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Valentines day 🌻

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Valentines day. Fireworks of course for the couples, big, bright and colourful. Each one symbolising love.

The whole event took place right next to his house, it was a huge field where sometimes bands and festivals take place. Odd area to live right? That's what he thought.

After the first floating pink ball of fire flew into the air which created a love heart, he could hear the cries of joy and the silhouettes of the couples making out under the bright sky.
It annoyed him to say the least. Every valentines day or new years, he was always on his own. Well, he has always been on his own since his last ex.

One last puff of smoke flew into the air with a loud bang and that's when he set the clock for the crocodile tears. Leonard took his glasses off and set them aside on the table, a few droplets fell onto his hand. How can he be so desperate? Yes, I mean, he was only 21 years old and he was a scientist, he clearly has a whole career in front of him, why would he want to ruin that with falling deeply in love with someone? 

Well unfortunately, he has never experienced love. Never had his first kiss, a hug from someone he loves dearly, hands fitting perfectly together and never experienced coitus with anyone. He has dreamt of exploring another life with someone, getting to hold them while they cry or buy them flowers and gifts for events such as valentines. It was one of things he has wanted since he was a little boy. Not just to experience love from a stranger to where they meet in the bed together and do some extra curricular activities with them, but from his own family.

See, here is the thing. For a man to be loving and caring about everything, you would expect him to have grown with supporting, loving parents and a great childhood but this wasn't the case. He grew in a house full of hatred and dismissiveness. Never supported anything the young boy tried to show his parents and when he felt proud of his inventions, they would simply banish him to his room. Some would call this abuse, it wasn't in his eyes for many years. He just believed they were busy or they were too proud to say anything (silly, I know) but this child was denying ever aspect of neglection. At some point Leonard as a little boy created the hug machine just so he could feel the warmth of a hug. 

So either or this poor man was willing to change his life around that very day, no more watching out of the window for couples holding hands or carrying babies. He was going to find the perfect match for him. Starting now.


I walked into the office with a sulking face. I didn't  necessarily want to be there, I wanted to be home, watching TV like usual. Of course this is my job and I need to make money for a living, but sometimes working on the same stuff, talking to no one just gets a little boring in the end.
I sat down at my desk for a second until Dr. Gablehauser barged in with someone attached behind him.

"Dr. Hofstadter" he nodded.

"Dr. Gablehauser. What can I do for you?"

"This here" he pushed a timid young man in front of him. "Is Sheldon Cooper. Dr. Cooper, this is Leonard Hofstadter, he will be your Co worker and will help you settle in" the young man nodded as Gablehauser quickly shut the door and left.

"Have a seat" I offered. Sheldon sort of stood there looking for something other than sitting down. I gazed at him as he continued to stroll through my office touching everything he saw.

"I see you like comic books" he finally said. A stern look on his face as he flipped through the green lantern issues.

"Yes, they're very priced Dr. Cooper. Please seat down" I snatched the comic from him and set it back in his place.

Sheldon trudged to an empty seat, sitting on it and deciding it was ' a bad cushion'. It took him ten whole minutes for him to sit down, move his butt around in the chair and stare straight at me with a sour look upon his face.

He had short dark brown hair, extremely tall and was very slim, where I on the other hand look like a brown haired sprout on legs.

"So, Dr. Cooper. What is it you do?" he gave a hard look before answering.

"I am a theoretical physicist and might I add, I have an IQ of 187" one eyebrow lifted to exaggerate.

"Well, wow. That's amazing really. I'm an experimental physicist" I grinned with such pride.

"And I suppose your IQ is lower than mine?"

"Pfft. It's still pretty high though..." I managed to say, pushing up my glasses a little. "173"

"Oh!" he sounded surprised. "I'm quite surprised that your IQ is higher than 100"

I gave him a look of disapproval. "Alright, I'll show you around"

"Oh no need for I have already taken that liberty to show myself around and I've already set up my office. I can let my self out, but, thank you" he gave a little smile and closed the door.

I stood with my hand on the door handle with a shocked look, eyebrows raised, glasses falling off. Maybe I should lie to people about what I do next time so I don't feel so ashamed.