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Former Name: Aukštaitija

UNPNMA Code Name: Tolis Laurinaitis


Year of Birth: ~1180 (self-estimate)

Biological Age: 19

Sex: M

Height: 176.3 cm

Weight: 70.2 kg

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Other Identifying Features: Extensive scarring across back

Superhuman Abilities: Sense of smell and hearing well beyond that of a normal human



  • UNPMA-428 “Latvia” (Cousin)

Other Known Associates:  

  • UNPMA-112 “Belarus”
  • UNPMA-233 “Estonia”
  • UNPMA-616 “Poland”
  • UNPMA-643 “Russia”
  • UNPMA-804 “Ukraine”
  • UNPMA-840 “United States”

Criminal Record:

  • 2 counts desertion from the Soviet Armed Forces  

Current Address: [REDACTED]


Threat Level: ORANGE

  • Although Lithuania is rather weak by phylohuman standards, he makes up for it with a constant awareness of his surroundings and mild paranoia. Lithuania is experienced in wilderness survival, as well as the arts of stealth and ambush. Most importantly, Lithuania does not exhibit the extremely eccentric behavior typical among phylohumans, making him adept at blending in with normal human society.

Protocol 12 Procedures: In the event of Protocol 12 activation, it is crucial that Lithuania is neutralized as quickly as possible before he has the chance to go underground. Neutralization is to be carried out via silenced tranquilizer rifle fired from a concealed position. Agents are expected to hit the target on their first shot.