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Myoptic Architecture

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Midoryia Izuku is 4 years old, and he wonders if this is what having a door slammed in your face feels like. Quirkless rattles around his brain, destroying dreams as it goes. He wonders why his dad can't look at him anymore, why his mom keeps crying.

School becomes a battleground, classmates shooting bullets of disgust and pity. Teachers mark him as a lost cause, not worth fighting for. Izuku knows what explosions feel like on bare skin.

There is a suitcase by the door, and its bigger than Izuku. Mom and Dad argue in hushed voices when they think Izuku is distracted. Dad leaves, he forgets to say when he will be back. Izuku knows he wont be.

Years of abandonment have made him build a vault door on his attachments, emotions still run free, but now he knows not to cling to people. Mom, Kacchan, and All Might are the only attachments he has, and two of those three people don't care. The taunts may have been stupid, but sometimes the idea of escape calls to him. He turns away from the roof and begins to walk home.

Izuku isn't sure what he is supposed to do, it this is real or just an elaborate prank. 10 months of training and he still is waiting for the other shoe to drop. For the camera crew to appear, he gets a piece of hair instead.

Classmates who worry and care is a novel experience, Izuku almost feels guilty trying to soak up all the affection he can before they leave too. But then the USJ, and the sports festival, and Hosu, and they are still there. Izuku stays away but they begin to knock, then pound at the vault door. Izuku is scared (coward), and it remains shut.

The trip was supposed to be safe, the game was supposed to be fun. Izuku has two broken arms, and is missing one of the three touchstones of his life.

You're next rattles in his head, just like quirkless did all those years ago. Izuku is in a crowed, surrounded by people who care about him, and he begins to cry. Attachments have formed without his knowledge or consent, not through the door, but through the flawed surrounding walls.

Izuku loves them all, and they stay.