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when her edges soften, her body is my coffin

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-February 2nd, 1889-


“Mrs. Erina Joestar…”

The name spilled from Jonathan’s lips and every syllable sounded like pure bliss. Was this what married life really was like…?

Early that chilly February morning, the two were wedded in front of their friends and what little family they had left. The papers would surely be reporting about Jonathan Joestar, lone survivor and inheritor of the Joestar fortune and the man whose estate had mysteriously burned to the ground months before, marrying a countryside doctor’s daughter of all people. Word of their engagement had sparked whispers amongst the nobility, but it wasn’t worth caring about now.

The deed was done. They were bonded in holy matrimony and nothing could permeate the happiness and intimacy of their wedding night. No… not while Jonathan was currently fumbling with the fastenings of her white gown, chanting her name like a prayer.

“My lovely husband,” Erina sighed out, relishing the feel of Jonathan stiffening behind her in multiple ways. “You aren’t stuck again, are you…?”

They had been intimate before. When Jonathan returned from Windknight’s Lot, injured and emotional, he had let everything out. He spoke of stone masks and vampires and Dio. It always came back to Dio, didn’t it? Finding ways to ruin everything he crossed paths with. Taking up space in Jojo’s life, and by extension hers, when all she wanted to do was fill Jonathan’s every day with happiness.

With the news that he was dead however, and the obvious aching Jonathan felt regardless, Erina fell into his arms. It was natural and clumsy and one of the best moments in Erina’s uneventful life. She didn’t need to be married to know that this was right. To know that she wanted to be by his side til death do they part. Still… when he presented a ring to her, barely decent thanks to the sheets of his hotel bedding, there was no hesitation in her answer.

Of course, she had said yes.

“I-I’m afraid I’m nervous all over again, anyway… I-It feels a bit like the first time regardless, doesn’t it?” Jonathan asked her, a small tremor in his voice. He was so sweet, so brilliant, she couldn’t help but feel her heart twist and turn in her chest.

He wasn’t exactly wrong about that.

She turned her head, looking at him over her shoulder and gave him the biggest smile she could. “It does… but that’s the fun of it all isn’t it? You’re starting again after all… this time, with Erina Joestar, not Pendleton.”

His answering smile was like sun, warm and rejuvenating as he leaned over. “I suppose you’re right,” he mumbled before pressing his chapped lips to hers. She felt electricity then, from her lips and coursing through her body down to the tips of her toes. It could have been the ripple, that mysterious power of his that helped to defeat the dark, that in their secret hours spent together had made her knees weak when he touched her with a spark.

But a part of her wasn’t sure. This was different. It was just… the way they were together.

A spark, igniting into something warm and beautiful.

When his hands found the back of her dress once more, they still shook but the fastenings gave way a little easier. He always had trouble with things like that after all, his fingers were far too big for delicate things like ladies’ stays.

Yet, as the snow white fabric of her wedding dress fell away she knew those fingers were the perfect size for her. The perfect length and width to glide across her skin, to have his callouses tickle at the back of her neck as he let down the waves of her hair, to help remove whatever remained of her underthings until she was bare before his eyes. Her hair was the only thing protecting her modesty, her tresses long enough to cover her exposed chest from her husband’s — oh, she could say that over and over! —  excited gaze.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered. His green eyes flit up and down, taking in every dip and curve of her body as she advanced on him.

She pushed him back down onto their marriage bed with one hand and an indulgent smile.

“And you’re wearing far too much, Mr. Joestar~”

Jonathan let out a barking laugh but she could hear the underlying tension there. His nervousness, his arousal. The second was blatantly obvious as well in his too-tight wedding trousers. At least that was something she could fix.

And fix it she did. Removing layer and layer of clothing from him. Her Jonathan had always loved his layers and his wedding was no exception with waistcoats and dress shirts. But Erina Joestar was nothing if not determined, and her husband was receptive under her touch. As more and more of his skin became exposed she trailed her kisses along his body.

Down, down, down she went.

His abdominal muscles practically trembled beneath the gentle press of her mouth, the occasional swipe of her tongue and she couldn’t help her laughter. Not teasing, but instead warm and fond.

She glanced up at him then as he gazed down at her. He was red-faced and almost shy, blushing like a bit of a nervous schoolboy, but her heart ached and swelled in her chest. He was so… beautiful. Everything about him just radiated beauty and sweetness. She had never been so in love before, never felt so lucky.

“E-Erina… you don’t have to--”

“And what if I wish to? Will you stop me from pleasing my husband the way I desire?”

The sound he made was halfway between a groan and a wheeze but she felt him twitch under her gentle touch. A gentleman through and through, both his best and worst trait.

Once he had collected himself enough to speak, his voice was still shaky. “Th-Then do what you desire… I-I am never one to deny my wife. A lady is supposed to go first though…”

“A lady does not wish to wait for her husband to recover if she does not have to. Besides, I quite enjoy doing this… the sounds you make are divine~

Erina, p-please--!

Erina laughed and urged him to scoot further up onto their bed as she finally freed his lower half from the confines of the rest of his clothing and looked on in blatant appreciation. His hip bones were defined by a rather elegant V-cut, leading down into an artful trail of brown hair that ended on the most magnificent cock she had ever seen in her life.

Granted, she hadn’t seen many but you didn’t exactly have to be a scholar to know that Jonathan Joestar was more impressive than most gentlemen out there. But more than that, what sent a shiver down her spine as she gazed at him was that he was hard and aching specifically for her. His sun-kissed skin retained a rosy hue, no doubt made worse by the embarrassment and arousal on his face in the best way.

There was no holding herself back now. He was her husband, he wanted her and there was nothing like propriety even attempting to stop her now.

When she leaned down and dragged her tongue along the length of him, the sound that escaped his lips was music to her ears. She wanted to hear more. Of course, she would hear this for the rest of her life, God willing, but she was greedy now. Greedy for her husband and his sounds and his skin and his love and his everything. So without hesitation, she flicked her tongue along the head of his cock before taking him into her mouth.

The reactions were immediate. His hands gently threaded into her hair and he let out a wanton moan. Something filthy and all for her. The muscles of his thighs quivered and shook, no doubt with the intent to keep him from canting his hips against her face. This was for good reason too.

She was still… new at this.

There would be plenty of time to perfect her technique, to learn the do’s and don’ts but for now her only focus was not overwhelming herself. Her husband was well-endowed to say the least and she was not used to having anything so big in her mouth.

The first time they had tried this, she had nearly choked and Jonathan had fretted over her for an hour. But she had gotten better since then and she felt him hit the back of her throat with only mild discomfort this time. Now Erina Joestar set to work, bobbing her head and humming, gauging his reactions to everything she did by his grip on her hair and tremble of his muscles.

Jonathan was a gentle sort. He always had been and always would be, but right now she felt the urge to let himself go in every tense muscle in his body. She saw it when she gazed at him from beneath her lowered lashes. So she hummed again and urged him onward. If there was anyone he could be himself with, anyone to be purely Jonathan, not always the gentleman, it was with her.

And she welcomed it wholeheartedly.

She increased the speed at which she took him in and out of her mouth, let her hands rub circles against his straining thighs until he knew what she was saying. Let go, Jojo.

“E-Erina, if you don’t stop I’ll-- I’ll be spent…”

It was a warning but also a question. Did she really want him to find his pleasure first? Her resounding hum was a yes and he protested no further. Instead, his grip in her hair tightened and she heard him mumbling her name. She felt the familiar twitch of his hips and the most glorious moan she had ever heard in her life. A needy whine of ‘Erina ’ tumbling past his lips before his release followed shortly thereafter.

This part was still difficult. Not to choke or make a fool of herself as his release filled her mouth. She forced herself to swallow, ignoring the burning in her eyes and sting in her throat before she removed herself from his softening cock. She licked her lips and wiped a trail of saliva from the corner of her mouth. And… in a moment of indulgence, pressed a kiss to the head of it.

He was only half hard now, but it was just a matter of time. After all, she knew what was coming next.

“E-Erina… you-- you really… you’re absolutely brilliant,” he whispered. His hazy eyes were fixed on her, even in the fog of his first orgasm of the night... his expression was full of love. It made her stomach flutter and a familiar wetness gather between her legs. The way he pulled her to him, to leave a less-than-chaste kiss against her lips, only exacerbated that situation.

But soon enough, Jonathan had reversed things. Erina now lay on her back beneath him, hair fanning out every which way and her body exposed for him to see. He had a rather hungry look about him now. Like a man at a feast who didn’t know which course to partake in first. It was embarrassing… and almost felt like a mistake for a moment.

Jonathan Joestar was a being crafted by the angels themselves. Sweet, genuine, funny, kind, generous and with looks that belonged more to the realm of the Heavens than their mortal plane. Erina Joestar, on the other hand, had never felt herself to be much to dwell on. Rationally, she knew she wasn’t ever going to measure up to what her husband rightfully deserved.

Yet… the look on his face, the delight and the desire made her indulgent brain take over. It didn’t matter if she was what he deserved. The glint in his eyes said it all. She was what he wanted.

“Lord, what a lucky man am I…” Jonathan sighed out, before making his choice to lean down and lavish his attentions on her chest. This was something she’d discovered rather quickly as they began their pre-marital trysts in the dead of night.

He had a preference for her breasts. He liked to touch and kiss and savor the skin there with his tongue until she was letting out gasps and moans in between giggles.

“Perfect,” he breathed against her flushed skin as she felt more than saw his wet tongue flicking against her nipple. She gasped, sinking into the bedding and arching her back to let him do as he pleased. Her body was his to indulge in for the moment and she was more than happy to go along for the ride.

His mouth worked her over, wet and wonderful, as his hand felt it’s way along the neglected side of her chest until she felt the feeling of his rough palm caressing her ribs and hips, gliding over the front of her thighs until slipping between her legs.

The way she spread herself open for him was almost reflexive, giving him more space to work with. And her Jojo? He wasted no time indulging himself.

“J-Jojo…” she whimpered, the moment his large finger pressed inside of her. Erina hadn’t realized just how much her body had been craving that familiar touch until he slipped in all the way to the knuckle. Her hips rocked forward just once, but her darling husband didn’t miss a beat. When he started to move, building a slow but steady pace, she felt herself melting.

When she gasped for more he obliged, easing one and then another into her welcoming heat. She would have been self-conscious, should have even, if she had even an ounce of focus on the fact that she was dripping wet around his fingers. Instead, Erina kept her attention on the delightful stretch that hit her every time he plunged and spread each digit inside of her. How someone could make her see stars with only their hand she would never understand, but for now she just enjoyed it.

Occasionally, he would curl them and leave her emitting the most inappropriate noises she could imagine. But still, with every soft whine and visible tremble, she felt Jonathan hard once more against her leg and she was in heaven. When he had stretched her proper and worked her enough, that would be what she received and she couldn’t have wanted anything more.

His fingers were a gift that she more than appreciated. But she still ached for him specifically, wanted him to fill her until they were joined at the hips. Plato had said that lovers were once connected and later split at the seams by Zeus, doomed forever to chase their partners and attempt to rejoin their bodies. Erina had dismissed it as an interesting but ridiculous philosophy but now, Mrs. Joestar wished for nothing more to be joined together with her missing partner.

He seemed ready for it too.

The rough pad of his thumb came to rub circles against that spot between her legs. The one that made her see fireworks behind closed eyes and she shuddered. “J-Jonathan…” she gasped, back arching off the mattress in response. “I-I don’t think I c-can…-- ohh, I’m close.”

Good,” he growled.

The low tone of his voice, the stretch of his fingers, the feeling of his breath against her skin, the brush of his hardness against her thigh, every tender touch that caressed her…

It was far too much to handle.

The dam inside of her broke and her walls tightened around his fingers. Every muscle in her body tensed and she felt a wordless cry leave her lips before she managed to float down, her whole mind in a delightful haze. Her body felt boneless, yet not quite satiated. It was ready for more instead. When her eyes fluttered open, her gaze fell on Jonathan’s soft expression. That was the look of a man in love, a man who couldn’t ask for more as he was content with just this.

He was looking at her.

For a moment, it hit Erina just how much she had nearly lost. If Jonathan hadn’t come back to her… if Dio had taken him from her, she would have never experienced this. Dio had always had his way, always attempted to crush Jonathan underfoot. But not today. This was not the time to think about him. She would expel Dio Brando from her thoughts, her motivations, and from her future. This was not about him, it never was. This was about her and this was about Jonathan.

Without a single hesitation, Erina sat up then. Her balance on her knees was rough, legs wobbly but it wasn’t difficult to arrange them the way she wanted. Jonathan, with his back pressed against the elegant mahogany headboard and herself straddling his thighs. She had a preference for this position and the way it allowed his hands to roam her body as they saw fit, provided ample opportunities to kiss him as she liked and allowed her a bit of control. At least in the beginning.

She reached out then, cupping his face with both hands and kissed him. It wasn’t chaste, after all of their activities this evening there was no reason for that. But as her tongue slipped its way past his lips and that wanting heat between her legs returned almost tenfold, she felt something even stronger. The beat of their hearts together, the matching tempo of their breaths, the warmth of their skin pressed together. It was love and connection.

When she pulled away, resting her forehead against his and willed her breathing to return to normal she laughed softly. “I love you,” she murmured, nudging her nose against his.

Jonathan returned both the action and the sentiment. “I love you too…”

It was then that she reached down, taking his arousal in hand and guiding it to her waiting entrance. The teasing sensation of the tip nearly made her want to whine but, this was her show right now… she would set the pace. So without waiting any longer, she slowly sunk down.

The feeling of his cock pushing inside of her was beyond overwhelming. The stretch was much more than what his fingers could have given her, but it wasn’t unpleasant… just a matter of waiting until her body relaxed. But as she took him, inch by inch, she threw her hands around his shoulders and couldn’t help herself.

J-Jonathan,” she practically keened in his ear.  He felt perfect, he was perfect, and the loud noise he made in response was just as delightful. His hands gripped tightly at her hips, perhaps enough to bruise a bit in the morning, but not enough to warrant a complaint. No, it was just delicious and so satisfying. When she finally bottomed out, his breathing was as ragged as her own panting. Jonathan’s eyes where pressed closed, his thick brows furrowed in a look of pleasure and she felt that thump of her heart against her rib-cage once more.

“Jonathan…” she murmured again, this time tucking a lock of hair behind his ear as she kissed him. Only to roll her hips against him. He groaned against her lips and she felt his fingers dig into the meat of her thighs, but she had started and her body had no intentions of stopping now.

Carefully, she lifted herself off of him and brought herself back down. It was slow going at first. She wanted to ease herself into this, ease him into this. They had all the time in the world for such intimacy, everything left in their lifetimes. But the desire to savor him was soon overridden by her desire for more, more, more. When the pace wasn’t quick enough, she decided to pick it up, pulling away from their messy kisses to tilt her head back and allow him to taste whatever he wanted along the column of her neck, to touch and feel what he wished of her chest. She was simply lost in the feeling of him inside of her, the slide and the stretch and the fill.

It was intoxicating… Jonathan was intoxicating.

His grip, however, never left her hips. They wandered a bit, feeling around at the dips and curves of her body, one slipped back even to hold tight to her backside but returned after a moment. But then… his hold tightened and Erina mewled as he held her in place, just to snap his hips upward. Stars danced across her vision when he hit something deep inside that made her go weak in the knees and ignited every nerve-ending.

She vaguely heard him muttering her name. “Erina, Erina, Erina,” over and over. But mingled with it was something else.

Jonathan, Jonathan, Jonathan…

It was like a prayer and there was no stopping it. She simply held on for dear life and let herself be overcome by sensation. With every jolt of pleasure, every firework-inducing thrust, she felt something building. Like the sensation from before but so much bigger, heavier, stronger even… like a room full of dominoes waiting to set off its own chain reaction.

“E-Erina, my love… let go…” Jonathan moaned hotly against her ear. He must have noticed how tense her body was getting, how quick her breathing was becoming. Jonathan’s forehead was covered in sweat and she could tell by the upturn of his brow and the way his pupils seemed blown wide, he was getting close too. All she could do was listen to him.

“Y-Yes, okay... yes,” she whined as her eyes fluttered shut. With one particularly good thrust into her, she felt each feeling give way. The snap of release inside of her as feeling flooded every limb in her body. Erina was positive she was making a noise, a cry of Jonathan’s name probably and his own voice rose to join hers, but it was overwhelming. She vaguely registered the uneven staccato of his hips under her as she tightened all around him. Her mind was elsewhere, floating above her as her orgasm rocked her very core. And then warmth flooded her, Jonathan’s spend filling her to the brim until her muscles finally gave way and she slumped against him.

He himself fell back against the headboard, trying to catch his breath. And still, despite that, he tenderly reached for her face and pulled her in for one more kiss. This one was less messy, instead full of the comfortable haze that came from being satisfied as he smiled against her lips.

“A wonderful performance, Mrs. Joestar…” he mumbled softly, gazing at her like she was a night sky full of stars. Would her whole marriage be like this? Just instance after instance of intense happiness and contentment?

Erina could only hope so.

“Well then I’m glad, Mr. Joestar,” she replied, her voice full of equal parts love, contentment and teasing. “Y-You have a lifetime of repeat performances to look forward to~”

When he kissed her again, he eased her onto her back, whispering ‘encore, encore ’ softly in her ear. She knew without a doubt that there was no one else that she’d rather spend her life with.




Life was cruel. Erina had learned this through years and years of hard lessons. When all that time managed to do was take and take and take, the old Mrs. Joestar had hardened herself to the world. Or at least she had tried.

Vampirism was a different story.

At eighty-one, she was beginning to take for herself instead of letting life take from her. But actions like that, those were for gods and goddesses, beings of higher power, or criminals. Instead, everything Erina took from others only filled her with hollow guilt.

First there was the matter of her grandson and the rest of the family, left with the gaping hole that she once occupied. Left to bury her when there was no corpse to place in the casket. One more empty grave for the Joestar crypt, an awful legacy started sixty years ago when George Joestar I turned to ash in the fires of his ancestral home.

The second, and the one that weighed most on her, was the matter of vampiric thirst. The desire and compulsion to consume human blood in order to thrive and retain her strength was an ethical dilemma the likes of which she had not grappled with before. How could she play God and snuff out an innocent life just to keep herself going?

“Did you think this hard about cattle?” Dio drawled when she first refused to drink from the first man they had stalked as their prey. “Did you question your steaks? Your sausages? Your Christmas goose?”

She looked away from him then, trying to school her face into something more resolved. “It’s not the same.”

“But it is! They are livestock to the likes of us now!”

“They are people, Dio!” Erina hissed back, feeling anger flood her being. It was misplaced, more at her own expense, but Dio Brando deserved every instance of anger hurled his way. “They have lives and thoughts and feelings! I can’t be expected to end that!”

“And starve? You foolish woman, you need them to continue on! Do not disappoint me, Erina!”

His words had caused something inside of her to snap. To think she even cared about disappointing him. “As if I CARE about disappointing a murderer! A parasite, even! You feed and feed on the blood of others, you have ALWAYS thrived on the misfortune and ruin of those around you and I am not a child, you cannot and will not reprimand me! I’ve lived and experienced more than you ever could in that sunken box.

“You mouthy backwater shrew…!” The anger flared in Dio’s eyes, his teeth bared and she watched as he pulled his hand back almost as if to strike her. What neither of them had counted on was Erina striking out first and grabbing his wrist tightly. It was oddly satisfying to feel him try to move against her grip and the rising dismay and irritation as she held the appendage tighter.

“Shrew I may be, but you also have made me your equal. In everything… including power. I am no longer the young girl you attacked and left in the mud. Rethink your actions.

Dio held her gaze and she watched the torrent of anger flare and then abate as she looked on evenly. “Tsk…” he said finally, sharp teeth on display in an open look of displeasure. “You would throw your life away, then? Ignore the sacrifices you yourself have made? I may be a parasite, but the moment you joined me… well you’ve said it yourself. You became my equal.”

It had stung horribly in the moment. but Erina had no idea how much those words would sit on her in the next few weeks. As the two of them hid around a small house, tracking the routines of a young married couple, his words echoed in her brain. After all, he had won that argument. Erina had drank the blood of a presumably innocent man… and was now looking to take more humans for sustenance as well as their belongings. She and Dio needed money… needed shelter. The deaths of these people would further their goals as well as sustain them physically.

Every time Erina had even looked in her reflection after that she felt sick to her stomach.

She hadn’t had the stomach to accompany Dio when they’d made their move days later. Instead, he did the grisly deed on his own and she drank what she needed from the man of the house, plunging her fingers into his still-warm neck. With every little bit of blood she absorbed, she felt herself becoming more and more energized. Her muscles felt stronger, her back a little straighter, her breathing itself became easier.


She and Dio took to the couple’s basement to hide from the rays of the sun. The small subterranean room was windowless and decently furnished, the collection of supplies found hidden away made it seem as if this room would have been used in case of a natural disaster. It was unfortunate that they hadn’t prepared for vampires.

To make the space a little more cheery, the couple had hung portraits of themselves, smiling and at the prime of their lives. Looking at the picture of smiling young brunettes, she instead imagined Jonathan, imagined herself and the nausea welled up once more. By the time Dio had returned from upstairs after finishing off his own meal and disposing of what they had left behind, she had taken down every photo.

The looks on their faces had been too much. Too accusatory and rightly so. ‘A monster, you’re a monster,’ they seemed to scream and she knew that they were right. But there was nothing she could do. So she hid their judgmental faces, placed the portraits face down on any surface she managed to find to escape their stares.

“Too much for you~?” Dio had called teasingly. He was slinking over to the threadbare mattress, barely big enough for two. He had wanted to play, wanted to shame her for her lack of predatory instinct perhaps.

Erina however, was not taking the bait. It was too much. She stood, looking at a row of books on a shelf instead and tried to get ahold of herself. Was this what she had signed up for? Self-loathing seemed to swallow her up as she thought about her new situation.

Parasite. Monster. Killer.

She was not who she once was, not that she had expected to stay that way. This was different however. Erina was terrified of becoming desensitized to this, of losing her morals and her conscience… the only things she really had to cling to.

What would Jonathan think of her now? This beautiful vampire who took the blood of an innocent man with barely a protest. Who did so only to sustain herself and pursue a goal in his name. If this was all for him… what would he think?

Her eyes fluttered closed and Erina saw the judgemental face of her victim. Let his accusatory eyes bore into her very soul. The man’s face however morphed, until it changed into the handsome planes of her husband’s visage and she had to choke back tears. She could almost hear his voice in her head.

How could you?

She had to stop. This was not conducive to getting anything done. Erina had made her choice, a selfish one, but if this brought Jonathan back she didn’t need his love and affection. His life, the fact that he would be breathing once more, that would be worth it.

The familiar emptiness that once filled her marriage bed now seemed to seep into her bones. How she had missed his touch, missed even being held. Deciding to remain a widow and not remarry was not a choice she had regretted, but it did leave her touch starved. No one had shown Erina physical affection, not in the familiar way a wife would get from her husband, in sixty years. The reminder sent icy tendrils down her spine… especially as she turned a desperate eye, finally, to the body that once held her like the world’s greatest treasure.

Her traitorous mind honed in on that familiar form. The skin and muscles and bone that had once been so warm and inviting. From the neck down it was still him, there was no replacing that and her own skin seemed to call to him… even now that she was full of doubt.

She could not and would not go to him. Not when the man who possessed that head would never cease to lord it over her. But something called to her and desire, pent up for decades, pulled her closer to Dio’s reclining figure on the cot. This was stupid… she was stupid.

And yet, Erina climbed over him and made herself comfortable in his lap. Immediately it felt right, every nerve in her body sung with just how much she’d missed that physical contact. Skin to skin with the man she loved wholeheartedly. Her arms, acting on the reflex and pure joy that the brush of his skin provided, looped around his waist and held him close.

Erina Joestar needed this right now. She needed this for her own sanity, to keep her frayed nerves at bay. She forgot about the head on his shoulders for a moment and instead pressed her face against that chest once more, the way she did when Jonathan still lived and breathed. He would hold her tight, in the few days of their marriage, and she felt like none of the evils of the world could touch her. Already, her breathing was slowing. The panic ebbing way.

But under her touch, the body she held tensed. She felt below her, a sharp intake of breath.

The words left her mouth before she could even think. “Please. Don’t-- don’t say anything. Just… give me this, it’s all I ask.” This was far more vulnerable than she wished to be with the man who sat atop Jonathan’s shoulders. But after a quiet moment of hesitation, she felt the arms of her husband wrap loosely around her in an embrace.

She let her eyes close to heighten the unforgotten feeling. Jonathan, warm against her once more, holding onto her. In her mind, they weren’t on a lumpy bed in a dark basement… instead, they were in their new master suite in the recently rebuilt Joestar mansion. Happy and in love and content as they should have been all those years ago.

In the furthest recesses of her mind however, the sentiment rang hollow. It was a dream and only that. But here, tucked securely against the body of her husband, it was as close to reality as it had ever been. Erina didn’t know how long she had been crying but when her body trembled with sobs, she knew there was no stopping it.

“J-Jonathan,” she mumbled quietly against his chest. It didn’t stop. His name passed her lips over and over until her cries became unintelligible from her tears.

The only favor Dio Brando had ever done for her was to say nothing about her tears.




A year had come and gone on their journey and Erina at least found herself in the comfortable lull of a routine. Dio was no longer a mystery… not in the same way he had been before. There was an understanding there, she was slowly learning his ticks and motivations. How he really processed and worked things out as the man behind the monstrous front.

First and foremost was that Dio Brando was a survivor in every sense of the word. He was able to acquire them lodging and sustenance no matter what the situation at hand and could be depended on to at least keep themselves afloat. They had fallen into a sort of partnership. Dio was the one who got things done, who never failed to obtain what they needed and she provided a sort of moral compass and honestly, some sense to their day-to-day.

There were days however, when he didn’t quite listen.

When they acquired the cabin they had resided in for some months now… well, that was one such occasion. The wealthy owner who considered this a vacation home of sorts had become Dio’s thrall and Erina watched in discomfort as he seduced and played with the man like a puppeteer testing his strings. The mortal man bowed and readily performed what was asked of him, all to kneel at Dio’s feet until he was no longer amusing and his value had diminished.

“Stop playing with your food,” she told him, all those months prior, and all Dio did was send a smug smile in her direction. This time had been easier, a single man of hefty earnings and, it seemed, capable of cruelty before their arrival. Her guilt was becoming less and less of an issue as she found herself overlooking the actions of others. Erina was no goddess, no higher power, but her nature demanded such a thing and she could be… picky.

When he presented his thrall to her, already on his knees in preparation to be devoured by his Lord and Lady, Erina only hesitated a moment before she partook in this offering. The self-loathing was still there, the self-hatred, but it was on par with her thirst. Every time she drank more, she found herself reconciling with the beast inside of her. Just a little bit.

Yet, her thirst and their lodgings weren’t quite the biggest issues at hand either. They were located close to a single roadway, surrounded by woodlands and therefore wild creatures were in abundance around their temporary home. No, her actions back in that basement, the desire to burrow close to her husband’s body, those things had not stopped. Instead, as the sun rose and the two retired to their morning rest she curled up next to her husband’s body and drifted off.

They would speak sometimes, have little conversations about the events of the day. But, for the most part they were quiet. Erina would allow his hands to rest at her hips and play with her hair while she let her mind drift off. It was not… the greatest solution, but she could use him this way. She could let her eyes close and she could imagine any number of blissful morning scenarios.

For a few hours each day she lived in a world where she could lay with Jonathan and live out the days in her marriage she had missed because of his untimely demise. Dio, to his credit, had never once told her to stop, nor had he overstepped. He was strange in those dawn hours, quiet and introspective and never once even bothering to say something out of line.

That is why Erina got too comfortable. A dangerous thing to do.

She was picturing a soft morning, light filtering through the windows, as she rested against Jonathan’s chest. She could practically imagine how the morning light rested on his brow, his soft brown hair falling in messy tufts all around his forehead and his pretty face in repose. She remembered what she liked to do in those moments… and without opening her eyes she trailed kisses along his collarbone, along his impressive pectoral muscles.

And then he laughed.

The low, lilting chuckle that rumbled up from Jonathan’s chest was not her husband’s voice. It was Dio’s. Her eyes opened and a sense of shame washed over her. Dio was looking down at her, red eyes practically burning. She couldn’t take that look, not the unabashed interest that was blatant in his gaze.

Erina turned away, kept her eyes trained on the wall of logs that made up their master suite. “My apologies,” she said finally, unable to let the awkwardness of her actions simply hang in the air. She had to sleep this off, forget the embarrassment and the desire for her husband’s body that a simple kiss had inspired. She had gone without the touch of another for too long and it was making her careless. Dio was not the sort of person she could be vulnerable in front of.

Suddenly she felt her body pulled back into his lap, turned to face him as Dio captured her chin between his thumb and forefinger. His eyes danced with something akin to mischief and her walls were beginning to raise. She was not in the mood for jokes and ribbing, not about this.

“Is attention what you’re seeking, E~ri~na~?” He purred, meeting her gaze evenly. A smirk played at his lips but she recognized the expression more now. It was one full of lust. If he thought this was how things were going to pan out, that she would lay down and allow him to do as he pleased, he had another thing coming. As much as she desired that body of his, as much as her own called out for it, she would not give him the satisfaction.

Her face contorted into a haughty sneer at his suggestion and she reared back. “What? So you can add me to your lists of conquests? Look elsewhere for your base pleasures. I have lived sixty years without the touch of a man, I certainly don’t need you.”

“This isn’t about needing, Erina Joestar,” he whispered, leaning in closely to let his breath puff warmly against the shell of her ear. “It is about wanting.”

Erina had never considered herself a weak woman. She had lived for decades alone, being the only supportive rock within the Joestar family for generations. Yet in this moment, she was admittedly weak. Dio’s words made her shiver despite her better judgement and made her ache between her legs at the suggestion. Despite the head on it’s shoulders, Jonathan’s body… down to the birthmark, seemed to be her downfall. Especially after so long of being without his presence, to have it so near and to have the opportunity to touch…

It was too much temptation and she hadn’t left his lap, had she?

Instead she hid her face, once more a cowardly move. She pressed it into the crook of his neck and savored the fact that despite their status of vampirism, he still managed to feel warm and soft under her touch. “I do not want you…” she bit out after a moment’s hesitation.

“That may be… but you haven’t pulled away from him.

Her jaw felt tense. He was purring suggestions to her but the real issue was not in him. In fact, her hesitation warred more within herself. He was merely giving voice to the traitorous, lonely words in the back of her mind. “I would never pull away from him… he was my husband, you-- you are just the man who wears his body as a trophy!”

“And you desire what is left of him, no?” He replied with a chuckle in his voice, like he knew exactly what she wanted.

“Your head is on his shoulders, I do not want to see your face. What I feel? It’s not about you.”

Dio sighed hotly against her once more. “I never said it was. In fact, I’ve said nothing of my own needs. Just yours, darling.” As if to gauge her reaction, he rolled his hips to grind up against her. The sensation sent electricity throughout her very core. It was too good, too familiar… a base part of her, one left neglected for far too long, sprung to life and she felt her resolve crumble.

She ground her hips down in return and delighted in the way his whole body seemed to freeze up. Erina felt entitled to be greedy and ran her hands down his chest and along his sides as she pressed heated kisses to his collarbone. When she reached his neck she paused, staring directly at the scar that distinguished her husband from his murderer.

“I don’t want to see your face,” she announced. “We may do this, but I face away from you.”

He said nothing for a moment and Erina was more than ready to walk away if he said that was not what he wanted. But he spoke up just in time. “That can be arranged…”

Erina slipped off her underthings with ease and found herself on her hands and knees with Dio-- no, Jonathan’s body, poised behind her. Her and Jonathan had done this once before during their short marriage. He had often preferred facing her, holding her, making that visual connection. Nevertheless, they were both insatiable their first few nights together and extremely experimental. They enjoyed each other against walls, over tables and once with Erina’s chest pressed down on their mattress and her legs spread, eagerly waiting to take him.

It was easy to imagine that again, Jonathan’s large hands rubbing circles along her soft skin and his arousal right behind her.

Erina felt him then, hot and pressing up against her wetness, grinding small circles with a steady roll of his hips. She felt his weight settle on her back, one strong arm pressed into the mattress beside her and something about the situation made her throb with a long forgotten neediness. Maybe later, she would look back at this with shame or regret, but now was not the time. That connection, however she could get it, meant more to her right now.

A part of her knew this was to ease her into it. Jonathan had preferred using his fingers, but this was another viable way to help relax and allow her to take his entire girth. But Erina was a vampire now, and far too deprived to wait longer than needed.

“My, how wet you are, darling. You may not want me specifically but your desire for your husband’s cock is plain as day…” Dio’s voice echoed behind her, encroaching on her memory of Jonathan and their marriage bed.

She let out a breathy groan and pushed her ass back against him. This was not the time for his petty words. “Shut up. Stop talking and do what we’re here to do.” Her words came out in a hiss.

“As you wish…” Dio answered with a smug softness in his tone before answering her request. He pushed inside without ceremony and her nails dug into the bed sheets beneath her at the feeling of finally being filled. There was more of a sting than she remembered, more of a stretch too, but it was all heady and delightful. She was a vampire and pain was nothing, while every sensation almost felt more intense than ever before. Her senses had been heightened with her new supernatural abilities and it seemed sex was going to be no exception to this.

The sound that left her mouth was positively criminal. The moan was dripping with her relief and blatant arousal, like an itch that she had just begun to scratch. She felt Jonathan’s body tremble behind her and even heard Dio let out a ragged cry at their first joining.

“This body…” he bit out, as if through gritted teeth, “the e-effect you happen to have on it. You-- you… may as well be it’s master.” Every word he uttered sounded like an effort, but the content of what he had said was what jumped out at her. Jonathan’s body knew her, needed her, still wanted her and it made her constrict around him in absolute delight. The way Dio let out a shuddering breath behind her when she did proved his declaration and then some.

“Then d-do as I say and move,” she snarled. There was no wait this time, when Jonathan’s body moved again the pace was fast and it was hard. Gentleness was not found in this coupling and that was exactly what Erina wanted. Every thrust pushed her forward and she found herself rocking back to meet him every time. This was not about feelings, not about shame or propriety, it was about want. What she wanted, to be exact… Dio had no say in the matter. Never.

For the first time in over a year, she felt heat in her blood and for the first time in what felt like forever she felt a pooling warmth in her body. When he rutted harshly, there were the stars from her time as a newly wedded wife playing across her vision. Every familiar touch felt like she had been dying of thirst and was now finally being allowed water to quench it. This was exactly what she had needed after so long.

Sometimes fast and rough was just perfect.

As she got closer and closer to her finish, she felt her back arch and her toes begin to curl. So close, just a little more, a little harder and--

“F-Fuck Jojo, don’t you dare,” Dio hissed as his hips began to stutter. Erina knew what that meant, had felt that over and over. It was almost gratifying when she felt his pace give away and the accompanying warmth that splashed inside of her. This time however, it was chillier than her body temperature, which was surprisingly erotic in it’s own way. The familiar feel of Jonathan’s release inside… where it belonged... left her slumping forward and laughing low.

Perhaps she wouldn’t get off tonight, but this was certainly better than nothing.

As Dio withdrew himself, cursing under his breath Erina shivered at the feeling of his seed spilling out and down the inside of her thighs. She could get this one. Her hands drifted down between her legs, ready to bring herself to climax until she felt a warm hand drifting up her ankle, turning her firmly at the hips until she was on her back.

Dio looked down at her, his mouth set in a frustrated frown. “We are not finished,” he huffed. “More importantly, you have not finished.”

“How chivalrous of you, I thought I said I didn’t wish to see your face.”

It was almost amusing, how his jaw seemed to tick visibly with annoyance at her words. Lucky for him, he managed to collect himself before he could say anything out of anger. “I pride myself on always making sure my bedfellows leave satisfied. Jojo’s body has gotten a little too excited, this will not do… but I know a way where you do not have to see my face.”

“What are you on about?” Erina drawled, laying back and ready to return to her task. That is, until Dio eased himself down between her legs.

Oh. That’s what he intended to do?

“I-If you wished to taste Jojo, I’m sure you could just enjoy it off of your own hand… no need to touch me.”

Erina was no idiot. Jonathan’s head being kept at Dio’s side all of these years, his desire to return him to a state of living? The way he spoke of him while caressing his own body. The signs of his attraction to her husband were obvious, his obsession with him even moreso. There was no reason to hide it now.

Her words however, made Dio laugh. It was dark and clouded with lust, leaving puffs of breath against her trembling thighs. “Mm. perhaps… but here it is, presented to me in the world’s finest chalice. Not to mention, the taste of both of you is no doubt something unique and special. I much prefer this to a dry vintage I can lick off of my own fingers… You merely enhance the flavor on your own merits.” She could practically hear the sound of his tongue sliding across his lips as he hooked her knees over his shoulders. “Tell me, Erina, did Jojo ever have you this way during your marriage…~?”

“Sh-Shut up,” she hissed, though his words summoned forth their last encounter on the steamship before dinner. Her red dress gathered at her thighs and Jonathan’s mouth going to work between her legs. Erina shivered at the memory. “Just… shut up and make good use of that mouth of yours for once.”

Dio said nothing, and instead delved forward. Her arms reached up above her to grasp and wring at the bedding between her fingers. His tongue was deft and agile as it pushed and prodded, before dancing figure eights along her cunt. Her foggy mind went elsewhere as she pictured a head of messy brown locks moving and panting as he effortlessly cleaned her out.

Her back arched when he circled her swollen clit before returning to lavish her core with all the attention it deserved and ached for. He was dragging this out almost deliciously slow, until he pulled away to speak again. This would not do. He had talked enough already.

So her hand reached down, fisting in his disappointingly blond hair, and ground her wetness against his face. He made out a low sound of alarm, but it had the desired effect. He went back to his work, now seemingly intent on getting her to finally reach her peak. He worked her over and over until her head fell back… and there was that image. Jonathan between her legs, green eyes smoldering with the desire to see her come undone. She could practically hear his voice sweetly urging her…

‘Let yourself go for me, my love…’

“J-Jonathan…!” She moaned as she felt that familiar wave wash over her. Her chest was heaving from the force of the sensation, much better than anything she could have achieved on her own. It was further enhanced by the tongue still working her. A genuine surprise that actually caused her to cry out when a second orgasm hit right after the first. It left her body shuddering and a desperate whine of “J-Jojo, please…” tumbling past her lips.

Her body trembled when she released Dio’s head. She felt his gaze boring into her from his place between her legs. Yet, she could not find it in herself to care as she collapsed bonelessly back against the mattress. There would no doubt be a time for her to brood. A time for her to think about what she had done, and to assess the sharp look in Dio’s eyes. But for now? All she wished to do was fall asleep in this pleasant, almost perfect haze.

And fall asleep she did.




Dio was in one of his more frightfully irritating moods again.

Ten years together had done enough for the two of them to understand one another. Sometimes she saw the agitation pooling in every one of his muscles, leaving him tense and in bad spirits. Dio himself had amassed a following of quite a few humans, both in thrall from his vampiric powers but mostly from his natural charisma. As a child she had pegged him as a snake without much issue, but others were quick to fall victim to his charm.

It was hard, to watch these humans tripping over themselves to please their natural predator and she tried to make them see sense. After all, he made it very clear that she too was to be worshipped as their Lady. Still, she had not made much headway in the years since they began living within this Italian palazzo.

Occasionally, his fits were due to human error committed by one of their mortal “attendants” as he liked to refer to them. At other times, it was because the two of them had gone toe to toe in an argument. This time seemed to be a result of the latter, but he had started with her!

The man had woken up in a foul mood, snapping at anything and anyone that so much as spoke to him. She had tried to be friendly, tried to ask about his recent trip to America. Yet he hissed that it was none of her business what he did while outside of their home.

Not only was that rude, but it was disrespectful and Erina did not take Dio’s disrespect any longer. The mortals populating their palazzo had all stopped to listen as they shouted at each other before Dio growled and exited their sitting room, slamming the door behind him.

Apparently, Dio had decided to take their master bedroom as his place to brood. A poor choice considering that once the sun rose, it would have to be hers as well.

She basked for hours in the glow of the moon on one of their many balconies, trying to unwind after such a stressful encounter. Still, no matter how many times she attempted to lose herself in one of the many books she had acquired over the years, her mind returned to her irritation.

The moon was already hanging high in the sky and he still had not emerged from their shared bedroom. Normally, she would not poke the bear... but this was Dio, and that was as much her bedroom as it was his. She was not about to indulge his dramatics for the entire evening. So after waiting about another thirty minutes, she wandered up to see what his mood was like.

She gave two knocks at the large double doors as a way of greeting, but didn’t bother waiting for a proper answer. “I’m coming in,” she announced while turning the handle, though the sight in front of her made her freeze in shock.

Dio was curled in on himself, bleeding profusely from his neck over their pristine white sheets. The crimson stains pooled in different areas along their bedding, no doubt from his movement over the last few hours. Now, it was spilling into his pale hands and dripping in scarlet trails down his near naked form. It was like a horrific Renaissance portrait come to life.

For a moment, panic set into her limbs and she pinned him with a gaze of wide eyed shock. What on earth was plaguing him that he was bleeding this badly. “W-What is…?” She gasped.

Soothe him.” Dio rasped. His fangs were bared in pain and he looked at her with incensed labored breathing. She was confused though, soothe who? What was happening there?

“I’m sorry… I don’t understand--”

SOOTHE HIM, ERINA! You know EXACTLY who I’m referring to!” She was surprised he could even yell at her with the way his neck was-- oh. Oh.

Jonathan’s body was fighting him, wasn’t it?

The thought alone made her giddy. He had disclosed to her before that he had less control over his left side than his right and Erina couldn’t help the thrill that ran through her at the knowledge. His left was the side where his heart lay and she liked to think Jonathan’s continued beating with goodness and purity in mind. That’s why he fought him like this. It also meant that every time she lay with Dio, both intimately and merely just to sleep, he really was in there. Touching her, indulging in those memories. And tonight, it seemed like he was really fighting back.

Dio reached out for her with his elegant pointed nails and wild eyes, desperate for the pain to subside. There was no please, no polite requests, just the desire to make it all go away. He was almost like a wounded animal… pupils blown wide and chest heaving as he tried to stop his own bleeding.

It was disturbing and she couldn’t rightly continue watching this unfold for much longer. Not without helping. She crossed the room wordlessly then, her bare feet barely making a sound on their marble floors. When she reached his bedside, he did not hesitate to pull her to him and hold her squarely against his chest.

His grip was almost too tight and she felt her gauzy, white dress, the garb of gods Dio had once said, becoming wet and no doubt smeared with crimson. Ugh, washing that out of her clothes was going to be a nightmare. “Ease up,” she spoke softly, trying to put some space between her and Jonathan’s chest in that bone-crushing embrace.

Instead, he snarled, turning onto his back until she laid right on top of him. She could see small fonts of blood gurgling from the newly opened wound on his neck, as well as the fury and pain etched across his face. “Do something,” he demanded and Erina made a point not to even cast her glance above the line of his shoulders until he found the respect for her he seemed to have misplaced.

“Jojo,” she called then, gently and full of love. “Jojo, please calm down…” She brought her hand down to rub soothing circles against his shoulder.

“Not enough,” Dio hissed, his right hand holding tighter to her waist.

Erina was not one to indulge in this behavior. She kept her eyes trained on the lovely soft skin at the column of Jonathan’s neck. Even with the trails of red blood, contrasting with the warm tones of his skin, it still painted such a beautiful picture. “You will be patient,” she snapped. “This will no doubt take time.” And with that, she began kissing along the line of his collarbone, licking through the lines of blood when the mood took her.

She felt the muscles beneath her hands slowly begin to relax and she smiled softly, peppering her soft lips along his chest. “There, see Jojo? Feeling better already…”

Her finger followed along the lines of his abdominal muscles and she made a point to ignore the sharp gasp Dio seemed to take in at her actions. Instead, the lines followed a scar at his side, small and mottled with age. “Do you remember when you received this?” She asked, feeling almost silly for talking to a body whose head rested in a place of honor in a room off of their master bedroom. “We had gone to that fair… when we launched off of our sled on that ridiculous slide and fell together, you had scraped yourself. It wasn’t that bad but it left quite the scar…”

Erina leaned down, brushing her lips across the scar tissue in a soft kiss. “Do you remember the first time I laid with you? I absolutely could not stop kissing that scar…” Her voice felt thick with emotion then, tears stung at her eyes and nostalgia for those early days wrapped itself around her heart and seemed to squeeze. “Let this be a-- a reminder of who is here and who loves you… Jonathan.

Jonathan’s body still appeared tense, but much better than it had been before. With a careful glance, she noticed that the bleeding had stopped gathering at the wound on his neck. Perhaps Dio had been right, perhaps her presence was what he had needed all along.

That scar on his neck, with blood drying along his skin, was such a temptation. She was so close. Close enough to sink her sharp nails in and forcibly tear Dio’s head from the body that he selfishly occupied. She could fit Jonathan right back where he deserved to sit… could put all of this behind them for good, and never look back.

But Dio was tenacious. A survivor as she had seen time and time again. He would be incensed, would launch an attack on them even as a decapitated head that would no doubt rival his time on the ship. He had years of experience using his powers, asserting his will and dominance. It would be messy, Jonathan might die right in her arms again. She couldn’t risk that.

The temptation was there though. One little flick of her wrist… as Erina leaned up and reached for his throat she hesitated, choosing instead to kiss the bloody scar. The arms around her waist tightened once more, pressing her flush against Jonathan’s body. But rather than Jonathan’s voice, it was Dio’s that breathed out above her.

“You have done well.”

“I did not do this for you,” she snapped, not daring to meet his eyes. “This was for Jonathan and Jonathan alone. The things you do to his body would no doubt traumatize him, that’s why he fights you with every fibre of his being even in death. Aside from the normal reasons anyway.”

She could feel the scowl that formed on Dio’s face from the way his neck muscles tightened. “I will do what I want with this body. I have earned it, Erina. He must simply learn to cope.”

“You have earned nothing. Don’t try to delude me of all people. I am the only one in this home who does not bow and scrape at your feet. I do not believe every word you say, simply on the merit that it has come out of your mouth.”

He was getting agitated again, angry. Let him. She was never one to back down. “You little --” he hissed, but Erina did not rise to the bait. She stayed quiet and watched in barely restrained amusement as he clenched his fist in anger and worked on evening out his suddenly heavy breathing.

“Good morning, darling Jojo,” she cooed softly, pressing a sweet kiss where his neck and shoulder met. “It’s time for us to rest…”

Dio lost this round and he knew it. She laid there on top of him, gently tending to her husband’s body and ignoring the resigned head above it even when he sighed in irritation. It was exactly what he’d deserved. Her husband had deserved her full attention more than anything after all.




The balmy Italian breeze couldn’t find it’s way through the throng of bodies inside of the discotheque they had decided to stalk for the evening. It was one of the fancier establishments this side of the Mediterranean, but those were Erina’s favorite haunts. She had found it easier to find prey that suited her tastes, particularly awful predatory men, in these places. Too much money tended to mean looser morals after all.

Tonight was no different. She had finished up a meal outside of the establishment, licking the disgusting man’s blood clean from her fingers. He had tried to spike her drink with some sort of drug, something that obviously would not work on a being like herself. She was not god’s gift to women, but she certainly liked to think she was an avenging angel for them at least.

Properly satiated and feeling good, she made her way up to their private lounge in the upper floors. This particular nightclub was members only which meant that Dio had every intention of being the biggest, most important member of this place. Too bad she was the one who had acquired the membership first. He was there on her invitation and no doubt milling about looking for ways to charm his name to the top of an influential patrons’ list that no doubt didn’t exist.

Though to her surprise, as her tongue swiped at a lingering trace of blood on her lips, she found him there on the couch in their private seating area, a glass of wine in hand and a dark look in his eyes. It was one she recognized now. Blatant desire.

“Have the princes and princesses of the Italian Elite gotten boring for you finally?” She asked teasingly, moving to sit next to him on the couch. He had caught her in the best of spirits, her hunger sated and conscience pleased that that predator had met his end amongst an alley lined with dumpsters. The money she had won when they went out gambling earlier also was quite the boon on her mood.

Things had gotten stifling back at the palazzo. Since Enya Geil had joined them with her young son, the atmosphere had changed. She often liked to stick her nose into business she had no place in. Dio was partial to her due to her power, but Erina and Enya had an immediate dislike of each other. This had affected the mood in her home so strongly that Erina had found great pleasure in walking into a room to find Dio alone. No matter how she tried to whisper in his ear, at least the other woman knew her place. Erina and Dio had spent the past fifteen years together… a newcomer wasn’t going to change the rapport the two of them had surprisingly built up.

Well, if you called advising each other and sleeping with each other a rapport.

“Darling, they were boring from the beginning,” Dio drawled, bringing her into his lap. “As if I could allow those silly nits to distract me past a necessary meal. Not when my partner-in-crime has herself done up in such a way~”

“Flattery is not quite your style, but I will take it. You know I wear such revealing clothing to attract the undesirables, yes?”

In Dio’s defense, Erina’s dress could barely be called that. The dress itself was sinfully short, showing off her long legs and hung from her shoulders emphasizing the swell of her breasts. It was a distraction and an attraction for her prey. Yet, the way Dio’s eyes hungrily swept across her body left the impression that it was also a pleasure for him to view. It was hard to ignore the ache blossoming between her legs when he looked at her like that here.

They were almost in public, sitting in a mirrored V.I.P. room after all.

“You are attracting more than undesirables,” Dio purred, angling his hips up so she could feel him through the tight fabric of his pants. “You have Jonathan’s attention as well…” Without missing a beat, his hand slid up her thigh and disappeared beneath her dress. His fingers brushed against her wet heat and she shivered. He laughed low, his breath tickling the shell of her ear as he left her with a proposition…

“Perhaps we can indulge quickly… you feel so delightfully wet and a gentleman doesn’t leave a woman wanting…”

There was a beat where she debated it, wondering whether this was something she should do. But they were in private and she was in such a good mood… and the space between her legs suddenly felt far too empty to ignore.

“You know the rules,” she finally said, turning in his lap to straddle him. Her back pressed firmly against his chest and she shivered as she felt him fumbling beneath her to remove his cock from the confines of his pants. It was almost surprising how ready he was with just one look.

“You do not face me and I do not kiss your mouth,” he remarked, a little hiss in his voice as he angled himself at her entrance. “I need no reminders, we have done this how many times?”

“You talk too much,” Erina whispered, slicking her underwear to the side to sink down on him fully.

From that point on, words failed them as the two moved their bodies in sync. Dio rolled his hips upward quickly while Erina rose and fell back rhythmically on his cock, nearly in time with the beating music outside on the dance-floor.

It was different, to see herself on the mirror paneled walls, riding a man so blatantly in public. Her dress had rode up on her thighs and she could see it plain as day, the way she looked as he disappeared in and out of her. Her panting breaths came faster the more she saw it at the same time as she felt it. Plunging deeper, harder, faster with every passing second.

Dio leaned forward then, kissing and nipping at her bare shoulder and her hand reached back, fisting his hair. Her partner’s other hand slid around to her front, tugging her dress down to palm haphazardly at her exposed breast, even rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

It was a mess but delightfully overwhelming, all the sensations playing across her body at once. Thoroughly debauched in front of her own eyes as she was fucked silly in the private quarters of an Italian nightclub. This was not the Erina Joestar of seventy years ago, and never would be… but this Erina was good in her own way too, wasn’t she?

Erina heard Dio let out a little moan and felt him twitch inside of her before she noticed... their eyes met in the mirror. The stipulation had always been that he could not face her, that she’d never look at him but meeting his eyes made her constrict around his cock regardless.

She rode him that way, staring at his reflection with every movement as he deliberately let his mouth and hand wander her body until he was thumbing at her swollen clit. She gasped and whined loudly, her voice drowned out by the music outside. A name was hanging desperately off the tip of her tongue, the one name she never wanted to say. When her orgasm finally hit, it took all of Erina’s will-power, even then in the throes of her pleasure, to say the appropriate one.

“A-Ah, Jo..Jonathan…” she whined as she let her head fall back against his shoulder, despite looking at him in the eyes the whole time. She felt the staccato movements of his hips before he finished as well, his seed painting her inner walls without bothering to give any warning.

They sat there in silence for a moment, neither of them even bothering to say anything to the other. Rather than awkwardly waiting for something to happen while his cock wilted inside of her, Erina lifted herself off of him with shaky legs, adjusting her underwear to make sure the remains of his pleasure didn’t noticeably drip down her thighs until she could clean it out.

Dio reached between her legs then, swiping a trail of his own mess from along her slit and licked it off of his fingers with a flourish that nearly left her aching for more. “That was quite the good time…” he hummed, attempting to sound conversational but there was something else in that tone of his.

She didn’t bother to broach the subject as she walked to the door on weak knees. “Yeah… I-I had better clean myself up, though. Ah, c-...could you order me a glass of wine as well?”

Dio nodded and waved her out of the room, which she graciously accepted. She needed to step outside, needed to clear her head and gather her thoughts, needed to get rid of the damn evidence from this messy encounter before the reality of it all plagued her with guilt. Her mind was reeling as she wove her way through the throng of dancers toward the nearest restroom.

Of all the things she could have possibly done… she had almost said Dio’s name.




Everything had seemed planned to a T for their transition to Cairo. Dio would arrive at the newly acquired mansion first with a retinue of their most trusted servants, ready to move in some of the more necessary items while Erina would stay behind in Italy, supervising the last of their packing.

That had actually all gone well, that is until it was Erina’s turn to be safely transported to their humble abode. She and her attendants had decided it would be best to travel through Egypt during the day, to make better time while she slept soundly in a coffin in the back of a truck.

Unfortunately for her handlers, they had not expected that any sort of accident would occur. When her coffin was thrown from the back and splintered open, nearly exposing her to the sun’s bright light and coating her in a layer of dirt and sand, Erina only had a few options. Stay where she was, allowing just any idiot to open the casket on the side of the road or she could escape.

With a wince she broke off the lid, opting to use it as a protective shield while attempting to ignore the searing pain in her fingers as she ran to find shelter somewhere away from the light. She settled for taking refuge in a nearby waterlogged pond, spending hours underwater, doing her part to avoid any sunbeams that managed to filter through the film of mud and plants that called the small body of water home.

As she sat there, still and unbreathing beneath the water, she decided to take stock of her injuries. Her hands had been badly burned and the transition into her hiding spot had left parts of her face as well as her body also terribly hurt.

She was going to look awful when she finally climbed out from beneath the waterline, no doubt filthy and drenched to the bone. But she had to get to their new dwellings… she knew where she was going and Erina was perfectly capable of walking once the sun set.

Luckily, her car had made it very close to their mansion, crashing just outside of Cairo. Once the sun had slipped under the horizon she dragged herself out of her hiding spot, soaking wet with sand and mud clinging to places it had no right being. She was positive she looked like death on two legs and onlookers seemed to pretend as if she didn’t exist. That was more than fine with her. Erina wasn’t sure she even had the strength to put a human under thrall.

It had been maybe a few hours when she finally stumbled upon the mansion. She had liked the terracotta front and walled gardens and had even planned to plant night blooming flowers if she could. Dio had enjoyed the gravitas of the place and the fact that it was an old build. It seemed right to be their new home. What gave her pause as she approached the entrance, however, was the garden door being slightly ajar.

Dio was nothing if not meticulous about his privacy. He didn’t like to invite criminals into the home to steal, he invited them in to parlay. This, in the old district of Cairo, was an invitation to the former and left her feeling off-kilter. If she hadn’t returned home at her proper time she was absolutely certain he wouldn’t have left the door open for potential trespassers. So Erina stepped forward, intent on discovering what had happened in her short absence.

As Erina opened the large wooden doors and started her way down the long corridor, she peered through the darkness looking for some sort of clue. The stone floors were cool under her bare feet until she felt something else underfoot. Something warm, squishy and… wet?

Her eyes glanced down only for her to cover her mouth and shock. She stood on the maimed body of one of Dio’s servants. The man stared up at her with lifeless eyes, his face twisted into an expression of complete agony. She stepped back with a gasp and glanced down the hall. Bodies seemed to dot the expanse of the passage moving forward...

Who had done something so horrible…?

Despite walking with newfound purpose, Erina continued at a snail’s pace, taking in the grisly scene while trying to decipher just how many humans had been slaughtered. Was Dio hurt? That thought weighed heavily on her mind and on her heart. The fact that she even thought the question with a pang of worry of all things made her gut twist in guilt. Could she even kill him now, if faced with the opportunity? Decades ago she wouldn’t have hesitated, but now…

Her heart gave a traitorous sigh of relief when she saw the soft glow of lamplight coming from what would have been her master bedroom with Dio. But even so, the existing tension never left her behind… it lingered. From beyond the door, she could hear labored breathing and the sound of tearing fabric. Never a good sign. It took her a moment to summon the courage to open the door and see what was inside… but when she did, she was struck with surprise and concern.

Dio stood in her line of sight facing their open closet. His shoulders rose and fell in time with the heavy breathing she had heard before and draped across his palms she saw shreds of fabric, no doubt torn apart with his long, sharp nails. She recognized the fabric immediately. It was one of her more revealing dresses, used to force her prey out of hiding and one of her favorites at that. But the blue fabric lay in tatters in his hands. Around him the room was no better, furniture overturned, sheets ripped and destroyed, the curtains he had insisted on procuring for around their bed were split and hanging haphazardly around a bare king sized mattress.

He didn’t even attempt to look her way. “GET OUT!” he snarled, clutching the scraps of fabric until his nails drew blood. The tone of his voice was primal and almost sounded… broken. She had never, ever seen him like this. Not in the decades they had spent traveling together.

“What’s gotten into you…?” She finally spoke up. “What happened here?” Her voice was soft like addressing a wounded animal and Dio’s head immediately snapped in her direction. He was frozen for a moment. It was hard not to notice how big his red eyes had gotten and how deep the dark circles seemed to be beneath them. For lack of a better term… he looked like shit.

Something was working through the man’s mind slowly but surely. The silence was making her more and more nervous as the seconds ticked on. Something truly terrible must have happened.

But then… he was moving. His strides were big enough to clear the distance between them in a few seconds. What was even more shocking now was the look on his face. He resembled a man starved, finally allowed to partake in table scraps for the first time in years. She knew not what to say or do in those moments except to just let him do as he pleased.

He reached out for her then, taking hold of her face with faintly trembling hands. His thumb running along the planes of her cheekbones while he merely looked on. It was as if he was scared she would disappear from his grasp and that look terrified her.

What could have gotten him to this point?

“D-Did someone… attack the mansion?” She asked, daring to break the oppressive silence that fell between them. But he continued to say nothing, instead running his fingers along the planes of her face, almost as if taking stock of all her features.

Fear gripped her heart and she brought her hands to rest on his shoulders, giving them a tight squeeze. “Dio… what am I missing here?”

Something dawned on Dio’s face then and the horribly desperate and blank look in his eyes morphed into something else. Before she could even get a good look however, he was pressing his face in the crook of her neck and wrapping his arms tightly around her midsection. It was no normal embrace. She breathed in sharply. His hold was far too tight to be comfortable and Jonathan’s body nearly engulfed her whole. Her burns were far too fresh to remain in that hug without some pain.

When he finally spoke, his voice was low and only slightly muffled. “Don’t do anything so foolish again…” The words hung in the air and simultaneous pangs of confusion and offense hit her at once. Foolish? She simply walked home. “I should have known I couldn’t have trusted those brainless insects with your care. I wouldn’t have trusted our most expensive paintings to them, I don’t know how they convinced me they were better off accompanying you instead. Yet they return to me speaking of your demise? What absolute disappointing failures… unworthy of even licking my boots clean. They were even wrong about that. And those that had the nerve to run...”

The world seemed to grind to a halt as Erina processed the information laid out for her. Two things became painfully clear in an instant. The first was that Dio had thought she perished in the earlier accident. The second being that Dio was the cause of the carnage outside… murdering servants in a fit of unbridled rage. The knowledge that the blood of those bodies in the hall was inadvertently on her hands made her feel woozy.

Erina Joestar had come to view human life as a resource in certain instances, but she made an effort to retain vestiges of her humanity after all…

“It was… an unforeseen accident. Not even a human error,” she replied quickly, fingers digging into his shoulders. “Those who accompanied me and reported to you… a-are they alright?”

He laughed at her question. A low, raspy chuckle that reverberated through her skin, into the marrow of her very bones until she knew without a shadow of a doubt that he had not spared them. Not even a single one.

Erina released him then, attempting to stumble back and away but Dio held fast. He clung to her tightly, although he did withdraw his face from her neck. The guilt of this whole situation left her blood running ice cold. “Th..there was no reason for you to-- b-but you killed them? All because they arrived without me in tow?!”

“Oh, no. Do not be mistaken… Those who were willing to return here empty handed were rewarded for their efforts. The ones unable to own up to their neglectful shortcomings, however…” His voice trailed off and she felt the malice in his tone sit upon her skin like a film, branding her as the end of people who did not deserve it.

She struggled to break out of his hold. Too much had just been said, too much responsibility for a tragic loss of life heaped on her brow. But he held fast and she couldn’t manage to worm her way out of his wanting embrace after the fatigue of the whole day. “What was their reward then?!” She hissed low during the struggle. “A few hours of borrowed time?! You’re trying to use sweet honeyed words to misdirect me, but I refuse to fall victim to it!”

Her tone was one full of venom but that did not stop him. Instead, Dio reached up to gingerly card his fingers through her hair. The gesture could have been considered tender, hell, even romantic in other circumstances until he spoke up. “Cowardice brings forth execution…” He purred low, his breath puffing warmly against her ear. “...Incompetence demands sacrifice.”

STOP! Stop SAYING THAT!” She shouted, thrashing in his grip and managing to at least put a little distance between them. His hands despite everything, still held tightly to her waist. “Th-They were loyal to you! Would have done anything to please you…!”

When he met her eyes once more, his expression was dark. “You say this as if they wouldn’t have met their end all the same, darling. Their mistake was deciding to find employment here.” It was an unpleasant truth but a truth nonetheless. One she had unconsciously always acknowledged. It was why she tried so hard to change the minds of some of their servants, deter their attention elsewhere. But Dio’s charisma often trumped her own clumsy attempts.

All the fight and upset left her immediately. After everything she just felt tired and dirty, like it was just one more weight thrown onto her back. One more thing for her to answer for in the future.

“I’m dirty,” she finally mumbled out, alleviating the tense silence that had fallen between them. “You should let me go and I’ll… I’ll get in the bath.”

Rather than answering, he pulled her close and began pressing kisses to her dirt streaked skin. Dio, more than anything, preferred to be elegant and clean and put together. She had never seen him subject himself to something like this, muck against his lips. “W-What are you doing?” She rasped after finding her voice. “...Dio, I’m filthy… I-I spent hours hiding out in a pond.”

He didn’t answer her, only a guttural sound escaped him as his lips danced across her face and neck. He was careful to avoid her burns, even as he dragged his tongue along her jaw. It made her shiver. No, he made her shiver.

Dio was a man possessed right now, scooping Erina up in his arms before she could bother bathing. She held tightly to him as he walked them toward their bed… or rather mattress. “W..wait-- I’ll dirty the mattress if you lay me down on that… the sheets are gone too!”

“We will be getting new bedding soon. No need to concern yourself with insignificant things,” he replied quietly, placing her beneath him with tender care. He paused momentarily, as if taking in the scene before him like he wished to commit it to memory. Erina was in no way a vision in this instance. Mud covered her body in streaks and blotches while dried blood clung to the soles of her feet, scarring sunburns left her skin a patchwork quilt. And yet, he savored the view.

When he came back to himself, Dio was content to continue kissing a trail down her skin. The air between them seemed to heat up and she distantly wondered why he was doing this here and now? Like this? But after her harrowing day, after the loss of life, she too craved closeness.

His hands worked her over slowly, dragging down her sides as he kissed her. His reactions felt like a man discovering an oasis in the desert. Yet instead of greedily drinking all at once, he relished in the blessing and took his time. He slipped between her thighs and rubbed against sand-peppered skin, as if he was trying to memorize every inch of her by touch until she was the only thing that consumed his every thought… his very being.

After a moment Dio pushed her skirt up, bunching it at her hips. The underwear that blocked his path didn’t fare as nicely. He tore away the dampened fabric with his nails before freeing himself from the unbuttoned black pants he wore, which were already hanging low.

Erina, despite everything, spread her legs for him. She was going to indulge him and do the very same for herself. She let out a yelp of delight as he pushed in without any fanfare. They had never been face-to-face like this in their coupling, but it felt right now. He pressed his forehead to her dirty one and in response, she hooked her leg around his waist, drawing him in close.

It was intense and different. As he began to rut against her, pushing his throbbing cock in and out at a slow and methodical pace, she realized this was not about a frenzied fuck. This was about them, about being granted opportunity to be joined like this again in the first place. The look on his face almost seemed open and honest in the midst of a fuck, it was a side of him she had never really been aware of before. Her own honesty in these intimate, bared moments left her moaning and keening in response to his movements as opposed to speaking out.

“I-It feels as if you’re going to disappear from beneath my fingers,” Dio rasped as he snapped his hips against her almost too harshly. His voice was wavering with every pleasurable thrust, every meeting of skin to skin, every flutter of her pulsing, sensitive heat around him. She was absolutely addictive, in ways actions alone couldn’t properly convey. “I don’t care what state you’re in. Whether you’re streaked with dirt or marked by my lipstick… I’ll have you any and every way I can get you.” He growled low in the back of his throat.

Erina’s arms hooked around his neck and she stared right into his glittering red eyes. He was a man of contradictions, never speaking what he meant and allowing for his dangerous intent to come through in his playful tone. Now however, the tables had turned. He was speaking all of these things, all of these painfully honest things, and hiding it beneath a tone of possession.

When Dio drew his left hand back up from it’s tight grip on her hip bone, Erina’s mind was in a pleasant fog of lust. Still, it was not enough to leave her unaware when he brought his wrist to his mouth and scored a few cuts along the skin with his teeth. “D-Drink,” he hissed in pleasure. Erina didn’t need much more than that before she slipped one hand from the perch at his neck just to grab it and bring his bleeding wrist to her lips. With each minute that she drank from him, she felt her burns subsiding more and more. With every hazy sip at his wrist, she felt his blood painting her lips, spilling down her neck and relished in the feeling. When her burns melted away she merely lapped at the wound for a moment, savoring the taste before letting go.

Spurred on by the changes in their interactions, by today’s events, by everything snowballing all at once, when Erina let go she leaned up and kissed him… welcoming the blend of saliva and blood that overcame her senses. Dio’s thrusts became erratic for a moment, like his body was uncertain of what to do with itself. She had broken one of her rules then and there, kissing him squarely on the mouth with blood-stained lips and choosing to savor every second of it.

Her tongue slipped past his lips and it felt like she was drunk. The feeling of their mouths and hips meeting, working in perfect tandem was just overwhelming. They stayed like that, joined together in two ways before a particularly hard thrust rocked her to the core. She jerked her head away with a breathless whine… only to break her second, most unspoken, rule.

“D-Dio…!” She moaned, squeezing around him. She felt Dio shudder in response above her.

Good girl,” he answered with a throaty gasp of his own. His free hand reached up to run his fingers through her hair, praising her for uttering that forbidden name. “A-Again…,” he mumbled, the word seemed to be steeped in desperation and need. It was as if everything in that moment hinged on her giving into his request… and she’d be a fool not to deliver.

It was almost like after years of consciously deciding not to say it, Dio’s name had backed up in her mind to a point that she couldn’t close the floodgates when she finally allowed herself to do so. Her desperate chant of “Dio, Dio, Dio… ” started to bleed together into unintelligible noises but each one made him hold tighter, it left him thrusting into her faster, harder and deeper than he had before. She tried her best to meet him halfway, but this was his show and Erina Joestar surrendered herself to Dio Brando thoroughly leaving her senseless.

When her orgasm struck, he only quickened the pace. It didn’t matter how loud she cried or went as taut as a bowstring, he had no intention of stopping. His hips continued to rock and he kept to claiming her until she felt another building up. Her second was harder than the last and her walls spasmed, no doubt wetting his cock and the mattress beneath her. She almost didn’t notice that Dio had buried himself in deep one last time, but knew her body was milking him for everything he was worth… as if welcoming him home for the first time in years.


Erina had no idea how long they laid there as she waited for her mind to float back from the ceiling. Her mind was slowly coming back to her when Dio slumped forward, caging her between himself and the mattress as he nibbled at her earlobe.

She realized then that she was far dirtier than she was before. The grit, dirt and dried blood were nothing compared to the smears of green lipstick, the wet blood cooling on her face and neck, and now the sopping, glistening mess of slick and seed that leaked out but nevertheless connected their most intimate parts. She needed to clean herself up… there was no way she could stay like this.

She started to wriggle out from beneath him, using her vampiric strength to push him off of her enough so that she could climb out. Before her feet met the cool stone floor however, he had reached out for her, grasping her gently by the wrist. “Where are you going?” he asked with an inflection that was so transparent it almost made her heart ache. There was fear there… all of this was from fear and worry, wasn’t it? He had thought her dead… lost to him forever. This was how he communicated all of those unspoken feelings… unspoken words... and coped.

“Just going to take a bath,” she answered softly, looking at him over her shoulder and trying to give him her best reassuring smile. A little difficult after the day she had. “I’m gross...”

“Allow me, then.”

Before she could even answer he scooped her up in his arms again, walking her to the bathroom connected to their bedroom. “What--? What are you doing?”

“I’m sure your legs are shot after… all of that, darling. I am perfectly capable of drawing you a bath as well. Consider this a treat for… still breathing.” His voice was teasing, like they hadn’t just had their way with each other. The playful lilt of each syllable made her tremble.

Surely, this whole evening was going to be one more thing for her to be ashamed of. One more dark spot to hate once the fog cleared and she remembered just what her life was. Just who she was meant to be married to. Right now however, she simply settled in his arms. One day the list would be too long and all of her guilt and shame would run together in despair.

But today was not that day and she would put that off for as long as she could.

“Let me guess, you will be joining me in the tub then?”

“Ah, you know me far too well, Erina~”

Things had changed. Lines had been crossed that she was not sure she could come back from, or if she really wanted to. But Dio could always be counted on to make her feel like nothing of consequence had really changed after all...