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Improvedimension Neptunia

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Day 1: The Travel

Remember when Neptune crossed into Megadimension Neptunia? Let's go back then, shall we?

Two girls were screaming their heads off. One of those girls was Neptune, the protagonist, and her little sister Nepgear, the tinkler. Why they were currently falling from the sky? Well, let Neptune tell you that.

"Remind me to never touch an unknown console again, Nepgear!" Neptune pleaded to her sister, but only received a giggle from her. Neptune couldn't believe her eyes and ears! Nepgear, the CPU candidate was laughing at her own sister. Neptune was having a bad day? Finally!

"That's not nice Author! I was only laughing because of her facial expression."

This shocked Neptune real good, so good it paralyzed her.


The girls were closing in on the ground, however, Neptune was the first one down. Her adorable, yet scarred face making the concrete floor crack. "Ouch" was all you could hear from the little girl. Nepgear landed safely on the ground, with the help of a certain person that is.

"Double ouch... I can't feel my back... Nep Jr.... please... get off me..." Neptune cried, still crushed by her dear sister. 

As soon as Nepgear was about to get up a person came flying towards them, hitting Neptune.

"I'm feeling like Noire!" Neptune jokes.

That's because you are-


"Oh, my goodness! What was that?.."

"Nep Jr. If you hear BOOM then it could only be one thing, judging from the smoke." 

Why don't you go check it out? You want no one to get hurt, right Neptune?

"Yes Author, we have to save the damsel in distress!"

"But o-onee-chan... you can't just guess the gender..." Nepgear sweatdropped. She couldn't help smile though. 

"Nep Jr. Nep Jr. Hyperdimension Neptunia is all about girls and harems, which I, the protagonist, has."

Nepgear has gained the confused affinity.

"W-What the goodness! Another useless affinity I won't ever use!!!" 

Nepgear has gained the lying affinity, along with the jealousy affinity.

"I would never lie... and why would I be jealous?!"

Remember that time you took a picture of Neptune when she was sleeping peacefully on her bed? Or that time you got jealous when she was teasing Noire instead of you. 

"Nepgear, You were taking pictures while I was asleep?"

"N-No... I would never do such a thing to my sister..." Nepgear lied.

Anyway, can you go investigate that explosion?

"You got it, champ!"

Neptune and Nepgear started their adventure through the abandoned universe. The strange part of the whole scenario was the sky. It was neon-ish purple with cracks following. Monsters and people were nowhere, many broken stores, and there was one thing about this world Neptune hated. THERE WAS NO PUDDING! NONE! NONE'YA!

"No pudding... no pudding... pudding.. wait... NO PUDDING?!" Neptune nearly screamed. You could almost see smoke coming from her body.


“This isn't the time Nep Jr! We must find pudding.”


"You check that way and I'll check this way."


"B-But what If I get lost?"

"Don't worry! Your big sister will always find you!"


They turned their heads to face a red-headed girl. 

"Ye- WOAH... Nep Jr. Who's that?!"

"I-I don't know onee-chan... but she's scary."

"I can hear you two, you know."

No, she isn't a stranger. This girl is Uzume Uranus. She's fighting Dark Purple, Arfoire’s creation.


No, Arfoire.




Ta-Taffy? How did you come up with that?

“Instincts. The names Arfoire right?”

"Finally, but who are you two?"

"My name is Neptune, and this is my little sister, Nepgear. Nice to meetcha,"

“Neptunas…? Negus…? Ah, that's too hard to pronounce so I'll go with Nepsy and Gearsy. Is that fine with you two?”

They both nodded, but deep inside they wanted to laugh. Their conversation ended shortly as Dark Purple came into view.

The real fight begins... Neptune was asleep…

“S-Sis now isn't the time for sleeping!”

"Nepsy, stop slacking off!"

"Nep! Sorry! Now let's defeat the boss for good!"

Robots blocked the way! Oh no, what shall the heroes do? Well, they could defeat them, but they ran.

"Why are we running away, Uzume!"

"Too many monsters, we can't afford to get hurt."

Hurt, correct? She may get hurt either way because...

Uzume used all her force and attacked Nepsy with her microphone, blocking it with a bamboo sword was impossible. Somehow, the sword didn't break AND Neptune was still countering Uzume's attack. That's friction for ya.

"Huh, Uzume?! What was that for!?" 

“Testing your endurance, Nepsy.”

"Danger flag! Author, delete her!"

Oi, I'm not deleting a character just cause. Give me a reason to~

"She attacked me without consent for what may happen if I wasn't watching out for myself!"

That's not a good reason~

“Uzume called you a fag.”

Did she now... Uzume shook her head in response. "Lying won't do you any good, Nepsy...!"


“S-She's not wrong, onee-chan...”

"Betrayed by my sister! How could you!"

"S-Sorry, Neptune."

A big monster was patiently waiting behind them. This would have been nice, but it wanted to kill them. 


The monster intervened since it didn't want to wait anymore. I totally understand this creature, but I cannot let it win against these girls, even though sometimes I want to.

Battle Scene start!

"Gonna beat ya up!" Seriously Neptune... that's seriously your signal to attack.

Neptune used her skill; cross combo to damage the creature. It was effective. 1731 damage in total.

Broccoli was up next. She used her laser eyes to damage the monster. 765 damage in total.

MarvelousAQL was the third one up. I do not know her skills so I'll just tell ya she one-hit the monster. 14201 damage in total.

Battle Scene ended!

"Come on! That battle only lasted 8 minutes! I wanted to show off my pro tag skills!" Neptune protested like always. 

Sorry to tell ya Neptune, but I don't know half of your skills, so I don't think you would have won without the DLC characters, or I would have just been a spammer for that one skill.

"It's okay, Neptune! You are always strong in our book. Not that one event though."

"What event, Marvy?"

The event where you shredded her clothes. Now I think about it… MarvelousAQL, why didn’t your skin get damaged?

“Please don’t bring it up. I suppose even though ninjas have to show no emotion towards events... that was embarrassing.”

I understand. Neptune, however, doesn't understand since she's stupid.

"Ow, my little nep heart didn't like that compliment!"

It wasn't a compliment.

"At least I have more friends than Lonely Heart!"

You Wanna bet on that? Let’s go visit Noire. 

Present Time - Lastation Basilicom 


“Noire, are you okay? Do you need some tissues?” Random friend #1 asked.

“Noire-chan, since you are my friend, I will accompany Uni and we will get medicine to aid you.” Random friend #2 added.

“Noire, I got the pudding! I was thinking about it and I will share it with you, friend, no, best friend.” Fake Neptune smiled.

"Onee-chan, are you okay?"

“Thank you for your kind words, everyone. And, I think I need medicine!” Her friends and the fake Neptune sat back down in their seats. 

"Okay, I'll go get it right now!"

"I swear, someone is talking about me behind my back! T-That could only be...-"

"Big sis, I brought the medicine!"

"Thank you, Uni."

"-Stupid Neptune...!"

Future Time - Near the boss event flag



"Neptune, are you okay?!"

"I don't know... It felt like I saw a fake me on that visit."

- I saw it too- You stepped on the event, didn't you?

"Sorry, I was curious!"

Neptune, why did you have to step on the event. It was the extreme, hard mission… Do you think we will survive?


“Dark Purple is coming. We should move before something bad happens.” 

This is terrible! I didn‘t have time to equip your gear and swords so that leaves you defenseless and without armor…! I’m very sorry about that!

"Nepsy, Gearsy, don't worry about it. This is just my decoy so come on before you get crushed!"

30 minutes later

"We... finally made... it!" Nepgear panted.

"Yea, that took longer than expected." Uzume sighed.

“You don‘t have to worry. This place is so cool! It makes you want to live in it."

 “Really? I thought it was plain.” Uzume denied.


"It's such a big place! Do you have robots?!" Nepgear's eyes sparkled.

As far as I’m aware it doesn‘t, but it has hardware and gadgets. Are you interested in it? She didn‘t receive an answer as Nepgear was already running around the room, investigating the gadgets, looking at the hardware, and building random machines out of the parts.

"Nepsy, is Gearsy okay?" Uzume questioned Nepgear's actions.

"Yes, she does this sometimes, but I don‘t know why. You could say Nepgear loves her gadgets, maybe more than me. Anyway, our room is full of gadgets!”

“Nepsy and Gearsy’s room…”

The screen was now generating sparkles and stars. Uzume didn't look so cool, instead, she looked cheerful. Her hands were now together, and she was fantasizing about Neptune and Nepgear's room. "I wonder how Nepsy and Gearsy's bed feel. Is it soft? Is it warm? Uzume wants to know… for science." Uzume doesn't know what she's saying! Orange heart sounds like a stalker... is she a stalker...? We don't know! And will never know.

"Uzume... uh... are you okay, pal?" Neptune stepped back a little.

“Yeah, I think so. Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"Uzume-san, you were just talking about our room and how our bed sheets may feel like..."

“Really? I didn't know tha-AAAT!”


Next episode: First boss/First Delay!