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Bite. Snikt. Teethe. Repeat.

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Daken Akihiro was a lot of things. Recently, he had become a parent. Whether or not he could say he was a good one was yet to be seen. He also knew he was trying to become a better person, which so far was not working out so well, considering he was trying NOT to kill people for a change. Most recently, somehow that involved him him falling out of a train and flat on his face. Members of the Snikt family were evidently NOT the most graceful of beings.


"You all right there?" Victor Creed asked, offering Daken a hand. 

Daken Akihiro scowled, sitting up and feeling his bones shifting, crackling back into place. Grabbing part of his neck, he moved part of the bone so some parts of him weren't numb anymore. "Describe 'all right'."

"At least we didn't have to go through those metal detectors again," Victor grunted. "What a pain in the-"

"Language," Deadpool called out before muttering a curse under his breath. "Shit, now Cap's got me doin' it too. This is what happens when we all become freakin' parents."

Victor Creed was becoming his go to person when it came to parenting, which sounded insane when one considered the things he had done in his lifetime. However, Daken related to him the most, with them both having been use, manipulated, and raising children that would have been used as tools for some grand master plan. It was funny how those things worked out. It was also aggravating how much Daken had to put up with Wade Wilson nowadays, seeing as the latter was a friend of his sisters'. He was truly beginning to despise the "cookie".

Tyger Tiger stared at all of them before glancing at Mystique. "You've never done that."

"I have, you've just never been there to see it," Mystique admitted miserably. "Now, we have children to rescue, unless your sources were mistaken."

"They never are. I just can't believe that all of you want to be involved with this," she stated, her words mostly pointed at Daken and Victor.

Deadpool and Mystique she understood as the former had shown constant hatred towards anyone who hurt youths over the years and went well out of his way to punish those who hurt the innocent. Mystique? Practically the same despite her years fighting those within the Xavier Institute, for she had still always demonstrated precautions with the students there. The other two? Tyger wouldn't have guessed, not until more recently. Who knew they could have a heart?

Daken was a lot of things, and he knew he had changed by now. He was putting up with a great deal, and for what? His sisters, his daughter, his...father, and ironically, even himself. He was doing something for himself that went beyond the search for power. He was giving up something, losing power, to help himself. Perhaps he really had gone insane. Somehow, he didn't mind it.

The Dark Wolverine didn't meet her gaze. "Just remember our deal."

"No harm to your offspring, and Madripoor is mine once more," she uttered softly. "Truly mine. Do you really think I have that little honor?"

Arriving at their destination, he narrowed his eyes. "Just consider it reassurance."

A part of her wondered what trick was there, for Daken Akihiro always had something to hide. Yet, there seemed to be something honest about him this time. He had also shown a side of himself when speaking to his child she had never seen, never expected. "Are you really the person I knew?"

He watched as the transport entered the city, children being walked out of cages.


"Maybe you never knew me at all."

He dashed forward, and gunshots echoed in the air. His enemies' eyes widened at the sight of him, terror exuding from their very beings. He couldn't deny that he delighted in it, enjoying when they screamed and cursed in fear.

Daken Akihiro was a lot of things, but he certainly was NOT a hero.





Not yet.