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Ever since the transformation, Jungkook was constantly rutting against things. He'd start the day with one hand wrapped around his little cock and the other hand trying to fill his greedy leaking bunnyboy hole. Completing the daily erotic choreography of bringing himself to completion was made all the more difficult by his newly exacerbated oral fixation. He didn't have enough hands for all the things his body needed him to do yet he had a will so he found a way. If sometimes that "way" involved sucking on a large carrot, no one had to know.

The performance was repeated multiple times, separated by the shortest refractory periods known to mankind, until, limbs exhausted, he could no longer build himself up to the moment of ecstasy his body craved. Even when his arms were no longer up to the task, his cock remained rock hard and he'd realize that he needed to find stimulation some other way.

This often came in the form of humping the sofa arm or a pillow or a plushie, and once Seokjin even caught a pajama-clad bunny rubbing himself up against the dining table leg and had to unceremoniously drag the kid away.

Jungkook had cried angrily and pulled on his bunny ears in frustration.

That's when the first intervention occurred.



They purposely caught him in a rare moment of flaccidity and lucidity so they could have his full attention - or as much of it as possible.

“Jungkook-ah,” Seokjin started as gently as he could, “I know you're going through a lot of changes but this can't be good for you. You're doing nothing else all day but shooting your little bunnycock all over our furniture and the amount of laundry we've had to do is unholy.”

“What Jin-hyung is trying to say,” Namjoon took over calmly, “Is that we're worried about you. Obviously as a new bunnyboy we don't expect you to help around the house or anything. This isn't a guilt trip Kookie, we all made this decis- ” Namjoon suddenly found himself unable to continue at the sight of Jungkook's pudgy-cheeked pout and his large watery eyes.

“Bun, don't cry,” Jimin cooed, running over to give the bunny's ears gentle pets, which Jungkook responded to with his whole body. “We're just worried. You're not doing anything you used to enjoy. You haven't even touched your computer since you got back. It’s making us all so sad,” Seokjin made a noise in agreement, “We just want to see you happy, you know?”

“I'm so sorry,” he sniffed, his ears drooping sadly, “I know it's a problem but I- I can't help it. I don't know what to do.”

Hoseok joined Jimin, stroking the little bunny's back soothingly as he explained, “We called the hybrid doctor for advice. He said it's natural and can be fixed easily with a bit of discipline.” Jungkook stiffened but Hoseok continued to rub calming circles on his back.

“Hey, Kookie, look at me,” Jimin took a hold of his face, his thumbs wiping away the tears that had spilled over, “There's no need to be scared. It's us, it's your hyungs. You trust us, right?”

Jungkook responded with a tiny nod.

Taehyung took something out from behind him and passed it to Jimin who passed it to Hoseok. The object was small and pink like a sugary Turkish Delight.

Yoongi, purely observing up until this point, took it upon himself to explain. Perhaps he thought his stoic tone would make it less horrifying. It didn't. “It's just a cockcage Bun.”

Both Hoseok and Jimin were prepared for Jungkook's immediate attempt to run away. Before anyone could blink they had a hold of an arm each. That didn't stop him from protesting and jerking in their restraint, pulling all three of them to the floor as his legs flailed in panic. “I'll be good, I promise! Hyungs! You don't have to do this!,” he pulled urgently against Hoseok’s hold, “I can stop, I just have to try harder. I'll- I'll be a good bunny... please. Please.”

“Someone take this from me,” Hoseok said about the cockcage, needing both hands to hold down the frightened bunny. Jungkook was smaller than before, so Hoseok was surprised by how much strength was needed to keep him still.

Yoongi took the offending object from Hoseok while Namjoon instructed Seokjin to restrain a leg or two before someone got a bruise.

While the others wrestled to keep the bunny from bolting, Namjoon took it upon himself to calm the baby rabbit down.

“Kookie,” his warm voice was firm. The boy stopped struggling for a moment to look up at the authoritative tone with wide twinkling eyes. No one was surprised by the way the maknae immediately ceased fussing. “The doctor said you're not going to be able to stop without help. So that's what we're doing baby bunny. We're helping. You'll let your hyungs help you, right Kookie?”

The boy's answer was small, “Yes, Hyung.” Jungkook always squirmed when they spoke to him like a child. Whether from embarrassment or arousal or both, no one was certain but that didn't stop them from enjoying it.

“Good,” Yoongi said, holding up the cockcage so Jungkook could get a better look at it, “So will you let me put this on you without being a brat?”

A soft tinkling sound came from the cockcage and Jungkook's horrified expression returned afresh. “Why- why does it have a bell?”

“Oh, this little thing?” Yoongi replied nonchalantly. It resembled a bell one usually sees on a cat collar and it made a similar noise when Yoongi flicked at it. “It's just to remind you it's there, remind you to be good. It's not a big deal.” Yoongi’s unbothered demeanour was not transferring successfully to the distressed bunny.

“If it's not a big deal then- then- then can't we take it off?” Jungkook pleaded softly. His cotton tail was twitching in agitation and Jimin tightened his grip as if anticipating another escape attempt.

“Sorry Bun, that's not how this works,” Seokjin said sympathetically, pulling Jungkook's shorts down before he could think about fussing again, “We'll explain the rest after we've locked up this naughty little pee pee, okay?”

Jungkook couldn't have blushed harder if he tried, “Don't call it that.”

“Well we can't call it a cock. Look how small it is.” Seokjin had a unique way with humiliating words.

With little pomp or ceremony, the cockcage was secured and locked, the key pocketed while the little baby rabbit was still trying to come to terms with this development.

Taehyung came over to give him a comforting hug and then lifted him quite suddenly to his feet, making the bunny yelp. Jungkook had lost significant stature after the transformation and people had taken to manhandling him a lot ever since. Hoseok was the biggest perpetrator, like an over enthusiastic kid with a puppy - a little too rough but all good intentioned.

Taehyung just liked that Jungkook was littler. The others said he was getting revenge on when a muscle-heavy Jungkook had enjoyed tossing a helpless Taehyung around. Taehyung would disagree: he also enjoyed manhandling Jimin and that had nothing to do with revenge, purely size. And Jungkook being so much smaller now brought him great joy.

For Jungkook, his new size was still taking some getting used to and he found himself yelping in surprise far too often when someone - often someone in a hurry - just picked him up by the waist and placed him elsewhere.

“Come on Gguk. Lots to discuss,” Taehyung said cheerfully after Jungkook was fully upright.

“Who-” the bunny stammered, overwhelmed, “Who has the key?”

“We all do. I mean, we all have one. So there's no reason to stress little rabbit,” Taehyung answered, “Questions at the end, okay?”

They all had one. Jungkook didn't have one. The bunny looked dejectedly down at his bubblegum pinkly caged cock and it looked so tiny. Tinier than before and the colour made it look like it was blushing. The cage wasn't the kind with metal bars but rather it was solid, completely encasing, making it look neatly wrapped. It even had a bow designed into it near the base, part of the plastic. It looked so... decorative. Like his cock was there purely for viewing pleasure. He was promptly aware of everyone watching him as he stared at it.

He realized immediately how unnecessary the bell was. There was no way he'd be able to forget the cage's presence. Not only was it obnoxious in color but the feeling was hard to ignore and his cock was already making an uncomfortable but valiant effort to harden. “Don't worry,” Yoongi said, in what was possibly supposed to be a reassuring tone, “It'll stop trying after a while.” Jungkook didn't look convinced.

“Dinner table everyone! I made jjajangmyeon,” Seokjin announced with a loud clap of his hands that startled the bunny. “Oh, sorry Bun,” he lowered his voice after noticing how Jungkook had jumped, “Forgot about the new ears.”

The bunnyboy hurried to grab his shorts and as he did, a soft tinkling sound rang through the air. He froze, suddenly a red-faced statue but everyone seemed to either not notice or pretend not to notice, making their way to the dining area.

Hoseok stayed behind to help Jungkook, or rather, manhandle Jungkook back into his shorts.

Soon everyone was seated in front of overflowing bowls and digging in.

Seokjin reached over and removed Jungkook's saliva-soaked shirt from between his teeth. The baby rabbit instinctively replaced it with his fingers which Seokjin then immediately removed too with a gentle hand, placing chopsticks between Jungkook's now saliva-slippery fingers. Without hesitation, the chopsticks went straight into the bunny's pouty mouth and he sucked on them pornographically.

“I gave you those to eat with Bun,” Seokjin sighed.

Jungkook’s tummy grumbled with hunger, but he was distracted by the strange feeling of the cockcage as well as the copious amounts of slick now leaking from his hole. He couldn't help squirming but his restless movements caused the light sound of a jingling bell to ring clearly from between his legs. Everyone looked up from their food as he flushed crimson. “Sit still Kookie. At least until you finish your food.”

“Can't,” he groaned, bouncing in his chair. The bell seemed to be more of a reminder to everyone else than the bunny.

“We know it's an adjustment baby but try,” Namjoon placated.

“Feels... feels funny.”

“The cage or your little bunny hole?”

“Both,” Jungkook barely blushed at Seokjin's choice of words, too riled up at this point. “Really wet.”

“Aww I know sweety. But can you try listen just for a little bit?”

“Dunno. I think I need to go to my room.” They all knew why. The boy was squirming uncontrollably, back to sucking on the chopsticks.

“We were gonna discuss when you can take your cage off,” Taehyung said sadly, as if personally hurt that Jungkook wanted to leave, “Don't you want to stay and listen?”

The little rabbit's ears and tail twitched at this, “Yeah.”

“And I'm sure you had questions for us. We'd loved to answer them. Can you sit still like a big boy while we chat?” The wording of the question made Jungkook squirm more and he pouted.


It was unlikely that the bunny still remembered any of his questions.

“Good. So it's just going to be a simple system for good behaviour, alright?” He sat up in attention when Seokjin took out a pack of stickers, visual aid to his explanation. There was a plethora of brightly coloured images, everything from hearts and stars and little flowers to fruit and cartoon animals. “When you're a good boy, we'll put a cute sticker on your little pee pee.” Jungkook visibly cringed. Perhaps at the thought of them decorating his cockcage with childish stickers. Or perhaps at the repeated use of that dreadful word.

“When you get 10, you just come show one of us and we'll unlock it for you. Bun can cum once and then we have to lock it back up again okay? That means whoever unlocked it has to be there to monitor- Are you listening Kookie?”

The bunny’s round eyes had glazed over at the mention of cumming. They all knew the boy’s hole was yearning for attention and if he didn't focus, he'd end up filling it with his fingers right there at the dinner table. “I- I'm listening.”

“Good boy.” From the look on Jungkook's face, these words made him leak some more. “Now, if you stay and finish your dinner, we'll have some fruit afterwards and then hyung will give you your first sticker, okay?”

Jungkook perked up at that and stuck his chopsticks in his noodles without hesitation, “Okay Hyung!”

A small laugh came from further down the table, probably Jimin.

The boy's attempt at eating was rather sad - he couldn't sit still, although it was evident he was trying. And his hand was trembling far too much for him to get a proper grip on the noodles.

Jungkook was so focused on his mission that he didn't notice that everyone had finished eating and was simply watching him, expressions ranging from amusement to fondness to Yoongi’s lack thereof. The boy's extreme determination to complete this absolutely miniscule task showed in his adorable frown and the baby pink tongue poking out from between his newer, slightly longer bunny teeth.

After his fourth failed attempt at getting food into his mouth, he let out a plaintive whine that was met with an unexpected good-hearted chuckle from Yoongi. “Aish this kid,” he muttered, grabbing up Jungkook's chopsticks to feed the boy himself.

“Hyung!” Jungkook protested, snatching the cutlery back, “I can do it myself!” But his expression changed at the sight of his hyung's disappointed face.

“Sorry Jungkook. It just looked like you needed help.”

“No! You're right! Here!” shoving the chopsticks back into his hyung's clasp, Jungkook climbed into Yoongi's lap and opened his mouth expectedly, wide like a baby bird.

“Someone wants that sticker real bad,” Taehyung grinned before Jimin smacked his arm, causing him to wince.

“He's already embarrassed leave the little bun alone,” Jimin defended, reaching over to pet the top of Jungkook's head where his soft hair lay in disarray around his long ears. Jungkook leaned into the touch but Yoongi gently guided his face back to feed him.

“He's not embarrassed. Jin-hyung said he was humping the table right here in the dining room,” Taehyung argued, “Takes a lot to embarrass this little one, right Bun?”

Jungkook nearly choked, cheeks reddening around his mouthful of saucy noodles. But trying to be good, the boy’s pouty mouth continued to chew quietly.

“He can't help it. You know that,” Namjoon said to the bickering youngsters who just stuck out their tongues at each other petulantly.

“Anyway,” Seokjin dismissed them, “We've solved the issue. Look how good he's being.” At hearing these words, Jungkook's tail twitched reflexively in Yoongi's lap.

Everyone looked hopeful and Jungkook opened his mouth for another bite of food, as if wanting to please them some more. Yoongi couldn't help the huge smile that took over his face as Jungkook chased the food with his mouth while Yoongi playfully moved it away.

“Hyunggg,” the young one whined, trying again and getting sauce all over his chin and nose.

The table laughed in light-hearted amusement as Yoongi gave in and let the bunny have the last bite of food. This left only the barrier of berries between Jungkook and his sticker.

The maknae was given the chopsticks to suck on while everyone else cleaned the table.

Seeing as he was still perched comfortably on his hyung's lap when the mix of berries was brought out, he was happy to let Yoongi feed them to him.

No one was surprised when between each berry, the baby rabbit licked his hyung's fingers clean until he became completely absorbed by the task; no one except for Jungkook who would seem to suddenly realize he was holding his hyung's hand up to his mouth like a treat, with the long fingers nearly at the back of his throat. He was quick to drop them, blushing and apologizing profusely each time and then waiting patiently for the next berry. “Sorry hyung. Didn't mean to- you know- do… that.”

"It's okay Bun. As long as you're eating,” Yoongi said, colorless tone in complete contrast to the fond smile stretching his cheeks.

Everyone seemed to slowly disappear as they finished snacking and soon only Hoseok, Seokjin, Yoongi and one horny bunnyboy remained.

When Seokjin got up to leave, he tossed the pack of stickers towards Hoseok. “Hobi-”

“Got it hyung,” Hoseok pocketed the stickers, not needing instructions.

Jungkook was too far gone to notice. Sucking wetly on two of his hyung's perfectly knuckly fingers, he had begun rocking back and forth in a way that made Yoongi use his unoccupied hand to gently cup the cage between the little one's legs, “Calm down there baby boy.”

“It's hurting,” Jungkook whined.

Hoseok leaned in to join the hushed exchange of words, “What's hurting bunny?”

Jungkook didn't answer, he just sucked harder and rolled his body, searching for friction that he couldn't get.

Yoongi put his lips right up against Jungkook's neck to whisper his words into the boy's skin, “Is it your little bunnycock?” He used a finger and thumb to shake the caged thing, causing the bell to make a light cheery sound.

Jungkook groaned around the fingers in his mouth but didn't answer with words. Yoongi moved his other hand to wrap around the bunny's waist, an attempt to keep him from wriggling quite so much.

“Or,” Hoseok’s voice was sweet with concern, “Is it your little nipples?” The question sounded so genuine, Jungkook was taken by surprise when Hoseok lightly pinched his nipples through his shirt.

The bunny seemed startled by his own body’s reaction, shuddering like it had suffered an electric shocked. Fortunately Yoongi's arm was an unyielding restriction, preventing him from bucking too hard so Hoseok could continue rubbing the hardening pebbles through his shirt. “Are your nipples hurting Gguk?”

Jungkook denied it with a tearful shake of his head but Hoseok continued to draw slow circles around the little buds.

It was common knowledge that Jungkook had become more sensitive in many respects but both men were delighted to observe his reactions regardless.

“Ah,” Yoongi sighed dramatically, as if about to break the news of a tragedy, “that means it's probably your greedy little hole.”

The bunny nodded, ears flopping cutely.

“We're really sorry to hear that Bun,” Hoseok said sympathetically, “I'm sure it'll feel better tomorrow,”

The bunny seeming to realize that his mouth was now empty and Hoseok was merely caressing his long ears lovingly, tried to get his bearings. “Th-thanks Hyung. I think I should um-” he was already trying to stand up but Yoongi's arm pulled him back down firmly into his lap. Old Jungkook would've been able to escape his grasp with little effort, but baby rabbit Jungkook was having a difficult time.

“Not so fast pet.” They had never called him that before and he blinked rapidly, expression difficult to read. “Aren't you forgetting something?”

“Oh! My sticker!”

“That's right baby,” Yoongi praised into his ear, “Can you be a good boy and pull your shorts down so hyung can put the sticker on?

“Mkay.” Taking them off with Yoongi's unmoving arms constricting his waist was a difficult manoeuvre but he succeeded. The back of the bunny's shorts were undeniably wet as he pulled them down causing him to stammer out an awkward apology that his hyungs assured him was unnecessary (“It's not your fault.” “Don't apologize.”)

Hobi pulled out the pack of stickers and held them up.

“Bun, why don't you choose one?” Yoongi encouraged gently. Jungkook shut his eyes tightly and with the stubbornness of a toddler, shook his head in an adamant no, soft ears flopping about.

“You want Hyung to choose?” Hobi asked kindly. Jungkook only made a small sound of acceptance. “Okay, let's see…”

Hoseok took his time flipping through each sheet of stickers, occasionally showing a sheet he thought was particularly cute to Yoongi while Jungkook avoided looking.

The bunny's nipples were still visibly at attention through his thin white shirt and his cock tied up all prettily in a bow sat blushing between his legs but both hyungs barely acknowledged him, too preoccupied with the stickers.

The bunny whined impatiently and Yoongi without hesitation gave the bunny's thigh a gentle smack. “Quiet bun.”

Jungkook stilled.

He tried closing his legs but Yoongi, maintaining the discussion of colourful animal stickers with Hoseok, parted his legs again with a firm grip and held them open without missing a beat in the conversation. The bunny tried again but Yoongi’s grip was unyielding.

“That's it. That's the one.”


At the sight of the little white cartoon rabbit sticker, Jungkook immediately began twisting away, making little noises of protest.

“Hey Kookie. C'mon. You were being so good,” Hoseok sulked, “We don't want to have to take a sticker away before it's even on.”

The distressed bunny froze. “Wh-what? No one said anything about- about taking stickers away...”

“You must have been distracted by your aching little hole Bun. I’m sure Jin-hyung mentioned it,” Yoongi said flatly, “Now hold still.”

Hoseok asked where he should put it and the little one responded predictably, “Anywhere.”

After some debate between the two men about placement, Hoseok confidently stuck the cartoon rabbit right above the shiny bell. When there was nothing more to do, they helped the boy pull his shorts back up and patted his bottom lightly, sending him on his way.



The bunny was quick to scamper down the hall.

In the privacy of his bedroom, he didn't hesitate to pull down his shorts again, shoving three fingers into his dripping hole and moaning at the euphoria of finally having something inside him, something for his tight rim to clench around. He wasn't full but it was better than nothing, better than fidgeting in Yoongi-hyung's lap where his hyung could feel the wetness seeping through his shorts and onto his thigh.

His other hand provided fingers for his berry-stained lips to wrap around but then he couldn't touch his nipples so he just rubbed his chest against the bed sheets while his fingers pumped violently in his gushing hole.

At short intervals, he'd remove his fingers from his hot mouth to give attention to his nipples, covering the sensitive buds in saliva and bucking wildly as sparks of pleasure shot through his body. But then his mouth would salivate, yearning for something to suck on, prominent front teeth gnawing at his lip or biting at his duvets, leaving them wet from spit.

The bunny's cock straining in it's small pink device was a sad reminder that he was never going to tumble over the edge of the pleasure cliff tonight but his ass didn't seem to notice this fact nor care. It just wanted to be filled and fucked, desperate and sensitive, taking him to the edge of the cliff and keeping him there, unable to fall.

Tears of frustration began to roll down his burning face like the streams of slick rolling down his thighs.

Not knowing what else to do, not knowing how to continue without touching his cock, he pulled roughly on his bunny tail and cried out in both pleasure and agony. He caressed his own ass cheeks like a lover, enjoying its new roundness, its new sensitivity while his rim continued to contract involuntarily, spilling slick like a plea.

The baby rabbit’s sheets were now saturated with slick, saliva, sweat and salty tears. Soaking. He cried some more. Nipples aching, he lay on his back, breathing heavy, face wet. Looking down at the pink cage, the bright sticker seemed to shine in the darkness, mocking him.

One question circled his cloudy mind, how was he ever going to survive until 10 stickers?

His hyungs. His hyungs would help him. They cared so much for him. They'd help. They were all so helpful, his hyungs.

Exhausted from the inevitable failed pursuit of an unobtainable orgasm, he eventually drifted off to sleep, never realizing that he hadn’t gotten to ask any of his questions.