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Anime IRL

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Nano Shinonome attempted to lean back into her seat, nearly falling back as she remembered she took out the back to make room for her robotic wind-up key. Settling for a sigh instead, she glanced back down at her phone as she clutched the steering wheel for balance. Flicking between the Uber and Lyft apps, she received several pings as both indicated new arrivals. It appeared her passengers played the same game as she did.

She accepted them all of them, of course. Some of them would decline and request a different ride - some people didn’t like an anime character for a driver. But in her experience, they proved better than their overly enthusiastic counterparts. The thought compelled her to finger the pepper spray canister she tucked beside her seat. A good policy, in any case. Higher risk entails higher reward, and Friday night chaffeuring proved no exception.

The next pin dropped on Park Avenue by Central Park, and Nano turned the car north at the next stoplight. She glanced at each intersection for police cars or traffic cameras - New York considered itself a sanctuary city, but one could never guard too much against ICE. After a few minutes she arrived, and tapped her fingers against the wheel with impatience at the dilatory passengers. She thumbed the dial on the car radio, wincing at a brief moment’s static before resolving to the evening news.

“...from the Hill, Senator Emilia intends to filibuster the ratification of the Kyoto Convention, arguing that US negotiators have not pushed back against the Chinese on the issue of anime rights. Nonetheless, after a heated and passionate committee process, Senator Rubio announced that the treaty would be taken up by the entire - ”

A brief knock jolted Nano back into reality, as she unlocked the car doors.

“You know you get charged for wait time, right?” she began, before glancing through the mirror at her riders.

Asuka, in a dazzling sequined red dress and not so dazzling mussed ginger hair, propped up her human companion by his chest. A blazer and jeans - the telltale uniform of a hedge fund billionaire. His inebriated condition didn’t lend him the dignity of a billionaire, however.

“Get in the damn car, you idiot,” she chastised to the redfaced, gagging man. A quick shove into the car caused him to puke all over the backseat. Nano ignored the costly affront as she beamed at her fellow character.

“Oh my god, Asuka, it’s been so long! How have you been?” Nano asked, her hands shaking with excitement.

“Shut the fuck up and drive you dumb bitch,” Asuka commanded through blurred eyes, slurring her words as she crawled inside and slammed the car door behind her.