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The Smut Exhibition Vol. I

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Hey there, I’m WaddleBuff, founder and curator of The Black Penguin.


The Black Penguin is a group of smut-centric content creators, and our writers are just as varied as the stories we craft.


Some of us have been doing this for a long time. Some of us have just started. Regardless, this exhibition was created to showcase the very best, and we hope that effort shines through!


Thank you for dropping by, and we hope you enjoy the show here at the Exhibition!





  Exhibit List



First Reward by TheLastYukami

[Yoko, Kamina] Gurren Lagann

[vanilla, first time, oral sex, facial, defloration]


Littner is set alight in celebration after Simon and Kamina defeat Viral. While the young pilot cheers and eats with the villagers, Kamina is pulled away by Yoko to be properly rewarded.



         Emily's Birthday Present by bottombitch 

[Tracer, Emily, OC] Overwatch

[cock worship, rimming, cuckqueen, scent kink]


Tracer wasn’t sure when Emily requested this for her birthday gift, but now she’s glad she said yes.



         Tending to the Dragon by whackybiscuit 

[Orihime, Yamamoto] Bleach

[paizuri, oral, age gap]


Orihime is asked to watch over a ill Yamamoto by Unohana. But when the medicine causes a strange side effect, Orihime's curiosity gets the better of her.



Warm in the Cold by EndmostGekko

[Ruby, Weiss] RWBY

[whiterose, lesbian]


 Adult Ruby stops by the Schnee Castle to pay Adult Weiss a visit.



Moonlit Bay in the Oceans of Time by scrib_eyeSteak

[Link, Mipha] The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild

[xenophillia, blowjobs, first time, standing sex, cowgirl]


A Divine Beast hails beyond time to give her last champion a much needed boon - a single night.



Pero's Recording by whackybiscuit

[Orihime, Hollow] Bleach

[noncon, tentacles, rough sex]


While looking for Kisuke, Ichigo comes across his computer and finds archived footage from Pero, Kisuke's flying camera. When he clicks on it, Ichigo finds out what really happened to Orihime while she was training in Hueco Mundo!



 Marathon by The Lady Crane

[Meta Knight, Ike, Marth] Super Smash Bros.

[yaoi, threesome, marathon sex, competitive sex]


Ike and Meta Knight are competitive, and Marth isn't complaining.



Eclipse of Twilight by scrib_eyeSteak

[Cia, Wolf Link] The Legend of Zelda 

[bestiality, blowjob, doggystyle, cowgirl, multiple creampie, magical boosting]


The witch of time has grown lonely, and eager for some companionship - any form will do.



A Chthonic Love by JohnnyMueller

[Franchouchou, OC] Zombie Land Saga

[harem, multiple sex scenes, femdom, futanari, threesomes]


One submissive sex demon plus a group of horny undead idols equals a day more exciting than a night at the opera.



 Mordred Gets Egged by Shivern

[Mordred, Artoria] Fate Grand Order

[yuri, futanari, oviposition]


Artoria has Mordred complete some tests, to know the knight can be trusted in their knew place at Chaldea.

However, when the king pulls out a mighty rod, and said rod functions far differently than the knight expects, Mordred simply has to weather through it.



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Got ideas, art, or just wanna chat? Join us on Discord! Let’s create together. 


 by TheLastYukami


The jolly cheers and roars of triumph echoed through the cavern of the overworld village Littner, the numerous inhabitants celebrating not just another day victorious over the constant beastmen threat, but the induction of the newest duo who bested the elite soldier and his dangerously powerful gunman, Viral. The villagers held no exempt to cheer for the youngest pilot of the gunmen team Simon, food and drink caught throughout the day cooked and fed to everyone.

Simon was widely smiling, having food and drink handed to him every time he passed another person, along with congratulations in the forms of ruffled hair, shoulder holds and the occasional pickup. The furry companion Boota sat on his head the whole way, takingg larger scraps of the food given and devouring it with glee, not having eaten from other villages spurring the small rodent as much as the continued cheers.

"If there was ever a time to celebrate making it through just one day, it'd have to be today," Dayakka spoke, hand gripping the handle of his own large mug with berry juice meeting it's rim. Besides him was the ever working, ever enigmatic Leeron analyzing and modifying the young pilot's gunman. "So why are you still over here messin' with parts, Leeron?"

"As much as I would love to cheer about the cute lad's victory, there was something about the fact that this gunman that sparked my intrigue from earlier," Leeron replied, his eyes shifting back and forth between the open panel of circuitry and his holographic screen of information. His eyes turned alight almost every few seconds as newer information seemed to fill his screen and his mind every second he worked on the gunman. "And my intrigue was well met. This is no ordinary gunman."

Dayakka looked to the engineer with curiosity. "What do you mean?"

"I mean this gunman may be tiny, especially in comparison to the ones we have been fighting all this time, but it seems to have some copious amounts of some special power source. I don't know what it is, but I am determined to find out." Leeron explained. "Just the case of this thing turning into a little drill and fusing with Kamina's gunman is stellar all it's own. It even managed to reconfigure that gunman into something stronger and better."

"Speaking of Kamina, where is he?" Dayakka asked, looking around the group celebrating around the bonfire and seeing the elder pilot gone from sight. Leeron hummed curiously and stood up, looking around to notice the elder brother disappeared as well. "I was certain I saw him earlier."

"How curious. Yoko isn't here either." Leeron stated matter-of-factly. Dayakka looked to the engineer shocked, while the whimsical male cupped his cheek with one hand. "I wonder where those two went?"

As the cheers reverberated from the cavern, the light of the celebratory bonfire hinting the village's fun, the elder pilot leaned against the rock wall near the entrance, behind a rock where few people would see if they were to go looking for him. He wasn't against being sought after when missing. Quite the opposite really. Having his feat of not only piloting Gurren stolen from the beastmen that attacked the village, but then using the gunman with Simon's Lagann to make one complete gunman and defeat a elite soldier of the beastmen was something he'd boast as long as he lived.

It was more of the precarious situation he was in, with Yoko giving him his reward for protecting her home. A reward that had her sitting on her knees with har hands tenderly attached to the sturdy length that was Kamina's heaven piercing drill.

"You had better not tell anyone of what I am doing for you." Yoko warned, her hands sliding back and forth along his hard shaft. She had been approached by the charismatic male earlier while everyone was celebrating their victory, teasing her about a reward for protecting her home from not one assault from gunmen, but two. The second being an elite soldier with a gunman far stronger and advanced than any other anyone he or she knew had faced. While it was originally a break even, Yoko found herself in a bind, realizing that he indeed led himself and Simon to save her village more than she did to them. While the young man more or less hinted to some food or weapons to further their survival on the upper world, he was surprised as the red-headed markswoman pulled him out the canyon to the side where no one could find or disturb them, before dropping down his trousers and servicing him. "This is strictly between you and me."

"Yeah, yeah...just keep going..." Kamina agreed, throwing his head back as the newfound bliss of having his cock stroked ran through him. Yoko saw his blissful expression and blushed, equally surprised that something so small could turn even a overly narcissistic guy like Kamina into putty. Not to mention being her first handjob for anyone, she was inexperienced with the prospect, having only heard of the process from the drunken stupor of some of the males in her village. It was almost hypnotic, as the seemingly simple act began to stir her own interest, her body heating up rather fast. "T-that feels good..."

"I-it does…?" Yoko asked in return, earning an enthusiastic nod from the pilot. She noticed that soon her hand grew slippery, and looking back to the organ in her fingers, saw a clear and viscous liquid ebb from the tip and catch her grasp. Without much conscious thought, the red head captured a small droplet of the fluid in her free hand, before marveling at what could only be described as liquid instincts kicked in quickly, and the digit was soon caught on her tongue for her to taste the mysterious substance. Surprised that there was no actual flavor, she looked back to the tip to see more and more fluid break from it, before leaning in to get a direct taste of her first cock.

Kamina opened his eyes wide at the foreign sensation of a hot and slippery orifice covering his head. Looking down he saw the young woman hiding his cock head between her lips. He went to question her action, but was caught off as she lowered herself further on his shaft, her tongue coiling over his length. "Y-yoko…!"

The markswoman looked up to see his strained expression and pulled away from his shaft, taking in a breath from having her mouth sealed. "D-did I hurt you?!" she asked in genuine concern, which she caught seconds later.

"N-no, no. It just caught me is all. It feels a lot better than just your hand, ya know?" Kamina answered. The redhead's cheeks matched her hair at the compliment.

"Well, d-don't expect any special treatment…! This is just because you protected my village! Payback only, got it?" she assured more to herself than to him. She hadn't noticed until earlier today how handsome and charming he was, and seeing him in such a state of enjoyment sparked something with her. "How long does it take know...finish, anyway?"

The pilot was enjoying the service far more than a plate of food, and could only think of a way to make this last as long as possible. "Dunno, maybe I am too much for you?" he teased, before yelping as the hold Yoko had on his cock tightened painfully.

"I could make it end here by shooting this thing off," she warned with a growl.

"Okokokokok! I was joking! Just ease up!" Kamina begged, his voice slightly higher from the restraint from screaming holy murder. Yoko released her strong grip on his cock and went back to stroking him, before diving back in and tasting his head. Something told her to move along with her motions, and soon she made a pace of bobbing back and forth along his shaft. The pilot was left with nothing but labored breathing and moans of euphoria, soon turning into grunts as he grabbed the redhead by her hair and bucked into her mouth.

Yoko was taken aback by the sudden aggressive motion, but for some reason, she felt more excited than before. Her loins burned hot as a small amount of liquid arousal broke from her pure folds, staining her otherwise white underwear lightly. Her chest suddenly seemed constricted against the already small unprotecting top she had, and her thoughts went into a minor haze as heat swam through her mind and body.

The dance of her tongue against his shaft continued through their mutual haze, the sounds soon mingling her moans as she instinctively lowered her left hand under her small shorts to her aching core and massaged the mound tenderly. Her free hand continued to hold his shaft in place as she sucked. Before long she could feel a tension welling within her body that she had never experienced before, and she started moving faster and more fervently. Kamina was left the victim of an intense pleasure he hadn't expected to occur, and now he could equally feel the climax of his reward pulling forth through his loins.

"G-gaaah!" he groaned, bucking forward as his cock began to spasm and essence of his pleasure shot forth onto the tongue of the redhead. Yoko, surprised by the new, burning hot fluid to sear her tongue, pulled away from the organ to be greeted by ropes of seed shooting out onto her face and hair, some dropping onto her chest and scalding the cool skin. She was forced to close her eyes to avoid the sticky mass from blinding her. Seconds passed of his restrained moans and heavy pants before his cock ceased it's discharge, leaving Yoko's face and hair covered in white tendrils and goblets.

"Th-there is so much…!" she called, pulling smaller strands from her face to clear her ability to see, before inspecting the warm fluid. The smell hit her nostrils quickly, a funky scent that didn't play on her most attractive or appetizing appeals, but wasn't foul entirely either.

"S-sorry...didn't expect it to feel that good..." Kamina stated through pants. He could see the coated visage of the marksman at his waistline, something about her appearance striking an allure in his mind that roused him once again.

"Does this mean you're finished? I am gonna need to clean up before we-h-huh?!" Yoko began, but was cut off as Kamina grabbed her by the shoulders and shifted places with the redhead, pressing her front first against the rock he was leaning on and standing behind her. "W-what are you doing?!"

"It's only fair that someone as generous and awesome give back to the one who rewarded me." Kamina answered as his left hand roamed down to the markswoman's perky rear. "I saw you were pretty into your inner thighs while helpin' me out. Why not return the favor?"

Yoko went to protest, but only yelped as she felt his fingers graze on the spot whare her lower lips were, a single finger teasing over the denim of her shorts. "Y-you don't h-have to do th-that!" she returned, but her voice was addled with sweet moaning as the tension of his finger on her mound restricted her sternness. "th-this was just a r-reward!"

"You're right. And so is this," Kamina returned, pulling her shorts and panties down to her knees and exposing her wet and hot pussy. "Bear with me, haven't done this before so might not be the best."

"Y-you what?!" Yoko protested, before she felt the bulbous head of the pilot's organ press against her twat and threaten to enter her. She had never thought of something entering her core, but the way her family within Litner described it, she was curious. Her curiosity had not braced her enough for the stabbing pain that erupted from within her as Kamina broke into her body and ripped through her maidenhood in one go. "AAAAAHHH!" she screamed, clenching her fists as the surprise and pain was overwhelming to her.

"Oh, shi- did that hurt?!" Kamina asked, before getting an elbow to the face nearly breaking his nose.

"YOU BASTARD! OF COURSE THAT HURT!" she shouted. She covered her mouth with her hand suddenly as she realized their position. "T-take that thing out of me!" as Kamina went to vacate her insides, she noticed the pain increase as he moved and forced him to stop with another hand. "W-wait! Wait, wait! It still hurts!"

"So what do you want me to do?!"

"Just…! Wait a second..."Yoko stated. While the sting was far worse than she had ever experienced, she could only rationalize the truth that her virginity was unceremoniously taken, and while the pilot was nothing she imagined as her soulmate, she didn't see anything wrong with him capturing it. She also recalled that he admitted it was his first as well, so it subconsciously seemed even, save the pain he obviously wasn't feeling.

Seconds passed before she finally eased from her pain, Yoko looked behind her to the pilot and nodded. " doesn't hurt as much," she stated.

"Do you want me to pull out now?" he asked. While she did want to just end this whole thing, the pain obviously going to make sitting down in the future days a chore, something with her lured her to continue. Whether it was curiosity of why others saw this act so appealing or maybe her own interest in the male behind her, she didn't know.

"You...can continue. If you want..." she mumbled enough for him to hear. Kamina took it for her word and slowly eased himself out before pushing himself back into her body, repeating the motion to get both of them used to the sensation. Seconds passed before Yoko noticed the pain subside almost completely and replace itself with pleasure. A pleasure that grew the more Kamina moved, and soon Yoko felt herself move against his own strides, forcing his erection deeper and faster within her body.

"K-keep feels...really good now..." Yoko moaned. Kamina merely nodded before his thrusts grew stronger and deeper, the sound of their skin meeting increasing in volume along with her moans. The pilot moved his hand up from her hips to her breast, cupping the generously sized mound in his hands and molesting them. The sharpshooter found the sensation much more pleasing than she'd expect, having moved her own hand over his and guiding his fingers under her top to directly grope her mound.

"D-dammit you feel…so good..." Kamina called through raspy breaths, joined in chorus by Yoko's mewls of bliss. He was forced to clench his teeth as her hot tightness threatened to break him into another climax immediately, and he wouldn't have filled his end of the bargain if he had finished not only more than her, but before she did.

In an attempt to stave his climax and catch sight of her breasts, Kamina pulled out from her walls quickly. Yoko went to protest his sudden exit, but was flipped to press her back against the large rock. Her shorts fell to her boots where her right leg was moved out and her legs spread. Kamina picked her up and speared back onto his manhood, much deeper than before.

She cried out as he began thrusting into her from the front, the strength of each thrust forcing another moan from her lips and for her chest to bounce out from her top. What was originally something to reward him turned into quite possibly the most amazing sensation she could have ever expected from it all. She could understand now why those experienced with sex in her village boasted about it in their intoxication.

"Y-yoko...I'm gonna burst soon…!" Kamina warned. The sharpshooter had no idea of the consequence for finishing within, but saw having to clean herself of his finish would be harder the more he coated her with and merely coiled her legs around his waist to force him closer.

"D-do it! I'm getting close too!" she called. Within seconds, the Gurren pilot accelerated his thrusts against her body, before sheathing himself completely within her and letting loose his second load, painting her inner walls white. The redhead screamed out in bliss as the sear was enough to spark her first ever orgasm, her body clenching tightly against his. She could feel her inside fill with the hot fluid en masse, before small drops came from the small openings between their organs and drip to the ground.

Kamina lowered himself down and let the redhead sit onto the floor, both panting in exhaustion from their activity. He chuckled lightly, his manhood softening as he unsheathed himself from her core. Something with the minor laugh made Yoko join him with a weakened giggle. Unbeknownst to the two, another laugh from the opposite side rolled before an enigmatic engineer moved back into the canyon to his village.

Minutes later, after a minor clean up to be attended later and an agreement created between them, Yoko and Kamina reentered the village. It was little surprise to them to be the sudden question of where they went. Especially from Simon.

"Hey, bro. where'd you go? Most of the food's gone, but I saved you some." Simon asked, handing his eldest pilot some of the meat procured from the bonfire. The pilot grinned madly and grabbed the hunk of food, taking a generous bite from the bone.

"I figured I was getting rusty and went to train! Yoko found me later and watched me perform my awesome techniques! Thanks for getting me some food though, Simon. Being as awesome as I am comes with the disadvantage of needing food to sustain it all." Kamina lied, patting his younger sibling on her head and walking past him to the bonfire. Yoko merely smiled as he left, before Leeron slid up beside her with a wide smile.

"Leeron? You look like you need something." Yoko asked. The engineer merely giggled before handing the young woman a small pack with what looked like a pill within. She looked at the object like it was alien to her, before looking to see the engineer still smiling.

"I heard you were having issues with some shoulder problems. With your rifle and all." he lied. "Little remedy I keep to ease it up. Make sure you take it soon too! wouldn't want our pilot getting concerned about you having...ehem, back problems a few months later~"

Yoko raised an eyebrow in genuine curiosity as the engineer left, looking back at the pill he handed her. What was that about? I don't have shoulder or back problems...

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Got ideas, art, or just wanna chat? Join us on Discord! Let’s create together. 


 by bottombitch


Emily’s idea for her own birthday gift had caught Tracer off-guard. It was hard to fluster Tracer, usually so capable of holding herself together, especially when she was trying to smooth, which is something she was always trying to do around Emily. That said, nothing could have prepared her for what Emily would come out with. Emily didn’t want diamond earrings, or even something less expensive, but perhaps more thoughtful. What Emily truly wanted was to sit and watch as Lena sucked, licked, kissed and worshipped a man, including everything: his cock, his balls, his ass, and it seemed equally important to her that this man be so hot, sweaty and reeking with musk that Emily would be able to smell him from the other side of the room.

Lena didn’t have a problem with this, at least on principle. They weren’t in an open relationship, but if there existed someone who could give Emily better head than she could, then she would gladly lay next to her girlfriend, playing with her red hair, as this perhaps non-existent person went to town on her girlfriend. The reason why this resonated as a little odd to her, was because she wasn’t going to be pleasuring her girlfriend, at least not directly; it would be hard to figure out what Emily would like out of a scenario like this, and Lena was far too embarrassed to ask. Nonetheless, she said yes, and the event was arranged.

The time-travelling Brit didn’t know the man who she was supposed to be getting down and dirty with. He was one of Emily’s friends – someone she’d known back in University, or something like that; Lena didn’t ask questions, because as curious as she was, the less she thought about this whole scenario, the easier she felt that it would be to partake in. Yes, if Lena just simply didn’t think about the fact that she was going to be gagging on cock, drinking down musk and cum in equal measure, then the actual act may be easier to partake in. It was silly of her to think as much, but by the time she realised that she might have gone about preparing for this the wrong way, she was already naked, on her knees, before the man who she was going to be submitting to.

As his hard cock sat before her, just out of reach, she wondered where exactly Emily got off on this. Did she want to see her girlfriend cheat on her, or did she just want to see Lena submitting to a strong, powerful man? Was it something more abstract, that Lena couldn’t understand? Any of the above, she figured; though her emotional conversations with Emily were plentiful, there was still an ocean of things she didn’t know about her girlfriend.

She had taken a look at his face, but was too distracted to pick up on any details. As she worked her way down his body, though, she picked up a few things. First of all, he was pretty hairy – hairier than she had been expecting. A better way to put it, perhaps, was that he was so manly. He was the exact opposite of Emily in almost every way: was that the point? Being bisexual, Lena had little issue with it as a concept, but seeing the concept in play was another thing entirely – overwhelming, almost.

The man stepped forward, closing the distance between himself and the elusive Tracer. The musk that Emily had talked about being ‘a must-have’ hit Lena like a tonne of bricks. The moment she inhaled the scent, she recoiled from the intensity. A steady, sure hand pressed against the back of her head, belonging to the man, and pulled her forward. As his cock drew closer, she couldn’t help but inhale. The musk hit her again, but she had no desire to pull away – was his intense, manly musk arousing her? As she crossed her legs, it seemed so. Her partner wasn’t content with having her ‘close,’ and instead tugged her to one side, facing the side of his cock.

Tracer settled back on her heels, her back to Emily, as she looked over the cock again. It was uncut, huge, pulsating slightly and had veins running along the sides. Could she even fit it in her mouth? Her imagining of this scenario included her gagging hard on the involved cock, but maybe her expectations had been too low. The hand against the back of her head pulled her forward once again, and she finally made contact with the large cock. Her lips smacked against the side of the cock, just below the head, and with how curious she was, she couldn’t help but part those lips and run her tongue over the underside, all while the hand held her in place. Barely any words had been exchanged between the man entering Lena and Emily’s apartment, and that moment, but Lena understood the situation perfectly. She was a slave to this man’s cock, and Emily wanted it that way.

Lena had barely even done anything, but she could feel herself heating up. Her first thought was that it was the heat from this gigantic cock literally warming her, but as she shifted and her slit ached, she realised that her arousal had shot through the roof. She felt the most aroused that she’d ever been, with a shifting of her thighs confirming that her crotch was soaked. She daren’t look down, for doing so would mean having to pull her eyes away from the amazing cock that rested against her lips. She let her tongue explore further, running further down the cock, savouring the salty taste. As she opened her mouth wider, glomming onto the side of the cock, she felt the man’s hand slip away from her head, and took that as a sign that she was able to do as she pleased. She wouldn’t have been able to hold herself back either way. As she took the cock head-on, and parted her lips, giving the head a sloppy kiss, a drop of salty precum rolled down the head, dropping onto her tongue, and she almost moaned at the intense taste.

She couldn’t stop herself from slipping a hand between her own legs, even if she had wanted to. In the corner of her vision, she could see that Emily was clearly enjoying herself, already working hard at her own orgasm; makes sense that she’d want to get something out of this, Lena thought, before turning her attention back to the cock in front of her. She parted her lips further, and then found the bravery to fully open her mouth, letting in the intense taste of salt and musk, as she slowly descended upon the first couple of inches of the man’s cock. As her lips ran across those first two inches, his hand slid into her hair again, and she stopped. Apparently, that hadn’t been what he’d had in mind, because he stated to push her down again. For the moment, she accepted her fate, not wanting to pull herself back. Even as the cock’s head slid against her throat, the precum beginning to seep against the back of her gullet, she didn’t pull back. Even as the thick member began to physically stretch her throat, she didn’t pull back. Indeed, even as she felt herself needing to breathe, she didn’t pull back; as much as she wanted to be inhaling fresh air again, the musk she was currently inhaling was much more intoxicating than any plain oxygen could ever be.

Finally, he yanked her back, and she gasped for air; an involuntary mechanism of her body. Regardless, as soon as she was sure she wasn’t going to pass out, she latched onto his cock again, pressing sloppy kisses to the underside. If she was having sex with her girlfriend, the kisses would be careful; even those born out of a loss of control would be as calculated as possible, but right now, she was truly losing control of herself, in a way that she had never done before. It was as if she was being awakened to desires that she hadn’t known she had. As she continued kissing along the length of the man’s cock, his hand pulled out of her hair again. In her exploration of the cock, she found her way down to the base, and then the balls. It was hairier down here, as she had been expecting. Even if the musk and the taste and the look seemed to imply untidiness, it was clear by the way the hairs were shaven in some places and not in others that some thought had gone into the grooming of this area. Had it been to entice naughty little sluts like her? … Taken aback by her own thoughts, Lena paused for a moment, which was perhaps a moment too long, because the man began to push at her head again.

This time, his pushing nudged her nose up against his balls, and she didn’t hesitate to do the first thing that came to mind. She buried her nose as deep into his ballsack as she could, and inhaled deeply. She couldn’t get enough of his scent. It was inherently manly, and sent shivers through her body that started at her spine and ended at her cunt, which was twitching madly, as she glided her fingers over it. As she continued to inhale his scent, she let her tongue slip free from her mouth and ran it over the bottom of his ballsack, wetting the area with her saliva. She parted her own drenched labia with her fingers, and ran a finger along the length of her slit, before plunging it inside herself. As she let out a crude moan onto the man’s balls, she took one of them into her mouth, using her tongue to pull it towards her open maw. Once it was inside, she ran her tongue all over it, milking it for as much of the odd taste as she could, and then she began sucking. Though she sucked gently at first, she quickly picked up strength. It must have been too much for her partner, because he yanked her head away, as his testicle slipped out of her mouth with a loud pop.

What happened next surprised her. Rather than pull her back towards his cock, as Lena had been expecting, the man instead turned around, and presented his behind to her. She looked onward for a moment, perplexed, before he bent over, and she realised what he wanted her to do. She wouldn’t be one to disappoint, especially with her girlfriend watching. Leaning forward, she buried her face between his ass cheeks, and then ran her tongue down, over the heated, sweat-laden skin hiding beneath. With a bit of probing, her tongue found his asshole. Out of all the things she’d tasted tonight, this was, without a doubt, the most odd-tasting. She couldn’t quite pin down the exact taste. It was almost bitter, but not quite, and not as salty as his musky cock had been. The obvious answer didn’t seem to match, either – or, perhaps, at the very least, the obvious answer didn’t taste as bad as she had always thought it would, but she tried not to think too hard about that. Nonetheless, she pressed onward, too deep into her own arousal to stop now, even if she wanted to. Her fingers continued to push and tug at her own slit, her masturbation unfocused, and therefore sloppy. As her tongue probed deeper, she managed to slip it inside the tight ring of her partner’s anus.

It was at this point that she glanced over at Emily again, to see if she was enjoying the way that things were going. If the way her girlfriend was bucking her hips against her own fingers had anything to say on the matter, then yes, she was apparently enjoying her birthday gift very much. If it had been any other time, any other scenario, then she could have sat there and watched her girlfriend get off for hours, but the man in front of her demanded attention, with the way that the ring of his ass was pulsating against her tongue. Seeing as she had Emily’s permission, she saw no reason not to go wild, and go wild she did. As she continued pressing and probing, her tongue fucking around inside the warm hole that held it tightly, she tried to find the most pleasurable spots. Her partner wasn’t very loud, so it was hard to gauge what he liked and what he didn’t. Finding another solution to this problem, she reached around and took a hold of his cock, stroking back and forth. Each time her tongue flicked up against the upper wall, his cock twitched, and she took that to mean that he was enjoying it.

As much as she tried to stick to what he liked, as her own orgasm grew closer at an unreasonable speed, her movements became more and more erratic. She could feel her cunt pulsating, and but a moment later, she gushed her way through an orgasm, her head craning backwards as she let out a cry of pleasure. Her eyes were shut tight, but had they been open she would have been seeing stars. Suddenly, she felt something slap against her face, and as she opened her eyes, she saw that her partner had turned around and was now laying his cock upon her face once more. Looking up at him briefly, she pulled back just far enough to brush her lips over the tip of his cock, and then took the head into her mouth. The taste was far less intense than the one his add had held, but still felt inherently manly. As the musk flew through her senses once again, like a bull through a china shop, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she let out a moan.

Despite having only just had her first orgasm, she could feel her second one building. Lucky for her, it seemed that the owner of the cock she was worshipping wasn’t going to make her do the work this time around. His fingers slid into her hair again, and yanked her head forward, pushing his thick, tasty cock further into her mouth. Before too long, he was pushing up against her throat, the round head brushing up against the back, as his crotch drew closer and closer to her nose. With one final, rough tug, he pulled her all the way down to the base of his cock, her nose pressing up against the thin layer of pubes which rested there. Lena inhaled deeply, her mouth practically salivating around the thick, invading dick.

The seconds passed slowly, and she was acutely aware of her own need to breathe. The oxygen in her body began to run out, as he held her at the base of his cock, though she wouldn’t have pulled away just yet even if she held the ability to. Her eyes began to shut, as she felt the huge cock throbbing inside her mouth and throat, her fingers still working hard to bring her to her second orgasm, though the amount of effort she could put into that faded as she began to fall into unconsciousness. Suddenly, all at once, she was able to breathe again. Panting, desperate for air, she noticed that his cock hadn’t fully left her mouth, remaining an inch or so inside. She breathed around the cock and looked up at him pleadingly as her senses returned to her.

He pressed into her again, right as she hit her second orgasm. Her entire body twitched, as the cock slid into her throat again, and her hips convulsed, her cunt gushing over her fingers, almost surely ruining the shorts that she was wearing. She could only imagine Emily watching on, enthused, as she couldn’t build the willpower to look away from the man’s crotch, steadily moving towards her face again. Rather than going all the way into her this time, he started to move his hips back and forth, effectively fucking her face. Lena moaned around him again, her tongue trying in vain to pleasure him further. He ravaged her mouth and throat for minutes on end, giving her just enough time to breathe each time he pulled back to rest in her mouth. Occasionally, he’d pull out of her mouth entirely, and slap the head of his cock against her tongue, watching as her tongue tried to keep up with him, moving around lazily.

Lena felt overexerted, and constantly on the verge of passing out, but she always pulled herself closer to the cock as it moved away, desperately trying to get more of the taste she craved. It felt like he would never cum, and that he’d be instead fucking her mouth and throat forever, but soon enough, he pulled out of her mouth entirely. As she leaned forward, greedily latching her mouth onto his cock, his balls began to pulse. A moment later, a hot spurt of cum burst from the tip of his cock and flew straight into Lena’s open mouth, causing her to recoil backwards. She kept her mouth open, though, and the first shot, tasting intensely salty, was joined by a second but a moment later. The second time around, the long jet of cum landed partially on her face, extending all the way up to her eye, which she shut just in time. His third shot intentionally forced her to close her other eye, and the ones that followed thoroughly painted her face a pearly white, as her mouth remained open, catching any that dripped down from her upper face.

When she was sure that he was finished, Lena closed her mouth and loudly swallowed the load of cum that sat in her mouth. It was thick, and didn’t slide down her throat so much as seep, leaving its musky mark all the way down her oesophagus. The next few minutes were a blur. She could feel her face being cleaned, though had no desire to open her eyes, and by the time she finally came back to her senses, the man who had just used her was gone, and she was laid on the couch with her girlfriend, who was looking at her lustfully.

Emily would have to wait – Lena didn’t have any energy left, but being left at the side only made the experience more enjoyable for Lena’s kinky girlfriend. Emily pressed a sloppy kiss to Lena’s cheek, and then showed her a photo that she had taken after the man had finished with her. Lena glanced at Emily’s phone, and then stared at it, looking over herself, her face glazed in cum. As she stared, she could still smell the cum. A part of her felt ashamed for getting so lost in what she had been doing, but as Emily pressed another kiss to her lips, she wondered if maybe there was no reason to be ashamed. After all, Emily was happy. Lazily smiling, Lena kissed her girlfriend back, and then nuzzled up against her, and fell into a well-deserved sleep.

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 by whackybiscuit


Soul Society 

Unohana walked down the hallway, a healer's job never done. Aizen may have been defeated almost two years ago but life rolled on and Soul Reapers continued to get hurt.

Walking to a treatment room, Unohana entered and closed the door. A Soul Reaper lay knocked out on the table, being treated by Unohana's third-seat, the newly promoted Hanataro Yamada. His hands glowed as he treated the man's injury, a strained expression on his face as he concentrated.

But he wasn't the only healer in the room besides Unohana.

Orihime Inoue dipped a rag into a bowl of cold water and placed it on the man's forehead. She'd come to the Soul Society to visit Rukia and Rangiku, only to find that the pair were off on a mission. Unohana then asked Orihime if she could provide assistance to her at one of her relief centers, stating that Orihime's healing abilities could be a great help to them.

"How is he?" Unohana asked.

Hanataro's hands ceased glowing and he sat up, taking a deep breath. "He's stable. Orihime helped heal the wound. I just finished ridding the infections." He gave Orihime a warm smile, the orangette giggling in response.

"That's excellent to hear. Captain Hirako will be relieved to hear it." She turned to the Human and she smiled tenderly at her. "Thank you very much for your assistance, Ms. Inoue."

Orihime stood up and bowed her head, having always admired the strong, kind woman. "It was nothing, Captain Unohana. Thanks for letting me help."

"Of course. You're always a welcome help in my squad," Unohana replied. She gestured for Orihime to follow her out of the room, ordering Hanataro to continue monitoring the Soul Reaper he was treating. When they stepped out into the hallway, Unohana closed the door and turned back to Orihime. "Ms. Inoue, may I ask a favor?"

"What is it?"

Unohana's face went from happy to sad in a few seconds. "I'm afraid it's the Head-Captain. He's in need of attention and I've nobody to send to give him aid. I would go but my duties here prevent me from going."

Orihime gasped. "Is he okay?"

Unohana nodded, calming down Orihime. "He's in no real danger. But as you know, Orihime, while he is immeasurably powerful, he is not immune to age. The Head-Captain has been feeling ill as of late. It's not the first time; it's happened recently too. Since the battle with Aizen, Head-Captain Yamamoto has had health issues."

"How bad is it?"

"It's a side-effect of sacrificing his left arm in his kamikaze attack against Aizen. His body has been under tremendous strain since then. He'll have a fever now and then and become exhausted. I've given him medicine to help him but I just need someone to look after him for a few hours since the side effects can be a little extreme. He'll be asleep right now and he'll understand why you're there when he wakes."

Orihime gave the woman a respectful nod again, knowing that Unohana wouldn't ask this if she could go herself. "Of course, Captain Unohana. I'll go and watch over him."

"Thank you, Orihime. I won't forget this." After giving Orihime instructions on how to reach Yamamoto's quarters and giving her a letter to give to his lieutenant to explain her presence, she sent the girl on her way…


Head-Captain's Quarters

Orihime sat beside the sleeping old man, watching the ancient Soul Reaper sleep. She'd given the letter to Yamamoto's lieutenant, who let her enter the man's quarters. Chojiro told her how Yamamoto had come down with a fever and Unohana's medicine had put him to sleep. Orihime told him she'd watch over him, giving the man a reprieve from his dutiful watch.

The old man slept soundly while Orihime observed, Unohana's medicine doing the trick. Orihime saw the bottle of medicine on a tray next to the sleeping man. She picked it up and examined up, wondering what side effects it had. "Side effects include…headache, some discomfort and…excessive energy?" Orihime blinked, confused by the last statement.

Putting the bottle back, Orihime resumed watched over the old man. The covers only went up to Yamamoto's waist and she saw that the man wasn't wearing a shirt or anything. Orihime had to admit to herself that the few times she saw Yamamoto she didn't think much of him, what with his stooped posture and his cane. But Yamamoto had to be one of the most muscular men she'd ever laid eyes on. Despite his old, old age, Yamamoto was built, every inch of his old, scar-covered body showing off his powerful muscles and abs. Orihime stared in awe, understanding why the man was so powerful with a body like that.

The more Orihime stared, the more she felt her heart start to thump in her chest. Her face turned red from the blood rushing to her face. Feeling dirty, Orihime looked away towards his covered lower half, hoping that she could take her mind off things. But as she stared, her eyes took notice of something rather startling.

She hadn't noticed before since she was oogling Yamamoto's fit body but when she saw the tent rising up in the middle of the blanket she suddenly understood what "excessive energy" meant.

Orihime's ears burned with embarrassment when she realized that the old man had an erection. She might have been ditzy but she knew what happened when a man was aroused. "Wow…he's…big," she noticed, amazed by the size of him. Even though it was covered up by a thick blanket, it still made Orihime's eyes stare in amazement.

She stared for several minutes, wondering what she should do. She didn't know if the man was having a dirty dream or if it was just a result of the medicine. But more importantly, her curiosity started to whisper into her ear. She'd never seen a man's genitals before judging from the size of the bulge in the blanket Yamamoto was definitely not on the small side.

In the end her curiosity won out. With shaking hands she reached for the blanket and pulled it back. When Yamamoto's bulge was revealed, Orihime's jaw hung in amazement.


In terms of size, Yamamoto could put a water bottle to shame. Orihime knew that some men were bigger than most but Yamamoto would put just about all men to shame. Her eyes trailed down his shaft towards his old sac, with was just as big as his dick.

As she stared in amazement, a curious idea came to Orihime. "Wow…it looks kinda like a meatloaf Popsicle!" she noted, licking her lips at the thought. She looked back up at Yamamoto's face and saw that he was still in a deep sleep. Turning back to the ancient Soul Reaper's member, Orihime's curious mind continued to wander. "I wonder…how it tastes?" she thought, slowly lowering her head.

Reaching the huge manmeat, Orihime gave Yamamoto's cock a small lick, her curiosity leading her on. "Mmmh…" she hummed at the thick taste. That one lick made Orihime want more and before she knew it, she was licking the long shaft, her tongue dancing across his old shaft. "It tastes good…" she purred, losing herself to her own womanly desires. She licked the tip and wrapped her lips around it. "Mmmmmmh…"

Yamamoto lay still, ever oblivious to the teen giving him head. Orihime took the old man's cock deep down her throat. She couldn't get enough of the old man's flavor or his scent. She subconsciously rubbed her legs together, feeling warm down below. Her jaw widened as she bobbed her head up and down. Thanks to some lessons involving bananas thanks to a certain strawberry blonde, Orihime learned to suppress her gag reflex, taking Yamamoto all the way down her throat. 'He tastes so good…' She slurped and gagged on his cock while she sucked him off.

Pulling her head back, Orihime took a deep gasp of air before her eyes turned to Yamamoto's balls. "Wow, they look just as tasty. Like sugar bombs," she noted, drooling over the sight of his balls. Leaning down again, Orihime gave his old sac a long lick. "Ahhhh…" Finding the old man's balls irresistible, Orihime wrapped her lips around one of his tender testes and sucked. "Mmmmh!"

This time Orihime's actions started to get a reaction from the old man. While Orihime continued to admire the Soul Reaper's balls, Yamamoto's breath became labored, sweat beading down his scarred, old body. "Mmmmmh…"

Orihime was in heaven, her lips glued to Yamamoto's balls. She continued to lick and suck on the old man's wrinkly balls, rubbing her legs together. Widening her lips, she took both of his testicles into her mouth, engrossed by their old taste. Her hand reached for his meaty cock and started to stroke him, his shaft slickened by her saliva. The heat inside her chest burned so much that finally she couldn't take it. Taking her lips away from his balls, she removed her shirt and unclipped her bra, freeing her huge tits before returning to her delicious ball-sucking.

"Mmmmmh…" Yamamoto moaned, his balls starting to swell in Orihime's mouth.

Taking her lips away from his tasty balls, Orihime saw liquid starting to dribble from his tip and her curiosity compelled her to have a taste. "Aahhh…" she moaned as she licked the tip. "Mmmmh! Yummy!" she smiled, licking her lips. She resumed sucking him off, eagerly tasting more of his pre-cum as he came closer and closer to climax. "Mmmmh! Mmmmmmmh!" she moaned, rubbing her legs more and more until the heat inside her felt like she was about to burst. Her panties were soaking wet by now.

"Ughhhh…" groaned Yamamoto, his eyes starting to flicker open upon feeling that tight, hot feeling in his balls begin to release. Feeling Orihime lick his sensitive head one more time while trying to taste more pre-cum pushed him over the edge. "Ughhhhhh!" His eyes opened as he came inside Orihime's hungry mouth.

The girl's hazel eyes widened as her cheeks bulged, the hot cum spewing into her mouth. The sheer taste made Orihime almost come, so addicted was she to the old man's flavor. She felt like she was in heaven as she swallowed Yamamoto's secret sauce, heat burning throughout her body as the old man let out buckets. Finally when Yamamoto finished cumming in her mouth, the orangette pulled away and swallowed the last bits of spunk. "Ahhhh!" she sighed, her chest heaving for breathe as she panted for air. "That was so…delicious…" she whispered before a sudden gasp left her lips. "Ah!" she squeaked in surprise.

"And what, little girl, do you think you're doing?" said a gruff voice from behind while a hand touched her behind, running up her skirt while his thumb pressed against the wet spot in her panties.

Sitting up, Orihime blushed madly and quickly wiped her mouth clean when she saw that the naked man was awake, covering her breasts with her hands. "Head-Captain! I uh…" Orihime's ears burned in shame when she realized she was caught red-handed giving the old man a blowjob and had woken him up. "I can explain!"

The ancient Soul Reaper raised an eyebrow. "Oh? And what might that be?"

Orihime stammered, having never been in a position like this before. "You were…uh…you were hard because of the medicine and I…I wanted…to make sure you were taken care of." Orihime's cheeks burned brighter when she realized that came out on. "I mean, the medicine said you'd have excess energy and I didn't know if that was a good thing or not so I…" Orihime shut her mouth when she realized she was just digging her hole deeper with every word.

Yamamoto sat up threw back the rest of the covers, showing the girl his nude body in its entirety. He didn't feel the need to throw on any clothes though, since it was his room and his quarters after all. He looked over at Unohana's bottle of medicine and understood the cause of his erection. Looking back over at the teen, Yamamoto couldn't help but admire the half-naked girl and had a thought.

Now, Yamamoto was the wisest and strongest of the Soul Reapers. But for all his power he was still just a man and had desires just like any normal man. And it'd been many years since he'd seen a young girl in all her splendor. And he knew all about the girl from Rukia Kuchiki's reports so he was aware of her ditzy nature and understood when she said she was only trying to help him.

So for once, Yamamoto decided to take advantage of the situation. 'Goodness me,' he mentally chuckled to himself. 'It looks like I won't be able to scold Shunsui for a while after this.'

"Orihime," he said in a strong, commanding tone. "You said you were trying to release my pent up energy?" He gestured to his erect cock, which hadn't gone down in the slightest. "You haven't finished."

The Human blinked in surprise. 'Is he…asking me to keep going?' "You…you aren't angry?" she asked, still keeping her breasts covered.

"Captain Unohana asked you to take care of me. You yourself said that you were trying to help me. I see no reason to stop you. But first…" he reached over and grabbed the hem of her skirt. "You might as well rid yourself of your clothes. They'll only get in the way."

Her face so red it'd put a rose to shame, Orihime leaned over and let the old man pull of her skirt, leaving her in her soaked panties. A shiver ran down her back as Yamamoto slowly pulled off her dirtied underwear, tossing them to the side. Now just as naked as Yamamoto, Orihime decided to remove her hands, knowing that she'd gone way past the point of now return. "Do you want me to…suck you again?" she asked.

"If you'd prefer," Yamamoto conceded. "But your breasts would be far more pleasurable."

Gulping, Orihime scooted over to the naked man and cupped her breasts. Yamamoto couldn't help but admire the girl's bountiful breasts, her soft skin covered by a sheen of sweat, making them glisten in the afternoon light. He saw that her round nipples, colored bright pink, were already hard from her arousal.

"Ah!" Orihime gasped in surprise as rough, calloused hands cupped her breasts. "Head-Captain!"

"You were pleasuring me. It is only fair that I return the favor," Yamamoto simply said.

Orihime bit down on her lip. Despite the fact that his hands looked like they were made out of old leather, he had a surprisingly soft touch as he fondled her tits. The old man found her breasts to be a lot firmer than he'd initially though; he thought they were as soft as pudding before. A cute moan left the teen when his thumbs circled her nipples, teasing them lightly before pressing his thumbs into them, enjoying the gasp and heated groan Orihime gave. "Feeling good?"

"Yes…" Orihime couldn't help but admit. "It feels good."

When Yamamoto's hands let go of her boobs Orihime felt a little disappointed but when she saw Yamamoto start to stroke himself she got the hint. She knew what paizuri was from what Rangiku told her, the strawberry blonde spending many a night giving Orihime risqué details of her sexcapades. Cupping her melons, Orihime leaned down.

Orihime wedge the man's huge cock between her big tits, moaning from how hot it felt wrapped around her breasts. Yamamoto gave another small moan as Orihime squeezed her tits together, wrapping his cock in a soft, fleshy vice. "Mmmmmhh…" he sighed, sitting back while Orihime gave him a heavenly paizuri.

The girl ran her tits up and down his shaft, her chest ablaze with heat from his hot rod. Her pussy continued to drip juices onto the futon as her arousal grew. Yamamoto's tip peeked every time she slid her breasts down, smearing pre-cum onto her soft skin. Squeezing her breasts tighter, Orihime leaned down and licked the tip. "Ahhhh…" she moaned from the thick taste. She couldn't get enough of his taste, wanting the man to cum already. She looked back up at the old man. Because of his impassive face and his slant eyes she couldn't really tell if he was enjoying this or not. "Does it feel good?" she asked, a little timid.

Nodding, Yamamoto ran his hand through her hair softly to encourage her. "Continue. You feel wonderful," he admitted.

The smiling girl returned to licking the tip of his cock while continuing her paizuri. Her breasts glistened with sweat and pre-cum, lubing up her melons. Licking the tip, Orihime sighed from the thick taste and wanted the old man to hurry up and cum so she can taste his spunk again.

Yamamoto tipped his head back, his aged lips opening to let out a low groan. His breath started to quicken again as he felt himself get close. "Ohhhh…" he moaned in a low voice.

Knowing that the man was about to blow, Orihime squeezed her tits tighter, licking the head like a lollipop. "Ahh…ahhhh…" she moaned, her arousal about to explode as well.

Arching his back, Yamamoto felt the rush inside him and let loose. "Here it cums!"

Orihime opened her mouth eagerly and was reward with another huge burst of cum. "Ahhhhhh…" she sighed, sticking her tongue out. She wrapped her lips around his head and sucked the cum out of Yamamoto's cock, her belly hot as she swallowed each burst.

When Yamamoto's climax had finished, the naked girl pulled away, taking deep breaths. She couldn't help but lick her lips in ecstasy, the taste of his seed exquisite. Yamamoto watched the girl's face turn happy, finding it amusing.

After a moment, Orihime looked down and stared at the man's erection. She was in complete shock. 'He's still hard?!' She was wondering if the man had endurance tantamount to Ichigo's level. Staring at his cock, Orihime felt her wet pussy tingle, her womanly desires telling her what she wanted. "Do you…" she spread her legs, "want to keep going?"

The elderly man reached for Orihime. "I do," he told her, his rough hand touching her wet flowerpot, making her gasp from such a sensitive touch. "But…only if you are willing. You need not do anything you're uncomfortable with."

For a moment, Orihime thought about it. She knew that this was wrong in so many ways but her aching pussy and the addictive taste of his spunk compelled her to give in. Slowly nodding, Orihime spread her legs wider. "Yes. If…we keep this between us," she added hesitantly.

"As you wish." Yamamoto reached with his one arm and laid the girl down on her back. Putting one of her legs on his shoulders, Yamamoto guided his massive clamhammer towards her moist meat-hole. Orihime bit down on her lower lip as the huge head touched her pink folds, clutching the futon beneath her tightly.

The two gasped as Yamamoto entered Orihime. Though Orihime had no barrier to be torn because of her marital arts training with Tatsuki, she was still incredibly tight. Yamamoto moaned under his breath as her walls enveloped it. Keeping a tight grip on her thigh, he pushed deeper and deeper into her snatch. Knowing how big he was, he moved slowly, pulling out until only the head remained inside her and pushed back in.

"Ahhh….Ahhhhh…" Orihime groaned, the air knocked out of her as her pussy was filled. She cringed as a slight twinge of pain hit her. Yamamoto was so big! She could feel her pussy being stretched wide by his huge girth.

Yamamoto enjoyed the sounds the teen made, watching her face fill up with bliss each time he slid into her. As he reached down with his hand and palmed her bouncing breast, his hips started to move at a faster pace. He grunted as her walls wrapped even tighter around him. It felt as if Orihime's body was trying its best to coax him into cumming.

"Mmmmmhhh…" the old man moaned as his hips slapped Orihime's. Orihime's moans grew louder as Yamamoto plunged his cock into her. She arched her back as he went deeper and deeper. Her hazel eyes widened when he started hitting spots inside her that she didn't even know she had. Finally, after readjusting his sitting position, Yamamoto's cock went as deep as it could go.

"OOH!" Orihime gasped as the man hit her cervix, the sensation of having the deepest part of her penetrated feeling amazing. "OHHH! AHHHH!" she moaned loudly, arching her back. Her breasts started to bounce like balloons as Yamamoto sped up, sweat dripping down his scarred back. It was certainly fortunate that Yamamoto's lieutenant was out and that his quarters were kept separate from the main barracks to give Yamamoto privacy, else their raunchy behavior would have been discovered by his men.

The pleasure was mindblowing to Orihime, the ecstasy almost driving her to tears. She'd never felt such pleasure before. She never wanted it to end. "So big!" she panted, each time Yamamoto pounded her pussy it would knock the breath out of her. "Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

Reaching down, Orihime started to rub her clit. Her back arched as she felt the pleasure inside her reach its boiling point. She was already aroused thanks to her ball-sucking and paizuri and Yamamoto's cock was making a mess out of her pussy. "Ah! Ahhhh!" she cried out.

Yamamoto kept his pace steady and didn't lose himself to the pleasure like Orihime, using his experience to keep himself from going crazy. Small groans escaped his bearded lips, signals that he was enjoying this just as much as Orihime.

Orihime's eyes rolled into the back of her head when Yamamoto pushed into her womb, her mind going blank. "Cumming!" she shouted, throwing her head back as her vision faded away. "I'm cumming! Cumminggg!"

The old man gasped as Orihime's cunt squeezed him, her face twisting with lewd debauchery. Her pussy tightened around him in an almost crushing vice, gushing around his cock while he was still balls deep inside of her.

Speaking of balls, Yamamoto's were tightening up, signaling his next release. Pulling out of Orihime's quivering snatch, Yamamoto scooted around the girl until his cock was aimed right at her face. When Orihime's eyes came back into focus, they saw the huge clamhammer in front of her and she smiled. While Yamamoto jerked himself off, Orihime wrapped her lips around his wrinkly balls again and resumed sucking his testes, eager for him to give her his "milk" again.

"Nghhhh!" Yamamoto moaned, feeling that familiar rush surging through him. Seeing the head swell, Orihime pulled her mouth away from his balls and opened her mouth again, sticking her tongue out expectedly. "Ahhhh…"

Yamamoto's third load was the biggest. As Orihime swallowed rope after rope of cum, she rubbed her wet cunt, loving every second of it. When Yamamoto was finally spent, his balls finally emptied of his seed, Orihime pulled away and laid back on her back, rubbing her filled stomach and feeling the searing heat of the cum inside her. "Mmmmhh…"

Sitting down, Yamamoto wiped his sweaty brow, all of the excessive energy the medicine had given him gone. 'I think I can see where Shunsui gets his lust for women from. Like student like teacher, I guess.'

Looking down, the old man saw that Orihime had fallen asleep, exhaustion having taken its toll. Reaching for his clothes, he put his Shihakusho back on and then dressed Orihime. Not an easy task to do with one arm.

He put the blanket over the sleeping girl and let her rest. Yamamoto mentally promised himself to keep this secret to not embarrass the girl. Picking up the bottle, left to go have a very long conversation with Captain Unohana regarding its side effects…

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Got ideas, art, or just wanna chat? Join us on Discord! Let’s create together. 


 by EndmostGekko


A white cloak entered the courtyard. It came first as a sound, Steel against stone. Then the cloak entered moonlight.

Guards at the gate straightened and raised their rifles. “HALT!”

“Is that a Grimm? Shoot it!”


The cloak walked, its feet crunching in snow. Breath frosted before its hood. It carried a scythe over one shoulder, borne like a cross, and the pommel dragged against stone brick, scraping, menacing.

As it closed distance, silver pinpricks appeared beneath its hood, two eyes burning like a wraith’s.

The guards scurried out of her path, hesitant and afraid. They couldn’t explain the reason- only a feeling throughout their bodies that something supernatural had confronted them. That this creature was Death itself.

It stopped at the palisade gate, and its silver gaze swept over the nearest man.

The Wraith lowered her hood. Pixie-cut hair, black with crimson highlights. The silver faded from her eyes, and she ordered, “Call your Queen. Tell her she’s got a Rose in the mail.”

The keep was a lot warmer. And the manor was warmer still. Ruby clicked her combat boots together in the entryway, scattering snow on the rug. She collapsed Crescent and twirled it onto her back-magnet, then dusted her cammo pants likewise.

A butler took her cloak, revealing her tank top and the box clutched in her offhand.

When he reached for that, she gripped it tighter.

Weiss appeared on the stairs, silent and severe. From the black under her eyes, Ruby knew she’d been woken, and not for the first time that night. Her cape twirled as she turned on the flight. When their eyes met, her frown softened.

Ruby smiled.

Weiss crossed the foyer, her cadence and posture exactly like Winter’s. Decades as royalty had honed her from a whiny brat into the Matron of Mantle.

Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, hair shining platinum. But with time, Weiss’ scar had also grown, the vertical stripe like a military honor. Her eyes glimmered with aura and Will.

She stopped close to Ruby, a distance their years together had whittled away. And there, she finally caught Ruby’s contagious smile.

Weiss melted into Ruby’s sweet friend. “You terrified my guards,” she teased.

Ruby’s smile revealed teeth. She offered the box, ancient, ivory, arcane engravings. “I got the thing for the thing.”

Weiss blinked at it. “Oh. Right. Manfred, take this to the armillary.”

He left them.



Staring at each other.

Ruby swallowed, and nervously decided, “Well. I better get back out there. We need three more, right?”

She was right. Saving the world was a full-time job. Weiss hesitated, and Ruby turned to leave.

Weiss shouted, “Wait! Ruby, you look tired.”

“Not really. I-“

“Maybe you should spend the night.”

“Weiss, I-”

“-In my room.”

Ruby pivoted on a heel, grabbed the lapels of the most powerful woman alive, and pulled her into a kiss.

Time had always been precious. Walking away felt like sand slipping from the hourglass, slipping from beneath their feet. Desperation became impetus.

Ruby kissed like a beast. She’d grown into a Huntsman now. The very same meant to steal Snow White’s heart. She forced her tongue into the royal mouth and pulled her waist tight as if claiming the whole country.

This was a side of the monarch that no one else could even imagine. Weiss was indomitable in public. Inhuman, simply a force of will. The voice of the country’s manifest destiny.

In private, she was the Huntress’ housewife. Her partner to come home to. Her secret lover. A neck to kiss. Ruby dragged her tongue up skin, and Weiss moaned.

She wasn’t’ entirely helpless. Just as Ruby was her Huntress, Weiss was Little Red’s Big Bad Wolf. She gripped Ruby’s shoulders and pushed her off.

With the same voice that commanded her generals, she ordered, “We don’t let animals in the foyer.”

Ruby smirked like her uncle.

“Bedroom,” Weiss ordered. “Now.”

They made a stop at the bedroom door. Ruby lost her patience and pinned Weiss to it, arm behind her back. Ruby sank her teeth into Weiss’ neck and growled. Weiss lost her focus, all sense of time and propriety. For once this year, she wasn’t the fulcrum of all civilization. She wasn’t in command. She wasn’t even in control. Ruby forced her knee between Weiss’ legs and ground into her crotch. Her hand grabbed and gripped at every tender place. She grabbed the royal brooch and tore Weiss’ cape from her, then ripped again at her blouse, and again at her bra, ignoring her majesty’s pleas.

“Wait. Ruby, wait! You can’t just-“

“Yeah I can.”

Ruby forced them through the door and threw Weiss on the bed.

She paused, realizing how elegant her surroundings were. “This is a nice place, Weiss.”

Weiss rolled onto her back and got her elbows under her. She turned an incredulous look to Ruby. “Of course it is! It’s Schnee Castle! How long have you been in the field, Ruby?”

Ruby kicked her boots off and pulled her tank top over her head. Scars and fresh scratches marred her torso all the way up. Her fingers hooked under her breast wrap, and those perked free. Larger than Weiss had remembered.

To Weiss, Ruby looked more beautiful than any fresh acolyte at the temples to Pyrrha. Remnant was a world of warriors. Maybe it wasn’t Ruby who had been away too long. Maybe Weiss needed to leave the castle again.

Ruby climbed onto the bed, unfastening her belt buckle and eating Weiss with her eyes.

Her Majesty shivered with arousal and excitement. She had to remind this Huntress of her station. “Slow down, Ruby. You know I could order my knights to come in here and rescue me.”

“There’d be a fight,” Ruby grinned. She grabbed Weiss’ waist and tugged it to her. But her aggression ended there. She looked less like a hungry animal, and more like she would cry.

“Hey,” Ruby whispered.

Weiss smiled, happily. “Hi.”

“I missed you.”

Weiss nodded, let her watering eyes say the rest.

Ruby leaned down and kissed her softer, slower. But just as passionately. Her hands slid across Weiss’ exposed chest and doffed her clothes. Their lips waved against each other, glossy with saliva and tears.

Kissing smiles and tickling hands carried them onward into the night, until Weiss was finally teased and comforted too much. She wanted to play now. To do something absolutely scandalous. So she bit Ruby’s lip, slowly, steadily, until Ruby’s hand on her breast squeezed tight.

“Hey there,” Ruby hissed.

“Yes?” Weiss cooed innocently.

Ruby’s eyes sparkled. She rolled Weiss onto her face, ready to get wet, wild, and rough. And there she stopped.

“Weiss! You got a tattoo?”

It spanned her entire back. A birdcage, its bars broken, and a stylized bird escaping.

Weiss arched her back, stretching out the image and forcing her toned glutes into Ruby’s crotch. She turned a wickedly sharp smile over her shoulder, and her scar framed a devious eye. “What’s the matter, Ruby? Never done anything wild?”

“Not as wild as I’m about to,” she promised.

Weiss asked, “And what-“

Which Ruby answered by sucking two fingers.

Weiss’ eyes went wide. “Huntress, if you dare insinuate that you-“

Which Ruby answered by sieging the motte.

Weiss loved this game. It showed behind her façade. “Ruby, if you don’t stop this instant, I will have you-“

Which she answered by breaching the gates and storming the bailey. “Worth it.”

Ruby’s fingers tickled around inside and rubbed against her G with practiced ease. Entering her was as familiar as coming home. The Queen’s words scattered into erotic grunts and pleading moans.

Ruby placed a hand against Weiss’ neck and forced her face into the pillows. Still straddling her ass, she drilled the royalty. First with two fingers, then three, beckoning against her G spot how she always liked it.

Weiss smothered her screams and writhed beneath her lover. Her sensitive nipples hardened and rubbed against soft sheets. Three fingers, then four, spread her lips and filled her body. She squirmed, but couldn’t escape Ruby’s weight, nor Ruby’s grip on her neck. The weight of the world left her shoulders, and all the tension spooled within her suddenly released.

She felt like she’d been holding a damn. Like she’d suddenly watched a brick fly loose from it. She had time to say, “Oh, shi-“ before every muscle seized up.

Ruby was strong, hard like a rock- kept her pressed into the bed while she thrashed and screamed in orgasm.

“I’m getting better at this,” Ruby mused. She removed her fingers and moved on to other parts. Palming Weiss’ rear and gently massaging her thighs. Weiss gasped and panted into the pillow. She’d lost track of time already. Of everything but Ruby’s hands. Those, she felt acutely.

Ruby enjoyed fondling the royal jewels. What the whole world held sacred, the woman that kept her enemies awake at night with fear, whose visage towered above the public, whose monuments shaded every park. None of those statues were as sculpted as this ass.

She’d been flat back in the dorms at Vale. To be fair, they all had. But constant exercise had built a bubble for Ruby to jiggle and giggle at this night. She had a naughty idea, and snuck closer with a toothy grin. First she planted a kiss on the rump. Weiss was too busy breathing to notice. So Ruby placed a wetter kiss, then sucked, and licked, and finally pinched the tender meat with her teeth.

Weiss yelped. Ruby pulled her lover’s waist closer, rotating Weiss out of the pillow and matching groin to groin. She tilted her head. “Weiss, you’re all red in the face. You gettin’ out of shape?”

Weiss’ thigh trembled with arousal. She panted too much to answer.

Ruby giggled and slowly gyrated her hips, rubbing her folds along her lover’s, overwhelming Weiss and bringing herself a little pleasure as well.

After so long alone, it was nice to feel another person’s body heat. Especially Weiss. Damn, this felt good. Weiss was already slippery between the legs, and Ruby added herself to that. Their glistening labia tickled each other with every passing. Ruby ground harder, lined up her clit, and found a magical arrangement against Weiss’.

They both cried out in surprise, Ruby bucked her hips and closed her eyes. This was EXACTLY the spot. Pleasure spiked up her spine and struck across her muscles like lightning. She bit her lip and rubbed faster. Weiss’ groans egged her on. The Schnee came again, and Ruby continued through it. Riding her like a horse that needed taming. She squeezed the royal thigh and held it in place for her use.

Pleasure spikes became a consistent glow across her hips. Ruby kept riding through Weiss’ orgasm. She felt lithe fingers grasping at her. Ruby gripped both of Weiss’ wrists in one hand, one swift motion capturing her. And she kept riding.

Weiss, overwhelmed, grunted like an animal and bucked back at Ruby. That was the missing ingredient. Dull pleasure continued to mount, and along with it came a new sensation, threatening to explode and overtake her whole mind.

Hell Yes, she thought. Bring it on.

Weiss’ own climax was extending past bareability. Her voice sounded hoarse, and she was trying to hide her face. Ruby peeked and realized she was getting even redder. A moment ago she’d looked so noble. And Ruby had done this to her.

Ruby slid up Weiss’ thigh, granting her relief, and then squeezed tight around it when the moment came. She came hard, and quietly, like she’d done so many nights alone in Grimm territory. Eyes slammed shut, mouth agape. Only a little squeak escaped her. She lost her grip on Weiss’ wrists.

And when it passed, she looked down at the woman she loved.

Weiss was watching her, still panting, her eyes wide with wonder and awe.

“I love you,” Weiss mouthed.

Ruby blushed. That, more than her carnal display, felt exposing. A kiss was the only worthy response.

“I love you, too,” she whispered into Weiss’ lips. She watched Weiss catch her breath for a minute, trailed her fingers over a pristine belly. Weiss had been tired before she got here, Ruby remembered. “You up for another round, or should I let you sleep?”

Weiss snatched her wrist, as if she would run away. “Stay with me,” she pleaded.

Ruby had a lot of places to be. This was one of them, she decided. “For a night, Weiss,” she agreed.

She caressed her lover’s cheek. And for a long time, they stayed that way, letting Weiss catch up, letting Ruby examine her partner’s every detail.

She had a particular fascination for Weiss’ lips. Thin, but seemingly endless when called upon for touching. And pliable. She tugged at Weiss’ lower crest with a finger, watched pink flesh present itself and blush redder. And she couldn’t help smirking at lewd thoughts.

Weiss got the idea. Her tongue darted out and wet her instruments. Ruby straddled her and waddled forward on her knees, quim dragging up Weiss’ belly, then her chest, aligning over her mouth. Ruby ran her fingers through imperial hair, then tightened and secured her grip.

“No matter how long you’ve been a Queen,” she admitted, “I still see you as my princess.”

Weiss didn’t need to be pulled. Submitting to the pleasure, she reached up and kissed her lover’s lower lips. She worshipped with her tongue, sucking labia into her mouth and caressing everything offered to her.

Ruby’s eyes crossed. Her stance slumped, and her mind fogged with pleasure. She’d just orgasmed only a moment ago. It had just passed. And Weiss was driving her back into it instantly. Passionately. Aggressively.

A second ago she’d looked like she would pass out. Now she looked like she was eating pussy for her life. “Oh my God,” Ruby gasped. “Fff-f-fudge. Wow. WOW! Oh my God, Weiss I wish y-you- Ohhhh… I wish you could see yourself right now.”

There was a full-length mirror across the room. She looked like she’d broken in to ravage the Queen. And Weiss’ platinum white hair in her hands looked like silk.

Weiss wrapped Ruby’s clit with two soft lips and sucked just enough to get its attention. Ruby’s vision blurred. She shook and groaned.

Weiss pulled away with a pop. “I can. There’s a mirror on the ceiling, too.”

Ruby looked up in time to see Weiss dive in again, her kisses spreading from thigh to thigh, tongue licking everything in-between, lips massaging every inflamed piece of puss.

Ruby giggled. “Weiss, it’s like watching a bulldog eat a watermelon.”

Weiss stopped and blinked rapidly, then swatted her. “Ruby! How am I supposed to get that image out of my head?”

Ruby laughed and pulled Weiss back into her snatch, then tightened her thighs so the Schnee couldn’t escape. Ruby slid her slit across Weiss’ nose, using her like a washboard, forcing Huntress musk up her nostrils, and the Queen’s eyes crossed.

Ruby leaned back, and her fingers found Weiss’ entrance for round three. The royal tongue had driven men to suicide. Now it was killing Ruby with pleasure, wriggling in her like a perverted monster, getting creative with size and motion. Ruby lost focus on her fingers, leaning back to expose herself, she needed both hands for balance.

Weiss was taking power from below. She grabbed Ruby’s hips and pulled her face flush with Ruby’s organ. Her tongue-tip pressed against Ruby’s G, and the Huntress’ eyes bulged with surprise.

Weiss jabbed it as if with a rapier.

Ruby gasped. Her hips jerked.

Weiss smiled into her. She poked again.

Ruby squeaked.

Again. Her hips bucked.

She set a rhythm. Ruby’s breathing turned ragged. She couldn’t decide if her eyes should open or close. Her hands kept shifting place. Her abs twitched, and every moan was short and different.

“W-w-Weiss! Weiss, wait. W-w-w-wait, I’m- I’m gonna.”

Her squeaking overtook her voice. Weiss upped the pace, pleased with herself, and slid a finger up the canal with her tongue.

“I’m gonna- I’m gonna squirt. Weiss I’m gonna-!” she did.

Thick like saliva, a little spurt of her appreciation creamed Weiss’ tongue.

Ruby came louder this time. It was different, when someone else was in control. She tried to hold the moan in her throat. When it escaped, she squeaked, high pitch and drawn out.

And Weiss avenged herself in that moment. Stabbing again with her tongue so that the orgasm continued. A sensation like rolling thunder rippled up Ruby’s abs. Every muscle in her body tensed and trembled. She couldn’t articulate a response. Couldn’t protect herself from the tongue drumming her G spot. Her squeak broadened into a scream. Her head fell back, and her extended torso was on display. Open mouthed, she screamed for the whole castle.

The climax continued until she fell back across Weiss’ sweat-covered body and finally escaped her ministrations.

Weiss recovered first, and crawled up Ruby’s body with her mouth, kissing every scar, fingers gentle against every bare patch of skin.

They hugged. Their eyes closed. And both fell asleep instantly.

Just before midday, a guard at the gate heard someone leaving. He retracted the gate, clapped his heels together, and saluted.

It was the wraith. He shivered. This far north, midday looked like sunrise. A dim sun cast shadows across the courtyard, and they never betrayed the white hood’s face. He’d heard the stories, how this monster came and went, always accompanied by screams in the house- as if it haunted every building it stayed near.

And that sound as it moved. The pommel grinding against stone.

Absolutely haunting.

Silver eyes turned to him. He gulped.

“I’ll be back,” it threatened.


Chapter Text

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In life, she was a princess.

Beloved by her people, doted upon by her father, and worshipped by her dear little brother. She carried herself with the grace poise of a queen, despite being a mere young Zora.

But her loving heart was tempered by a steel will - one that cleaved and sliced through whatever hapless foe dared stand before her. The trident that had been with her since she was a mere hatchling saw her through - coming into its own as she grew.

She truly had it all - the adoration of her people, the respect of her family, a blooming love that she was mere days from boldly proclaiming. Her life was perfect...

...Until she was killed. Cut down the moment she’d boarded her Divine Beast. Her soul was trapped in the Malice-coated tomb, left to languish for decades to come...

And then he had saved her, a mere hundred years later. Standing before her with eyes that seemed almost distant. Clouded. She had thousands of questions for him...but not a one could escape her lips as he was whisked away.

So she sat on the head of her charge, her partner. The ghostly Zora gazed out over the wide lands, as if trying to find the faintest hint of a young man clad in regal blue. An ethereal sigh passed her lips.


In life, she was a queen.

Now she was a mere shadow - a spectre deep within the mechanics of a war machine. One that had been defiled and corrupted in service of the same evil that had cost her life...well one of them.

It was almost poetry. The dashing hero with the sacred sword. A lovely young princess of the seafolk that took a shine to him. Tragedy that would irrevocably divide them like the land and the sea.

What was strange was that she had two distinct sets of memories - memories of a life cut down, and one that passed and ebbed away like the peaceful tide. Both of them had the constant of the young Hylian boy in green that stole her heart...yet could never return it.

After her passing though, an entire side of her history was made manifest - one that she’d all but dismissed as a mere fantasy. One that transcended into the past and the future, across the realms of possibility. And at the core was not only the hero, the princess, and the thief, but a being split in twain.

A being that could now aid her in giving her Champion her dearly desired due. With that resolve, the conscious of the Divine Beast transcended the ruined world and reached out for the Two.

Two witches that oversaw the ethereal ocean of Time...

Link returned to the Samasa Plains, leaving the Rocco Maag shrine behind him. He shouldered the brand new sword on his back - a spoil from the Lizalfos that had once prowled the ruins outside the shrine. His journey continued to the eastern coastline, where Kazz’s journal had mentioned a possible shrine at Horon Lagoon

He trudged up the hill, watching the clouds soar by. The sky had grown dark - a herald of a possible storm. The looming mouth of the cave seemed to beckon him, call to him to seek shelter. Time would tell if he answered.

As he reached the entrance, it became clear that it was a mere passageway - a tunnel through the rock. It was doubtful that it would stay dry in the event of a storm. He bit back a groan at a peculiar looking flower sticking out of the ground. ‘I’m not gonna do it, ‘I’m not gonna do it, ‘I’m not gonna do it, ‘I’m not gonna-’

“Yahaha! You found me!

Link bit back a growl as he accepted yet another Korok seed from the forest child. He had so many now, and he still had no idea where Hetsu had gone. ‘Something about a forest to the north...Need to go up there,’ he mused. His eyes looked over and saw...saw her.

“Buh-b...uuh?” the Korok trailed off when he noticed Link’s vacant stare.

He was looking up at the immobile form of Vah Ruta - the Divine Beast of the Zora. from here he was facing the back, eyes drawing over the distant form of the reclaimed ancient weapon. For the briefest moment, he swore he saw something glowing off Vah Ruta...

He felt something pulling on his shirt- a tiny little wooden nub of a hand. “Mr Hero? Are you okay?”


Link grabbed the Korok before it went flying away from the force. The grass shook under the sudden onslaught. The sky flashed with mysterious blue light. “Wah! W-What was that?!”

Link merely grunted in response. He waited till the winds settled before he tried to set the shaken Korok down. He immediately took off and leapt back into the passage.

He dashed through, avoiding the rocks crashing down. His eyes zeroed in on the far end and the pulsing light that beckoned him. A deadly rock crashed down above him-


Link’s Zora Shield echoed through the cave as the rock was parried aside. He spared it no heed and kept dashing to the end. The light was starting to fade as he reared across the corner and entered the coastline.

He could see the source of the light somewhere in the distance. Link slowed his pace as he passed the cliffs. His view was obscured by a rock jutting out just before the beach. He pulled out his sword and shield and readied for anything, eyes blazing with determination. Link leapt out from behind the outcropping, sword and shield ready… and dropped them to the ground.

‘Din’s Arms...can...can it really be?’


The sound of her name roused her. She dimly felt the wet sand on her back, the salty breeze assaulted her nose. Something was disturbing her - gentle taps over her smooth skin. ‘Rain?’ There was something more though, something lightly shaking her shoulder. She groaned in discomfort.


Her eyes finally opened, revealing golden pupils. She lazily looked right, then left. A blur caught her eye - one that she instantly connected to.


The wave crashed down on her weary head. She remembered it all - the futile struggle against the Blight, her impending death. The sudden slowing of time as the trident loomed over her...the two figures that called her name.

‘They...they spoke true? Am I really here, in the future...with him?’

She heard him call her name, a sound that filled her heart before rending it in twain. It was a voice of relief but pain, hope scarred by despair. It hurt her to hear him like this…especially knowing that it was only fleeting.

‘If they were truthful about this, then that means...I only have tonight!’ Mipha realized. She sprung up, out of his arms, and quickly turned to him. She averted his questioning gaze as she swiftly blurted out, “Link...There’s so much I want to say, but...but I don’t think I have the strength to-Aah?!

Mipha blinked in shock at how brazen her crush was. He didn’t hesitate in the slightest and was mashing against her lips. She felt his tongue running through her sharp teeth without a care. The princess knew he was brave...but to be so bold with her , not even a minute’s passed her revival… she immediately returned his affections.

She tasted the wilds - the many trees and fields that he’d traversed in his arduous journey. He tasted the sea - almost intoxicating and overwhelming. Threatening to pull him down to the depths where air couldn’t go.

He would happily drown for her.

They reluctantly pulled away, leaving thick bridges of spit between them. Mipha sucked down air with a need that she’d never had before. It was a frightening feeling...and one she wanted to experience more.

“Very well - words can wait,” she admitted. Her arms wrapped around his shoulders, allowing her to pull herself up to him. “Let's make up for lost time.”

Hylian and Zora - Champions both, embraced. A century had divided them, but for this one moment - this single night, they were one again.

They stood on the beach, ignorant to the world, and let the rain wash over them...

Link shuffled back against his hood. His makeshift pillow offered only a little comfort from the otherwise solid rock. But compared to some of his impromptu arrangements in the wilds, it might as well be a king sized bed.

Mipha settled between his legs. She made short work of his belt before reaching into his trousers. Her smooth palms closed around his loins. He groaned under her wet touch and reached up to gently stroke her head. The princess leaned into his touch before she fished out his erection.

It was...bigger, than she’d expected. She knew Hylians were smaller than Zoras, but even the ones that she’d read about seemed, shrimpish, compared to Link. She wasn’t gonna complain though.

Mipha retracted her teeth before she dipped down and suckled his glans. Her smooth fingers groped his sack, weighing his nuts between her digits. She treated his cock like a scepter, and worshiped it as his loving queen.

Link groaned under her ministrations. His head tipped back until he bumped against the rock. Her touch was so...pure. Like being caressed by the gentlest stream. He let the smooth drizzle pass over his forehead as he simply relished her presence.

Her tongue spilled out and swirled around his shaft. It wasn’t long enough to completely encircle it, but it left at least part of his body feeling her warm, wet touch. A hand reached up to pump his shaft as she worked.

Mipha was stalling, even knowing what precious time she had. A part of her wanted to do away with this frivolous matter and skip straight to the main course. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it, even if it meant more time joined in the deep. She simply didn’t want any regrets.

None at all.

She took a deep breath and sunk down. His shaft pulled into the slimy confines of her mouth. Her cheeks collapsed, sucking out all the air and leaving him in the tight, wet vice. Her tongue flailed around his cock, layering it with her spit.


Link dug his hands into the dirt. He clenched his teeth as he tried to endure her sinfully tight mouth. He was far from...naive, in such matters, even after his awakening. But there was little doubt that Mipha’s blowjob was leaps and bounds beyond anything he’d experienced. Anything.

She took him as far as she could until he bumped the back of her mouth. The musky scent filled her world, replacing the dulcet smells of the little cove. Her breath tickled his slit from her too-tight throat.

Mipha’s efforts were swiftly bringing him to climax, and he knew it. Before he drenched her throat with his seed, he wanted to return the favor. He wanted a taste for himself.

Link cleared his throat to get her attention. She paused mid-bob and looked up at him with a cocked, curious head. He relayed his plan to her. Her eyes widened and her cheeks darkened at the prospect, but she ultimately nodded in assent.

Mipha’s lips stayed firmly on his crown as she rolled over him. Her legs spread open and exposed the near-invisible slit of her crotch. Her fingers blindly reached back and propped them open, allowing him to see her feminine bits in full.

Link admired her puffy, pink pussy. It was similar to the Hylian loins he’d partaken before, but had certain traits that simply screamed ‘zora’. He chose not to dwell on them in favor of leaning in and planting a wet kiss on her lower lips.


Mia yelped at his sudden act. She barely avoided the impulse to draw her teeth. The last thing she wanted was for this one single night to end so...bloody. The next few kisses came a little easier for her, and she slowly resumed her pace.

Link was ignorant to his almost-fate and simply treated her as best as he could. His tongue pierced her folds and started probing around her slick domain. He felt her bristling villi on his tongue tip as he struggled to reach her deep reef.

Instead of a clit, Zora’s had a particualry short villi in thier pussy’s that was far, far more sensitive and receptive to stimulation. Its placement was utterly random between the entrance all the way to the back near their wombs. Mipha was very fortunate to have been blessed with one that was just within tongue reach, and when her lover brushed over it...her world turned white.

Mipha screamed into his cock. The echoes and vibrations brought about his own release as he stuffed her mouth with his cum. His face was covered by her nectar, even as he tried to lap up as much as he could muster.

Likewise, she subconsciously swallowed as much as she could, but still had some of it leaking out of her occupied lips. She ultimately had to spit him out. The zora gasped for breath, extending her teeth and letting more of his jizz drool out onto the wet sands below.

She collapsed on his chest, mouth close to his twitching loins. A spurt of cum splashed over her head, making her wince. Link let her collect herself, and ran his hands down her back as a sign of comfort.


Mipha came too. It was now clearly dark out, though there was a glimmering light off to her side. She turned to see a lantern had been against the rock. More strikingly, there was no rain coming down despite her still hearing it clear as a bell. The answer was above her - a makeshift canopy patched together out of an old sail.

She felt a hand cup her cheek and turn her back. Link was crouched next to her, relief clear in his eyes. Her fingers wove into his and held him close. She noticed that his tunic was gone, exposing his bare, toned chest...and all the scars upon it. “By Jabu...what happened to you, Link?”

He looked away, unable to answer her. An uneasy silence settled between them, broken only by the rain and the light crackling lantern. They kept their hands on her cheek. He idly rubbed his thumb against her smooth skin.

Mipha blinked. “Oh! We were...that’s right,” she looked away in embarrassment. Link laughed at the slight rose on her cheeks, blending between her red and white skin.

“I-It’s not funny!” she huffed. “I um...I don’t actually-”

He reached over and tapped her lips, eliciting her silence. One look at his understanding, caring eyes made relief wash over her like a warm wave.

She let him position her, only raising her head up to accept his cloak-pillow. Once Mipha was situated, LInk reached down to pull off his underwear and exposed his loins to her anew. The sight of his engorged dick nearly made her swoon.

She stretched open her legs, exposing the thin slit between them. Link lined up his cock with her folds and glanced up one last time. Her shining eyes were all the consent he needed.

He pushed in.

“Ah! Aa-ooooh.”

Mipha’s shriek morphed into a coo as he filled her domain. His cock passed the first ring of villi, letting the little bristles tickle his glans. He passed right under her clit-villi and entered her deep reef. Somewhere in the bristles, he hit a knot. Mipha tensed up and tried to speak out, but Link was already straining it...and broke through.


He immediately stopped, concerned. Mipha’s eyes were clenched shut as thin tears poured down her cheeks. Her fingers dug into her pams. “T-that was my seal. Y-you broke it,”


Mipha took deep breaths, trying to focus past the pain. She listened to Link prattle on his apologies, his intents to beg for forgiveness. She offered him a sweet smile and gently shook her head. “I-It’s okay, really! I...I wanted you too.”

She reached up and touched his cheek. She gave him a tiny nod, letting him resume. Link slowly pulled back, eying her for any signs of further distress. He kept his pace languid, never going fast enough to strain her.

Eventually, her hips started to roll back to meet him. He watched her slowly open her eyes and wiped away her tears. “Oooooh, that’’s feeling so good.”

Mipha’s arms slowly wrapped around his for support. Link took that as a sign to speed up, and gradually increased his pace. Her villi’s brushed against his cock, sending shivers up his spine. A zora’s pussy was simply beyond any hylian or sheikah could hope to offer.

“F-Faster, please-eee.”

Link sped up. His hips were now audibly slapping against her over the pouring rain. The distant rumble of thunder passed over them as their world shrank down. They were no longer joined on a tiny beach of Lanayru Bay - to Link and Mipha, their whole life was in the other’s arms. Nothing less.

Nothing more.

Mipha pulled him down, compressing his body against hers. She relished the warmth of his back as she rolled across muscles and marks. Link reached in to claim her lips anew...

Mipha pulled away, leaving a dribble between them. Her sudden bounce broke it, sending the severed streams down over their chins. Her legs tightened around his sides. He tightened his grip on her ass as he thrust up into her.

Link’s feet dug into to sand, holding both of them up. His strong arms held her close, letting her gushing pussy slide up and down his eager cock.

Link stumbled back into the sand, thankfully avoiding any rocks. Mipha was now over him, still thrusting even as she recovered from the shocking descent. She was too far gone to worry about her wellbeing now - her body was a slave to the carnal call, and all he could do was grab her hips to keep her in place.

“I-I feel it! I’m so-oooo close!”

She arched up, shifting the villi in her snatch. Link’s cock managed to graze her most sensitive bristle and sent her flying over the horizon. “L-IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINK!

The bristles in her pussy suddenly hardened into his cock. He felt them pressing down on his most sensitive flesh - never piercing, but making it impossible to move. The vice-like grip of her upper snatch, coupled with the secretions of her hardened villi, was the final push he needed.


Link gently pulled her out and rolled her to his side. His arms wrapped around her in a tight, protective embrace. The trials of today finally caught up with him, and his strength was finally sapped away….but he was okay with that. So long as he could hold her for just a mere moment longer. His final thoughts weren’t on the looming perils ahead, but on the only thing that truly mattered to him, here and now.


Mipha awoke to total darkness. She could barely make out the silhouette next to her, the one holding her so close and so tight. “Link…”

She tried to move, tried to rouse him back to action. Her limbs struggled to move...and ultimately dropped. It was no use - she was done.

There was still the matter of her cavern...but she simply couldn’t keep her eyes open anymore. Instead she merely resigned herself to laying close to his slumbering chest. The rhythmic beating of his heart lulled her to sleep.

Mipha stirred, wincing in the early flickers of dawn.

Link had rolled over in his sleep, leaving only a loose arm over her petite body. She gently nudged him away, giving her room to rise to her knees. Her eyes drew down on his tossed away clothes, specifically his Champion’s Tunic.

Mipha reached for his discarded tunic and pulled it close. The blue fabric stood out against her red fingers. After a moment’s contemplation, she decided to go for it and put it on.

It was actually big on her, almost comically so. Still, it was so soft, so him. She ran her fingers over the tunic, relishing the silken feel of Hyrule’s finest tailors. She glanced outside at the morning light.

The rain had stilled to a minor drizzle as the clouds broke apart. She could see the licks of the rising sun. Mipha didn’t have much time.

She gently placed his tunic down on his chest. Mipha looked at the serene face of her beloved and softly smiled. “It's okay Link….I’m here for you. I always will be.”

She leaned in to leave a final kiss…

“-?! Hyah?!”

Link rose with a gasp, shaking away the water. He glanced around the beach for any signs of life...he found nothing - nothing but a still coast bathing in the morning sun.

‘Was that...was that all a dream?’ he wondered. He rose to his feet and caused something to roll off his chest. He looked at the glint in the sand, and gawked.

It was a bracelet - a zora-crafted one. One that looked quite familiar to him.

Link put his tunic back on, not caring that it was wet. He gently pocketed the bracelet, letting his fingers trace the smooth steel one final time. With that, he set off, drawing towards the faint sounds of a famillair accordion..

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Shortly after the Quincy War…

Urahara Shop

Ichigo walked into the shopkeeper's home, coming to check on his friends. He knew that although Kisuke and Yoruichi defeated their poisonous opponent, the two were badly hurt by Askin's poison abilities. Now that the war was over and Yhwach was defeated, Ichigo was spending time with all his friends, making sure that they were all okay.

He met Tessai at the counter and said hello, the burly man greeting him like usual. "Kisuke and Yoruichi home?" he asked the man.

"I'm not quite sure. I heard the back door open and shut but I've been stuck up here minding the shop. You can check their rooms and see?" he suggested.

"Right, thank you, Tessai," Ichigo said respectfully while moving past him and entering the part of the building that was their home. He checked Yoruichi's room but found no sign of the woman. He was partially glad that she was out and about. He knew that she was hurt pretty bad and the fact that she was up and outside was a good sign of her recovery.

Then he checked Kisuke's room…

It didn't surprise Ichigo that Kisuke's room would be so cluttered. A futon lay on the center of the bed, surrounded by desks and benches filled with tools and unfinished projects. Blueprints and other research papers littered the walls. Seeing no sign of the bucket-hat shopkeeper, Ichigo concluded that Kisuke was out as well. "Wonder where they went?" he wondered aloud.

A glow in the corner caught his eye. Suspicious, Ichigo crept into his room, hoping that Kisuke hadn't laid booby-traps in his bedroom. Thankfully, no such surprises met him Walking over to the corner, he saw that the glow was coming from Kisuke's computer.

"Weird…" Ichigo thought as looked at the device. It was one of Kisuke's portable computers, the same one he took to Hueco Mundo when they went to rescue Tier Halibel from the Quincies. "He just left this on?" He hit a button and a list of files popped up. "Wait, he built his own portable computer but didn't take the time to put in a password?" he realized.

Though he knew he shouldn't pry into Kisuke's privacy, he considered the numerous indignaties that the man had put him through during his training and decided that he didn't care if it was prying.

Ichigo sifted through the files. Most of it was just blueprints and notes for various projects and experiments. He found Kisuke's notes on Arrancar and Quincy powers and physiology, including the detailed analysis of the medallion Quilge tried to steal Ichigo's Bankai with.

Then he found a file with his name on it…

Fearful for what he might find, Ichigo clicked on the file and opened it up. He saw it contained a series of photos.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes and clicked on one…and wanted to slam his head against the wall when he saw that it was a photo of Kisuke and Jinta doodling on Ichigo's face with markers when he slept. "Goddammit! No wonder I kept smelling ink!" he groaned. He looked through the rest of the photos and saw that they were similar acts of mischief.

Still, Ichigo sighed in relief, glad to have not found some Kisuke's doomsday device or something.

The last file caught Ichigo's attention. The title above it read Pero's Recordings. He recognized the name. Orihime told him that Kisuke had given her a flying talking camera to accompany her when she was journeying across Hueco Mundo alone for her training. "Now that I think about it…" Ichigo thought out loud, "Orihime didn't really tell me much about what happened after I left."

Curious, Ichigo clicked on the file and numerous video recordings popped up. Unaware of what he was walking into, he clicked on the first file and watched the recording…

"Wow, this is so cool!" Orihime giggled, wrapped up in the cloak Kisuke had given her. "Traveling through the desert like this. Too bad Chad went on ahead…" she lamented before looking up at the floating camera. "Still, at least I have you, Pero!"

"Pero! Glad to be assistance!" said the flying camera.

"Now let's see…" Orihime took out her map and compass, provided to her by Kisuke. "I think we need to go this way."

Pero floated in the air behind Orihime, following the cloaked girl as she made her way across the desert. Their journey continued on uneventfully until she came across some rocks sticking out of the white sand like dark pillars. "Wonder what this used to be?" she wondered as she walked around the jutting rocks. "Any idea, Pero?"

"Pero! I've no idea, I'm afraid. This location isn't marked in Kisuke's database," Pero said.

Orihime walked past one of the pillars and put a hand on it. "Wow. It's warm! What kind of rock is this?"

Her answer came when the stone pillars started to bend. At first she was scared that she'd done something and they were crumbling. However, as the ground started to shake and the sands rose, she quickly realized at they weren't stone pillars.

They were a Hollow's tentacles. She'd fallen right into a trap.

"Kyaaaa!" Orihime screamed as she ran away as fast as she could, Pero chasing after her, hovering a few feet behind her while the huge Hollow chased after her.

Orihime looked up at the camera confused. Kisuke'd told her that Pero would contact her if she was any imminent danger. She didn't know if she could take the Hollow, she was still recovering from her injuries when Quilge blasted several holes in her but she could at least hold out until Kisuke arrived.

Turning around to face her attacker, Orihime readied her hairpins. "Koten Zanshun!" she shouted, unleashing Tsubaki on her attacker. The spirit spun like a buzz saw as he barreled towards the Hollow. The tentacle monstrosity guarded itself with its long tentalces, only to lose them from Tsubaki's attack. "I did it!" she cheered, only for her jubilation to end when white matter spewed from the severed stumps. In mere moments the tentacles grew back.

Roaring in anger, the Hollow swung its tentacle and knocked Orihime's spirit away. "Tsubaki!" Orihime shouted in horror as the tiny sprite landed in the distance, a plume of sand erupting from the impact. "Hang on!" she dropped the bag Kisuke had given her that she'd been carrying and undid her cloak to free her from its hindering embrace. Still in the clothes she wore when she and her friends entered Hueco Mundo, she ran over to her friend to heal him. "S ō ten Kissh-AHHHH!"

While Orihime was focused on Tsubaki, the Hollow dug one of its tentacles deep into the sand and tunneled towards the unsuspecting girl. Once it'd wrapped around her ankle it made its move, swinging its tentacle out of the ground and flinging Orihime into the air. "Kyaaaaa!" she screamed, flailing her arms as she was tossed about like a ragdoll. "Tsubaki! Help!" But Tsubaki was knocked out, her only offensive weapon useless.

The Hollow wrapped its other tentacles around her arms and legs, keeping her immobile while suspending her in the air. "Help!" she called out, looking up at the floating camera. "Pero! Can't you help me?"

"Pero! I can't! Kisuke didn't program me with defensive capabilities," the talking camera explained.

Wondering when the hell Kisuke was going to help her, Orihime struggled against the tentacles binding her. She screamed in horror as the Hollow opened its mouth, fearful that it was going to eat her. However, instead of biting into her, the Hollow sprayed acid all over Orihime's defenseless form.

"Kyaaa!" Orihime screamed in embarrassment, the acid eating away at her clothes. "Nooo!" Soon she was left in nothing but her pink panties. To her growing horror, one of the Hollow's tentacles sneaked underneath her underwear and tore it off. "No! Those were my favorite pair!" she shouted. Her eyes widened as the tongue inched closer to her naked cooch. Rukia had warned her of this. During their training, she'd shared stories of some female Soul Reapers being sexually assaulted by some Hollows who toyed with their victims rather than just eat them outright.

Orihime quickly came to the conclusion she was about to have a story of her own…

"Ah!" Orihime gasped as the Hollow licked her pussy. "No! Stop it!" Pero continued to float above the two, capturing everything on camera.

"Mmmmmhhh!" Orihime moaned as the Hollow licked her cunt, her body heating up. "Ah! Stop!" But the Hollow didn't listen, enjoying the taste of Orihime's honeypot. She concentrated her powers, hoping to summon her other spirits to protect her. However, before she could call on them, one of the Hollow's tentacles slid into her mouth, gagging her. "Mmmghhh!" More tentacles started to surround her, her body shivering from their warm, unearthly touch. Two of them wrapped around her heavy bosom, squeezing her puppies tightly.

Orihime couldn't help but moan into the tentacle in her mouth as the Hollow's tongue continued to lick her pussy. Her honeypot started to moisten as the hot tongue licked away, arching her back as she felt pleasure begin to build. The tongue flicked against her clit, making her shake in its embrace. "Mmmmmh!" she moaned as the tongue pushed agasint her folds. Her eyes widened as the tongue slipped inside her. The tentacle in her mouth temporarily slid out of her mouth, letting her breath. "Ohhh! Nooo! Don't lick inside me!" she pleaded.

But the Hollow was enjoying toying with its food. Its tongue wormed into Orihime's quivering snatch, tasting all her intimate spots. Orihime's eyes watered as her mind swam with sensation. This felt so humiliating and yet the naughtiness of it all felt so good. "Eeek!" she gasped when the Hollow suddenly started licking her hardened clit. Thrashing against the restraining tentacles, Orihime cried out in ecstasy. In her belly a bubble began to form, building in building with every lick to her crotch. She clenched her teeth and tried to fight it but she was playing poker with an empty hand. Throwing her head back, she opened her mouth and let out an uncharacteristically lewd moan before she let loose. "No! I'm cumming! Cumming!" she shouted.

As the Hollow pulled its tongue out of her snatch, the orangette squirted her silvery love juices, cumming in front of the devious Hollow as it looked on. It stuck out its tongue and tasted her spraying juices, finding her taste to be delicious. But it wasn't done with Orihime. No, this Hollow wanted to toy with its victim more.

Orihime's mind was blank. She hung limply in the Hollow's embrace, her vision hazy from her sudden climax. Her awareness came back when she felt the tentacles wrapped around her shift, letting go of her breasts and waist. Blinking, she looked down to find herself suspended directly over the Hollow. Her eyes widened at the sight of big, fat tentacle slowly making its way towards her, the tentacles holding her legs spreading them wide. "Hey! Stop!" she shouted in vain. She tried to continue struggling to break free but her orgasm had sapped her strength. The Hollow listened to the girl gasp as its tentacle rubbed her entrance. It didn't penetrate her right off the back, slowly teasing her pink lips with its warm appendage. Orihime's breathing hastened from its ceaseless teasing, her pussy continuing to moisten as it aroused her body against her will. "Ah…ohh…" Above her Pero continued to hover, recording it all while watching.

When the tentacle pulled away, Orihime gave a sound akin to disappointment. The tentacle felt so good that Orihime could feel her mind melt again. But the Hollow didn't keep Orihime disappointed for long. "AHH!" Orihime shrieked to the high heavens as tentacle suddenly plunged into her wet depths. Her pink folds easily gave way to the intruding tentacle as pushed into her. Thanks to her training with Tatsuki and Rukia, Orihime's barrier had torn previously but it still hurt for the girl as the thick tentacle stretched her honeypot. Throwing her head back, Orihime cried out in pain, tears running down her face with shame. Not only was she all alone in Hueco Mundo, with no Ichigo or Chad to help her, but she was being violated by a Hollow.

"Stop it! Get out of-" The Hollow shut her up with another tentacle to the mouth, stuffing her face. "Mmmmhhhh!" went the muffled girl. The Hollow's tentacle was hard yet so fluid, sliding around her stretched pussy as it pushed deeper into her. That hazy feeling returned as the tentacle pulled out and pushed back in. Orihime couldn't help but begin to moan into the tentacle in her mouth. The tentacles wrapped around her arms and legs pulled down, bringing her closer to the Hollow. "Mmmh! Mmmmmh!" She arched her back as the Hollow's tongue came back out to play, licking her breasts. The Hollow's sticky saliva made Orihime's soft skin glisten in the static moonlight.

Soon Orihime's groans and muffled cries of pain melted, gradually growing into moans of sweet pleasure. "Mmmmmh…" The tentacle in her mouth started moving back and forth, treating her mouth like her pussy. Her pussy tightened around the tentacle as it touched all of her sweet spots at once. She'd pleasured herself a few times with her fingers, plus that time Yoruichi loaned her one of her toys, but the Hollow's appendage made Orihime moan like a slut.

The Hollow pulled out of her mouth, letting Orihime's moans emerge uninterrupted. "Ah! Oh my god!" she moaned, closing her eyes as the tentacle in her pussy twisted, her breathing ragged. "So good!" she panted, unable to deny the pleasure. "My pussy feels so good!" Her face twisted as she felt the big O begin to build inside her. Her eyes opened wide as another tentacle nudged her backdoor. "Wait! Nothing supposed to go there!" she shouted in alarm.

But apparently the Hollow didn't get the memo and pushed into her asshole. Orihime's cries grew louder as Hollow gave her both barrels, feeling its second tentacle fuck her asshole. "Ahhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh my goddddddd!" she howled, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. The two appendages moved in synch, filling her holes to their limits. Orihime went limp again as her asshole was spread wide open, feeling spots rubbed she didn't know she even had. Her moans grew ever louder as the one in her pussy reached her womb. Even as it fucked her silly the Hollow didn't stop licking her breasts, teasing her hard nipples.

Orihime's mind melted, incoherent moans coming from her. Her expression showed unadulterated pleasure, giving in to the bliss the Hollow was giving her. And through it all Pero hovered over them, catching it all on camera.

The fun ended when the Hollow slid its tongue down her breasts and belly, dipping into her navel for a few seconds before licking her clit. The surge of ectsacy coursing through her heated blood pushed her over the edge. Her face twisting from lewd lust, her tongue sticking out, Orihime threw her head back and howled in pleasure. "Cumming! I'm cumming!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, her holes tightening around the tentacles. The Hollow watched as the girl's cunt gushed, wetting its tentacles and face with her juices.

Orihime went limp as the Hollow finally pulled out, her holes gaping and sore. Her eyes were half-lidded as she clung to consciousness, her arousal giving way to exhaustion…just what the Hollow wanted.

Seeing its victim tired out, the Hollow decided that it'd had its fun and now was time for its dinner. Opening its mouth wide, it brought the dazed Orihime closer to chomp on her head.

A whirling sound caught it off guard. Before it could blink Tsubaki, who'd recovered from his hit and picked himself up, sawed through the tentacles holding Orihime. As it howled in pain Orihime thumped onto the sand, groaning from the impact. Tsubaki pulled at her hair to try to wake it up. "You idiot! Wake up! That thing's gonna eat you!"

The tugging on her hair woke Orihime up. She sat up just in time to see the Hollow charging at her, its limbs growing back. "San…Santen Kesshun!" she shouted, summoning her barrier to protect her and Tsubaki. The Hollow slammed into the shield and fell back, staggered from the blow. "Tsubaki! Koten Zanshun!"

"Way ahead of you!" Tsubaki shouted as it attacked. This time he hit the mark and destroyed the Hollow with one strike. Orihime watched as the Hollow crumbled to pieces before breathing a sigh of relief. "It's over…" she breathed.

Summoning Tsubaki back to her hairpins, Orihime healed her aching, abused holes with her other sprites before going to her bag and getting a new change of clothes. Retrieving her cloak, she looked up to see Pero hovering in the air. "You okay, Pero?"

"Pero! I'm okay. I'm glad to see you're alright!"

Orihime sighed, feeling tired. Kistke had told her that he'd come if she was in danger but had it not been for Tsubaki she'd have been Hollow lunch. 'Still,' she said as she grabbed her map, 'I can't waste any more time. I need to hurry.'

Turning away, she continued to hurry across the desert, Pero following her, having caught everything that happened on camera…

Ichigo sat in the chair, his jaw wide. He couldn't believe he just saw that. "Holy cow…" he breathed, shocked and a little aroused from that. "I can't believe Orihime went through all that…" He knew it would be very hard to not blush the next time he saw Orihime and wondered if he should talk to her about this...

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It was another Sunday at Smash Castle. There were no official matches, no tournaments, and no formal training sessions. Outside was a sparkling wonderland of snow, but nobody was out enjoying it because the weather had turned rather nasty. It was the kind of day that Ike despised, because above all else, the prevailing mood was sheer boredom.

The staging system was down for maintenance, meaning that nobody could even practice. Ike was disappointed, to say the least. He sighed, leaning his head on his folded arms. He was sitting at the little table in Marth’s room, while the hero-king was stoking the fire to fight off the chill. Meta Knight was sitting on the bed, his cape wrapped firmly around himself.

“You know something…” Ike said after a while of listening to the silver sound of sleet hitting the window in intervals.

“Hmm?” Marth turned away from the fireplace, brushing his hands off.

“… Nah, never mind.”

“What is it?”

“Well…” Ike frowned, staring into the dancing flames. “The stage system is like its own contained little world. I get that. It changes us so we don’t get hurt, and we can go flying and things like that.”

“Yes?” Marth moved to sit beside Meta Knight on the bed, his arms folded tightly to ward off the cold.

“I noticed that everyone here can lift the heavy crates and things. Even Pikachu.”


“I wonder how many of us could actually lift those, outside of the stages.”

“Hmm…” Marth leaned against Meta Knight. “I’m not sure that I could.”

“It’s more the unwieldy nature of the crate,” Meta Knight said. “The weight is unimportant to me. I can lift it without any problem.”

“You sure about that?” Ike glanced sideways at Meta Knight, a hint of a grin on his face. “You’re all puff, though.”

Meta Knight didn’t rise to the bait, but his eyes flashed for a moment.

“You know how strong he is, though,” Marth said. “He may be even stronger than you, Ike.”

“You wanna bet on that?” Ike stood up, cracked his neck, and folded his arms, surveying his companions challengingly. “I was thinking we should put that to the test. Since the stages are down, and it’s too wet to do anything outside, we could have a competition of our own. I need to get my blood pumping, or else I’ll end up sitting here all day with nothing to do.”

“A fine idea,” Meta Knight said, hopping to his feet. “A test of strength, then?”

“You got it,” Ike said, grinning fully now.

“Very well. I’ll be right back.” With that, Meta Knight threw out his cape and disappeared.

“I wonder where he’s going…” Marth mused.

“Either way, I can’t wait!” Ike stretched out, yawning widely. This was just the kind of thing he needed on a day like this, and he knew that Meta Knight was the same way. Though the knight was content to sit back and read a book or play chess on slow days, he was also highly competitive.

Soon, Meta Knight returned, appearing in midair with an armful of capsules. “From the item storage,” he explained, letting them fall onto the bed. “I’ve brought a series of weighted objects for us to attempt to lift. Whoever can lift the most will be declared the winner.”

“Great!” Ike said.

The capsules were opened, and each item was laid out on the floor: a metal box, a hammer, a barrel, a crate, and a sandbag. “After you,” Meta Knight said, gesturing to the arrangement.

Ike stepped up, and lifted the metal box with no difficulty at all. The hammer also gave him no trouble, and he swung it impressively, ignoring Marth’s protests. When he came to the barrel, though, he had some trouble getting a grip on it. He finally decided to roll it onto its side and lift it that way, and he succeeded in doing so. He set it back down, wiped his hands on his knees, and faced the crate.

“What’s wrong?” Meta Knight asked.

“Nothing,” Ike said, but in truth he wasn’t sure how he would lift the crate. It really was unwieldy, as Meta Knight had said. He got a fingerhold beneath it, and worked his hands under it. With a grunt, he lifted the box over his head, balancing it with both hands and locking his knees so they wouldn’t wobble.

Marth clapped his hands. “Very nice!” he said, noticing the way Ike’s muscles flexed under the strain. Ike let the crate drop, and the floor shook from the impact. The vanguard could feel the tension in his shoulders, but he was pleased with himself.

“Now for the final test,” Meta Knight said, indicating the sand bag.

Ike was able to get a grip on it, but it was much heavier than he had imagined. He struggled even to get it onto its side in his arms. When it did topple over, he stumbled and found his arm pinned beneath it. “Shit…” he mumbled, but he didn’t pull away. Instead, he snaked his other arm underneath it, and braced himself with his knees bent and his feet planted far apart. Then, with much grunting and shaking, he managed to lift it.

He let it drop with a deafening thud, his face red and his chest heaving. Marth applauded again, and Meta Knight nodded. “I tip my mask to you,” he said.

“Yeah, it wasn’t so hard,” Ike panted. “You go, Meta Knight.”

Without hesitation, the puffball stepped towards the sand bag. He got his hands beneath it, and then lifted it as if it were a sack of flour. Ike’s jaw dropped. “Damn, that’s impressive!”

“I told you, I’m much stronger than you think,” Meta Knight said, setting the bag down carefully.

Marth was able to lift the metal block and the hammer with no problems, but began to struggle a bit with the barrel. He managed to lift the crate, using the same method Ike had, but the sand bag defeated him. “It seems I’m just not strong enough,” he said, stepping back from it with a sheepish laugh.

“Still, not bad,” Ike said, eyeing the crate. “You’re stronger than you look, anyway.”

“I’m not sure if that was a compliment or not,” Marth said, sitting on the bed again. “So, now we know that Meta Knight is the strongest.”

“But who’s the fastest?” Ike asked.

“The prince is,” Meta Knight said, using the more familiar title that they were used to.

“OK, that’s not even worth testing,” he admitted. “But what else? Hmm…”

Whenever an idea came to Ike, it lit his face up like a spotlight. The other two knew immediately that he had thought of something, and that it wasn’t anything that could be tested in public. Marth and Meta Knight looked at each other warily. “Ike, what are you thinking?” Marth asked.

“Who’s bigger?”

“Bigger?” Marth blinked. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, who’s bigger?” Ike smirked. “Between the three of us, who has the biggest dick?”

Marth’s face turned red. “Who would even ask such a thing?”

“Come on, don’t you want to see?” Ike stepped towards the bed and leaned over Marth.

“Th- there’s no way…! That’s ridiculous! Why would anyone…?! Meta Knight?” Marth turned to the knight, hoping for some backup, but the knight had that intense look in his eyes that meant he was gearing up for battle.

“The challenge has been issued, and I must accept,” Meta Knight said seriously.

“You don’t have to accept that!” Marth spluttered, but Ike was sitting on his other side and was already reaching around Marth’s waist.

“Come on, what else are we gonna do today? Didn’t you have something in mind when you invited us in here?”

Marth couldn’t deny that. Lazy days often ended in sexual marathons that could last for hours, and he’d been hoping for another one. “It’s just… Showing myself next to you…” After all they had been through together, he couldn’t help but notice that his lovers far outpaced him in the size department. He wasn’t one to feel insecure about it, but laying it out plainly was an embarrassing prospect.

Ike seemed to know what was on the king’s mind. “How about this: You be the judge, between me and Meta Knight. Who’s bigger, and who’s better?”

Marth flashed Ike a relieved smile. “I suppose so.”

Meta Knight had already taken his mask off, and was shrugging out of his armor. Ike followed suit, grateful for the fire that was warming the room up. Soon the two were naked, standing before Marth like gladiators waiting for the final inspection.

“W- well…” Marth cleared his throat, and sat up straighter. “Um…”

“What’s your order, Your Majesty?” Ike asked with a playful mock reverence in his voice.

Roleplay. Now that was a fun idea. Squaring his shoulders, Marth slipped into his role. “You’re both very fit,” he said, looking them up and down. “However, I need to know that you are capable. Please present yourselves properly.” He waited, looking intensely at them, until they got the idea. Ike was the first to take himself in hand, stroking his half-hard erection and encouraging it to grow. Meta Knight followed suit, reaching down to the pouch on his underside and coaxing out his dick.

Marth watched, unable to keep an indifferent face, as Ike and Meta Knight stroked themselves. Ike’s thick fingers rubbed up and down his shaft, teasing the ridge under the head. It grew darker and redder, and Marth could see it throbbing in time with Ike’s heartbeat. Meta Knight’s cock was smooth and rounded at the head, with hardly any ridges or veins. His thumb pressed against the slight indent that ran up the side of his shaft, until the dark blue skin turned a dusky violet. Fascinated, Marth couldn’t keep his eyes off of them, and he wasn’t even aware that his tongue darted out to lick his lower lip.

With a small smirk on his face, Ike worked himself to full attention, rubbing the slit where a pearl of fluid had budded. Meta Knight shifted so his could be seen more clearly, supporting the underside with his palm. Marth scooted forward on the bed, his attention focused on the hard cocks in front of him.

“This would be easier if you were higher up,” Marth said. He stood and stepped aside so Meta Knight could hop onto the bed. Marth pulled a chair over and sat down, arranging himself like a monarch on his throne. “Ike, approach.”

Ike stepped closer, and Marth took hold of him, gently pushing Ike’s hand aside. Ike stifled a groan as Marth’s slim fingers wrapped around him, and Marth stroked him a bit to maintain his erection. “A very fine specimen,” Marth said, his voice as smooth as silk as he leaned in and licked the head. “So big…”

The vanguard gritted his teeth, and clasped his hands behind his back. It was the most difficult thing in the world to resist the temptation to grab Marth by the back of the head and shove his cock down the king’s throat. Typically, Marth was the one under scrutiny. Displaying himself like this was new to Ike, and it was a bit of a turn-on to have those blue eyes raking him up and down.

“Let’s see how well you can withstand this,” Marth said, and he leaned forward even more so he could take Ike’s cock in his mouth.

“W- we were just measuring…” Ike gasped, biting his lower lip as Marth’s tongue explored him.

“Mmm-hmm.” The humming around his member was almost unbearable. His hips bucked involuntarily, and Marth pulled back.

“I see…” He wiped the corner of his mouth with his thumb. “You’re very well proportioned, but you have no restraint. At ease.”

“But…” Ike was on the verge of thrusting forward again, when Marth looked up at him. Ike immediately stepped back. The look in Marth’s eyes was commanding, and invited no question. He would not entertain protests.

“Sir Meta Knight, present yourself,” Marth said, and Meta Knight stood on the edge of the bed. Marth bent over, reached out for the rock-hard length resting in Meta Knight’s hand, and began rubbing it carefully. Meta Knight didn’t betray the slightest emotion, but a soft grunt escaped him when Marth kissed the tip of his cock. “Very girthy,” Marth purred, sliding his hand down to the base so he could lick around the head.

Ike wasn’t aware that he was moaning until Meta Knight glanced at him. More than any kind of kinky scenario he could think of, this was the worst kind of torture to Ike. Watching Marth’s head bob up and down in front of Meta Knight, his pink lips stretched around the stiff rod that he could barely fit, Ike felt like he was going to explode from lack of contact. He reached around to touch himself, just to stave off the frustration, but Marth pulled off of Meta Knight and gave him another stern look.

“I didn’t say you could touch yourself, Ike.”

There was no arguing. Ike dropped his hands to his sides, holding back a growl. It irritated him even more to note that Meta Knight wasn’t making a sound, his body perfectly still and his gaze fixed ahead of him. Only a slight pant and a purple blush on his face gave any indication that he was aroused – besides the obvious, that is.

Marth gave Meta Knight one more stroke, and then sat back. “You have an amazing mastery of yourself, Sir Meta Knight. I’m impressed. And your shape is quite pleasing.” Standing up, he began to unbutton his shirt. “You’re both fine men. I’ll be happy to employ you both, and I welcome you into my service.”

Playing into the scenario, Meta Knight gave a salute. Ike followed, barely able to keep his mind off of his throbbing dick. Marth laid his shirt over the back of his chair, and stripped off his pants. Ike and Meta Knight watched, transfixed, as Marth turned to neatly fold his clothes. He walked over to the desk, his movements fluid and unhurried, and set his clothes on the desk, placing his circlet on top carefully. When he turned to face his lovers, he was giving his famous “come hither” look. It was all they could do to keep from pouncing him right then and there.

With lean muscles flexing beneath soft skin, with a steely look in his eye and a delicate walk towards the bed, Marth was a living contradiction. It should have been impossible for someone so strong to be so beautiful, for someone so lovely to project such power. Ike supposed that it was part and parcel of being a noble; one had to fit into almost any role, and Marth could be as commanding as he could be submissive. They had seen him at his sweetest, at his lewdest, at his most vulnerable. Now they were seeing how imposing he could be. It was a fascinating contrast.

Meta Knight stepped aside at Marth’s approach, and Marth lay on the bed, arranging himself elegantly across the pillows. He beckoned to them, and they came, settling on either side of him, touching him almost reverently. He allowed it, lifting his arms up over his head so they could access his chest, his abdomen, the space between his legs. Closing his eyes, he surrendered to them momentarily, and they took full advantage of it.

A soft moan slipped past Marth’s lips as Ike wrapped a hand around the king’s length. Meta Knight bit down on a delicate pink nipple, his large hand massaging Marth’s hip. “Mmnh… Very good…” Marth sighed. He placed a hand on each of his lover’s, stopping their motions. “Stay yourselves, now. We still need to find out who’s better.”

Rolling onto their backs, Ike and Meta Knight suppressed their urges as Marth gripped a cock in each hand. “Let’s see who can outlast the other,” he said, and began pumping them in an increasingly fast rhythm. Marth was an expert at blow jobs, but apparently, he’d been working on his hand jobs, too. He rubbed the tips with his thumbs, spreading precum around and using it as lubrication to work his hands up and down smoothly. Ike groaned, throwing his head back against the pillows, glaring at the ceiling and trying not to succumb to the tide of pleasure washing over him.

On Marth’s other side, Meta Knight’s fists were clenched in the sheets, but he wasn’t allowing himself to move otherwise. He knew he could outlast Ike. He usually did. Marth’s grip proved to be problematic, though, as he knew that Meta Knight liked a bit more pressure than Ike did. The king was going harder at Meta Knight, squeezing him and stroking him roughly, while his right hand took up a gentler pace with Ike.

Sitting up, Marth scooted around so he could watch his lovers, adjusting his grip so he could get some leverage. Meta Knight was staring resolutely ahead, but Ike’s gaze flickered downward, catching Marth’s eye. With a small smile, Marth leaned down and licked up Ike’s shaft, causing the vanguard to moan aloud. He did the same with Meta Knight, and a tremor went through the knight’s round body.

With the added slickness of saliva, Marth sped up. They were both getting very close. Ike was gritting his teeth and clenching his eyes shut, trying his hardest to keep his hips still. Meta Knight’s cock was pulsing, almost as if it had a mind of its own.

“Very good,” Marth said. “You’re both doing very well.” Then, to their surprise, he let go of them. “Let’s see how you perform.” Pulling back, he got onto his hands and knees. “Ike, behind me. Sir Meta Knight, in front.”

They shifted position, Ike kneeling behind the king and Meta Knight sitting in front of him. “Now, we will see how you fare,” he said. “Ike, you may prepare me.”

It was the hardest test of his patience yet. Ike’s hands were trembling as he reached for the lube in the nightstand, and he ended up squirting too much onto his fingers. Frustrated, desperate to get inside the clenching heat of Marth’s body, he pushed two fingers inside in one go. “Ike!” Marth’s warning came out as a pant, but it was no less effective. Ike leaned over and kissed Marth’s shoulder apologetically as he slowed his pace, stretching gently and taking his time to open his lover up.

Marth’s warm breath ghosted over Meta Knight’s member, and Meta Knight could imagine Ike’s fingers buried in Marth’s tight entrance. The king was trying his best, but his face was growing rosier and his eyes were misting over in pleasure. Meta Knight couldn’t help himself. He cupped Marth’s chin in one hand and tilted his face up to kiss him. As Ike added another finger, Marth moaned into the kiss, his eyes closing and his arms buckling under his weight. He was losing control already.

“May I, Your Majesty?” Ike panted into Marth’s ear, and Marth nodded, separating from Meta Knight so he could descend onto the star warrior’s cock. He took the bulbous length into his mouth as Ike thrust into him from behind. The feeling of being stretched so deeply on one end, and the hot mass of flesh in his mouth, threatened to overtake Marth’s senses entirely. He tried not to whimper as Ike began to move, working himself in and out and going deeper on every instroke.

Remaining in control of the situation was Marth’s goal, and he wouldn’t allow himself to get lost in the moment. He focused on sucking and licking the cock in his mouth, lavishing Meta Knight with attention to overcome his composure. He knew, and the knight knew, and even Ike knew, that Meta Knight had the most endurance of them all. It was Marth’s aim to break down that endurance, to bring the knight to his knees and make him a quivering mess. As Ike sped up his thrusting, Marth steeled himself, applying a mental clamp to his own dick so he could dedicate himself to getting Meta Knight off.

Meta Knight knew what Marth was doing. By having the star warrior receive the blow job, he was trying to employ his greatest strength to ensure that he and Ike finished at the same time. Smirking, Meta Knight allowed himself to thrust into Marth’s mouth. He could go for a very long time. He wasn’t afraid of losing this challenge.

Then Marth opened his throat, and Meta Knight’s confidence faltered. This was progressing a bit faster than usual. Normally, whenever he was being drilled from behind, Marth couldn’t deep throat whoever he was blowing. It seemed as if the hero-king was using all of his willpower to keep himself under control, and a quick glance into hooded blue eyes confirmed it. Meta Knight clenched his jaw, the spirit of competition flaring within him even as Marth pulled back to swirl his tongue over Meta Knight’s cockhead.

A quick glance at Ike revealed that the vanguard was totally lost in the moment. He was panting, his balls slapping Marth’s behind as he went faster and faster. “Ung… Aaahh…” His vocalizations were a sure sign that he was close. Meta Knight tried to focus on this, on the finish line that he was so close to achieving.

Then Marth pulled back, and a glint in his eye told Meta Knight that he was planning something.

“Stop,” Marth panted, and Ike managed to pull himself out of Marth, his vision blurry and his breath ragged. Marth turned so he was straddling Ike’s lap, hovering over his cock. With one look over his shoulder, Meta Knight got the hint. He scooted up behind Marth, and pressed inward, glaring at Ike over Marth’s shoulder. Ike glared right back. He was as determined to win as Meta Knight was.

Marth sank onto Meta Knight, and with his voice freed, he allowed himself to moan – both to vent his pleasure and to entice his lovers. It seemed to be working, because Ike was soon pulling Marth down onto him, forcing his way in alongside Meta Knight. The knight remained still and focused as Ike’s cock slid up beside his, and the ridges and veins along the length added to the friction and the heat. Marth settled between them, his head tilted back and his lips parted, trembling as sweat broke out all over his body.

“G- go,” was all he could manage to say, and his companions obeyed, Meta Knight clamping down on his hips as Ike began thrusting upward. Now Meta Knight understood what the king was doing. When they were both inside him like this, they were on equal footing.

Soon, Marth was bouncing on their lengths, his own manhood pressed between his and Ike’s stomachs and his hand over it to prevent too much stimulation. It was a lost cause, though. He began to pant, choked whines escaping him as they battered and stretched him in a frenzied rhythm. Knowing that he had no chance of outlasting them, Marth allowed himself to revel in the moment, bringing both hands up to grip Ike’s hair. His moan was muffled by a kiss, and he came, shuddering and crying out against Ike’s lips as he thrust against Ike’s hard abdominal muscles.

Marth’s insides were pulsing, tightening and squeezing as he rode out his climax, and it proved to be too much for Ike. He tumbled over the edge, a shout bubbling up from deep within him as he gripped Marth’s waist and pounded into him as hard as he could. Marth gasped weakly as Ike’s seed flooded him, and leaned back against Meta Knight. The knight picked up the pace as Ike fell back, his penis popping free with a trail of semen following.

With Ike lying back against the pillows, Marth leaned over him and rested against his chest. Meta Knight shifted so he could ram the king, until he was growling ferally in completion, his cock twitching and pumping Marth full of hot cum.

Panting, shaking, Marth curled up in Ike’s arms as Meta Knight pulled out of him. “I believe we have a winner…” Meta Knight said, rolling over so he could lay beside Ike.

“That would be me,” Marth sighed contentedly.

“Heheh…” Ike couldn’t help but laugh at that. “In a way, we all won, didn’t we? But I admit, Meta Knight, you outlasted me.”

“For what it’s worth, you beat your own personal record,” Meta Knight said, but he felt a swelling of pride at his victory. Even a trivial win was something to celebrate, in his book. Another notch in his belt.

“I declare you both superior,” Marth said.

“But we never determined the real issue,” Ike said. “Who’s bigger?”

“Meta Knight, you’re thicker,” Marth said. “Ike, you’re longer. But I’ve always known that.”

“I’m still thick, though…” Ike mumbled.

“Yes, you are,” Marth said reassuringly.

The three rested together for a while, and then Ike said, “Well, if it’s a contest of who can take it up the ass better, Marth wins hands-down.”

“You never know until you try, Ike,” Meta Knight said.

“No way,” Ike said. “And you don’t even have an ass, Meta Knight, so it’s not like we could compare if we wanted to.”

“I’m only joking. There’s no need to push the boundaries of what’s comfortable,” Meta Knight said.

“Now, when it comes to making Marth come…” Ike fixed Marth with a teasing half-smile, and the king turned away, his cheeks pink.

“There’s no need to be ashamed about it,” Meta Knight said. “We all must lose sometimes.”

“Them’s fightin’ words, Meta Knight,” Ike said, borrowing an expression he’d heard from Falco. His eyes narrowed dangerously.

“Guys, let’s not do this,” Marth said. He was now lying between his lovers, his eyes closed and his expression serene. “There’s no need to turn everything into a competition. It was fun earlier, but...”

Ike and Meta Knight looked at each other over Marth, and then descended on him, making the younger man squeak in surprise. “No penetration,” Ike muttered, taking a nipple into his mouth and another between his fingers.

“Agreed,” Meta Knight said, sliding his hand down to Marth’s thigh.

“Stop it!” Marth whimpered, his head spinning from the sudden attention. “We just finished!”

“What else are we gonna do today?” Ike asked, lapping at Marth’s chest.

“Relax, Your Majesty,” Meta Knight rumbled, spreading Marth’s thighs and taking hold of his member.

“Mnh…” Marth moaned into the back of his hand, biting down on a finger to keep himself quiet.

“After we make him come, we can see who can do it the most,” Ike said, trailing up to Marth’s ear and nibbling on it.

“You mean, we take turns with him to see who can come the most?” Meta Knight bit down on Marth’s inner thigh, and began stroking his growing erection. “That sounds fine to me.”

“R- really…” Marth whined, but he wasn’t about to complain. Just the thought was getting him aroused again, and the stimulation was making him dizzy with need. He reached down and caught Meta Knight’s hand in his, pulling him up desperately. “Pl- please… Just do it…”

“Are you actually begging?” Ike asked, a playful tone in his voice. “Or are you telling?”

“I command y- you…” Marth said, looking at them through half-lidded eyes. “Let’s see… who can come the most…”

“Are you sure you can take that?” Ike stroked Marth’s chest lightly. “I mean, not that I don’t think you can, but…”

“Did you h- hear me?” Marth said, his voice a little stronger. “Fill me up, now.”

“As you wish, Your Majesty,” Meta Knight said, settling between Marth’s legs. He pushed on the backs of Marth’s thighs, and thrust inside without any further provocation. He was only partially erect, but the coiling heat soon had him hard again. Marth gripped his knees and held his legs up against his chest as Meta Knight grabbed onto his hips. Ike continued to play with Marth’s chest, enticing more moans and soft cries from the boy.

This round was at a more leisurely pace than before. Meta Knight rocked back and forth, taking his time to work himself up. Marth was tight from the previous session, and Meta Knight found himself losing his momentum more easily as he was pulled inward by pulsing muscles. Inside was still very wet, and each thrust churned the semen from earlier with a lewd, slick sound.

His second climax came on gradually, and Meta Knight stared Marth down as he began thrusting faster. Marth’s fingers dug into his own knees. He was unable to look away from Meta Knight, and he began to lift up to meet the knight’s thrusts, clenching his muscles to encourage the pulsing hardness inside him.

This was no test of endurance. Meta Knight allowed himself to reach the peak, not holding back as he held onto Marth’s thighs and pressed himself as deeply as he could. Marth gasped at the strange and wonderful sensation of fresh warmth flooding his belly. Meta Knight was still, holding Marth’s gaze as his dick twitched, giving all that he had until he felt drained and weak.

He pulled out, and Marth winced as the bulbous head pulled at the tight ring of muscle. But he had no time to rest. Ike took Meta Knight’s place immediately, and grabbed Marth’s waist so he could flip the king onto his stomach. Marth could barely cry out into the pillow as Ike entered him. Just watching Marth getting plowed had turned Ike on immensely, and he needed no coaxing to reach full hardness again.

Still reeling from Meta Knight’s advances, Marth clutched the pillow and buried his face in it, muffling his cries as Ike went even deeper than Meta Knight had. Unlike Meta Knight, Ike’s cock was almost completely straight. He had to angle his pelvis a little to find the right spot, but once he found that bump deep inside, he had Marth screaming his name in no time.

The sight was what got to Ike the most. Watching himself ram the slender man, seeing milky cum seeping out around him, was enough to push him in the right direction. He lay across Marth’s back, humping like a dog, until they both cried out and he added to the mess. When he withdrew, Marth was still riding his orgasm, and his spasms made it difficult for Ike to pull free. When he did, a gush of fluid followed him, soaking the bedsheets.

Marth was already full to the brim, but that didn’t stop Meta Knight. He had been stroking himself as Ike had taken his turn, and the knight was almost ready to go it again. He spent some time feeling Marth up, rolling him onto his side and cuddling up to him from behind, and soon he was hard enough to continue. Marth could barely react when he thrust inside again. He clutched at Ike’s chest as the vanguard held him securely.

Ike lifted Marth’s leg up and over his hip to give Meta Knight better access. “Bear with it a little longer,” Ike muttered against Marth’s ear. “You’re doing great.”

“Nnh, aaah…! Me- Meta Knight…!” Marth nuzzled into the base of Ike’s collarbone, breathing in his heavy scent and feeling his body spreading open for the knight’s advances. This time, Meta Knight was driving in with amazing force. It hadn’t been long since his last climax, but already he was coming up on another. He was grunting, letting his voice out as his control slipped further and further.

“You look so damn cute like this,” Ike said, tilting Marth’s face up and forcing the king to look at him. “You like that?”

“Y- yes…!” Marth whimpered.

“I love watching you like this. I can almost imagine how full you are right now. He’s really punishing you, huh?” Marth couldn’t summon the ability to reply, and Ike smirked. “Taking it like a good boy... Ugh…” Marth had grabbed onto Ike’s cock, and was squeezing it in time with Meta Knight’s thrusts. “Agh, yeah… Keep it up, Marth. Just like that…”

Meta Knight sped up, ramming Marth with all of his strength. Marth couldn’t even cry out anymore, he was so overwhelmed. He leaned back, closing his eyes as he stroked Ike off. There was no way he could reach orgasm again so soon, but his body was responding with jolts of pleasure at each of Meta Knight’s thrusts. Opening his eyes, he met Ike’s gaze as he panted wantonly, and finally Meta Knight stiffened and shuddered, pumping yet another load deep inside.

Ike groaned as he also came, nearly doubling over as thin strings of cum covered Marth’s hands and abdomen. As much as they had done it in the past hour, Ike was surprised that he still had any semen left. He fell onto his back, his arm flung up over his face, and Marth collapsed onto his side in a limp heap. Meta Knight rolled over, staring up at the ceiling with a dazed look on his face.

“Fuck…” Ike groaned. “C’mere, Marth…” He adjusted so that Marth was lying in the opposite direction and hugging Meta Knight, who merely glanced over as he was jostled. Ike lay alongside Marth’s back, pulling the Altean’s hips towards him.

“A- are you still…?” Marth gasped, feeling a semi-hard spot of heat at his back.

“A little,” Ike said. “This is a competition, right?”

Marth held onto Meta Knight, burying his face in the top of the knight’s head as Meta Knight wrapped his arms around his waist. “Surely, you’re joking,” Meta Knight grumbled. He had nothing else left in him, and he refused to believe that Ike could manage to get it up again. Marth’s muffled whimper told a different story. Soon, Ike was pushing Marth against Meta Knight in a slow rhythm. He was tired, but he could still go at it. Meta Knight had to admit that it was impressive.

Ike had never actually done it until he was dry, but when he came again after a long while of leisurely thrusting, he felt like a cloth that had been thoroughly wrung out. Marth was nearly unconscious when Ike finished and pulled out. The vanguard was breathing deeply, his eyes were closed, but he felt immensely satisfied. Cracking one eye open, he smirked at Meta Knight, who looked at him with a newfound respect.

Meta Knight was no longer able to perform, but he was more awake than the other two. He got up, slipping out of Marth’s limp embrace, and went to run the shower. When he came back out, the two humans were already asleep.

“Ike,” Meta Knight shook the vanguard’s shoulder, and Ike moaned as he awoke. “Get up. You’ll have to clean him.” Meta Knight wouldn’t be able to fit in the shower with someone else, and the tub just wouldn’t do to clean off the mess they’d made.

“Yeah…” Groaning, Ike sat up and felt his back pop. “Ow, that’s good…” Standing on shaky legs, he lifted Marth out of bed and carried him to the bathroom.

The king didn’t stir as he was propped against the wall under the steaming spray, but Ike managed to rouse him after a moment. “Gotta clean up,” Ike mumbled. Marth nodded, but he didn’t have the strength to hold himself up, and Ike had to wash him. By the time they’d finished, Ike’s knees were giving out, and they tumbled onto the bed without bothering to dry off. They didn’t even realize that Meta Knight had changed the sheets.

They were already half asleep when they began to shiver, and Meta Knight sighed as he threw the blankets over them. He settled on Marth’s other side, having already recovered most of his energy. The two humans were soon dead to the world. Allowing himself a rare tender smile, Meta Knight reached out and stroked Marth’s hair, then patted the top of Ike’s head. Then he reached for his cape – which was hanging on the bedpost – pulled out a book, and spent the rest of the day reading, waiting for his companions to wake up again.


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Cia opened her mouth and let his canine tongue slurp up her spit. Her dusky hand ran through his disheveled fur behind his ear. Her other hand reached down and pumped his thick, pulsing cock.

She’d snapped him up on a whim as he snuck through Ordona village. One look at the mysterious, tempestuous, naked dark beauty had his pride sliding out of his sheath. She didn’t eve have to say a thing - he was already in her arms.

The fallen witch ran her tongue over his. He felt so coarse, so rugged, compared to her. But beneath that noble beast was the heart and soul of the one she loved most- the Hero.

Cia pulled away and patted him onto her bed. Link eagerly leapt up, his tail wagging like a fan. She gave a deep, bemused chuckle at his primal reaction before rolling him onto his belly. “Good allow me.”

The witch pumped his cock until he was stiff in her hand. She slid off the mattress and down to the floor, on her knees before the prone beast. She leaned in to take a deep whiff of his musky dick. “Mmmm.”

Cia leaned in and licked him from tip down to base. Up and down she went, rotating her head to make sure she got every possible inch that she could reach. Her hand reached for his haunch and gently pulled him closer, giving her the reach she needed.

Link’s head hit the mattress with a thud . His tongue lulled out as he enjoyed the mysterious woman’s ministrations. Her acts appealed both to his animalistic and his human halves, giving them a sense of harmony beneath her revernet tongue.

Her technique was incredible as she worked his canine cock. Her palms squeezed his knot with dexterity and ease. Her drool slobbered over his girth as she lavished him in her tongue bath. She reached over and scratched his chin. Her nail made his hind leg twitch, much to her amusement.

Cia reared over his tip and slowly pushed down. A low groan escaped Link’s throat as he was engulfed in her hot mouth. Her head bobbed down lower and lower until she caressed the bump of his knot.

The witch didn’t even hesitate as she pushed down - down to his groin. Her tongue lashed against his girth, delighting in the way he twitched between her cheeks. She glanced over to his cocked head, staring into his lidded, lulled eye.

“Mmph, mmph, mmph, mmph.”

Cia’s loud slurps echoed through her chamber. She felt his tip slide against the base of her throat, but never had to fear its accidental entry. She was so caught up in the dream of her beloved hero’s cock that he shuddered to a climax right in her mouth.

Her eyes widened in alarm at the looming danger. The witch acted quickly and pulled herself up from his lap. She slid clear of his knot just in time for the climax.

Her lips were pressed in by the expanding bulge just outside her mouth as he filled her cheeks to the brim with watery, salty dog-cum. Her throat worked in overtime, trying to swallow load after syrupy load. Her jaw grew sore, but she kept him firmly in her mouth.

Cia’s hand reached up from Link’s body and conjured a magic gate. An hourglass emerged from the portal, its sand steadily trickling down. With a twitch of her fingers, the sand’s miraculously sped did the hero-wolf’s orgasm.

Her throat worked swiftly to swallow every copious wad. Her eyes fluttered back as she let her instincts and autonomy take over. A mere minute passed, and she felt his loads finally subside. Cia pulled off his limp cock with a loud gasp.

Haah! hah...hah...hah... Eh, heh heh heh...well we can’t have you wasting that much time, could we?” she smirked. The hourglass glowed, along with his softened loins. Link yelped in confusion at her antics. “Shh, shh - trust me my Hero, this is for your boon as well as mine.”

Cia watched with glee as her time flow worked its magic. The hero-wolf’s loins grew hard until they were once more sticking straight up - ready for more. She banished the hourglass back to the void and pulled herself off the floor. “Excellent. Now roll over to the middle of the bed.”

Link growled, but ultimately complied. Cia got onto the bed and squatted over his lap. He eyed her untamed silver muff above her gushing folds. “I’ll start us off...but you’re gonna have to earn your keep as well, Hero. understood?”

His eager whine was all the answer she needed. With madness shining in her lustful eyes, Cia pushed her hips down - down on his doggy dick. Her globulous ass slapped against his balls. Her feet pushed into the cushions, giving her the leverage to pull herself back up. Link remained pinned on his back and fought down his feral impulses. For now.

“Hah! Hah! T-That’s it…”

Cia reached up and cupped her breasts, giving her dark nipples a tweak. Her hips gyrated against his girth, relishing the way he pierced her tight, gushing walls. She felt him twitching underneath her and doubled her pace.

This was what she wanted - the Hero, alone in her chamber. To Cia, it simply didn’t matter what form he took. He could be just on the cusp of manhood, a transformed beast, or even a aged warrior. What she sought went beyond his current flesh.

The witch stroked his fur, feeling the tight muscles beneath his skin. She could feel it - beneath his warm body and beating heart. She felt the winds high in the sky, the dew of a forest, the waves of the sea crashing over her. She felt the damp caves below and the cold mountains above. She felt him - the Hero.

Her hero.

Cia felt him twitching beneath her and pulled back up one last time. She slammed down over his knot as he came. The witch howled in delight as he plugged her snatch, ensuring that none of his rich, doggy cum would escape.

Link’s body went prone as another orgasm tore through him. His replenished balls pumped up into her pussy, gradually rising into her waiting womb. Her legs finally gave out, sending her cashing forward against him.


Link yelped at her sudden weight on his body. He pawed the air in a fruitless attempt to catch ground. He couldn’t even pull his hips away, not while he was knotted inside her twat.

Cia pulled herself up and stared him square in the eye. She reached up to tuck away a disheveled lock dangling between her lust-soaked pools. The hourglass appeared in her palm once again, casting her face in an ethereal blue light. “Not yet, my Hero...not just yet.”



“You’re throbbing so much! Are you going to cum?”

Cia’s inquiry was met with another whine from Link. he was still flat on his back with his cock up in the air. Only now the angry red rod was squeezed between Cia’s chocolate-toned breasts. Her bare arms were wrapped around her tits, holding them in place as she pushed her tits against his cock.

His tip was pressed against her chin, just beneath her smirking face. She eyed his throbbing dick with delight. A rosy blush had bloomed on her dark cheeks. Cia opened her mouth, letting her tongue flop out over his pulsing crown. “Mark me, my hero - anoint this witch with your seed.”

Link bared his fangs and succumbed to her wishes.

Cia winced as a shower of doggy cum attacked her face. Her silver hair was coated in watery spunk. She swiftly shifted her arms until her breasts were held in place with only her elbows “AAAH! T-There’s so much!”

She let his sperm coat her face - covering her dark skin in white. His loads streamed down her head and settled in whatever resting place it could, mostly between her breasts. The hot concoction bubbling between her tits made her coo in absolute glee. “You feel so hot between my breasts! Give me more! More!”

Cia’s tongue stretched out, hoping to catch a few streams in the process. She let Link’s load go on utterly unmolested - free from the alterations of her enchanted time. More than the previous relish as he marked her face.

Even without her manipulations, time flowed far too quickly. She felt his loads trickle away, leaving her with a body covered in cooling doggy cum. Cia’s hands reached down to pool together some of his seed and bring it to her waiting, eager lips.

Link watched her drink his loads with gusto. Her breasts loosened around his shaft, letting him twitch away from her grasp. Cia noticed something rather peculiar...and equally delightful to boot. “’re still hard after all that?”

She swiftly abandoned her meal in favor of another chance on his cock. This time though, she didn’t crawl forward to mount him. Quite the opposite in fact - Cia turned around and presented her messy, folds to him. “That’s good... because it’s your turn now, my hero.



Cia’s breasts smashed against the sheets as he pounded her with pure, unfettered abandon. She felt his balls slapping against her groin with every swift thrust. “Hah! Hah! Hah! Y-Yesssssh~!”

Link reared up and pushed her down with his paws. His claws dug into shoulders, keeping her pinned between the bed and his pistoning hips. A proud, feral gleam burned in his noble eyes. At last- at long last, she’d relinquished her hold on him. The shackles were unleashed, and the great Beast could come out to claim his prize.

Cia’s cheek rubbed against her bed, drool pouring out of her gaping maw. Her fists bunched the sheets in her grap as she endured his vigorous hip-slams. Her toes curled in anticipation of the debauchery yet to come...



The witch's back slammed against the crumpled sheets, burying her plump ass in the cushion below. Her calves struggled to lock around his back, hoping to push him closer down over her. Her fists gripped the fur around his neck as he leaned in and licked the spit out of her mouth.

She ignored the hour glass as it winked out of existence, awaiting her further misuse. Instead she focused on slurping her doggy lover, swirling her tongue around his in a wet, open-mawed kiss.

His cock dug out more and more of his earlier spunk as he sawed away at her loins. He was no longer even humoring the lingering human voice in his head, ignoring it in favor of the wild call that was telling him, ordering him, to mate with this dark beauty. To mount her and stuff her full of his pups. To breed her. And somewhere across the boundaries of species and silence, Cia knew that.

Her legs locked together in excitement...




Cia was back on her knees as she struggled to keep her elbows up. Her knees dug into the mangled sheets, along with ehr arched toes. Her breasts crashed together above the bed and echoed along with the wet slaps of his doggy dick.

Link was hunched over her, holding her hips with his forelegs. The desire to breed was still burning in his lupine body, but more than that was the simple want to fuck. It was as if he sensed that the gallon after gallon of cum he’d poured in her womb wouldn’t take, and he resorted to the mere human longing to rut without purpose.

Cia came down from another climax - the exact number had long since escaped her. A single hand flew back to grasp his foreleg, leaving her precariously perched on a single arm. One look at her sweaty, panting face would make it clear that she was beyond the point of caring.

Link’s hips sped up as he he slowly forced more and more of his cock against her snatch. His knot finally entered her just in time to seal her yet again. The still-dominant primal instincts compelled him to dismount her and turn around, still knotted and spewing in her well-used pussy.

Cia collapsed onto the sheets, a cum-stained bundle landing in her gaping mouth. Her eyes rolled back as she relished another heaping helping of heroic canine cum...



Cia’s face was pressed against his loins, rubbing her cheek along his shaft. Her fingers played with his tip, while her other palm lovingly stroked his knot. The maddened lust was all but gone from her eyes, though a few flickers of it remained.

The witch leaned down and kissed his knot, letting her tongue slobber over it. She ran it up his shaft, leaving a wet trail in her wake. She flicked off the tip and let her hand take over in pumping him to the grand finale. “O-One more time - just once more - cum on me. Paint me with your noble seed!”

Link’s tired yawn was all the answer he could offer, but his body still obeyed. His head fell back onto the destroyed-yet-comfortable mattress as he bathed her in spunk one last time. The last thing his twitching ears heard was her gurgles and an almost loving coo.

“Ahhh...Good Hero - very good…”

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"'Elizabe de Krankott. She appears to be in her late 20s; her tan skin and short brown hair might have coded her as Indian or Pakistani in my world. Her eyes are heterochromatic, her left being a light blue while her right is an earthy brown. She wears a loose-fitting robe of many colors, primary purple, red, and gold, alongside brown moccasins and a small black choker. Her body can be best described as lithe, with an almost flat chest and slim legs and arms, although her cock is still notable, measuring at 9 inches. Her personality might be the opposite of what one expects from a sex demon: shy, quiet, almost submissive, but beneath all that, there is a deep well of compassion and kindness. Every one of her lovers can testify to her making sure that they are always cared for no matter the situation.' There, that sounds good, don't you think?" It took me a few moments to see that Mueller was looking at me as I was staring at the ground.

"Y-Yes, that sounds good."

That answer didn't fully please him, since his face shifted into a small frown. "I know I wrote you as submissive, but I didn't mean it to this of an extant."


He looked at me for a moment before walking over and sitting next to me. "Hey, I don't want you to feel bad. I get it; there's a lot of things you're worried about. But they don't seem like the kind of people who'd exacerbate those kinds of things. I think you'll be fine."

I was able to look at him; that frown had turned into a small smirk. "You think so, Mueller?"

"Of course; if not, I can make things right. And how many times do I have to tell you: it's Johnny, not Mueller?"

"I know, it just doesn't feel right to refer to you so casually. I mean, you made me after all."

He looked off to the side before shrugging. "Fair enough." Mueller got his tablet into his lap and opened up his programs. "Alright, what do you want with Franchouchou?"

"Ah, this." I picked up my folder and took out several sheets of paper, handing them over to Mueller.

"How efficient, thank you. Now, let's see…" He flipped through the pages, occasionally making faces at the requests I made.

"Does this work?"

"Of course. Anything can work if you put the effort in. Now then, let's make this happen –

"'Note: All people here have cocks and cunts unless otherwise noted.' Understood.

"'Sakura: Make her a few years older – 22, 23 – and turn her into an onee-san type – very cheerful and caring, the kind of person you could see her becoming if she didn't die so young.' More enhancement than transformation, but I like it.

"'Saki: More androgynous in appearance, identifies as gender neutral (uses they pronouns), but is still quite aggressive and dominant, especially in bed – until they finish, after which they act childish and catlike, wanting to hold onto their partner until they fall asleep.' Oo, hard yet cute, I love it.

"'Ai and Junko: They are now twins, 18 years of age, with hair that blends both of their colors together. Their busts have been enhanced to E-cups, their thighs plumped, and their faces slightly rearranged to become more angular. They could be considered the most traditionally sultry of the group.' I already have possibilities.

"'Yugiri: Honestly, she doesn't need anything changed; she's fine for me.' Well, good enough for me.

"'Lily: Older, definitely older, but still the youngest – 16. While she still retains some of her childlike enthusiasm, she's overall become more calm and collected, someone who wants to become someone that people look up to. Note: she does not possess a cock, for obvious reasons.' Agreed.

"'Tae: Tae actually has her humanity and mental stability intact, but still remains mute. Her personality is shy and elusive, but still wanting to be close to people, especially when she's horny. She tends to wear revealing clothing, or even no clothing if she isn't going outside today.' Similar to how she is, but more appropriate for this story.

"'Romero: He's now a furry and the only one to not have any feminine characteristics. While possessing human sapience and intelligence, he's still quite doglike, prone to wanting to be treated as a pet and humping.' Gotta have a cockhead somewhere.

"'Kotaro: She is, in essence, like myself. While she pretends to be brash, dominating, and imposing as she was before, what she really wants is someone to take command of her, to make her feel every thing that she possibly could.' A sub doming a sub? You think you can do this?"

I looked down at my lap, clutching my robes. "I want to make it work." I looked back over at Mueller, his smile still soft but now with an element of serenity.

"Then I wish you the best of luck." We shook hands before he left the room. I sighed, looking out the window towards the setting sun. I'm worried, about whether or not I can do this. But I still want to do it; I want to make them happy and cared for. And, I admitted a little selfishly to myself, I want to be happy. I laid back on the bed in the room and closed my eyes, swiftly moving to a peaceful sleep.


I felt a throbbing between my legs when I woke up, but I was confused when I realized it wasn't me. Who-Who's above me? I slowly opened my eyes, letting them adjust to the morning light. As soon as I felt the slobber on my face, I recognized who it was.

"Good morning, Romero."

"Mmm, good morning, mistress!" He began to lick all over my face, which made my thighs quiver against his throbbing prick. "Romero was waiting for you to walk up so that he could come all over you!" He kissed all over my face, covering me in more than his cum. All the while, his cock continued to pump in and out of my thighs.

I squirmed against his loving, his rasping breath making my hair stand on end. "Th-That's it, sweetie, just do it like th- ah, mmmmm…" Even though he could be rough, Romero was so good at what he did that we only lightly scolded him if he went too far.

Eventually, he shot his load, staining my legs and the sheets underneath. He flopped onto me, wrapping me up into his broad arms, tickling me with his fur. Before I had a real chance to come down from my high, Romero suddenly picked me up into his arms and carried me out of the room. "C'mon, we have to go downstairs for breakfast!" With that, he dashed off, leaping through the hallways, all the while still kissing and licking me. It was a lot to take in, especially since I had only woken up 10 minutes earlier, so I laid back and squished my thighs, his sticky cum running down my legs.

We entered the dining room, which, while intimate, still had enough room that all of us could eat in there. Romero placed me in a chair and immediately went over to lay his head in Saki's lap.

"Goddamnit, Romero, can't you wait until I'm done eating?" Despite their rebuke, they pushed his face toward their crotch, helping him grind his nose against their panties. I blushed at it; even if I am a sex demon, the idea of public sex still makes me feel nervous.

"Good morning, Miss Elizabe." Lily walked over to me, wearing an apron and carrying a plate of delicious food. "How are you doing today?"

"Ah, very well." I couldn't really look into Lily's face. She was so brimming with radiance that all I could do was look at my plate and starting eating breakfast. "A-Are you girls doing anything today?"

"Hmm, I don't think so. Kota-chan didn't schedule anything for us, so we'll be around here. Of course, you'll be included." Lily wrapped her arms around me, letting me feel her small but firm breasts. "But you'll have to eat up first so you'll have lots of energy for today!"

"O-Of course." I began eating the spread of food before me, but couldn't contain the moaning from eating such delicious food. That won't be my only moan today.


"Now then, mistress, do you want one at a time or both of us?" Ai and Junko leaned toward me, their breasts resting against my chest. Ai's face was full of desire, licking her lips and fluttering her eyelashes, while Junko was more demure in her expression, her head leaning down but her eyes looking up. It was hard to take a long look at their faces, though, with how much I wanted them to just fill me already.

"Um… I'd like to start with both of you."

The two of them smiled and looked at each other before lifting up my dress and freeing my prick. They started to take turn stroking it; Ai's strokes were quick but firm while Junko massaged my throbbing member, her fingers gently gliding. I squirmed and mewled at the attention I was receiving. Ai and Junko were great individually, but they were a perfect team, able to complement each other's strengths and bring their partner to perfect pleasure.

"Ai-nee, do you think our mistress is OK? Look at how her face trembles and her stomach twitches." Junko's voice tickled my ears like the gentle licks of a favorite pet, although I was paying more attention to how she licked her lips and how her breasts moved and bounced with her breaths.

"She'll be fine, Junko-nee. We just need to relieve her, that's all." Ai's glance towards me indicated just how much this was going to relieve her, especially as she moved her arms closer, pressing her breasts together and almost letting her nipples slip from her sheer black top.

All the while, their strokes kept me on the edge of cumming, but not with enough force to let me release myself. W-What are they wanting to do? Eventually, they moved their heads down and placed their mouths over my cock. I came into both of them, some of my cum splattering on their lips and chins. As my last spasms passed, they licked my cock and themselves clean, letting me watch them explore their mouths while their breasts covered my prick.

"Now then, mistress," Ai exclaimed as she let go of her twin, a thin line of spit mixing with my cum, "I think we need some release as well."

I softly smiled at them. "I'd be more than happy to help you."

With that, the two of them moved up and took off their tops, fully exposing their breasts. They got themselves into position, lining their cocks directly at my cunt. With a quick push, they put themselves into me, laying their breasts against my sides. I moaned out as they began thrusting into me, their bodies pressing and writhing against mine.

"How does it feel, Mistress?" Even with all of the fucking, Junko's voice sounded so innocent and kind. "Does everything feel good?"

"Y-Yes, it's just so… t."

"Oh, don't worry, Mistress." Ai turned my head towards her, letting her finger curve around my face, her cock constantly reminding me of all of her. "You'll get your release soon. Just lie back and relax." With Ai's commanding voice next to her ear, I obeyed her command, leaning back and feeling the duo's soft mounds.

A-Ah, everything's so tight and soft at the same time… I can't hold on…

I came quickly, spurting from my cock again while my cunt's juices spilled out on the bed and onto the pricks in me. Soon, Ai and Junko came as well, filling me with their seed. The two idols slowly slid out of me and cuddled next to me, their chests lying next to my head.

"What do you want to do now, Mistress?" I looked over and started combing Junko's silky hair. She leaned closer to me, placing my head between her breasts.

"Right now… I want to nap for a bit."

Ai left out a soft laugh. "Alright then, we'll nap with you."

I closed my eyes, knowing that I'd be secure until I woke up.


The first thing I saw when I entered the room was Saki's glare that made my cock throb and my cunt wet. The second was Sakura lying back on the bed, her breasts freed and soft moans coming through her teeth.

"Your dick's already hard; why don't you come over and fuck a slut?" Saki bared their teeth, licking their teeth and humping Sakura's panties.

"O-OK." I walked forward and got into between the two of them, leaning over Sakura while Saki held onto my hips tight. "How are you feeling, Sakura?"

"Oh, good." Sakura gave a soft smile as she leaned forward and kissed me, grabbing my wrist and placing my hand on her breast. God, they're so nice and squishy… "Don't worry, you'll be as comfortable as can be."

"I wouldn't make promises you can't keep, Saku-nee." With a quick yet violent thrust, Saki pushed through their cock through my cuntlips, forcing me to enter Sakura at the same time. The two of us moaned, but we had little time to recover as Saki began thrusting in and out of me, as I did the same to Sakura to keep up with them. I watched her breasts bounce frantically and leaned down to kiss and suck at them.

"Y-Yeah, fuckin' A, just want to fill your pussy with my fuckjuice…" Fuckjuice? I haven't heard that one before. Saki was going harder than usual, making me feel their cock go down to the bottom of my depths. For my part, I was trying my best to go soft with Sakura, even though Saki's force made me go a little faster than I'd like.

"My, my, you two are quite the duo tonight… I haven't felt this good in quite a while." Sakura's words brought a smile to my face as I leaned forward and kissed her, feeling up her breasts some more.

As Saki brought their hands up and squeezed my waist, I felt myself on the edge. "Hey, Mistress…" Sakura cradled my head against her chest. "Would you be willing to cum outside?"

"S-Sure." With as much finesse as I could manage under Saki's animal thrusting, I pulled out at the right time, splaying my seed all over Sakura's stomach. I quickly put my fingers in her so that I could get her over the edge, our juices leaking out of her slit and Sakura letting out breathy, delightful moans.

Saki's tightening grip informed me what was about to occur, so I bent further down, getting my ass as high in the air as I possibly could. This led to them cumming into me, panting and growling as they dumped their load into my womb. That doesn't seem possible, but that's what I'm feeling.

After they finished, I collapsed onto the bed, combing Sakura's hair and keeping my hold on one of her breasts. She was about to kiss me when Saki pushed their way between us, grabbing onto me tightly and snuggling into my chest.

"Mmm, your pussy's really tight, Krankott… I wanna feel it, always…"

"Don't worry, Saki, I'll be here, as will everyone else…" I love feeling Saki dominate me, but I also love watching them in this state, when they just want warm bodies next to them.

"Here, Saki." Sakura cuddled close to us, pressing her breasts against the back of Saki's head. "Does this feel softer?" Saki nodded as they drifted off to sleep, their soft breasts tickling my nipples.

This is the best feeling of all… Right after everything's done and we're just by ourselves, not thinking of anything else in the world…


I wasn't intending to go to the library to have sex. I was going to find something to read while everyone else was finishing lunch. However, there was someone else in the library already reading.

"What are you reading, Lily?"

Lily, probably in a reading trance, was surprised when she looked up before her face broke out into a big smile. "Oh, it's nothing special, Mistress. It's just a history of English food."

"I didn't realize you were interested in things like that."

"I'm not that interested; I just like learning about things." As she looked at me, her face shifted and she leaned forward, letting her shirt reveal her small breasts. "You look anxious, Mistress; you can take my seat."

"Oh, it's fine; I'll just-"

"Please, Mistress. This is the most comfortable chair in this room and I want you to feel as comfy as possible." Her smile got even bigger, beaming all over the room. "Besides, I can find another chair in here."

I feel like I know what kind of chair she wants… But I don't mind it. "OK." Lily jumped out of the chair, allowing me to sit down in it. Without a moment's hesitation, Lily immediately jumped onto my lap, her ass resting against my cock, her book forgotten.

"You know what? You're a lot more comfy than any book in this place!" I would call her smile innocent if it weren't for her taking off her skirt and panties.

"Thank you, that's really sweet. So, do you want to face towards me or away from me?"

"Hmm…" Lily took on an exaggerated thinking pose, even though we both probably knew what her answer was going to be. "I always wanna face you, Mistress!"

"Alright then." I spun Lily around so that she was looking at me as I pulled my robe up, once more unto the breech. Lily jerked for a time as I delivered kisses all over her neck and face, loving her ticklish laughs. Eventually, I got hard enough that I lifted her up and entered her slowly, all the while hearing her soft, girlish moans against my ear. I bottomed out on her with a few inches left (the only one of my harem that happened to).

"Mmm, I-I'm ready, Mistress." With that, we stopped thinking and started moving. I started railing Lily, feeling her breasts, and continuing to cover her face with my kisses. Lily, for her part, went almost as hard as Saki, despite their differences in size; her thrusts matched mine and even forced me back into the chair in order to feel right.

"You're really – mmm – really active today. You even didn't eat that much at lunch. Are you OK?"

"Yep! I'm just feeling more horny that usual, that's all." Well, that's good. I continued thrusting into Lily, feeling her juices leak all over my thighs. Lily pulled down my robe so that she could lick my nipples, biting them and twirling her tongue.

"Gods, Lily, you're so cute when you fuck. You're one of the best partners I've ever had."

"And you're the best ever, Mistress!" That voice, those words, that wonderful smile – all of them pushed me past the brink. Lily hilted my cock, letting my cum stay inside her as she rode her own climax, her screams of passion trying to pass her teeth. "Mmm, I love you, Mistress." She leaned forward and hugged me, my cock still throbbing in her.

"And I love you too, my little angel."


When Yugiri and Tae walked towards me and said (well, Yugiri said) that they want to give a double titjob, I should have seen their intentions from their faces. But I was too busy looking at their exposed boobs. (Why are boobs my weak spot?)

"There are quite a few smells on you. The twins, Saki and Sakura, Lily-han… It looks like we shall add a few more, won't we, Tae?" As per usual, Tae simply nodded and looked towards me, her face as blank as always. Well, not entirely; you could tell what Tae was feeling through her eyes, and right now, they looked welcoming, inviting.

I quickly took my robe off (I've become an expert at it with how many times I've done it) as the two curvy women kneeled, my prick ready to be covered in their swells.

"Your penis is quite red right now; it must be bursting with fervor." She wasn't wrong about that; their breasts already had some of my pre on them. With a look at each other, both of them covered my cock with their breasts. I instantly moaned at the sensation and began to thrust into their tits.

Each of them had their own method; Yugiri was nice and calm, licking the head of my cock when it popped up and softly pushing her breasts together, while Tae just went at it like an animal, humping her breasts against my prick as she jerked off at the same time. All the while, they looked up at me with their soft eyes, eyes that one could fall into.

"A-Ah… mmm, you're too much sometimes…"

"Then I believe we have done what we need to, Mistress." They did, as I came all over them, although the majority of it ended up in their breasts with how busty they were. With how many times I've cum today, it's getting quicker to get off.

As the two of them stood off, I could now see what I was missing before. They towered over me as they backed me up against the hallway wall.

"It would be quite awkward to walk with cum in between our breasts for the rest of the day. Would you be willing to consume it, Mistress?" As much as that prospect sounded awkward, the throbbing wetness beneath my cock and balls made me nod. "We thank you very much, Mistress."

Yugiri went first, moving her breasts apart so that I could easily lick and suck all of my cum off of her. I do admit that I love the taste of cum, especially with the knowledge that it was my own. It's like an erotic Ouroboros, the snake consuming its own product. After I finished and sucked at Yugiri's nipples for a bit, I went over to take care of Tae, only to have my head suddenly forced between her breasts. I quickly got all of my cum on account of not wanting to asphyxiate and surfaced to breathe once her hand removed from my head. I looked up to see her face shift into a brief smile before she forced my head right back into her breasts, Yugiri's coming from behind to make me the meat of their sandwich.

"If I am not mistaken, you need some more fun, Mistress."

It doesn't sound like I'm getting out that easily.


Of course she's presenting herself like that. As I entered my bed, dressed in pajamas and ready for bed, Kotaro was naked, laying on her hands and knees, her breasts dangling and her ass and cunt pointing straight at me.

"Ah, you wanted me to fuck you before you went to bed, correct?"

"D-Don't be mistaken like that, Mistress! I just had an itch and needed you to fix it!" Her pleas made me sigh softly. When I wrote that about her, I wasn't expecting it to be this frustrating; at least everyone else is pretty honest.

"Very well then. Consider your itch scratched." I took off my pajamas pants and quickly got onto the bed, ready behind Kotaro. "Which hole do you want?"

"T-The top, Mistress!"

She hasn't asked for that in a while. I put that aside and grabbed my cock into position, seeing that she'd already lubed herself up. Even when she's this horny, she can think that far ahead… well, probably only about this. I put myself into Kotaro, feeling a small sense of satisfaction at the sound of her moan. If her pitch was any higher, only dogs could hear her.

I started my final bout of the day, leaning forward so I could kiss down her spine. "You smell really nice… is that rose perfume?"

"y-yes… I wanted to smell nice for y-you, Mistress…"

"Well, you smell quite nice. All of you." I punctuated my statement by reaching down and grabbing her breasts, tweaking her nipples and listening to her squirms and mews. "You feel a bit bigger."

"I-I've been working out, Mistress! Saki said they could make my breasts bigger – for you, Mistress!"

All she does, she does for me… How sweet. As I reach the abyss, Kotaro looked back at me with a pleading look. "M-Move it down, Mistress… I-I wanna h-have y-y-your- Ah!" Even without her finishing her sentence, I understood.

"You'll be the first, and hopefully not the last." Right before I came, I moved my cock from her asshole to her cunt, thrusting right at her cervix and holding on tight, letting out my largest load of the day. It was helped by her cunt creating a vice grip on my cock as her screams caught in her throat and her eyes rolled back into her head.

After we both finished, we collapsed onto the bed, my cock resting in her and her head against my chest.

"With how big they are now, I can only imagine how big they will get once you've swollen with my child. How long have you been wanting to get pregnant?"

"A-A while… I was just really nervous about what you would say…"

"You shouldn't be nervous about anything you want from me." I leaned forward and kissed her forehead, looking at her shining eyes. "Anything you want, I shall give you. I already have your love; everything else is icing on the cake."

Kotaro smiled at me and closed her eyes. "I love you, Mistress."

"I love you too, Kotaro." I love you, all of you.


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"Sir Mordred, do you swear fealty to me?" Artoria asked in her commanding voice, standing in a commanding stance before her crimson knight. "Do you truly swear to serve me?"

"Y-Yes, father!" She stammered, kneeling and holding her composure the best she could. "My sword is yours to command, I serve your will!"

"Very good, though your word is only worth so much," the king murmured, referring to their original lives, which had been cut short by her child's rebellious nature. "If, here in Chaldea, you truly wish to serve me, and by extension our Master, I need further proof."

Mordred swallowed loudly, nervous about what she was planning. Artoria no doubt had memories of their final battle but seemed to harbor no direct ill-will. Or, so she thought. She was speechless as Artoria undid her outfit and brought to bear her holy sword. By that, it meant that Mordred was now on the receiving end of a massive cock that had her confused to no end.

Had her lord always had this? Why was it so big? And... why did she like it?

It was dribbling precum, drops of it falling from the tip as she watched in awe. She could feel the heat radiating off of it, see it twitch with the pulse of Artoria's heart. Mordred viewed it as horribly enticing and it took a somewhat conscious effort to not get closer to it.

"What ails you, Sir Mordred? If you wish to prove yourself worthy, you'll 'bend the knee' and let me test your 'rear defenses' myself."

The hints were hardly subtle, but Mordred knew she had no chance if she didn't do this. She reluctantly shimmied down her hot pants, bending over the nearby bed as her commander took charge of the situation. Not knowing when it was coming was worse than actually taking it; Mordred felt her king grasp her hips, hands running over her firm, toned ass. It was only a couple, agonizing seconds until she felt the broad tip touch her folds. Artoria's thick head rubbed hard against her knight's pussy, positioning to take her as proof of her loyalty.

"G-God… damn," Mordred mumbled as her king began to ease inside, her mind filled with too many thoughts to keep straight.

Artoria was big, to say the least; she'd have a better chance fitting a soda can in there. But the king's actions and words were absolute and Mordred's tender flesh soon gave way to her royal desires. Her fingers twisted in the sheets as inch after inch of meaty, royal dick filled her. It was almost too much, she was gasping for breath by the time her lord's hips softly smacked against her own. That, of course wasn't the end of it, her insides were only just getting the full stirring they deserved.

Her king began to thrust, slowly but firmly. Mordred grunted through grit teeth, her body refusing the relax despite the size of the member inside her. The thing was stretching her out, testing her limits every second. It took some time to reach that point and by then, her lord was going fast. Artoria didn't make a sound, though her shameful knight was making plenty. Groans and moans, sputters and gasps, Mordred was easily made into the mess she normally was when her father was around.

"Tell me, to whom do you swear yourself," Artoria finally spoke, swatting her son's ass.

"T-to you, my lord! And to n-no other!"

"Wrong, again!" Another smack across the cheek got the point across.

"To my king a-and my Master! For they a-are my commander and I t-their blade!"


Artoria began to go even harder, the force causing Mordred's slim body to slide and bounce about. She was becoming delirious, truly docile. The knight who couldn't help but run her mouth was eerily quiet as she was speared by her king's lance. For them both, the end was soon coming, but Artoria had one more plan in mind. At the very edge, she hilted one final time, making sure her cock was pressing against her traitorous knight's womb. Only then did she begin to unload, but what she was dumping inside her knight wasn't cum.

Mordred's mind was drawn from the ether as something odd slowly slide up her king's shaft, slowly rolling towards the tip buried inside her. She realized what is was as it reached the end, pressing against her deepest spot. A smooth, warm egg was easing into her womb, pushing aside the small, tight ring that blocked the path. It popped inside as it cleared, with the next knocking on the door seconds later.

Why was her king coming… eggs?! Was this Merlin's doing? Was this just a dream? But, most of all, she wondered why she loved it do much.

Mordred slowly had her belly filled with a fresh clutch of royal eggs. Easily a dozen of the little things were resting inside her, tumbling around whenever she tilted or shifted her body. It was a small relief to feel her king pull out, leaving her pussy loose and ready for the final part of the test.

"Now, Sir Mordred, lay my eggs, don't break a single one, and I shall take you once more as a knight of my Round Table."

An order was an order and Mordred slowly climbed onto the bed, laying in her side as she got situated. Surprisingly, she could feel herself able to grip the little, round packages and began to use a slow, gentle force to push them out. She moaned loudly as the first began to edge out of her, spreading her open as it popped out and slowly was shoved out of her overstimulated cunt. Covered in her juices, it rolled up against her thigh, taking its position. The next one soon followed, squeezing out between her folds and falling into the forming pile.

"Lord, have mercy," she muttered uncharacteristically as the pleasure grew beyond what she could handle.

Her body began to shake around the fifth egg, muscles spasming as met her climax. The remaining have dozen came flying out, miraculously intact, rapidly popping out from her sopping wet hole and clattering together with the rest of them. Mordred gasped for air, almost hyperventilating from pure bliss, never having felt so good in her life. She slowly turned to her watching father, hoping for approval.

"Good enough, not one broken," Artoria stated flatly. "Come, we must patrol, fix your sorry state quickly."

Mordred simply smiled as her lord left. The knight was getting to patrol with her king! It had all been worth it! She'd happily lay two dozen more, at once, to keep this momentum going. So, shakily she stood, pulling pants back up and donning her armor in an instant. Clumsy clanking would fill the halls this night, Mordred's ass too sore to walk straight, mind too filled with silly, happy thoughts.