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[podfic] Being the Correspondance of a Royal Protector

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Streaming and download (mp3): dropbox - google drive


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Notes: this was recorded at Europodfriends 2018! With Tinypinkmouse as the narrator, Jenepod as Daud, The24thkey as Hiram Burrows, Vidriana as Sebastian Fletcher, Annapods as Corvo Attano, Fishpatrol as Emily Kaldwin and Farley Havelock (I think?), Podfic-lover as Anton Sokolov and Lady Boyle, Vaysh as Jessamine Kaldwin, and Idella as TP and Pendleton and Pendleton.
Anna is using it for the “epistolary” square of her Podfic Bingo 2018 card.
Thanks to Smaragdina for giving blanket permission to podfics!