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Touch Me

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Touch Me

It started with just a simple, shy request.

"Enji, may I t-touch you?"

His heart had been racing when he asked, almost like it could beat right out of his chest. Enji, still clad in his pro-hero costume and looking both intimidating and enticing at the same time, didn't object.

They hadn't been together for very long at this point, just over two months. Even with all of the smoldering looks Enji sent his way, the impressive man never pushed for anything. He gave Izuku control over how fast they went.

So far, they have only had a handful of steamy make-out sessions and a bit of light petting. Nothing more. It took seeing Enji rubbing his neck in pain for Izuku to finally pluck up the courage to ask.

The word massage hadn't even popped into his head at the time. No, he took one look at the man and just wanted to touch him everywhere. Enji's impressive girth was all rippling muscles and Izuku wanted to explore every inch.

Enji lead him to an area of the house that he'd only ever been to once before. The shoji door slid open with ease and the two stepped inside before Enji closed it once more.

The furnishings in the room were quite modest. A low table with a lamp and cushion sat to the right of the door with a filled bookshelf close by. The only thing hanging from the wall was a lone picture of Enji with three of his children, a family portrait suggested by Fuyumi to celebrate their reconciliation.

Finally looking to the left, Izuku nervously gulped as he watched Enji sit on the edge of the enormous bed taking up that side of the room. They didn't have to worry about his quirk here. Everything from the decorations to the furniture was fireproof.

When Enji made a move to remove his costume, Izuku intervened. "D-don't! Please...I-I want to with your costume on, please."

Enji's hands still before falling back into his lap. He's looking at Izuku with such a knowing smirk that has the boy's face flushing a brilliant shade of red that could easily rival his favorite pair of shoes.

There's something carnal about the way those intense turquoise eyes follow his every step when he approaches the bed. The way Enji's looking at him now makes him feel both vulnerable and empowered.

To have such a powerful man looking at him, and only him, with unconcealed adoration and lust was almost too much.

"W-would you pl-please lay on your stomach?" Izuku's voice wavers with the mix of emotions he's currently feeling.

Enji used his hands to push his massive frame further back towards the center of the mattress before rolling onto his stomach with his arms folded under his head.

The bed dipped slightly as Izuku joined him. When he moved to straddle Enji, neither of his knees could reach the mattress below them. His paramour's muscular frame was simply too much for his much smaller stature.

Izuku imagined being pinned down by this behemoth of a man. The mere thought of it was enough to make his member twitch. Muscles flexed under him, so he's sure that Enji must have felt him.

Embarrassment flares to life, but Izuku doesn't let that stop him. Leaning forward, he tentatively reached for the shoulders that were still shrouded by untamed tendrils of fire knowing that they wouldn't hurt him.

Sure enough, the flames engulfed his hands like a lover's embrace, warm and welcoming. A few smoldering wisps licked lazy paths up and down his arms as he started to knead the tense muscles he found.

Another tendril brushed tenderly across his cheek as he leaned in closer. Sometimes it was like Enji's quirk had a mind of its own and seemed quite content to wrap Izuku in warmth at every chance it got.

Nimble fingers worked along the broad shoulders until the knots found there were soothed away with precise strokes. When Izuku reached the center of his back, he felt a rumbling beneath his hands as he continued his work.

His hands brushed over the same spot again, and this time Izuku could hear it. Enji had groaned under his touch. His. Another wave of desire shot through him as he realized that Enji liked this.

Suddenly, Enji's hips shifted and startled a gasp out of the greenette's mouth. The firm rear of his lover, upon which he was precariously perched, brushed almost teasingly against his burgeoning erection.

Izuku did his best to focus on giving Enji a massage, but each deliberate roll of hips had his dick straining against the fabric of his pants until he couldn't take it anymore.

Abandoning his previous ministrations, Izuku instead held onto Enji's hips so that he could grind his aching member into the cleft of his costume-clad posterior. The friction was wonderful, but he wanted more.

As if Enji could hear his thoughts, he twisted his upper body enough so that he could snaked an arm around Izuku and hold him in place as he flipped onto his back. In their new position, Izuku could feel something large wedged between his inner thighs.

Looking down, Izuku could see the swell of Enji's engorged shaft pressing insistently against the tight fabric of his costume. Hands suddenly grab his hips firmly and pull him down to meet Enji's upward thrust.

A wanton moan falls from Izuku's parted lips as they grind against each other, but it's still not enough. Blindly he reaches for the hands holding onto him to get Enji's attention.

"W-wait, I want to do something..." Beseeching emerald hues met inquisitive turquoise before the older man gave a single nod and let his arms fall back down onto the mattress.

With his hands now free again, Izuku places the tips of his fingers atop the waistband of the midnight blue costume trousers. He looks towards Enji once more and finds him watching his every move. When no objections are made, Izuku dips his fingers beneath the fabric and finds them brushing against coarse hairs.

He's not wearing anything underneath!

Izuku gulps as he pulls the constricting material down. Instantly he is greeted with the tantalizing view of Enji's shaft as it springs out from the confines of his trousers and bobs invitingly in the air.

Of its own accord, Izuku's hand comes up to encircle as much of the large, pulsating cock as it could. Enji was well endowed, of that there was no doubt. He couldn't even come close to fully holding it in one hand.

Viscous fluid leaked from the flushed tip and left a sticky trail down the shaft until it dripped onto Izuku's fingers. Curious, he released Enji's member and brought his hand up towards his mouth.

Slight movement below him had Izuku looking up towards his lover. Enji's mouth had parted as he fought to keep control over himself. The flames that were usually calm flickered wildly around him as he watched Izuku's every move.

With his eyes still on Enji, Izuku let his tongue dart out and languidly lick the essence from his hand. The fires of Enji's Hellflame flared out again as he meticulously cleaned each digit, letting not a single drop go to waste.

Izuku rolled his tongue in his mouth, savoring the unique, somewhat salty taste that wasn't as unpleasant as he thought it would be. By the looks of it, his partner was more than a little enthusiastic to see him swallow it down.

Indeed, Enji was panting now as his muscles visibly flexed. It was taking all he had not to flip the boy over and finally claim him fully.

Emboldened by Enji's reaction, he reached down and finally freed himself. Their position allowed him to gently press himself down until their cocks were flush against each other. His was easily dwarfed by the other man's girthy rod.

Hands were soon grasping his hips again, meaty fingers digging into his flesh. "Let me guide you."

Enji's rich voice was now husky with desire and it made him shiver ever so slightly. The words didn't fully register until the hands upon him started leading his hips forwards. A startled moan was ripped from his mouth as it dropped from the sudden wave of pleasure.

Izuku was left panting as Enji helped him keep a steady pace while grinding their cocks together. His own precum dribbled out and provided a natural lubrication so that he could easily glide along Enji's shaft.

It was too much for him to take. The friction of grinding on his lover's hot, silky flesh for the first time had Izuku coming undone much quicker than he would have liked. "En-Enji, I'm-ngh!" The warning was cut short as he cried out.

Stars burst behind heavy-lidded eyes as the first shot of cum splashed onto Enji's clothed chest. The following shots didn't travel nearly as far with two landing across the love trail of fiery red hair and the last oozing out onto Enji's weeping cock.

When he finally came down from his orgasm, Izuku noticed that Enji had begun rubbing his hips soothingly. A content sigh escaped him as he gave him a beautiful smile.

"That-that was amazing!" He gushed in a breathy voice, eyes sparkling when Enji smirked at him.

"Watching you was even more so. The site of you cumming on my cock is one I'd like to see more often." The gaze he was directing towards the blushing greenette was intense and filled with promise.

"Let us go clean off now." Enji's hands stilled in their massage and gently nudged Izuku sideways onto the bed. He made a move to sit up when a hand pressed into his shoulder.

"W-wait, please! I want to please you, too." His stomach felt like it was in his throat when those beautiful eyes looked at him again.

"Do not feel obligated to return the favor. I would never ask it of you." One of his hands lifted to cup Izuku's face and he let his thumb rub circles into the smooth skin of his cheek.

"I know, but Enji...I want to. If you'll allow it, may I?" Izuku spoke in earnest while reaching up to take the hand on his face and bring it to his mouth to place a kiss on the open palm.

"Are you sure?" The only answer he received was a nod and another charming smile before the smaller man was once more straddling him, only this time it was further down his legs.

After getting comfortable, Izuku once more reached out for Enji. The hero sucked in a sharp breath as a hand encircled his almost painful erection once more. Without hesitating, Izuku dipped downward and placed an open-mouth kiss on the underside of the large member.

Another followed, then another as he worked his way up to the tip. When he was about to reach the area his cum was pooled at, a hand in his hair attempted to stop him, but he resisted. Green strands pulled taut and he internally winced at the pain on his scalp.

Open lips once more met the pulsating shaft and he eagerly sucked the area clean of his own essence. The hand in his hair tightened before finally giving in and pressing the freckled face closer, an open invitation to continue.

This time he used his tongue to lap up any remaining cum on his way to the tip where he swirled the pink appendage around the reddened flesh. Wanting more, Izuku opened his mouth wide and sunk down so that he could take the bulbous tip completely into his mouth.

The groan above him had him nearly trembling in excitement. It sounded so needy, and Izuku was quite proud of the fact that it was him that made such a powerful man make a sound so erotic. If he wasn't already spent, he knew he would be rutting against his leg right now.

There was no way he'd be able to take everything he had to offer, so Izuku improvised by wrapping his hands around the remaining length when he finally began to bob his head up and down and using them to stoke the shaft in time with his movements.

One of Enji's hands clutched at the sheets while the other remained buried in green curls. It was difficult to resist the urge to just hold him in place and fuck his mouth raw. However, when Izuku dipped further down than expected, his restraint cracked and his hips thrust upwards.

Izuku managed to hold back the gag that wanted to seize his body. Instead, he relaxed his throat and took even more into his mouth the next time he went down. Enji hissed above him and began to thrust shallowly into the willing mouth.

The hand in his hair tightened considerably, almost enough to make his eyes water, and he could feel the cock in his mouth twitching. Enji was getting close and he wanted to drink every drop offered to him.

He fervently worked Enji's cock even as the man once more tried to pull him free. There was no way he'd be denied his delicious reward. After all, Enji did always say that he could have anything he wanted, and right now he wanted his thick lover's cum.

"If you don't st-" Emerald eyes looked up as much as possible to meet Enji's. The older man was gasping by this point, a rare sheen of sweat was illuminated by the fires of his quirk. He must have seen something in Izuku's eyes, because he gave up the fight.

Powerful hips began to thrust again, this time quickly becoming unstable. After a few more, Enji grunted just before ropes of hot seed shot into Izuku's mouth and he had to quickly swallow it down as more unloaded into his greedy cavern. Even so, a little managed to escape from his efforts and trailed down his face from the left corner of his mouth.

When he was sure that every drop had been offered, Izuku released the cock with a wet pop. Their combined seed had a more bitter taste compared to the precum, but it was a flavor he'd happily experience again.

Enji reached out to cup his face again, this time using his thumb to wipe the trail of cum from his chin. Instead of just wiping in somewhere else, Enji brought to digit to Izuku's lips and the boy eagerly sucked it clean.

"You're going to be the death of me." Enji huffed with no real heat behind the words.

"I hope not because there's still a lot left for us to try." The usually shy Izuku grinned impishly and caused the man to chuckle.

"We'll see, Izuku. We'll see."