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Wayhaught behind the scenes

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Keep the home fires burning

Nicole Haught cursed herself as she once again took the wrong turn "Stupid sat nav" she cursed once again having to pull out her map and look at the route she needed to go. She traced the road with her finger finally happy that she had found the way, she sat back in her 65 Mustang. It was her pride and joy built it up from scratch with her dad before his cancer finally took him from her. She sighed at the thought placing her hand out the window of the car as she sped along she places her hand on her tape player putting in a tape and turning up the volume.

Tell that devil to take you back, take you back, take you back

My heart went from red to black, red to black, red to black

Came up from that lake of fire, lake of fire, lake of fire

Only had that one desire, one desire, one desire

She began to tap the steering wheel to the beat as she drove along the country roads. It was strange to be on the quiet roads, She used to the busyness of the city, The sound of horns and engines polluting the air. This was going to be good for her she thought to herself after everything with Shae she needed a change of scene.

She looked at the sign for purgatory as she crossed the towns line, she sighed it was the beginning of her new life. She had a look at all the storefronts as she drove along to the police station. The streets where quiet, quieter then she used to anyway, She caught a quick glimpse of a girl walking towards the bar her hair flowing in the slight wind. She slowed down her car slightly as she decided on a better look. Her breathe hitched in her throat as she watches the girl smile at someone, Maybe this town isn't so bad after all she thought as she sped up slightly.

She pulled into the station's car park shutting the door to her car she slowly began to walk towards the front. She closed the door gently looking at the reception there was a blonde girl sat there, her legs on the desk in front of her as she slept peacefully. she sighed quietly to herself, she guessed she couldn't expect much from a quiet country town she thought to herself. she cleared her throat as she walked towards the desk leaning her body against it giving her award-winning smile or so she'd been told.

The girl jumped slightly falling off her chair with a thud, she quickly walked around the desk kneeling down to help her up off the floor. The girl looked up at her with a shy smile coming to her lips she looked back down towards the floor her hair curtaining her face. Nicole was used to reactions like that, she knew she had the looks and boy did she play on it. she smiled back at her placing her hand on the girls as she slowly lifted her up "Haught" she said introducing herself.

"Yeah, you are" The girl blushed a deep shade of red as the words slipped through her lips Officer Haught smiled down at her.

"Nicole Haught, I'm here to see the sheriff umm... Nedley, I believe it was" The girls face turned three shades redder as she realised what was going on.

"You're the new Officer" She pushed her hand forward ready for it to be shaken, Nicole placed her hand over it giving it a little shake "I'm Chrissy, The sheriff is my father" Chrissy gave another shy smile before letting the Officers hand go. "Follow me" Chrissy gave a flirty smile before turning and walking toward her father's office.

Nicole followed closely behind her smiling to herself at Chrissy small flirty smile, Most people didn't even know they were doing it around her. Sometimes she found it annoying but most the time it was cute. "Ok we are here he is just through those doors," Chrissy said leaning against the desk behind her "If you need anything, Just come find me" Chrissy smiled walking off with a slight sway in her hips, Nicole chuckled herself before knocking on the sheriff's door

"Come in" She heard him say slowly opening the door to his office. He was a small man, the hair on his head starting to recede up his forehead, He had a small patch of hair just above his lip. He had a very fatherly auroa about him as he smiled softly and pointed at the chair in front of him. "Take a seat Officer Haught" she smiled politely sitting down in front of him "How was the drive here?" He asked

"It was nice, Refreshing" she replied a smile on her lips, It had been a nice change to let the engine in her car run loose.

"That's good, I'm guessing that's your 65outside?" A smile played on his lips as he pointed towards the car park "I had one of them back in 92 ran like a dream"

"It's a great car sir, My father and I built it up from the very bottom it's my baby" she smiled at him, Maybe this really wasn't so bad Nedley reminded her of how her father was. It was a nice change, Nedley got up from his seat walking to a neat pile of clothes walking towards her.

"Here is your uniform, I expect you back here for seven pm you're on the late shift tonight" He nodded towards her as she took her uniform smiling at him. She loved that she was getting stuck straight in, Deep down she knew that Nedley somehow knew too.

"Thank you, sir, will I be seeing you later?" I slowly stood walking towards his office door

"No I shall be at shorty's bar for happy hour" He smiled softly looking towards her "Have you seen the bar yet?"

"Yes I passed by earlier, seems popular" Her thoughts turned to the girl she had seen walking towards the bar.

"Yes, I suppose it is, Half of them are only there for Weaverly Earp" A smile touched his lips as he thought of that sweet innocent girl that had been through so much the last few days. "Anyway off you go, officer, you have a long night ahead of you" He waved Nicole out as he slowly sat down again.




She pulled up in front of her house, It was a sweet little farmhouse just near the edge of the town. Close enough to work that she could always have a lay-in, She looked around at the land she now owned. Her father had left her quite a bit in the will be the only child and all, Her mother had died when she was born leaving her with just her father. Know she was alone, She slowly pushed the thought down opening up her door. As soon as she walked in she heard the meow of Calamity Jane as she rubbed up against her legs, She had missed her cat but it had only been a few days since the U-Haul had taken her stuff to her new home. She walked to her bedroom placing the uniform before crashing in bed, she had time for a nap before her shift and nap is exactly what she did.

Her alarm woke her up a couple hours later she groaned moving her hand to shut it off before peeling herself from the bed. She had a quick shower before finally putting on her uniform, Her fingers traced the edge of her badge the weight of her new responsibility sitting comfortably on her shoulders. She gave herself a once over in the mirror her nose turning up at the khaki pants that now clung to her legs "I hate khaki" She spoke to the silent room. She wrapped her utility belt around her waist her smile returning as she checks over her gun placing it on the belt.

She grabbed her keys giving Calamity Jane a little stroke before leaving her house for the night. The drive was nice as the cold night air rushed through her window, She pulled up in the same spot as earlier shutting off her engine before walking into the station. As soon as she walked in she was pulled into a hug, as soon as she was released she took a look at the man in front of her. He was old the wear and tear of the job evident on his face, His hair was slowly fading as time had finally caught up with him. He had a thick beard scattered with black and grey hair, He smiled softly at her the kindness deep in his eyes radiating.

"You must be officer Haught" He pulled his hand to hers shaking it firmly "My name is Officer Lopez but you can call me Roy"

"Only if you call me Nicole" She smiled softly at him deciding she liked him.

"That's fine by me, I'll be working with you tonight show you the ropes as such" He turned towards a desk pointing at it "That there will be your desk for the foreseeable future" He turned to the desk next to it a smile beaming on his face "That there is my desk, we're desk buddies" He laughed a childish laugh turning back towards her "First job of the night then"

"What's that?" she asked looking around at the dead station. He turned to the key lockup grabbing a set to the cruiser.

"Coffee and doughnuts" He laughed beckoning for me to follow, she got in the passenger side marvelling at his childish demeanour. They drove towards a little cafe in the town Roy speaking of his wife and small child laughing as he spoke, He was a nice guy with a loving family something Nicole envy but once again she pushed the emotion down. They pulled up in front of the cafe getting out of the cruiser walking slowly inside.

"Roy Lopez what have I told you about late night visits to the cafe" A women shouted from the counter, She was a big woman her eyes warm, Her skin dark. Her hair was peppered with grey and brown in tight curls settling just above her ears. "This your new partner?" She pointed towards Nicole a warm smile on her lips "I don't know if you will be safe with him prowling my dear" She let out a warm chuckle as they approached the counter "Oh how rude of me" She quickly spoke " My names Gloria Lopez, This child here's wife" She pointed towards Roy giving him a loving smile.

"She's perfectly safe with me Glor, I only have eyes for one woman and she is right in front of me" He placed a tender kiss on her hand before giving her a loving smile in return.

"mmm," She said her tone low "You just want your doughnut and coffee," She said her southern accent poking through

"You know me well my dear" He gave her hand a final kiss before letting her go

"What can I get for you sweetie" She looked towards Nicole flashing her that warm smile again

"Just a cappuccino, And maybe a slice of that fruitcake there" She pointed to the cake on display giving Gloria the warm smile to match hers.

"Sure thing sweetie" She finished making the coffee and wrapping the cake and doughnut before giving Roy a small kiss and flashing Nicole a warm smile. The exited the cafe walking towards the cruiser.

"She likes you" Roy stated climbing in the drives side.

"Really?" she asked shocked

"well, she didn't make you pay" He laughed before starting the engine "So Anything you wanna know about in this small town?" He asked looking at Nicole

"Waverly Earp" The words left her mouth before she even realised she looked towards him a slight blush creeping on her face.

"Don't worry she has that effect on almost everyone" He chuckled quietly looking towards shorty's "Good job we got all night, It's a very long story".




The night had been long, They had spent the night talking about Waverly Nicole had now felt a closer connection to the girl than ever before. Her story was a sad one, Her father shot dead by her scared sister, Her other sister carried away into the night never to be seen from again. Her sister locked up in a mental asylum sprouting stories of demons, Only then to leave home on her return. She had grown up alone living under her sister's shadow, Now her uncle Curtis had been killed and her sister has returned. She sighed her brain trying so hard to process everything she had discussed with Roy, And it was a lot.

She got in her car ready to drive back home before she stopped, She needed to meet Waverly the thought washed over her quick. She pulled out of the parking space speeding of to shorty. She entered the bar just as Waverly pulled down the spout of a tap successfully soaking her self. Nicole leaned against the door of the bar at the sight her heart beating fast "Ya! Jesus Jesus" Waverly screamed as she grabbed a rag dabbing her top dry "Perfect" She looked towards the ceiling cursing her luck

"I didn't know Shorty's had a wet t-shirt competition" The flirtatious comment escaped Nicole's lips before she could stop it, She watched as Waverly jumped started at her sudden audience, "You okay," Nicole asked trying to make the conversation a little friendlier.

"Yeah. a bit jumpy, had a crazy night" Waverly lent over the bar grabbing a dry towel as Nicole began to walk towards her.

"Sorry I wasn't here to see it" She placed her Stenton on the bar looking a Waverly as she sat down. He white top was slowly becoming see through as the lace of her bra poked through the top of it. She quickly looked back at Waverly's beautiful face realizing she probably should speak " I've...uh...Been meaning to introduce myself" she moved her hand forward as Waverly gently took it, Warmth spreading from her touch "I'm Nicole, Nicole haught"

"Hi" Waverly spoke quietly and Nicole couldn't help but think how cute it sounded

"And you're Waverly Earp" Smooth she thought to herself silently scolding her response

"Yes" Her hand fell slapping against the bar, Nicole could see the sigh Waverly let out at her name being spoken

"Quite a popular girl around here" Nicole gave her a smile trying her best to make light of the tense situation

"oh you know it's all in the smile and wave" Waverly tilted to the side giving a cute smile trying to hide the disappointment in her eyes, No matter what her past followed her. Nicole smile beamed at the cute display in front of her.

"Yeah" Nicole racked her eyes over Waverley's body stopping quickly at her chest once again, Her mind flashed to what it would be like to touch them, taste them. "Can I get a cappuccino to go?" She asked realising it had been a while since she last spoke and Waverly was probably feeling awkward.

"Oh I'm really sorry, We're not actually open yet so..." Waverly began turning on the spot awkwardly signalling the empty bar. Nicole felt stupid of course they were closed it was eight in the morning.

"Oh right, Again my bad" Nicole looked around awkwardly her hands raised in a sort of surrender, She leaned on the bar pulling herself closer to Waverly her eyes meeting hers "It's just when I see something I like I don't wanna wait" She watched as a small blush spread on Waverly's face her breath hitching slightly.

Nicole's words had effected Waverly more than she would like to admit her breath hitching at the thought of Nicole taking what she wanted from her. She stole a quick glance at Nicole her luscious red hair all braided up, Her beautiful Brown eyes that seemed to see into her soul. Mainly the way her uniform hugged her curves, her muscles. It didn't leave much to the imagination, Her top buttons were undone giving Waverly an eye full of her generous cleavage.

"And your door was open"Nicole's words pulled Waverly from her thoughts, She scolded herself for thinking like that when she had Champ. Where the hell had those words come from, Waverly had never thought of another girl like that, Had her heart pound jut from their smile.

"Right" Waverly mumbled still distracted from her thoughts of Nicole "Oh God, I'm Sopping wet" The words slipped before she could stop them Waverly mentally slapped herself these were not her thoughts, Where they. Nicole felt her stomach clench at Waverly's words her mind wondering what it would be like to taste her, She quickly shook the thoughts away. Waverly quickly tried to cover up her little slip "You know I keep telling shorty he needs to fix the darn taps" She flapped her arm towards the tap trying to take Nicole's eyes off her for just a second.

"Sorry do you mind just eh..." Waverly moved her hand in a circle before bringing them to her face to signal what she needed from Nicole "I'm gonna wear a hat so..." Nicole mumbled a quick o before spinning in her chair a smile creeping on her face, She listened as the material of Waverly shirt shuffled resisting the urge to turn and look.

"Oh, Oh crap um...Officer, I'm stuck so please.." Nicole turned in her chair quickly at Waverly's words her breathe hitching at the sight of Waverly's bra-clad breasts.

"Oh yeah, let me help you" Nicole got up from her seat moving around the bar, The impulse to reach out and brush her fingers over her flesh was becoming increasingly hard. She took hold of her top trying so hard not to look down "Here I got you" Nicole reassured Waverly as she managed to finally pull her top free.

"Good job your not a guy right or this would be really awkward" Waverly's voice dropped slightly as she looked back at Nicole's lust filled eyes. Nicole suddenly felt slightly shy as Waverly looked into her eyes, her arousal most definitely shining through. Waverly watched as Nicole dropped her head slightly before looking back up at her face, Her breath hitched coming out as a quick sigh as her hands came up to cover her exposed skin "Um...I owe you one"

Nicole felt a new surge of courage run through her "Alright well why don't you owe me that cup of coffee?, Maybe tonight?" She tired in a flirtatious tone. Waverly noticed the tone her body screaming for her to say yes

"Oh I can't" She blurted out as quick as she can, Knowing if she hadn't it would mean trouble

"No?" Nicole's smile dropped the disappointment evident in her voice.

"no I mean I'd love to to uh...but I have plans, Yeah I'm a planner like to know what I'm doing like two...three days in advance" Waverly began to slowly babble on feeling the need to explain herself to bring that beautiful smile back on to Nicole's face.

Nicole bit her lip nodding along to Waverly's insanely cute babble, she wanted nothing more to reach out and kiss her. She scolded herself at the thought, This innocent girl didn't deserve thoughts like that to be looked at by some stranger.

"I'm in a relationship with a boy...Uh man," Waverly blurted it out quickly trying to shorten her reason for declining coffee. Nicole finally puts it all together in her head, She was saying no because she was taken. From what she remembers it was a guy named champ, He was an okay guy had cheated a few times on Waverly but she had forgiven him time and time again. They were school sweethearts the only constant thing in her life.

"A boy-man" Nicole repeated nodding her head as a smile crept on her face "Yep I've been there" She chuckled as she walked to the bar back to her seat, She leaned in slightly " It's the worst" She whispered slightly to Waverly "Ok well some other time" She placed her card on the bar in front of her, Grabbing her Stenton as she turned to leave the bar.

Waverly couldn't keep her eyes away from this red-head in front of her. She knew her feelings for Champ where long gone, It was only a matter of time before they break up. But why where feelings resurfacing now and why for a girl. She watched as Nicole turned looking over her shoulder at her giving that heart melting smile "I mean it" She said placing her hat on her head as sexily as she could turn to see a red-faced Waverly staring back.

Nicole's ass was hot was all Waverly could thing as she slowly felt herself become turned on. It was quite a display Nicole had put on for her, Realisation suddenly hit her, Nicole was flirting with her she wanted her. She picked the card off the table looking over it, On it was Nicole's full name and mobile number. She read the name over again "Officer Haught" She said to the empty room "Of course" She mumbled out her thoughts once again turning to that damn right hop body.

Nicole chuckled to herself as she left the bar knowing full well her ass was being watched. She drove home smiling to herself as thoughts of Waverly crossed her mind, That girl was gonna be hers one day. If not as her lover as a friend she was never gonna let Waverly feel alone again. As Nicole crossed the fresh hold of her door her phone began to ring she picked it up quickly expecting it to be Waverly "Officer Haught" She answered awaiting the response

"Haught it's Nedly I need to to be In for 2 pm today, Roy forgot his anniversary once again If he doesn't show Glor will make a stew out of him" She felt her body slug in disappointment at Nedley's words

"Sure thing boss what time till?" Nicole tried to hide the disappointment in her voice suddenly sounding way too excited.

"11 pm I want you in the bar for shorty's happy hour, Make some friends live a little" Nicole agreed with him saying a quick goodbye before hanging up the phone and once again climbing into bed.




She strolled into the office coffee in one hand and a box of doughnuts in the other she handed out the doughnuts to the officers at the desk finally making it to Nedley's door. She gave a little knock waiting for permission to enter, Once she heard him grant me entrance she offered him his doughnut before sitting on the chair across from him.

"How was your first shift last night? Roy wasn't too much was he?" Nedley began once again with his fatherly ways warming my heart.

"Roy was lovely, It was a quiet night last night which is good I suppose" she smiled at him taking a sip of her coffee.

"I need you to do us a favour" He moved from his chair picking up a black box "This is for our friends that joined us yesterday, Black Bage division or something" He turned his nose up disgusted by the intrusion to his station, his town. " I need you to take it to them see what you can find out for me" He handed Nicole the box giving her a nervous smile.

"Sure thing boss, I'll see what my smile can get us" She got up from her chair making her way to the offices now closed off for their use. she knocked gently on the door before swinging it open "Hey, check it out" she greeted them in a high tone trying to be as friendly as possible.

In the office was a man and a woman, The man was tall and muscular and the woman well the woman was beautiful in her own way, her ass was...well was top self Nicole thought to herself. She figured the woman was the one and only Wynonna Park, Waverly's big sister 'I mean she sure has the looks must run in the family' Nicole once again thought to herself.

"Another pipping hot delivery from..." She inspected the box looking at the return address "Wow CSIS" She said, The guy had now stood and was face to face with Nicole his eyes piercing her very soul, and not in a good way. "Oh I'm Nicole, Officer Haught" Doll didn't like her, he knew this was just Nedley's way of finding out their secrets. Of course, he chose quite the pretty girl dolls thought to himself. He knew he needed to make an example out of this.

"Y'all settling alright? what is all this stuff?" Nicole tried her luck hoping she could get some sort of answer.

"Nice to meet you officer Haught." His voice was stern "If you ever enter my offices again, Without knocking, I'm gonna have you arrested for treason" She looked at him shocked knowing he had figured out she was shopping, she didn't like this guy not one bit "Okay?" He asked waiting for her answer.

'To hell with manners' Nicole thought before speaking "nice to meet you too" She said bitterly walking out the room slamming it shut behind her. As she walked off Nedley came out of his office looking at her, Wanting to know the outcome. "He's an arsehole," She said walking to her desk and sitting down. Nedley chuckled to himself turning back into his office, He liked this girl she was gonna go far.

Nicole heard her phone beep pulling it out her pocket and looking at the screen, Just as she did it beeped again she opened the messages smiling at them.

Coffee tonight at Gloria's I finish at 11:15- UNKNOWN

Oh It's Waverly by the way :)- UNKNOWN

Nicole smiled at her phone before punching in a response.

I thought you were a planner-Nicole

I'am, Well normally I'm I guess your an exception-Waverly

Coffee sounds nice I finish at 11 pm I'll collect you from work :)-Nicole

Nicole leaned back in her chair sighing she was falling hard for this girl.