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Fly Close to Me

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The party following the Finals was epic. 

Three hours in and Yuuri was exhausted and very slightly drunk.  Even though the "official" punch bowl was closely guarded by one of Hogwarts' fiercest-looking teachers, there were a number of flasks being passed around surreptitiously.  Yuuri had had them pressed into his hand, along with congratulatory back-slaps, although he'd been careful to restrict himself to small sips.  He knew how he was when he got drunk.

And he wanted to remember every bit of this night. 

Victor was clinging to him like a limpet, with Yuuri's tie around his head.  Yuuri hadn't seen him with one of the flasks - he just seemed to be drunk on life.  And who could blame him?  Victor had just accomplished the impossible: an entire championship series without anyone scoring against him.  The professional scouts would be running after him before school ended.

It hadn't been Victor's fault, after all, that Kenjirou had caught the snitch, allowing Mahoutokoro to win the game.  That had been down to Yuuri, his game-strategy that concentrated on limiting Koldovstoretz's goals and keeping Yuri too busy to catch the snitch.  The Headmistress said there were scouts interested in Yuuri as well, that he would have his pick of professional teams.

The whole Quidditch world was buzzing about the match, including the fact that it had concluded with the Captain of the losing team tackling and kissing the Captain of the winning team.

The rest of the Koldovstoretz team appeared to be taking their loss with equanimity.  While Yuri had been furious at the start of the evening, Ilvermorny's Keeper had dragged him off to dance and now the pair of them were talking animatedly with the band that had just finished playing - Weird or Wired something.  Georgi had found a sympathetic shoulder to cry on and Mila was slow-dancing with the female Crispino twin.  The rest of the team was among the party group - all of them were young enough to know that they'd have another chance next year. 

"Yuuri!" Victor crooned, draping himself on Yuuri again (and he was beginning to wonder if Victor had gotten a flask after all).  "Dance with me!"

Yuuri allowed himself to be swept out onto the dance floor again for, in truth, there was nothing that he liked better than dancing - except for flying.

Only from now on he intended to fly alongside Victor, and not on the opposing team.