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A Knight at the Bar

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She had been on a site called Species Meet for a while, like six months and nothing no alert that someone had liked her profile picture, no messages on her Omni tool stating someone wanted to set up a date with her. She was practically giving up now as it was. She mashed the keys on her Omni tools display and closed the program. She would delete the account in the morning.

Sighing she leaned back in the couch, it was getting late in the afternoon and she wanted to go out this Saturday. Friday had been a bust her friends were all occupied with their significant others. leaving Abagail alone with her thoughts, besides she hated going out with her friend when they were seeing someone it left an awkward silence in the air, the conversations were stale and dry. She had the impression they were just pitying her.

Maybe there was something wrong with her? she had a steady office job in the insurance sector, looking at all sorts of accident reports between shuttles amid species it was her job to look at C-Sec reports and eye witness accounts and deem whose fault it was. Maybe that was a huge turn off? Maybe they saw her as boring? Maybe the people on Species Meet were not into humans? She at least thought an Asari would look at her picture.

She was not a model, sporting a bit of a tummy and a…maybe a bit of a rear? She had an office job for crying out loud she sat all day, Not that she passed on the gym. Hell she had even tried to meet someone there. They were all muscle bound gorgeous examples of their species lean and toned and sculpted.
She had struck out with so many human men she decided to branch out and go for someone else, anyone else. She just was tired of living in a tiny cramped apartment alone. Waking up and going to be alone. She wanted someone to talk to and she wanted someone to ask her how her day was, offer a kind word or touch after she had a long day—someone to care she existed.

Still going over her supposed flaws she was short—like just shy of being five foot nothing. The people on Species Meet average height even for females was a healthy six foot. She was a dwarf. Sighing she sat up and got off the couch heading to the bathroom. She was getting down on herself and she needed to quit before she ended up in her bedroom with a sappy love story vid and a tub of chocolate ice cream…eating her feelings.

Switching the light on Abby looked over herself. Well she at least had some sort of a color in her cheeks, her heritage helped her retain some color but she guessed she was pale—tiny freckles that dusted her nose and cheeks. Her hair was in a cute cut, done on a whim when she had a girl’s day with Jennifer she wondered how chad and she was doing how they were liking the new scenery after leaving the Citadel.

She sported an undercut something revived from a few dozen generations ago. But she tended to not wear it like she should and had it up in a bun giving her a masculine look. Sighing she rolled her eyes the aqua blue orbs peering out at her in distaste through heavy rimmed frames. Maybe she could do a spa day, or maybe go shopping and have a treat yourself day—but she had bills that needed to be payed and spa day was boring without friends.
You can try that new bar down in ward 5, you know the one past the gardens? Her mind supplied as she gave a grimace at her own reflection. She never was one to hang around bars—her friends had met their husbands there, but she was never the one to like recreational drinking.

“Alright Abby we can do this.” She tried to sound confident in her own words but was withering as the seconds ticked by. First she needed to see if she had something to wear there…

Super Nova was a human themed bar that was themed after records of clubs back on earth, it opened promptly at ten in the evening and closed around two in the morning. It had been open for about a month and she was shocked she was standing there in line. There were all manner of species in line, but she spied mostly humans though which was a bit of a letdown. Maybe the atmosphere was not something that attracted the other worldly sort.
She berated herself for thinking that—don’t be so harsh human culture is as rich and exotic as any other Citadel species. Maybe it’s an acquired taste and over time more Species would come here. Most looked like couples in line as they huddled close to one another speaking over the heavy base coming from inside. Oh no Abigale was going to go deaf in there she had a feeling.

She stood in line for about two hours before she made it to the bouncers—both humans and towered over her tiny frame they chuckled and asked if she was lost, asked how old she was and wanted to know if her mother knew she was out this late. Her face burned as she dug into her purse and yanked out her ID showing them she was almost thirty years old. This was insulting and when they let her in she pretended like they were not laughing at her.
The loud techno music was deafening… alright she was here—now what? The floor was painted black—most of the furniture she saw around her was black as pitch the bar in the back of the establishment was the only area that had open seats.

The center of the floor was a writhing mass of humans and also some aliens dancing… the floor was lit with flashing purple and pink lights… causing colors to take on harsh tones she was a little intimidated she had to go through all that to get to the bar… shit.
She also took note of the sudden temperature spike in here and it wasn’t from her blush that formed on her cheeks from the particular “dirty” dancing that was going on. This was a culture shock and she felt sweat gather at her brow and small of her back as she took a deep breath and started to make her way through along the perimeter of the dance floor.

She had no idea that there were eyes on her the whole time, snickers died in the techno music and the insults that flew her way were vaporized by the sheer volume of this bar. Her mind a torrent of despair looking at all the “beautiful people” the tall, skinny, and beautiful caramel skin of her fellow females. She was only jostled and knocked a bit as she made it to the bar and located a stool at the corner and with some effort made her way up and onto the seat. Here we go Abby let’s make this count. She smiled at her accomplishment.

“What will you have?” The male bartended pretended to give her attention. She could tell in his eyes he was not interested but he earned his tips and paycheck by pretending every woman who came in was the most alluring thing he had seen.

Oh shit… she never thought about having to order… she didn’t drink.

“I uh—I will have something non-alcoholic please I’m meeting a friend.”

So lame Abby!

“Uh—alright.” He rolled his eyes disappeared to help someone else and she sighed rejected again.

Abagail didn’t look up from the counter while the bartender ignored her, a lot of time was passing her by and she was too scared to raise her voice to get his attention. She had yet to see anyone look her way, well duh Abby you are staring into a black marble counter top, what do you expect to see other than your own sad reflection looking back at you?

Someone came to the rescue though it scared the hell out of her as a massive three fingered fist slammed down on the counter. She jumped as well as a few others around her as the male looked up and scowled at the shadowed figure.

“The lady said she wanted a drink…”

The voice was flanged, deep and striking she shivered—the dual tone gave away his irritated rumble as well as his words. She hadn’t even seen this guy till now but could tell by the empty glasses around him that he had been here a while. Holy crap how had she missed this guy?

He was positively massive—the glass he held in his other hand as he was flashed with purple and pink flashing light looked comically small like a shot glass to a human but that was no shot glass in his hand. It was hard to make out any detail but the Turian male growled when the boy looked slacked jawed and as he darted off to fill her order the Turian gave her a nod and killed his drink tossing his head back.

“T—thank you.” Her voice was meek and warbled like a terrified child…

His eyes watched her a moment as if sizing her up and then he stood up from his stool she heard the groan even over the headache inducing music as he rose skyward… holy shit. She blinked shocked up at him then realized she was gawking at him. He didn’t give her another look as he slipped into the darkness and left a seat open.

Her drink came promptly after that and she lost sight of the lumbering giant….