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He being anxious as he is ordered pre drinks at the bar. Waiting for these friends of his that he hasnt seen in a year. Well. As the night went on Virgil got ditched.

That's just great. What am I supposed to do now?

To answer his question a bloke with blond hair and blue eyes invites himself to spend his night with Virgil.

" Can I get cha a drink?" Blue eyes asked.

"Why not?" He thought, Better than spending the night alone.

" Yeah sure, what ever you're having."


Virgil had shot after shot of vodka and tequila. He was gone.

Blue eyes got cozy, he cuddled and put his arm around Virgils shoulders. It took him a minute or two to realise the classic move.

Oh god this isn't. Not right, it's not right.

" I am sorry but I would prefer you don't do that."

" Okay" was all the man replied as he readjusted Virgil to face him. Next thing he knew he was being snogged.

The man was feeling him up and down as Virgil tried to free himself.

He pushed away from the blue eyed man. Moving away from him he said " Sorry but I am not interested."

" You're in a gay bar, what did you expect!"

"To have a fun night out. With friends" Friends who ditched me

" I am not interested in you. I would like you to leave please."

That didn't go down well with Blue eyed Blondie. Who verbally abused Virgil, whom was getting scared.

" Fuck Off!" He yelled. " I told you I A Not Interested!" Cue frustrated crying. Fuck.