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Boys will be boys

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(A/N hey there,I just wanted to let you all know that this is a modern AU Sasuke/OC/Naruto [which is highly debatable] [its not really I lied oops] but can be read as x reader since every other chapter will be a x reader version. Now let's get right into the ficcccc x)) (heh that kinda looks like a double chin) (Oops another note,Naruto looks like Jiraiya book Naruto and Sasuke is Hebi Sasuke. Also Itachi’s not dead ok that was the last note x] A/N ~g)

We do not own Naruto (Or else Itachi would’ve never died and Sakura would be useful)

[f/n] [l/n] isn’t like other girls; she’s always liked sports,jeans, and action. But that doesn’t mean she can be girly,she’ll wear dresses when she wants but usually doesn’t because of all the attention she gets. She’s about 5’10 and hates how tall she is and how pervs love her legs and her modelesque figure. Just last year she decided to cut her beautiful brunette hair even though it went all the way down to her bubble butt that makes the boys go crazy, she cut it into a stylish pixie and dyed it an ash blonde. She was dreading going to school seeing as she always gets bullied for being too pretty. But alas the show must go on.

Our diamond in the rough protagonist steps out the shower and goes to get dressed. She has trouble deciding on what to wear but ultimately ends up wearing a black baggy tee shirt that says ‘Gangsta rap made me do it’ in big white letters with a pair of black jeans and a pair of baby blue doc martens. She looks into the mirror one final time to observe herself. She stares at her beauty mark over her full lips and her gorgeous green eyes travel down to her bracelets she never leaves without and then to her necklace which was a gift from her late mother.

“[y/n], [y/n]!” [y/n] hears her brother call out to her. “Yes papa?” the faux blonde replies. “Get down here or we’re all going to be late!” “I’ll be down in a sec old man’’ [y/n] always wished she had friends who she could ride to school with but no one in school like her except for the ones who wanted to get her in bed. [y/n] grabs her bag and then heads to her older siblings.

The ride to school is typical; her brother starts up his cd, [y/n] double checks her homework, [y/n]'s sister touches up her makeup and they make small talk. They arrive at the school and [y/n] gives her brother a hug and waves goodbye to both of her siblings as she walks into the school. her brother has been working to support the three of them since their parents died. her sister graduated last year and is now attending college which means no super popular older sister to hang out with at school.

She heads to her locker but notices a locker down the hall is opened and standing next to it is a troubled looking boy with onyx black hair with eyes to match. She also notices the school bimbo and her friends walk up to him. The school bimbo in question is Sakura Haruno, the queen bee.
Her friends are Ino Yamanaka and Hinata Hyuuga. Honestly Hinata's pretty nice and cool but her friends not so much, [y/n] and Hinata have talked before and [y/n] would totally be friends with her if it wasn’t for Sakura and Ino. Sakura actually looks like she’s drooling over this mysterious new guy just as much as Ino, but he surprisingly looks uninterested. Sadly for [y/n] they notice her watching the encounter.

“What are you looking at bitch?” Sakura calls out, Hinata rolls her eyes and it looks like she trying to calm Sakura and meanwhile Ino is still flirting with the new guy. [y/n] notices the time though and realizes she has to get to class ,problem is she has to walk past them to get to class. She rushes by but not before catching the new guys eye’s which sent a chill through her entire being. Sakura yells out to her that she’ll get her later. [y/n] is SO not looking forward to that but she plans to hold her own regardless and won’t get beat by some dumb bimbo with a push up bra and nose job.
But right before she enters class she sees a boy with spiky blonde hair enter. He’s a new student she thinks,she missed the second day of school but she thinks his name is Nathan.

[y/n]’S P.O.V

Yeesh only three days into the school year and here come all these new hot guys. Wait no they’re not hot. Okay maybe the teacher is just a little, but that's it. I walk to my desk and sit. They’re made for three people to sit at but no one ever sits with me...Temari did once when Gaara and Kankuro we’re absent but that’s really it, and I wish she would again because she was pretty cool, but whatever. I always take the middle seat, I don’t know why it’s just a weird habit.

Mr. Kakashi calls for everyone's attention and my head snaps up from the book I was indulged in,it seems no one ever reads these days. When I look up to my surprise is the boy from the hallway and Nathan they both go to sit but then Mr. Kakashi stops them.

“Naruto, Sasuke why don’t you two go sit with [y/n].” Oops, guess his name is Naruto. Mr. Kakashi...or well guess I should be saying Kakashi since he’s said that’s what he wants students to call him. He’s honestly pretty young,why can’t I get guys like him instead of...Rock Lee ugh. Sasuke just nods his head while Naruto says “Yes Kakashi sir” in a happy go lucky tone. The two walk over, Sasuke takes the seat closest to the window and Naruto takes the aisle seat. They introduce themselves,with Naruto shaking my hand and Sasuke coming across as cold.

For the entirety of class Sasuke looks bored while Naruto stares at Sakura who I could see was combining her name with sasuke in however many ways she could in her notebook. I looked back once to see Hinata was actually staring at Naruto, wow this might be a bit too much to keep up with but I’ll try.

Class ends and Naruto goes up to Sakura but she completely ignores him and goes straight to Sasuke. He looks like he could use a little help considering all the girls around him and how uninterested he looks. I grab his arm “Hey babe,I’m ready to go. How’s Bhilis sound for lunch?” I chime with a smile and innocent seeming expression. He cocks an eyebrow at me...oh no I should’ve thought this through…..Huh now he’s looking back and forth between all the girls. I notice Naruto squinting his eyes at him,I wonder why…. Sasuke finally gives an answer “Sure” he says as he wraps his arm around my waist and guides me out the classroom. Thank god he went along with it,that would’ve been so embarrassing if he hadn’t”

We make it out the building and through the whispers about how ‘he’s only with her because she’s kinda pretty’s’ and the ‘she’s such a whore’s’. Sasuke finally lets go after we make it to the parking lot and starts to walk away without saying anything. “Um no thank you?” Sasuke simply replies with “Why should I thank you.” while still walking away. Who does he think he is hmph. I run up to him and start walking with him and he rolls his eyes “Don’t you have something more important to do than follow me around?” “Nope, not until I get my thank you.” He groans but doesn’t stop walking. Woah that was hot. Wait no it wasn’t stop that [y/n]! Before I know it we’re back at school. Does this guy not eat?

Before we enter back he looks back at me one last time with a disregard that spoke volumes to how little he really does care for me. I decide to give up and just head to class. This was an ap class so no Naruto but Sasuke was there. Lucky me. We’re not sitting with each other this class though since this room has actual desks and he sat rows away from me.

Once class lets out I pretend Sasuke doesn’t even exist,two can play at this game. The next class is gym and wowza, everyone is smoking hot. I consider drooling over the guys with the other girls but I rather not give Sakura a reason to have my name in her mouth. We’re doing stretches and need to pair up,I got Ino. Sasuke ends up with Rock Lee much to my amusement. Naruto looks excited while Sasuke looks disinterested. Why even bother showing up if your that bored. Oh wait because school's like important or whatever…

Schools finally over so I go to my locker but sadly for me Sakura waltzes up with the forced sway of her nonexistent hips. She doesn’t say anything for the first few seconds so I just keep putting my stuff away. She finally chimes out to me “So aren’t you going to tell me what Sasuke’s like?’’ What? “Why would I do that?” “Don’t be a bitch about it [y/n],just tell me. You wouldn’t want to fight young love would you?” “You wanting to suck his penis doesn’t count as young love” With that she gasps, clearly offended, and starts with her typical judging me or whatever. “You’re not even pretty, how does one manage to look like a troll all their life,what’s your sec-” suddenly someone, I think it’s Naruto yells out “OI, DONT BULLY HER, BULLYINGS BAD” yep it’s Naruto. He runs up stares Sakura down. Sakura's headstrong though and rolls her eyes “Go play with your dolls for boys or something.” Naruto squints his eyes at her “Is your nose...crooked” He starts laughing hysterically. Sakura looks offended and confused. I’m kinda offended for her,but mostly confused too. After a good 20 seconds of him laughing so hard he starts crying Sakura storms off and after she’s outside is when he stands up smiles “Are you ok?” he asks “I guess..thanks though,I appreciate it.” I talk to him until we get to the front doors. “Hey you want me to take you home?” He jingles his keys in my face. You mean to tell me this boy,Naruto, really has a car and can legally drive it? Now I know that’s not safe. “Sorry, my brother is on his way to pick me up”
“Well I’ll wait with you here then!” He offers up another big smile and I return it with a small one. We both take a seat on a bench. It’s honestly nice to have a bit of company while I wait.

Sasuke walks past us and for a second I swear I see him make an emotion that’s not nonchalant. Naruto leans over “He thinks he’s so cool ,but I for one thinks his hair looks like a ducks ass.” I try and fail to stifle and laugh and Sasuke peers back at me,but I guess he ultimately decides it’s not worth it and starts to walk. Wow so Naruto has a car but Sasuke doesn’t, talk about weird. Naruto and I continue to talk until my brother pulls up.

“Oh there’s my brother. Thanks for waiting with me Naruto.” I smile at him one last time and start to get up when he calls out “Wait,you never gave me your number!” Wha,oh right that’s a thing normal friends do oops. I put my contact in my phone and he does his in mine before I finally walk away and wave goodbye. Once I get in the car I can see my brother staring Naruto down.”So who was that?” “A friend.” I reply with a sing songy tone. “I’ve never seen him before.” “Well he is new after all” I say, and I go back and forth for a while before we finally arrive home. When we do I get started on my homework while my brother starts to cook dinner. Sis rides home with her boyfriend everyday or just stays at his house and this is how is goes every day. Except today I get a text while in the middle of homework. ‘Hey this is Naruto x3’ with a picture of himself toothily grinning and giving a thumbs up. I giggle and reply ‘Oh no I couldn’t tell by the contact name ‘ we text back and forth for a while but then I realize the time and tell him I’ll talk to him after dinner. I finish up homework and eat dinner with my siblings before we go our separate ways for the night to sleep. But tonight I end up texting Naruto until 12 am when we decide it’s high time we sleep. Today was a good day, I think to myself as I slowly fall asleep. today was a really good day.