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The hatered of humans and the kinship of monsters

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Bold for thought's and change in pov Italics for Magic, Explanations, Soul Gears and Sacred Art's

Shinjiro's pov

Ten years ago

I wondered with great difficulty as the air around me became thicker and thicker than ever with the sky changing from a beautiful blue to a sinister red The Desolation had began an event foretold by sage's long ago an event that would signify a great change in the natural order as it changed the destiny's of every man, woman and child both monster and human forevermore it was also the night my father disappeared.

Present day

I sat on the train headphones on listening to my music as I waited to arrive at Hanagaro Academy my future academy for the next six years I barely made it through the entrance exam in fact were it not for my father being a Peacekeeper already I would have been refused considering how much I messed up the written half "to all passengers heading for Hanagaro Academy your stop is next" I listened to the announcement as I got up hearing some other passengers saying "man those Hanagaro lot are a daft bunch choosing a job like Peacekeeping" the other said "I know right like who'd wanna face monsters day in day out" *sigh* yeah that's the thing about peacekeepers they have two nicknames among the public number one being Hero's the other being Suicidal Bastard's however I ignored them and got off at the stop.

I reached the gate of the Academy admiring the view it was a three stories high with six different buildings for each year group with its infamous sun and moon logo on the gate as I walked some guys were oggling some girl she had ebony black hair with emerald green eyes and a figure most women would kill for I've heard of her she's Bella Louise Ammane the Black Beauty of Baskerville next to her was her silverite haired brother Ryan Reginald Ammane together they make an invincible team some of the girls expressed jelousy over her beauty either that or they admired Ryan while the boys did he opposite "time to go" I walked to the main hall to hear the opening ceremony.

As the opening ceremony was done I was given a room number sadly I'd be sharing one with somebody that's the thing about the academy they try to room students together to try and promote the idea of teamwork I though found my partner I asked "excuse me are you the guy I'm with" he said "yup that would be me I'm Roderick Forsythia" I shook his hand saying "Shinjiro Amajiki" I took a look at him he had slicked back hair with a clean shaven jawline adorned with black hair and brown eyes really he looked plain rather than somebody who stands out I asked "well then shall we" as we walked he asked "so what's your gear" I said "I might as well tell you but I won't let it out academy rules forbid summoning Gear's in public" he said "unless of course it's for self defense" 

Soul Gears- Weapons that certain individuals known as a wielder can summon to use in combat while the origin of these tools is unknown what is known is a person's personality can alter how the Gear manifests (Side note- The latest for one to mainfest is age six any later and chances are the person lacks one).

I said to Roderick "my Gear is called Schwarz it's just a long sword not much else" he said "that's still a useful weapon" I asked "back at you Forsythia what's yours" he said "mines called Regalia it takes on the form of a bow letting me fire arrows of light" I said "yours sounds much cooler than mine" he gave me a one armed hug asking "tell me do you like a little mischief" I said "now and again it's not so bad" he said "Shinji me and you are gonna get along famously" he laughed as we walked to the dorm room with me thinking he's not so bad.

When me and Roderick got to the dorm room the room itself was as dull du dull can be with the only distinctive features being the beds, the kitchen area and the door leading to the bathroom Roderick said "I'm definitely adding some things to this room" I said "agreed" as we set out bag's down we found the uniform on our beds neatly folded the uniform for the boys was a burgundy red blazer with a white dress shirt and a simple black necktie I said "I don't know what plainer this or the room" Roderick said "I might alter mine a little" due to the diversity of the students in school students are permitted to alter their uniforms in certain ways such as add items of religious or racial significance or just add more casual items as I sat down I saw the news on my phone saying "great another terrorist attack" Roderick said "let me guess Vardachi did it" I said "yup"

Vardachi- An extremist group consisting of multiple different races ranging from Youkai to Ghoul's they're methods unknown their goals are to change the world order into one where humans are cattle and monsters are the master's whether or not their right is a matter of debate among many sage's.

I said "come on let's just get some rest" he said "alright" he yawned saying "night" as we fell asleep I was cautiously optimistic about tomorrow the first official day of training.