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Destination Unknown

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Masayoshi yawned hugely and blinked his eyes blearily. He was trying valiantly to stay awake, swaying with the train's movement, but he wasn't quite winning the battle. The morning sun was bright through the windows, and even that couldn't help him stay upright. Gotou nudged him, and Masayoshi looked over at Gotou like he hadn't even realized that someone was sitting beside him. “You can go to sleep,” Gotou told him. “It'll be a while.”

“Don't want to sleep,” Masayoshi said, and yawned again. The yawn was contagious, damn him – Gotou wasn't even tired and he yawned like he was, unable to stifle it. Masayoshi put his hand atop Gotou's and grinned sleepily. “Don't want to miss anything.”

What was there to miss, the scenery wasn't exactly breathtaking – Gotou didn't voice that, instead turning his hand over and letting Masayoshi's palm rest against his, before curling their fingers together. “If you don't sleep now, you won't have the energy for anything fun later,” he said instead. When he glanced back up at Masayoshi's face, he was blushing, and Gotou grinned at him.

“You didn't sleep last night either,” Masayoshi whined, but put his head on Gotou's shoulder, leaning into him.

“I slept some,” Gotou said. It wasn't exactly a lie, he had managed to catch a few hours after Masayoshi fell asleep, before his phone alarm went off. The sun hadn't even risen yet – he had dragged Masayoshi out of bed, dressed him, thrust coffee into his hands and dragged him out the door. He had wagered if they got going early enough, he would be able to outfox Mari – who was most certainly going to try to follow them to their destination. He had overheard her plans by accident – Moe was trying to dissuade her but if Gotou knew anything about her she would be lurking, bright and early outside Gotou's apartment. “I slept enough.”

Masayoshi didn't respond, and Gotou didn't dare to jog his shoulder in case that woke him up. He squeezed Masayoshi's hand instead, and watched the scenery scroll past through the tips of his wispy brown hair.

They were married. It still didn't seem real – none of it did, really. Gotou had accepted a lot of strangeness in his life on account of Masayoshi, and the fact that no one blinked an eye at them as a couple was still one of the strangest. The ceremony had been kept small and quiet, thankfully – Gotou wasn't sure how the ordeal was kept so low-key, but he knew that Ishihara was a miracle-worker and for that he was grateful. It was weird enough seeing Masayoshi's face everywhere, he didn't want to be up there on the news beside him if he could help it.

He had only managed a few days off of work, but that was okay. A few days away, just the two of them – no interference from well-meaning not-quite magical girls, no distractions … it was a vacation from the world and it was a long time coming. He had made sure that the costume was left behind, too – there wasn't going to be time for those sort of shenanigans. He wouldn't allow for it, this weekend Masayoshi was his, and his alone. He had to share him with the world enough as it was, he wanted to be a little bit selfish, just for a few days. After all, it was their honeymoon.

Gotou looked down at their hands, and then back up at the train car. It wasn't crowded yet, but there were certainly more than the handful of people that had initially boarded the train with them. Every so often he'd catch people looking at them – occasionally with frowns – but most of them were surreptitiously checking to see if – yes, yes that's him isn't it, that's the hero-! It sometimes amazed him that Masayoshi – dorky idiotic Masayoshi – had managed to do all those things he set out to do.

And more, because Gotou knew he hadn't set out to make Gotou fall for him and yet here they were.

Maybe an hour or so later, Masayoshi turned his face into Gotou's shoulder and sighed. “Awake?” Gotou murmured, and squeezed Masayoshi's hand again. God, he wanted to kiss him – especially when Masayoshi blinked up at him with those sleep-rough blue-grey eyes – but not on this train, not in front of people who could flip out their cameras on a moment's notice. “Feel any better?”

“Still kinda sleepy,” Masayoshi said, and lifted his head. He didn't release Gotou's hand, but used his other to rub at his eyes and yawned again. “Where are we?”

“Not there, yet,” Gotou said. Masayoshi disentangled his hand and stretched as well he could on the seat, before rubbing his neck and peering out the window.

“Why won't you tell me where we're going?” Masayoshi asked.

“Well, initially it was because you would have told everyone,” Gotou said.

“I would not,” indignant, Masayoshi glared back at him. “I am in fact capable of keeping a secret.”

“This from the guy who told a cop that he just met that he was going to go out and play vigilante in the street,” Gotou said, amused. Masayoshi narrowed his eyes at Gotou, and then sat up in his seat and crossed his arms.

“I knew that you were a good person,” Masayoshi said simply. “Because anyone else would have just left me there.”

Gotou opened his mouth to refute that, and then shut it, sighed and smiled again. “Idiot,” he muttered, and shook his head. “Blind, trusting, idiot.” Masayoshi was giving him that look again, and Gotou leaned into him, forcing him to either lean back against the window or accept Gotou into his space. “But,” Gotou said, in that same low tone he'd used last night. “My idiot.”

Masayoshi put his hand on Gotou's chest, clearly thought about moving it up to his face and then hesitated, eyes flickering past Gotou's head. Gotou remembered then – public train, and others' eyes on them – and sighed, that smirk sliding just slightly. He settled back into his seat, letting Masayoshi straighten. It wasn't fair that he couldn't touch Masayoshi in public – well, he could, if he didn't mind it showing up on the internet the same day – but Masayoshi still hadn't accepted those shades of gray into his life that said he as a superhero was allowed to have a normal relationship in public.

“Sorry,” Gotou grunted, and rubbed the back of his neck.

Masayoshi rested his hand on Gotou's thigh and rubbed it, glanced up at him and smiled. “I love you,” he said. “Even if you won't stop calling me an idiot, you moron.”

“Well, I love you too,” Gotou said and felt the words squeeze in his chest. “Wouldn't be here if I didn't. You're still an idiot, though.” Masayoshi's hand on his thigh, the dirty cheat. The remainder of this journey was going to be interminable.

“An onsen,” Masayoshi said. Gotou glanced at him – he couldn't quite pin down Masayoshi's tone, that was troubling – but then Masayoshi broke out in one of those sun-emerging-from-behind-a-cloud smiles and Gotou smiled back helplessly. “You picked an onsen,” Masayoshi said happily, and proceeded to link his arm with Gotou's.

It was a fairly traditional establishment – not one of the largest in the city by far but certainly not small or run-down. They were shown to their room by a pretty girl with her long hair done up in a bun, who kept giving Masayoshi sly looks when he wasn't paying attention. Gotou didn't bristle – but he did rest his hand possessively on the small of Masayoshi's back to steer him.

Once left to their own devices in the room by the attendant Gotou took Masayoshi by the shoulder and pulled him into a very deep kiss. Masayoshi surfaced from the kiss, blinked at Gotou and then glanced back to the room. “The futon's not out yet,” he said.

Gotou tugged on the waistband of Masayoshi's trousers. “Don't care.” He'd just sat for a few hours next to Masayoshi on the train and Masayoshi kept touching his thigh, and if he didn't get this out of his system he wouldn't be able to enjoy the baths. “Don't need a futon. Just need you.”

Masayoshi's ears turned pink. “But,” he said, and Gotou realized that they'd never really done anything outside of an actual bed before. “Maybe we should check out the hot springs, first?”

“Do you really want to?” Gotou didn't quite take a step back. Masayoshi's body followed him, not wanting to let go of the shared space and Gotou raised his eyebrow at him. Masayoshi ducked his head. “Or,” Gotou said, one hand on Masayoshi's waist, “maybe do you think that the springs will feel even better on some well-worn-out muscles?” He breathed against Masayoshi, drank in the scent of him. “It's our honeymoon,” he said softly into Masayoshi's ear.

Now the blush was on full. Masayoshi grabbed his head before he could step away and kissed him, dominated him – and Gotou remembered that for all Masayoshi got flustered about the act itself, once he got going this was going to head to its inevitable conclusion. They stumbled backwards onto the tatami – and Gotou tripped, flailed back, grabbed the front of Masayoshi's shirt to steady himself but instead of keeping himself upright he just managed to pull Masayoshi down on top of him. Masayoshi yelped and Gotou swore and managed not to bang his head against the ground, but he did crack it into Masayoshi's trying to get right back up again.

“Ahh!” Masayoshi sat back, both hands on his forehead and eyes screwed shut.

Gotou flopped back entirely on the floor, slightly dazed. “We have got to stop doing that,” he said, and pressed the palm of his hand to his forehead. “You all right?”

There was no response, but when Gotou lifted his hand it was because Masayoshi was staring down at him hungrily. He was kneeling over Gotou's lap, and Gotou was laid out on the floor like a feast just for him. Masayoshi leaned forward and put one hand on the floor beside Gotou's head. “Fine,” Masayoshi said, staring down at him intently. “I'm … fine.”

“You sure? You’re giving me the strangest look,” Gotou murmured, and nudged Masayoshi with a knee. “I'm not lunch, you know.”

Masayoshi wet his lips, his eyes gone hazy. Gotou swallowed, and they stared at each other in silence. Masayoshi lowered his head, slowly and then they were kissing again, Gotou dragging his hand through Masayoshi's hair, pulling him down firmly on top.

They rolled and nearly bumped into the table in the center of the room. Gotou yanked at his shirt, and then Masayoshi's – and Masayoshi froze, a deer in the headlights look. “What are you doing,” Gotou snorted as Masayoshi batted at his hands, popped some buttons open, and froze. “Oh you have got to be kidding me.”

Under the shirt – and pants too, presumably, although Gotou hadn't gotten that far yet – Masayoshi was wearing his old costume. The one without the padding, even. “When did you even – I told you no costume,” Gotou yelled.

“I forgot,” Masayoshi said guiltily.

“You did not forget; I told you this morning!" Gotou pinched both of Masayoshi's cheeks. “No. Fucking. Costume. When did you put this on, I wasn't even in the bathroom three minutes to piss-!”

“I'm really good at changing quickly,” Masayoshi said. “Owowow, ow, Hidenori-

Dammit, he still wasn't used to hearing his name out of Masayoshi like that. Gotou released him and groaned, pressing the palm of one hand against his eye. “You are utterly ridiculous,” he said finally. “I should expect this by now, and yet you still surprise me at every damn turn.” He ran his hand back through his hair, sighed and slung himself off of Masayoshi.

Masayoshi sat up on his elbows. “I still want to have sex,” he pouted. Gotou grabbed him by the front of the shirt and he yelped as Gotou dragged him to his feet.

“Can't do that if you're still in your outfit, dumbass,” Gotou said, and turned him around. Masayoshi lit up and shrugged out of his shirt, so Gotou could unzip him from behind.

Getting Masayoshi out of his outfit only turned out to be a minor headache, and he also was not wearing any underwear beneath it so he knew for certain that Masayoshi hadn't been awake when he got dressed. He probably was moving on autopilot – Gotou couldn't exactly fault him for that. He couldn't really fault him for much at all, really – not when Masayoshi was writhing under him, pulse racing and eyes halfway closed.

God, he was so far gone. Gotou licked the sweat from Masayoshi's chest, following the line of his throat up to his jaw. Masayoshi whined out a breath, wriggled, and surged his hips back up into Gotou's. He smacked one hand off of Gotou's thigh, wriggled again. “Look at me,” Gotou rumbled and Masayoshi squinted his eyes open. Shit, he couldn't breathe when Masayoshi looked at him like that, his breath caught in his throat and he didn't think that was a thing that could actually happen.

Masayoshi put both his hands on Gotou's chest and shoved him. “Up,” he gasped. “Up, get up-” Confused, Gotou did just that, and Masayoshi hissed when he pulled out. Gotou sat back on his heels, to ass on the ground and Masayoshi straddled him – oh, Gotou realized as Masayoshi kissed him, seating himself on Gotou slowly. “I wanted deeper,” Masayoshi said, looking down into his face. Gotou swallowed, kissed him again and steadied his hips as Masayoshi moved.

Hands up, following the strong lines of Masayoshi's body – he was lithe and lean and solid – and back down around, grasping and holding firm. Masayoshi gasped against him, arms around Gotou's shoulders. “Mine,” Gotou murmured into hot flesh, squeezing. Masayoshi bit him and he yelped, jerked back.

“You're mine,” Masayoshi told him. He drew back just a little, ground down and moaned. “Hidenori-”

“Fuck,” Gotou said into his throat, and came.

Gotou paused with his chopsticks to his mouth watching Masayoshi eat. They'd had showers, and when Gotou walked out drying his hair Masayoshi was wearing a yukata and he almost jumped him again right then. He'd never seen Masayoshi in yukata before – there were probably pictures from a photo shoot somewhere in the vast archives that Ishihara cultivated, but … even if she did, it didn't hold a candle to in the flesh. Masayoshi caught him watching and glanced up at him through still-damp bangs and Gotou flushed and looked back down at his plate.

He needed to get a handle on his brain. He was acting like a lovelorn teenager, and he couldn't fucking help it. Masayoshi was … well, Masayoshi. He wasn't as oblivious to things as he let on, which was aggravating because he liked to tease Gotou. How long had they danced around each other, without realizing that that frustrating tension between them stemmed from deeper feelings? Gotou opened another beer and considered ordering some sake.

“Are you mad at me?” Masayoshi asked cautiously.

“Nah,” Gotou said. “Just thinking about how I married an idiot.” He grinned at Masayoshi, who stuck out his tongue.

You're the idiot,” Masayoshi returned playfully. He looked down at his plate and hesitated. “How long are we staying?”

“Just through the weekend.” Gotou glance at the television – Masayoshi had turned it on earlier, in the hopes of catching the revived Red Axe series. “I'm back on shift starting Monday, but I'm on days now.”

“Did you get promoted?”

“Not quite. Our station got assigned a new officer.” Gotou took a long drink. There was a commercial on for MMM's new single, and he had to sigh. Masayoshi glanced over at the television as well, recognizing the voices despite the low volume of the set. “I would've liked to have a longer break – but duty calls.” Masayoshi nodded, and Gotou knew he understood that well.

“If you're on days, maybe I can bring you lunch,” Masayoshi said brightly. “If I'm not busy.”

“Huh,” Gotou said. He hadn't thought about that, he liked that idea. Masayoshi made a quizzical noise, and Gotou set his beer down, scooted around the table and kissed a surprised Masayoshi.

Masayoshi blinked at him, then wrinkled his nose and pushed Gotou away. “Eck, you taste like beer.”

“After we're done eating, want to go get in the hot springs?” Gotou tugged on the sash that kept Masayoshi's yukata closed.

“I'm still eating!” Masayoshi swatted him away.

“I said when we're done,” Gotou caught one of Masayoshi's hands and dodged the other. Before Masayoshi could whack him with his free hand he kissed Masayoshi's exposed wrist and Masayoshi froze in place, pink to the tips of his ears. “Or we can do other things first,” he murmured into Masayoshi's pulse.

“I am eating,” Masayoshi repeated, but didn't pull his hand away. He was watching Gotou closely, so Gotou kissed his palm, and slowly over to the back of his hand. If he concentrated Gotou could almost smell the sex on him from before, hidden under the bland smell of the provided soap.

“So am I,” Gotou said, and sucked Masayoshi's finger into his mouth.

“Oh,” Masayoshi said softly. “We'll have to shower again.”

“That's all right,” Gotou said, as he tugged Masayoshi to him. “I like you dripping wet anyway.”

Masayoshi sighed blissfully into his arms, the hot water lapping at his chest. There didn't seem to be anyone else in the spring when they came in – odd, but not uncommon. Besides, it saved having to fret over other people seeing the dark marks Gotou had left up and down his chest. Despite the relaxing properties of the water he wasn't going to be able to sit quite right, so he leaned against the edge and laid his face on his arms.

This was – nice. Really nice. All of it was – he hadn't quite wrapped his head around most of it yet, the last few days had been a blur. That they were here now, together, because Gotou agreed to marry him. He glanced a little shyly at Gotou beside him, who had his elbows hooked over the edge and his head back, eyes closed. He was very handsome, even with the heat-flush and sweat running down his face. In fact it reminded him of other things so maybe he shouldn't stare quite so hard, but … he'd promised his life to this man, he did have the right to ogle him.

Gotou cracked open an eye. “You're staring at me again,” he said.

“Can't help it,” Masayoshi said. “I'm in love, I gotta stare.” Hey, he managed to make Gotou's heat-flush turn into an actual blush, that was awesome. “This is really nice,” he said, and buried his face in his arms, it made speaking the other part aloud easier. “But if we do anything else tonight, not to my ass okay? I need to recuperate.”

Okay, it was even funnier when Gotou made that embarrassed typewriter jamming noise. He peeked up at Gotou's face, which was now completely bright red down to his chest, and grinned. “I'm sorry,” Gotou said, and covered his face with one hand.

“Mm, don't be,” Masayoshi said. “Can't say I'm not enjoying it, just need a break. Besides,” he nudged Gotou, “s'not like there aren't other things we can do.”

“Other things,” Gotou murmured. Masayoshi wriggled in the water, already imagining it. Dang, he shouldn't think about these things now, this was the most inappropriate place to get an erection.

It was also probably a bad idea to ask if Gotou brought his handcuffs too. Masayoshi sighed and tenderly turned over. He realized that Gotou was watching him closely, and he grinned.

“Have I really hurt you?” He was so concerned, it was touching.

Masayoshi kicked one leg out and managed not to wince. Gotou wouldn't admit to being overprotective, and he tended to go spare when Masayoshi did get hurt, and really … he wasn't hurt so much as worn out, anyway. “Nah,” he said. “I'm just sore, it's not anything that won't be fine by morning.”

“You gotta tell me,” Gotou said, his voice rough. “If I've done anything, I don't want to-”

He sat up in the water and reached over to pinch the closest piece of Gotou he could find, which happened to be an arm. “I am fine, stop freaking out.” He couldn't stand that expression, damn it. Masayoshi slid right next to Gotou and made a face. “If you hurt me at any time, believe me, I will let you know.

They held eye contact for a very long moment, and then Gotou sighed and rubbed his head. “I need a cigarette,” he muttered.

“Well, they're back in the room and I'm not ready to get out yet,” Masayoshi said. Gotou glanced back at the entrance, clearly considering it and Masayoshi pinched him again. “You're not really going to leave your husband alone in this hot spring.”

“I'm quite confident in your ability to take care of yourself,” Gotou said, but he made no motion to get out of the water. He had turned a few shades darker at the term, though, and Masayoshi thought it was cute. “When are you going to be ready to get out?”

Masayoshi leaned forward and kissed Gotou delicately. “Soon,” he murmured against Gotou's mouth, and then ducked away, wading out further into the spring.

When they got back to the room the futon had been laid out. Masayoshi flopped down on it and sighed happily. “Futon,” he said into his sleeve, slightly muffled. Gotou smiled as he edged around it, finding his cigarettes in his jacket's pocket and excusing himself to the balcony to smoke. He'd taken his phone with him. Masayoshi rolled onto his back to watch Gotou upside down, and frowned.

He'd stopped texting her a few months ago. No mention had been made of it, he just stopped. However, there were plenty of other people he could be legitimately texting – and Masayoshi didn't like to be nosy. Well, he shouldn't be nosy, but … he had to make sure Gotou was all right. It was his duty now, as a good husband! That decided, he rolled to his feet.

Gotou looked up when Masayoshi joined him on the balcony, but he didn't put the phone away. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and exhaled, then looked up at Masayoshi and grinned apologetically, then held out the phone. Masayoshi took it from him, frowned, and then looked down at the e-mail chain. Mari, he should have known – she had quite an affection for Gotou. Then Masayoshi started reading the e-mails, turned red and thrust the phone back at Gotou, who laughed. “She's something, huh?”


“She does all the time, I usually ignore it.” Gotou turned the phone off, but looked at it in his hand. “She's gotten unusually prolific recently.” He shrugged and slipped the cell phone into his yukata, and then took a long drag of his cigarette. “You were worried, though. Don't you trust me?”

“I do trust you!” Masayoshi said indignantly. “I'm still allowed to be worried.”

“Mm,” Gotou said. He looked up at the twilight-brushed sky. “Isn't your show going to be on soon?”

“Ack!” Masayoshi yelped. “What time is it? I don't want to miss it!” He darted back into the room, and snapped on the television set - then darted right back outside. “We're not through,” he growled at a startled Gotou, yanked on the collar of his yukata and kissed him. Gotou sighed at him but was at least clearly amused. He brushed his hand through Masayoshi's shaggy, damp hair and nudged him back toward the room.

“Go watch your show,” Gotou said. Masayoshi squinted at him, decided he could trust Gotou not to get into any trouble on the balcony, and after a long moment left him there, alone.