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Severus glanced nervously at the closed door as he rummaged through the ridiculously extensive set of cabinets. With every second that he failed to find what he was looking for, more tension rose to his shoulders.

“Where is it, where is it”, Severus muttered to himself. Reflexively, he looked around for a calming draught. With some irritation he recalled that even if he found some he would need to seek Master’s approval before drinking it. With a quiet whine Severus lowered himself to the floor, head rested in his hands. Where could it be?

Then Severus sat ramrod straight as an unwelcome thought entered his mind. Was he even allowed to look through the cabinets? He was doing so in hopes of pleasing Master and Master hasn’t explicitly said he is not allowed to search through the cabinets… then again this wouldn’t be the first time a master punished him for breaking a rule he hadn’t known existed. Either way Severus was in for punishment. If not for touching furniture he was not allowed to then for not preparing himself adequately for Master.

He stood to straighten the comforter he rumpled in this feat of anxiety and froze. There. The medium-big blue buttplug he’s been looking for, hidden amongst the sheets from the last time he was preparing himself. Severus allowed himself a relieved smile. Maybe there was still a chance Master won’t throw him away for his failures!

“Don’t smile just yet, Severus”, he reminded himself, "you are still far from done”. Mouth set, he lowered himself to arms and knees to apply the toy. Master hasn’t said he has earned himself lube, so Severus put the plug in his mouth first. He concentrated on coating it in saliva evenly. He knew from experience it would last quite a while—just another proof he was always supposed to be a bed slave.

Relaxing as much as he could, Severus started pushing the blunt object inside. He paused briefly to wonder if he should have had begun with fingers, then dismissed the idea as stupid. He damn well can take the discomfort to please Master. The discomfort soon bordered on pain as the plug widened. He withdrew, then pushed inside again, fucking himself on the object. He continued thrusting a tiny bit further every time until the door opened with a click. Severus, startled, forced the plug inside and closed his eyes in shame as he felt warm thick liquid dripping down his thighs.

“Severus!”, Master called and the slave knew he had fucked up. He couldn’t even ready himself for Master’s use without tearing his anus. Now he won’t be able to keep silent as Master fucks him. What a failure he is! However Master decides to punish him, he surely deserves worse.

“Your slave is so sorry, Master! It will gladly take any punishment for damaging your property!”, Severus pleaded, laying prostrated on the floor, “Please have mercy on this worthless slut…”. Severus desperately tried to contain his sobs, as to not anger Master further. Master Harry Potter proved himself to be kind so far, providing his slave with food and permission to stay indoors, but surely even a kind noble Gryffindor would lose his temper upon seeing such conduct from his possession.

“Enough, Severus. Take the plug out and lean over the desk,” Master commanded. The slave couldn’t contain his joy at being given a chance to please Master. He quickly did as ordered and spread his ass cheeks, showing how eager he was to serve Master. “Thank you, Master”, he said quietly. He decided to try his very best to not disturb his owner while he takes his pleasure, even though the pain was sure to be blinding.

A wet cloth touch his thighs and ass, cleaning him. Severus soon felt a lubed finger press against his hole. The appendage did not ram in as expected though. Instead, it gently circled around the damaged hole and the pain subsided.

“Master?”, he enquired.

“It’s just a healing salve, don’t fret.” A healing salve? That must be so expensive!

“Please, Master, don’t waste it on me. I’ll be good and keep quiet as you use me.”

“I know you would, you’re a good boy” Severus blushed at the praise, “but you need to understand I prefer my pet to enjoy sex” Severus did not understand, but dared not question Master.

“Yes, Master.”

Master slapped his ass playfully. “You should be all healed by the day after tomorrow. Do not attempt to stretch yourself without my permission. Is that clear?”

“Crystal, Master.” Severus wouldn’t dare disobey any direct order. Even if it meant the intercourse would be more painful. Especially if it made it more painful. A tight slave is a happy master. And a happy master is a happy slave.