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Caitlyn Ward was a newly flowered Omega, who instantly became the Omega of the famous Tony Stark, who was a beta. The poor girl was tossed into a relationship with James Barnes and Steven Rogers, two Alpha's whose ruts somehow managed to sync together. They had multiple ruts, trying to set off their Omega's heat. They had Tony fucking her when their rut kicked in so they wouldn't hurt her.

One day, Tony, Steve, and Bucky took Caitlyn to their favorite shop, "Sex Scapes" ran by Tony's friend, Ahsoka Bulq. Ashoka was ahead in the sex toy industry. She had invented the best knotting dildo that year. The same knotting, vibrating dildo that Tony bought for Caitlyn.

A few weeks later, Caitlyn and Tony had gotten into the mood for each other and they had hurriedly tried to at least trigger Caitlyn's heat with the knotting vibrator. Caitlyn had finally given up, maybe she wasn't really an Omega. She had pushed Tony away and walked to her, private, room and hid for days.

Caitlyn had stared at her body, her entire body, in her mirror. She saw the stretch marks, the scars from childhood accidents, and the hair. She looked away when she heard the door open. Steve was standing there and pulled her close, whispering some comforting words into her ear, sliding his hand between her legs, gently starting to stroke her pleasure button, pulling soft and small moans from her.

A few months later, the Omega clutched onto her abdomen whilst trying to clean the kitchen, feeling a large amount of wetness slick her thighs. The Omega knew she needed to get help but she could only stumble toward her bedroom, and pull out her vibrating knotting dildo. She only made it the middle of the living room and worked to get her clothes off and slide the dildo into her and put it on the highest setting.

A loud moan echoed inside the living room. Friday had put the floor on shut down since the Omega had started her heat. Caitlyn had put herself in the middle of the living room, with her knotting vibrator. The woman whimpered and moaned as she had her vibrator knotted deep inside her. She heard the groans of one of her Alpha's a few feet away as she looked over at him, with clenched eyes. "J-James!"

The alpha had pulled out his extremely hard cock and gripped the base where his knot was starting to form. "Such a good girl, I wanna see my Doll come all over that knot." He held back a groan as the Omega in front of him suddenly squirt all around the vibrating knot. Bucky turned to see Steve, pull his shirt off. "Fuck me, Darling. That was magnificent." Steve whispered walking over and sitting down in front of the thrashing female.

Steve put his hand on her thighs and forced them down onto the wooden floor, sliding his tongue over her clit and sucking harshly. Caitlyn let out the loudest screaming moan ever that it shook her entire body. Bucky watched as he continued to squeeze his knot tightly.

The famous Anthony Stark, the beta of the pack, looked at the scene when he walked in. "Let me guess, my baby girl finally got her heat."

Bucky turned to him and groaned. "Stevie's eating our Doll out so well." The Alpha immediately grabbed the soaking wet vibrator that was tossed at him and immediately licked the slick off of it and groaned louder. "Fuck! Our Omega tastes good!"

Tony watched, going into the corner, he wanted to watch his Alpha's ruin their Omega so much. His cock was already making a spot in his jeans as he heard her moans and screams of pleasure. Caitlyn sat up, grabbing Steve's dirty-blond hair in her hands and gripping tightly. Her body suddenly stiffened as she came for the third time in a span of thirty minutes.