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Armed Detective Agency


The sign read, looking over to the address that Chuuya gave her. She had to check it multiple times before deciding to try. Who knows? Maybe that stupid brother of hers purposely gave her the wrong address. Fixing her hair, and coat, she went inside to look for him.

A woman in her early 20's entered the agency. Her lazy eyes looked around the room to search for a certain suicidal maniac. Only to find a white haired boy, and a man with a dirty blonde hair. She clicked her tongue, after failing to sense the presence of the former partner of Chuuya Nakahara.

"Kunikida-san, does Dazai-san have a sibling or a girlfriend?"

"I don't think he has, why?"

Atsushi blushed,

"You see... there's a woman that came out of his room earlier."

She heard them say, they still weren't able to feel her presence. Well, it's her specialty, but not her ability.

"Excuse me, is Dazai Osamu here?" She asked,

"State your name and business." Kunikida Doppo. She remembered the ability user who was very idealistic and has a very good combat skills. An interesting fellow, if she must say. He does look like a strict man, however she wanted to test his combat skills.

"Oh... that. Can't we just wait for Dazai? I'm just... here for him. You see, he... he needs to take responsibility." She feigned a sad look while holding her belly.

It took them a good few seconds before they got what she was trying to imply,

"HAAAA?!" Oh, it's just as Dazai said. Kunikida really is fun to mess with, she tried holding back her laughter at the scene in font of her. "That Dazai! Atsushi, where did that bonehead go?!"

"Kunikida-san. He said he wanted to try another suicide method!" The younger male answered,the stack of papers he's holding fell down on the floor. She helped him pick up the papers where he accidentally brushed her hands with his own, leaving the white haired boy a blushing mess.

She's going to be dead once Dazai finds out what she pulled, but their funny expressions might be worth it after all. The younger male named 'Atsushi' brought her to what looked like a waiting room. Few minutes later he brought some tea and a slice of cake as she waits.

She looked around the place, it was without a doubt neater and brighter than the Mafia's hideout, that dreaded and nasty place. But here, she felt calm as if she was back at the countryside. As she was sipping the green tea, an all too familiar singing reached her ear.

"You can't do a double suicide alone

Whoa, whoa

But, but

You can do it with two people~"

"He is singing that awful song, again."
She sighed, rubbing her temples and fixing her hair, she carefully opened the door back to the office.

"DAZAAAIII!! What kind of mess did you do this time?!"

"Oh, it's a lively morning to you Kunikida-kun. Isn't it a great morning to die?!"

"You're going to die alright. Dazai, there's a woman who came here looking for you. She said you need to take responsibility for her."

"Hmm? Was she wearing all white with short hair?"

"Yeah she is. She's in the-- oh."

Kunikida stopped talking as soon as he saw her behind Dazai.

"Oh, her." Dazai put his arm around her shoulder, "Well, she's going to be the mother of my children years from now. Of course I have to take responsibility for her."

She certainly did not expect that. They all heard Kunikida's glasses break, along with the sound of Dazai's broken rib.

"What kind of crap are you talking about?!" The woman clad in all white elbowed Dazai. Her eyes fuming with anger. She twisted his right, bandaged arm.

"Eh?!" Atsushi gasped while looking at them,

"Mother of your children, my ass! How bout you leave some food for me first thing in the morning,  huuh?! You dimwit!"

"So... when you say take responsibility you mean, leaving you some food and not... that?"

"Oh that, I was just messing with you." She answered Kunikida with a straight face, before going back to Dazai, twisting his arm.

"Ahaha now that you mention it. I forgot you were arriving earlier today. I'll treat you to breakfast downstairs~"

"No need. My stupid of a brother already took me for breakfast." She let him go, looking away from him while fixing her only gray  waistcoat.

"Chiyo," Dazai's voice made her turn around. "Don't you think you should introduce yourself now?" Dazai's bandaged hand reached for her shoulder. She barely met his brown eyes, now uncovered in bandages. She hadn't seen him in years, and to see Dazai again was something to look forward to after all those times.

The President Fukuzawa arrived exactly as Dazai said that, along with the other members of the agency.  She greeted the president, her demeanor changed to a serious one.


"Chiyo. It's been a while."

She could sense the surprised look on her coworkers' faces, yet she kept her head low, showing her gratitude to the man who taught her everything she knew about swordsmanship and combat.

"She is the new member of the agency starting today. You might wonder why this is so sudden. She is... a special case." The president announced, earning the attention of everyone inside the agency. "She's my student whom I teach until a year ago. Chiyo, introduce yourself."

"Nakahara Chiyo. Ability user A5160. 22years old. Ability:  She who Invites"

"She's Nakahara Chuuya's twin sister." Dazai said with that smile of his,

"Eh?! Shouldn't she be... in the Port Mafia...?" Atsushi asked, almosy dropping again this time the case files.

"I'm not sure I see a resemblance," Yosano said, looking closer at her.

"Oh thank goodness." A sigh of relief escaped Chiyo's lips.

"No wonder she looked like some Mr. Fancy Hat." A man with eyeglasses spoke, opening his eyes to  reveal fresh green colored orbs.

"What? Really?" She answered back.

"That's not the issue here! Why is she suddenly a member of the agency?!" Kunikida asked Dazai. The suicidal maniac then smirked knowingly, nudging his partner,

"Hmm. I wonder that myself. I trust the president and the higher ups about putting me here. Please take care of me!" She bowed again, the rest of the agency welcomed her warmly, introducing themselves one by one and chatting with her. 

"But she's a beauty, isn't she? Kunikida~ she's the closest woman to your ideal type that ever existed!"

Blushing furiously, Kunikida dragged Dazai away into some sort of room, and what all of them heard was Dazai's cries of anguish. All of them continued to work-- as if nothing happened.

Kunikida gave her a run down of their job at the agency, and upon her request she would always work alone, or with Dazai if the worst case scenarios come. Chiyo then proceeded to work the whole day, her first day at work drawing closer.

The sight of the sunset on that afternoon reminded her strongly of Oda Sakunosuke. The crimson and plum sky was like the color of his hair-- as well as the same, dried color of his own blood that covered his clothes on the day that he died.

Walking along the busy streets of Yokohama, she looked around to get some flowers for his grave. It's been four years since she was able to visit him. Mainly because the thought of Oda's death was something she still wasn't able to completely accept.

When she reached his grave, she looked down on her attire; a black button up shirt under a gray waistcoat, white slacks, oxford shoes and cream colored trenchcoat that she just wears around in her shoulders like a cape.  If Odasaku were still alive, he'll probably nag her about dressing as a lady and not like her brother or Dazai.

"Hey, Odasaku. Sorry for visiting you while looking like this," she placed the flower on headstone. Her usually lazy, onyx eyes bore gentleness that is only meant for him. Chiyo sat down on the other side of his grave, facing the lone tree. She'd like to think whenever she's visiting was just as like old times, and not to tell him that she misses him so bad that sometimes it makes her so lonely and restless.

"Oda... I refused Ougai's offer. He wanted to give me the position of an executive if I join the Port Mafia." She smiled, "I knew he wanted me to join so that he could use me, that lolicon, it's as if Chuuya wasn't enough for him." She looked up the tree, the gentle look on her face says it all.

"I made a promise. Despite my nature, I would never walk down that path, and I will continue to live in this path I've chosen."

Closing her eyes for a moment, she felt a breeze blew past her. The cold, autumn wind making her shiver. Chiyo heard a rustle of clothing and the familiar musk scent  that he wore.


"You suddenly vanished, the agency thought of having a welcome party for you but you left as soon you finished work."

She chuckled, "Sorry. I can't. Not today."

Silence filled the air between them. Dazai's back on hers made her feel that she wasn't alone. It was reassuring. Maybe because he knew her for years, and she missed his dear friend even though sometimes she just hate him.

"Hey, Chiyo."

"What is it, dimwit dazai?"

"Are you still mad? About what happened to Odasaku."

Chiyo pursed her lips, her unruly, onyx waves covered the look of longing in her face. She could never face Dazai, she could never look in his eyes when hers screams of mixed pain and emptiness.  Hearing Odasaku's name still makes her chest hurt, and it always will.

"Not anymore. Getting mad about something uncontrollable was out of my hands anyway," what she said was true, she did try her best not to completely lose her sense of rationale when he found out what happened to Oda. She tried so hard not to use her ability to destroy everything she sets her eyes on. Chiyo promised to Odasaku after all, that she'd never use her ability to harm and she'd never lose herself.

"If there's anything else that was left in me after Odasaku's death, it's regrets." She added, her hands holding the only thing that she remembers Oda by, his lighter.

Dazai sat on the other side of the headstone, her head leaned on his upper back. Both of them thought that maybe it was the best, that neither of them had to see the gentleness, the look of vulnerability and longing in their eyes. After all these years, the death of someone very dear to them was still something they could never completely cope with, no matter how hard they try.

"Regrets, huh." He trailed off,his eyes closed, as if remembering the times the four of them spent.

"I... I never told him. Atleast not on that day. I knew he only sees me as a kid. If I only knew, I should've. Even though I'm not sure if he likes to hear it."

Dazai chuckled, he knew very much of how Chiyo harbored feelings for his friend. After all these years, she is still worried about that. The colors of the sky changing from crimson to indigo made the cemetery give off an eerie, and lonely vibe, the day was very similar to when Odasaku died.

"I wanted to be with him, y'know. Always. But I'm just a kid in his eyes--"

"Odasaku never saw you that way, Chiyo." Dazai looked up to the stars, "He saw you as a woman that you are,"


"I know. Believe me."

"I love him, Osamu. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. And that's my regret, I should have stayed with him. I may have done something to prevent what happened..."

"By what? Killing all the Mimic with just a flick of your hand?"

She kept quiet.

"Chiyo. You shouldn't let those regrets grow, you know that your ability feeds on negative feelings, right? Odasaku... is not here anymore. We both know that. Besides, he wouldn't want you to stain your pure hands, even if it is for his sake. What happened with the Mimic was something he should fix by himself. That's why he went alone."

He reached for the inside of his trenchcoat, revealing a neatly folded paper, with a name 'Chiyo' written in it.

"Odasaku left this in his flat, on his table to be specific. I never got to give you this since you went berserk on the day he died." The mention of the said object made her turn around to see him. Unexpectedly, his eyes that she was avoiding to look at was the first thing she saw.

"Finally looking this way?," Dazai smiled with such gentleness that she never knew exists in him. She was ashamed of looking into his eyes, that he'd see the void that Odasaku left, that Dazai would see a different version of Chiyo that he knew before. "Seriously, you're still easy to read." Dazai stood up, his bandaged hands in the pocket of his slacks.

"You're leaving?"

"Mm. Still have somewhere to go to. You know the way home, right?"

"Yeah... I'll just call you when I get lost or something."

"Osamu. One last question"

"What is it, Chiyo?"

"Do you think he's proud of what I've become?"

"Dunno. Why don't you read the contents of that letter?"

Hey... Saku-san?

What is it, Chiyo.

I love you.

Huh? Oh...

You don't have to say it back for now, I'll gladly wait until you see me as a woman. Until then, let me continue staying by your side.

Odasaku tousled her hair, the warmth of his smile radiates in every fiber of her being.

She still remembered her confession as clear as that day. Opening the said letter, her eyes widened at the brief, yet concise last words that Sakunosuke wrote for her.

I love you, Chiyo.

"I love you too, Oda. I love you so much."