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Taehyung’s breath is hot. Whenever he huffs, strawberry mint scented air fans across Jungkook’s face, tickling his nose.


Jungkook giggles out of reflex, tilting his chin just so to capture Taehyung’s lips in a light kiss. Taehyung squirms, legs wiggling where they’re tangled with Jungkook’s under the sheets, and another huff of air passes over Jungkook’s face.


Strawberry mint. Jungkook wants to tell Taehyung that his breath smells nice.


“You like how my breath smells?” Taehyung murmurs, voice low and smooth like honey. With a start, Jungkook recognizes that Taehyung’s responding to him, meaning he must have spoken out loud at some point. So thoroughly surrounded in the warmth of the little cocoon they’ve made in Taehyung’s bed, it’s hard to gauge and control when thoughts find their way to and out of the mouth.


“Yeah, it— hm, Tae —smells like strawberries,” Jungkook murmurs back, a soft moan floating out of him when Taehyung lightly nips at his jaw. He kisses Tae again, chaste, part retaliation and part burning need. “Strawberries and mint.”


Taehyung chuckles, low like his voice, but somehow smoother and sweeter. His hand that’s been resting on Jungkook’s cheek shifts down to his chin, thumb resting lightly on Jungkook’s bottom lip and pulling down. The movement is small with no real intention behind it, but Jungkook’s so entranced that he lets his mouth part open wider at Taehyung’s wordless request.


“You like strawberries and mint, Jungkookie?” Tae asks. His head quirks slightly to the side and then he’s leaning forward to kiss Jungkook before he can even answer. It’s a deeper kiss this time, deep enough for Tae to slip his tongue in and gently brush Jungkook’s. The first touch sends a harsh shudder down Jungkook’s spine, and he arches forward into Tae so suddenly that he nearly bites both their tongues.


S-Sorry ,” Jungkook gasps as he jerks back, eyes wide and chest heaving with hard pants.


Tae giggles again, making him more cute than the sexy he’d begun edging towards earlier, and catches Jungkook’s bottom lip gently between his teeth. He nibbles for a moment, barely long enough for Jungkook to have time to react, then releases it, a grin on his face.




“What’s—What’s cute?” Jungkook stammers. The warmth under the blankets is still comforting, but growing ever warmer the longer he keeps eye contact with Tae, the longer Tae’s thumb remains rested on Jungkook’s bottom lip, the longer their legs slide up against one another’s under the blankets.


Tae smiles, cheeks bunching under his eyes. “You, duh.”


You .


Duh .


Jungkook swallows, unsure how exactly to respond. The entire time, from when Jungkook had first slipped into bed beside Tae to when they’d first started kissing ten — was it ten? Jungkook wonders. It feels like it’s been hours — minutes ago, Taehyung’s been taking the lead. His hand  had gone to Jungkook’s cheek practically immediately, light but insistent, and between the two of them, Tae’s the one with more experience. It had been natural to let him take control and guide, and if Jungkook’s being honest, he certainly doesn’t mind because Taehyung’s just so good at kissing.


Now, though —


Jungkook moves his arm, which had been wrapped around Tae’s waist, up so he can dance his fingers up Tae’s chest. When they’re up high enough, Jungkook’s grabs a handful of Tae’s sleepshirt and tugs him forward.


Another deep kiss, with Jungkook in the lead this time. He’s the one to tilt his head to one side first, to slip his tongue in first, to nibble on Taehyung’s bottom lip and revel at his surprised high-pitched moan.


Taehyung melts under the sudden loss of control. He’s putty in Jungkook’s hands, letting himself be rolled onto his back and kissed breathless at Jungkook’s insistence. Jungkook sucks on Tae’s tongue, like he’s trying to suck the taste of strawberry mint right off it, and the hand at Tae’s chest slides down his stomach then to his waist again, slipping under the waistband of his boxers (because of course, of course Taehyung wouldn’t sleep in anything other than just a pair of tight boxer briefs).


Kookie ,” Tae gasps, hips suddenly kicking up when Jungkook’s fingers dig into the side of his waist. Their mouths are still pressed together, and when a sharp huff of air escapes Taehyung’s mouth, it goes right into Jungkook’s. Strawberry mint, enough to make him dizzy.


“S’this okay?” Jungkook slurs. Something about kissing Taehyung is like drinking the finest wine, sweet and perfect and addicting . Jungkook wishes he could do it forever. His fingers are tentative where he presses them into the skin of Taehyung’s waist, soft and warm like every other part of him. “Can I—Can I do this? S’this okay?”


Taehyung nods, hands coming up to bury in Jungkook’s hair. With his new leverage point, he pushes down on Jungkook’s head, urging him to move down, down, down until he’s between Tae’s legs, face to face with his crotch. He exhales a puff of air at the sight of the bulge in Tae’s underwear (light purple, clinging a little too tight to his thighs, probably cheap ones from that bodega down the street). His cock lays thick and long beneath the thin cotton, a dark shiny spot right at the head. If Jungkook thought it was warm under the blankets before, the heat is near suffocating now, made even worse by the fact Taehyung’s lower half seems to run even hotter than the rest of him. This close to his face, Tae’s cock seems to radiate heat like a furnace, and that alone has Jungkook’s mouth suddenly watering.




Jungkook shakes his head, finally broken from his thoughts, and looks up to meet Tae’s eyes. They’re heavy-lidded, and though it’s dim under the blankets, Tae’s cheeks are dusted so red with a flush that they’re practically glowing.


“You don’t have to,” Taehyung whispers. They’re holding such excruciating eye-contact that Jungkook’s begun holding his breath. He nearly looks away, simply to allow himself a moment to breathe, but can’t bring himself to on the fact Taehyung, like this, is too beautiful, making it impossible to look away. “You don’t have to.”


Jungkook shakes his head, then stops himself and nods instead. “I want to,” he whispers back. To prove it, he holds Tae’s gaze as he slips both hands beneath the waistband of his underwear now, fingers and palms pressing into Tae’s skin. Achingly slow, he pushes down until Tae’s briefs drag off his hips, the waistband catching on his cock. Taehyung hisses, hands tightening in Jungkook’s hair, but doesn’t break eye contact. Jungkook’s breathing feels tight as he chances a quick glance down. The waistband is caught on the head of Tae’s cock, protruding out from his body, the dot of shiny dark growing larger as Tae’s breathing grows more shallow. Jungkook looks back up at the same time that he pulls the waistband down and over the head of Taehyung’s cock.


Jung— ” Tae gasps, head tipping back suddenly.


Jungkook uses the opportunity to fully look down. His mouth waters again at the sight of Tae’s cock, hard and long and shiny with pre-cum dribbling down the shaft from the head, and he feels his own twitch in his pajama shorts.


He feels Tae’s hands push down on his head, pushing his face towards his cock. When he looks up, Tae’s meeting his gaze again, mouth parted around whining pants that float on the air between them before being inhaled by Jungkook.


It’s too warm under the blankets. Taehyung’s body is too hot. Jungkook remembers Tae’s breath on his face when they’d been kissing.


The strawberry mint.


Jungkook doesn’t say another word before taking hold of Tae’s cock and swallowing about half of it down.


As he expects, Tae’s hips jerk up suddenly as he practically shouts, throwing his head back so violently that he ruptures the cocoon of blankets, allowing a patch of light to briefly enter.


Taehyung’s cock is thick in Jungkook’s mouth, stretching the sides and nearly making him gag. His hand around the base of Tae’s cock starts stroking the bit he can’t fit in his mouth, spit and pre-cum leaking down from his mouth to slick the way.


“Oh, fuck , J—Kookie, Jungkook, your mouth—


Jungkook’s eyelids flutter shut. He tries taking down more of Tae’s cock, but gags in the process, wringing a strangled moan out of Taehyung. His free hand, which had still been holding Tae’s hip, slips down his own body, and Jungkook whimpers when he palms his own cock through his shorts. He’s so hard already, and he shamelessly thrusts forward into his warm palm as he continues sucking Tae’s cock.


Normally, he’d be clean with it. When he’s sucked cock in the past, he’s tried to keep a kind of neatness out of a sense of self consciousness.


With Tae, it’s different. When Jungkook loudly sucks back his freely dripping spit, Taehyung only urges him on, moaning as his hands (try to) push Jungkook’s head down further. When Jungkook does let his spit fall down, dripping over his hand where it jacks Taehyung’s cock, Tae squirms, hips kicking up to just barely fuck Jungkook’s mouth. When Jungkook gags, Tae responds with softly murmured praises of That’s nice, Jungkookie, just like that, Jungkookie, you’re so good, Jungkookie, Jungkookie, Jungkookie.


Jungkook manages to take Tae a little deeper, repressing his gag reflex just enough to keep quiet. With Tae’s cock farther down his throat, Jungkook swallows around it, dragging his tongue up the length of the shaft to circle the head before digging into the slit.


Tae surges up from the bed with such severity he nearly stabs Jungkook in the back of the throat.


“Oh my god, Jungkook, you fucking —” Tae hisses. His hands have a vice-like grip on Jungkook’s hair, pulling so hard that a loud whine escapes Jungkook’s full mouth.


He feels... steeped. Imbued. Surrounded and saturated through by the sheer amount of Taehyung that’s around and inside of him. His scent, sweat and lavender and strawberries and mint. His taste, skin and salt. His warmth, dizzyingly suffocating under the blankets, his skin glowing golden to illuminate the dark.


Jungkook pulls off, one hand still stroking Tae from root to tip while the other has transitioned to cupping his own cock to catch his aborted desperate thrusts. He’s sure he must look utterly debauched by now, as loudly and sloppily as he’s been sucking Tae’s cock, and the thought only serves to turn him on further.


“God, you look amazing like that,” Tae pants, voice raspy. He looks down with hooded eyes as he brushes a hand through Jungkook’s hair, combing it out of his face. “So fucking slutty, your lips all—all red like that and covered in spit a-and my pre-cum, huh?” He’s doing that mindless horny babbling he’s wont to do — saying any and every dirty thing that crosses his mind without a second thought. To Jungkook, it’s both arousing, and a sign. He’s close, even if he won’t explicitly say so, which is a testament to Jungkook’s blowjob skills.


“It feels good?” Jungkook asks, voice high and breathy. Teasing. He lets his mouth hang open at the end of his sentence, holding burning eye contact with Taehyung as he leans forward to let the head of Tae’s cock slap his tongue. “I’m doing good, Taehyungie?”


Tae shudders and squeezes his eyes shut, nodding as the hand in Jungkook’s hair tightens in his fringe, stinging but more pleasure than pain. “Amazing, Kookie, so fu—so fucking amazing, your mouth—


“My mouth?” Jungkook interjects, punctuating by licking a strip up the shaft, tongue lazily circling the slit and collecting pre-cum.


“—‘s so perfect, m-made to suck cock, to suck my cock, Jun—f uck, fuck, Kook, k-keep doing that—


Jungkook’s begun sucking on just the head now, humming happily as he shut his eyes. The hand in his hair pushes down slightly, urging him to take more, but Jungkook resist for a moment, if only to make a show of how he pulls off, a line of spit connecting the head of Tae’s dick to his lips.


“You fucking slut , Jungkook,” Tae gasps.


A giddy giggle bubbles out of Jungkook as he speeds up the movement of his hand. Tae’s close, he knows it, and he just needs...a little bit more —


“Wh-Where?” Taehyung asks, voice strained as his hips suddenly jerk up, trying to fuck Jungkook’s hand. “Where d-do you want it—”


“My face?” Jungkook offers, tone too innocent considering the circumstances.


With a loud deep groan, Tae suddenly comes, both hands returning to grab Jungkook’s head and push him down. A single stripe of come manages to hit Jungkook’s cheek before he’s opening his mouth, tongue out to catch the remain spurts.


Tae’s babbling is near incoherent now, a mix of “so good” and “hold still” and Jungkook’s name. Ever obedient, Jungkook does as he’s told, allowing spurt after spurt of come to land on his outstretched tongue and in his open mouth until he has no choice but to swallow it all down.


When Tae’s finished, he flops boneless back on the bed. Jungkook regards him then leans forward to take Tae’s slowly softening cock into his mouth one last time —


“Ah! Too—Too much, Jungkook, Jungkook! ” Taehyung yelps, sitting up and grabbing Jungkook’s hair to pull him off. He tries to suppress his pleased hiss at the way his scalp stings.


Tae tugs on Jungkook’s hair, wordlessly trying to pull him up, and Jungkook complies, pulling up Tae’s briefs from where they’d been stuck around the tops of his thighs as he does.


“Just wanted to make sure you were all clean,” Jungkook says, voice hoarse as he slides into the space he’d occupied before.


Tae makes a noise. “Fucking sadist,” he mumbles, though right into Jungkook’s ear.


Jungkook giggles, then yelps as he’s suddenly rolled onto his back. Tae hovers above him, backlit by the dim overhead light of their dorm room, the blanket all but thrown off by now. Jungkook has to actively bite his lip to stifle the soft gasp as he looks up at Tae. Strawberry blonde hair long and in his face, some strands sticking to his forehead with sweat. Golden skin. Broad shoulders. It’s taking near all of Jungkook’s mental strength to keep from calling Taehyung an angel. Or to keep leaning up to kiss him. Or to keep from doing both.


“It was good though,” Jungkook rushes to say instead. Suddenly, underneath Tae instead of on top, he’s a little shy. “Right?”


“You heard me saying ‘amazing’ over and over, right?” Tae says, a sly half-smile spreading on his face. Jungkook flushes, mind flooding with memories of just moments before. His cock twitches and he shifts beneath Tae, bulge brushing Tae’s thigh where it’s positioned between his legs.


The movement draws Taehyung’s attention down. A small soft noise escapes him, and Jungkook watches transfixed as Tae looks back up, face drenched with something that looks sadistic, and takes Jungkook’s chin between his thumb and forefinger.


“You were touching yourself? Just from sucking cock, Kookie?”


The frankness and amusement with which he says it nearly makes Jungkook come right then. He squeezes his eyes shut, then nods.


The scent of strawberry mint fills his nostrils at the same time he feels Tae’s lips on his, and he melts into the kiss with ease.


“Wonder if I can get you to come with no hands,” says Tae suddenly against Jungkook’s lips, like he’s musing more to himself. Jungkook freezes, eyes slowly opening as Taehyung resumes kissing him.


Just as Jungkook’s getting lost in the kiss again, Tae pulls back and says, in that same musing tone, “If I ate you out, that would be enough, wouldn’t it?” As he speaks, one of his hand finds its way down to the front of Jungkook’s short, slipping underneath. Tae’s fingers briefly circle the head of Jungkook’s cock, before bypassing to instead reach lower , brushing his hole.


Jungkook pulls back from the kiss with a strangled moan as he shoves his hand down his shorts, gripping the base of his dick in an attempt to stave off the oncoming orgasm.


Taehyung giggles, tip of his index finger circling Jungkook’s hole then tentatively applying pressure before disappearing to join Jungkook’s hand around his cock.


A gasp stutters into Jungkook as Tae unceremoniously pulls down the front his shorts and starts stroking his cock, hand feeling so much larger and warmer than Jungkook’s ever has. It’s like — It’s like Taehyung knows Jungkook’s body, knows it even better than Jungkook does with the way he twists his wrist just right on the upstroke, thumb playing with the sensitive head to make Jungkook writhe .


“You close, Kookie?” Taehyung asks, voice as breathless as Jungkook feels.


Jungkook nods frantically, his own hand dropping away to grip the sheets as he lets Taehyung resume total control again. He’s a live wire, every inch of him an exposed nerve that Taehyung’s somehow learned to manipulate, a piano that Taehyung’s perfected playing just right.


When he comes, it’s with a loud shout of, “ Fuck! ” because Jungkook’s too far gone to try and stifle himself. His back arches off the bed, and he feels his cock twitching with spurt after spurt of come where it’s still gripped in Tae’s hand. He whimpers when he feels the telltale wet touch of Tae’s tongue to the head of his cock.


Like Tae had, Jungkook goes fully slack and slumps against the bed when he’s finished, his breathing heavy. His eyelids fall shut and it’s either minutes or hours later that he feels his shorts being put back in place with gentle slow movements. The hands touching him are warm and familiar, and he hums low in his throat when they press against his skin, gently massaging them for a moment.


“Sleepy?” Taehyung asks, his voice a harsh whisper.


Jungkook shakes his head, despite the way he’s actively fighting off sleep. “Don’t wanna sleep yet.”


Taehyung hums, and Jungkook’s eyes blink open as he feels Tae shuffle up to lie beside him. Tae throws a leg across Jungkook’s body, then reaches across him to the bedside table to grab his phone. He proceeds to use his phone like this — an arm and leg thrown over Jungkook’s boneless body, head pillowed on Jungkook’s shoulder, effectively trapping him in place — as Jungkook briefly nods off. He can’t complain. Taehyung’s warm and smells good and at some point, he starts humming softly, a song that feels like a lullaby with his rendition.


“Alright!” Taehyung suddenly sits up, jostling Jungkook up from where he’d fallen asleep. Jungkook whines as Tae rolls out of bed, taking his warmth with him. “The bodega down the street should still be open. We can head there, pick up some ice cream, and thennnn ...head to the park?”


Jungkook rolls over onto his side as he watches Tae putter around their room, dressed in a sleepshirt and purple boxer briefs, the strung up fairy lights’ dim glow catching his golden tan skin and long beautiful body.


“It’s like two in the morning?” Jungkook says with a yawn, sitting up anyway.


“And you said you didn’t wanna sleep yet,” Tae shoots back, jumping in place as he tries to fit into a pair of jeans both he and Jungkook know no longer fit him. “So I’m offering an alternative to sitting around and getting high the day before dead week.”


Jungkook wants to protest, if only to coo over how Tae would pout and whine, but decides against it, stretching his arms above his head.


He thinks it should feel weirder than it does. They’re roommates and they just spent the better part of an hour making out and getting each other off at one in the morning on a Sunday, but somehow everything feels... normal . Jungkook can still remember the weight and heat of Tae’s cock on his tongue, but at the same time, it doesn’t feel as bizarre as it probably should. He can remember how Taehyung had called him names, pulled his hair, spoken so casually about the prospect of eating his ass until he came untouched, and yet, looking at Tae now as he pulls on a hoodie — one of Jungkook’s film club hoodies, he realizes to absolutely no alarm — Jungkook doesn’t feel any different.


Aren’t things supposed to be awkward after you hook up with a friend?


“You just gonna sit there and stare my ass, or are you gonna get dressed for ice cream?” calls Taehyung, immediately snapping Jungkook out of his own head. Jungkook has barely a second to react and catch the sweatshirt being thrown at him — one with the logo of Tae’s acting troupe on the front, he notices — out of the air.


Jungkook yanks off his own sleep shirt, tossing it in the general direction of his bed, and proceeds to pull on the sweatshirt. Once his head is popped through, he’s startled to find Taehyung standing in front of him, hair pulled into a top knot falling to one side of his head.


Tae smiles. “Hey.” His voice is soft, soft in that fond way that make their mutual friends tease them for behaving a lot like an old married couple.


Jungkook pulls his head the rest of the way through the neck of the sweatshirt, hair wild now, and gulps. “H-Hey.”


Taehyung lifts his hand then takes Jungkook’s chin between his thumb and index finger. A small soft gasp escapes Jungkook as his mouth parts, looking up at his roommate with wide blinking eyes.


“Can I kiss you again?” Tae asks, voice still soft, but practically a whisper this time.


Jungkook swallows hard and nods because he couldn’t will his voice to work even if he tried. Not when Tae’s looking at him like that , with a less heated gaze than he’d had under the blanket only minutes ago, but with pupils still dilated like he’s one second from devouring Jungkook where he sits.


The kiss is chaste, yet Jungkook finds himself flushing harder than he did the first time they’d kissed. There’s a gentleness to it that feels more intimate. Intimate like small moments. Sharing an umbrella in the summer rain. Meeting eyes across the top of a coffee mug while sat on the couch. Cuddling up to one another and waking up to one hugging the other from behind in the winter. Waking up early to watch spring morning sunlight stream in from the window and leave glowing patterns on golden tan skin.


When Taehyung pulls away, still holding Jungkook’s chin, Jungkook thinks perhaps there’s something very important that he’d very much like to tell Taehyung.


“Meet me down in the lobby?” Tae asks, smiling wide enough for his cheeks to bunch under his eyes again. He waves the front door keys in Jungkook’s face, then scampers off without waiting for Jungkook’s answer.


Jungkook bites his lip. Something very important that he’d very much like to tell Taehyung, indeed.


Maybe over ice cream.