes against the tiled walls, mixed with the sounds of water. In this moment, listening to noises Kirishima was making and feeling the velvety texture of the head of Kirishima's dick on his tongue, Bakugou thought that it was the perfect moment to have second thoughts, when he was absolutely sure that no stupid quirk affected his judgment. But no such thought appeared in his head. Only that he truly was an idiot for not making a move on Kirishima long ago.

Just to think of it, he could have been listening to Kirishima whining his name like that as he pushed his dick deeper into his mouth before this moment. He cut this line of thought off when he almost reached the conclusion that he should have found the guy who had this sex pollen quirk to actually thank them, and concentrated on Kirishima's whispered praises and the taste of precome in his mouth instead.

Needless to say, by the moment when Kirishima shuddered with orgasm, spilling his come onto Bakugou's tongue and lips, Bakugou was confident he was looking forward to doing this again.

As soon as he let out Kirishima's dick out of his mouth, Kirishima knelt down with him, taking his face in both hands and kissing him hard, breathing heavily through his nose, eyes shut tight. Bakugou was taken aback by his strength in that moment, letting Kirishima lick into his mouth, deliberately tasting himself off him, and when Kirishima finally backed off, Bakugou felt as if he was wrecked.

"Wow," Kirishima whispered, looking him into eyes, and that put a smug, prideful smile on Bakugou's lips.

Yeah, he definitely wanted more of that.

More of that and everything else.

Unthinkingly, Bakugou found the bottle of shampoo and repeated what Kirishima did to him recently with washing his hair. It actually felt surprisingly nice, adorable even, to put fingers through Kirishima's hair, watching him turn his head wherever Bakugou wished, to shamelessly put his hands all over Kirishima's shoulders and chest and back under excuse of spreading the soapy water on him. Kirishima smiled at his every motion, knowingly, definitely aware of Bakugou's discoveries about this whole thing with taking shower together.

After they finally got out of shower, they relocated back to bed, having hands on each other again. Somewhere in the background, both had a distant thought about maybe ordering some food, and at some point that idea became a lot more prevalent, and Bakugou regretfully left Kirishima for a while, searching for his phone. When he returned, sitting on his bed and trying to recall decent places to order takeouts, his phone rang.

"Oh shit," he said, seeing his manager's name and answering immediately. "I'm listening," he said, trying to sound collected and calm.

Kirishima, curious, sat next to him.

"Finally! Glad to hear you alive," his manager said, sounding quite worried. "How are you?"

Bakugou frantically recalled that yesterday Kirishima read to him messages from his manager explaining that he was hit with sex pollen, and tried to figure out the sufficiently evasive answer. His private life wasn't his manager's business, after all.

"I'm fine."

"You were hit with that quirk with everyone yesterday, weren't you?" Manager inquired, and Bakugou sighed, annoyed. His first thought was to tell him to fuck off, but he remembered that he never gave his manager any confirmation on his state yesterday, and that manager's messages were actually helpful, so he could do better than that.

"Yeah." That was better than telling to fuck off, in Bakugou's opinion.

"Damn. Well, I figured as much and arranged you a day off for today, too, so please take this time to rest. Or deal with, err. That."

Bakugou frowned, one distant brain cell in the back of his skull feeling just a tiny bit bad about his initial reaction. His manager was a really decent and helpful person, and it was better to cooperate.

"I'm up for emergencies," he said. Having aftermath of sex frenzy wasn't an excuse to ditch the entire hero work, he thought.

Kirishima inched a little closer to him, looking increasingly nervous for some reason.

"Noted. Do you, by any chance, know where Eijirou is? He hasn't been answering his phone, too."

Bakugou met Kirishima's eyes, figuring out the reason for his stress.

"He also needs a day off," Bakugou said, watching Kirishima's eyes widen in shock, and then pointed at his neck.

Kirishima blinked, understanding the unsaid explanation for Bakugou's reasoning to admit everything flat out. It wasn't even winter, when Bakugou could at least try to hide marks on his body that very obviously pointed at person who left them.

"Ah." Manager's tone wasn't nearly as surprised as expected. "Okay, then. Have good rest. Or whatever."

"Yeah, whatever," Bakugou supported that idea and hung up.

Kirishima leaned onto his shoulder and let out a long, stressed sigh.

"I can't believe we got to this point like that," he mumbled.

Bakugou put his hand around him. He kind of made peace with it already.

"What do you want to eat? I have no fucking idea what to order."

Kirishima looked at him for a long time.

"You know how weird it is that I don't actually feel that different than a day before?" He asked him.

Bakugou gave him the same look.

"I know. I feel like we should've been fucking years ago."

Kirishima laughed, light and joyful.

"I guess we have a lot of catching up to do." He gave him his brilliant, sheepish smile. "Now that we have a whole day, what do you want to do?" He asked him, excited.

"Food," Bakugou's mind was on track. Then he gave it a thought, what did he want to do besides eating? "And, you know-" he tried to formulate it, but words failed him.


"Yeah. That."