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My promise is I will hurt you

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When a child is born, they are marked, typically on the inside of their left forearm. It is not done to them, it simply is. Usually this mark consists of two simple numbers and a name. The name of their soulmate, and how old their soulmate would be when they met.

Amarissa Darceline Lewis never fit in with her peers for one disturbing reason.

Her soulmate, according to her mark, would be over one thousand years old by the time she met him. On top of that, his name wasn’t written in a language that soulmarks were often found in, at least in her small town upbringing. His name was written in Norse runes. When she was eight, she gave in and found a book on the runic alphabet, and decided that Fate had played the ultimate joke.

Her soulmate couldn’t be Loki, god of mischief. It just wasn’t possible.

It wasn’t normal for an Aesir to born Unmarked. Yet as long as he could remember, Loki had never worn a soulmark upon his arm.

That all changed when Thor decided to assault Jotunheim with exactly five other people, Loki included. The fighting was fast and bloody — and life-altering. Because not only did Loki have his entire world foundation shaken when a Jotun took hold of his arm, his skin turning from pale Aesir to Jotun sapphire.

With ink black writing on his inner arm.


He had a soulmate.

Her name was Darcy.

And she would be only twenty-six when they met.

The funniest thing was that, when his skin returned to what he perceived as normal, the soulmark remained. Stark black lines against fair skin saying, I’m still just like everyone else. To make things stranger, the writing was shockingly similar to the Jane that Thor had sported as long as they could remember. She’d be just thirty-seven, when Thor met her.