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365 Days of HaruMichi

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"Let the dancing begin!", yelled an announcer.

In her sea-blue dress, Michiru then ran to Haruka and grabbed onto her hands. They were about to romantically ballroom dance, and the feeling felt so good. 

But as Michiru looked on to see if anyone she knew was there, she noticed that Haruka and her were the only ones holding hands. 

Heck, they were the only ones wearing dresses.


Everyone else stood in a huge huddle and were in pink-colored wigs and maid outfits. They got their shoulders out, started moving their hands like they were beaks of a duck, and swayed from side to side. 

Instead of a romantic song, Hatsune Miku blared from the speakers, and the crowd started dancing faster.

As the rest of the crowd danced, Michiru and Haruka looked at eachother, and then looked at the flyer.

It said "Dance", but then they looked at the banner. It read, "Fun Vocaloid Dance".

The part that said "Fun Vocaloid" was ripped.

The couple then made out for a couple minutes and then ran out of the ballroom as fast as they could.