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Lost & Found Life

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NOTES: This story contains fictionalized versions of real people. I am borrowing names, a few background details, appearance, etc. Everything else is entirely made up and I am not implying any real world knowledge of these people. And I don't own the rights to anything or anyone I'm putting in here, except the intellectual property that is my words. So pretty please no suing.

Lt. Frost is my own creation, a leftover from a story under one of my previous profiles on another site. She's a badass. Imagine Beverly if she were Bedelia's age.

Note for the opening chapter: you have NO idea how much I wanted to make Chilton the guy who knocks Will up and drops him... if only for what happens later. But I grudgingly realized the best analog to the character in the movie was Matthew so... there ya go. Chilton still makes an appearance though.

Also one minor note about Matthew. He's what I'm referring to as a demi-alpha, which I know isn't really a thing, but I needed him to be able to get Will pregnant without being... too much of an overall threat. He's dangerous because he hates people not taking him seriously. You have alphas and betas and omegas and capital A ALPHA of the Alphas like Hannibal. Matt is like a half-step above a beta, technically alpha but just barely. He's kind of like the outcome of alpha and omega twins who merged: slight, emotional, a little pretty but not as pretty as a pureblood omega, and strong but weaker than a true alpha. Everyone confused? Good. Let's go.

It's a beautiful day in Baltimore. The sun is shining, and the church is lavishly decorated. Father Brian Zeller is waiting calmly outside, chatting with the groom's mother - Grace Lecter, a lovely and bold Omega unwithered by age - as they usher in last minute arrivals and wait for the cue that the ceremony is about to begin.

An unpleasant whine like a wounded animal breaks through the conversation, and they look as a somewhat battered Crown Vic pulls to a stop at the curb. There's someone in the backseat, but their focus is quickly drawn to the pair walking towards them with intent, dressed in matching 'government issue' suits, trench coats, and solemn expressions.

The beta (lovely, creamy skin, dark almond-shaped eyes that have the telltale signs of having seen too much in their life) flashes a badge - Baltimore PD - and her partner, a solid looking alpha male with beautiful cocoa skin whips out his Moleskin notebook and a cheap ballpoint.

"Hello, Father. Sorry to interrupt."

The robed beta replies, affable as always. "Quite all right. The ceremony isn't underway yet, my child."

"I'm Agent Craw - sorry. Detective," the alpha amends with a rueful smirk. "Too many years in the FBI. I'm Detective Jack Crawford, this is my partner Lt. Chelsea Frost. We'd like to talk to Mrs. Lecter."

Grace glances at Father Brian and tilts her head in a questioning posture that leaves no question as to her authority. Frost thinks they should have her teach a class; that is a useful look to master.

"That would be me."

Now it's the officers' turn to regard each other, and Jack refers to his notes. "Mrs. ... Shannon Lecter?"

"He is my daughter-in-law. And about to be again."

Perpetually averse to conflict in any measure, Father Brian jumps on the obvious next question, desperate for answers and normalcy and the sweet buttercream icing on the cake at the reception when this is all over. "Excuse me, but what is this regarding?"

Lt. Frost speaks up. "The murder of Matthew Brown."

There's a pause, barely the space between two heartbeats, and Grace squares up and tilts her chin to a borderline defiant angle. "Then you will want to speak with me."

"And... why is that?"

Her smile is small, barely a quirk of lips in the corners, zero teeth. Yet there is something indefinable in it that makes both detectives just a little nervous.

"Why... because I am the one who killed him."


Oh, boy. Matthew Brown. That's a name Will would rather forget. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back to the beginning.