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Happy New Year

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Three hours before midnight on December 31st, Namjoon rings the bell of their friends’ house in the suburbs of Seoul.

“Happy new year!” Taehyung and Jungkook greet excitedly as soon as Hoseok opens the door, who crouches down and asks for hugs and kisses which are gladly given to him.

“Uncle Yoongi and Minie are in the kitchen finishing dinner, I’m sure they want their hugs and kisses too,” Hoseok tells them sweetly, and the kids quickly remove their winter coats and their shoes to put them away in the foyer before running inside.

“No love for the dads of your favorite nephews?” Seokjin jokes as Hoseok stands up, an arm looped around Namjoon’s and the tips of his ears red from the cold.

“You can give me hugs too, but not kisses, my husband might get jealous,” Hoseok replies, making Namjoon and Seokjin chuckle before wrapping each one in a tight hug.

“We brought some wine, Yoongi’s favorite,” Namjoon says, handing a sturdy paper bag to him.

“Thanks,” Hoseok smiles as he grabs the bag. “Come in, come in.” He makes to move aside but suddenly stops and looks up, a tiny smirk curving his lips. “Oh, would you look at that!”

A sprig of mistletoe hangs just above Seokjin and Namjoon’s heads, who turn to each other and laugh when they realize they have effortlessly been set up, but both lean forward to share a kiss that might have lasted a little longer than necessary.

“Okay, jeez, I get it, you’re on the honeymoon phase,” Hoseok teases, faux-offended but genuinely happy for them. “Let’s go inside so I can make out with Yoongi in front of you, see how that makes you feel.”

“We might be into it,” Seokjin winks, and Hoseok fumbles, looking at Namjoon like he is asking him to control his man.

“You asked for it,” Namjoon chuckles, giving Seokjin a high five before they step into the foyer.


“What are these?” Yoongi asks after dinner, when the children have taken their party upstairs to Jimin’s bedroom and the adults have settled in the living room with a glass of wine to discuss family, work, and the holidays.

He is gently pulling on the collar of Namjoon’s sweater with two fingers and he is looking at Seokjin with a smirk, because he knows what they are and who might be responsible but he really wants to hear the answer from them.

“Oh, yeah, I might have gotten carried away yesterday,” Seokjin replies. On the couch in front of him, Namjoon is out of words and blushing. “You should see the fingertip bruises on my hips—”

“Oh my god,” Namjoon groans, just as Hoseok shoves Seokjin’s shoulder as he cackles.

“What? We spent Christmas in our hometowns with our respective families. We missed each other. A lot.”

Namjoon hides his face in Yoongi’s shoulder, groaning.

“Who wants more wine?” Yoongi asks, satisfied.


“Three, two, one, happy new year!” Jimin, Taehyung and Jungkook shout in unison, cheering loudly once the fireworks start all over the city, visible from Yoongi and Hoseok’s balcony on the second floor.

“Dad,” Jungkook twists in Namjoon’s arms and pokes his dimple, “happy new year. I love you.”

“Happy new year, Kookie,” Namjoon replies, hugging him tight and kissing his forehead. “I love you too.”

They turn their heads to watch the fireworks again, and Namjoon notices how Jimin tries to hug his two dads at once, making Hoseok and Yoongi giggle when his face is squished between their cheeks, and Taehyung whispers into Seokjin’s ear making him laugh before he wraps his little arms around his shoulders.


One hour after midnight on January 1st, just outside their friends’ house, Namjoon makes sure Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s seatbelts are fastened as they continue sleeping in the back seat of Seokjin’s car.

“Stay at my place tonight,” Seokjin says once Namjoon has closed the door and turned to him. “I can drive you home tomorrow morning.”

“Well, Tae’s bed is big enough for two kids,” Namjoon reasons, borrowing Seokjin’s words from a few times before.

“Yes,” Seokjin smiles, reaching for his hand, “and my bed has room for another tall, beautiful adult.”

Namjoon chuckles. “If you put it like that, how can I say no?” he asks, tugging Seokjin close to him.

“Exactly.” Seokjin looks up at him. “Joon.”


Seokjin’s arms sneak around Namjoon’s waist and pull them even closer together.

“Kiss me, fool. I’ve been waiting.”

Namjoon smiles and does as he’s told, cups Seokjin’s face with his hands and kisses him sweet and deep, just the way Seokjin likes.

“Happy new year, babe.”