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The Girl Who Lived

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Chapter 1:

27th of March,1960

On the 27th night of the third month of the year, a set of twins were welcomed into the world. A boy and a girl, a mere 3 minutes apart, were born into the Potter family. The girl was named Anastasia, meaning 'resurrection,' as she had given their lives new meaning, or 'resurrected' something in them. The merry couple chose to name their son, James, meaning 'supplanter' or 'the one who follows' for the way his eyes always followed the form of his older twin sister.

1st of August, 1971
“James, come on!” I shouted, pulling my brother towards Eeylops Owl Emporium. His feet stubbornly remained where they were, planted on the pavement. Rolling his eyes, my twin sighed.

“No Anya, we have to wait for Mum and Dad, you know that,” he explained, tilting his head to the blue sky and groaning. I knew he was right, but I was hoping he had forgotten. I was just so excited! After wanting an owl for years, I was finally going to get one! It was of course due to my brother and I going to Hogwarts, but that only seemed to excite me more.

“Fine!” I shouted, not truly upset. Pouting, I stomped over to Flourish and Blotts, where Mum and Dad were buying our school books.

“Of course you start listening to the rules once breaking them benefits me.” I scoffed, rolling my eyes. Everything else that was needed, we had already bought. Now it was just our books and my owl. James already had a Great Grey Owl, named Ellie. He had gotten her for our eleventh birthday, earlier this year.

Letting my mind wander, I began thinking of the two kids we (James and I) had met earlier. The girl, Lily, had fiery red hair, a kind smile, and a spark in her eyes. It was no surprise that my brother had already taken a liking to her. I had actually become better friends with the boy, Severus. His kind and gentle personality seemed to compliment my own, determined and a bit loud. We just clicked. I was actually excited I already had friends in my year, as I had been worrying about making any. Continuing to think about the upcoming year, I didn’t notice my Mum and Dad pass me.

“Come on, Anya!” My mother, Euphemia called. I began working my way through the people, trying to catch up.

1st of September, 1971

The sorting process was nerve-wracking for every first year, but it made Anya particularly anxious. It wasn’t that she was afraid of which house she would be sorted into, no, she thought them all as equals. Anastasia was afraid she would be forced into a house without her brother.

It may not be obvious to outsiders, but this young witch would do anything for her younger twin brother. He was her first friend, and her only friend until recently. She couldn’t imagine life without him, and being sorted into a house he wasn’t in would be exactly that, life without him.

So when she sat on the stool, her eyes skimmed the Great Hall, looking for her twin brother. She found James sitting at the Gryffindor table, chatting with some friends they had met on the Hogwarts Express, which included Molly, Arthur, Remus, Sirius, and their friend from Diagon Alley, Lily. Snape had been sorted into Slytherin, so if she was sorted there, she had at least him. Looking away from her new friends and at the hands in her lap, she listened to the Sorting Hat. After a few minutes of conversation, she was given a choice. Go to her rightful house, Slytherin, or go to her brother’s house, Gryffindor.

Anya’s heart shattered, knowing she could never choose Gryffindor. Sure, she would be with her brother, but at what cost? In Gryffindor, she would be miserable, even with James, because she would never become half the witch she’s meant to. In Slytherin, Anastasia would flourish, and be the best she could. She would still have Snape and could make new friends.

The young witch soon found herself sitting at the Slytherin table, talking to Snape and some of his new friends, Lucius, Bellatrix, and Narcissa. Looking over the top of their friends, she saw her brother and her friends waving and smiling, and that brought tears to her eyes.


The following years were truly amazing, and no matter what she did, Anastasia could not bring herself to regret her decision to join Slytherin. She adored her fellow snakes. The Slytherins were, despite common belief, extremely compassionate, protective, and wonderful friends. The house of the snakes treated each other as though they were all family, which they were! The Potter heiress couldn’t have asked for a better home at her beloved school. Living up to the Sorting Hat’s words, here she truly flourished.

After years of staying up late to study, or trading a trip to Hogsmeade for practice, Anya climbed the ranks, becoming the smartest witch of her year, if not age. As the time passed the witch grew calmer and held an air of intelligence around her. However, she was anything but arrogant, and her sense of humor was splendid. What with her smarts, she always had a witty comeback.

The witch’s personality was not the only thing that matured, and she was soon nothing short of bewitching. (Heheheh) Her long, thick black hair fell perfectly and slightly curled at the end, down her back, framing her face. And what a beautiful face it was, with a button nose, full lips, cheekbones and a jawline that could cut someone, her slightly brown complexion, and round doe eyes.

Her eyes were easily her best feature, and unlike her brothers, were not hidden by glasses. They were a bright blue that told others, ‘I am smart, I am fierce, I am dangerous’. They had a mysterious and mischievous glint to them, and would always observe the area around her cautiously. This was due to the fact that her twin and his friends were always trying to prank her, which she and her friends would get them back for without mercy, thus beginning the prank war that lasted for 2 years.

Anastasia was fierce, blunt, and honest. She was also, however, calm in tough situations. With her legendary mind, she was the first one to figure out that her friend, Remus, was a werewolf. Using that knowledge, Ana became a registered animagus, with the help of Professor McGonagall, to help him throughout the nights he needed it. Being an arctic fox, he often tried to chase her as she ran.

Anya soon rid her friends, Lucius, Bellatrix, (who was like a sister to her,) and Narcissa of their prejudices, and they helped the light in any way they could. She was one of the leaders and did everything she could to enforce inner house unity, and her hard work paid off.

Even with the ever-rising threat of Voldemort, (she refused to acknowledge him as a lord) she enjoyed life, and to her, it was perfect and she was content. Until her fifth year….