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Beer Bottles and Cigarettes

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Hey guys! So this is a joint fan fiction with All_Or_Nothing_Girl and CrashKingJensen. We're doing a Frerard fan fiction and it's an AU so some of this is not real or doesn't happen anymore. WARNING: This story will contain sex, violence, self harm (maybe), alcoholism, drugs and stuff like that. We do not mean to offend or trigger anyone so please, if you are not comfortable with any of this, or you have a problem with us writing about problem(s) that Gerard has dealt with, DO NOT READ THIS STORY!!!


"So, it seems your teacher Mr.Bentley has to take some time off for... personal reasons. I will be taking his place if he returns," I let out a light breath. "My name is Mr. Way and I am the student teacher from the grade 12 art class...This is my second year working here. So yeah..."

I look around the classroom. It's messy, but the again it is a art class. Students are either bored, unimpressed or texting. I didn't exactly look like your normal teacher, or really normal at all, not in a rich area like the one that the high school occupied. Shaggy firetruck red hair that was probably in need of a cut, loose shirts that looked somewhat professional, tight back jeans and to finish it off, old beaten in doc marten boots. not to compete with the classic school uniforms that the students wore. I look down at my desk to try to remember what i was supposed to be doing, shuffling around some papers in the process.

"Alright so I'll uh, take attendance now." I read off each name with little struggle and try to match names to faces, making my way down the list I pause and try to pronounce the next name on the list.

"Frank I-Iero?" I look around and stop when I see a young boy grinning at me

"Here sir." His voice is clear and confident. I swallow hard and mark in present. I finish off the list and silently read through the neatly written out day plan left by the old teacher.

"Alright so it looked like you are supposed to be starting your portrait drawings?" Come on Gee grow some balls, at least speak like you have some confidence. A couple kids groan about "boring assignments" and even about "the weird teacher" while others are excited and picking partners. there's a group of loud girls fighting over a boy with white blonde hair. The boy with eyeliner and cut off gloves shuffles to the front of the room with his bag. I sit back at my desk and stare at all the papers until a shadow appears covering the work. I look up to see the boy watching me, smiling.

"Yes Frank?" I ask

"Uh Mr.Way I was wondering if maybe I could draw you? Everyone else has a partner or I hate them." I look at him and he's smiling at me, I smirk slightly and get up, walking to the desk where his sketch book and pencils are set out. He stares at me and grins before quietly working away, I watch his hands draw smooth lines for the next fifty minutes.

The bell goes before he can finish and he quickly shoves the book and pencils in his bag.

"Thank you Mr. Way." He says and winks before turning on his heel and jogging out of the classroom, grabbing the shoulder of the blonde haired boy. Well fuck.

****** ****** ******

I'm sitting in the teachers lounge by myself. It's funny how similar being a teacher in a high school is just like being a student in one. Everyone ignores you because you like loud music and have dyed hair. You eat lunch by yourself and wish you had made friends. Even the teachers gossip. And what I do is sit close to their table and listen to what they say while judging them for being so conceited.

"Did you hear? That Frank kid got into another fight."

"Really? Me and Janet were talking about him the other day. She says that he isn't going to last till graduation. If you ask me, I don't think he will last the year."

"Well if he doesn't get himself expelled, he is going to drop out."

I'm telling you, he used be a good student, its that Jensen kid, he's even worse than Frank."

I listen closely. He seemed like a good kid in class, but then again, first impressions are never true. I think the blonde boy he was talking to after the bell was Jensen, I can tell that he's a lot of work so then again, maybe Frank isn't as calm as I thought.

I get up quickly and bring my belongings back to my office before walking by the main office to drop off some paper work, but in the back of my mind I know I was only going to see if Frank was there.

I walk through the door and drop my papers in the inbox before looking over to see the black haired boy sitting in one of the old leather chairs.

"Oh hello Frank, what are you doing in here?" The soft skin around his eye is turning blue and he's sporting a pout with a cut lip.

"I got in a fight, but the dick deserved it." I move closer and kneel down next to him before changing my serious expression to a grin. I whisper to him,

"Did you at least win?" He looks in my eyes and nods.

"Yes sir."

"Good." I turn to leave before looking at the secretary.

"Oh, if Mr.Iero needs somewhere to serve his detention, my classroom is in need of some cleaning." Then I wink at him and exit the office.

***** ***** *****

I'm sitting at my desk when there is a knock at the door. Without looking I yell. "Come in!" I look up hoping to see Frank in front of me but instead I'm faced with my ex girlfriend, Thalia.

She looks at me. "Gerard."

I stare for a minute. "What are you doing here? What do you want?"

"I need money Gerard, for my car, they're going to take it if I can't pay." Wow way to cut to the point....

"Look, I don't have money to give you even if I wanted too." She scoffs and crosses her arms before leaning on my desk.

"Come on Gee, you still care, I know you do. Please I really need the money." I growl in the back of my throat.

"Do not call me that. And no, I don't care, I don't love you. You are a straight up Class A Bitch that doesn't give a damn about anyone unless you can benefit from them." She glares into my eyes angrily.

"Look just because you left me for your faggot boyfriend doesn't make me a bitch."

"No what makes you a bitch is screaming at me to leave and dumping my things in a lake! Now leave." She turns on her heels and storms out if the classroom.

And that is when I noticed the small figure of Frank Iero standing in the classroom doorway.