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The Vows We Swore to Uphold

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Once upon a time the known world was divided into two kingdoms, Pandragora in the north and Myronia in the south. Divided by the Great Sea, they were, and the only way to travel between them were by boat. The kings of the two countries, while they did not necessarily like each other, still held a certain respect for the other and the kingdom that they had built. Thus, the two coexisted in peace.

Pandragora was ruled by the von North family and had been for many generations. It was home to an abundant wildlife and many great forests in the southernmost parts. Because of this, wood was one of the resources they relied the most heavily upon. Pandragora was also rich in minerals and a lot of mines exist in the many mountains spread throughout the kingdom. In the north there were glaciers, snow and ice, which also gave the kingdom some of its special resources, as well as a very unique culture that was the most noticeable in the capital city of Northmeir.

Myronia on the other hand had been ruled by many different families throughout the centuries. The current royal family went by the name of Yaotome, the king had claimed the throne thirty years ago during a civil war that took place when he was still quite young. Despite the constantly changing regiment, Myronia was currently prospering. Along the northern shores they had a large number of small villages, all focusing on fishing and other marine activities. That and the agriculture were the most important sources of income throughout the kingdom. The Myronians are also well known for their impressive architectural skills and there are many temples, palaces, towers and churches spread throughout the entire kingdom.

However, darker times are approaching. The actions of a single man will have dire consequences for both of the two countries. A seed of doubt has been planted in the minds of the people, the air grows heavier for each passing day, a war is brewing.

However, not only bad things come out of dark times. There are two noble families, each looking for a way to secure a position in their respective kingdom should something happen to their own. Two young men from different countries, different backgrounds, different values are soon to be joined together in a way no one could have anticipated, just how no one could have expected just how important these two would come to be for the fate of the entire world.

This is the story of promises and duty, of love and deceit, of light and dark, of life and death. This is the story of two boys, of their relationship and of their journey. This is the story of two worlds. And the name of this story is “The Vows We Swore to Uphold”.