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Living a false Identity

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Akai’s POV

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and Shuichi Akai, now better known as Subaru Okiya, spent this lovely day with shopping for some special ingredients in a department store in central Tokyo. He had promised to cook for the professor and the kids and wanted to try something new today. He’d really found pleasure in cooking after all and the fact that he was also very talented was a welcome side effect.

In the beginning, living as someone else, had been a challenge, especially when nobody of your loved ones knew that you were still alive, but as it turned out it had been the best option. Of course, now Bourbon, or Tooru Amuro, as he called himself now, knew about him being alive. However, the fact that he was disguised as Subaru Okiya was something Conan and his family had helped him to keep secret, which he was really thankful for. It made everything so much easier and as there had been no rumours about the organization in the last few weeks, he just enjoyed being a normal citizen with normal habits like going shopping.

He was just checking his buying list when he heard someone call his name, someone very familiar.

“Okiya-san?” Perplexed he turned around and looked at the blonde tanned young man, he had just thought about a second ago.

“Excuse me, but I can’t believe that I meet you here. Isn’t this department store a bit too far away from your house?” He smiled but seemed also very curious. However, he wasn’t as brisk as he had been when he entered the Kudo’s house before when he’d wanted to identify Subaru as Akai.

“Oh, you’re the delivery man from two weeks ago, aren’t you?” Akai knew it had been a good idea to watch the video footage from that evening, just in case he needed to know what had been spoken between Yusako’s Subaru and Amuro. “I have to apologize, but I’m afraid I do not remember your name.”

“It’s Tooru Amuro.” Now he smiled.

“Ah, so to answer your question, I’m here to get some special ingredients for my dinner tonight. The professor from next door and some kids are coming over tonight and I promised them something special, but as I’ll try something new and also a western dish I needed to go looking for a specific store where they sell specific western specialties.” It was his turn to put on a smile.

Amuro scratched his head, looking kind of embarrassed before he answered. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to assail you. It’s a up to you where you do your shopping. But to be honest I’m glad to meet you here.”

Akai raised one of his eyebrows.

“I actually feel really bad for behaving so rude the last time we met. It wasn’t professional, and I wish to make up for it.”

 The inner tension which had dominated Akai’s body for a second vanished instantly. For a second, he had believed that this man was still trying to find out if he was truly Subaru Okiya. But as it seemed he really felt bad about the things he said to him, well not him, but Yusaku who had been Subaru that evening.

“Oh don’t worry. Actually, you have been the most interesting delivery man I’ve ever met and it’s always nice to have some relief from your everyday life, even though I really wanted to watch the Academy Awards that night.”

He was just about to turn around, say goodbye and continue his shopping tour when the blonde grabbed him by his arm.

“I’m sorry, but I have to insist. Please let me do that. What about some coffee. I’ll pay, we talk a bit and then I would feel much better. I know I can be a really intrusive person, but I’m a good guy who knows when he is in the wrong.” He looked him straight into his narrow eyes.

“Well, I can see that you are indeed intrusive. So fine, I guess I still have some time for coffee when I’m finished.” He checked his watch. “Give me twenty minutes and I’ll meet you in the café on the 1st floor.”

Amuro thanked him and let him go.


Exactly twenty minutes later, the disguised FBI agent arrived at a small, but cozy café. He was carrying three shopping bags and was happy that he’d found everything he had been looking for. Amuro waited in front of it and after he saw the other approaching they entered the café together. They found a nice little table in one of the corners and Akai placed his bags next to them before he took a seat. After ordering some drinks, the FBI agent adjusted his glasses and looked at the blond who was sitting opposite him.

“So, how is the life as a delivery man in Tokyo? Or is this just a part-time job you’re doing?” The bespectacled man began the conversation.

“Well, I’m not doing this job anymore, I was just helping out for a friend. Actually, I’m working as a waiter at Café Poirot, close to Kogoro Mori-san’s investigation firm and I’m also his apprentice.”

A waitress brought their drinks and the blonde carefully took a sip. Akai smiled.

The other was really a splendid actor. Of course, he knew all these information from Conan and the others, but he was also impressed how well the other played his role. But of course, he was playing a role as well and he was equally gifted.

“What about you Okiya-san?”

“I’m an engineering student at the moment, working on my PhD thesis. Nothing exciting, I’m afraid.” He paused while he was also sipping at his coffee. “So, you want to become a detective one day? As I remember you showed yourself quite clever the last time we met when you presented me with this case and its solution. Even though I had no idea what you were talking about, it was quite interesting.”

Akai was enjoying this whole conversation a lot. Now that he wasn’t suspected anymore, it was fun talking to the person who actually hated him like poison. This was his opportunity to get to know him better, even if it was only the role he played. It could all be useful, and, in the end, they were playing for the same team or at least against the same team.

Amuro laughed. “You don’t need to fool me Okiya-san. You seem to be really smart as well, and I’m not talking about your PhD. You were able to solve the case without thinking about it longer than thirty seconds.” He put his elbows on the table and leaned in a bit. Akai gulped. There was this aura emerging from the other which he was also emitting when he was fiercely trying to achieve his goals, like when he had tried to hunt him down.

“Yes, I never intended to make you think I’m stupid. I call myself a Sherlockian, so obviously I’m into crimes and riddles of all sorts and became quite experienced in solving them. So, feel free to challenge me anytime.” He spoke calmly and a bit amused.


Amuro’s POV


Furuya listened to the other man sitting opposite him talking about some recipes he’d tried before but failed miserably. It was a total coincidence that he met the other here, however, now he was happy he did. Life had been stressful and full of work lately and he just needed a day off and a good conversation with a person who was not Vermouth or Mori-san. After he had accused this man to be Akai and had been wrong, he’d really felt bad, so he was more than relieved he could pay for that dept.

To be honest he found the man extremely interesting. Like last time he was kind of mysterious and even though he wasn’t Akai, he wanted to find out more about him.

He had no idea for how long they had been sitting here and been talking, but when Subaru checked his watch for the third time, he knew that the other wanted to leave and the next words confirmed his assumption.

“I’m really sorry Amuro-san, but I need to go now, otherwise I’ll never finish dinner in time. It was a pleasure talking to you again under some lighter circumstances. I wish you all the best for your work.” The man raised from his chair, bowed slightly and left with his shopping bags.

Furuya had also stood up from his chair and his eyes were following the other while he left the café. He didn’t know when he would meet him another time, but deep inside he wished to see him again. He seemed like a nice distraction from all the other stuff he had on his mind.

After he had paid for the drinks he wanted to leave as well, but suddenly he realized that there was something white beneath their table. It was one of Okiya-san’s shopping bags, he obviously had forgotten.

Furuya grabbed for the bag and put it on his chair to check its content. When he saw what was inside, he instantly had to smile. Two bottles of Bourbon appeared in his sight and he couldn’t stop his thoughts from coming to his mind quicker than he realized that he was thinking about this man in more than one way.

“I wonder if he has a soft spot for Bourbon in general…”