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Miracle (Cable x Female OC) *ON HIATUS*

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She revved the motorbike’s engine to full throttle as she approached the scene, the group that was dispersed had yet to notice her, and she smirked to herself.

“HEY! PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!” yelled the metal giant, she noticed Deadpool smack him on the ass in some obvious quirky encouragement that she knew he just loved to do.

“Big CGI fight, coming up!” Deadpool cheered.


She was a few more yards away and decided it was the right time to make her big entrance. She gripped the handle firmly before pushing herself over with her feet with ease, the bike flipped effortlessly at full speed and in the blink of an eye it hurtled towards the humongous man with the metal helmet.

It hit him with great force and knocked him flat onto his ass.

“Who the fu-” he paused when he saw a woman of little more than 5ft6 posed on one knee before she stood up, smirking at him, his anger flared once again.

“Better yet, pick a fight with someone your own strength,” she stated.

“Look girly, I ain’t afraid of beating the living shit out of you the same as the rest of these fucking morons-”

Cable and Domino were both curious as they stared at the woman standing before Juggernaut with such confidence, she was clearly insane, but her size made them believe she was possibly as insane as Deadpool.


“So why don’t you just high tail on outta here before I kill ya, huh beautiful?”

She rolled her eyes and then stretched her hands out before her and cracked her knuckles together before moving to crack them individually in each fist.

“Let’s hope you’re stronger than Hulk was,” she sighed before placing her feet in a better position to fight. Domino and Cable gave each other a look.


That did it.


Juggernaut yelled another profanity before charging towards her like an angry bull, his towering form disturbing the already fragile ground as he clenched his watermelon of a fist before launching a punch towards her face.

Anticipating the rage she reached both her hands to catch his one large fist, he faltered in confusion at her tight grip that had stopped him, before he could make another move she quickly turned around and twisted his arm so that she could throw him over her shoulder.

Juggernaut’s boulder of a body slammed with such force into the floor that it caused a miniature quake to the surrounding cars and street. He was somewhat buried in the road for the time being as he lay there still and stunned.

“Hades?” Deadpool’s white eyes went wide.

“Yeah it’s me idiot,” she said a little angrily but smiled slightly, “Why is it that I heard that you tried killing yourself multiple times after Vanessa died?”

He rubbed the back of his head, “I- uh-­Sorry?” he said in his mock Canadian accent.

“Sorry? You think sorry in that shitty accent is going to magically make things better you dick-wad?” her nostrils flared.

“How the hell?” Juggernaut muttered below her.

“Hey it’s rude to interrupt,” she nonchalantly kicked him in the helmet, being that he was still dazed he stilled once again, she looked back to Wade. “Maybe you and Jughead could learn a thing or two about manners,” Deadpool frowned, “or keeping promises,” she glared.


“Sorry to interrupt the little reunion but who in the fuck are you exactly?” Cable looks between Deadpool and ‘Hades’.

“Clearly she is associate of Wade,” said Colossus.

“No shit, but does that mean she wants to kill him because she has to deal with his bullshit or does she want to kill him because she needs to exact revenge?” his hand twitched on his gun.

“That’s a fair question,” Domino nodded.

“Wade, first suicide and now I have to find out you’re hiding my very existence? That’s low bro,”

“It’s not what you think sis I-” he held his hands out.

“Sis?” everyone repeated in confusion.


She stepped back as Juggernaut gathered enough energy to stand up once again, turning to face them all with a furious face as he adjusted his helmet a bit, he growled.

“If you’re related to that shit stick, then you’re royally fucked sweet pea,” he grinned wickedly as he approached once again which only made her roll her eyes.

She dodged a punch and kneed him in the stomach, taking the opportunity to step back before lowering herself to then spring up onto the giant’s backside and grab for the helmet.

“Let’s see who this really is behind the mask huh?” which only made the man let out a beastly roar. He grabbed around her figure and tossed her like a ragdoll into the nearby brick building.

It collapsed on top of her letting dust and dirt scatter in the surrounding air, Deadpool screamed and launched himself at Juggernaut with both katana out in full Kill Mode, and he too was cast aside with minimal effort.


This time it was Colossus who came forward, he managed to get a few strong hits at the giant’s face before he was matched with stronger raged attacks, eventually being knocked to the ground and stomped on multiple times.

Cable and Domino moved back from the fight going on before them, fearful that they would both be hurt once again but with less of a chance at surviving the damage in Juggernaut’s more rage fuelled pursuit.

The pile of bricks began to scatter as she climbed out, unharmed but dirty, she gritted her teeth and marched forward to the ongoing fight with clear murderous intention in her eyes.

“That’s it you shit bag, I’m done playing nice!” she yelled while pointing a finger at the giant, her eyes began glowing a dim violet from underneath the natural blue.

Juggernaut chuckled as he stood tall again, he ripped off the sleeves of his prisoner’s jumpsuit to reveal his unnaturally enormous muscles.

“So am I,”


She threw aside her jacket revealing her black fingerless gloves matched with a black tank top, her arms rested on her sides before she clenched her fists and her eyes began to glow an intense violet colour.

Her muscles seemed to twitch before increasing in size and revealing glowing violet scars that looked similar to lighting strikes, her height increased slightly.

Domino, Cable and Deadpool decided it was best to leave Hades to keep Juggernaut distracted with Colossus and left to find Russel.

“I’m about to break you little glow stick,”

“I’d like to see you try,”

He charged forward and threw yet another punch, she simply dodged the assault and kicked him with full force in the groin which made the giant double over on his knees in pain, and she elbowed him hard in the upper back to knock him completely to the ground.

This time around Juggernaut recovered himself quickly and Colossus was ready to give him a piece of his mind for even the notion of fighting a woman.


He landed a punch before he was tackled hard into the ground and dragged a few feet through the street, Juggernaut lifted him from the ground and attempted to crush the man’s head, but Colossus fought back by grabbing the smaller fingers and bending them beyond their limits and snapped going limp before him.

“Commie motherfucker-” he punched Colossus straight into a nearby wall causing a crack and small pieces of rubble to fall down around him.

Colossus quickly steadied himself before angrily spitting out something, she looked carefully and realised the metal man had lost one of his teeth from the force of Juggernaut’s punch, he screamed and fearlessly ran into action once again.

He kneed Juggernaut several times before lifting him onto his shoulders like a pro wrestler in the ring and launched him into a parked bus nearby. Juggernaut pulled himself out from the wreck and turned himself around, taking hold of the bus with both hands before lifting it from the ground and turning to use it against Colossus as if it were a giant baseball bat.

“Bozhe Moy,”


          Colossus raised his hands so that the bus deflected away from him and into the building on his right. Hades was pretty impressed with the stamina and determination of the Russian metal man, especially as she realised how strong Juggernaut was in comparison to when she had once engaged in combat with the Hulk himself.

She wanted to intervene but was uncertain as the two giants were going at it and she might accidentally assault the wrong side in the matter of all the chaos.

Two figures came jogging down from the sloping ground nearby, they appeared to be teenagers, one was dressed in a familiar yellow X-Men suit while the other donned a black outfit that better suited her brightly coloured hair.

Colossus grabbed a solid rod of metal and took aim at the Juggernaut hitting him twice in the head which had no effect as it clanged with his helmet loudly, the man raised his fist and slammed it down hard, Colossus was grabbed by the neck and slammed face first into the ground before being thrown into the lamp across the street.