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To Hide a Soul

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So far, it'd been a pretty awesome week. On Monday, you had gotten the shift hours you'd been coveting for the past two years. You were a nurse, and normally your shift hours followed mostly night shifts with the occasional shift that would last late into the morning. To be frank, it felt like these brutal hours that started around 9 pm and could last all the way to 9 am were going to be the death of you. Of course, this pain all ended recently when one of the senior nurses quit, and you made it clear that his former hours now were rightfully yours. You could finally sleep like a normal human instead of some coffee-driven creature of the night.

The only thing dampening your mood was the fact that you had been evicted from your apartment for the third time that year and it was only May. You actually got evicted rather often, thanks to your previous shift hours and the very odd sleep schedule that accompanied it. Every time you were evicted, it was because how often you had managed to wake up your neighbors at the unholy hours of 3 or even 4 am on days like Saturday or Sunday, thanks to your sleep schedule. You were downright dreading that you wouldn't even be able to find an apartment complex willing to take you because of your horrible recommendations from your previous apartments, but thankfully enough the first landlord you messaged didn't even ask for recommendations. He simply just asked when you could move in, which was a curveball you sure weren't expecting.

You weren't sure whether it was the apartments cheap rate or the seemingly apathetic landlord, but you were rather worried about the quality of your new apartment. Whatever the case may be, you would know soon enough. Honestly, as long as your apartment wasn't full of monsters, you didn't care. It wasn't that you were racist or anything. You had a legitimate reason to be wary of them. You, or more specifically your soul, wasn't exactly normal, and you had known this since you were very young. Ever since the monsters came out of Mount Ebott, they'd educated the humans about souls and their properties. Even without the monsters help, you had known the properties of a soul for quite some time. Your father was the one who taught you about them. He was also the one that taught you that your soul wasn't normal, and the reasons behind it.

Your mother was like any other human, except she managed to stumble upon the last known monster camp after the wars between humans and monsters. Somehow, these monsters had avoided getting spotted by the military for quite some time, and they were managing to live quiet, secret lives. Your mother had fallen in love with one monster, your father, and they eventually had you. It took a few years after you were born, but eventually, another human found out about the monsters and ratted them out to the government. You were forced to flee with your mother to keep them from learning about your origins. After that, you never learned what happened to your father or monster friends, but could only assume the worst.

Ever since then, you'd spent your life finishing school, then college. Present day, you worked as a nurse and spent most of your free time locked up alone in your apartment mixed with the occasional hang out with your only real friend, Thomas. You didn't really hang out with anyone else but him, not that this bothered you. You'd rather have one close friend than a million acquaintances. As of right now, you were traveling in Thomas' car towards your new apartment.

You felt the worried anticipation digging a pit in your stomach, half expecting the apartment complex to be in shambles for the low price it was costing you. You stared out the window silently watching all the buildings, people, and occasional monster zoom past until they were lost behind you in a deep mist that engulfed the city. Heavy fog rolled along the streets like thick balls of wool, and the sky above matched the scenery quite well. The clouds were a deep grey and looked ready to burst with a downpour of rain any second. Most people dreaded days like this. The streets would become muddy and hard to walk, you were guaranteed to get soaked from even a short walk, and traffic would slow to a snail's pace from people being worried to drive fast in the mixture of thick fog and rain, but you had a deep fondness for days like this. On days like this, you would enjoy nothing more than to curl up on a porch with an overhead cover and watch as sheets of rain fell onto the street like streamlined bullets. You truly couldn't wait until the clouds finally gave way to release a shower from above. You could only hope the clouds would be courteous enough to wait until you were fully moved in. After all, you didn't exactly want to be trying to dry off all of your belongings for the next week or so. Lost in thought, you barely realize when the car pulls into a parking space right in front of your new apartment complex.

"Huh, it doesn't seem to be in shambles from the outside at least." You feel a spark of hope ignite in your soul at the prospect that your apartment may not be a dingy rat's nest. You hear Thomas let out a relieved sigh beside you.

"Me too. I was worried this was gonna end up like the hobo squatter apartment fiasco all over again."

He gave out a hearty laugh after promptly reminding you of the time when you moved into an apartment where a hobo had obviously lived for quite some time. The landlord didn't even bother to check the apartment's condition before letting you in, which was how you saw the whole scene. Man was the poor guy horrified you were gonna immediately rip up your leasing contract.

"Me and you both. For the price I'm getting this place, I was honestly expecting it to be exactly that." You giggle back in response before you both climb out of the car, and head towards the You Haul that was hooked onto the back. You watch as he pulls a small key that was tucked away in his pocket and unlocks the door to the You Haul.

"I'm gonna go get the key to the room. Give me a second and I'll help you unload all the stuff." You comment before walking into the building immediately heading towards the front desk. A small pudgy man sits there seemingly working on a computer in front of him.

"Excuse me? I'm the new tenant, Calibri. I was hoping to get the key to my apartment. I know I didn't give any warning that I'd be coming, but I already finished the paperwork. I was hoping to be able to move in today. I don't really have anywhere to stay right now, so even if it's not completely prepared for me to move in yet, I'd be fine finishing the cleaning and such myself." You look at him hopefully, half expecting him to shoo you out based on the emails he'd sent to you, which were all written very nonchalantly.

"Eh? Well you certainly weren't lying when you said you could move in right away, were you?" He gave a warm chuckle before reaching under his desk for something. "Admittedly, it isn't completely ready yet, but all it really needs is a good dusting and a quick sweep. So if you really don't mind all that, then you're free to go ahead and move in. I received all the paperwork you sent this morning, so there aren't any legalities we have to worry about."

You feel your heart soar. The landlord seemed like a genuinely friendly guy, and the interior of the building seemed rather well kept. Which kept the lingering question on your mind: Why was it so cheap? You ignore that for the time being and wait expectantly as he shuffles through a drawer full of keys.

"Here's a key. You're room in room 3J. That's on floor three." You take the key from his hands and give a thankful nod before triumphantly walking out the door. You hold the key in the air for your friend to see, and he gives you a thumbs up.

"We should probably go check out the room before we start moving my stuff up there, right? You know, to get a layout of where we should put everything." You shout as you walk to him. He nods and walks to your side to join you. Together, you walk back in and take the stairs until you reach the third floor. You exit the stairwell together and begin to wander the halls until you stumble upon a room labeled 3J.

"Awesome! Look, I got an end room! That means I only have to worry about one room of noisy neighbors beside me!" You give him a delighted glance and quickly unlock the room before stepping in. It was a rather humble room. It had a compact kitchen that was joined with the living room, and two open doorways that revealed the bathroom and bedroom. It wasn't huge, but it also wasn't tiny. It was more than you were expecting for your money, and it wasn't dirty either. You take a moment to admire your room before you notice a small glass door leading outside.

"DOES IT HAVE A BALCONY!?" You practically squeal in delight. "THOMAS I THINK IT HAS A BALCONY!" You squeal out again before he puts a hand over your mouth.

"First off, no more coffee for you today. Second off, let's check it out. It may just be a fire escape." He gives a slight smile at your enthusiasm, and you race towards the door hoping for the best. You open it in a hurried motion and stare in delight at the balcony before you. It wasn't magnificent, as it was a joint balcony that seemed to meet with every other room and had no dividers between rooms, but you were absolutely fine with that.

"Why is this place so cheap?! It's pretty great!" You say confused with a smile on your face that stretched from ear to ear. Thomas gives you an equally confused shrug.

"I don't know. I'd be wary though. What if it's like a drug den or something?" He comments before you both head back downstairs to start unloading all your belongings. It takes about 2 hours before you've officially unloaded all your belongings and boxes into the apartment, and about 2 more after that for you and Thomas to get everything unpacked and in place. The apartment still looked rather bare, now only containing the essentials for each room with no decoration, but you didn't mind this much. You were never really a big decorator. By the time Thomas and you finish, it's about 7 pm, and you can actually hear your stomach growling like a bear. Thomas gives a hearty laugh after hearing the growl himself, and you decided to treat him to dinner for helping you unpack.

As you and Thomas get ready to head out, you begin to hear talking next door. You look at Thomas confused, having thought your neighbors weren't home, but obviously, you were wrong.

"SANS! I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN UP YOUR SOCKS! UNDYNE AND ALPHYS WILL BE OVER AT ANY MOMENT! SURELY NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR SOCK TORNADOES EXCEPT FOR YOU!" One voice loudly yells. God, he was really loud. You sigh realizing having just this one neighbor may be worse than if all your walls were connected to another apartment room. You give an exasperated sigh and glance over at Thomas, who seems equally stunned by the volume of your neighbor's voice. You both quickly exit the building, not wanting to end up with headaches at the volume of that person's voice, whoever they were.

After a hardy meal, Thomas drops you back off at your new apartment, and you thank him for helping you move in. You both part ways and you head up to your apartment secretly hoping that your neighbor was just in a bad mood, and the volume that his voice was at wasn't a common happening. You enter your apartment and plop down on the couch. You turn on the TV that sat on top of a sturdy coffee table and begin to flip through channels for something to watch. Next door, you hear an assortment of different voices. One stays at a constant and insanely loud volume, one seems to flicker between a normal tone and a tone similar to the one you first heard, and the other two are mostly normal. After a while, the intensity of the two voices seem to become normal to you, and you eventually drift into a calm sleep without a worry in the world. Thankfully, you had tomorrow to relax in the confines of your apartment before Monday rolled back around, and you would have to start waking up early for your new work schedule.