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Shiro the Hero and the Happily Ever After

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Shiro tried not to feel sick when he woke up.  It was a handsome face, peaceful in the morning light, and he did not regret the night before--not really.  But, this wasn't someone he loved, wasn't even someone he knew , and yet they had shared his bed.  There was no shame; there was loneliness.  


They would be leaving him, and even though it was known by both parties to be a one-night stand, he wouldn’t have blamed them either way.


It was the first and last time he slept with someone he wasn't dating.


“I just don’t get it, Takashi.  It’s like you’re dumping me because you’re going to rut.  I get it--having a bad rut is tough, but don’t you trust your partner to get you through it? What’s your plan--never have a boyfriend for longer than ten months?”


Shiro didn’t have an answer for that, and he didn’t try to stop them when they left.


“Takashi!  You’re 24, you have a stable job that pays well, and you’re so handsome.  When are you going to find a nice boy and settle down?”


“I don’t know, Mother,” Shiro said with a tired smile.  “Not yet.”


She clicked her tongue.  “You only call me ‘Mother’ when you’re planning to be stubborn.”


“No, Mom, I just didn’t sleep well last night, I swear,” Shiro said, laughing a little in spite of himself.


She patted his shoulder.  “Don’t give up, Takashi. You just haven’t met the right person yet.”


There wasn't the right person to meet, but Shiro just kissed her on the cheek and asked if he could help with breakfast.


Keith was all fury and fangs and fire under an exhausted exterior.  He was young--so young!--to have had to fight so hard and he looked like he was about to give up, and not by choice.  No, this was a man who would keep fighting until he dropped, but his legs had just been swept out from under him. If Shiro could provide for him a respite--even if only for a week--he would, gladly, without reservation.


(Maybe a taste of the intimacy he had to deny himself would serve to ease his longing.)


And, if not, he had no one to hurt but himself.

Chapter 1

“Should I be worried?” Shiro asked, a smile ghosting over his lips and his eyes obediently shut.  It had become a tradition for Keith to top him post-rut, and since this was their fifth rut together, Keith had insisted they do something special.  Shiro had been more than eager to let Keith do all the planning, and he was currently naked and spread on their bed in the cabin he always rutted in.  Keith was currently cursing quietly under his breath.


“You should be worried about how hard you’re going to come,” Keith teased.  


Shiro could hear he was at the end of the bed, doing something on the floor, and the quiet cursing resumed a moment later.  


“Seriously though, do you need some h--”


“No peeking!” Keith insisted.


Shiro chuckled.  “Yes sir.”


There was a happy cry of triumph a few seconds later, a bit more shuffling, and then the bed dipped under the weight of his lover prowling over to him, and Shiro smiled into the kiss that Keith left on him.  The scent of his mate’s arousal was in the air and a shiver of pleasure tingled down his spine.


“You can open your eyes now,” Keith whispered, nipping at Shiro’s jaw playfully.


“Mmm, I like what I see,” Shiro smiled, settling his hands on Keith’s waist and kissing him back.


“You can’t see anything yet,” Keith said, amused and exasperated.


“I can see you,” Shiro countered.  Keith blushed under the compliment but protested and Shiro silenced with him more kisses, warm and soft and slow.  Finally, he pulled back. “So, what are your plans for me?” he asked, tucking a stray lock of hair behind Keith’s ear.


Keith grinned mischievously.  “Spread,” he commanded, and once Shiro moved Keith knelt between his legs.  “Time to work you open,” he said with a wink, but instead of grabbing lube or touching Shiro, he reached behind himself and began to play with his own hole.


“That is very intriguing to watch, but I don’t know that it’s going to open me,” Shiro said.  He could feel his pupils dilating and his nostrils flaring as the scent of slick greeted him. Keith was very excited for this--he almost smelled wet enough to be in heat.


“But where else would I get lube?” Keith asked innocently, pulling two dripping fingers out of himself.  


Oh shit.


“Keith,” Shiro asked, trembling, “are you going to open me with…?”


“My slick?” Keith replied, eyes dark and voice low.  


Shiro groaned as wet fingers teased over his hole.  It was filthy and perfect and god he was so fucking lucky to have Keith for a mate.  He propped himself up on his elbows to watch Keith’s lust-covered face as he worked in a finger, reapplying his slick and pressing it in.  


“Fuck, baby, that’s so hot.  I can’t believe you’re putting that in me.”


Keith smirked.  “Cursing already?”


Shiro laughed breathlessly.  He loved how confident Keith had gotten with sex.  Affection echoed across their bond, swiftly followed by lust as Keith worked in fresh slick--this time using two fingers.  


“Mmm, you’re so loose already,” Keith purred.


“Baby, you know I have good control there--you can give me three now,” Shiro insisted.


Keith smacked his thigh lightly and then kissed an apology.  “You’re not in control today,” he reminded.


Shiro bit his lip and shivered.  “Would you please touch my gland?” he asked meekly.  A loud groan burst from his lips as Keith complied with his request, licking across the thigh gland and massaging it with his thumb.


“You taste so good, baby,” Keith said, eyes hooded.  


“Keith…,” Shiro whined, head lolling back as he pumped his hips, earning himself another smack.


“I decide how much you get and when, but if you ask nicely, I might speed up,” Keith smiled.  


“Please baby, I want you in me,” Shiro said instantly.  He had never been above begging when it came to Keith.


“Oh I’m not going to be in you today,” Keith smirked.  “Do you want to see what it is I have planned for you?”


Keith had just wormed in a third finger and it took Shiro’s mind several seconds to catch up with the conversation.  


“Wh-wha…?” he managed.


Keith chuckled and nuzzled his thigh gland before slipping his fingers out, leaving Shiro sadly empty.  He beckoned Shiro to follow him to the edge of the bed and Shiro scooted clumsily after him.


A dildo.  An Alpha dildo, affixed to the floor, proudly sporting a knot.


“Want to show me how good you are at relaxing~?  Want to work yourself open on that cock?” Keith whispered in his ear, his breath warm.  


Oh god his Omega wanted him to take a knot and that was ten levels past what he’d expected out of today.  He whined.


“Did you get this wet?” Shiro asked in awe.  The toy was coated and dripping. “Is that why you were cursing?”


“Shiro,” Keith said sweetly, “this dildo is nothing compared to you, and yes that is my slick.  Also, you know I’m starting my heat in a few days, so I’m more... receptive to things right now anyway.”


Keith was indeed due to start his heat within the week.  It was the first time his heat and Shiro’s rut had been so close together and they had taken quite a bit of vacation in anticipation.  


“So you’re okay then?” Shiro asked, aching to kneel over the toy but more interested in his mate’s health.


“I was cursing because I couldn’t get the damn thing to attach right,” Keith snorted.  “Now, get on your knees.”


Shiro got off the bed and into position over the toy, let his rim rest against but not pressing down until Keith gave him permission.  Somewhere along the way Keith had gotten particularly bossy and Shiro was loving it--something to explore more for later.


Keith nodded his approval at Shiro’s meek obedience and he sat on the edge of the bed, spreading his legs.  Shiro licked his lips at the sight of his Omega’s stiff cock and wet hole.


“Can I touch you, baby?” he asked, greedy eyes roaming his mate’s body.


“You may steady yourself by holding onto my knees, but that’s it--for now,” Keith said, fisting his cock almost lazily.  He paused and leaned forward to touch Shiro’s face. “Don’t hurt yourself on the knot, love. I’ll take care of you no matter what, okay?”


Shiro’s heart twisted in tender affection.  “I know you will,” he whispered, kissing Keith’s palm.  “May I sit down now?”


Keith settled back and smiled his permission, watching with distant and haughty satisfaction.  Shiro was not fooled. His mate was as weak for this as he was--and didn’t that mean his mate deserved a show?


Shiro arched his back and pressed down slowly, letting his mouth drop open and eyes close.  He heard Keith’s breath hitch and had to hold back a triumphant smile. He loved that his Omega liked to watch him, and he tilted his head back to expose his throat and show off the mark Keith had left there.  


Keith clicked his tongue.  “Don’t try to tempt me into touching you,” he laughed softly.  “You haven’t taken more than inch yet.”


“So if I take more will you touch me?” Shiro teased back, opening his eyes again.  


“Why don’t you find out?” Keith purred.  He spread his legs a little wider and lazily massaged his entrance, letting Shiro smell how wet he was.


God, his slick.  Keith’s slick was inside him right now and Shiro had the sudden and burning need to take more, and he sank down harder, his hands grasping Keith’s thighs to steady himself.  He’d always been good at relaxing himself and he dropped down to the knot on the first try. The sound he made was somewhere between a whimper and a groan.  Keith grinned.


“I think you’ve earned something,” he said, his eyes hazy.  He pressed two fingers into himself and swirled his wrist, moaning quietly before pulling them back out.  They were wet with slick when he offered them to Shiro’s lips.


“Fuck, baby,” Shiro whispered before gratefully sucking on his Omega’s fingers, moaning around the taste.


“Move, baby.  Show me how much you want to take it,” Keith commanded, a slight waver in his voice betraying how affected he was by Shiro’s display.


Shiro’s knees were already starting to ache against the hardwood floor as he rose and sank, but god he could grind down on his prostate perfectly and he was shaky in less than minute.


“Keith…,” he whined.  “It feels so good.”


Keith nodded, biting his lip, and worked his hand along his straining cock.  “You look good, baby,” he said breathily. “Wanna taste you.”


Shiro whined again and offered his neck. Keith instantly sank to the floor in front of him.


“Don’t you dare come from this,” he growled, and sank his teeth into Shiro’s gland.


“Fuck!” Shiro cried.  He screwed his eyes tight and dug his nails into Keith’s thighs, panting hard as he barely kept himself together.  “Keith, you have to--nngh!--stop sucking if you--ahh--don't w-ant me to c-come.”


Keith pulled back.  “You don’t get to come until you’re inside me,” he said in a low voice that sent heat curling into Shiro’s gut.


“Keith, baby,” Shiro said, licking his lips, “I’m not gonna be able to hold you like this.”


Keith kissed his cheek.  “I know, lovely. I’ve got you.  Do you think you can take the knot?  Do you need more slick?”


Fuck yes.


Shiro nodded and Keith kissed him again before maneuvering behind him.  Shiro could hear soft whimpers and wet touches as Keith worked up more slick for him.  He jolted in surprise as fingers ghosted over his hole. Keith hushed him gently and kissed down his back.


“So good for me,” he murmured.  “Look at you--my strong Alpha--taking just what I want him to.  You love it, don’t you? You love me watching as you impale yourself.”  


“Yes,” he whispered backed.


“You want to take a knot inside yourself.  You to be wrecked, loose, and ruined.”


One hand reached up to tease his nipple while the other reapplied slick to the toy’s knot and Shiro shivered as much from the words as the touch.  


“Yes, baby, I want that,” Shiro whined.


Keith kissed his neck and circled his arms around him.


“Then sit down.”


Shiro’s breath punched out as he sank down, his body protesting, clenching, and then fuck fuck stretching and fuck it was in him, swallowed and accepted inside himself.  Shiro had taken a knot for his Omega.


“Shit, shit, shit,” he gasped.  


“Are you okay?” Keith asked in immediate alarm.


Shiro barely managed to nod, breathing hard.


“I can deflate if you need me to,” Keith promised.  “Don’t hurt yourself for me.”


Shiro shook his head and took in a lungful for air before letting it out slowly.


“What do you want me to do next?” he asked.


“Fuck, you’re amazing,” Keith growled, nipping at Shiro’s neck.  “Let me get this toy detached from the base.”


There was a moment of fumbling and then Shiro sagged forward gratefully, relishing the change in pressure on his knees.  He let himself be guided back onto the bed.


“Do you want me to ride you or can you fuck me?” Keith asked, weaving his fingers into Shiro’s hair.  His expression was a mixture of awe and affection, and Shiro decided he was absolutely going to fuck his Omega to the best of his ability.  


Shiro growled low in his throat and then sprang over his mate, using one hand to press him into the mattress and the other to guide himself into Keith’s waiting hole.


“Fuck, fuck yes ,” Keith cried, head lolling back.  “Yes, god, take me.”


Shiro slammed in, not waiting for Keith to adjust, and Keith’s legs wrapped tightly around his waist.  His mate cried wailing encouragement as Shiro took and took, letting his pleasure swell and crest.  


“You’re mine,” Shiro hissed, yanking on Keith’s hips.  


“Yes, Alpha, yours,” Keith cried, moans forced out of him.  “Shiro--fuck--please god come in me bite me god yes fuck fuck fuck--”


Shiro’s hips stuttered and then he was coming, emptying himself in his Omega, pleasure wrenched from his body as he clenched on the knot and Keith’s ass milked his cock.  Barely cognizant, he bit Keith and felt warmth spurting between them and the delicious taste of Keith in his mouth.


“Holy shit,” he trembled, trying and failing not to collapse on his mate.


Keith’s arms cradled him and he kissed down Shiro’s neck.  “God that was terrible. Not the sex,” he corrected quickly.  “I just don’t have the self-restraint not to touch you.”


Shiro chuckled.  “I know what you mean.”  


They lay together without moving for several minutes, purring and rumbling in contentment.  Keith stirred eventually, patting Shiro’s side, and the Alpha gingerly moved off him.


“Sorry it wasn't me in you,” Keith said.  “After we rest a minute I’d be happy to replace the dildo with myself, but I kinda thought what you really like after your rut is to be dominated, not necessarily ridden…?”


Never apologize for what you just did to me,” Shiro said emphatically.  “And yes--I would love it if you fucked me yourself. After all, I’m nice and open and it would be a shame if you didn’t take advantage of it.”


Keith grinned.  “Give me ten minutes,” he said.


Shiro smiled back, and gave him five.