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Transient Dreams

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L didn't even have to look up from his screen to know Light had entered the office. His expensive cologne, sandlewood, amber and musk, betrayed his presence. It's scent made L's lip curl in disgust but his stomach fluttered as he remembered the sensation of that scent washing over him as Light draped his body across his.

L ran his tongue over the bite mark Light had left on his lips that morning and dragged his tired eyes down the screen. Facts, figures, names, numbers, dates...

'It is all meaningless. Kira is right here in front of me, but the others are too blind to see it' L plucked a sugar cube up from the bowl next to him and chewed on it slowly. He knew things were drawing to a close now. Light had regained his memories of the Death Note and had killed Higuchi. The Shinigami that haunted the Task Force HQ served as a constant reminder of death hanging over all their shoulders. L felt Light's eyes on him but avoided looking back. He had little to say to the man he loved when he knew that man was plotting his death.

It was a shame Light didn't realize that. He strolled over to L's desk and sat down in the seat next to him.

"You okay, Ryuzaki? You look a bit tired?"

L finally turned his eyes to Light and just looked at him. Amber eyes, perfectly chiseled features, soft lips, a cunning smile...

'Yes, Light, your mask of innocence is truly a beautiful one. Shame about the monster beneath it'

"I am tired, Light-Kun" L finally responded in a soft monotone as Light's gaze sharpened.

'He sees weakness in me. He will try to exploit it. And I will let him' L closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. Light's eyes *burned* him.

"You are sick, Ryuzaki" Light declared, his 'concern' for his friend drawing Matsuda over to them. L flinched as Light placed a cool hand to his forehead.

"You *are* sick" Light frowned, feeling the clamy heat radiating from L's skin "You should get some rest, Ryuzaki"

L shrugged a shoulder, really not in the mood to endure this fake sympathy any longer, and pushed his chair away from his desk.

"Watari, can I speak with you" L asked softly. Watari nodded and placed a hand on L's arm. He could see the strain the young man was feeling reflected in his eyes.

"Of course, L, come with me to my office" Watari noticed Light staring at L and was immediately reminded of a wolf, just watching and waiting for the time to strike. L would not become this wolf's prey, not while he had breath in his body. L would do what he must, despite his own ill-advised feelings. L would triumph, there was no other alternative.

L ignored Matsuda's curious stare as he followed Watari out of the office and shut the door behind him. He did not ignore the look Light shared with the Shinigami before it lumbered out of the room.

L smiled bitterly at Light's plan. It was clever, to use the Shinigami to bring about his death but it was also insulting. Kira would not sully his own hands by writing his name down. He was playing a game of manipulation and he was relishing in it.

Well, L would soon put an end to Kira's game. This transient dream of his, the possibility of *something* between himself and Light devolping, was a castle built on sand. It had no foundation, it would not last and it simply couldn't be. The dream had been shattered when Light had touched the Death Note again. The foundations had crumbled when Light had written Higuchi's name.

L had to admit it was more painful than he was prepared for. Perhaps he would have to comfort (and torture) himself with dreams of what could have been? He shook his head to clear his thoughts and walked to Watari's office.

Once they were in Watari's office L sat down on Watari's couch and called Rem into the room.

She walked through the wall and loomed over him. L saw his death reflected in that one yellow eye.

"Rem, Light is going to manipulate you into writing my name down in your Death Note" L said simply, with no embellishment "He will use your desire to protect Misa Amane from suspicion if I test the 13-day-rule. I *know* this rule is fake, devised to avert suspicion from Light and Misa since they were under confinement for longer than this time period. So, I know what Light is planning and I am asking you if you are simply going to sit back and let him manipulate you, or are you going to work with me to manipulate *him*? "

Rem gazed at the numbers above the human's head. Her decision would affect them. He would either live another 67 years, or another 2 days.

"What are you suggesting, Lawliet?" Rem rasped "I do not wish to die, but I will sacrifice myself to save Misa"

L scoffed, his eyes glimmering with dark amusement "You wouldn't save her. Even if you did kill me you too would die, and you can't protect those you love when you are dead, Rem-San. You will be powerless to stop Light destroying Misa's life. He will be the cause of her death, be it directly or indirectly. My successors will hunt Kira down after my death and they will kill him. Do you honestly think Misa will continue living without him? She has the eyes and she knows too much. There is the possibility Light will just write her name when she no longer proves useful to him. We both know he is cold enough to do that."

Rem hung her head as she absorbed Lawliet's words. She could see the truth in them. Misa was at a precipice. If she continued to retain her memories she would suffer and die at Light's hands and her and Lawliet's deaths would be rendered redundent.

But, if Rem forced Misa to give up both her Death Note *and* her memories, she would be free to live a long and happy life.

"Light Yagami is a truely disgusting human being. I have listened to your argument, Lawliet, and I agree. Light would use my feelings for Misa to manipulate me into writing down your name. He knows he would rid himself from me and his control over Misa will be complete. I am willing to listen to an alternative course of action"

L smiled, relief evident on his face. Watari had been right, appealing to the Shinigami's intelligence had been the correct thing to do.

"Thank you, Rem-San" L fiddled with the hem on his sleeve as he thought with furious intensity. The idea cemented itself into his mind and L nodded.

"I have a plan. Misa will have to 'die'"

Rem frowned "Light must believe she is dead?"

"Yes. Misa is the second Kira. Light must believe he has lost his alli. Rem, is it possible for you to remove *all* of her memories of the last year? She must not know who Light Yagami is. Make her travel overseas for a month, that will give enough time for Light to be executed before she returns"

Rem absorbed L's words in silence. How was Lawliet going to convince everyone Misa had died?

"I will handle the rest" L assured. He turned to Watari and nodded. Watari pulled out his laptop and immediately contacted Aiber. "Misa Amane will be reported as killed in a tragic car accident this afternoon, I will arrange the press coverage and crimescene set up but you must go to Misa and wipe her memories. She must be out of the country before we set this up or we will fail"

Rem nodded and spread her wings "I will do what you ask, but if either of you attempt to harm Misa in future I will kill you"

L shrugged "I understand that, Rem-San. Unlike Light I am not trying to manipulate you, please remember that. Have faith in me and Misa will be safe and able to return to Japan once it is discovered the news reporting her death was fake. Also, you and I will still be alive, which is something of a bonus... "

Rem smiled a nasty smile that curled her thick lips and showed a peek of fang "And Light Yagami will die"

"Yes" L nodded, his shoulders slumping "Rem, do you know I actually have feelings for Light? Without his memories he was... exceptional. Dedicated and full of integrity. It is a shame we cannot switch our feelings off when people suddenly change and become monsters, isn't it? I want you to know I *understand* how far you are willing to go to save Misa. I will go to equal lengths to bring Light to justice, even though I love him."

Rem cocked her head in confusion. How complex humans were. Lawliet loved Light Yagami but was prepared to sacrifice him in the name of justice. Light would die and L would suffer for the rest of his life, just as she would when she could no longer see Misa...Sacrifices needed to be made, but the alternative was letting Light get his own way and there was no way she was going to go meekly to her death to cater to his ambition.

L Lawliet did not deserve to die either.

"We understand each other well, L Lawliet. I will go to Misa and return shortly"

L nodded and watched with wide, fascinated eyes as she flapped her wings once and shot upwards. She went straight through the roof, the only indication she had even been there was the papers fluttering to the floor.

L left Watari to arrange the carcrash and went to his bedroom to rest. Light thought he was unwell, might as well use it as an excuse to have some peace abd quiet to think.


"Watari-San, where is Ryuzaki?" Light asked immediately when Watari entered the room.

"He has gone for a lie down, he is not feeling well"

Light nodded and plastered a relieved smile on his face at the news. Rem was absent and he needed to find out why. He excused himself with the excuse he would bring some juice up to L, and left the office. Rem was supposed to report to him what L and Watari had been discussing but she was no where in sight.

'What if L has got to her? He hasn't so much as spoke to her, much less acknowledged her presence so far... Would he expect me to use Rem against him? if he does, I will just have to use Misa to kill him instead... And that is not what I would prefer. I want Rem and her threats out of the way but... L has to die one way or the other'

Light sighed, his frustration bubbling within him. If only L was not so damn stubborn, perhaps he wouldn't be forced to kill him. L was his equal, his nemesis and his...

Well, Light didn't know what L was to him. He just knew he enjoyed L's sharp mind and his supple body. Perhaps if things had been different L could have been his lover, his consort even. But L was too stubborn, so instead of ruling the world by his side L would have to die.

'I will miss him when he's gone' Light's eyes shot open in surprise. Disgusted at the sappy thought he rebuked himself. He did not love L. He did not care for him. He admired him as an enemy and he enjoyed using L's feelings to manipulate him. He enjoyed fucking the body he fantasized putting in the ground. He was Kira. L was L. Only one of them could live, and it would be him.

Light schooled his features, his determined smile melting into a frown as he knocked on L's door.


"It's me, can I come in?"


Light smiled, his eyes sparkling in amusement. He could *hear* the longing in L's voice. L's love for him would get him killed just as much as his stubborn streak.

"Yeah, its me. I came to check on you" Light turned the handle and saw L was curled up under his duvet, just the tips of his spikey black hair peeking out the top.

Light padded across the floor and shucked his shoes off. L said nothing when Light slid into bed and wrapped his warm arms around him.

'How can someone so warm be so very cold inside... ' L felt his eyelids fall closed against his will as he relaxed into Light's embrace. The smell of his cologne, the hardness of his muscles and the strength of his arms... He bit his lip as he committed them all to memory.

"L... Are you okay, Love?"

L stiffened in his embrace and pulled away. He saw nothing but soft concern in Light's beguiling eyes.

'No wonder you fool everyone. You even make me doubt myself. Calling me love, holding me like this... No one would even consider you are planning to kill me. You think you have me fooled but you kill so *elegantly*, Light. I believe if I was anyone else you would succeed in killing me with this sweet deception'

L sighed as Light slipped a hand up the back of his shirt and traced little patterns on his back. The feeling of those fingertips dancing across his skin made L shiver.

"I'm tired" L said softly, tucking his face against the fragrent curve of Light's throat and collarbone "Very tired, Light... "

Light uttered sweet words and soothing lies as he held him. L would soon rest. He was safe, Light was here for him. Light would always love him. L could close his eyes and rest.

'Yes, Light, you believe I will soon rest... In the grave. Permanently' L thought, his lips curling into a sardonic smile as Light pressed kisses to his face.

Light stared down at L's face, relaxed and peaceful as his breathing deepend. L was on the cusp of sleep. Tired, emotional and vulnerable.

Just where he wanted him.

"L...I've been thinking about the 13 day rule, do you think there is a strong possibility it's fake? If you do, it would be a good idea to test it"

L uttered a sleepy 'hmm' in response and nuzzled closer. Couldn't Light just stop scheming for two damn minutes and let L absorb this feeling. It might be false and completely wrong, but L needed to soak up this feeling as a cactus sucked up water to store up for drier times. He doubted he would ever feel this way about anyone again. He had given his heart to Light Yagami who had in turn stamped on it. He would just have to relay on this memory he was making, stored away like life-giving water deep inside his heart.

'Love is a very cruel thing indeed, just like Watari said' L thought sadly 'I always wondered at my lack of understanding of the human heart. Now I wish I did not know... '

"You sleeping?"

L sighed again and lifted his head "No, because someone won't shut up" he snarked, but his eyes were soft "I agree about testing the rule, I will set that up, later, for now I just want you to be quiet so I can rest"

Light smiled in satisfaction. L had just made the decision that would cost him his life. He dropped a tender kiss to L's head, thanking him for making it.

He had no way of knowing L was curled up next to him, not as an innocent victim who's own actions would lead him to his slaughter, but as his loving enemy.


Light left L 'asleep' and wondered through the corridors. Misa hadn't contacted him and Rem was still AWOL. Something in his gut told him it was not a conicdence. He would have to be careful. L might be vulnerable now, but if he did have the chance he would be able to completely tear his plans apart with that wickedly sharp mind of his. He would have to keep L soft and pliant and full of his sweet words and kisses until it was time. L was surprisingly easy to distract and Light needed him as distracted as possible right now.

He spotted Rem and crocked a finger at her. She drifted over to him, her one yellow eye glaring down at him hatefully.

"You haven't heard the news? Misa is *dead* Light Yagami"

Light staggered. Misa was dead?! How?! He still had plans for her!

"I can see from your surprise you were not responsible. Yes, Misa has been pronounced dead after a car crash." Rem let emotion color her normally raspy voice "Misa is dead. I owe you nothing... but...Misa did love you. She died with thoughts of you in her heart and for that reason alone will I not kill you"

Light bit his lip, his brain working like crazy as he tried to predict what Misa's death would mean for his plans. How would her death affect him. Misa had been his protection against Rem and his tool to use against L. Her loss was a great one but not devastating. He could still use Rem to kill L, he would just have to make the Shinigami believe L had had Misa killed. She had fallen for his manipulations before...

"Rem, we need to find out how she died and where. I suspect L is somehow involved in it"

Rem resisted the urge to smirk at the humans arrogance. He was *still* trying to get her to write L's name down, just as L had said he would. L had also told her to do as Light asked. He asked for his and Watari's names to be written down the next afternoon. She would write them, but they would not be written on Death Note paper. L had already sourced the drugs needed to suppress his heart beat just long enough for him to pass as 'dead' and Watari would administer the antidote when he went to lay L out... L had set this plan in motion, all while Light had been gloating at his weakness as he'd taken to bed 'ill'

Rem was really struggling to keep the smile of her face now. L's plan was truly *brilliant* and there was no way Light would see the trap for what it was until it was too late. His own arrogance and jubiliation at his 'victory' would be enough to make him fall into L's trap. L had planned for Kira to convict himself.

"Prove this to me" Rem growled "Prove he was involved and I will take his life in revenge"

Light nodded, his heartbeating excitedly in his chest as Rem took the bait...




L held the capsule in his hands and stared at it. This one, tiny pill would save countless lives.

Rem had been true to her word and reported straight back to Watari. Misa was sat on a plane bound for Belgium, no memories of Light or Death Notes in her hazy mind. She was going on a long overdue vacation to take some time out before focusing on her career.

Rem had said goodbye to the clueless killer and prepared her Death Note with the fake notepaper. As soon as she returned to the HQ she had informed Watari and the 'Crash' occurred. L's contacts were truley remarkable in their creative cunning. Rem had watched Aiber crash into the model's car. A 'doctor' had prounced Wedy aka Misa dead at the scene. It had all gone smoothly. She had barely a moment to speak to L before Light was prowling around looking for her.

Rem watched as Light wrapped his arms around L (once he'd gotten up) and informed him of Misa's death. Rem could see the glee in his eyes, even as he clutched at L tighter in 'grief'

"I am so sorry to hear that, Light." L said softly, his voice as soft as mournful bells "Perhaps you should take the day off to mourn her?"

"No way! I am more determined than ever to bring Kira to justice. We will avenge her, Ryuzaki. Kira will pay for this!"

Matsuda, Aizawa and Mogi nodded at the rousing speech. L patted Light's back, staring intently at Rem as he said:

"Yes, Kira will indeed pay. Watari, set up the test to determine whether that 13 day rule is fake or not-"

"But, shouldn't we look into Misa's accident? What if there was something underhand going on, she was a suspect" Light glanced at Rem. Take. The. Bait.

"There will be no need to waste our time or resources into investigating Misa's unfortunate accident. The police will do that. Misa is dead, and I will not waste my time on her now. We have the living to think of, Light, there are thousands of names Kira is planning on writing. That is thousands of lives at stake. I suggest you do take some time to mourn her today, her death has clearly skwered your priorities." L stuffed his hands and in his pockets and strolled out of the room. He smiled to himself as Matsuda hissed 'Ryuzaki can be such a jerk!' behind his back.

Rem made sure to appear furious at the dark haired human and nodded her head at Light.
She was surprised as Light shook his head in response and raised a single finger discreetly.

Rem nodded again to confirm she understood.

He wanted one more day with L before he killed him...

'I want to fuck him one last time' Light smiled darkly 'Then I will order Rem to kill him'