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Artwork for Old Wounds by WetSammyWinchester!

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I did a still of the title header just in case she fancied it, lol. You know me, over achiever ;)

This piece will give you such a giggle when you get to the bottom of the post, because I made SIX different versions, LOL!

Resurfacing Wounds.

This is the reappearance of Madison's Werewolf claw marks on Sam's cheek.

Dean worried!

Don't Give Up

This is the resurfacing of a cut that Sammy got when he was a kid, which starts the spiral of Sam's body becoming riddled with the old wounds he's suffered over the years!

Old Wounds

This was originally meant to have a quote on it, but alas ;)

Sam Down

All the alternate Resurfacing Wounds pieces.