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|Taking Turns| Aizawa x Reader

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*Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt*

It was the first thing I hear every morning, even though most of the time I wake up before the loud alarm even sounded. Today was no different; I turn it off before getting out of bed to stretch. It is my first day at UA and of course, it's a bit nerve-wracking, but I got into the Hero course in the Class 1-A. So it was exciting to see which Pro would be my homeroom teacher.

When it came to Pro's I have a bit of an obsession over them, not in the 'Oh I admire them so much! They are literally my Heros!' More in a, 'Oh god they are all attractive. How are they so attractive?!' type of way. But that is something I've learned to keep to myself over the years.

I look in the mirror and see my messy hair, chuckle a bit before changing into my new uniform and doing my hair the same way I do every day, pulling it back to keep it out of my face. I wear the normal girls' uniform with the one exception of my long socks that cover my legs completely. When I finish getting ready I make my way down the stairs to the kitchen. The house is empty like it is every morning. First thing is to go to the fridge and heat up breakfast before eating, grabbing my bag, and heading out.

It wasn't a super long walk, just long enough to think quietly to myself, but of course I got a bit worried about what would happen when I finally arrived at school. My quirk wasn't one that was flashy, or easily noticeable. At this point I'm still figuring out all its uses, I've had good training on how to use it in combat, and am skilled in many aspects of it, which is one of the reasons on how I got into UA on a recommendation.

My quirk is called Transfer. I can transfer damage or injuries from myself onto objects or another person, which is the simplest way to put it. There are still many small parts to this quirk that are complicated and I've yet to delve into, but it was quite a unique one, to say the least.

By the time my thoughts had stopped roaming I was already at the gate of UA which surprised me a bit, but I couldn't help but grin at the sight of the large campus. This was the school my mother and father graduated from, and it was surreal to be standing where so many Pro Heroes stood. Quickly, I walk to the building with genuine pep in my step and a grin that I couldn't seem to wipe off my face.

Soon enough I arrive at 1-A, a lot of students had already made it inside, only two who I recognized. That being Todoroki Shoto and Yaoyorozu Momo. Everyone else I've never seen before, but they all seemed a bit rowdy. I sat down in my seat that's in the front row and middle of the class, intently staring at the door, waiting for the teacher to come through, but jumped when someone tapped me on my shoulder.

"I didn't notice you at the entrance exam, are you one of the students who got in on recommendation?" A voice asked in a deeper voice with a bit of curiosity.

I quickly turned to see a guy with the head of a bird which fascinated me to no end. "Yeah, I'm (L/N F/N), it's nice to meet you!" The grin I held wouldn't leave my lips. The excitement wanted to overflow.

"I'm Tokoyami Fumikage. It's nice to meet you (L/N)." He said with a nod, formal and a bit serious but definitely nice none the less.

While we began to talk, a loud guy with blonde spiky hair and another guy with smoothed down blue hair seemed to be getting into an argument, but after a little bit the door opened and a green haired boy walked in, the commotion moved toward him before a girl walked behind him. They all seemed energetic and maybe a bit nervous but who knows.

After a second a voice came from behind them, "If you're just here to make friends you can pack up your stuff now." That voice was very, very familiar. "Welcome to UA's Hero Course." His voice was unamused and kept almost a dull tone. The three standing at the door seemed a bit weirded out and shocked at the same time. "It took you eight seconds before you all shut up. That's not gonna work." He said as he still was hidden behind the door in the hallway. "Time is precious, rational students would understand that." With that, he walked in past the doorframe and my heart almost burst. "Hello, I'm Shouta Aizawa. Your Teacher." He glanced around the room and I couldn't help but stare.

He would be my teacher?! My heart beat heavily and I couldn't help but put my head in my hands.

"Right, Let's get to it. Put these on and head outside." He said as he held up a gym uniform. Everyone seemed a bit confused. He caught a glance at me and seemed to raise a corner of his lips before leaving.

Shouta was going to be my teacher this year...It would've been fine if it was anyone but him...anyone.